the Weldon Irvine thread

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scott seward just bought a few. he loves em. mullygrubbr and i know we should have some in our collection but don't. i've only ever heard "We Gettin' Down" because it's on the Tribe Vibes (the Tribe Called Quest Samples). kenan LOVES that song. scott says Shuggie Otis is a hack and Irvine is the real thing.

what's really good?

[that bastard] jaxon (jaxon), Wednesday, 15 June 2005 22:15 (twelve years ago) Permalink

wax poetics put him on the cover (i think i have that issue at home, should read it)

[that bastard] jaxon (jaxon), Wednesday, 15 June 2005 22:17 (twelve years ago) Permalink

and yesterday's new quintet did a tribute album to him (but that would make me not want it actually)

[that bastard] jaxon (jaxon), Wednesday, 15 June 2005 22:22 (twelve years ago) Permalink

i have only ever heard two tracks by him.

mullygrubbr (bulbs), Wednesday, 15 June 2005 22:23 (twelve years ago) Permalink

they were kinda schmoove glidy synthy groovy jazfunky things. i didn't get what the fuss was. are yours like that scott?

mullygrubbr (bulbs), Wednesday, 15 June 2005 22:25 (twelve years ago) Permalink

they are like that, gaz. and i am fussing over them. they just hit the spot for me right now. if you are a fan of spacedout funky synth/keyboards you GOTTA hear his stuff. nice arrangements, nice horns, suitably cosmic slowjam funkhippie vocalizing(on some cuts, but not the majority). i was just being mean about shuggie. he just never did anything for me.

so anyway, i picked up three BMG vinyl reissues (from the 90's, maybe? were acidjazz freeks begging for them? probably.) Sinbad (which is good), Spirit Man (which is very good. "songs with best titles are best songs" rule applies here. "pogo stick", blast off", and "jungle juice" are the cool cuts.), and Cosmic Vortex(Justice Divine) (which is very very good. lotsa great breaks and percussion and whackajawhacka bim bap thump thump space station sativa yumminess. i dig it. and it's the one i would tell people to get if they see it. but if you like jazzyfunky mostly instrumental groove action from the 70's then you will want to at least hear all of these. they are fun to play.)

Okay, Jaxon, now this thread will disappear into the eeeeeeeeether!!!!! it was fun while it lasted. the cover shot on spirit man, wow, he shoulda been huge. or a cult leader. i woulda drank his kool-aid. hypnotic shit right there.

scott seward (scott seward), Thursday, 16 June 2005 00:56 (twelve years ago) Permalink

and this thread STILL did better than my larry young/dexter wansel battle royale:

Taking Sides: Spaceball By Larry Young's Fuel -vs- Life On Mars By Dexter Wansel

scott seward (scott seward), Thursday, 16 June 2005 01:02 (twelve years ago) Permalink

ok i want to hear them now. and spaceball. and life on mars.

mullygrubbr (bulbs), Thursday, 16 June 2005 01:33 (twelve years ago) Permalink

omg, scott, i never saw that thread. i just bought Spaceball in April in NY (prolly spent too much on it though). i fucking LOVE that song that starts out a capella weirdness. also, i've been looking for that Life on Mars record for a few months. i downloaded a few tracks off it recently and fell in love. (see the What is Underrated thread on the noize board)

[that bastard] jaxon (jaxon), Thursday, 16 June 2005 01:47 (twelve years ago) Permalink

He wrote "Sister Sanctified"!! as sampled by Boogie Down Productions on "My Philosophy", one of my favorite samples of all time. Actually I think that version was by Stanley Turrentine, but the original was by Weldon. Did Weldon play on that Turrentine version? I dunno, don't have the original lp, only have it on UB&B. Rick & JP from DustyGroove are massive Weldon fans, I've always meant to pick up more of his stuff...

Stormy Davis (diamond), Thursday, 16 June 2005 03:48 (twelve years ago) Permalink

so basically we all think we'd rate him if we could be arsed finding music by him. except scott.

mullygrubbr (bulbs), Thursday, 16 June 2005 03:51 (twelve years ago) Permalink

gawd dammit. i hate being broke. dustygroove has Liberated Brother for $6.99 on cd. i also hate buying things online. i'm spending a fuckload when i'm in chicago in august and finally have some money saved.

[that bastard] jaxon (jaxon), Thursday, 16 June 2005 04:35 (twelve years ago) Permalink

seven months pass...
finally got my hands on Spirit Man. duper good.

team jaxon (jaxon), Friday, 10 February 2006 01:20 (twelve years ago) Permalink

and seriously, what scott says about drinking his kool aid

team jaxon (jaxon), Friday, 10 February 2006 01:25 (twelve years ago) Permalink

one year passes...


omar little, Tuesday, 25 September 2007 22:17 (ten years ago) Permalink

nine years pass...

Only a matter of time before someone reissues The Sisters?

Federico Boswarlos, Saturday, 9 September 2017 21:45 (eight months ago) Permalink

Seriously though: his catalogue has got to be one of the most unjustly neglected around.

I was lucky to grab Liberated Brother and Time Capsule on CD from Dusty Groove ages ago when they had them for like eight dollars each way back when. And then the RCA albums on vinyl as well.

But man, those are all peak soul jazz records.

he doesn't need to be racist about it though. (Austin), Saturday, 9 September 2017 22:21 (eight months ago) Permalink

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