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Poll Results

On the Beach 12
Tonight's the Night 12
Rust Never Sleeps 12
After the Gold Rush 9
Sleeps With Angels 8
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere 7
Arc/Weld 3
Old Ways 3
Dead Man 2
Ragged Glory 2
Trans 2
Live Rust 2
Time Fades Away 1
Re-ac-tor 1
Zuma 1
Everybody's Rockin' 1
Mirror Ball 1
Harvest 1
Comes a Time 1
Broken Arrow 1
Hawks & Doves 1
Silver & Gold 0
Are You Passionate? 0
Greendale 0
Prairie Wind 0
Harvest Moon 0
Freedom 0
This Note's for You 0
Life 0
Landing on Water 0
Neil Young 0
American Stars 'N Bars 0
Living with War0

strgn, Sunday, 17 June 2007 11:18 (sixteen years ago) link

oh shit decade

strgn, Sunday, 17 June 2007 11:21 (sixteen years ago) link

and #s of boots. sorry gang. read my lips, vote dead man

strgn, Sunday, 17 June 2007 11:22 (sixteen years ago) link

After The Gold Rush.

but On The Beach too. the title song makes me cry.

bakerstreetsaxsolo, Sunday, 17 June 2007 12:14 (sixteen years ago) link

I voted Time Fades Away

Billy Pilgrim, Sunday, 17 June 2007 12:43 (sixteen years ago) link

this was already done.
Best of Neil Young studio records

Zeno, Sunday, 17 June 2007 13:57 (sixteen years ago) link

This one has live albums.

Some of them, anyway. (Unplugged, Year of the Horse, Road Rock vol. 1)

StanM, Sunday, 17 June 2007 14:44 (sixteen years ago) link

Oh. The studio albums poll had the live albums too. Nevermind then.

StanM, Sunday, 17 June 2007 14:45 (sixteen years ago) link

I voted Ragged Glory because it needs more love and less rockism. That's a srsly good record, yo.

kenan, Sunday, 17 June 2007 14:47 (sixteen years ago) link

First person to vote "Old Ways" gets a dollar from me.

kenan, Sunday, 17 June 2007 14:52 (sixteen years ago) link

I voted for "Old Ways" just for the cash. You want my paypal address?

Rock Hardy, Sunday, 17 June 2007 18:09 (sixteen years ago) link

After The Gold Rush = the good songs are so good they make you forget about the bad ones

On The Beach = pretty much all good

Hurting 2, Sunday, 17 June 2007 20:24 (sixteen years ago) link

I mean "When You Dance" is kind of endearing as a cornily sincere, b-level hippie artifact, but Cripple Creek Ferry is a real turd of a song, and Birds isn't great either.

Hurting 2, Sunday, 17 June 2007 20:27 (sixteen years ago) link

I got to get away from this day to day running around

calstars, Sunday, 17 June 2007 23:18 (sixteen years ago) link


circa1916, Sunday, 17 June 2007 23:49 (sixteen years ago) link

Arc/Weld. The worst/best live albums ever.

SeekAltRoute, Monday, 18 June 2007 03:57 (sixteen years ago) link

Dead Man is actually really really good.

MRZBW, Monday, 18 June 2007 08:28 (sixteen years ago) link

Automatic thread bump. This poll is closing tomorrow.

ILX System, Tuesday, 19 June 2007 23:01 (sixteen years ago) link

Tonight's The Night

closely followed by Goldrush and On The Beach

TTN is definitely my favourite - it's so fucked, so moving. Tender, ragged and rocking in equal measure.

Baby Mellow My Mind aches so hard - the swell of pedal steel, touch of lonesome barroom piano, and Neil's voice actually breaking up.

Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown rocks. It sounds so triumphant in its hedonism yet the undercurrent is utterly bleak.

Other favourites - Everybody Knows, Rust, Zuma, Time Fades Away, Sleeps With Angels, Live Rust. Hell, there hardly any poor ones. I've not heard the infamous Landing On Water, but Are You Passionate was bloody awful. Trans is ace though.

