the Shiina Ringo thread

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ok who's with me?

milton parker (Jon L), Thursday, 17 March 2005 22:50 (twelve years ago) Permalink

I am even though I can never ever remember any album or song titles.

adam (adam), Thursday, 17 March 2005 22:53 (twelve years ago) Permalink

That first track of that one album bangs.

Jordan (Jordan), Thursday, 17 March 2005 22:56 (twelve years ago) Permalink

the first track is 'Shuukyou' and the one album is Karuki Zamen Kuri no Hana, which translates to 'chlorine, semen, chestnut flower', it sold half a million copies in japan and was considered a commercial disappointment because she usually goes multi-platinum.

my favorite pop album of this decade so far by a wide margin.

milton parker (Jon L), Thursday, 17 March 2005 23:13 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Yo that's the one I'm talking about.

adam (adam), Thursday, 17 March 2005 23:22 (twelve years ago) Permalink

I think "Honnou" (which translates as "instinct") from 2000 was a brilliant single, and has some truly amazing instrumental production. Her first album, Muzai Moritorium, had some good stuff but was a tad too Alanis Morissette-influenced. I have a vague recollection of being underwhelmed by Ze-Chyou Syuu, but it's been a couple years since last I listened. Haven't heard Karuki Zamen Kuri no Hana.

jdconsidine, Thursday, 17 March 2005 23:24 (twelve years ago) Permalink

i'm with you (from that other thread that you started(?!))

gygax! (gygax!), Thursday, 17 March 2005 23:28 (twelve years ago) Permalink

you're right about the Alanis influence on the first album, especially when she sings in english. there's only one song I really love from the first album: 'Tsumiki Asobi'. Ze-Chyou Syuu is a bizarre 3 disc set of 3" singles, odds and ends, nothing much (I like two songs).

she reinvented herself completely for Kuruki. it's like trying to compare The Kick Inside to The Dreaming.

milton parker (Jon L), Thursday, 17 March 2005 23:31 (twelve years ago) Permalink

i think the alanis influence holds formally (and even not completely there) but the tones and modes of the two are quite different. shiina was always sort of irreverent, with a slight hand in tricked out studio-as-instrument stuff or oddball image/sound appropriations, never too 'earthy' of a rock auteur figure. her new tokyo jihen project is supposedly just settling into 'playing song with a good band' but its still quite chock-full of little sonic gizmos/surprises.

milton have you heard the double cover song album? it's stylistically all over the map, even for her... it wasn't that much of a leap to hear kuruki turn out how it did at the time, like she drew in all the incompatible tangents and made it messily/wonderfully work.

xcixxorx, Thursday, 17 March 2005 23:40 (twelve years ago) Permalink

the opening of 'Kokode Kiss Shite' on the first album is the closest she gets to Alanis.

I heard KSK and worked backwards; her second album Shoso Strip is my 2nd favorite. Each of her records were progressively further out, so KSK isn't really a reinvention, it was a straight line but not the ones her mainstream fans imagined.

I wasn't sold on her double cover album, the production was slightly more mainstream jpop, but the song selection was beautifully all over the place, singing in french/german/english/japanese, and there are a couple songs I really love. 'Haiiro no hitomi' is great.

milton parker (Jon L), Friday, 18 March 2005 00:10 (twelve years ago) Permalink

there was this slightly ominous interview i read somewhere re: how being a large solo artist took a large toll on her, how she always wanted to settle into a good band but got stretched out as this massive persona. it makes me wonder if the "further out" lineage was aligned with some kind of major-label mental neurosis steadily closing in. her last video showed her various incarnations from all of her prior videos, ending with a B&W 'naked' shot of her, like she was cleansed of all that. then she had the mole above the side of her lip surgically removed as some physical manifestation of the theme.

xcixxorx, Friday, 18 March 2005 00:20 (twelve years ago) Permalink

maybe it was pre-cancerous!

gygax! (gygax!), Friday, 18 March 2005 00:21 (twelve years ago) Permalink

haha, the video actually has a CGi mole flying around and she named her concert DVD "electric mole".

