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Ok, noob here but haven't found a more specific Don Cherry pointer so here goes.

The bass line in Percolator comes from Don Cherry's fantastic Relativity Suite album of 1973, more specifically from the end of "Tantra" or the beginning of "Mali Doussn'gouni".
The Rhodes Piano ostinato riff in Metronomic Underground I think comes from "Desireless" of the same album.

Check it out:

AdjustMe, Tuesday, 11 May 2010 07:21 (eight years ago) Permalink

If you're a spotifyer, check out Sweden jazz giant Lennart Åbergs cover of aforementioned Don Cherry work here:


AdjustMe, Tuesday, 11 May 2010 12:14 (eight years ago) Permalink


zvookster, Tuesday, 11 May 2010 23:34 (eight years ago) Permalink

Transient Random-Noise Bursts with Announcements

zvookster, Tuesday, 11 May 2010 23:36 (eight years ago) Permalink

Transient Random-Noise Bursts with Announcements - back cover

andy ramsey credited with "persuasive percussion"

combines back covers of Enoch Light's

Persuasive Percussion and Provocative Percussion albums of the mid-'50s, which were some of the first albums to exploit the capabilities of stereo recording and 35mm film as a recording devise.

zvookster, Tuesday, 11 May 2010 23:42 (eight years ago) Permalink

haha this is the very first time i've noticed that the cover of TRNBWA is a record player. i r incredibly unobservant

chillwave of mutilation (electricsound), Tuesday, 11 May 2010 23:47 (eight years ago) Permalink

hmm shouldn't have included cd re-issue

zvookster, Tuesday, 11 May 2010 23:55 (eight years ago) Permalink

one month passes...

did anyone post this Nini Raviolette song? it's not direct, but it can't really get anymore direct

jaxon, Friday, 9 July 2010 20:00 (eight years ago) Permalink

three months pass...

I love this thread...
Another film reference - Serene Velocity:

ernestp, Saturday, 23 October 2010 01:42 (eight years ago) Permalink

eleven months pass...

Jacques Siroul

███★★★███ (PappaWheelie V), Monday, 3 October 2011 19:52 (seven years ago) Permalink

wow, that was more fun than a bag of monkeys. thanks.

cw, Monday, 3 October 2011 20:42 (seven years ago) Permalink

ten months pass...

What a great thread. Too bad some of the Youtubes are now unavailable

curmudgeon, Monday, 27 August 2012 01:08 (six years ago) Permalink

i just came here to post that i love this thread.

choom gangnam style (get bent), Monday, 27 August 2012 01:16 (six years ago) Permalink

these are not just songs, but clues

― Milton Parker, Friday, 9 November 2007 00:25 (4 years ago)

sleeve, Monday, 27 August 2012 03:03 (six years ago) Permalink

never read this thread before but it's cool! in the interest of restoring some of the broken links, here's a link to Emperor Tomato Ketchup:

Thanks WEBSITE!! (Z S), Monday, 27 August 2012 03:14 (six years ago) Permalink

(The Emperor Tomato Ketchup, 1971, dir. by Terayama Shuji, that is)

Thanks WEBSITE!! (Z S), Monday, 27 August 2012 03:15 (six years ago) Permalink

I actually made an xls of four of the "Stereolab Origins" with names of the references, if anyone's interested.

Pilot Inspektor Leee (Leee), Monday, 27 August 2012 04:30 (six years ago) Permalink

Sure, go ahead. Useful to have all this stuff in one handy place.

Jeff W, Monday, 27 August 2012 13:32 (six years ago) Permalink

On "Ausculatation to the Nation", on Laetitia Sadier's new album Silencio, the lyrics about the G20 nations conference are taken word for word from a caller to a French political talk show.

curmudgeon, Monday, 27 August 2012 14:37 (six years ago) Permalink

But the sole song-writing credit goes to Sadier

curmudgeon, Monday, 27 August 2012 21:22 (six years ago) Permalink

never read this thread before but it's cool! in the interest of restoring some of the broken links, here's a link to Emperor Tomato Ketchup

can someone explain this film to me

The Radioheads are massive in the Man community (Shakey Mo Collier), Monday, 27 August 2012 21:35 (six years ago) Permalink


i know your nuts hurt! who's laughing? (contenderizer), Monday, 27 August 2012 21:54 (six years ago) Permalink

