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Because not everything is on Spotify and sometimes discussion can make a difference.

Sa Dingding - Lai Zhe Mo Jie

The introduction is free form but beats kick in later on.

_Rudipherous_, Sunday, 23 December 2012 21:21 (four years ago) Permalink

BoA - Only One

I was excited, relieved and surprised when this hit earlier this year, and wrote this: "This hits exactly the sweet spot where she should remain, where she can stay as casually affecting in sound as she is in performance. I love the light, sweet piano hook and similarly light singing coupled with the dance moves. She’s such an amazing performer that it was a big shock to a fan like me to have a song that’s as good as she is, so the only conclusion is she’s got to keep on composing for herself."

It's probably hard to sell Asian pop that's not as in-your-face as Big Bang or 2NE1 or as viral as Psy, and this is as far from in-your-face as it gets, but there should be a place for a supremely content, at ease rnb beauty regardless of origin.

abcfsk, Sunday, 23 December 2012 21:33 (four years ago) Permalink

Really all that I ask of the world is that everyone listens to "Ima Read" (NJENA REDDD FOXXX IS THE WORLD'S COLDEST PERSON) and "Bring in the Katz" (NO ONE EXPECTS THE KATZ)

Rolling "2 chainz" draadje (The Reverend), Sunday, 23 December 2012 22:26 (four years ago) Permalink

ooh this Sa Dingping song is good

Rolling "2 chainz" draadje (The Reverend), Sunday, 23 December 2012 22:36 (four years ago) Permalink

Still completely obsessed with Maria's Mrasni Pomisli. Probably my favourite Bulgarian pop-folk song since Haide Opa. Quite a lot of the stuff i recommend to people is met with a mixture of indifference and incomprehension but this seems to be a winner with almost everyone who hears it.

Ozan Dogulu's Askistan, Nyusha's Vospominanie and Monika Brodka's Dancing Shoes have gone down really well too.

Tullamorte Tullamore (ShariVari), Sunday, 23 December 2012 23:31 (four years ago) Permalink

Just because it has a video too now, here's the amazing Kamp! remix of Dancing Shoes.

Quite similar feel to The Boys Noize remix of Feist's My Moon, My Man. The sound (and the fact she's singing in English) are kind of a departure for her but everything clicks into place so beautifully.

Tullamorte Tullamore (ShariVari), Sunday, 23 December 2012 23:39 (four years ago) Permalink

I'm not sure if it's even nominated yet but if not it definitely will be but LAPAZ TOYOTA is an unstoppable record, and maybe just maybe there'll be enough afrobeats stans voting to get in there:

Awesome video as well.

Matt DC, Sunday, 23 December 2012 23:46 (four years ago) Permalink

Play by iamamiwhoami contains the best chorus I've heard all year. The whole album is a masterpiece, I know it has a few supporters already but it really good do with a few more.

Kitchen Person, Monday, 24 December 2012 00:57 (four years ago) Permalink

I like that Maria song, it's got plenty of very accessible ways in for someone with my taste (the belly dance rhythms, the quasi-dembow, etc.). Kind of like the Brodka video, but I think I'd lose interest in the song by itself.

The Japanese band Tokyo Jihen broke up early in the year, and this song, Konya wa Karasawagi is from their going away mini-album, Color Bars. Not their best, but I still hear their blend as pretty distinctive. There is much that harks back to the usual 60s suspects, but the qualities that make it sound suited for a smooth jazz format, perhaps alongside Steely Dan, seem pretty unusual when for a current commercial rock band. I've gotten to like the way Shiina Ringo's vocals on this remind me quite a bit of her sound on her solo album Sanmon Gossip, but that's not going to help anyone who isn't already interested. Ah well, probably something that is hopelessly fans-only, but I don't know.

