The Boo Radleys, Classic or Dud?

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Personally I believe Martin Carr and Sice were a formidable team and made some of the most inteeligent indie-pop music of the last decade, but not many people my age (20) would agree, having only heard the famous pop sonmgs (It's Lulu, Wake Up Boo!, C'mon Kids etc.)... What do you lot reckon?

Oh Search and Destroy as well.

dog latin, Sunday, 22 April 2001 00:00 (twenty years ago) link

Ever since school days, the Boo Radleys have been trampling on their much more gifted contemporaries in a cynical bid for glory.

the pinefox, Sunday, 22 April 2001 00:00 (twenty years ago) link

Dud, I'm afraid. The Boos always struck me as a band who were lauded for using other people's good ideas to much less effect. Their attempts at "dub" and "house" were risible at best - the indiest of indie chancers desperately trying to appear eclectic. Never could stand 'em at all.

And is Sice the least charismatic rock frontperson ever?

Venga, Sunday, 22 April 2001 00:00 (twenty years ago) link

I remember listening to the Boo Radley's supposedly brilliant Giant Steps album and thinking it was surprisingly dull. Their commercially successful poppy stuff really ground my nads; however, I saw them live around the time of the "C'mon Kids" album and was really impressed, particularly when they weren't playing the poppy stuff. So maybe they deserve closer attention.

Dirty Vicar, Sunday, 22 April 2001 00:00 (twenty years ago) link

classic. a band that continuously reinvented itself, who after their greatest success went deliberately odd(that sounds familiar) and disappeared even though they made their best album. granted brave captain is an abomination but martin carr once was the prince of left- field pop, no one else of recent note has combined his eclecticism with an ear for perfect pop. also points for raising alan mcgee's ire.

keith, Sunday, 22 April 2001 00:00 (twenty years ago) link

Everything up to the release of 'Giant Steps' = classic. Everything from 'Giant Steps' onwards = dud. I'm particularly fond of 'Everything's Alright Forever' and an EP which came out on Rough Trade whose details I forget but which I think has a song called Bluebird on it.

alex thomson, Sunday, 22 April 2001 00:00 (twenty years ago) link

I only really liked Everything's Alright Forever. Toward the Light is a classic song.

james e l, Sunday, 22 April 2001 00:00 (twenty years ago) link

Absolute fookin CLASSIC mate, giant steps is *the* best album released on creation, period, and everythings alright forever isn't far behind. Although wake up and kingsize struggle with the "lets be a pop band"/"ok let's not" dicotomy they are still both pretty good. Currently the most underrated band of the 90s, i would've said.

carsmilesteve, Sunday, 22 April 2001 00:00 (twenty years ago) link

Oh, classic and a half and then some. Great band, very friendly too -- somewhere around here I have my interview with Tim and Rob on tape, and Sice and Martin were kind folks as well. All had dinner at a Thai restaurant, that was pretty cool.

As I see it, the very earliest stuff (even _Ichabod and I_) is quite good, but _Everything's Alright Forever_ was a low point, sorta there and no more outside of a couple of songs. But after "Lazarus," strength to strength from there on in. And the singles were all just packed with some amazing B-sides and remixes; I went ahead and made a grand four CDR comp out of them all, plus a lot of the random rarities.

Ned Raggett, Sunday, 22 April 2001 00:00 (twenty years ago) link

They made one almost-great album - Giant Steps, of course. Nice mix of pop, noise, and soundscaping, which 90% of the time works well. I lost interest for some reason after that, and so it's the only album of theirs I have. Funny how quickly they seem to have been forgotten about. C'mon Kids and Kingsize seem to be in every bargain bin - are they worth getting.

Dr. C, Sunday, 22 April 2001 00:00 (twenty years ago) link

DUD - terrible, gives me the creeps that anyone had any time for them, disliked them from Lazarus onwards

Geordie Racer, Sunday, 22 April 2001 00:00 (twenty years ago) link

C'mon Kids is certainly worth getting... Kingsize was likeable in a very sugary and innocent way... i never really got into it as much as their other stuff..