xcixxorx, Friday, 18 March 2005 00:25 (twelve years ago) Permalink

that's the video for Ringo No Uta, the followup EP to KSK -- 3 track CD / DVD with the video. the last song is a collage containing a brief sample of almost every song she's ever recorded.

it was apparently her final solo release, the concept of which is a mini-career retrospective. she's since joined the band Tokyo Jihen (same band she toured KSK with, documented on the Electric Mole DVD, live at Budokan. The album doesn't translate to stadium rock too well, I don't like these live versions -- though there is a very very strange short film with Ringo backstage after the show at the end)

milton parker (Jon L), Friday, 18 March 2005 00:45 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Has she recorded anything recently? Karuki Zamen Kuri no Hana is really a stunning album, my favorite of this decade so far and I'd really like to hear more from her solo artist or not.

Ryan WS (fffv), Friday, 18 March 2005 00:48 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Tokyo Jihen really grew on me after being a bit underwhelmed at first. i love all her stuff really. i even love that corny song she does with Utada on the cover album.

only problem with Karuki Zamen Kuri no Hana is that it is too short. easily one of my favorite pop albums ever.

ryan (ryan), Friday, 18 March 2005 00:57 (twelve years ago) Permalink

there is a sort of chaotic aspect to much of her music that i think was missing a bit from Karuki, so it's nice to see it come back with TJ

ryan (ryan), Friday, 18 March 2005 00:59 (twelve years ago) Permalink

TJ definitely brings the rock side of things back. The whole album is sleazy and sloppy and it's the most overcompressed CD I've ever heard in my life, purposefully brittle and shallow. Very commercial by jpop standards.

'Sounan' is one of the best things she's ever done, and 'Laugh At Facts' is cool. Overall TJ leaves me a little cold but in context as a followup to her weirdest record it's an interesting move.

The things I like about her:
- amazing integration of traditional asian instruments in a rock context (something most jpop almost never does; it's against the rules, in pursuit of perfect emulative form)
- awareness of the japanese underground, her records are studio polished but unlike other jpop actually seem to have absorbed things like melt banana, otomo, merzbow (the very end of KSK sounds like Ground Zero's 'Consume Red')
- demented, extremely aggressive lyrics. no submission & brutal honesty that's completely absent in most other jpop

the first two have gone missing in TJ but the lyrics I've seen translated indicate that she's still raving.

milton parker (Jon L), Friday, 18 March 2005 01:15 (twelve years ago) Permalink

stiff writing in parts but solidly reasoned academic white paper:

milton parker (Jon L), Friday, 18 March 2005 01:20 (twelve years ago) Permalink

id be careful posing an antagonistic thing between her to Jpop, she's too anomalous. in this case that often does mean more interesting but its an entirely different set of terms despite the major label cash. and w/ plus tech squeeze box being reviewed by the wire, a lot of similarly-bananas (+mainstream) jpop could ostensibly get a blurb beside otomo yoshihide in terms of "underground edge" or whathaveyou.

xcixxorx, Friday, 18 March 2005 01:30 (twelve years ago) Permalink

You're right; although I just listed three oppositional qualities, the reason why she's so interesting is that she is so solidly Jpop, operating from within, she obviously identifies comfortably. An interview for TJ says she aspires to make the best in 'traditional japanese pop'; she _is_ traditional, she (and her bassist/producer Seiji Kameda) are just light years ahead.

Name more bananas mainstream Jpop! When I heard KSK I started looking for the recent good stuff...

milton parker (Jon L), Friday, 18 March 2005 01:37 (twelve years ago) Permalink

cant say i like that article. seems to be just another plea for avant garde rock saviors except through the cultural looking glass. by bananas jpop i mean stuff gwen stefani was excited about, not noise solos. W's second album, uh, "second W" for instance.

xcixxorx, Friday, 18 March 2005 01:47 (twelve years ago) Permalink

One of the more bizarre JPOP things I ever heard was a collaboration between Chara and Yuki (the Yuki from Judy and Mary) called "Ai no Hi Mitu Oranji" ("Loves Fire Three Oranges"). Full of Chamberlain gingerbread, breakbeats, steel drums and orchestral sweetening and topped by chirpy, impassioned singing. Definitely further out than Chara's usual; I've not heard enough of Yuki's solo stuff to know where to rank it in her ouevre.