Ragged Glory is great fun, one of his most satisfying rock records, but I wouldn't quite put it in the top rung of Neil albums.

Harvest - handful of great songs and some dreary stuff too. Overall, it's too slick, too polite. I like Neil a little scuffed around the edges.

Stew, Tuesday, 19 June 2007 23:49 (sixteen years ago) link

Rust Never Sleeps has Powderfinger, for the win.

Oilyrags, Tuesday, 19 June 2007 23:52 (sixteen years ago) link

Anyone else notice how Apatow kept dropping the cover of Landing On Water all over Knocked Up. What's the deal with that? Consensus aropund these parts on that album?

talrose, Wednesday, 20 June 2007 06:02 (sixteen years ago) link

Rust Never Sleeps for "Powderfinger", but also because of the individually peculiar time and place in which I first loved this record. Also, it's an incredibly balanced album in so many ways I can't be bothered to expand on here.

Lostandfound, Wednesday, 20 June 2007 06:41 (sixteen years ago) link

Consensus aropund these parts on that album?

I noticed the curious product placement too, Tal. There's an interesting thread here devoted to Landing on Water.

Alfred, Lord Sotosyn, Wednesday, 20 June 2007 13:12 (sixteen years ago) link

no "none of the above"????

Tracer Hand, Wednesday, 20 June 2007 13:25 (sixteen years ago) link

just snuck in a vote for tonight's the night. right in the nick of time.

emotion of the less contained and calculated variety

Charlie Howard, Wednesday, 20 June 2007 15:21 (sixteen years ago) link

me for tonights the night, too. its so close though - there are better songs on zuma and everybody knows, and almost enough to give the nod to one of them, but TTN takes it

69, Wednesday, 20 June 2007 15:59 (sixteen years ago) link

Yeah, Tonight's The Night would be my second or third and very close.

Hurting 2, Wednesday, 20 June 2007 17:45 (sixteen years ago) link

Rust Never Sleeps by a hair, for side one and Powderfinger alone (though nearly sunk by Welfare Mothers).

Davey D, Wednesday, 20 June 2007 18:38 (sixteen years ago) link

Oh c'mon, Welfare Mothers is great! My favorite Neil Young throwaway.

Jiminy Krokus, Wednesday, 20 June 2007 19:28 (sixteen years ago) link


Alfred, Lord Sotosyn, Wednesday, 20 June 2007 19:32 (sixteen years ago) link

Automatic thread bump. This poll's results are now in.

ILX System, Wednesday, 20 June 2007 23:01 (sixteen years ago) link

a 3-way tie this time then.

Brigadier Lethbridge-Pfunkboy, Thursday, 21 June 2007 00:08 (sixteen years ago) link

Fair result.

Lostandfound, Thursday, 21 June 2007 00:46 (sixteen years ago) link

Wait. Zuma should've been much higher, though.

Lostandfound, Thursday, 21 June 2007 00:47 (sixteen years ago) link

c'est vrai

blunt, Thursday, 21 June 2007 00:53 (sixteen years ago) link

Someone voted for Everybody's Rockin' again.

Brigadier Lethbridge-Pfunkboy, Thursday, 21 June 2007 16:15 (sixteen years ago) link

One vote for "Zuma"! No way!! This poll is corrupt!!!

Tom D., Thursday, 21 June 2007 16:16 (sixteen years ago) link

"On the Beach" - there's an ILM album if ever there was one

Tom D., Thursday, 21 June 2007 16:16 (sixteen years ago) link

Sleeps With Angels is way too high. And Freedom is way too low.

kornrulez6969, Thursday, 21 June 2007 16:18 (sixteen years ago) link

The fact that Zuma ranked below Trans completely invalidates this poll.

jon /via/ chi 2.0, Thursday, 21 June 2007 16:21 (sixteen years ago) link

So, basically, I'm the only person who voted for "Zuma"? Don't believe it.

