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I think that all of your complaints are petty and uninteresting. I picture all of you dying and it makes me smile.

Daniel Ondrovcik, Saturday, 15 March 2003 02:26 (twenty years ago) link

i like dying. its all about lack of consciousness, baby.

di smith (lucylurex), Saturday, 15 March 2003 02:42 (twenty years ago) link

plus i bet they'd make a movie out of yr life, and it doesn't get much better than that.

rebekah (rebekah), Saturday, 15 March 2003 03:05 (twenty years ago) link

this guy's just as bad as that brittany chick. two bitches in one day, cool.

Brent (A Bettik), Saturday, 15 March 2003 06:36 (twenty years ago) link

You picture us dying? Wow. I doubt we'd really give a crap...what with being dead and all...

I say we hook Brat-ney and Daniel up. Then they can finally get laid.

Lola Falana, Saturday, 15 March 2003 22:45 (twenty years ago) link

plus i bet they'd make a movie out of yr life, and it doesn't get much better than that.
Yeah! That would be great! And people could write songs and dedicate them to my memory. I'd be way more famous in death.

Livvie Tapper (Livvie), Sunday, 16 March 2003 05:02 (twenty years ago) link

"she never got her cher tape"
in Memory of Livvie Tapper

rebekah (rebekah), Sunday, 16 March 2003 23:00 (twenty years ago) link

How do you picture a bunch of people you've never met dying? Glad to pick you up, though.

Andrew Thames (Andrew Thames), Monday, 17 March 2003 10:40 (twenty years ago) link

Glad to know I am affecting your meanger little lives...please, continue the stupidity, so that I may continue to work my undying wit and logic on this unseen level of wreched ideas.

Brittany, Tuesday, 18 March 2003 18:39 (twenty years ago) link

(meanger? is that when you get both meaner and angrier?)
(wreched ain't a word either, honey)
(continue the stupidity)

oops (Oops), Tuesday, 18 March 2003 19:34 (twenty years ago) link

Was what Brittany said even a coherent sentence? I've hear more meaningful things come out of my cat's ass...then again, he is pretty smart. Say hello Steve, >^..^< Meow.

Lola Falana, Wednesday, 19 March 2003 04:34 (twenty years ago) link

oh steve is cute! *shakes steve's paw and introduces herself*

lil baller 69 uses big words!!!!

actually i kinda like being affected by you, it's something to do at least

rebekah (rebekah), Wednesday, 19 March 2003 06:05 (twenty years ago) link

oh, today is my first day on the site.. at first i was thinking "why do they keep making fun of britney.. she isn't THAT bad..." but the more i read.. the more you bring it upon yourself hun. my spelling and grammar are horrible, but i am not trying to correct others... :3

saaboo smooth (saaboo smooth), Sunday, 23 March 2003 05:23 (twenty years ago) link

haha, brittany can only use her 'wit' around people she FEELS superior to, for some reason. doesn't prove your wit is inferior to what it could/should be?

jonathan gittins (nevermind^), Saturday, 5 April 2003 12:18 (twenty years ago) link