Speaking of which, has anyone heard the new Yuki album?

jdconsidine, Friday, 18 March 2005 01:57 (twelve years ago) Permalink

I've heard the new Yuki album, but it didn't strike me very much. I need to listen again.

Hm, if you say that Chara/Yuki album has steel drums then I need to check that out as soon as possible.

Patrick South (Patrick South), Friday, 18 March 2005 02:22 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Sorry, not an album. "Ai no Hi.." is a single. A five-incher, mind, but a single nonetheless.

jdconsidine, Friday, 18 March 2005 02:55 (twelve years ago) Permalink

there's an mp3 of 'shuukyou' here (accompanied by some gushing prose and some early pictures of ringo in cute-mode, as well as a recent one in stabbed-mode

& posted 'ringo catalog' to the ilmxor blog (with multiple thanks to jody for hosting the file).

milton parker (Jon L), Thursday, 24 March 2005 01:20 (twelve years ago) Permalink

five months pass...
Fuck You

mista faka, Friday, 23 September 2005 13:57 (twelve years ago) Permalink

three months pass...
well then

Tokyo Incidents blog has translated list of every sample in 'Ringo Catalog'. I'm very impressed, and hadn't noticed that she mostly moves through the samples in chronological order.

there's a new album out next week. the band's new logo uses romanji, they're now officially 'Tokyo Incidents', and this single's 98% sung in english. and from the few songs I've heard, they've carefully removed every last bit of strangeness from the music; this comes across as a very mannered attempt to be nothing more than a slicked out, classy but fun pop band. I don't know, but we'll see.

new PV for tokyo jihen's 'kenka joutou', perhaps not the most striking first video impression (that'd be 'ringo no uta').

milton parker (Jon L), Wednesday, 18 January 2006 22:52 (eleven years ago) Permalink

really sad to hear that. hope it's good.

sean gramophone (Sean M), Wednesday, 18 January 2006 23:09 (eleven years ago) Permalink

me too

for anyone who didn't hear 'sounan (sickness)' from the first TJ album, here it is... the album itself may have been a slight letdown but this song is one of her best. serpentine melody, just when you're settling in to the 'normal' production, merzbow levels of distortion are _quietly_ added across the drums just to mess with your head. and the final drum & guitar showdown is pure fire.

milton parker (Jon L), Thursday, 19 January 2006 00:17 (eleven years ago) Permalink

so I've listened to the new album Adult twice.

well it's definitely true I wouldn't be giving this album much of a chance if it wasn't coming from the same person who'd done Chlorine, Semen, Chestnut Flower. if you know that it did, this becomes a very strange album entirely because you know just how much she's restraining herself. It's like she's decidedly choosing to be Happy now, if only for to protect her own health. And this is pretty fun stuff, well crafted & the group is so tight, it's hard for this not to grow on me -- but only in context with CSC. Which is an album I still can't seem to stop listening to.

The production is even more reigned in this time, the brash distortion, compression & noise of their first record is gone, as are the screaming fuzzboxed vocals. Some weird soundscapes & transitions, but everything's under control.

'Kenka Joutou' is a catchy song, I'm into it. In english and everything, it could be a hit if the label pushed it in the states.

milton parker (Jon L), Tuesday, 24 January 2006 21:58 (eleven years ago) Permalink

so that this isn't a one-person thread.....

i agree the album is mixed, too many "core ringo-fundamental" moments (which should be a paradox), laurel-resting and so on. the weird transitions are nice but then again CSC was like an entire body of continuous transition. you can stick a drum and bass coda on a complacent samba thing or whatever but it's ultimately just a mere trace.

that said, i like the increased use of jazz as a rhythmic element & i think the single is the best thing she's been involved w/ since her solo career. it's actually when the band members are on even grounding that things work for me (sorta what the shuraba video was implying). when the spotlight inevitably catches up, you get another ballad or lounge number that burns too slow too familiar.