Oops, wrong link, if any of yall want to edit (COLLABARATIVE WEB2.0 omg):

Pilot Inspektor Leee (Leee), Tuesday, 28 August 2012 03:03 (six years ago) Permalink

Next step: Stereolab Origins Spotify list

Moodles, Tuesday, 28 August 2012 03:04 (six years ago) Permalink

A quick search in Spotify brought this up, it's a little on the large side, but is a great start:

Moodles, Tuesday, 28 August 2012 03:06 (six years ago) Permalink

OK, I got the actual list started. So far I'm through the first 4 videos, check this space for updates:

Moodles, Tuesday, 28 August 2012 03:35 (six years ago) Permalink

It's not in any of the videos I don't think but "Perversion" is almost exactly the same as Velvet Underground's "What Goes On". It is literally the most blatant VU rip-off I have ever heard.

the mandy moorhols (Stevie D(eux)), Tuesday, 28 August 2012 04:55 (six years ago) Permalink

I could prob listen to the last 2 1/2 minutes of "Perversion" on a loop for all eternity and never get bored of it

the mandy moorhols (Stevie D(eux)), Tuesday, 28 August 2012 04:58 (six years ago) Permalink

seven months pass...

Thread has become too long but did we already mrention Esquivel's space age bachelor pad? Or Caetano Veloso? The residents?

I love this band's influences and references, i might consider them my favorite band simply because of it, so much commn ground for an average music geek.

Moka, Friday, 5 April 2013 17:22 (five years ago) Permalink

Eye of the volcano has an Os Mutantes thing going on.

Moka, Friday, 5 April 2013 17:42 (five years ago) Permalink

Ticker tape of the unconscious:

Song title references Anais Nin. It was the name she gave one if her dresses

Also the song samples Gal Costa. Cant remember which song.... Divino, maravilhoso?

Moka, Friday, 5 April 2013 17:51 (five years ago) Permalink

I dont know how much these count as "direct" so they probably dont count:

Joao Donato - Cada Jodel (The Beautiful One)
Similar groove to "Parsec".

Ennio Morriconne - Amore come dolore
Similar main chord sequence as Miss Modular. (Listen from 1:50 onwards).

Also Brakhage reminds me of Mayfield's Move on up.

Moka, Friday, 5 April 2013 18:43 (five years ago) Permalink

Last one for the day:

The bassline for "Were not adult orientated" is basically a sped up sample of Joy DIvision "No love lost".

Moka, Friday, 5 April 2013 19:02 (five years ago) Permalink

three years pass...

Don't know it this has been mentioned but Miss Modular is metaphorically about an art technique called eye trick (trompe l'oeil)œil

✖✖✖ (Moka), Tuesday, 5 April 2016 16:42 (two years ago) Permalink

I always took it to be about optical illusions, specifically the graphics found on the album itself

Check Yr Scrobbles (Moodles), Tuesday, 5 April 2016 17:20 (two years ago) Permalink

five months pass...

<a href="";>Stereolab - University Microfilms International</a> vs. <a href="";>Liliental - Wattwurm</a>

You be the judge!

3×5, Thursday, 22 September 2016 23:55 (two years ago) Permalink

Well I sure butchered that post. Anyway you can still make the comparison.

3×5, Thursday, 22 September 2016 23:56 (two years ago) Permalink

University Microfilms International Vs. Liliental - Wattwurm

3×5, Thursday, 22 September 2016 23:58 (two years ago) Permalink

That Liliental track is fantastic.

I uploaded this a number of years back thinking of Stereolab xp

PappaWheelie V, Friday, 23 September 2016 00:01 (two years ago) Permalink

the lyrics to 'john cage bubblegum' =

c'est le plus beau
et c'est le plus triste
c'est le plus beau
paysage du monde

are from 'le petit prince'

donna rouge, Friday, 23 September 2016 00:06 (two years ago) Permalink

That Jacques Siroul record is very Stereolab. There's a lot of 70s library music that sounds quite a bit like Stereolab.

