Acts that are not on Spotify

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Because creating a list together may be useful
Bob Dylan got in there recently, but there are still some big (and some slightly lesser) names lacking.

The Beatles
All solo Beatles apart from Ringo
Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
Frank Zappa
King Crimson
Badfinger (apart from the two lesser known Warner albums)
Flower Kings


Hongroe (Geir Hongro), Saturday, 31 March 2012 01:22 (ten years ago) link

was gonna say fuckin' flyin a-heads but whoa there they are

CharlieS, Saturday, 31 March 2012 01:37 (ten years ago) link

Adding Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their 80s albums are in there, but nothing more recent.

Hongroe (Geir Hongro), Saturday, 31 March 2012 01:51 (ten years ago) link

I was sure Caetano Veloso and Jorge Ben were absent but now they're there! Anyway:

Popol Vuh
Ash Ra Tempel
Joanna Newsom
Curtis Mayfield

Everything on 100% Silk, Planet Mu, RVNG, Numero, Sublime Frequencies, Soul Jazz...

James Bond Jor (seandalai), Saturday, 31 March 2012 02:00 (ten years ago) link

kinks, pre-RCA years, which is pretty lol. at least that's how it was last time i checked.

tylerw, Saturday, 31 March 2012 02:01 (ten years ago) link

the entire drag city catalog

y'tulip, y'pea-brained earwig (donna rouge), Saturday, 31 March 2012 02:08 (ten years ago) link

I think that part of the Kinks catalog is out-of-print period.

timellison, Saturday, 31 March 2012 02:10 (ten years ago) link

Zoviet France

La Monte Young

The Hafler Trio


and so so many more, I continue to laugh bitterly at the starry eyed dreamers who think "everything" is available as a stream.

Flat Of NAGLs (sleeve), Saturday, 31 March 2012 02:53 (ten years ago) link

kinks pre-RCA is '71-Back, and very much in print via Sanctuary/Universal.

Mike Love Costume Jewelry on Etsy (C. Grisso/McCain), Saturday, 31 March 2012 02:55 (ten years ago) link

Last U.S. CD releases were 1990 and they're not available as downloads on iTunes or Amazon.

timellison, Saturday, 31 March 2012 03:05 (ten years ago) link

I think Sanctuary is administering the Pye/Reprise Kinks rights in the States now. The first three albums were reissued here in the early 2000s via a partnership with BMG. Now they are hooked up with Universal, but perhaps they feel anyne who cares will pick up their imports, which are fairly well distributed here.

Mike Love Costume Jewelry on Etsy (C. Grisso/McCain), Saturday, 31 March 2012 03:13 (ten years ago) link

You'd think that Universal would want a group as big as the Kinks on iTunes. I wonder if there are other issues.

timellison, Saturday, 31 March 2012 03:41 (ten years ago) link

Oasis, Example, Wretch 32, most Julia Holter.

mike t-diva, Saturday, 31 March 2012 12:01 (ten years ago) link

Roy Harper, except for his debut album.

fun loving and xtremely tolrant (Billy Dods), Saturday, 31 March 2012 12:48 (ten years ago) link

peter gabriel
momus (creation label era)

piscesx, Saturday, 31 March 2012 13:48 (ten years ago) link

Adele has "19" in there, but only the first two singles from "21".

As for The Kinks, "Something Else" is still lacking, but they seem to have most anything else.

Hongroe (Geir Hongro), Saturday, 31 March 2012 17:07 (ten years ago) link

Only three Hootie and the Blowfish songs. (Don't ask.)

Cuba Pudding, Jr. (jaymc), Saturday, 31 March 2012 17:11 (ten years ago) link

Peter Gabriel

I am using your worlds, Saturday, 31 March 2012 17:29 (ten years ago) link

sorry piscesx, missed your post!

I am using your worlds, Saturday, 31 March 2012 17:29 (ten years ago) link

There's some Popol Vuh on there, though one of the playable albums has TAKEDOWN AS PER LABEL REQUEST in the title.

JoeStork, Saturday, 31 March 2012 17:39 (ten years ago) link


Also Cosey Fanni Tutti has been pretty vocal about her dislike of Spotify. C&C and TG are in the process of being taken down altogether, I understand.

kraudive, Saturday, 31 March 2012 17:40 (ten years ago) link

As for The Kinks, "Something Else" is still lacking, but they seem to have most anything else.

― Hongroe (Geir Hongro), Saturday, March 31, 2012 10:07 AM (43 minutes ago)

Maybe in Norway!

timellison, Saturday, 31 March 2012 17:52 (ten years ago) link

Black Sabbath's studio albums with John Michael "Ozzy" Osbourne.