I have somehow managed to nominate three indie rock songs this year, perhaps a bad sign. Hospitality's "Eighth Avenue" is about as good as indie jangle pop (or whatever o. nate called it) gets, which means I might not like it in six months, but I have to admit I like it for now. There's something bossa nova like in the drifty feel to it, some moderately sophisticated harmonic things going on (not that I'd be able to explain that). I also ended up nominating their song "The Monkey," the end of which sounds to me like it could be an actual outtake from the Psychedelic Furs first album, for what that's worth. I'm not going to bother linking to it since it's on Spotify and I don't like the video for Eighth Avenue. Then there's Selma Oxor's Dotes de Cocina, which is pretty much straightforward post-punk (though it gets the electro rhythmic borrowing right more than I think most original post-punk did). Synths remind me of Pyschic TV's "Catalan," the guitar maybe more Cabaret Voltaire, and the beats seem pretty electro. Why do I like this blatantly retro music more than so much else from similar sources? I don't have a good explanation.

To say more about the Sa Dingding track in the first post, I guess the key things are her incredible voice, the way her vocals get layered for a choral effect (followed by the introduction of an actual choir), and generally the way the changes in the vocals underscore the increases in tension, which they also contribute to making happen. And I like the triumphant feeling at the end of the song.

_Rudipherous_, Monday, 24 December 2012 02:42 (four years ago) Permalink

And as far as Konya wa Karasawagi, although I keep saying it's not their best work, and blah blah blah, I still find I can listen to it again and again, quite happily.

_Rudipherous_, Monday, 24 December 2012 06:32 (four years ago) Permalink

I'm surprised by how much I'm liking NHK’Koyxeи (just nominated).

_Rudipherous_, Monday, 24 December 2012 16:52 (four years ago) Permalink

one of the best tracks of the YEAR!!:

^more ppl should be on this

Y Kant Drugz Spell Kaballah (Drugs A. Money), Thursday, 27 December 2012 17:23 (four years ago) Permalink

I've listened to "Radioactive" as much over the last week as most people listen to their favorite song all year.

I've got some other stuff to rep for later, but dropping this in here for now.

Johnny Fever, Thursday, 27 December 2012 19:19 (four years ago) Permalink

I dunno how obvious some of these are, but a few extra youtubes on this page can't hurt!

Celestial, rocketship haus


One of four pretty adequate selections from a great pop EP. Miley Cyrus' sister is in this band.

I don't know what this music is called but I like it a lot.

monotony, Friday, 28 December 2012 02:13 (four years ago) Permalink

Holly Herndon doesn't have a Spotify presence.

Herndon's a Stanford composition PhD candidate, but early time at Berlin's Berghain club was pretty formative. The album Movement is mostly academic laptop compositions with a focus on vocal manipulation, but there's a couple of tracks that definitely cross into the dance music realm. Our boxedjoy wrote "it's like the Laurel Halo one if it was as easy to listen to as it is to admire", which is about how I feel.

I nominated the "Fade" (youtube link) for the tracks poll - its like The Knife doing a IDMish vocal fugue. The sole video, for the track "Movement", is rather fine, sort of a less explicit version of Chris Cunningham's Flex collaboration with Aphex.

Pauper Management Improved (Sanpaku), Friday, 28 December 2012 06:08 (four years ago) Permalink

tried that herndon thing maybe twice. got interior semiotics vibes.

monotony, Friday, 28 December 2012 13:05 (four years ago) Permalink

Y'all have to hear "...Absent Warrior": IT WILL BREAK YOU DOWN

Raymond Cummings, Friday, 28 December 2012 13:33 (four years ago) Permalink

I like the dance tracks on Herndon's album (but have no use to the rest). Maybe it's just the power of suggestion from the "Movement" video, but they have a really muscular vibe.

Rolling "2 chainz" draadje (The Reverend), Friday, 28 December 2012 15:58 (four years ago) Permalink

Still not sure how good this is, but it's a good enough punk-edged pop rock TV theme song sung and composed by one of the major female* popular music figures of the past decade or so (even if no, this is not her best work):

Way to campaign. With all those qualifying statements, I'm sure everyone will want to hear it.