Guy Boyer & Guy Pedersen - Manège Concerto

3×5, Friday, 23 September 2016 01:48 (two years ago) Permalink

Stereolab - Refractions In The Plastic Pulse Vs. Kraftwerk - Ananas Symphonie

3×5, Friday, 23 September 2016 01:54 (two years ago) Permalink

Olv 26 off Emperor Tomato Ketchup has the lyrics "nous irons tous au paradis", surely a reference to Polnareff's "on ira tous au paradis".

Zelda Zonk, Friday, 23 September 2016 01:57 (two years ago) Permalink

Strange that this was never on that Stereolab Origins series.
Stereolab - Revox (+ a few other tracks) vs. The Modern Lovers - Roadrunner

3×5, Friday, 23 September 2016 01:58 (two years ago) Permalink

from moodles' spotify list:

The 5th Dimension - Up, Up and Away (2:45)
ABBA - Dancing Queen (3:50)
Alain Goraguer - Déshominisation (I) (3:50)
Erik Satie - Six gnossiennes - 1. Lent (3:02)
Alessandro Alessandroni - Una storia (3:08)
Olivier Messiaen - Chant d'amour 1 (8:00)
Olivier Messiaen - Turangalîla 1 (5:05)
Andrew Rudin - Hybris (7:27)
Archie Shepp - Bakai (9:59)
The Archies - Sugar, Sugar (2:47)
B.J. Thomas - Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head (3:02)
Brigitte Fontaine - Une fois mais pas deux (2:47)
Can - Father Cannot Yell (7:03)
Canned Heat - On the Road Again (4:56)
The Castaways - Liar, Liar (1:52)
The Casualeers - Dance, Dance, Dance (2:40)
The Cinderellas - Baby Baby (I Still Love You) (2:37)
Cluster - Caramel (3:09)
Don Cherry - Brown Rice (5:15)
Donna Summer - Down, Deep Inside (6:06)
Eden Ahbez - Myna Bird (2:19)
Emil Richards - Garnet (January) (2:28)
The Fall - Slates, Slags, Etc. (6:34)
Faust - It's a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl (7:32)
Francis Hime - Passaredo (3:06)
Frank Zappa - Peaches en Regalia (3:38)
Gal Costa - Divino, maravilhoso (4:20)
Gustav Holst - Neptune, the Mystic (7:58)
John Barry - 007 and Counting (3:31)
Kraftwerk - Autobahn (22:43)
Krzysztof Komeda - Pushing the Car (1:49)
Krzysztof Komeda - Main Title (2:16)
Laurie Anderson - O Superman (For Massenet) (8:27)
Marcus Belgrave - Space Odyssey (12:34)
Neu! - Hallogallo (10:07)
Neu! - Für Immer (11:17)
New Birth - Got to Get a Knutt (7:37)
Perrey & Kingsley - One Note Samba/Spanish Flea (2:07)
Peter Thomas - Angel of Promise (1:08)
Piero Piccioni - Blue Rhythm Festival (3:45)
Sérgio Mendes - Primitivo (3:57)
Silver Apples - Ruby (2:32)
Steve Reich - Four Organs (15:38)
Steve Reich - Section VIII (3:28)
Suicide - Cheree (3:42)
Suicide - Frankie Teardrop (10:26)
Sun Ra - Angels and Demons at Play (2:54)
Sun Ra - Love in Outer Space (3:53)
The Velvet Underground - European Son (7:52)
The Velvet Underground - What Goes On (4:55)
The Velvet Underground - Sister Ray (17:27)
Yes - Starship Trooper (9:28)

always need more tbh

mookieproof, Friday, 23 September 2016 02:13 (two years ago) Permalink

sadly, a lot of the cool stuff you all are finding isn't available on spotify

Al Moon Faced Poon (Moodles), Friday, 23 September 2016 02:17 (two years ago) Permalink

Maybe not a perfect match, but there's a couple places in the three-part Jenny Ondioline that sound inspired by the two-part Shoulder Pads by The Fall.

3×5, Friday, 23 September 2016 02:21 (two years ago) Permalink

Space Age Bachelor Pad Music Vs. Beach Boys - Look

3×5, Friday, 23 September 2016 03:16 (two years ago) Permalink

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