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I like the two Scenic albums from the mid 90s, but the dozen or so MP3s I've heard from the guitarist's 80s band, Savage Republic sound VERY interesting. It's hard to piece together the different styles and their discography. What should I look for on CD?

Curt, Wednesday, 30 January 2002 01:00 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

Also, did Scenic ever release a 3rd album? AMG describes a 1999 EP as a teaser for an "expected" 2000 full-length.

Curt, Wednesday, 30 January 2002 01:00 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

Foundry were meant to release a Scenic album last year but appear to have gone belly-up.

electric sound of jim, Wednesday, 30 January 2002 01:00 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

Apparently the third Scenic LP is done or almost done. I don't know what the hold up is. Love the first and second records, especially the second.

Savage Republic were pretty spotty, but when they were on, they were on. To me, they're definitely one of the under-recognized post- rock precursors. Somewhere in the early 23 Skidoo, early PiL, This Heat, Neubauten neck of the woods. Almost pigfuck -- maybe swinefondle, heheh -- with occasional barbaric screaming. Ceremonial and Tragic Figures are the best places to go. Most everything has just been reissued in GORGEOUS packaging; Ceremonial now comes w/ the Trudge EP.

Andy K, Wednesday, 30 January 2002 01:00 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

That last comment is right on. A lot of the Savage Republic I've heard can be grating. But the good stuff is amazing, and even the bad stuff has fab guitar stuff going on. I'd recommend Tragic Figures. They also did a completely tremendous cover of "Viva La Rock and roll" by um, alternative tv (maybe?) that is probably their finest moment.

dave k, Thursday, 31 January 2002 01:00 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

savage republic, you'd probably do well to buy the first (tragic figures) and continue in chronological order. look around for the vinyl 2x10" of early live performances as well, it has extended versions of tracks from the first album and the packaging is as usual amazing.

your null fame, Thursday, 31 January 2002 01:00 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

one year passes...
Grating is great, unless your Sightings and all you do is grate. Then you suck.
"Rapeman's First EP" from Customs- what is the meaning of this? A dig at Albini?

Shaun (shaun), Thursday, 13 November 2003 04:15 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Grating is great, unless your Sightings and all you do is grate. Then you suck


Odd how this thread wasn't revived in the wake of the reunion shows last year, but there must be another one. Damn good shows they were too!

Ned Raggett (Ned), Thursday, 13 November 2003 04:18 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

four years pass...

savage republic are back together again. my band is opening for them January 4th at Cafe du Nord in SF. anyone in the area, please come!

akm, Sunday, 9 December 2007 02:48 (ten years ago) Permalink

I still listen to Tragic Figures. Great, timeless album.

I've gotten to know the guitarist pretty well and he is a swell guy. Perhaps I am biased because he always wears a Point Line Plane shirt (my old band) whenever I see him.

Unfortunately the reunion show I saw was awful. But I think the lineup (and rehearsal schedule) has changed since then.

Nate Carson, Sunday, 9 December 2007 02:57 (ten years ago) Permalink

scenic's aquatica is a really boring album

kamerad, Sunday, 9 December 2007 03:34 (ten years ago) Permalink

nine years pass...

Bruce Licher's got a Bandcamp site up for a few scattered but intriguing experiments


Newest one released today -- all quite good!

Ned Raggett, Saturday, 15 July 2017 03:14 (ten months ago) Permalink

No love for Democratique et Populaire de Sauvage? I love that album's droney, doomy relentlesness. A precursor to my BJM/Dead Skeletons/Cave/Disappears adoration.

bumbling my way toward the light or wahtever (hardcore dilettante), Saturday, 15 July 2017 05:45 (ten months ago) Permalink

I loved listening to Jamahiriya while tripping because of the textures in the sound.

Stevolende, Saturday, 15 July 2017 07:55 (ten months ago) Permalink

Quite liked the rest of the stuff i heard by them starting with Tragic figures which I picked up with the French sleeve in a Rough Trade sale. Think I'd seen some of their work reviewed in the NME.

I saw them in 1988 with Brad Laner on drums but the line up was falling apart. They had to get a mnember fo the support band to play drums in Birmingham.

I wrote this back in the mid 00ies with a lot of band input

Stevolende, Saturday, 15 July 2017 09:20 (ten months ago) Permalink

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