*I mention this for those particularly interested in seeking out female singers/songwriters/singer-songwriters. I think the statement is still true if you remove "female."

_Rudipherous_, Tuesday, 1 January 2013 21:02 (four years ago) Permalink

Still not sure how good this is

Probably a lie. I do know how good it is. It's good enough but not that great but I'm nominating it anyway.

Fartein Suk (_Rudipherous_), Tuesday, 1 January 2013 21:07 (four years ago) Permalink

I nominated the first single from the next When Saints Go Machine album out later this year. I know Konkylie is quite popular on here but I think this single didn't get that much attention. The strings that come in at 2.44 are incredible and one of my musical highlights of the year.

Kitchen Person, Tuesday, 1 January 2013 23:58 (four years ago) Permalink

could someone nominate this planningtorock track? I acted hastily and used up all my noms on things I like less.

fffv, Friday, 4 January 2013 03:13 (four years ago) Permalink

hear the Horse Lords' album here. I have nominated the second track "Who Taught You to Hate Yourself?" for TRACKS, it's p great

Peter "Et" Cetera (Drugs A. Money), Friday, 4 January 2013 06:38 (four years ago) Permalink

Battlekat edges along The Knife's gangplank, and that's just fine by me.

Pauper Management Improved (Sanpaku), Friday, 4 January 2013 15:28 (four years ago) Permalink

This is "Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage?" by Blawan:

it fucking BANGS and you should vote for it

Angel Haze is my hero (DJP), Friday, 4 January 2013 15:51 (four years ago) Permalink

i will

Peter "Et" Cetera (Drugs A. Money), Friday, 4 January 2013 18:32 (four years ago) Permalink

xp abcfsk

This BoA (Bank of America?) song is really good. It's got my vote. I love watching her go from park bench camera gazing to swinging her hips in that dance.

This song technically came out last year on an EP but the proper album came out this year and it totally rules.

Merveille & Crosson - DRM

Dick Townwolves (Captain Ahab), Friday, 4 January 2013 23:56 (four years ago) Permalink

My tips for tracks that might might have gone unnoticed:

Georgia Anne Muldrow - Best Love Best song off the "Seeds" album imo, hits the sweet spot intersection of Madlib's booming production and GAM's old-soul intimacy.
Perfume - Point A throwback compared to Perfume's big EDM-friendly singles this year, this is endebted to classic Shibuya-kei sounds (early Capsule an obvious connection). Cute, beautiful, and with harps!
Keith Fullerton Whitman - Issue Generator (for Eliane Radigue) Gorgeous minimalist synth-drone odyssey, you wish it would go on for ever and it kind of does (Soundcloud link is an excerpt, whole thing is on Spotify).
Sakanaction - Yoru no Odoriko On first listen this isn't really my thing at all, a bit "nu rave" from 10 years ago but then it takes off for outer space and I launch with it; I always think of Edward O's comment on the Jukebox that "this song is its own filter-house remix".
F(x) - Electric Shock My K-pop choice...dunno it's just a good song!

the definite listicle (seandalai), Saturday, 5 January 2013 02:48 (four years ago) Permalink

iirc you also nominated ¿Como Puedes Vivir Contigo Mismo? by Alex Anwandter which is superb.

Tullamorte Tullamore (ShariVari), Saturday, 5 January 2013 07:46 (four years ago) Permalink

Gorgeous minimalist synth-drone odyssey, you wish it would go on for ever and it kind of does (Soundcloud link is an excerpt, whole thing is on Spotify).

This is excellent and one of my discoveries from perusing the nominations. A whole other thread of electronic music than most of the electronic music on this list.

The Sakanaction video is kind of amusing, but doesn't carry the song for me. Some first take comments here that I found interesting.