You have just entered room "Chat No 1."
doorag000000: halo
notyourhaircut: taerg
notyourhaircut: hey hey
pansy riots: doorags
pansy riots: helo
doorag000000: whats haps peops
icy blend: records
icy blend: AIM
doorag000000: cool same
pansy riots: that5 just reminded me to change the side
icy blend: of what?
pansy riots: noise on the porch cats are about
pansy riots: of the record
doorag000000: i am listening to a charles gayle album that george gosset taped for me
doorag000000: it is boss
notyourhaircut: hey three of you have tapes to send me
icy blend: I'm still going to do you that Isleys/Sun tape D
notyourhaircut: i rule the tape exchange
icy blend: yeah mine's ready
pansy riots: yuck the little black and white cat has stepped on something nasty
pansy riots: gross
icy blend: like?
pansy riots: smelly dirt
pansy riots: probably poo
doorag000000: oh yeah what is the sun thing, i forgot
icy blend: concert for the comet kahoutek
doorag000000: oh yeah cool
icy blend: and if there's room some Lora Logic solo
icy blend: which there will prob not be
doorag000000: ok
doorag000000: ok i am just puttin the tape i made livvie on AOTM
icy blend: cool
notyourhaircut: I made a tape today
notyourhaircut: for Lucy
icy blend: Lurex?
notyourhaircut: I don't like her much, but I have to go to her birthday party
notyourhaircut: no Dodgeshun
doorag000000: what did you put on it
notyourhaircut: so she is getting a TAPE, ha ha, that'll show her
pansy riots: ha good one!
doorag000000: ok here is yr tape :
icy blend has left the room.
doorag000000: hey come back
notyourhaircut: he will do
doorag000000: yes
doorag000000: i imagine so
pansy riots: he always does
doorag000000: anyway yeah there is yr tape
notyourhaircut: oh great
doorag000000: i think it is rather good
notyourhaircut: it sounded really good from what you said before
doorag000000: but like i say i have yet to listen to it in the car
doorag000000: which is the real important test
notyourhaircut: thanks heaps, it sounds brilliant!
icy blend has entered the room.
icy blend: urrr
notyourhaircut: and I haven't heard any of it
doorag000000: Any of it? cool
doorag000000: not even the billy joel song
doorag000000: faroutski
doorag000000: you might know the dolly parton song from a mega hit version by, uh was it whitney houston?
doorag000000: anyway it sucked
doorag000000: but dolly's version is beautiful
notyourhaircut: what I put on Lucy's tape: 801, JAMC, Johnny Thunders and Patti Pallidin, Blondie, Morrissey, Ciccone Youth, Iggy Pop, , S-K, Kinks, PSG, Ramones, Go-Gos, T-Rex, Prince, Husker Du
notyourhaircut: thats side 1
pansy riots: man sound great
doorag000000: that looks good
pansy riots: is it on AOTM?
doorag000000: have you got that thunders /paladin lp?
doorag000000: "copy cats"
notyourhaircut: no, only a 7"
doorag000000: i havent but i gave it to maryann as a present once so i've heard it
doorag000000: its all cover songs
doorag000000: whats the single
doorag000000: ?
notyourhaircut: uptown to harlem is what I put on that
notyourhaircut: she wants to mambo/uptown
doorag000000: oh yeah those're cool. hey there is some good singles in the sale 7" bin at galaxy, you shd look
doorag000000: i put all the ones i thought were cool at the back
doorag000000: so look at the back
notyourhaircut: this tape looks good, because she doesn't know anything about music I can put really good stuff on
doorag000000: i got a whole buncha good ones myself
doorag000000: when i was there
notyourhaircut: oh yeah but I can't buy any more records for ages!
doorag000000: thats no good
icy blend: you know who's really good? Chic.
icy blend: for like two records, anyway
doorag000000: these are all super cheap tho, like mostly 1 buck
doorag000000: oh chic yeah
notyourhaircut: side 2 starts off with Search and Destroy, then St Etienne
doorag000000: i only got singles, i never heard a whole album
notyourhaircut: S+D the song that is
doorag000000: but i got all their big hits & all that stuff's hot poop
icy blend: St Etienne???
notyourhaircut: I never heard em
notyourhaircut: is that how you spell it? I don't know
doorag000000: chic?
icy blend: they are the disco album band, chic
icy blend: no I didnt know you had any!
icy blend: cool!!
notyourhaircut: hahaha no I stole it off you guys tapes
icy blend: ah fair enough
notyourhaircut: y'know, I really gotta get some more Madonna
doorag000000: hey andrew 'nother thing i have been listening to lots = the tape you made for me of la dusseldorf & popol vuh
icy blend: oh cooool
icy blend: that's like all I have, tho
doorag000000: hey i have duplicate copies of into the groove & like a virgin , but the cat peed on em
notyourhaircut: I listened to the Ciccone Youth version of Into the Groovey after I taped Tuff Titty Rap for Lucy, its really good
doorag000000: yeah thats good eh
icy blend: YES IT IS
doorag000000: that fucking cat
boyofbadgers has left the room.
icy blend: damn, sorry
pansy riots: was that when he peed on bob dylan?
notyourhaircut: hahahahah!
doorag000000: no he peed on a pile of singles just a few days ago
notyourhaircut: I have apple juice, toffee pops, holidays, david bowie, AIM
notyourhaircut: I don't have as much bowie as I'd like, but the rest are pretty good
icy blend: you need a new cat
pansy riots: god yes
doorag000000: yeah the box with bob dylan/neil young/lou reed (= the box that my amp sits on top of) has been a pee target in the last 3 houses i lived in
icy blend: a les popist one blah blah
doorag000000: it's not my cat
doorag000000: it';s janes
doorag000000: she has a matching set of black cats
doorag000000: witches cats
icy blend: how accessorised
doorag000000: little buggers
doorag000000: my cat is a very shy timid tortoiseshell cat, she NEVER does stuff like peeing on records
notyourhaircut: my cat doesn't pee inside
notyourhaircut: I like it like that
doorag000000: yes
doorag000000: the way it oughta be
icy blend has left the room.
notyourhaircut: she does sit on me when I am trying to read
icy blend has entered the room.
doorag000000: a comparatively minor offence
icy blend: thanks
doorag000000: no not you
doorag000000: liv's cat
doorag000000: never mind
icy blend: I was being very funny
icy blend: as always
notyourhaircut: hahahha
notyourhaircut: yr a beacon of humour
notyourhaircut: and umm light, of course
icy blend: damn straight
notyourhaircut: but yeah, I can always puch her off
notyourhaircut: also she is kind of cute, a charm which pissing doesn't have
notyourhaircut: PUSH, not puch
doorag000000: well the black cat that pees on bob dylan records is cute enough
doorag000000: in a evil way
notyourhaircut: hahaha
notyourhaircut: thats totally the best way
icy blend: like Hitler
notyourhaircut: NO
notyourhaircut: like STALIN
notyourhaircut: he was so cute
notyourhaircut: but totally evil
doorag000000: ha ha STALIN was "cute"?
doorag000000: too much
icy blend: he was hotter than HITLR
notyourhaircut: he was
notyourhaircut: he was sort of cat-like