About the B-sides, I managed to get 2 extensive D90s of their excellent b-sides (which were often better than the rest of their material (seek: Blues for George Michael, Vegas, Sunfly II, Wallpaper, Almost Nearly There)... how in god's name did you get 4 CDs out of that? I thought i had almost all their rarities (then again i never included remixes or live edits - maybe i should)... I think the Boos were forgotten about because younger people (21 and under now) remember them as that band who did that Wake Up! song that used to play every morning before school and annoy them (actually, it was that song and Leaves & Sand that introduced me)... over 21s remember them as an excellent band who went pop and didn't do much after their Ride-era Everything's Alright Forever... Luckily, I never really gave up on them. I always thought the choice of A-Sides they brought out were abysmal though (Destroy: It's Lulu, Free Huey (ugh!), Barney & Me, What's In The Box) actually, I only bought the singles for the awesome b-sides where Martin Carr seemed to be able to do what the fuck he liked. I think they were a little scared of getting their experiments heard and so released their most straight-ahead tracks on single.

dog latin, Sunday, 22 April 2001 00:00 (twenty years ago) link

Dud. Typical press-band. Of course I got suckered into buying Giant Steps. It's not very good, somehow the ideas don't gel. Of course all bragging of being inspired by dub and Coltrane didn't help. My copy is resting in peace at the local record-exchange.

Omar, Monday, 23 April 2001 00:00 (twenty years ago) link

Classic, all the way. Got into them from Giant Steps onwards. On the surface Wake Up! was a glossy pop album if you listened to the singles but the album isn't as 'easy' as you would think and struck a nice balance between expirimentation and pure pop with the emphasis on the latter though. C'mon Kids is their best, I think (and Carr agrees) although it ruined their chart career I think they were happy about that. Put it on and turn it up loud.

Kingsize is good and their most straight forward album although Carr was pretty apathetic about the recording compared to the others.

Just heard Ichabod and I recently and was surprised how excellent it sounded, possibly even better than Everythings Alright Forever.

Martin Carrs new stuff as Brave Captain is also excellent and also really prolific, a mini album, an album, a 10" single and a cd single so far and the stuff is great. Good live too if you can catch them.

One of the best of the 90s.

Mark Smith, Monday, 23 April 2001 00:00 (twenty years ago) link

Classic again, though I daresay if I met the individuals involved it would take all of ten seconds for me to get into a stinkingly huge fight. Giant Steps has a fair claim on my top ten albums of the nineties and whilst Kingsixe and C'Mon Kids are pale shades of it they still can cut to the quick.

Shit - I even like Wake Up.

That said, their best track - Skywalker - was the free giveaway single on C'Mon Kids. Drum'n'bass scuzzed up rock. Made you kinda wish the rest of the album was that good. Oh yes, those were the days.

Pete, Monday, 23 April 2001 00:00 (twenty years ago) link

two years pass...

Search: Giant Steps, Everything's Alright Forver
Even the weakest disc (C'mon Kids, IMHO) is pretty damn OK. Destroy nothing but your preconceptions.

John Bullabaugh (John Bullabaugh), Thursday, 15 May 2003 00:24 (eighteen years ago) link

Classic-ish. Search Giant Steps, the Lazarus 12", C'Mon Kids and most of Wake Up! (leave It's Lulu and the other pop one that's not that one that everyone knows [that one that everyone knows actually being mighty fine]). Destroy almost all of Kingsize, unfortunately; totally the sound of a band at the end of their run, and they know it. Some good hooks and melodies and sounds hidden in there (the end of High As Monkeys is grebt but the beginning is shite), but they're just so hopelessly and forlornly out of puff and time that it's a miserable record.

Nick Southall (Nick Southall), Thursday, 15 May 2003 07:47 (eighteen years ago) link

never made a bad song. they did whatever they wanted to, not any commercial shit like some other bands. giant steps is a genius album, just like their other stuff. their b-sides are all brilliant. whoever said that kingsize is a terrible album is probably just like peter paphides from q magazine who listens to the albums with fast play once and that's it. kingsize is the best piece of music ever made believe me. sice is not the least charismatic, he's the coolest and eh... baldest vocalist ever. his voice is strong and clear - if the looks means everything to you go and buy the new britney spears album or something. his solo album first fruits is ace but oh so hard to find! martin carr is a genius songwriter and you should all go and buy his new album "advertisements for myself" right now. everyone who said "DUD" probably listen to travis or s club 7 or some other commercial crap.

search: everything the boo's ever made except for the weird remixes
destroy: nothing but your silly head Mr Dud!