)alex(, Tuesday, 24 January 2006 22:24 (eleven years ago) Permalink

hey xcixxorx

I definitely like how live they sound as a band, the sections where they just get to dig into their parts and cook sound great. They're such great musicians, the outros on a few of these songs are the parts where I get into it the most.

even if I'm mixed on it, I'm sad that I forgot to bring this to work today.

milton parker (Jon L), Tuesday, 24 January 2006 22:40 (eleven years ago) Permalink

three weeks pass...
ok I didn't see this coming, but I'm listening to adult about every other night now. that never happened with their debut album.

I'm still a little taken aback that I like this record, I never would have given it a chance if it were from anyone else. I don't like impeccably slicked out cabaret pop jazz, and that's the only real way to describe this, but they nailed what they were going for so beautifully that I just kind of have to hand it to them, this is a great album.

I was planning on buying the regular edition but Amoeba had the deluxe, and I'm glad I got it, the art design on the packaging is perfect, the fake ads for cologne -- is this irony? No, it's accurate, this music hides on its own beautiful surface.

the shiina videos are all on youtube now. most of them low-resolution, but 'meisai', 'identity' & 'tsumiki asobi', 'gibbs' are worth seeing, and her best videos 'ringo no uta' versions 1 & 2 are both hi-resolution.

milton parker (Jon L), Friday, 17 February 2006 06:54 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Karuki Zamen Kuri no Hana is killin' it hard right now. I'm also loving the live version of SDP's 'Konya Ha Boogie Back' she does with the crew and Utada.

BARMS, Friday, 17 February 2006 10:59 (eleven years ago) Permalink

three weeks pass...
ok I love Adult. can't stop listening to it. it's as good as Shoso Strip, it just takes longer to open up. initial complaints about the 'traditional' production and the lack of noise or asian instruments have evaporated.

a friend of mine who's obsessed with hollywood musicals, bob fosse productions etc. got this record the first time -- the idea of someone making a modern record in this style that isn't a museum piece completely blew her away.

KZK remains the most overwhelming, but a major reason why she hasn't caught on here yet is that she's moving too fast for critics to get a bead on.

in the pantheon of uncompromising, eccentric songwriters that really oversee their own production, 70's = joni mitchell, 80's = kate bush, 90's = bjork perhaps, 00's = shiina ringo, she's that huge

milton parker (Jon L), Sunday, 12 March 2006 00:07 (eleven years ago) Permalink


milton parker (Jon L), Sunday, 12 March 2006 00:08 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Adult is my favorite album of the year so far. Somehow, though, I never got into Shiina's solo albums. I'll check them out again, since I'm so taken with this one.

Patrick South (Patrick South), Sunday, 12 March 2006 02:24 (eleven years ago) Permalink

on her current stadium tour she's opening with Souretsu (final track on KZK) with a chorus of 100 children

The Feb.19th, 2006 [DOMESTIC! Virgin Line] concert was recorded and will be broadcast on SkyPerfectTV channel 721 (FujiTV 721) on March 25, from 11:00PM - 12:40AM. Don't forget to set your DVRs!

milton parker (Jon L), Monday, 13 March 2006 01:48 (eleven years ago) Permalink

four weeks pass...
Preliminary investigation suggests she is the major pop music figure of this decade, but I've only been listening to her for--what?--a week, and then only to online files. But I'll be buying some CDs soon enough.

Rockist_Scientist (RSLaRue), Tuesday, 11 April 2006 01:15 (eleven years ago) Permalink

love her. i really need to get off my ass and get Adult.

ryan (ryan), Tuesday, 11 April 2006 02:42 (eleven years ago) Permalink

'Yattsuke Shigoto' took me over a few weeks back. It's the most fitting song for travelling to work. 'Benkai Debussy' is ROCK.

Interestingly, she comes across as more of a female Cornelius than Takako Minekawa did.

BARMS, Tuesday, 11 April 2006 07:11 (eleven years ago) Permalink

>the major pop music figure of this decade

it's reassuring to hear anyone else say this, I think she's peerless.

if you've got the albums and want to start in on the DVDs, I'd recommend Baishou Ecstasy -- a 60 minute concert film where her performance in one auditorium is broadcast live by satelite to five other completely full theatres. the songs from KZK are redone as acoustic jazz cabaret songs by a 30 piece big band orchestra, and the songs just work -- she opens with an Edith Piaf cover, and like most of her concert films there's an extremely unsettling narrative twist at the end

I'm not as into the Electric Mole, which is Tokyo Jihen live at Budokan playing slicked out TJ versions of the KZK songs, though the Lynchian short film interludes are _really_ bizarre this time and there's a version of "Stem" that starts like Black Sabbath, plateaus like the Carpenters and ends exactly the same way as Sachiko M's sinewave solo on Ground-zero's Last-Concert album.

