Het schaduwkabinet: week 42 - 2019

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Wij doen het ook vaak gewoon op zijn janboerenfluitjes, zij het zonder trekkers, in onze lijstjes uit het:


We luisterden naar: Babymetal, Big Thief, Clipping.,The Crooked Fiddle Band, Carla Dal Forno, Moonchy & Tobias, Oiseaux-TempĂȘte, Olan Mill, Starcrawler en Shannon Wright. En gingen naar: Trumans Water.

Jan Willem Broek, Tuesday, 15 October 2019 22:50 (one year ago) link

Jandek @ Worm
Dat ik dit nog mee mag maken. Trots op mezelf en op Jandek ook wel een beetje (73 he inmiddels). ;-)
Meest tekenende moment: na de show speur ik de foyer af of de Representative van Corwood nog ergens staat... Ik spot hem, wil naar hem toe lopen, aarzel (kan de Man benaderd worden?), mijn zusje zegt: "je hebt ook met Spinvis gesproken", zet mezelf in beweging om hem als een echte groupie Empty Handed te geven. En de man verdwijnt door de schuifdeuren richting Ontoegankelijk Gebied.
Zo hoort het.

Mijn Engelse recensie voor de Jandek mailgroup:

A lyric stand. My kingdom for a lyric stand.' Thus opened the Jandek show in Rotterdam. A small venue called Worm, with old cinema chairs (30 people seating those, and about 40 standing). The words were uttered by a female singer, who turned out to 'lead' this evening's outfit. Yes, unfortunately, the Rep did not sing, or even utter a spoken word in a single mic. I was counting on a poem for a closing track. The show was pretty good though, the 4 piece outfit played with gusto and enthusiasm, albeit a couple of endings were rushed. I especially liked the bass player's work. Some rhytmic noises he added to a steady repetitive groove. The drummer was solid too. I did not recognize any of these musicians, I wonder if they were Dutch (the singer seemed American to me). The first part of the set (say the opening Quartet) was quite erotic, the singer (in a glittery dress) tried to get Jandek to move and dance. Just like The Ray tje lyrics were quite sensual too. The representative, grey-red bearded, sat down for a couple of songs and seemed a little tired. Playing his trademark electric fence guitar stabs slowly got him more energetic, just as, paradoxally (or not), the tunes became darker. Something about chickens and onions. He gave a beautiful solo, with his back to the crowd. Most touchingly, towards the end of the show, a beautiful track opened with this simple lyric: 'I once visited an old Texas town...'

Ludo, Friday, 18 October 2019 06:30 (one year ago) link

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