doorag000000: "hotter than hitler" is a good album title
notyourhaircut: well, maybe more bear-like
notyourhaircut: hahahaha
notyourhaircut: hitler was a bit creepy
notyourhaircut: w/ the mustache and all
icy blend: god I'm hot!
icy blend: hotter than HITLER!
notyourhaircut: lucky you
notyourhaircut: I don't even know what you look like really
icy blend: me neither
doorag000000: ha ha
doorag000000: he looks like this guy jason grieg
doorag000000: a bit
notyourhaircut: i don;t know who that is, either
doorag000000: but you dont know what he looks like
doorag000000: either
doorag000000: yes
icy blend: celia mancini's ex
notyourhaircut: you are all actually pretty hazy in my mind in terms of looks
doorag000000: the gtr player of into the void
icy blend: she's hella ndiscerning
doorag000000: she isnt
doorag000000: actually
icy blend: well obv
doorag000000: mosta her boyfriends have been total dicks
doorag000000: hey did you notice i put a song by her on that tape
doorag000000: its a good one too
doorag000000: off her solo single on flying nun, it was a decent record
icy blend: kiasu?
doorag000000: yeah
doorag000000: the b side = better
doorag000000: it has this song i put on the tape
icy blend: oh one w/YOU on it?
doorag000000: + a quiet version of "born to be wild"
doorag000000: w. me & haydn jones
doorag000000: yeah
icy blend: yeah it was better
doorag000000: i didnt put the song w. me on it on the tape
icy blend: you should've!
doorag000000: yeah it's a ok one eh
icy blend: yeah I like it
icy blend: I think I sold it to Anton tho
doorag000000: man artofthemix has so many shitty tapes that all look the same
icy blend: hahaha
doorag000000: who are that band bright eyes
notyourhaircut: bri likes em
notyourhaircut: or LIKED them, really its more him anyway
notyourhaircut: pretty angsty
doorag000000: everyone puts bright eyes on tapes, all these people who put other stuff i know i don't like on em
notyourhaircut: but ok if ou don't listen to the entire album at once
doorag000000: so i'm prejudiced against
doorag000000: them
notyourhaircut: I don't think you'd like them anyway duane
doorag000000: i might but i probably wouldnt
notyourhaircut: I am going to the movies tomorrow
notyourhaircut: to see the hours
doorag000000: i bet for sure i wouldnt like the ben folds five
doorag000000: who are another favourite on there
doorag000000: but maybe i would, after all i like billy joel
icy blend: to see
doorag000000: well i like 2 songs by him
doorag000000: the hours?
notyourhaircut: ben fold five i have something against
doorag000000: i havent even heard of that
notyourhaircut: its got nicole kidman w/ a funny nose and julianne moore
doorag000000: oh ok
notyourhaircut: i don't know why, but I heard one song by him and really hated it
doorag000000: i saw a pic of nicole with her nose
icy blend: 2C
doorag000000: in a magazine or something
notyourhaircut: she is playing virginia woolf
doorag000000: right
doorag000000: yeah i read somethin about it
doorag000000: in like a womens weekly or somethin
notyourhaircut: womans weekly is great like that
doorag000000: yeah indispensible for those minutes in the fish & chip shop
doorag000000: when i forgot to bring a book
doorag000000: hey andrew yr the big human league fan, do you like that oakey/moroder album?
doorag000000: i just got it for 50c in the salvation army shop, it seems quite good
icy blend has left the room.
doorag000000: (playing now)
doorag000000: oh
doorag000000: grrr
icy blend has entered the room.
notyourhaircut: I should get some human league, too
doorag000000: yeah get DARE
doorag000000: that is a killer album
icy blend: all killer
icy blend: no filler, yeah yeah
doorag000000: i don't think that much of any of their other stuff, i mean its ok but that album
doorag000000: it's just GREAT
doorag000000: yeah anyway, this oakey/moroder one
doorag000000: its pretty good
icy blend: yes?
icy blend: it's patchy
icy blend: but the best bits are GREAT
notyourhaircut: Dare I'm pretty sure was the last album Lester bangs bought
doorag000000: yeah havent you heard it, i thought it'd be the
doorag000000: sorta thing you'd know
icy blend: he died listening to it
icy blend: yeah I have it
doorag000000: who did
icy blend: Dare-lester B
doorag000000: oh lester bangs
doorag000000: ok
doorag000000: yeah right i'd heard that
icy blend: he cou;d've done a lot worse
doorag000000: yes
notyourhaircut: is that song off electric dreams oakley/moroder?
icy blend: yup
notyourhaircut: cause I love that one
doorag000000: hey liv do you like suicide?
doorag000000: the band suicide
doorag000000: that is
icy blend: hhha
doorag000000: yeah electric dreams, thats good
notyourhaircut: yeah, what I've heard was great
doorag000000: i put a suicide cover on yr tape
notyourhaircut: I Remember, Speed Queen, Keep Yr Dreams
notyourhaircut: what one?
doorag000000: angel corpus christi doing "dream baby dream"
notyourhaircut: cool
doorag000000: with alan vega guesting on background grunts & whoops
notyourhaircut: hahahaha
doorag000000: it's neat
toodamnbad102 has entered the room.
notyourhaircut: I keep meaning to listen to Speed Queen like in bed or something as opposed to in the car when everyone is talking, it kind of gets lost
doorag000000: she's this woman who does....well the album i got, its called i ♥ NY, & it's all new york themed covers
doorag000000: lou reed, ramones, theme from taxi driver, etc
notyourhaircut: sounds cool
doorag000000: hey someone new is here
doorag000000: hi
doorag000000: who're you
icy blend: are you too bad to reply?
doorag000000: obviously
notyourhaircut: oh to be that bad
doorag000000: hmmm
doorag000000: "he's good bad, but he's not evil"
icy blend: fuck and there's 101 more, at LEAST, of them
doorag000000: of what
doorag000000: ?
icy blend: toodamnbad102
doorag000000: ha ha i get it
notyourhaircut: haha
notyourhaircut: imagine that
notyourhaircut: like a cult, of BAD people
doorag000000: yes i imagining it
MitchAnon has entered the room.
doorag000000: so is this guy not gonna talk to us
doorag000000: just stand in the corner glowering
doorag000000: hey mitch hi
MitchAnon: hey doorag
doorag000000: welcome to new zealand
MitchAnon: yeah, are these all nz kids?
doorag000000: whats up in yr neck of the woods
doorag000000: yes
icy blend: yup
MitchAnon: uh no much really
doorag000000: hmm same sorta
pansy riots: oh YUCK the cat is wounded again
doorag000000: more cat problems
notyourhaircut: heya
notyourhaircut: poor cat
MitchAnon: about to eat some icecream. it's my brother's (40th) birthday.
notyourhaircut: yr cat is always getting beaten, he needs to toughen up or else not fight so much
doorag000000: thats how old i am too
notyourhaircut: yum, icecream
doorag000000: so eat some ice cream for me
doorag000000: also
MitchAnon: will do
notyourhaircut: happy 40th, mitch's brother
notyourhaircut: and duane for when he turned 40
doorag000000: yes that was amomentous day
doorag000000: *A Momentous
