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wanko ergo sum, Thursday, 21 August 2008 18:43 (eleven years ago) link


Catsupppppppppppppp dude 茄蕃, Thursday, 21 August 2008 18:44 (eleven years ago) link

blonde redhead

M@tt He1ges0n, Thursday, 21 August 2008 18:46 (eleven years ago) link

two bands that sound nothing alike but feature asians?

cutty, Thursday, 21 August 2008 18:46 (eleven years ago) link

aren't they both New York?

wanko ergo sum, Thursday, 21 August 2008 18:48 (eleven years ago) link

and are they not both Indie?

wanko ergo sum, Thursday, 21 August 2008 18:48 (eleven years ago) link

yeah and a thousand other bands from 1994.

cutty, Thursday, 21 August 2008 18:49 (eleven years ago) link

Go easy, I'm just Charlie Howard's sockpuppet

wanko ergo sum, Thursday, 21 August 2008 18:50 (eleven years ago) link

versus was a lot more pop-minded than blonde redhead, who came from more of the fractured-art-noise angle

cutty, Thursday, 21 August 2008 18:52 (eleven years ago) link

BR keeps coming out with new shit and I couldn't give a fuck. But I'd buy a new Versus record.

My favorite Versus song is "Crazy" from the Dead Leaves comp.

wanko ergo sum, Thursday, 21 August 2008 18:56 (eleven years ago) link

versus never really hooked me, i know friends were into them but it was always meh.

BH on the other hand have never made a bad record and have a few masterpieces under their belt.

goole, Thursday, 21 August 2008 19:10 (eleven years ago) link

blonde redhead

Herman G. Neuname, Thursday, 21 August 2008 19:15 (eleven years ago) link

versus were at one point my favourite band ever. at their peak they were incredible. i need to hear the stars are insane right now...

BR have their excellent moments but don't come close

electricsound, Thursday, 21 August 2008 23:29 (eleven years ago) link

haha Blonde redHead apparently is the band i like

goole, Friday, 22 August 2008 00:08 (eleven years ago) link

I feel very literal saying this, but have always felt that plodding drums held Versus back. A lot.

Blonde Redhead win on the basis of Fake Can Be... and then all the competent albums that followed. "Symphony of Treble" being one of the better noise/guitar songs I know.

dlp9001, Friday, 22 August 2008 00:26 (eleven years ago) link

blonde redhead

I know, right?, Friday, 22 August 2008 00:27 (eleven years ago) link

Versus first EP Let's Electrify was really good and I liked some other tracks, but the thing I liked was that occasionally their guitars would go 'boom' and later on that wasn't apart of their sound at all. I got that EP seeing them live first.

I never really dug what I heard by Blonde Redhead, which was stuff from a couple of their first discs, so I never bought one of their CDs.

earlnash, Friday, 22 August 2008 05:35 (eleven years ago) link


Stars Are Insane-
Secret Swingers - all great

It's not that I don't like BR- I have three albums of theirs and they're kind of OK, which sums this dull post up.

Versus live were memorable. Saw them at Night and Day? in Manchester, god knows when. Had a crush on Fontaine Toups

Plus Minus not bad pop pickers

Fer Ark, Friday, 22 August 2008 18:32 (eleven years ago) link

Blonde Redhead all the way,

stephen, Saturday, 23 August 2008 07:37 (eleven years ago) link

one year passes...

Hmmm, I still like BR better, but have to say that Versus' cover of the Kinks "Shangri La" turns out to be pretty great (although it is one of the greatest songs ever written, so as long as you don't do anything stupid, a cover of it ought to be great).

They actually do do something stupid too: singing one of the most English songs ever written, mostly in a faux Davies accent, but for some reason it's la-va-tor-ies, instead of lavat'ries. Once the loud guitars come in on the first chorus, everything is ok.

dlp9001, Thursday, 5 November 2009 18:59 (ten years ago) link

I really like that Versus song "Blade of Grass." I think it was the first request I phoned in to a college radio station.

Trip Maker, Thursday, 5 November 2009 20:06 (ten years ago) link

Concur with electricsound and the notion that everything through "Secret Swingers" is great. "Lose That Dress" is a fave. The later albums have their high points but aren't as consistent.

I followed all the side projects - Containe and Plus Minus were/are the best. I was vaguely disappointed by the Fontaine Toups album, Pacific Ocean is nice but generic indie rock, and Whysall Lane is kinda like another Versus album, which is good.

Hey, they didn't name themselves after a Mission Of Burma album for nothing!

Gerald McBoing-Boing, Thursday, 5 November 2009 20:42 (ten years ago) link

i think i kinda like two cents best of all - although i get a kick out of listening to all their stuff, it's that one that satisfies most.

need to hear the whysall lane album... kinda agree on pacific ocean though they have a couple of absolute killer songs amongst the generic stuff

quaq quao, sweetie (electricsound), Thursday, 5 November 2009 22:31 (ten years ago) link

I've never knowingly heard either of these bands. Blonde Redhead naming themselves after a DNA song enraged me for reasons I don't honestly understand or take seriously. Only vaguely aware of Versus.

the jun togawa of farting (╓abies), Thursday, 5 November 2009 23:27 (ten years ago) link

nine years pass...

Versus has their first album in 9 years ready. First couple of songs are great! Here's one of them:

Josh in Chicago, Friday, 12 July 2019 02:52 (five months ago) link

The new EP is great, the best thing they've done in eons. The last album in 2010 was ok but forgettable, this new one could be a real late period surprise.

Gerald McBoing-Boing, Friday, 12 July 2019 03:00 (five months ago) link

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