Tom D., Thursday, 21 June 2007 16:22 (sixteen years ago) link

five months pass...

I wasn't around when CSN(and sometimes Y) were at their peak, so apologies for the following somewhat naive question:

How much of Neil Young's popularity in the 70s can be attributed to his association with CSN? The thought never really occurred to me until I was checking out CSN(Y)'s Allmusic entry today, which says "it was the only American-based band to approach the overall societal impact of the Beatles".

Personally, I like Neil Young exponentially more than CSN(Y), so my gut feeling is that the majority of Neil Young's fans were there on account of his own talent. But was there a certain contingency of fans who cheered loudest for "Ohio" and "Helpless", contemplating to themselves at the Live Rust concerts that it would be better if CSN were up on stage too? Or was it more like "Why the hell does Neil Young ever play with them? They butchered 'Helpless'..."? Just wondering what the prevalent view was back in the day.

Z S, Friday, 23 November 2007 20:11 (fifteen years ago) link

When CSN and sometimes Y reunited for a predictably horrible album in 1988, Neil begged off the obligatory tour, saying, "I dunno man, those guys need some serious practice."

And that Allmusic statement strikes me as comically absurd.

Sara Sara Sara, Friday, 23 November 2007 20:18 (fifteen years ago) link

Yeah, I admit it raised my eyebrow as well, but then I go the ILM search function, and the second thing I read on the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young C/D S/D thread is "i'm more interested in the fact that CSN(Y) (or whatever) were actually REALLY POPULAR and BIG -- as in springsteen in '85/outkast or britney spears BIG. that's such a radical sea-change in mass public musical taste that deserves some comment, no?"

Z S, Friday, 23 November 2007 20:23 (fifteen years ago) link

On The Beach is very good, but would have voted Everybody Knows this is Nowhere, in fact i shall play it now

Alex in Denver, Friday, 23 November 2007 20:25 (fifteen years ago) link

hi alex, how is the weather in denver? in frankfurt it has been raining most of the day. i would have voted <i>after the goldrush</i>, i think. but <i>on the beach</i> is a decent winner, too.

alex in mainhattan, Friday, 23 November 2007 20:30 (fifteen years ago) link

i will never learn the ilm html tags...

alex in mainhattan, Friday, 23 November 2007 20:30 (fifteen years ago) link


moscow_nights, Monday, 26 November 2007 03:45 (fifteen years ago) link

it was the only American-based band to approach the overall societal impact of the Beatles

In their time their American album sales were HUGE. Their cultural cachet was such that their public greeted "Ohio" as a major statement. I'm wary of statements like AllMusic's, but the Shakey bio also makes the same suggestion.

Alfred, Lord Sotosyn, Monday, 26 November 2007 03:48 (fifteen years ago) link

CSNY were huge because the Byrds, the Hollies, and the Buffalo Springfield had all been huge before.

Nubbelverbrennung, Monday, 26 November 2007 11:26 (fifteen years ago) link

Elvis Telecom, Monday, 3 July 2023 05:56 (two months ago) link

Third night of four:

Watch Neil Young Perform 1st Solo ‘Vampire Blues’ In Concert Since 1974 At The Ford
See Neil deliver the On The Beach cut for the first time solo in public since it debuted in 1974.

dow, Thursday, 6 July 2023 01:31 (two months ago) link

hell yeah I saw the (only?) other "Vampire Blues" live w/POTR in Eugene circa 2015

out-of-print LaserDisc edition (sleeve), Thursday, 6 July 2023 02:01 (two months ago) link

Never done it before solo, supposedly, but sure with groups----I saw him do it, mainly with Stills and the backup section, during a CSNY concert in Memphis, Aug. '74 (he and Stills got into outrageous guitar wars/noizefests on several songs, all Young's, I think).

dow, Thursday, 6 July 2023 02:14 (two months ago) link

Have any of yall seen Journey Through The Past? How was it?

dow, Thursday, 13 July 2023 17:11 (two months ago) link

I saw it on the big screen a few years ago. The best bits (like the "Soldier" sequence) are evocative dream-like vignettes that could have been precursors to the earliest rock videos. The worst bits are static "experimental" sequences that had no reason to be made. Certainly if you're interested in his career it's worth seeing.

