David Sylvian "Gone To Earth" double LP

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A deep part of my formative years, this album. I wish I still had it on vinyl cause you get more tracks than the CD.

If anyone out there knows it and wants to comment on it, please do.

"Laughter & Forgetting" is one of my top 5 favourite songs ever. I'll take that one to my grave, thanks.

I am not Ted Nugent (Bimble...), Sunday, 10 September 2006 17:20 (fourteen years ago) link

it was a big part my my formative years too! i think i bought it on release day after saving up my pocket money in advance. the whole idea of having a vocal album then an instumental one stuck me, at 15, as utterly exciting and avant-garde, haha. the track that still sticks with me is "gone to earth" itself. i think i was excited by the dissonance and still am!

jed_ (jed), Sunday, 10 September 2006 17:43 (fourteen years ago) link

This album is now over 20 yeas old, it was released around the same time as another remarkable landmark album the debut from Throwing Muses.


I am sure Sounds magazine gave Gone to Earth a 5 stars review.

DJ Martian (djmartian), Sunday, 10 September 2006 17:58 (fourteen years ago) link

it came out in 1986 so i suppose i was 13 or 14 when it came out, these details are important now!

jed_ (jed), Sunday, 10 September 2006 18:04 (fourteen years ago) link

bimble, it's available as a two CD set now so you get all the stuff on sides 3 and 4.

fortunate hazel (f. hazel), Sunday, 10 September 2006 18:08 (fourteen years ago) link

Ah, youth! Brilliant Trees Gone to Earth and Secrets were so important to me, I guess Brilliant Trees the most because that was the first one I heard when in college in late 1980s. The tortured croon the cryptic lyrics the funky rhythms Czukay's tapes the first-class musicianship...wow! Some of the best "420" music around, too...

Iago Galdston (Iago), Sunday, 10 September 2006 20:39 (fourteen years ago) link

One more thing-check out the great clip of DS doing Orpheus on You Tube with David Torn on guitar, Mark Isham on flugelhorn...transplendent!

Iago Galdston (Iago), Sunday, 10 September 2006 20:52 (fourteen years ago) link

i finally checked out of a few of his earlier solo albs (i.e. not the ones from the past 10 years) and although i see precisely what folks like about them and i found moments of beauty, they were much more...dated than i had expected. some really awkward rhythm sections among other things.

Amateur(ist) (Amateur(ist)), Sunday, 10 September 2006 21:37 (fourteen years ago) link

"Awkward" rhythm sections? I take it you haven't heard his band Japan?

Patrick South (Patrick South), Monday, 11 September 2006 00:33 (fourteen years ago) link

Wait a minute, what exactly is the problem with his rhythm sections? And re: Japan, wasn't Mick Karn some kind of bass maestro? Can't remember who the drummer was, but I take it you are questioning amateurist, P. South?

Iago Galdston (Iago), Monday, 11 September 2006 00:57 (fourteen years ago) link

Wait a minute, what exactly is the problem with his rhythm sections?

i dunno, there's a weird vintage-80s pop-bass white-funk thing that doesn't jibe with the rest of the arrangement a lot of the time.

i wasn't thinking of japan... just his solo records...

Amateur(ist) (Amateur(ist)), Monday, 11 September 2006 00:59 (fourteen years ago) link

Good definition of the sound, yes, white-funk very much and I understand what you say particularly with Brilliant Trees...Gone to Earth is pretty 80s sounding in retrospect but in a different way. Secrets of Beehive hasn't dated a bit

Iago Galdston (Iago), Monday, 11 September 2006 01:22 (fourteen years ago) link

Oh fucking hell, DJ Martian don't get me started on early Throwing Muses! What are you trying to do to me! Jesus!

Yes let's pull out Secrets of the Beehive.

Anyway I have Joy Division's Closer playing at full volume "Colony". But no one cares. Anyway...

This is a David Sylvian thread. And some bastard is smoking cigarettes outside and I want to kill them. But the 'rettes will do it for me.

I am not Ted Nugent (Bimble...), Monday, 11 September 2006 02:02 (fourteen years ago) link

Oh god you guys say Gone To Earth is available on a proper double CD? OH MY FUCKING GOD. Please kill me now.

I am not Ted Nugent (Bimble...), Monday, 11 September 2006 02:03 (fourteen years ago) link

Look doesn't you people understand that Bill NELSON was on it? Please kill me now!

I am not Ted Nugent (Bimble...), Monday, 11 September 2006 02:04 (fourteen years ago) link

Sorry, really it's Joy Division's Closer at full volume that has done this to me. I can't go to work tomorrow. I can't.