Tommy BOO, Thursday, 15 May 2003 08:44 (eighteen years ago) link

Of all the super-soaraway bands that I adored beyond measure in my early-to-mid teens, the Boo Radleys are the ones that, um, I don't really find myself listening to very much these days. Giant Steps/Wake Up!/C'mon Kids all remain tremendous, with Kingsize scuttling quite closely behind - agree with Nick that the fantastic bits are all buried in quite a few less-fantastic bits, though I still think it's basically a fine record - but, i dunno, they're maybe not SHARP enough or CRISP enough for me anymore. Or something.

Have come to the sacrilicious conclusion that 1) Wake Up! is the best album, and 2) Wake Up Boo! is the best thing they ever did by a million silvery skyscraping miles. I like the Boo Radleys.

Alex in Rotherham (alexfack), Thursday, 15 May 2003 08:46 (eighteen years ago) link

ah, giant steps is a great album. surprisingly consistent, bearing in mind the amount of songs on it. i love "if you want it, take it", what a great pop song. and the feedback on "upon ninth and fairchild". haven't heard any of their other albums, the singles i've heard from them suggest that they're not worth getting.

weasel diesel (K1l14n), Thursday, 15 May 2003 10:24 (eighteen years ago) link

The only not-classical albums The Boo Radleys did are the ones before Giant Steps. Giant Steps/Wake up/C'mon kids/Kingsize are amongst the very few albums from the '90s that I still listen with the same pleasure. Great b-sides also (some of their best tunes were b-sides) and wonderfull art-covers (wich is much more important than haircut or charism).

Grumble, Thursday, 15 May 2003 10:52 (eighteen years ago) link

How dare you say that about "Everything's Alright Forever". It pisses on Wake Up.

Lynskey (Lynskey), Thursday, 15 May 2003 11:15 (eighteen years ago) link


electric sound of jim (electricsound), Thursday, 15 May 2003 11:16 (eighteen years ago) link


Wake Up! > Giant Steps > Everything's Alright Forever > Kingsize > Ichabod & I > C'Mon Kids

Singles Choices (Era):
Giant Steps > Everything's Alright Forever > Wake Up! > C'Mon Kids > Kingsize

B-Sides (Era):
Wake Up! > Everything's Alright Forever > Giant Steps > C'mon Kids > Kingsize

They followed their best album with their worst album and lost all their momentum. Hell, they lost all their momentum right after "Wake Up Boo!" by releasing "Find The Answer Within" as the 2nd single. They should have gone with "Reaching Out From Here", and then "Wilder". And yes, "Free Huey" is their worst single -- if not song -- ever.

Their B-sides were always hit and miss. Hell, the ones from Giant Steps could be squalling noise for 2 minutes and then jolt into something beautiful. If I can remember correctly, 3 years ago, I made 3 CDR's just from their B-sides myself. One is good b-sides, one is remixes, and one is crap b-sides. I'll have to go digging through some boxes later today.

All that said, I don't especially miss them. Hence the cdr's buried in boxes.

blutroniq (blutroniq), Thursday, 15 May 2003 16:03 (eighteen years ago) link

How dare you say that about "Free Huey". It pisses on "Reaching out from here".

Lynskey (Lynskey), Thursday, 15 May 2003 16:06 (eighteen years ago) link

*picks up guitar and strums "Lazy Day"*

Lynskey (Lynskey), Thursday, 15 May 2003 16:06 (eighteen years ago) link

Free Huey's lameass beat brings back memories of C+C Music Factory from about 1991.

blutroniq (blutroniq), Thursday, 15 May 2003 16:08 (eighteen years ago) link

Giant Steps - Classic
Wake Up - Classic
C'mon Kids - Classic
Kingsize - Classic

One of the best bands ever - as well as the above there are loads of ace b-sides and other stuff.

Love 'em to bits and always will. BOO Forever people.

Bev#, Thursday, 15 May 2003 16:56 (eighteen years ago) link

yes "free huey" killed the boos. Nice to see this thread revived

dog latin (dog latin), Thursday, 15 May 2003 17:13 (eighteen years ago) link

Even when I'm with my Boo, you know I'm crazy over you!