notyourhaircut: when I turned ten, that was pretty momentous
icy blend: hahhaha
doorag000000: wow you can remember that
notyourhaircut: not really
notyourhaircut: but it was important at the time
notyourhaircut: double figures!
doorag000000: hey you know that guy peter king who makes those lathe cut records
zaibatsu nojento has entered the room.
zaibatsu nojento: DA NUMBAH ONE
doorag000000: hey victor hey
doorag000000: whats haps
zaibatsu nojento: nowt really i might go see the pianist today
icy blend: yeah what about P King?
zaibatsu nojento: or go to a hardcore gig
doorag000000: yeah peter king, ok
toodamnbad102 has left the room.
doorag000000: well see my sis gets rec's made by him for her art shows
doorag000000: she's done like, i dunno, @ least 4 of em
notyourhaircut: our room just got way less bad
notyourhaircut: by like, 102
doorag000000: that guy was pretty mysterious
doorag000000: anyway yeah these records right, & she does ltd edn's, like 15 or 20 or stuff
icy blend: dilletante
icy blend: but yes do go on
doorag000000: but she just found out that peter king has sold extra copis to this belgian guy who collects picture discs
doorag000000: *copies
icy blend: YIKES
icy blend: FUCK
doorag000000: of her ones. also some other NZ artists like julian dashper & i forget who
icy blend: ETC
icy blend: yeah sounds right
icy blend: he does heaps
doorag000000: & he sorta tried to tell her like, oh yeah i just send him, you know, 2nds, reject copies
doorag000000: but, hey wait a min., how ARE ther "2nds"? the records are made 1 at a time
icy blend: right!
doorag000000: and the qual. varies radically anyway
doorag000000: but
doorag000000: so
doorag000000: i dunno, does that seem to you like he's been doinf a reall y unethical thing?
icy blend: prob
icy blend: but such is life
doorag000000: cause i bet he sells them this guy for big ass $$$
MitchAnon: ha i've hardly been here, but i'm out: later guys
doorag000000: ok later yo
icy blend: night!
MitchAnon has left the room.
doorag000000: yeah i dunno, we
doorag000000: hen she told me about it we were like,
toodamnbad102 has entered the room.
doorag000000: that is this ....sorta a betrayal of the whole amateur level thing you think of that guy as standing for
doorag000000: oh well
doorag000000: hey its him again
doorag000000: hey
doorag000000: HEY
notyourhaircut: yeah, lets shout at him, maybe he'll understand that
notyourhaircut: HELLO THERE
icy blend: we like to think of p king as being that kinda guy
icy blend: I reckon
toffee sock has entered the room.
doorag000000: yeah
doorag000000: hey minna!
zaibatsu nojento: wait a sec, toodamnbad = p king??
toffee sock: holla!
toodamnbad102: any one here into suckin tits im me click here to see big titie action
zaibatsu nojento: whats a titie
zaibatsu nojento: ?
toffee sock: !
doorag000000: :-):-):-):-)
notyourhaircut: hahahaha
notyourhaircut: wow, that was pretty BAD
notyourhaircut: maybe all 102 of them get assignments or something
zaibatsu nojento: i feel compelled to click but im not until i know whats on the other side
doorag000000: hey anyway minna : hey you know those space dust records i told you are "impossible to get", i found a place that has both of em in stock
doorag000000: if yr innarested
toodamnbad102 has left the room.
toffee sock: yes i am - where?
toffee sock: beatle! :-)
toffee sock: which one is the best?
zaibatsu nojento: are those dollars?
icy blend: all of them
doorag000000: BEATLE! is the better of those 2
doorag000000: IMO
doorag000000: US dollars
zaibatsu nojento: shit they are expensive
doorag000000: so that one's sorta expensive
doorag000000: yes
notyourhaircut: I've got the copy you sent me of the cover of Beatle on my wall
doorag000000: that is the greatest picture
doorag000000: saskia leek + my absolute art hero
doorag000000: hey liv theres a show of hers on in chch, i think its still on
doorag000000: you shd go look
icy blend: hahaha
notyourhaircut: where?
doorag000000: jonathan smart gallery
doorag000000: high st
toodamnbad102 has entered the room.
icy blend has left the room.
notyourhaircut: ok, i'll see if i can
icy blend has entered the room.
doorag000000: theres a copy of "twin infinitives" there for 50 US dolleros
doorag000000: shit thats 100 bucks in our worthless toilet paper
icy blend: vinyl?
doorag000000: yeah
doorag000000: i would sure like that, i dont have that rec.
zaibatsu nojento: whats twin infinitives?
doorag000000: royal trux's 2nd album
icy blend: toilet paper is never quie wortheless
doorag000000: you know some "indie rock", dude you wouls
doorag000000: dnt like it
doorag000000: i don't think
doorag000000: LP from '95 by this New Zealand band, though it didn't seen the light of day until late 2001. With Matt Middleton (Crude, Aesthetics), Brother Love. Numbered edition of 400.
doorag000000: i thought there was 500 of em
doorag000000: oh well
zaibatsu nojento: 400???
doorag000000: yes we're big business baby
doorag000000: (my band, space dust) (that is)
zaibatsu nojento: well at least you have released something
doorag000000: yes
doorag000000: several things
doorag000000: in tiny editions tho
doorag000000: but thats part of the whole art scene vibe
icy blend: hhaaha
notyourhaircut: you were in womans weekly, lets not forget that
toodamnbad102 has left the room.
notyourhaircut: well not spacedust, say yes to apes
pansy riots: who was in womens weekly?
pansy riots: duane?
toffee sock: i know a woman who was in womans weekly! we found a whole stack of 70s ww in a beach house
toffee sock: and she was in there, being interviewd in a smrt leather pants suit
notyourhaircut: duane
notyourhaircut: maybe not his name but i think SYTA got a mention
toffee sock: at the time she was going out with alphonse gangitano
toffee sock: a criminal who was murdered!
toodamnbad102 has entered the room.
icy blend: fuck off fuckface
notyourhaircut: as part of kevin smith's music career
toffee sock: womans weekly is seedier than youd think
notyourhaircut: yuck, i'm lagging
doorag000000: did anyone see that kevin smith tv thing a while ago?
icy blend: ot I
toffee sock: nope
toffee sock: was alanis in it?
doorag000000: i didnt but someone sent me a tape but i aint watched yet (no tv, no vcr)
doorag000000: no alanis wasnt in it
doorag000000: why would she be
doorag000000: but anyway
icy blend: cos it'd be funny?
doorag000000: apparently there was like 2 seconds or of say yes to apes playing at a party
doorag000000: yes it would be funny
doorag000000: i suppose
notyourhaircut: invite me back ok
doorag000000: ok
zaibatsu nojento has left the room.
notyourhaircut has left the room.
toodamnbad102 has left the room.
toffee sock: wow nearly ever man named kevin smith has a goatee
notyourhaircut has entered the room.
doorag000000: toodamnbad102
doorag000000: oops
doorag000000: sorry
doorag000000: yeah minna the 3rd kevin smith in there is our man
doorag000000: he was the main guy in my 1st band, he died in a accident on a film set in china last year
toffee sock: :-\