_Rudipherous_, Saturday, 5 January 2013 15:48 (four years ago) Permalink

Yeah I can completely understand why someone would dislike the Sakanaction. I'd say it's worth checking out if you like dance/indie rock hybrid stuff.

the definite listicle (seandalai), Sunday, 6 January 2013 01:24 (four years ago) Permalink

Damn loving all your choices, seandalai - my ballot might need some rearranging now.

really into this right now:Infinite - The Chaser. It's K-pop, again. Leaving aside that this basically sounds like the theme song to an 80s cop show, everything about it is perfection imo - the synths, the guitars, all of it is just so precise. and when I think it can't get any better, they throw in that key change into the final choruses, ramping up the drama further.

(Also, y'all should be checking out the first post of this thread as well, if you haven't already.)

Roz, Sunday, 6 January 2013 14:14 (four years ago) Permalink

Some of us don't have Spotify btw, so keep posting, everyone!

Roz, Sunday, 6 January 2013 14:15 (four years ago) Permalink

I can definitely get behind Yoru no Odoriko and Fantastic Baby.

if, Sunday, 6 January 2013 15:44 (four years ago) Permalink

Not to split the k-pop support too much (who am I kidding, behind Gangnam Style nothing will unite sufficiently this year), but everyone who missed out on Lovey Dovey should listen now -- and read more about it and T-ara on various posts over at Frank Kogan's blog, where he just named it the single of the year.

abcfsk, Sunday, 6 January 2013 17:02 (four years ago) Permalink

Low-profile albums I rate highly (links are to tracks, the albums are all on Spotify):

Starring - ABCDEFG-HIJKLMNOP-QRSTUV-WXYZ: I often get excited when avant/experimental ppl make an effort to do something a bit more accessible. Proggy, noisy, the vocals remind me of Gang Gang Dance a bit.
LA Vampires and Maria Minerva - The Integration LP: The acceptable face of hipster house, it's like a friendly ghost dancing around you.
Marissa Nadler - The Sister: idk I just love Marissa Nadler's voice and her folky gothy dusty-production schtick. Probably my favourite album of hers fwiw.

the definite listicle (seandalai), Sunday, 6 January 2013 22:15 (four years ago) Permalink

that alex anwandter is great

ogmor, Sunday, 6 January 2013 23:42 (four years ago) Permalink

liking the Starring album a lot, I can see the GGD comparisons, one that sprang to mind (esp on the second track) is a cross between Oneida and La Big Vic

gullible lochinski (Drugs A. Money), Monday, 7 January 2013 01:14 (four years ago) Permalink

I would like due consideration to be given to the album WANK by the duo SLEAFORD MODS. Here is what it sounds like:

mike t-diva, Monday, 7 January 2013 19:00 (four years ago) Permalink

Perfume Genius vid possibly nsfw.

fun loving and xtremely tolrant (Billy Dods), Monday, 7 January 2013 19:00 (four years ago) Permalink

i nominated this album. it's not really ilx' thing but it's the best thing i heard last year

flopson, Monday, 7 January 2013 20:09 (four years ago) Permalink

I really love this track. A brilliant French producer called Julien Chastagnol who has made an excellent album. Some of it reminds me of the best, most chaotic Amon Tobin stuff from the 90's.

Damo Suzuki's Parrot, Monday, 7 January 2013 20:24 (four years ago) Permalink

3 of my top 5 tracks

Rich Kidz
Darq E Freaker feat. Danny Brown

pandemic, Thursday, 10 January 2013 22:26 (four years ago) Permalink

I think I've been getting Sleaford Mods and Deptford Goth confused for a while now.

the drawl of the mc's could be farts (NickB), Thursday, 10 January 2013 22:38 (four years ago) Permalink

everyone please vote for this amazing achievement in music:

❏❐❑❒ (gr8080), Saturday, 12 January 2013 05:49 (four years ago) Permalink

This was one of my favorites from 2012, and I only just now found out it's a side project from a couple When Saints Go Machine guys.

