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I'm making a collection of songs inspired by the Bo Diddley beat, which is arguably one of the most infectious and well-known rhythms in rock music.

Here's what I've compilled so far:

Elvis Presley - "His Latest Flame"
Bruce Springsteen - "She's The One"
U2 - "Desire"
Stevie Ray Vaughan - "Willie the Wimp"
The Smiths - "How Soon Is Now?"
Roxette - "Harleys And Indians (Riders In The Sky)"
Dee Clark - "Hey Little Girl"
Johnny Otis - "Willie and the Hand Jive"
George Michael - "Faith"
Normaal - "Kearl van Stoahl"
Elton John - "Billy Bones And The White Bird"
The Strangeloves - "I Want Candy"
Ace Frehley - "New York Groove"
KT Tunstall - "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree"
Primal Scream - "Movin' on Up"
The Who - "Magic Bus"
David Bowie - "Panic in Detroit"
The Pretenders - "Cuban Slide"
The Police - "Deathwish"
Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - "The Game of Love"
The Supremes - "When the Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes"
Jefferson Airplane - "She Has Funny Cars"
The Beatles - "She's a Woman"
The White Stripes - "Screwdriver"
The Byrds - "Don't Doubt Yourself, Babe"
Tiny Letters - "Song For Jerome Green"
The Stooges - "1969"
Guns N' Roses - "Mr Brownstone"
Buddy Holly - "Not Fade Away"
Jimmy Ray - "Are you Jimmy Ray?"
Megapuss - "A gun on his hip and a rose on his chest"

Anyone know some more?

Moka, Wednesday, 5 November 2008 23:04 (thirteen years ago) link

David Bowie - "Jean Genie"

snoball, Wednesday, 5 November 2008 23:09 (thirteen years ago) link

JAMC - "Bo Diddley is Jesus"
Gun Club - "Walkin with the Beast"

The Vamps of '28 (unregistered), Wednesday, 5 November 2008 23:12 (thirteen years ago) link

David Bowie - "Jean Genie"

― snoball, miércoles 5 de noviembre de 2008 23:09 (10 minutes ago)

No... well, not quite. It does have an almost exact riffing as "Blockbuster" by The Sweet.

Moka, Wednesday, 5 November 2008 23:24 (thirteen years ago) link

Here's Panic in Detroit by Bowie. This one is definitely influenced by the Bo Diddley beat:

Moka, Wednesday, 5 November 2008 23:25 (thirteen years ago) link

And here's the original in case you've never heard it before.

Moka, Wednesday, 5 November 2008 23:28 (thirteen years ago) link

Diceman by The Fall.

And lots of other Fall tracks that I can't quite remember at this moment.

Sven Hassel Schmuck, Wednesday, 5 November 2008 23:41 (thirteen years ago) link

Compiled this list the day he died, though I missed thousands, obviously (the one I noticed most recently was "Chip N Tony," off the new Alejandro Escovedo album):

Ben Ratliff did a list for the NY Times here:

xhuxk, Thursday, 6 November 2008 13:45 (thirteen years ago) link

About half the Gories catalogue, including some great cover versions i.e. "Hey Crawdaddy"

Tracer Hand, Thursday, 6 November 2008 14:15 (thirteen years ago) link

Sexton Ming - You Can't Polish A Turd

NickB, Thursday, 6 November 2008 14:21 (thirteen years ago) link

I started a thread called "Best Song with the Bo Diddley Beat (that wasn't by Bo Diddley)" last year, but I can't find it, so it must have been on the Sandbox.

Rock Hardy, Thursday, 6 November 2008 14:26 (thirteen years ago) link

Yeah, remember that one.

Mark G, Thursday, 6 November 2008 14:28 (thirteen years ago) link

James Brown, "Get It Together"

Sara Sara Sara, Thursday, 6 November 2008 14:32 (thirteen years ago) link

Rolling Stones - "Mona"

Tracer Hand, Thursday, 6 November 2008 15:04 (thirteen years ago) link

(that's a cover tho)

Tracer Hand, Thursday, 6 November 2008 15:05 (thirteen years ago) link

"Sudden Organ" - Yo La Tengo. It was basically the reason I started that thread last year, so great.