America's Mobile, Saturday, 31 March 2012 17:57 (ten years ago) link

they are here in the uk

Algerian Goalkeeper, Saturday, 31 March 2012 18:03 (ten years ago) link

Red Hot Chili Peppers were added yesterday if you like that kind of thing.

No Rammstein sadly.

fun loving and xtremely tolrant (Billy Dods), Saturday, 14 April 2012 09:07 (ten years ago) link

I see that the new Peter Gabriel live album is available. Hopefully the rest of his work will follow soon.

fun loving and xtremely tolrant (Billy Dods), Thursday, 26 April 2012 18:30 (ten years ago) link


henry s, Saturday, 28 April 2012 00:00 (ten years ago) link

Sugar (and only the Warners Husker stuff.)

I didn't know before I selected Indie! (TastySounds), Saturday, 28 April 2012 12:50 (ten years ago) link

None of Def Leppard's popular albums are on there.

Moodles, Saturday, 28 April 2012 14:56 (ten years ago) link

i'm not on spotify

markers, Saturday, 28 April 2012 14:58 (ten years ago) link

only the Warners Husker stuff

No longer true!

timellison, Saturday, 28 April 2012 15:30 (ten years ago) link

That was fast.

fun loving and xtremely tolrant (Billy Dods), Saturday, 28 April 2012 15:36 (ten years ago) link

Alright, who on this board is from SST?

Naive Teen Idol, Saturday, 28 April 2012 21:11 (ten years ago) link

Sugar's stuff is on there, or at least it was about five days ago. I listened to Copper Blue.

Johnny Fever, Saturday, 28 April 2012 21:18 (ten years ago) link

gimme some good news about Seger, guys

henry s, Saturday, 28 April 2012 23:44 (ten years ago) link

It looks like Bureau B, which did a lot of the Sky Krautrock reissues, pulled the rights in the US.

Naive Teen Idol, Sunday, 29 April 2012 18:32 (ten years ago) link

Sandie Shaw. oddly.

piscesx, Sunday, 29 April 2012 18:34 (ten years ago) link

three weeks pass...

King Crimson! Also, more Pink Floyd than a current live album, ffs!

There are many tribes in the Juggalo nation (Viceroy), Friday, 25 May 2012 21:42 (ten years ago) link

Mainly, there's a Jex Thoth song called "The Banishment" and its melody is almost exactly like the melody line of "Epitaph" but I couldn't cross-compare - at least not in spotify.

There are many tribes in the Juggalo nation (Viceroy), Friday, 25 May 2012 21:44 (ten years ago) link

A bunch of Peter Gabriel there now

seven league bootie (James Morrison), Monday, 28 May 2012 03:32 (ten years ago) link

Yellow Magic Orchestra

timellison, Monday, 28 May 2012 05:40 (ten years ago) link

I just looked and there were only a few odds and sods from Gabriel, certainly no albums.

fun loving and xtremely tolrant (Billy Dods), Monday, 28 May 2012 08:00 (ten years ago) link

Kinks seem to be on, plentifully (including Something Else)

Mark G, Monday, 28 May 2012 08:23 (ten years ago) link

King Crimson!

Fripp has determinedly set his face against spotify, the diary on his website has plenty of back-and-forth on this topic.

that mustardless plate (Bill A), Monday, 28 May 2012 08:30 (ten years ago) link

One album that is on there is "From Good to Great", a tutorial CD by Robt Fripp

Mark G, Monday, 28 May 2012 08:38 (ten years ago) link

No Something Else in US :(

Ian Hunter Is Learning the Game (James Redd and the Blecchs), Monday, 28 May 2012 13:18 (ten years ago) link

Royal Trux

dmr, Tuesday, 29 May 2012 20:32 (ten years ago) link

I just looked and there were only a few odds and sods from Gabriel, certainly no albums

That's weird--I can see all of them (in Australia, anyway)

Boards of Canada
Throbbing Gristle
Severed Heads

all pretty much absent

seven league bootie (James Morrison), Monday, 11 June 2012 23:56 (ten years ago) link

Only Gabriel that's on Spotify US is that live/orchestra thing from recently.

Johnny Fever, Tuesday, 12 June 2012 00:02 (ten years ago) link

Why tf are the Biz Markie records no longer on here? I listened to them only a couple months ago

a hoy hoy, Saturday, 17 July 2021 20:08 (one year ago) link

why would you expect them to stay?

bobo honkin' slobo babe (sic), Saturday, 17 July 2021 20:44 (one year ago) link

I was surprised the only version of "Killing an Arab" by The cure at Spotify is a live version from the Hyde Park Anniversary set. The whole Boys Don't Cry album is unavailable actually.