Kenton Slash Demon - Ore

Johnny Fever, Saturday, 12 January 2013 22:45 (four years ago) Permalink

Worth noting: Kenton Slash Demon's Ore is a free download on Soundcloud. Good pick.

Pauper Management Improved (Sanpaku), Saturday, 12 January 2013 23:34 (four years ago) Permalink

I think I'm still the only person who's ever mentioned Gemma Ray on ILM. Everything she's done is on Spotify and it's all worthy of your attention. In 2012 she released a two-song EP of Sparks covers, produced by the Mael brothers, and I've nominated for the poll her LP, Island Fire. This track, which someone has helpfully uploaded to youtube is representative:

Jeff W, Sunday, 13 January 2013 00:02 (four years ago) Permalink

thanks. great, intense voice and the rich & melodic music has got something naive and natural about it. nice.

alex in mainhattan, Sunday, 13 January 2013 22:18 (four years ago) Permalink

Jeff W: I think you've heard of her already but if you like Gemma Ray, I'd recommend listening to Mirah as well, particularly her album: 'You Think It's Like This but Really It's Like This'.

Moka, Monday, 14 January 2013 03:53 (four years ago) Permalink

kool a.d. is whatever but i'm voting for it almost entirely for the beat (by trackademics)

#guy #guy fieri #poop #hallway (zachlyon), Monday, 14 January 2013 08:28 (four years ago) Permalink

Moka: I will check her out. Thanks.

Jeff W, Monday, 14 January 2013 11:17 (four years ago) Permalink

I want you all to consider the Eyvind Kang "Narrow Garden" album.

besides Sunny Real Estate (dog latin), Monday, 14 January 2013 11:22 (four years ago) Permalink

And DJP OTM upthread about Blawan. I can't decide between that and Inspector Norse as best dance track of the year.

besides Sunny Real Estate (dog latin), Monday, 14 January 2013 11:23 (four years ago) Permalink

oh and yeah, the Holly Herndon album is what the Laurel Halo album wanted to do but didn't really achieve. I dunno, I tried to get into the LH album, but those vocals are a real problem.

besides Sunny Real Estate (dog latin), Monday, 14 January 2013 11:26 (four years ago) Permalink

Demdike Stare's Elemental is an incredible bit of scary ambient techno. I didn't expect to love this as much as I did. I think it far improves on Triptych, which I also really enjoyed.

Also, the self-titled album by Swearin' is pretty fantastic. Straight up Superchunk-ish pop-punk that seems to be lifted directly out of the mid-90's. So good and it goes by in a blur. I can't seem to find any YouTubes of the tracks I'd like to highlight but just go to's all there.

Non-Stop Erotic Calculus (bmus), Wednesday, 16 January 2013 22:28 (four years ago) Permalink

Have you voted yet? If not, add this one to your tracks list if you dig it:

Dick Townwolves (Captain Ahab), Thursday, 17 January 2013 21:39 (four years ago) Permalink

actually make it this one:

Dick Townwolves (Captain Ahab), Thursday, 17 January 2013 21:57 (four years ago) Permalink

I'm not saying whether it's in or out of the top 77 albums at present, but give that Niki & The Dove album so love y'all.

Johnny Fever, Thursday, 17 January 2013 22:11 (four years ago) Permalink


Johnny Fever, Thursday, 17 January 2013 22:11 (four years ago) Permalink

And this amazing remix:

LeRooLeRoo, Thursday, 17 January 2013 22:32 (four years ago) Permalink

I'm not saying whether it's in or out of the top 77 albums at present, but give that Niki & The Dove album so love y'all.

― Johnny Fever

Can people also please remember the iamamiwhoami album too. Kin and Instinct are the two most underrated albums of the year.

Kitchen Person, Thursday, 17 January 2013 22:48 (four years ago) Permalink

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