Kelly, Thursday, 15 May 2003 17:15 (eighteen years ago) link

Free Huey's lameass beat brings back memories of C+C Music Factory from about 1991.

And your problem is?

Lynskey (Lynskey), Thursday, 15 May 2003 17:16 (eighteen years ago) link

Went home at lunchtime and pulled my CDR "BooBest" comp that I made a few years ago. Here's the tracklist:

1. Martin, Doom! It's Seven O'Clock
2. I Hang Suspended
3. What's In The Box (See Whatcha Got)
4. Take The Time Around
5. Almost Nearly There
6. Wake Up Boo!
7. There She Goes
8. Lazy Day
9. Zoom
10. Hold On Brother
11. Ride The Tiger
12. Skyscraper
13. Stuck On Amber
14. Does This Hurt?
15. Memory Babe
16. Wish I Was Skinny
17. Reaching Out From Here
18. Kingsize
19. Wilder

Feel free to rant or rave over my choices.

Forgot all about a few of these tracks, like "Hold On Brother" which is from the War Child comp, "There She Goes" from the So I Married An Axe Murderer OST, and "Almost Nearly There" which is a "From the Bench of Belvidere" B-side

blutroniq (blutroniq), Thursday, 15 May 2003 19:01 (eighteen years ago) link

any boos best of without "if you want it, take it" does not get my seal of approval ;-)

weasel diesel (K1l14n), Thursday, 15 May 2003 22:51 (eighteen years ago) link

wilder? what is the appeal of that piece of crap? when i heard it i though ' gee what an anti-climactic way to end a great album'.

keith (keithmcl), Friday, 16 May 2003 00:18 (eighteen years ago) link

I've heard them on several occassions and found them to be really weak and unsatisfying. Classic example of really wanting to like a band but not being able to. I don't know exactly what it is, they simply never made a spark for me. Maybe I need to give them another chance.

Clarke B., Friday, 16 May 2003 02:18 (eighteen years ago) link

Their cover of Zoom is ace, as is Almost Nearly There. Wasn't too mad on Oh, Brother, What's In The Box or Wish I Was Skinny for some reason. Thought they were too straightforward for me.

dog latin (dog latin), Thursday, 22 May 2003 23:43 (eighteen years ago) link

I played all the albums again after reading this thread and came to the slightly unexpected conclusion that I actually like Kingsize best of them all - if they lopped The Future Is Now off the end and maybe Monuments For A Dead Century, it'd be 100% glorious streamlined pristine pop thing which adds weight to the "pastiche-is-NOT-a-dirty-word" argument.

I love the Boo Radleys again, now. Hurrah!

Alex in Rotherham (Alex in Doncaster), Friday, 23 May 2003 08:41 (eighteen years ago) link

one month passes...
I have just bought Kingsize and on first listen, what strikes me is that
"Kingsize", the track, borrows from Sheena Easton's James Bond theme song, "For your eyes only". Does anyone else hear the 007/Bill "Rocky" Conti influence?


paul c, Monday, 23 June 2003 17:01 (eighteen years ago) link

Everything's Alright Forever arrived this morning. I'm about to dive in.

Nick Southall (Nick Southall), Monday, 23 June 2003 17:09 (eighteen years ago) link

Ha, I changed my earlier opinion. Bought Everything's Alright Forever used and am really enjoying it... I must've heard some of their later stuff or something.

Clarke B., Tuesday, 24 June 2003 05:42 (eighteen years ago) link

I just got "Giant Steps" back from my sister after she borrowed it for months on end, and after listening to it again I have solidyfied my theory that it is the greatest album ever.

dog latin (dog latin), Tuesday, 24 June 2003 09:20 (eighteen years ago) link

Damn, I need to get Everything's Alright Forever. Especially considering that the excessive repeated play of one of the songs on it gave rise to the term "Carolanning".

Search: Boo Faith and the early EPs compilation
Destroy: everything post Giant Steps

kate (kate), Tuesday, 24 June 2003 09:23 (eighteen years ago) link

Here's one on vinyl, kate.

