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Hi. I'm 19 and I go to school in Massachusetts. I'm a DJ for the student station and I like reading ilxor because it points me towards stuff I'd of never stumbled upon myself. Here is my website: http://www.reddress.net

Claire (Claire Miccio), Sunday, 13 October 2002 15:04 (twenty-one years ago) link

hello and welcome :-)

Julio Desouza (jdesouza), Sunday, 13 October 2002 15:53 (twenty-one years ago) link

Hi Claire. Welcome. Looking at your website, I'm guessing that it's not so much an umlaut on the U as a couple of eyes turning it into a smiley face. That doesn't help towards a coherent political statement, but I think we're on a loser there anyway.

Martin Skidmore (Martin Skidmore), Sunday, 13 October 2002 19:23 (twenty-one years ago) link

Love your site, Claire - what sort of a DJ are you?

(take that question in any way you please)

Charlie (Charlie), Monday, 14 October 2002 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

Um, let's see. I am a student DJ for a college radio station and I'm in the general department which really doesn't say much. Basically I have to play 1/3 of my playlist from a group of albums that are sent to us from CMJ listings and such. But I try to file through it cause a lot of it is shit. But not all. Is that a good answer?

Claire (Claire Miccio), Monday, 14 October 2002 01:46 (twenty-one years ago) link

what are some new faves that ilXor helped you find?

Paul (scifisoul), Monday, 14 October 2002 02:02 (twenty-one years ago) link

Might've been easier just to say "really good, OBV!" or similar. But I sorta see what you mean - what I actually meant, to hold my facetious head under the water for a second, is what kinda music do you play? Or do you have a lovely broad remit?

And yes, what Paul said. Intriguing!

Charlie (Charlie), Monday, 14 October 2002 03:43 (twenty-one years ago) link

i'm guessing propaganda, superpitcher, and anal cunt.

jess (dubplatestyle), Monday, 14 October 2002 03:45 (twenty-one years ago) link

okay to answer paul: EPMD so far.
to answer Charlie: I'd like to say I have a lovely broad remit but I know that to not be true. I tend to play stuff in the similar vein of "college rock/indie/token hip hop" but I want to get better. I post my playlists if you want to take a gander. I like suggestions, criticisms, etc. The only thing is that the radio station as a suckass catalogue so I tend to have to find stuff on my own.
and to answer jess: I think I've heard Anal Cunt. But I'll look into Propaganda and Superpitcher.

Claire (Claire Miccio), Monday, 14 October 2002 05:06 (twenty-one years ago) link

I'd play more in the Four Tet/Cornelius/Capitol K/Trabant/Max Tundra/other gloopy pop-obsessed leftist glitchers if I were you. But then I would say that.

Nice playlists nonetheless, old & new colliding pleasingly on occasion.

Charlie (Charlie), Monday, 14 October 2002 06:24 (twenty-one years ago) link

I was hoping this thread was about the band who sang "New York Groove".

Sean (Sean), Monday, 14 October 2002 14:03 (twenty-one years ago) link

ilxor = EPMD fanclub!

Spencer Chow (spencermfi), Monday, 14 October 2002 14:45 (twenty-one years ago) link

hey Claire!

Tracer Hand (tracerhand), Monday, 14 October 2002 15:08 (twenty-one years ago) link

Hi Claire!!! What college are you at?

I'd like to say I have a lovely broad remit

A brief aside: what are we using "remit" to mean in this context? It seems like it is meaning "mandate" or "repertoire" or "long leash" but I have a fantasy that it means "smile". Seems to be exclusively a British usage but I am not finding it in my vade mecum UK<->US glossary.

I broke up with my college radio station because they wouldn't let me play whatever whenever -- which, as a young man, I needed to do.

Paul Eater (eater), Monday, 14 October 2002 16:55 (twenty-one years ago) link

Since Ned is not around, here is the latest Introduce Yourselves thread.

bnw (bnw), Monday, 14 October 2002 16:59 (twenty-one years ago) link

I was thinking remit had something to do with sending or transmitting but it got used as a verb. Whoa, dig that for awkward sentencing. Anyhow, I go to Smith College and luckily I get to play mostly what I want to as I long as I play a third of my playlist from a group of promo albums we get. It isn't so bad. The equipment is beyond ghetto though. Smith keeps making big talk about supporting "women in technology" but every year they give the radio station the shaft. They need to put their money where their mouth is. End rant.

Claire (Claire Miccio), Monday, 14 October 2002 22:30 (twenty-one years ago) link

No use in supporting a record that's five years old, I suppose.

Andy K (Andy K), Monday, 14 October 2002 22:34 (twenty-one years ago) link

Claire: you might want to look at this thread (List Your Mix-CD) to see what the ILX folks are offering mix-CD-wise--you might be able to bolster your collection a bit that way....

M Matos (M Matos), Monday, 14 October 2002 23:04 (twenty-one years ago) link

oh dear. i meant "remit" as a noun, used in the sense of "frame of reference" or similar. maybe i've been misusing it all my life!

Charlie (Charlie), Monday, 14 October 2002 23:33 (twenty-one years ago) link

Welcome Claire! You've picked a good place in which to broaden your musical horizons. You have nice taste but may want to consider a Prince single every show.

dan (dan), Tuesday, 15 October 2002 00:34 (twenty-one years ago) link

A Google search for the phrase "broad remit" turns up a whole whop of results, all from the U.K.! Interesting, perhaps, to linguisticsy folk like myself.


Is Bart's ice cream shoppe still in Northampton?

Paul Eater (eater), Tuesday, 15 October 2002 03:30 (twenty-one years ago) link

Yup, Bart's is still there. And the battalion of bikers still hang outside of it. Providing they use to do that.

Claire (Claire Miccio), Tuesday, 15 October 2002 03:59 (twenty-one years ago) link

and if they didn't?

Charlie (Charlie), Tuesday, 15 October 2002 04:26 (twenty-one years ago) link

< /semantics>

Charlie (Charlie), Tuesday, 15 October 2002 04:26 (twenty-one years ago) link

I have not been to Bart's since I was 10 or so, but that was a very good year. I remember that they made certain flavors of ice cream in multiple batches with different fat contents, so you could, say, order the "strawberry 14%" or the "strawberry 20%" depending on your personal decadence quotient at the moment. (I was an unrepentant 20-percenter.) Also I remember the $9 suicide sundae that you got for free if you could finish the whole thing but that my parents sensibly never let me order.

I do not, however, remember bikers, but I don't think I was tuned in to the concept of "bikers" at that age.

Yes, I was one of those kids who learned about yummy butterfat before smelly bikers.

Paul Eater (eater), Wednesday, 16 October 2002 03:45 (twenty-one years ago) link

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