mini white tuxedo with black lapels

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Why is this style familiar? I know I have seen this look somewhere but I can't find any trace of it on the internet!

here is a picture:

Gravel Puzzleworth, Saturday, 26 March 2011 08:46 (eight years ago) Permalink

it is hilarious tbh and i don't know its origin but this did make me find:


and also watch some daft punk videos

obliquity of the ecliptic (rrrobyn), Saturday, 26 March 2011 15:18 (eight years ago) Permalink

the jacket in the op looks more like a tailcoat w/o tails, which is more of a white-tie dress sort of thing -- while the white coat is more of a black-tie thing. hm.

tangelo amour (elmo argonaut), Saturday, 26 March 2011 18:58 (eight years ago) Permalink

ledge, Saturday, 26 March 2011 19:05 (eight years ago) Permalink


jaxon, Sunday, 27 March 2011 00:23 (eight years ago) Permalink

I feel like if the blonde girl a few posts up had a head, I would know her.

go peddle your bullshit somewhere else sister (Laurel), Sunday, 27 March 2011 15:14 (eight years ago) Permalink

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