POLL: The second best track on Signals by Rush

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Because we all know what would win the best track poll.
I'm going with "Analog Kid", though "Countdown" is also quite good. "New World Man" broke the Top 40, if I recall (perhaps the only Rush song to ever do so?)

Poll Results

Subdivisions 10
New World Man 5
The Analog Kid 3
The Weapon 1
Losing It 1
Chemistry 0
Digital Man 0

Joe, Tuesday, 6 November 2007 20:58 (fourteen years ago) link

Voting for "Countdown"

Elvis Telecom, Tuesday, 6 November 2007 21:09 (fourteen years ago) link

Wait - I honestly don't know what would win. "Subdivisions?"

Kevin John Bozelka, Tuesday, 6 November 2007 21:29 (fourteen years ago) link




gff, Tuesday, 6 November 2007 21:48 (fourteen years ago) link



gff, Tuesday, 6 November 2007 21:49 (fourteen years ago) link

I'm using my powers of persuasion to push forth "The Weapon."

smurfherder, Tuesday, 6 November 2007 22:26 (fourteen years ago) link

wait so we're not supposed to vote for subdivisions even though its an option?

also Power Windows stomps all over this album in the 80s synthrock Rush category

ciderpress, Tuesday, 6 November 2007 22:45 (fourteen years ago) link

C'mon -- how could it really be anything other than "Subdivisions"?

Alex in NYC, Tuesday, 6 November 2007 22:59 (fourteen years ago) link

"Analog Kid" with the bouncy synthpop of "The Weapon" coming in a close third. But w/ respect to the former, the "You move me, you move me..." chorus is far more appealing than any Rush track has a right to be.

Naive Teen Idol, Wednesday, 7 November 2007 00:06 (fourteen years ago) link

wait so we're not supposed to vote for subdivisions even though its an option?

No, you can vote for "Subdivisions" if you truly think it's the second best track on the album.

Joe, Wednesday, 7 November 2007 04:00 (fourteen years ago) link

I need to pull this out. The last 2 tracks are fantastic as I recall. I'm leaning towards "Losing It."

Sundar, Wednesday, 7 November 2007 04:27 (fourteen years ago) link

I voted for "Subdivisions" because I think "Analog Kid" is the best one on here, but it's a pretty tough choice, the whole album is a stone-cold classic.

I basically think every single track they recorded from Permanent Waves through Power Windows is perfect though, so maybe I'm just a nut...

Moodles, Wednesday, 7 November 2007 05:32 (fourteen years ago) link

you're not a nut! though i don't like the second side of grace under pressure that much

ciderpress, Wednesday, 7 November 2007 06:00 (fourteen years ago) link

Automatic thread bump. This poll is closing tomorrow.

ILX System, Saturday, 10 November 2007 00:01 (fourteen years ago) link


The Body Electric
Kid Gloves
Red Lenses
Between The Wheels

Those are 4 of Rush's greatest songs. Not to mention 3 of Alex Lifeson's greatest guitar solos. These songs are so good that I absolutely insist that you run right now to your nearest copy of p/g and feel the love!

Oh, and I've been drinking a bunch of red wine, but I'm positive I'll still stand by this comment in the morning.

Moodles, Saturday, 10 November 2007 04:52 (fourteen years ago) link

Yeah I just listened to those again and they're better than I remember them being, especially "Between the Wheels". I think "The Body Electric" and "Kid Gloves" are a bit out of place though since the rest of the album is incredibly dark by Rush's standards and those ones have a bit more levity.

I still think they improved on both Signals and Grace Under Pressure with Power Windows though.

ciderpress, Saturday, 10 November 2007 07:14 (fourteen years ago) link

Interesting. "The Body Electric" is probably amongst the standout tracks on GUP for me. ("Distant Early Warning" and "Red Sector A" are my favourites of course.)

Sundar, Saturday, 10 November 2007 17:45 (fourteen years ago) link

Automatic thread bump. This poll's results are now in.

ILX System, Sunday, 11 November 2007 00:01 (fourteen years ago) link

three years pass...

Wow -- the first forty-five seconds of "The Weapon" are purest disco-inflected New Wave.

Hey Look More Than Five Years Has Passed And You Have A C (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Wednesday, 13 April 2011 23:55 (eleven years ago) link

"Red Sector A" off GUP is more of the same, if I recall

I was bored/trolling one day (Myonga Vön Bontee), Thursday, 14 April 2011 05:01 (eleven years ago) link


I was bored/trolling one day (Myonga Vön Bontee), Thursday, 14 April 2011 05:01 (eleven years ago) link

four years pass...

that sawtooth lead following the chorus gets me every time

Hammer Smashed Bagels, Friday, 29 May 2015 14:29 (seven years ago) link

Love "Analog Kid." Totally lost my shit when they dusted that off live a few years back. The solo is so cool, pretty flash for Lifeson.

Josh in Chicago, Friday, 29 May 2015 14:31 (seven years ago) link


Josh in Chicago, Friday, 29 May 2015 14:32 (seven years ago) link

wow, do people really hate "Digital Man"? they did a sick live version on the Snakes and Arrows tour that blew my mind. One of their more Police-copping songs

too young for seapunk (Moodles), Friday, 29 May 2015 15:17 (seven years ago) link

Learning to match the beat of the Old World man

The burrito of ennui (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Friday, 29 May 2015 15:56 (seven years ago) link

seven years pass...

this is the best rush album

flamenco drop (BradNelson), Monday, 1 August 2022 16:45 (two weeks ago) link

no, but it's very good

Muad'Doob (Moodles), Monday, 1 August 2022 17:14 (two weeks ago) link

wow, do people really hate "Digital Man"?

It would be my pick for second best here. The slow-tempo chorus is a weird idea that ends up working.

this is the best rush album

My favourites are this and Permanent Waves more than Moving Pictures, partly because "The Camera Eye" doesn't work for me at all.

Halfway there but for you, Monday, 1 August 2022 22:42 (two weeks ago) link

Power Windows, Brad.

Malevolent Arugula (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Monday, 1 August 2022 22:43 (two weeks ago) link

I've only heard the synth ones and I was expecting to like Signals most, but actually it was Power Windows

you can see me from westbury white horse, Monday, 1 August 2022 23:20 (two weeks ago) link

This album is great. 80s Rush rules.

Josh in Chicago, Tuesday, 2 August 2022 01:15 (two weeks ago) link

This thread needs more posting: POLL: Best Track on Rush's Grace Under Pressure

Elvis Telecom, Tuesday, 2 August 2022 02:19 (two weeks ago) link

Power Windows and Moving Pictures fight it out for my favorites, I'd probably also put Permanent Waves, Grace Under Pressure, and possibly a couple others ahead of Signals as well.

Muad'Doob (Moodles), Tuesday, 2 August 2022 04:30 (two weeks ago) link

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