The videos are compiled on the Seiteki Healing series, volume three has the KZK clips. is my favorite fan site.

milton parker (Jon L), Tuesday, 11 April 2006 19:20 (eleven years ago) Permalink

it's reassuring to hear anyone else say this

Of course, I'm not sure how much comfort it should be coming from a not very popcentric* person like me, but it might even be true (or plausible, or whatever truth-like value you prefer).

I don't own anything yet, myself, but once I've moved into my new apartment, and maybe after I wait a month or two to deal with some other necessary purchases, then I will at least pick up Adult and Karuki Zamen Kuri no Hana.

*though hopefully not anti-pop.

Rockist_Scientist (RSLaRue), Tuesday, 11 April 2006 19:47 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Tokyo Jihen - Shuraba, live February 19, 2006:

milton parker (Jon L), Wednesday, 12 April 2006 04:39 (eleven years ago) Permalink

a female Cornelius

OK, now I am even more intrigued, although I also trust Milton's rave reviews. I was looking this stuff up on eBay the other day, seems that these CDs are reasonably available. I'll have to investigate.

sleeve (sleeve), Wednesday, 12 April 2006 04:43 (eleven years ago) Permalink

milton, that youtube video has me very intrigued.

so is it better to start with shiina ringo solo or with tokyo incident? or does it really matter?

A. Lingbert (A. Lingbert), Wednesday, 12 April 2006 08:17 (eleven years ago) Permalink

"Karuki Zamen Kuri no Hana" is arguably the masterpiece, dazzling arrangements, 4D sculpture production, possibly the peak of anything she's ever been involved w/. but...

I think Shiina made her name (in Japan) during the "Shouso Strip" period culminating w/ very popular nurse cosplay-parody video for 'Honnou'. I think there's the most tension there between charting rock star and widening weirdness palette.

It's also the period when most of her Cindy Shermanesque personas cropped up, sort of the dominant theme of her solo career. Before switching to T. Jihen there was 1) japanese ghost persona of 3rd & final album - death, 2) final song built entirely out of samples from her back catalog (link still above), & 3) a final video which chronologically travels through all her previous video roles.

)alex(, Wednesday, 12 April 2006 16:42 (eleven years ago) Permalink

thanks for the tips. i'll check her out further.

A. Lingbert (A. Lingbert), Wednesday, 12 April 2006 17:54 (eleven years ago) Permalink

I misposted upthread, that's 'Souretsu' live, not 'Shuraba'. it's a very different version of the final song on KZK.

imagine going to a stadium show and having that be the opening song.

what alex said. I like the Cindy Sherman reference, the song's lyrics are about an apple tree that longs to be human but settles for giving away her fruit at the end of each season -- sung by a person who keeps shifting through violently different personas, it's almost painful.

milton parker (Jon L), Wednesday, 12 April 2006 21:10 (eleven years ago) Permalink

it was def shiina ringo and there were like animated hills and i think a pinkish background?

laraaji p. henson (Stevie D(eux)), Friday, 19 August 2016 20:01 (one year ago) Permalink

I finally figured out what song the beginning of Kodoku no Atkatsuki reminds me, and it's really obvious, though I never knew the title of the song before: Rita Coolidge - Close the Window. (And no, the SR songs is not as good as that one which I've never especially liked but now have to at least grudgingly admire).

_Rudipherous_, Saturday, 20 August 2016 18:54 (one year ago) Permalink

two weeks pass...

Solo Ringo, 2014. Not sure whether or not it's been linked to before. Polished, but as with many of these performances I'm not sure how interested I'd be without familiarity with the back catalog. Heavy on the torch singer mask.

_Rudipherous_, Friday, 9 September 2016 21:16 (one year ago) Permalink

An A for her wardrobe.

_Rudipherous_, Friday, 9 September 2016 21:21 (one year ago) Permalink

three months pass...