Halfway there but for you, Thursday, 13 July 2023 19:55 (two months ago) link

Thanks. I've seen good excerpts of Human Highway, mainly w Devo, I think---wonder how it compares overall w JTTP---

dow, Friday, 14 July 2023 03:30 (two months ago) link

The Devo stuff is only material worth saving from Human Highway.


Originally recorded in 1976 almost a world apart at two overseas venues: Hammersmith Odeon in London and Nippon Budokan Hall In Tokyo. The ten-track album includes an electrifying range of songs, from well-known classics to true surprises. Tracks on Side 1 were recorded in London March 31, 1976, and feature Neil Young’s solo set on guitar and piano from the first half of the concert. Side 2 tracks were recorded two weeks earlier on March 11, 1976, with Young and Crazy Horse at an early electric apex.
This is the first official vinyl release of the previously unissued ODEON BUDOKAN. It has only been available on Compact Disc as part of Neil Young’s ARCHIVES VOLUME II box set, released in 2020 in the highest-grade audio high fidelity. Young’s songs like "Cowgirl In the Sand," "Cortez the Killer," "Lotta Love," "Stringman" and others are heard at their absolute highest peak.
This album was produced by David Briggs shortly after the 1976 tour. It was put on hold because of other albums that were being made and released at the time.
Odeon Budokan Tracklist:

Side 1:
1. "The Old Laughing Lady"
2. "After The Gold Rush"
3. "Too Far Gone"
4. "Old Man"
5. "Stringman"

Side 2:
1. "Don’t Cry No Tears"
2. "Cowgirl In The Sand"
3. "Lotta Love"
4. "Drive Back"
5. "Cortez The Killer"
All Greedy Hand Store purchases come with free hi-res digital audio downloads from the Xstream Store © at NYA.

dow, Friday, 21 July 2023 21:37 (two months ago) link

Freedom / Ragged Glory + 4 bonus tracks / Weld / Arc:

Neil Young’s OFFICIAL RELEASE SERIES VOLUME 5 is an essential collection of four classic albums that begins with the exciting renaissance that came with the release of FREEDOM in 1989, and continues on the unequaled exploration of collections RAGGED GLORY, WELD (1991) and ARC (1991). In many ways, it is a musical travelogue of how Young saw the future and opened up creative worlds for the use of sound and originality which had not been used before.
The OFFICIAL RELEASE SERIES VOLUME 5 is available as a vinyl box set of the original four albums on 9 vinyl LPs and as a 4-CD set. Like all the reissues in this series, the albums are remastered from the best source available — original analog tape in the case of Ragged Glory. For the four albums in the series, this is the first time they have been remastered for vinyl. The CD of Ragged Glory has also been remastered.

The vinyl and CD box sets are numbered, and the LPs are pressed on 180-gram vinyl. The vinyl box for the four albums is in a telescoping box, and the CDs are in a slipcase.
All Greedy Hand Store purchases come with free hi-res digital audio downloads from the Xstream Store © only at NYA.
At the top of the 90’s, Young had recently returned to his long-time home at Reprise Records. It definitely appeared to be a jubilant moment for the man who had recently celebrated the 21-year anniversary of a solo career that had never stopped progressing.

The first album in VOLUME 5 is aptly named FREEDOM, and includes the song “Rockin’ in the Free World.”

RAGGED GLORY (1990) is a non-stop celebration for the music Neil Young & Crazy Horse are still creating at full force and was recorded at Young’s Broken Arrow Ranch in Northern California. The 10-song original album is expanded for this re-issue with 4 rare tracks. “Interstate” and “Don’t Spook The Horse” were both B-sides to singles. “Box Car” and the 12 minute “Born To Run” are both previously unreleased versions. The 4 additional songs have resulted with the album expanded to 3 LPs and 2 CDs.