Nick Southall (Nick Southall), Tuesday, 24 June 2003 09:29 (eighteen years ago) link

Thanks but I've not got a record player any more!

kate (kate), Tuesday, 24 June 2003 09:30 (eighteen years ago) link

Oh well.

Nick Southall (Nick Southall), Tuesday, 24 June 2003 09:32 (eighteen years ago) link

sucks to be you. even the big box stores here in american suburbs have 'em for about $100.

Kingfish (Kingfish), Tuesday, 24 June 2003 13:06 (eighteen years ago) link

Aren't they one of those groups whose album covers got increasingly hideous as their music got increasingly lame?

Clarke B. (stolenbus), Tuesday, 24 June 2003 17:00 (eighteen years ago) link

Hey, you're mean.

Ned Raggett (Ned), Tuesday, 24 June 2003 17:15 (eighteen years ago) link

B-b-but Ned I said I really liked EAF! And I'll buy Giant Steps too and the early EPs as soon as I find 'em!

Clarke B. (stolenbus), Tuesday, 24 June 2003 17:44 (eighteen years ago) link

Rah. :-) Let me know if there's anything you can't dig up.

Ned Raggett (Ned), Tuesday, 24 June 2003 17:58 (eighteen years ago) link

Meanwhile, in a bedsit flat on Huskisson Street, Liverpool 8, circa '92/'93...

— Stephen A. Wood (@stephen_a_wood) May 28, 2020

koogs, Friday, 29 May 2020 01:19 (one year ago) link

You can see from the top that it's just one of those paper lamp shades with photocopies stick on it, but it did the job.

koogs, Friday, 29 May 2020 01:21 (one year ago) link

oh wow, nice. thanks for posting this.

Bee OK, Friday, 29 May 2020 01:32 (one year ago) link

Who else listened in / tweeted last night? I found Martin and Sice very good at it (though Martin's self-deprecation bordered on OTT self-criticism at times). I like (well, not sure if that's the right word) the fact that neither of them like the one I don't like either ('Spun Around').

The Rampaging Goats of Llandudno (Nasty, Brutish & Short), Friday, 29 May 2020 19:33 (one year ago) link

I'm sad i missed this although people were saying that Martin wasn't really acknowledging Sice too much, despite a number of olive branches being extended. not sure how much to read into it though

doorstep jetski (dog latin), Friday, 29 May 2020 19:44 (one year ago) link

I wouldn't have said that was true. Have a read through of it.

The Rampaging Goats of Llandudno (Nasty, Brutish & Short), Friday, 29 May 2020 19:47 (one year ago) link

there was a point where I loved Spun Around. Cut from the same cloth as Upon 9th and Fairchild. I've come to find that the more enduring moments in their catalogue are the darker, more psychedelic songs for me. It's straight-up twee fare like Barney which I never got on with

doorstep jetski (dog latin), Friday, 29 May 2020 19:48 (one year ago) link

xp I will. I'm not very good at navigating twitter tho

doorstep jetski (dog latin), Friday, 29 May 2020 19:49 (one year ago) link

Actually, I've been back through it and he doesn't say much about Sice. There was this:

I always loved playing this live.

Poor Sice, having to sing drivel like this.

— Martin Carr (@martin_carr) May 28, 2020

The Rampaging Goats of Llandudno (Nasty, Brutish & Short), Friday, 29 May 2020 20:00 (one year ago) link

I read Martins tweets, I didn't see Sice's

Mark G, Saturday, 30 May 2020 07:43 (one year ago) link

one year passes...


— The Boo Radleys (@theboo_radleys) July 4, 2021

Could Martin be on board for this?

PaulTMA, Sunday, 4 July 2021 19:44 (two months ago) link

For what?

Nasty, Brutish & Short, Sunday, 4 July 2021 20:08 (two months ago) link

There was some press about the other three being in the studio together, plus they were due to play some gigs as Sice Boo & The Radleys. This appears to be hinting at something happening under the actual name of The Boo Radleys, which you'd assume would need to include Martin, who has appeared quite reluctant to reform the band. If this is an actual reunion, I wouldn't expect them to use the name if Martin wasn't involved.

PaulTMA, Sunday, 4 July 2021 23:12 (two months ago) link

Cautiously optimistic. What's w/ the accounts they're following? Maybe just trying to gin up some Britpop nostalgia once the news breaks?

afriendlypioneer, Wednesday, 7 July 2021 15:30 (two months ago) link

A new single. Tune into @steve_lamacq on @BBC6Music this afternoon to hear it first.