And it's gone.

Still in love:

_Rudipherous_, Monday, 2 January 2017 04:24 (one year ago) Permalink

_Rudipherous_, Monday, 2 January 2017 04:29 (one year ago) Permalink

I thought you'd be posting last night's NYE TV Tokyo Jihen reunion. Cheesy even for her, still watched it.

Milton Parker, Monday, 2 January 2017 05:47 (one year ago) Permalink

How many reunion concerts will there be? Probably many.

I didn't know about it. How did you watch it? Online or through some cable/satelite channel?

_Rudipherous_, Monday, 2 January 2017 06:19 (one year ago) Permalink

it was only this one song, the single from that 2014 comp of her versions of the songs she'd written for other pop stars. the entire song is on youtube as well, but they made the image tiny to evade the bot police, so you can't really see the dancers' expressions (ayabambi were the dancers on her 2014 tour, before madonna bit them)

Milton Parker, Monday, 2 January 2017 07:37 (one year ago) Permalink

The Tokyo skyline looks so beautiful it almost makes me want to cry. (I'm pretty emotionally hair-trigger at the moment, however.)

But yes, I could do with less Vegas in her newer performances or however you want to describe it.

_Rudipherous_, Monday, 2 January 2017 15:15 (one year ago) Permalink

These are pretty fun, especially the one on the right:

_Rudipherous_, Monday, 2 January 2017 15:18 (one year ago) Permalink

two weeks pass...

TJ reunion already? ha

Nhex, Sunday, 22 January 2017 00:30 (eleven months ago) Permalink


_Rudipherous_, Sunday, 22 January 2017 00:33 (eleven months ago) Permalink

$hiina Ringo.

_Rudipherous_, Sunday, 22 January 2017 00:34 (eleven months ago) Permalink

i'm only mad she can't sell her way out here to the US

Nhex, Sunday, 22 January 2017 00:35 (eleven months ago) Permalink

two months pass...

New Megumi Hayashibara/Shiina Ringo - “Imawa no Shinigami”:

Kind of like it. Also some sort of Ringo Blue Ray/DVD due out in May.

_Rudipherous_, Sunday, 16 April 2017 14:56 (nine months ago) Permalink

Also, this Doughnuts Hole thing is pretty good (better than the one above, I think):

At work and can't really check for full version if it's out there.

_Rudipherous_, Sunday, 16 April 2017 20:03 (nine months ago) Permalink

On Tuesday, January 17, TBS will debut it’s new drama “Quartet“, which will feature a brand new theme song penned by Shiina Ringo. As is common with Ringo nowadays, it has once again been given to another artist, however, more interestingly, this artist is a ‘limited unit’ just for the show called “Doughnuts Hole“. The group consists of members Takako Matsu, Mitsushima Hikari, Issei Takahaski and Ryuuhei Matsuda. The song “Otono no Okite” is arranged by Ringo and Saito Neko and features players HZM, Saito Neko Quartet, Yuya Tamura and Uni Inoue. Read further to see promotional images of Doughnuts Hole and trailer for “Quartet”.

_Rudipherous_, Sunday, 16 April 2017 20:06 (nine months ago) Permalink

I'm probably just desperate for a new Ringo fix. I think maybe I like the first collaboration better after all. Is there more to the second song or is that really it in its complete form?

_Rudipherous_, Monday, 17 April 2017 02:31 (eight months ago) Permalink

The first video is kind of Irohanihoheto meets Killer Tune, meets the usual partial disrobing.

_Rudipherous_, Monday, 17 April 2017 16:32 (eight months ago) Permalink

She loves metronomes.

_Rudipherous_, Monday, 17 April 2017 21:42 (eight months ago) Permalink

I like both! I have a lot of time for Shiina Ringo but not everything she does appeals to me, so this is good news.

emil.y, Monday, 17 April 2017 22:17 (eight months ago) Permalink

happened across some clips of the 2015 one-off 'Mangarama' show. cool to see Uki & HZM in the same lineup & good on the KZK/Shoso songs.

lots of clips of the 2014 and expo 08 shows currently up as well. fairly vegas, but never completely, given her cobwebbed antlers and all

Milton Parker, Wednesday, 19 April 2017 09:02 (eight months ago) Permalink

those are a nice find, thanks

ufo, Wednesday, 19 April 2017 09:40 (eight months ago) Permalink

two weeks pass...