WELD (1991) is one of the most groundbreaking albums of Neil Young’s history. It’s a live album recorded with Crazy Horse after the release of RAGGED GLORY. It was from a wildly creative period of the band’s history, and as Neil Young has often done, gave notice that he was a rock & roll originator who could never be second-guessed.

ARC (1991) is the live companion collection to WELD, and at the time generated the kind of musical notoriety that has often marked Young’s creations. ARC is a 35-minute outburst of feedback, improvisation, guitar solos and vocal fragments. This marks the album’s first release on vinyl.

FREEDOM Tracklisting:

1. “Rockin’ In The Free World” (Live Acoustic)
2. “Crime In The City (Sixty to Zero Part 1)”
3. “Don’t Cry”
4. “Hangin’ On A Limb”
5. “Eldorado”
6. “The Ways of Love”
7. “Someday”
8. “On Broadway”
9. “Wrecking Ball”
10. “No More”
11. “Too Far Gone”
12. “Rockin’ In The Free World” (Electric)

RAGGED GLORY – Smell The Horse Tracklisting:

1. “Country Home”
2. “White Line”
3. “Fuckin’ Up”
4. “Over and Over”
5. “Love to Burn”
6. “Farmer John”
7. “Mansion on the Hill”
8. “Days That Used To Be”
9. “Love and Only Love”
10. “Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)”
11. “Interstate”
12. “Don’t Spook The Horse”
13. “Box Car”
14. “Born To Run”

WELD Tracklisting:

1. “Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)”
2. “Crime in the City”
3. “Blowin’ in the Wind”
4. “Welfare Mothers”
5. “Love to Burn”
6. “Cinnamon Girl”
7. “Mansion on the Hill”
8. “Fuckin’ Up”
9. “Cortez the Killer”
10. “Powderfinger”
11. “Love and Only Love”
12. “Rockin’ In The Free World”
13. “Like A Hurricane”
14. “Farmer John”
15. “Tonight’s the Night”
16. “Roll Another Number (For The Road)”

ARC Tracklisting:

1. "Arc (A Compilation Composition)"

Neil Young's OFFICIAL RELEASE SERIES VOLUME 5 takes its proper place now in the career-exploration march of a true adventurer, both in the music he makes and the care and consideration in how it is presented to the public. Even with all the achievements and advancement in sound, it still feels like things are just getting started.

StanM, Friday, 28 July 2023 17:29 (two months ago) link

The four bonus tracks on Ragged Glory are great. I'd heard "Don't Spook The Horse" before, but the other three were new to me.

but also fuck you (unperson), Friday, 28 July 2023 18:50 (two months ago) link

I wonder if they've done anything different with the mix of Weld? I remember there was discussion about that at the time — that people preferred the video mix over the CD mix.

but also fuck you (unperson), Friday, 28 July 2023 18:51 (two months ago) link

it's the same Weld mix on this latest box — I've heard both and I think people are slightly overstating the superiority of the "Briggs" mix over the CD. It's a little different, I don't know if I would say it's better.

and yeah, the Ragged glory bonuses are fantastic.

tylerw, Friday, 28 July 2023 18:57 (two months ago) link

The Devo stuff is only material worth saving from Human Highway.

Late response, but the "Goin' Back" sequence in this film is several levels above the rest (and I do like Devo). It's hallucinatory, magical.

Halfway there but for you, Friday, 28 July 2023 19:00 (two months ago) link

so the ragged glory outtakes are on a second cd? are any of them 10+ minutes long?

brimstead, Friday, 28 July 2023 19:38 (two months ago) link

According to All Music, one is almost 8 minutes and another is a little over 12 minutes (but, oddly, All Music shows a blank where the song name is, lol).

Maxmillion D. Boosted (jon /via/ chi 2.0), Friday, 28 July 2023 19:41 (two months ago) link

xps lol yes I knew this sounded familiar

Can Weld be improved upon with a remastering? As in, was it not mixed to death by Neil and is unsalvageable? I'm clueless when it comes to this stuff.