Rock Hardy, Thursday, 6 November 2008 15:10 (thirteen years ago) link

Oh FUCK yeah. One of the greatest live music experiences I ever had was watching "Sudden Organ" rise out of the mists of the "Out the Window" breakdown/freakout.

Sara Sara Sara, Thursday, 6 November 2008 15:20 (thirteen years ago) link

Bohannon, "Disco Stomp"

Belle Epoque, "Miss Broadway"

xhuxk, Thursday, 6 November 2008 15:24 (thirteen years ago) link

Love, Bummer in the Summer

... part of

Ich Ber ein Binliner (Tom D.), Thursday, 6 November 2008 15:27 (thirteen years ago) link

Mona by Craig Mclaughlan and Check-1-2.

Sven Hassel Schmuck, Thursday, 6 November 2008 16:15 (thirteen years ago) link

The BDB is all over the new album by the Pretenders, Break Up the Concrete

mottdeterre, Thursday, 6 November 2008 17:36 (thirteen years ago) link

Thomas Dolby, Europa and the Pirate Twins (also its not-so-geat "sequel" Eastern Bloc)

Paul in Santa Cruz, Thursday, 6 November 2008 17:39 (thirteen years ago) link

Yardbirds-Honey In Your Hips

The Wild Shirtless Lyrics of Mark Farner (C. Grisso/McCain), Thursday, 6 November 2008 17:54 (thirteen years ago) link

New York Dolls, "Trash"
Them, "Mystic Eyes"
Pretty Things, "Rosalyn"
The Clash, "Rudie Can't Fail"
Elvis Costello, "Lover's Walk"

Myonga Vön Bontee, Thursday, 6 November 2008 21:05 (thirteen years ago) link

They all say that.

Rock Hardy, Thursday, 6 November 2008 22:40 (thirteen years ago) link

one month passes...

Rahid Taha - "Kelma"

xhuxk, Thursday, 11 December 2008 14:29 (thirteen years ago) link

Aw, can't see it.

monkey bonkers (╓abies), Thursday, 11 December 2008 14:34 (thirteen years ago) link

I found it and that is the biggest sounding drum in the world.

monkey bonkers (╓abies), Thursday, 11 December 2008 14:36 (thirteen years ago) link

The Cure - Close To Me

nate woolls, Thursday, 11 December 2008 14:46 (thirteen years ago) link

Yeah, "Faith" always seemed to me like what would have happened if some film producers played "Close to Me" for Kenny Loggins and asked him to replicate it.

If Timi Yuro would be still alive, most other singers could shut up, Thursday, 11 December 2008 15:13 (thirteen years ago) link

three years pass...

Robert Wyatt -- "Heaps of Sheep"

Naive Teen Idol, Friday, 13 July 2012 13:23 (nine years ago) link

Loads of QMS especially in their punkier '68 era.

Several bits of The Moodists one of my alltime favourite OZ bands.

Saw that somebody had mentioned Walkin with The beast by the Gun Club, though I think I may prefer the earlier Ward Dotson version.

Is Tombstone Blues a Bo beat?

wish I could find my Raven compi of the funk Bo era.

Stevolende, Friday, 13 July 2012 18:49 (nine years ago) link

The Chocolate Watchband - Gone and Passes By

3×5, Saturday, 14 July 2012 03:22 (nine years ago) link

That Rachid Taha joint is immense. I'm suddenly fantasizing a club were beats are more organic like this one and less guetta.

Moka, Saturday, 14 July 2012 03:29 (nine years ago) link

Seeing as "I Want Candy" is on here, you can add Husker Du's "Hare Krsna."

clemenza, Saturday, 14 July 2012 03:36 (nine years ago) link

Vivian Stanshall's "Labio-Dental Fricative" has a Bo Diddley vibe to it.

