Whats all that about then - Suppers Ready by Genesis

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All that stuff about being stamped human bacon and changing into a flower and looking out of the window from a scene of domestic bliss.

Alexander Blair, Sunday, 30 June 2002 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

Make a few assuptions if you like. Such as

1. Even though you can never understand an authors true intentionality, its fun to try, there are no right answers and no prizes - but that doesn't mean it is not fun to take part.

2. Assume it is about something. It doesn't matter if it was a load of random gibberish pretend it isn't.(see 1).

3. Assume the SONG is about something, the lyrics AND the music. Assume they have a relationship with each other even though you can never be sure (see 1).

For extra points you can consider the different version on Seconds out. What does Collins change? Why?

Alexander Blair, Sunday, 30 June 2002 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

This isn't about Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Get off my stage.

Graham, Sunday, 30 June 2002 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

Sorry, I'm a music fan and therefor have no opinion about Ms Bextor

Alexander Blair, Sunday, 30 June 2002 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

I am a music fan and have plenty of opinions abt Ms Bextor.

Julio Desouza, Sunday, 30 June 2002 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

Is this going to be one of those long threads where nobody ever addresses the original question at all because if it is let me just be the first to say that Matt Clement pitched a brilliant game in Chicago today

John Darnielle, Sunday, 30 June 2002 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

Who's gonna be the funny bugger who says "Anne Rose to thread!" then?

Dom Passantino, Sunday, 30 June 2002 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

her name is anna

mark s, Sunday, 30 June 2002 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

whatever it is all about, I am sure that Gabriel is quite embarrassed about being a part of it....as he should feel about the entire output from his time with Genesis. Those British prog-rockers tried a little too hard to write about that fantasy crap. I blame Sinfield. Thank goodness that Collins and Gabriel came to their senses and embraced their musical roots of Motown and pop music. They actually had some decent songs inside of them and proved it throughout the late seventies and into the eighties, a decade that they were in firm control of.

gil, Sunday, 30 June 2002 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

shush gil he might hear you
http://perso.wanadoo.fr/crp/genesisplendeurs/splendeurs/genesis/g en-images/gablive.JPG

chaki, Sunday, 30 June 2002 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

I am here, and yes my name is in fact Anna. This is a great song, I don't know what it's about but it works. What I mean is, the 20-minute epics of Rush don't really work, they'd be better as separate tracks, but this is an example that fits together. I like it.

Anna Rose, Monday, 1 July 2002 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

Of those pictures only 'the fox on the rocks' is from Suppers Ready.

Im not sure it IS a coherent song, unlike say, close to the edge which has a great deal of internal reflection and lyrical themes maintained for the length of the song, Suppers Ready only really has the 'your suppers waiting for you' and thats only at the beginning and the end.

Whats the 'all change' bit about then? The 'feel your body melt' and the steam train departing from the platform theme of the music?

Has anyone ever looked really closely at the forth horse on the back cover of Foxtrot? Not you "Anna".

Alexander Blair, Monday, 1 July 2002 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

When I was at University I roomed next to a fanatical Genesis fan who over coffee once explained to me how Gabriel had said the song had come to him in a dream.

"So why are over half the lyrics nicked from The Book of Revelations" I wanted to say, but held my tongue.

I like this track btw.

Jeff W, Monday, 1 July 2002 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

poor misled bugger looked totally ridiculous in those pictures. he must've known that the tunes they wrote didn't hold up as good songs, so he put on goofy clothes and used props, ala early Bowie or Alice Cooper. I am not a big fan of the Eagles, but they just stood there and played the songs with very little fanfare at a time when so many bands were way too melodramatic....that I respect.

gilbrero, Monday, 1 July 2002 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

But what will make for better memories: The Eagles mellowing out on stage or Peter Gabriel in...whatever it is that he's wearing in those pictures?

I prefer flamboyant mediocricity to understated mediocricity (not that I'm calling Genesis mediocre, haven't heard enough to judge- The Eagles had the occasional winnah but were mostly crap)

Daniel_Rf, Monday, 1 July 2002 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

It's a good thing you aren't calling Genesis mediocre, cos if you were I would have to come and pump Abba through your ears (worst torture ever) until you admitted that Genesis are in fact red-hot shit. Maybe what he is actually saying in this song is sort of thinking back over everything in the world's history...Or maybe not. Ah what the hell. I don't know.

Anna Rose, Tuesday, 2 July 2002 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

Funny story by Mike of troubled diva: Listening to Supper's Ready

alex in mainhattan, Tuesday, 2 July 2002 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

five years pass...

indeed, what IS this song all about then? it's just that "supper's ready" seems awfully POLITE for a song that's supposed to be about an apocalyptic battle between good & evil -- perhaps we've been spoiled by all sorts of musical extremities b/w 1972 & now, and i don't want to get essentialist/classist or anything, but this song SOUNDS like something whipped up by a bunch of late 60s/early 70s English public school toffs. even by prog standards (a subject which, admittedly, i am not an expert on) it seems much too pleasant for such dark subject matter -- e.g., i could see either Yes or (God forbid) ELP really tearing into this motherfucker.

i guess that i just don't GET gabriel-era genesis.