doorag000000: yeah
toffee sock: so he was an actor too?
doorag000000: yeah he was real famous in NZ
doorag000000: he was always in Womens Weekly
notyourhaircut: yeah, they liked him
doorag000000: they certainly did
icy blend: he was hot.
icy blend: nad nice.
icy blend: hahaah AND
doorag000000: yeah
doorag000000: nice nads
toodamnbad102 has entered the room.
doorag000000: oh man
icy blend: FUCKOFF
doorag000000: WHO ARE YOU??
icy blend: you FUCK
toodamnbad102: yaw still here
doorag000000: yes
toodamnbad102: lol
toodamnbad102: lol
toodamnbad102: lol
doorag000000: hmmm
icy blend: yr a merry fellow!
doorag000000: whatre you trying to say
toffee sock: asl
toodamnbad102: want me to invite new people??
doorag000000: ok i guess
toodamnbad102: k
icy blend: yeah!
pansy riots: come on
pansy riots: where are the new people
doorag000000: invite calum robert & geir hongro
toffee sock: and hunta-d
notyourhaircut: go on!
doorag000000: WORD
notyourhaircut: I wanna hear about Geri's giant arse
icy blend: it overcomes whole cities
pansy riots: woah
toodamnbad102: noone wants to come!
pansy riots: why on earth not?
notyourhaircut: I liked geri
notyourhaircut: she was my favourite Spice Girl
toffee sock: yeah they were crap after she left
notyourhaircut: yeah!
toffee sock: she put the cardamom in spice girl
notyourhaircut: I had a giant poster, I still have it somewhere
toffee sock: was she wearing that giant union jack dress? i liked that
toffee sock: with the red platforms
notyourhaircut: yeah I think she was!
notyourhaircut: I was like eight at the time, I was so into the spice girls
notyourhaircut: I still like em though
toffee sock: you were 8!
icy blend: they're ok
doorag000000: are they still going
toodamnbad102 has left the room.
toodamnbad102 has entered the room.
doorag000000: hey can someone re-invite victor in here, it doesnt work when i do it
toffee sock: youve got my heart jumping like a rabbit on a trampoline tdb
pansy riots: ok night y'all
pansy riots: xoxoxox
pansy riots has left the room.
doorag000000: hey how do you just find chat rooms with people you don't know 7 just go in there, how do you do that
notyourhaircut: hahaha do you want to duane?
icy blend: confidence
doorag000000: yeah
notyourhaircut: oh yeah I was eight or something, I'm sure
doorag000000: or at least just to know how
notyourhaircut: they are sort of officially still together but not really
toffee sock: i'd like to know too
doorag000000: hey someone invite zaibatsu nojento
toodamnbad102: did anyone come yet??
doorag000000: it isnt working when i do it
doorag000000: no
doorag000000: i thought you'd gone
zaibatsu nojento has entered the room.
doorag000000: victor hey
zaibatsu nojento: did i missed the space girls talk?
doorag000000: ha ha the space girls
doorag000000: spice dust
notyourhaircut: hahaha
toffee sock: i feel like sneezing
toodamnbad102: short girl is coming
doorag000000: i dont want no short people
notyourhaircut: hahaha!
shortgurl882006 has entered the room.
notyourhaircut: yeah, short people suck
icy blend has left the room.
shortgurl882006: fuck u
toffee sock: oh my god!
doorag000000: welcome to our world
zaibatsu nojento: with the medicinies shes taking for growth shell get to 88 centimeters in 2006
toodamnbad102: did i mention she is here
toffee sock: shortgurl how did you do that?
shortgurl882006: i didnt come in here to be "put down" but then again a no good low life does'nt hurt me 1 bit
toffee sock: and toodamnbad, how did you find this chat?
toodamnbad102: duh
notyourhaircut: oh no! I'm a no good low life!
zaibatsu nojento: thats the spirit shotgurl
doorag000000: that doesnt answer the question
shortgurl882006: u dumbass mother fuckers can kiss my god damn white fuckin ass
toodamnbad102: i was the host yesterday and was gonna host again today
toodamnbad102: aduh
notyourhaircut: "shotgurl"
shortgurl882006: haha ha ur immaturity ios showing
shortgurl882006: *is
toffee sock: shortgurl how do you do that colourful background
toodamnbad102: more people comin
toodamnbad102: she came here with it
shortgurl882006: if i wanted to tell u I would but unfortunately 4 u I aint sayin
doorag000000: thats unfortunate
shortgurl882006: asl
shortgurl882006: all
toffee sock: i am sad now shortgurl why wont you tell me :'(
shortgurl882006: fuck off
toffee sock: you are hurtful
shortgurl882006: o wait u have nobody 2 fuck cuz no 1 want u
doorag000000: 104/n./nazi germany
notyourhaircut: this is boring
doorag000000: yes thats it
shortgurl882006: tired of trying 2 put ppl down I see
doorag000000: lightning bolt!!
shortgurl882006: asl all of ya
doorag000000: O:-)
shortgurl882006: angel my ass
notyourhaircut: is that thing wearing a visor?
doorag000000: i'm authentic
shortgurl882006: its a halo
notyourhaircut: good to see it is sunsmart
shortgurl882006: dumbass
doorag000000: calm down you
notyourhaircut has left the room.
shortgurl882006: I have a name and certainly is not you
doorag000000: ok"shortgurl"
shortgurl882006: plus u r the ones who started with me
doorag000000: i wasnt
shortgurl882006: that aint my name either
doorag000000: what the hell ever
doorag000000: *yawn*
doorag000000: its late
shortgurl882006: ur the only 1 who didnt ur buddies are assholes
toffee sock: shortgurl your blood is boiling!
toffee sock: blood
shortgurl882006: no it is only 11:00 in the morning it aint late
toffee sock: boiling
doorag000000: it is here
shortgurl882006: no it aint this is the normal me
doorag000000: im not in america
shortgurl882006: u just have to know mw
shortgurl882006: o my bad
shortgurl882006: brb'
doorag000000: no thang
toffee sock: 8-)
zaibatsu nojento: minna wears her sunglasses at night
doorag000000: >:o
toffee sock: so i can watch you weave then breathe
toffee sock: um
toffee sock: your story lines!
zaibatsu nojento: whats weave?
notyourhaircut has entered the room.
toffee sock: not your haircut! :-)
notyourhaircut: hahaha wanna talk more spice girls?
toodamnbad102: :-!
toodamnbad102: O:-)
toodamnbad102: :-D
toodamnbad102: :-)
doorag000000: :-X
toodamnbad102: 8-)
toffee sock: no but can we talk about weaves
toodamnbad102: huh
toffee sock: i saw an amazing one on ricki lake one
doorag000000: do i need hair
toffee sock: one time
toffee sock: no you don't need hair! well maybe just a tiny bit
toodamnbad102: weaves as in fake hair
doorag000000: i started going bald @ 24 or 25
toffee sock: you need roots to attach them to
zaibatsu nojento: but WHATS a weave?
notyourhaircut: eno doesn't need hair duane, and neither do you
doorag000000: heh heh "roots"
toodamnbad102: weave is fake hair
zaibatsu nojento: wig?
toodamnbad102: braids
zaibatsu nojento: extensions?
toffee sock: yeah extensions
shortgurl882006: I am back and I leaving cuz I dont wanna talk about weaves
toffee sock: this ricki lake one had this sheath of hair that covered half her face
shortgurl882006: is there anyone in here intheir teenage years
toffee sock: but there was a little triangle cut out around her eye so she could still have stereoscopic vision