Oh shit. Just checking these out now. First one is pretty good so far.

_Rudipherous_, Wednesday, 3 May 2017 19:47 (eight months ago) Permalink

Like good good, not "well kinda nice to hear from her and it's not that bad" except I'm not into this guy talking so much as part of the song. But check it out. I think you are going to like it.

_Rudipherous_, Wednesday, 3 May 2017 19:48 (eight months ago) Permalink

_Rudipherous_, Wednesday, 3 May 2017 19:48 (eight months ago) Permalink

Maybe I will replace my TV.

_Rudipherous_, Wednesday, 3 May 2017 19:49 (eight months ago) Permalink

I'm being self-indulgent today and have earbuds in. Very caught up on work at the moment. Perfect timing. Need to hear that again, now. I guess that was Soil & Pimp? I don't know their names. Maybe not. Bit of a Jihen presence as well. The usual.

_Rudipherous_, Wednesday, 3 May 2017 19:51 (eight months ago) Permalink

But better than the usual has been.

_Rudipherous_, Wednesday, 3 May 2017 19:51 (eight months ago) Permalink

A true giant.

_Rudipherous_, Wednesday, 3 May 2017 19:52 (eight months ago) Permalink

Maybe this is an old song? I don't recognize it, but I'm sure I've lost track of some of her projects here and there at this point.

_Rudipherous_, Wednesday, 3 May 2017 19:58 (eight months ago) Permalink


_Rudipherous_, Wednesday, 3 May 2017 20:03 (eight months ago) Permalink

Oh wait, so this is from the Mangarama show Milton mentioned?

_Rudipherous_, Wednesday, 3 May 2017 20:05 (eight months ago) Permalink

Ukigumo looking rather Frippish (if not sounding it).

_Rudipherous_, Wednesday, 3 May 2017 20:14 (eight months ago) Permalink

I like the first two videos the best, from that link above. I overreacted as usual. It's still current Shiina performance-wise, but that first one especially is exceptional.

_Rudipherous_, Wednesday, 3 May 2017 20:31 (eight months ago) Permalink

Yeah, don't miss:

_Rudipherous_, Wednesday, 3 May 2017 20:41 (eight months ago) Permalink

Still watching that last video.

_Rudipherous_, Thursday, 4 May 2017 04:34 (eight months ago) Permalink

It gets kind of pseudo- Kuki Electric Mole version for a few seconds, somehow.

_Rudipherous_, Thursday, 4 May 2017 04:38 (eight months ago) Permalink

Her little dance is actually pretty good, no?

_Rudipherous_, Thursday, 4 May 2017 05:11 (eight months ago) Permalink

haha yes. what is that song from? is it new?

Nhex, Tuesday, 16 May 2017 01:06 (eight months ago) Permalink

New jazz arrangement of Netsuai Hakkakuchu. Much much better than the studio Nakata-produced single from a few years ago.

Milton Parker, Tuesday, 16 May 2017 08:03 (eight months ago) Permalink

looking that up and realized there was a second Shiina album of self-covers that she wrote for other people...

Nhex, Tuesday, 16 May 2017 08:58 (eight months ago) Permalink

six months pass...


Not bad for this sort of thing.

New album? Nobody is keeping me up to date.

_Rudipherous_, Wednesday, 13 December 2017 23:06 (one month ago) Permalink

More theme music apparently.

_Rudipherous_, Wednesday, 13 December 2017 23:11 (one month ago) Permalink

... another self-cover album?

Nhex, Wednesday, 13 December 2017 23:15 (one month ago) Permalink

Yeah, I guess. I only skimmed that review but it sounds like the album is self-covers.

_Rudipherous_, Wednesday, 13 December 2017 23:17 (one month ago) Permalink

Shiina Ringo actually died several years ago, but an incredible Japanese AI experiment has taken her place, producing almost believable imitations of her songwriting.

_Rudipherous_, Wednesday, 13 December 2017 23:29 (one month ago) Permalink

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