— The Boo Radleys (@theboo_radleys) July 7, 2021

afriendlypioneer, Wednesday, 7 July 2021 16:48 (two months ago) link

I missed it, but I think the show'll be up soon.

#Firstplay: "A Full Syringe And Memories Of You" by The Boo Radleys on BBC Radio 6 Music

afriendlypioneer, Wednesday, 7 July 2021 16:49 (two months ago) link

Uploaded May 4th (lol). I guess the hardcore fans disappeared.

afriendlypioneer, Wednesday, 7 July 2021 16:52 (two months ago) link

Meant to link that.

afriendlypioneer, Wednesday, 7 July 2021 16:53 (two months ago) link

according to their fb martin isn't involved, it's just the other three lol

ufo, Wednesday, 7 July 2021 17:03 (two months ago) link

Ugh. Yuck. I dunno about that.

afriendlypioneer, Wednesday, 7 July 2021 17:04 (two months ago) link

Well, if it's tomorrow for any of you, check out the song and report back... please? The little horn sample's got me thinking it's not gonna go well.

afriendlypioneer, Wednesday, 7 July 2021 17:07 (two months ago) link


imago, Wednesday, 7 July 2021 17:45 (two months ago) link

Oh, well, that link is old and someone upthread already mentioned Sice & Boos. But clearly Martin's not joining.

afriendlypioneer, Wednesday, 7 July 2021 17:50 (two months ago) link

Song's at about 40 minutes if you're feeling curious...

afriendlypioneer, Wednesday, 7 July 2021 19:13 (two months ago) link

I don't hate it. But kinda amazed they're using the Boos name. When I saw the 'Sice Boo & The Radleys' listing I thought fair enough, makes it clear that it's not going to be the full band

PaulTMA, Wednesday, 7 July 2021 20:36 (two months ago) link

Could be much worse, but it’s not the same band.

afriendlypioneer, Wednesday, 7 July 2021 22:17 (two months ago) link

oh wow, no matter what i am excited about this. with or without Martin. can't seem to listen to this in the states as of yet.

Bee OK, Thursday, 8 July 2021 01:21 (two months ago) link

the sounds link should work, it's not geoblocked

koogs, Thursday, 8 July 2021 04:38 (two months ago) link

Agreed that I am interested even without Martin's participation, but it does feel disingenuous to call it the Boo Radleys (maybe Ruse Badlys?).
I didn't realize Martin wasn't involved when I first heard the new track and though it is a bit slight and straight forward, I didn't guess it either. Decent melodies and Sice's vocals sound better (smoother, younger maybe) than I expected. Honestly, it could easily slot on Kingsize or Martin's recent records for that matter. At least as good as any Eggman tracks that I can remember.

bressonian, Thursday, 8 July 2021 04:41 (two months ago) link

Mixing is a bit weak and demoey, but yeah it's not a world away from Kingsize

PaulTMA, Thursday, 8 July 2021 08:12 (two months ago) link

I assume Martin's OK with all this...

Mark G, Thursday, 8 July 2021 08:28 (two months ago) link

yeah, a bit like when Crabbie got the all clear to continue to use PWEI.

mark e, Thursday, 8 July 2021 09:28 (two months ago) link

If this is the only means of seeing them live (never did back in the day) and Martin has firmly said he'll never do it then I'll take it, to be honest. It is disappointing as a reunion of the proper lineup with them getting their dues was something I'd always hoped for

PaulTMA, Thursday, 8 July 2021 09:41 (two months ago) link

Well this sounds.... like the Boo Radleys, as in it could easily have been lifted from a Kingsize session and it's giving me the same goose pimples I haven't had since I was eighteen and bought my last new Boos release. Whether I can love it in the same way with 23 year's hindsight is another matter.

Urbandn hope all ye who enter here (dog latin), Thursday, 8 July 2021 10:15 (two months ago) link

Those brass announcements are pure Lazarus rebooted. There's something ever so slightly ploddy about the drums in certain parts and it's missing the more leftfield experimentation I like about them. But it's good, I like it well enough!