notyourhaircut: i'm 15
zaibatsu nojento: im 16
shortgurl882006: r u a girl
notyourhaircut: clearly this means we have heaps of common ground
notyourhaircut: yeah I am
notyourhaircut: I am quite tall, though
shortgurl882006: wut bout the other person
shortgurl882006: o i am 14 almost 15
shortgurl882006: ok bye
shortgurl882006 has left the room.
doorag000000: livvie did you just have a birthday
zaibatsu nojento: im not a gulr im a boi
doorag000000: i aint no boy
doorag000000: i am a werewolf
zaibatsu nojento: colin??????
toffee sock: no his name was conrad
toffee sock: or calvin
zaibatsu nojento: duane is hungry like the wolf
doorag000000: no it was conor
toffee sock: ah yes
doorag000000: actually i am
doorag000000: hungry
notyourhaircut: my birthday was feb 18th
doorag000000: rather like the wolf
notyourhaircut: duane = hairless wolf
Dale Earnhart tt has entered the room.
doorag000000: like a buzzard or something
doorag000000: who is this
Dale Earnhart tt: sup
toffee sock: wow i like your name dale earnhart tt
toffee sock: whats the tt for?
Dale Earnhart tt: thanx
Dale Earnhart tt: my name
zaibatsu nojento: hes just like Cody Chestnu TT
Dale Earnhart tt: no Tyler Tucker
zaibatsu nojento: you have tyler tucker in your name and u dont use it??????!!!
notyourhaircut: AHAHAHA yeah just like a buzzard
Dale Earnhart tt: what
notyourhaircut: that makes me wanna sing madonna
doorag000000: ha ha
Dale Earnhart tt: ok
doorag000000: that was 1 of the records the cat peed on
Dale Earnhart tt: lol
toodamnbad102: nnnnnnnnnnn
notyourhaircut: damn!
toodamnbad102: oops
doorag000000: its a constant problem
Dale Earnhart tt: ok
toodamnbad102: wat is??
Dale Earnhart tt: notyourhaircut what
notyourhaircut: cats hate madonna
Dale Earnhart tt: ?
toodamnbad102: i am missing everything
Dale Earnhart tt: o
toodamnbad102: lol
toodamnbad102: lol
toodamnbad102: lol
Dale Earnhart tt: thats k ull catch on
doorag000000: that cat mainly hates neil young & bob dylan
toodamnbad102: lol
toodamnbad102: lol
toodamnbad102: lol
Dale Earnhart tt: lol
doorag000000: getting the madonna singles was just a accident
zaibatsu nojento: i think my next band'll be called "Os Tyler Truckers"
doorag000000: yr "next" band
doorag000000: have you got 1 now
toodamnbad102: oo shit
doorag000000: ?
notyourhaircut: I only have one Dylan record
zaibatsu nojento: yeah
notyourhaircut: it hasn't been pissed on
toodamnbad102: that is mean
Dale Earnhart tt: k w/e
doorag000000: you should send me some of yr music
zaibatsu nojento: its rubbish
Dale Earnhart tt: shut up
doorag000000: i liked yr 2 songs that are the only ones i've heard
zaibatsu nojento: i once had a band called YMCA, now that was a good band
zaibatsu nojento: wich ones duane?
doorag000000: the rainy one
toodamnbad102: y isnt shortgurl here???
toffee sock: was it rocknroll?
doorag000000: & the ILX comp one
notyourhaircut: there is no way you could hear that and not think of the villiage people
toffee sock: shortgurl had a shortfuse
doorag000000: she got PO'd *& left
doorag000000: ha ha yeah
notyourhaircut: oh hey are you on the ilx comp?
zaibatsu nojento: yeah
wt134u has entered the room.
Dale Earnhart tt: yo
Dale Earnhart tt: sur
notyourhaircut: what track no.?
Dale Earnhart tt: tyler
doorag000000: halo
zaibatsu nojento: im the one with the bad fast song
wt134u: what
zaibatsu nojento: 14 i think
notyourhaircut: oh right
toodamnbad102: y did u piss her off
notyourhaircut: i gotta listen to mine more
doorag000000: there is some not very good songs on that thing
doorag000000: actually
notyourhaircut: anyway I'm going to bed now
wt134u: tyla i am goin to my new name
notyourhaircut: night!
doorag000000: oh ok
doorag000000: later then
Dale Earnhart tt: k
wt134u has left the room.
notyourhaircut has left the room.
toffee sock: good night haircut!
zaibatsu nojento: the only one i really really like is nitsuhs
toodamnbad102: yaw crazy stupid
doorag000000: oh thats quite good
toodamnbad102: asl everyone
doorag000000: you know whose is surprisingly (to me) good? fatnick's song
doorag000000: i thought that was cool
toodamnbad102: geek
Dale Earnhart tt: 12 male va
Dale Earnhart tt: u
toffee sock: tdb you never said your asl b4 when i asked!
zaibatsu nojento: im a hueg fan of fatnick but i dont really liked taht one
Dale Earnhart tt: o
doorag000000: oh i never heard nuthin else by him
Dale Earnhart tt: ok
liltylamo13 has entered the room.
Dale Earnhart tt: k
Dale Earnhart tt: sup
Dale Earnhart tt: yo
zaibatsu nojento: hes really cool when hes messing with midi
doorag000000: uh huh
gurlie hurley1 has entered the room.
toodamnbad102: 18/f/ct
zaibatsu nojento: whats ct?
toffee sock: 39/m/ct
doorag000000: oh yeah chaki' s song is about my favourite there
toffee sock: where in ct tdb
toodamnbad102: connecticut
Dale Earnhart tt: what yall been doing?
gurlie hurley1: i am a female llama, 13 finally maii bday was yesterday, nd i am from the montana farm
zaibatsu nojento: duane are you goin to stay online fopr long time?
gurlie hurley1: wut yall been doin?
doorag000000: i dunno
zaibatsu nojento: happy burfday gurlie
Dale Earnhart tt: i just said that
toodamnbad102: we are busy
doorag000000: its about 2 in the am here
s y c o path989 has entered the room.
Dale Earnhart tt: happy b day
zaibatsu nojento: cos if you wait some time i can pulll the best ymca song from the otehr pc
doorag000000: "busy"?
doorag000000: doin what
doorag000000: yeah yeah do that eh
doorag000000: i prob'ly will stay up all night
s y c o path989: Marines Enter Baghdad
doorag000000: oh really
s y c o path989: really
zaibatsu nojento: that new avril song is really ood
liltylamo13: who r all thes people tyler
liltylamo13: ?
liltylamo13: these*
toffee sock: the ballad?
doorag000000: i havent heard it
Dale Earnhart tt: just peps
s y c o path989: well i just inviged myself to spread the good news
zaibatsu nojento: i hope they all get shot
liltylamo13: u know them
s y c o path989: now i'll leave
doorag000000: "good " news? i guess
zaibatsu nojento: thats bad new
doorag000000: fuck the USA
s y c o path989: jsut go to the link its a great story
doorag000000: ok
s y c o path989 has left the room.
liltylamo13 has left the room.
gurlie hurley1: FUCK U ALL
doorag000000: ok
gurlie hurley1: UR FRIEND IS GAY
doorag000000: ok
Dale Earnhart tt: brb
doorag000000: ok
zaibatsu nojento: whos gay?
gurlie hurley1: NO
doorag000000: u r
toffee sock: ur friend!
toodamnbad102: gurlie hurley1juss told me she is a sluty whore who is a burty fat bastard who doesnt deserve to live
gurlie hurley1: the
doorag000000: "burty"?
toodamnbad102: *durty
toffee sock: haha!
s y c o path989 has entered the room.
doorag000000: burrty
s y c o path989 has left the room.
toffee sock: it's 'like burt'
toodamnbad102: durty
toodamnbad102: durty
toodamnbad102: durty
toffee sock: burt reynolds
doorag000000: ha ha yeah
toodamnbad102: durty
toodamnbad102: durty
toodamnbad102: durty
toodamnbad102: durty
toffee sock: or the batman burt