― Duke, Tuesday, June 13, 2023 12:40 PM (one month ago) bookmarkflaglink

Jimmy McDonough wrote about this in Shakey, but David Briggs made a better mix that was released on the now out-of-print LaserDisc edition. Neil himself admits the album mix (used for all audio formats) wasn't good and that Briggs was right, but Neil has never bothered to correct things. Now would be a good time though!

― birdistheword, Tuesday, June 13, 2023 1:46 PM (one month ago) bookmarkflaglink

ty for new DN

― out-of-print LaserDisc edition (sleeve), Tuesday, June 13, 2023 1:49 PM (one month ago) bookmarkflaglink

out-of-print LaserDisc edition (sleeve), Friday, 28 July 2023 19:42 (two months ago) link

My copy hasn't even shipped yet, but nears as I can tell:

“Interstate” (6:22)

“Don’t Spook The Horse” (7:51)

“Box Car” (3:16)

“Born To Run” (12:15)

Maxmillion D. Boosted (jon /via/ chi 2.0), Friday, 28 July 2023 19:43 (two months ago) link

"Born To Run" is great — it's basically three and a half minutes of "song" and eight and a half minutes of RAWK, and it's fast, not the typical Crazy Horse caveman dirge. Honestly, it sounds more like a Neil Young & the Restless outtake.

but also fuck you (unperson), Friday, 28 July 2023 19:50 (two months ago) link

I wrote about the Ragged Glory reissue, and more, in this week's BA newsletter.

but also fuck you (unperson), Wednesday, 2 August 2023 16:31 (one month ago) link

nice write-up, excited for my ORS box to get here to dig in.

Maxmillion D. Boosted (jon /via/ chi 2.0), Wednesday, 2 August 2023 16:38 (one month ago) link

Very appealing take, unperson, and I like "Interstate" and "Boxcar" floating in the dust of monster truck tracks (which are my main interest).

dow, Wednesday, 2 August 2023 17:25 (one month ago) link

I was hoping he'd release the original Times Square version of "Boxcar," but I have to admit the Crazy Horse recording is probably better.

birdistheword, Wednesday, 2 August 2023 18:46 (one month ago) link

it's the same Weld mix on this latest box — I've heard both and I think people are slightly overstating the superiority of the "Briggs" mix over the CD. It's a little different, I don't know if I would say it's better.

and yeah, the Ragged glory bonuses are fantastic.

― tylerw, Friday, 28 July 2023 20:57 (five days ago)

Sorry if I'm being stupid... So you're saying they haven't done anything to improve the sound on Weld?

Duke, Wednesday, 2 August 2023 19:09 (one month ago) link

it's been remastered but not remixed

tylerw, Wednesday, 2 August 2023 19:13 (one month ago) link

Thanks! Arrrghh I may have to get this despite owning it all already. Fuck you Neil.

Duke, Thursday, 3 August 2023 00:48 (one month ago) link

two weeks pass...

Neil is playing the Roxy in LA, 50 years after playing some legendary "Tonights the Night" shows there. Face value of tickets are $1000 + fees.

Reeves Gabrels' Funko Pop (majorairbro), Thursday, 17 August 2023 01:49 (one month ago) link

first Crazy Horse shows since the pandemic, too — it's a benefit and the Roxy is tiny, but yeah, I hope the millionaires enjoy it.

tylerw, Thursday, 17 August 2023 01:55 (one month ago) link

"I'm playin' for Bezos, playin' for Elon..."