Eisbaer, Sunday, 21 October 2007 06:20 (sixteen years ago) link

as always, dave q said it best (about gabriel-era genesis generally, not about "supper's ready" particularly):

See, I luv prog but I Don't Know about Genesis. Firstly, Pink Floyd did a better job of camouflaging their less-than-amazing chops by working on the textures and FX etc. whereas Genesis just seemed like they wanted to be Yes but weren't as good. (Everyone knows Banks was no Emerson, but even Rick Wright was better.) Secondly, I usually have no time whatever for that 'middle-class public schoolboy' accusation that only Brits are confused enough to care about, but Genesis is the only band whose cosy brand of cluelessness actually irritates me. Thirdly, Peter Gabriel's voice is a prissy version of Perry (equally clueless but at least shameless about it) Farrell's

-- dave q, Tuesday, June 25, 2002 8:00 PM (5 years ago) Bookmark Link

Eisbaer, Sunday, 21 October 2007 06:32 (sixteen years ago) link

i saw a genesis doc and it said that this was based on peter and his wife doing drugs in peter's parents house one time and having a crazy love trip.

chaki, Sunday, 21 October 2007 06:34 (sixteen years ago) link

it still sounds kinda prissy & weak if it's all about tripping yer brains out, though!

Eisbaer, Sunday, 21 October 2007 06:36 (sixteen years ago) link

The 9/8 section when they're trying to play together in 9/8 time and failing miserably is hilarious. I don't love the track any less for it though.

The bit where the mellotron goes seriously wowy is the most spine-tingling Genesis accident ever. Dad to dam to dum to mum to mud to mad to dad is decently clever too, despite the wankery being almost tangible.

Autumn Almanac, Monday, 22 October 2007 05:58 (sixteen years ago) link

"Dad diddly office Dad diddly office!"

Sundar, Monday, 22 October 2007 07:00 (sixteen years ago) link

(Will attempt a defence at some point.)

Sundar, Monday, 22 October 2007 07:00 (sixteen years ago) link

A big part is I really don't agree with dave about Gabriel's voice, to the point where I can't even see where dq is coming from there (and I like PF anyway).

Sundar, Monday, 22 October 2007 07:02 (sixteen years ago) link

"Mum diddly washing mum diddly washing! You're all full of ball"


Autumn Almanac, Monday, 22 October 2007 07:15 (sixteen years ago) link

Were you talking about the 9/8 part around 5:45? I don't really think they're failing miserably.

Sundar, Monday, 22 October 2007 07:18 (sixteen years ago) link

On my copy the whole of Supper's Ready is one CD track. It's at 16:10, just after Gabriel sings 'better not compromise it won't be easy' (or something) and the drums and guitar plop all over the place. You can hear them thinking as they're doing it. It does improve once the flute/pipe/thing kicks in.

Autumn Almanac, Monday, 22 October 2007 07:26 (sixteen years ago) link

The 9/8 doesn't quite work out right, kinda right about that.

The rest of the "song" is pure perfection though. And I'm not speaking of the lyrics.

Geir Hongro, Monday, 22 October 2007 19:39 (sixteen years ago) link

Perfection indeed, except for the jarring edit bang in the middle of Willow Farm (12.25).

Also, the l33t wowy mellotron bit is at 14.09.

Autumn Almanac, Monday, 22 October 2007 23:26 (sixteen years ago) link

five years pass...

"Mum diddly washing mum diddly washing! You're all full of ball"

lol this lyric is almost hanle yesque.

two years pass...

'Walking across the sitting room, I turn the television on'

Love this opening line and the way it's delivered. Peter Gabriel had a great way with mixing up mundane lyrical matter with grandiose musical themes.

Did anyone catch that BBC doco about Genesis a few months ago? Definitely changed my opinion on them (and Phil Collins, who comes across as a remarkably easy going and affable fella really).

Unheimlich Manouevre (dog latin), Wednesday, 4 March 2015 16:23 (eight years ago) link

everyone dissing this 12 years ago off the mark

akm, Wednesday, 4 March 2015 22:18 (eight years ago) link

It's actually "turn the television off", but yeah it's a great opening. Even more so the following bit that goes "Six saintly shrouded men move across the lawn slowly/The seventh walks in front with a cross held high in hand," which apparently was a vision seen by Gabriel and his wife late one night.

There's been some chatter about the doc on other Genesis threads, it was a pretty shoddy piece of work imo.

anthony braxton diamond geezer (anagram), Wednesday, 4 March 2015 23:22 (eight years ago) link

eight years pass...


MaresNest, Friday, 17 November 2023 23:52 (three weeks ago) link

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