Loud guitars shit all over "Bette Davis Eyes" (NYCNative), Sunday, 18 July 2021 03:52 (one year ago) link

a) the song might be specifically not available for the same reason that the Hyde Park was a rare example of them singing that lyric in the last thirty years or so

b) that compilation was out of print from 1990 to 2000, and was made redundant* by the deluxe reissues of the studio albums in 2004 - has it ever been available as a digital release in any format / platform?

* although some guy with bennies scorned the mastering of the one exclusive track and posted a vinyl rip to ilx

bobo honkin' slobo babe (sic), Sunday, 18 July 2021 04:13 (one year ago) link

A Globe of Frogs and Queen Elvis by Robyn Hitchcock don't appear to be on there

Mr. Cacciatore (Moodles), Thursday, 22 July 2021 00:53 (one year ago) link

That's the albums that are missing, not the songs, which are available

Mr. Cacciatore (Moodles), Thursday, 22 July 2021 00:56 (one year ago) link

A few Egyptians albums come up under Robyn Hitchcock solo too (it's kind of a mess), but iirc those have always been absent.

Ⓓⓡ. (Johnny Fever), Thursday, 22 July 2021 03:55 (one year ago) link

There's a bunch of Scientist albums streaming but his most classic ones aren't. There's some weird version of "Rids the World of…" out there instead of the original classic.

A True White Kid that can Jump (Granny Dainger), Thursday, 22 July 2021 17:37 (one year ago) link

two weeks pass...

Baby Girl is coming to Spotify 🙏

— Spotify (@Spotify) August 5, 2021

jaymc, Thursday, 5 August 2021 20:34 (one year ago) link

My Bloody Valentine finally on here then.

nate woolls, Thursday, 12 August 2021 06:25 (eleven months ago) link

Are Galliano or Pixies on yet? (at work can't check, just curious)

Diggin Holes (Ste), Thursday, 12 August 2021 08:17 (eleven months ago) link

Is Pixies a geographical one?

As pretty sure they've been on UK Spotify for a good while

groovypanda, Thursday, 12 August 2021 08:48 (eleven months ago) link

I keep getting Pixies live tracks nearly every week on my Release Radar. Galliano have 3 albums on, UK at least.

Dan Worsley, Thursday, 12 August 2021 08:57 (eleven months ago) link

hmm interesting, I will have another look later

Diggin Holes (Ste), Thursday, 12 August 2021 09:35 (eleven months ago) link

(maybe it was just Roofing Tiles that I couldn't find)

Diggin Holes (Ste), Thursday, 12 August 2021 09:36 (eleven months ago) link

That wasn’t on. In Pursuit…, A Joyful Noise…., and The Plot Thickens.

Dan Worsley, Thursday, 12 August 2021 10:05 (eleven months ago) link

Pixies are on US Spotify
They've released 17 live albums over past year?

Muswell Hillbilly Elegy (President Keyes), Thursday, 12 August 2021 13:07 (eleven months ago) link

A Guy Called Gerald went back to having practically nothing on it some time earlier this year (the Voodoo Ray single at least having appeared in 2019 I think)

nashwan, Thursday, 12 August 2021 14:16 (eleven months ago) link

yeah just got home. fucking swear pix were not on spotify when i checked about 6 months ago. nice tho.

Diggin Holes (Ste), Thursday, 12 August 2021 16:12 (eleven months ago) link

Today I received in my Release Radar a few chapters of a German audiobook of The Taming of the Shrew.

No Particular Place to POLL (James Redd and the Blecchs), Friday, 13 August 2021 18:17 (eleven months ago) link

four months pass...

the first Throwing Muses album.

― akm, Monday, April 27, 2020 7:24 AM

still not on there. limbo isn't either. unforgivable.

please don't refer to me as (Austin), Thursday, 6 January 2022 15:30 (seven months ago) link

the weeknd's new album title dawn fm has predictably made me want to listen to p.m. dawn, and while a bunch of their albums have been added to spotify, their hit debut of the heart...: the utopian experience is still missing

roflrofl fight (voodoo chili), Friday, 7 January 2022 19:28 (seven months ago) link

it's gotta be that beatles sample, right?

roflrofl fight (voodoo chili), Friday, 7 January 2022 20:01 (seven months ago) link

wow looking at it now, the og 'set adrift on memory bliss' isn't even on there! that's some serious bullshit. the rest of that album is damn good too.

please don't refer to me as (Austin), Friday, 7 January 2022 20:46 (seven months ago) link

oof the chameleons strange times isn't there anymore.

get shrunk by this funk. (Austin), Friday, 14 January 2022 01:18 (six months ago) link

Ben Frost has disappeared, except for one early album and soundtracks.

two sleeps till brooklyn (ledge), Friday, 14 January 2022 08:50 (six months ago) link

Skee Mask pulled all his music from Spotify

✖✖✖ (Moka), Friday, 14 January 2022 14:06 (six months ago) link

the Germs' GI/MIA aren't up (the only Germs' stuff up are dodgy-looking posthumous releases and a few studio cuts on V/A comps).