I think of this acoustic "Interstate" as floating in the dust of xpost "Chevrolet":

dow, Friday, 18 August 2023 22:24 (one month ago) link

not my main interest, but

... Working with producer/pedal steel guitarist Ben Keith, keyboardist Spooner Oldham, bassist Tim Drummond and drummer Kenny Buttrey,...Guest artists on HARVEST MOON included Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor, Nicolette Larson and Astrid Young, and following Young's albums FREEDOM, RAGGED GLORY, ARC and WELD, HARVEST MOON again was a clear sign that he was able to pursue different styles whenever the urge occurred.
This limited edition 2-LP set is pressed on clear vinyl, with an etching on side D.
All Greedy Hand Store purchases come with free hi-res digital audio downloads from the Xstream Store © at NYA.

dow, Saturday, 19 August 2023 00:00 (one month ago) link

I’m not a big fan of the album but I really like the Centerstage episode that promoted it - wish the whole thing was made available on DVD or streaming. (The digitized VHS recordings floating about are all right but could be better.)

birdistheword, Saturday, 19 August 2023 00:28 (one month ago) link

two weeks pass...

Is Odeon Budokan good?? Rust Bucket is my fave prev unleased Neil Horse, so wanting more live--

dow, Saturday, 2 September 2023 21:28 (three weeks ago) link

Also unleashed and unreleased!

dow, Saturday, 2 September 2023 21:29 (three weeks ago) link

It’s incredible. (Also it was previously included on archives vol 2)

tylerw, Saturday, 2 September 2023 21:55 (three weeks ago) link

odeon budokan is great stuff

Blues Guitar Solo Heatmap (Free Download) (upper mississippi sh@kedown), Saturday, 2 September 2023 21:56 (three weeks ago) link

oho--neilyoungchannel playlist here:

dow, Saturday, 2 September 2023 22:02 (three weeks ago) link

I can’t remember if unplugged or Harvest Moon was my first time hearing Neil. It would have been a monthly Columbia House thing. I have a soft spot for both of those. Unplugged has a nice “Hurricane.”

Cow_Art, Saturday, 2 September 2023 23:12 (three weeks ago) link

it sure does, with that pump organ

out-of-print LaserDisc edition (sleeve), Saturday, 2 September 2023 23:24 (three weeks ago) link

what is that little knocking sound? is he stamping his foot or somehow hitting his guitar with his palm while playing or something? it adds so much to the sound

tremolo, Monday, 4 September 2023 13:37 (three weeks ago) link

Time Fades Away 50th Anniversary vinyl, with bonus "Last Train To Tulsa"

an icon of a worried-looking, long-haired, bespectacled man (C. Grisso/McCain), Saturday, 16 September 2023 20:29 (one week ago) link

It's funny because it was OOP for so long, and then in less than ten years there's been a couple CDs, a couple vinyl reissues, and an alternative version in Tuscaloosa.

an icon of a worried-looking, long-haired, bespectacled man (C. Grisso/McCain), Saturday, 16 September 2023 20:35 (one week ago) link

Yeah, I still instinctively reach for it out of reflex whenever I see it in a record store, only to immediately see the $10 price tag and remember "oh yeah, everybody has this now"

Paul Ponzi, Saturday, 16 September 2023 20:51 (one week ago) link

c/d paying more than $10 for any neil young record

budo jeru, Saturday, 16 September 2023 22:00 (one week ago) link

Nice copies of the early stuff with all posters/inserts intact are usually $10+.

an icon of a worried-looking, long-haired, bespectacled man (C. Grisso/McCain), Saturday, 16 September 2023 23:03 (one week ago) link

Saw the setlist on Twitter last night - so he essentially played all of Tonight's The Night and Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, right? JESUS!

Lumpy pillows, kiss my ass. Put that in your book (stevie), Friday, 22 September 2023 08:29 (six days ago) link

goddamn - so they basically played a perfect, no questions asked, setlist

Western® with Bacon Flavor, Friday, 22 September 2023 12:57 (six days ago) link

haha yeah, pretty wild. sounded good in the clips I've seen. funny that he could easily take that on the road to insanely positive response, but there's almost no way he will ever do that. Neil!

tylerw, Friday, 22 September 2023 14:54 (six days ago) link

goddammit i had seriously considered getting on a plane and blowing a year's worth of sushi on tickets for one of these shows and now i really really really really regret that i didn't.

fact checking cuz, Friday, 22 September 2023 18:13 (six days ago) link

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