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Hello, I am a ninth grade student and I am doing a science research project on musical interest based on age. To gather data for this project I have created an online poll.

I would greatly appreciate if you could take less than a minute to simply vote for your favourite type of music. Just make sure to select the appropriate age group you belong to.

Thank you very much for your help, here is the link of the poll:

aimee leen (happyhippo), Sunday, 21 May 2006 21:55 (fifteen years ago) link

Dear aimee,

ask your teachers to explain to you the potential flaws in a sample based on a stupid internet poll.


Brian Furry (noodle vague), Sunday, 21 May 2006 21:58 (fifteen years ago) link

Salsa/Reggaeton, 40.

Rockist_Scientist (RSLaRue), Sunday, 21 May 2006 22:16 (fifteen years ago) link

what a narrow range of musical genres!

lf (lfam), Monday, 22 May 2006 00:20 (fifteen years ago) link

I am not going to demand stuff like "Reggaeton", but how about at least including this funny little genre called pop in your survey? :)

Geir Hongro (GeirHong), Monday, 22 May 2006 00:23 (fifteen years ago) link

Hahaha "Enter your question"

Abbadavid Berman (Hurting), Monday, 22 May 2006 00:42 (fifteen years ago) link

For maximum fractionalization, please include as many subgenres that will be indistiguishable to non-fans as possible. To wit:

Death metal, speed metal, thrash metal, doom metal, dark metal, stoner metal, nu-metal, hair metal, glam metal, pop metal, corn metal, rabbit metal, cyber metal, floor metal, underpants metal, combination metal, vegetable metal, smurf metal, metric metal and daughter metal.

I hate you, Aimee and everything you stand for.

Shoes say, yeah, no hands clap your good bra. (goodbra), Monday, 22 May 2006 01:17 (fifteen years ago) link

I'm terribly sorry you feel that way libcrypt.
I on the other hand, do not hate myself, and I do not hate what i stand for.
From now on, I would like to say that I am only accepting constructive criticism. As I see it, if you don't have anything nice to say, do not say anything at all.
Also, I would like to apologize for the small range of genre's, however, I would also like to explain that there are so few genre's because my partner and I could not find a free poll website that would allow us to have more than 20 answers, and an area to put your age in. I am quite sorry.

It seems as if the link in my original post is not working, so here is the new link. Please revote. Thank you for your time,

happyhippo (happyhippo), Wednesday, 24 May 2006 22:08 (fifteen years ago) link

Mrssnaffleburgers sounds like an interesting musical genre.
"Mrs. Snaffleburgers" xpost

Okay, this has GOT to be a put on.

Forksclovetofu (Forksclovetofu), Wednesday, 24 May 2006 22:16 (fifteen years ago) link

I don't have anything nice to say.

scnnr drkly (scnnr drkly), Wednesday, 24 May 2006 22:18 (fifteen years ago) link

Rap and hip-hop may be related to "pop" today, it sure wasn't in the past.

Geir Hongro (GeirHong), Wednesday, 24 May 2006 22:21 (fifteen years ago) link

For posterity, here's the quiz:

This is a poll that will determine what music appeals most to certain age groups, based on the percieved music complexity. Please make sure to select the appropriate age group you belong to. If your favourite genre is not listed below, please choose the next most appealing genre. Thank you.

Musical Interest: Which type of music do you like best?

Rap/Hip hop/Pop ages 8-15
Rock/Blues ages 8-15
Country ages 8-15
Jazz ages 8-15
Classical ages 8-15
Rap/Hip hop/Pop ages 16-25
Rock/Blues ages 16-25
Country ages 16-25
Jazz ages 16-25
Classical ages 16-25
Rap/Hip hop/Pop ages 26-40
Rock/Blues ages 26-40
Country ages 26-40
Jazz ages 26-40
Classical ages 26-40
Rap/Hip hop/Pop ages 40+
Rock/Blues ages 40+
Country ages 40+
Jazz ages 40+
Classical ages 40+

View Results

Forksclovetofu (Forksclovetofu), Wednesday, 24 May 2006 22:21 (fifteen years ago) link

That is, it would probably make more sense to call the genre "mainstream pop" rather than rap/hip-hop. Mind you, there was no rap nor hip-hop in the 70s, and hardly any in the early 80s.

Geir Hongro (GeirHong), Wednesday, 24 May 2006 22:22 (fifteen years ago) link

Worst. Homework. Ever.

I Hate You Little Girls (noodle vague), Thursday, 25 May 2006 06:47 (fifteen years ago) link

where's the fucking techno, aimee?

Good Dog (Good Dog), Thursday, 25 May 2006 07:12 (fifteen years ago) link

You've riled Geir, I can tell..

mark grout (mark grout), Thursday, 25 May 2006 07:18 (fifteen years ago) link

Rock/Blues is winning, 75%...

mark grout (mark grout), Thursday, 25 May 2006 07:19 (fifteen years ago) link

Rock/Blues is winning, 66% (My bad math)

mark grout (mark grout), Thursday, 25 May 2006 07:19 (fifteen years ago) link

i was forced to vote for rock/blues :(

Good Dog (Good Dog), Thursday, 25 May 2006 07:30 (fifteen years ago) link

where's the fucking techno, aimee?

So true! Or at least a generic 'dance' or even 'club' catagory.

As it is I went for rap/hip hop/pop 26-40 which is a bizarre reduction. but there you go!

Maybe you should do another poll?

Chewshabadoo (Chewshabadoo), Thursday, 25 May 2006 09:09 (fifteen years ago) link

A professional market researcher writes:

I think these are good categories with a couple of caveats:

- Rock/Blues and Country could be combined, if Rap/Hip-Hop/Pop are.
- this would give you a chance to put in another age break, 8-15 covers some big taste-shifts generally. Maybe under 12, 12-19, 20-29, 30-45, 45+?

Tom (Groke), Thursday, 25 May 2006 09:14 (fifteen years ago) link

I'd rather have changed the categories to

- Mainstream pop
- Mainstream rock
- Underground/indie pop/rock
- Urban/R&B/Hip-hop

Geir Hongro (GeirHong), Thursday, 25 May 2006 11:06 (fifteen years ago) link

Thanks for the help Tom and Geir!

I have to admit that this was put together rather hastily, as we were only given about a week to do a really good job.

The next time I do something like this i'll keep your helpful hints in minde.

happyhippo (happyhippo), Wednesday, 31 May 2006 22:54 (fifteen years ago) link

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