Urbandn hope all ye who enter here (dog latin), Thursday, 8 July 2021 10:17 (two months ago) link

> There's something ever so slightly ploddy about the drums in certain parts

it's the original drummer by the look. and personally i was hoping for something more like ichabod and less like newer boos.

koogs, Thursday, 8 July 2021 10:24 (two months ago) link

just received the PR for this release.

"The four members, including influential guitarist and songwriter, Martin Carr, retreated from life as The Boo Radleys shortly after the release of sixth album, Kingsize.

Having been largely out of contact since the end of the sessions for that final album, all members of The Boo Radleys have come together in recent years to discuss future plans. As a result, The Boo Radleys in 2021 are Tim Brown (bass/guitar/keyboards), Sice (guitar/vocals) and Rob Cieka (drums). Martin Carr does not appear in the current line-up.

mark e, Thursday, 8 July 2021 11:44 (two months ago) link

Sice is a psychotherapist last I heard.

piscesx, Thursday, 8 July 2021 11:51 (two months ago) link

four weeks pass...

Why did you want to reform the Boo Radleys?

Sice: Nobody had the idea to reform the group. It is something that has evolved naturally. I invited Tim to attend my 50th birthday party. While exchanging, we found that neither of us had made music for years. We said to each other: why not get back together? We started sending each other files to exchange ideas. Very quickly, Rob joined us. At no time did we find ourselves in the same room. Everything was done remotely. Without really noticing it, we have accumulated a good stock of songs. All were finalized.

Did you hesitate before thinking about making them public?

Sice: Honestly, yes. We didn't really know what to do with it. Only one thing was clear in our mind, we didn't want to release them as The Boo Radleys. The first idea that sprouted was to give a few concerts. We have planned dates under the name of Sice Boo & The Radleys. We had other ideas for names that were just as crazy (laughs). With the containment, we had to cancel them.

Why did you change your mind about the name of the group?

Sice: I went to visit Martin Carr (former guitarist and composer of the group, editor's note ) in Wales for a day. I asked him if he wanted to join the group. He was honest and preferred to decline. He has other plans in mind at the moment. On the other hand, he told me that it was useless to play under another name. He was the one who urged me to use the Boo Radleys name again.

PaulTMA, Saturday, 7 August 2021 12:59 (one month ago) link

Well, fair enough then.

Mark G, Saturday, 7 August 2021 21:55 (one month ago) link

Yeah can’t argue.

piscesx, Sunday, 8 August 2021 12:58 (one month ago) link

one month passes...

EP is up on Spotify. I would say it's largely unmemorable. I don't mind "Life Is Getting Better" but other than that it's just whatever

Urbandn hope all ye who enter here (dog latin), Friday, 10 September 2021 09:42 (one week ago) link

I think the songs are OK, but the mixing and vocal processing are really poor. Title song is genuinely great though

PaulTMA, Friday, 10 September 2021 10:00 (one week ago) link

They got out the gate wrong with the artwork and song title. They have the definite stench of a failed project.

afriendlypioneer, Friday, 10 September 2021 17:23 (one week ago) link

Weird, ugly font. What’s that mannequin doing on there? Overwrought, over-serious title. I dunno. Just felt like a flop before I even heard Martin was out.

afriendlypioneer, Friday, 10 September 2021 17:24 (one week ago) link

Cover looks like a sub-C'mon Kids idea

I'm hoping the shows will at least be fun

PaulTMA, Friday, 10 September 2021 18:28 (one week ago) link

Don't mind the cover; it's got a sort of Blade Runner vibe to it, but the title is really clunky and I'm surprised they didn't just call it 'Syringe" or "Memories of You"

Urbandn hope all ye who enter here (dog latin), Friday, 10 September 2021 18:31 (one week ago) link

Despite the weird sound, I've played the title song to death. Musically it's a great impression of the Kingsize era, even if the other songs don't come close

PaulTMA, Friday, 10 September 2021 18:32 (one week ago) link

Yeah I thought the title song wasn't bad at all. A few hallmarks that date it quite badly (like the middle-eighth sung down the telephone part), and the Lazarus brass which seems like a cop out, but hey it's okay

Urbandn hope all ye who enter here (dog latin), Friday, 10 September 2021 18:42 (one week ago) link

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