I am not Ted Nugent (Bimble...), Monday, 11 September 2006 02:05 (fourteen years ago) link

DJ Martian, you're going to make me pull out the first Throwing Muses and it's all your fault.

I am not Ted Nugent (Bimble...), Monday, 11 September 2006 02:17 (fourteen years ago) link

Look, I told you I can't go to work tomorrow. I'm going to call in sick. I can't do it.

I am not Ted Nugent (Bimble...), Monday, 11 September 2006 02:20 (fourteen years ago) link

i was waiting for years for them to re-release gone to earth as a double disc set, i always played sides 3 and 4, rarely 1 and 2. although silver moon is pretty great!

fortunate hazel (f. hazel), Monday, 11 September 2006 03:18 (fourteen years ago) link

When I ordered the reissue of Gone to Earth I got two CD1s so I complained to Amazon and they just sent me whole new one. So I have 3 disc ones!

Patrick South (Patrick South), Monday, 11 September 2006 04:10 (fourteen years ago) link

Wait, I'm getting confused now. Was Czukay somehow on these first three Sylvian albums somewhere? Holy fucking shit he was on Brilliant Trees wasn't he? **Faints**

Can were barely a glimmer in my eye when I first bought that album. I mean Can meant nothing to me. Wow.

I am not Ted Nugent (Bimble...), Monday, 11 September 2006 08:58 (fourteen years ago) link

This album has Robert Fripp's most annoying guitar playing ever. All that parpsome soloing on the last track - dear oh dear. I'm quite fond of the thing as a whole, though, particularly disc 2. And "Wave" is rather swoonworthy.

LC (Damian), Monday, 11 September 2006 11:54 (fourteen years ago) link

Yeah fucking "Wave" is swoonworthy! Are you kidding? of course it is!

I am not Ted Nugent (Bimble...), Monday, 11 September 2006 12:07 (fourteen years ago) link

four years pass...

Gave this a spin in light of the recent "Brilliant Trees" poll. Yes, it's got Mr. Nelson and Mr. Fripp all over it, but it still comes in behind "Secrets" and "Trees" as far as his 80s solo albums are concerned. The tunes just aren't as memorable. Don't get me wrong, I still think it's damn good though.

Gerald McBoing-Boing, Monday, 30 May 2011 02:57 (nine years ago) link

Not to mention "Alchemy" - I think I've played that more than GTE.

Gerald McBoing-Boing, Monday, 30 May 2011 02:58 (nine years ago) link

Laughter and Forgetting and Silver Moon kill me....

Iago Galdston, Monday, 30 May 2011 04:05 (nine years ago) link

Interesting timing...picked this up for a dollar yesterday.

sam500, Monday, 30 May 2011 06:10 (nine years ago) link

No can't enthuse about this as much as SOTB or BT...still pretty great and 'Before The Bullfight" is quite lovely...

The Pastiche Liberation Front (sonnyboy), Monday, 30 May 2011 07:58 (nine years ago) link

Amazingly enough I discovered this album from seeing the "Silver Moon" video on VH1.

Hideous Lump, Monday, 30 May 2011 17:35 (nine years ago) link

nine years pass...

Excellent nightly writing music.

Patriotic Goiter (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Tuesday, 13 October 2020 02:27 (two weeks ago) link

one of the first albums I always put on when the weather changes in the fall!

avellano medio ingl├ęs (f. hazel), Tuesday, 13 October 2020 02:36 (two weeks ago) link

This may be the best album he ever did. The most impressive thing is how the vocal and the instrumental disc work together as one piece you can listen to entirely in sequence, not merely discrete "pop" and "ambient" records. Despite the differences, it's as if "the story continues" from one part to the other, like in 2001. Partly this continuity is due to Fripp and Nelson playing lead guitar on both halves.

Emotionally, the songs are sunnier than on his other albums. The instrumentals are also unusual in his body of work in that they are mostly based on chord changes or melodic sequences. There isn't any of the quasi-tribal rhythm from Alchemy or the Czukay collaborations.

Halfway there but for you, Tuesday, 13 October 2020 03:52 (two weeks ago) link

it rules

brimstead, Tuesday, 13 October 2020 03:59 (two weeks ago) link

I can listen to this all night.

Patriotic Goiter (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Wednesday, 14 October 2020 02:11 (two weeks ago) link

the ambient half of this album is like, one of my favorite things ever.

pop half not bad either.

Totally different head. Totally. (Austin), Wednesday, 14 October 2020 04:22 (two weeks ago) link

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