My Elusive Memes (James Redd and the Blecchs), Sunday, 22 July 2012 00:26 (nine years ago) link

Around 1:16, one of the more fascinating interpretations of the Bo Diddley beat:

Sun? Sun? It's your cousin, Marvin Ra (Tarfumes The Escape Goat), Monday, 23 July 2012 01:23 (nine years ago) link

deadly snakes, 'talkin' down' from their album i'm not your soldier anymore

omar little, Monday, 23 July 2012 01:30 (nine years ago) link

The Exciters - Something to Shout About

Eyeball Kicks, Wednesday, 25 July 2012 12:13 (nine years ago) link

mod night at the oasis (NickB), Wednesday, 25 July 2012 12:17 (nine years ago) link

ten months pass...

fact checking cuz, Tuesday, 11 June 2013 18:34 (eight years ago) link

^ feels a bit like discovering paedo porn

Eyeball Kicks, Tuesday, 11 June 2013 20:55 (eight years ago) link

HOLY fucking Fuck - that James Brown clip. whew.......

m0stlyClean, Tuesday, 11 June 2013 21:34 (eight years ago) link

two months pass...

ornette coleman - "voice poetry"

fact checking cuz, Monday, 12 August 2013 17:20 (eight years ago) link

Matias Aguayo - Bo Jack

TracerHandVEVO (Tracer Hand), Monday, 12 August 2013 17:22 (eight years ago) link

that's fantastic.

fact checking cuz, Monday, 12 August 2013 17:29 (eight years ago) link

not really hearing the bo diddley beat, but cool track

HOOS next aka won't get steened again (Hurting 2), Monday, 12 August 2013 17:36 (eight years ago) link

oh, and (self promotion alert) i've posted this elsewhere on ILM, but never here. this is me:

fact checking cuz, Monday, 12 August 2013 17:44 (eight years ago) link

not really hearing the bo diddley beat, but cool track

That's pure Bo Diddley. Jump to 1:30 or something and you can't miss it. And yeah, cool track.

Eyeball Kicks, Monday, 12 August 2013 18:03 (eight years ago) link

the vocal version makes it a bit more obvious:

TracerHandVEVO (Tracer Hand), Tuesday, 13 August 2013 10:07 (eight years ago) link

Another good minimalist take, Deadbeat - "Horns of Jericho"

bendy, Tuesday, 13 August 2013 11:10 (eight years ago) link

Ahh, I think I couldn't really make out the bass thump the first time, low volume on crap office speakers

HOOS next aka won't get steened again (Hurting 2), Tuesday, 13 August 2013 13:37 (eight years ago) link

Waylon Jennings - "Clyde"

timellison, Thursday, 15 August 2013 01:39 (eight years ago) link

nine months pass...

One I noticed today:

Beck - Black Tambourine

Moka, Wednesday, 11 June 2014 07:50 (seven years ago) link

six years pass...

Can, "I Want More"
Eno, "Blank Frank"

Waterloo Subset (Tom D.), Thursday, 11 February 2021 18:38 (one year ago) link

bowie 'sound + vision'
chic 'can't stand to love you'
cocteau twins 'squeeze-wax'
depeche mode 'flexible'

mookieproof, Thursday, 11 February 2021 23:32 (one year ago) link

seven months pass...

bobbie gentry 'reunion'

mookieproof, Tuesday, 14 September 2021 02:06 (eight months ago) link

five months pass... Rinder and Lewis cover of the Johnny Otis is pretty amazing.

Also found on a mix called Live Mixx made by Eye from Boredoms' (as DJ Chaos), in one of the best sequences there:

fpsa, Friday, 25 February 2022 21:26 (two months ago) link

I love that cover

brimstead, Friday, 25 February 2022 22:00 (two months ago) link

two months pass...

mookieproof, Monday, 9 May 2022 00:41 (one week ago) link

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