toodamnbad102: durty
toodamnbad102: durty
zaibatsu nojento: durrty
toodamnbad102: durty
doorag000000: ok i heard you
toodamnbad102: durty
toodamnbad102: durty
toodamnbad102: good
doorag000000: zzzzzzzzz
gurlie hurley1: well i told him that he is fuckin bitchy lil small ass penis bastard of a sun of a blubbery juicy fat male crossdresser with saggin balls in boobs, cuz i dunt give a small rats ass
doorag000000: should i shoot up the rest of this dope or save it for the morning
gurlie hurley1: toodamnbad102, i told this old feller here
gurlie hurley1: he'z gay
gurlie hurley1: ignore him
toodamnbad102: gurlie hurley1juss told me she is a sluty whore who is a durty fat bastard who doesnt deserve to live
doorag000000: who is
toffee sock: things arent looking pretty here right now!
gurlie hurley1: listen 2 d woman for once
doorag000000: its "all good"
gurlie hurley1: u got nuttin dat is wut u said b 4
doorag000000: what woman
doorag000000: who
gurlie hurley1: doorag000000, this bud here is cool, but toodamnbad012 ur not COOL
gurlie hurley1: tood wutever is da woman
s y c o path989 has entered the room.
gurlie hurley1: u motha fuckin bitchy son of a male crossdressor, small penis bastard
toffee sock: hey you said you would just spread the news and then go >:o
Estrellapista04 has entered the room.
s y c o path989: i did go
s y c o path989: did everybody click the link?
toffee sock: and now ur back
s y c o path989: well noiw im gone
s y c o path989 has left the room.
CuTeAzZMaMi504 has entered the room.
gurlie hurley1: toodamnbad102: leave!!!1: FUCK Ugurlie hurley1: y don't u?gurlie hurley1: Who d FUCk r u?toodamnbad102: it is my chat
toodamnbad102: >:oBitch Shut The Fuck Up
toffee sock: PLUR PPL PLUR!!!!!
gurlie hurley1: gurlie hurley1: u motha fuckin bitchy son of a male crossdressor, small penis bastard
toffee sock: PLUR
toffee sock: PLUR
toffee sock: PLUR
Estrellapista04 has left the room.
gurlie hurley1: gurlie hurley1: &^%@&!^@#!@543&!$#!%&!gurlie hurley1: don't give a a fuck
doorag000000: feel the voibe!!
toffee sock: if only gareth was here
doorag000000: ronan & julio
toffee sock: haha
CuTeAzZMaMi504 has left the room.
toffee sock: hey it werked!
zaibatsu nojento: julio does feels da voibe
zaibatsu nojento: there was this time where he was posting from GOA
toodamnbad102: peice of shit go suck ur brothers cock
toffee sock: i should be sent to iraw to clear things up there
toffee sock: oh wait
toffee sock: no :-(
toffee sock: iraq
gurlie hurley1: fuck iraq
toffee sock: julio posted from goa!
gurlie hurley1: they aint got na llamas there
xlxBlAzINBaByxlx has entered the room.
toffee sock: do llamaz like buzzards?
xlxBlAzINBaByxlx has left the room.
toodamnbad102: girlie do me a favor and shut up
gurlie hurley1: toodamnbad102: peice of shit i'll go suck ur brothers cock
gurlie hurley1: u go do that buddy
gurlie hurley1: how old r u?
gurlie hurley1: cuz I'm 21
toodamnbad102: 18 slut
toodamnbad102: bitch
toodamnbad102: ur 13
gurlie hurley1: dAmn straight I'm slutty
toffee sock: he y as long as you grls are fighting like this the mans always gonna keep you down!
gurlie hurley1: at least I lost my virginity
gurlie hurley1: u noe it
gurlie hurley1: there is 2 of us here, maii twin nd me
gurlie hurley1: i mean maii twin bro nd me
toodamnbad102: sluty hoe go to a corner
toodamnbad102: go get duked like u alwys do
doorag000000: AmyRodeo110: I need a man. Who thinks they can handle this?
Dale Earnhart tt: damn it's ,lil crazy up in here now
doorag000000: yes
toffee sock: haha
toodamnbad102: :-*
toodamnbad102: holla
toffee sock: gurlie hurleys trash talking matches my new kids on the block jacket tho
gurlie hurley1: suck ur mama's balls, HOLLA, i mean who uses that these days
Dale Earnhart tt: lol
toodamnbad102: i use holla
gurlie hurley1: Dale Earnhart tt: lol
toodamnbad102: u cant holla
gurlie hurley1: ha 1 fan for us, none fo u!
Dale Earnhart tt: im for no onwe
Dale Earnhart tt: one
gurlie hurley1: doorag000000 is kewl 2
Dale Earnhart tt: sry
toodamnbad102: and only fat dudes named erica want u
gurlie hurley1: this bud is on r side 2
Dale Earnhart tt: who me?
gurlie hurley1: Dale Earnhart tt, im cool wit it bud
gurlie hurley1: at least i am NICE
Dale Earnhart tt: i just watching
toodamnbad102: only fat dudes named erica want u
toodamnbad102: SLUT
gurlie hurley1: and only fat dudes named erica want, toodamnbad102, i think UR ERICA
toodamnbad102: WHORE
toodamnbad102: BITCH
Dale Earnhart tt: cause yall are fucking fighting like wooooo
gurlie hurley1: i dunt give a lil rats ass
gurlie hurley1: yayaya
toodamnbad102: TRICK
gurlie hurley1: listen 2 d wise man
toodamnbad102: DOUCHE BAG
toffee sock: so do you all do this every sunday?
toffee sock: after church?
Dale Earnhart tt: i dont
zaibatsu nojento: no church for them, tehyre hardcore
Dale Earnhart tt: im watching
toffee sock: haha
toodamnbad102: PUSSY EATER
gurlie hurley1: where u guys from i am from california, not montana, nd it is still sunday here
Pryd12000 has entered the room.
toffee sock: i'm not from california or montana
gurlie hurley1: toodamnbad102: PUSSY EATER, at least i haf a mama
gurlie hurley1: where u from den?
Dale Earnhart tt: yall need to caml the fuck down
Dale Earnhart tt: calm
gurlie hurley1: toodamnbad102: PUSSY EATER, at least i haf a mama, nd a PUSSY
toffee sock: calitana
gurlie hurley1: y dunt u tell dat bud over there 2 take a chill pill man
gurlie hurley1: go rinse ur mouth wit listerine u foo
Pryd12000 has left the room.
toodamnbad102: gurlie hurley1: go rinse ur mouth wit listerine u foo
Dale Earnhart tt: me?
Dale Earnhart tt: toffe how come i cant talk to u on the privite line
toffee sock: i don't know dale?
gurlie hurley1: toodamnbad102, at least i dunt get maii shoes from the salvation army
Dale Earnhart tt: well clike on my name and talk to me
gurlie hurley1: k
Dale Earnhart tt: not u
toffee sock: it didn't work dale :-\
toodamnbad102: I DONT EITHER
toodamnbad102: BITCH
toffee sock: i got some cool shoes @ the salvation army once
Dale Earnhart tt: lol
toodamnbad102: LOL
gurlie hurley1: toodamnbad102,u dont work?
Dale Earnhart tt: toffe whats ur asl
gurlie hurley1: toodamnbad102 UR A SLUT BASTARD
toodamnbad102: NOT AS MUCH AS U R
Dale Earnhart tt: look its sunday dont fight
Dale Earnhart tt: k
gurlie hurley1: iin ur freams
gurlie hurley1: OoOoOoOoOo
toffee sock: i'm 22
gurlie hurley1: dissed by a woman
gurlie hurley1: kewl
Dale Earnhart tt: toffe whats ur asl
gurlie hurley1: u a grl 2?
Dale Earnhart tt: o
Dale Earnhart tt: me?
Dale Earnhart tt: am a male
gurlie hurley1: or a gay man like our frend toodamnbad102 here
toffee sock: i am a woman
toodamnbad102: I AM 100 % PURE WOMAN
Dale Earnhart tt: there fucking ova the ege
toodamnbad102: SLUT
gurlie hurley1: ur comebaks r pathetic lyk ur small town white penis
Dale Earnhart tt: yo i will be back igot to feed my 2 days old hamster
Dale Earnhart tt: brb
toodamnbad102: I AINT WHITE
toffee sock: oh wow a hamster!