^forgot about this from a year back; went looking for Germs on various streaming platforms and was surprised to find only a few “live” albums.

A really interesting songwriter is Billie Eilish and her brother. (morrisp), Tuesday, 25 January 2022 06:31 (six months ago) link

Neil Young, soon.

groovemaaan, Tuesday, 25 January 2022 06:44 (six months ago) link

He's not exactly known for keeping his promises. And if this is ends up being an idle threat it'll do more harm than good.

Paul Ponzi, Tuesday, 25 January 2022 11:23 (six months ago) link

I've read he may not be able to pull all his music, as he doesn't have 100% control

Chappies banging dustbin lids together (President Keyes), Tuesday, 25 January 2022 15:09 (six months ago) link

Cardiacs' organisation recently took their stuff off Spotify.

feed me with your clicks (Noel Emits), Tuesday, 25 January 2022 15:12 (six months ago) link

yep, neil's mostly gone. that didn't take long. inexplicably, the canterbury house archive series is still there, but some of the songs glitch and just stop playing.

in other news - did you know that the original eddy grant recording of "electric avenue" isn't on there?

spotify committing all sorts of offenses.

get shrunk by this funk. (Austin), Thursday, 27 January 2022 03:50 (six months ago) link

I think we discussed Grant at length above

Animals must have a name (morrisp), Thursday, 27 January 2022 04:04 (six months ago) link

nvm, neil totally gone now.

thanks, gonna go recap.

get shrunk by this funk. (Austin), Thursday, 27 January 2022 04:49 (six months ago) link

IIRC Ray Charles's ABC recordings (the stuff he owns post-Atlantic) aren't up there either.

birdistheword, Thursday, 27 January 2022 04:52 (six months ago) link

Apologies, should've looked for and expanded the "skipping" link before searching for any mention of Ray Charles.

birdistheword, Thursday, 27 January 2022 04:53 (six months ago) link

Most of De La Soul still not there, as I discovered after watching the Spider-Man movie.

Guayaquil (eephus!), Thursday, 27 January 2022 05:04 (six months ago) link

three months pass...

Not an act, but a song: Kate Bush's "Experiment IV" isn't on there. It's one of her best; wonder why it's not there.

Let's disco dance, Hammurabi! (Austin), Wednesday, 11 May 2022 04:14 (three months ago) link

You can see an artist's entire Spotify catalog, and what regions each release is available in, here:

Thus for Kate we can see that "Experiment IV" is actually available on two different releases, Selection from 'The Other Sides' (2018 Remaster) and The Whole Story, but neither of these are available in the US at the moment. Licensing...

glenn mcdonald, Wednesday, 11 May 2022 13:28 (three months ago) link

that is cool to know!

corrs unplugged, Wednesday, 11 May 2022 14:01 (three months ago) link

three weeks pass...

over half of the go-betweens catalogue is not there.

I'm ANTIFA and I vote. (Austin), Sunday, 5 June 2022 17:13 (two months ago) link

looks basically like everything licensed to Beggars is on there, and the earlier / later records (perhaps controlled by the band?) aren't?

Yul Brynner film festival on Channel 48... (sic), Sunday, 5 June 2022 17:50 (two months ago) link

Curve is still missing, in the US at least.

Josh in Chicago, Sunday, 5 June 2022 18:05 (two months ago) link

xpost: yeah, but forster's later stuff is on there (as is all of mclennan's). just wanted to hear before hollywood for this morning's walk and grrrr.

I'm ANTIFA and I vote. (Austin), Sunday, 5 June 2022 18:48 (two months ago) link

It's curiously variable by territory, re Go-Betweens. Apart from BYBO, the conventional studio albums are each available SOMEWHERE. eg.

Kinda similar for the solo material, but favouring different territories. eg. I can't access any of the 90s solo LPs whatsoever.
- RF:
- GM:

Nag! Nag! Nag!, Monday, 6 June 2022 00:26 (two months ago) link

^ McLennan's estate people might want to look into that. Even with just one brief compilation of the solo material available in AU, his strongest cities for listeners are apparently still in his country of birth.

Nag! Nag! Nag!, Monday, 6 June 2022 00:38 (two months ago) link

four weeks pass...

CSN have returned, minus the songs written by Young and Joni.

It’s probably just the UK but I’m missing Was (Not Was)‘s two late 80s records What up Dog and Are You Ok, both classics

Chuck_Tatum, Monday, 4 July 2022 00:06 (one month ago) link

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