, Sunday, 6 April 2003 14:55 (twenty years ago) link


jonathan gittins (nevermind^), Monday, 7 April 2003 08:42 (twenty years ago) link

that's a whole lot of words no one is going to read

webber (webber), Monday, 7 April 2003 08:58 (twenty years ago) link

Like most great works of literature, really

Andrew Thames (Andrew Thames), Monday, 7 April 2003 10:40 (twenty years ago) link

that last chat was definetly comparable to jane eyre, i wonder if they'll start teaching it in schools now?

rebekah (rebekah), Monday, 7 April 2003 20:09 (twenty years ago) link

Ah.. the Bronte sisters, could anything be as marvelous? I compare the above chat to Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter... could've been told in 5 sentences and is pointless. THAT should be banned from schools.

Lola Falana, Monday, 7 April 2003 20:40 (twenty years ago) link

i tried to read duane's post, but only got 3/4 of the way through it.

di smith (lucylurex), Monday, 7 April 2003 21:07 (twenty years ago) link

i stopped reading after elisabeth and andrew left; but i do wonder, how the hell that chat morphed into talking about mix tapes to talking about white penis....

rebekah (rebekah), Monday, 7 April 2003 22:32 (twenty years ago) link

two years pass...
fockin hore

pussykat, Saturday, 2 July 2005 00:17 (eighteen years ago) link

sixteen years pass...

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