Where is the love for the ***ing THOMPSON TWINS??

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Nuff said. Great band. Often used by clueless people as an example of why the 80s suck (which is double clueless because 1. the 80s were great - at least the first half 2. Thompson Twins were one of the greatest acts of the early 80s)

Geir Hongro (GeirHong), Monday, 7 March 2005 21:51 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

They're in eternal dudsville for their atrocious live sneering cover of The Beatles' "Revolution" on Band Aid.

(that said, I think "Hold Me Now" and "Doctor! Doctor!" were great. and I liked "Lies" because it was basically a rip-off of "Low Rider".. and the video was funny and scary, especially when Alannah Myles' floating head would jump towards you.. she's a scary looking one.. and those feet that keep dancing in the one camera angle)

donut debonair (donut), Monday, 7 March 2005 22:06 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

(ok "The Gap" was an OK song too)

donut debonair (donut), Monday, 7 March 2005 22:07 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

The Twins are in the middle of a long beach stretching out to the east and west, there is deep sea to the north. Exits lead north, south, east, west.

What shall we do?


The Twins have drowned in the inviting blue waters of the ocean.

wombatX (wombatX), Monday, 7 March 2005 22:07 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

my childhood love of "hold me now" knew few bounds

andrew m. (andrewmorgan), Monday, 7 March 2005 22:14 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Babble, C/D?

Ian Riese-Moraine (Eastern Mantra), Monday, 7 March 2005 22:30 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

"Hold Me Now" is great, and so is "King for a Day."

Bailey/Currie wrote a helluva song for Debbie Harry, "I Want That Man," which everyone should download right now.

Alfred Soto (Alfred Soto), Monday, 7 March 2005 22:34 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

would have thought someone would be jumping on the reissue campaign with their stuff at the moment !? a la Duran Duran ..

didn't they come back with house type of grooves in the early 90's? i have a memory or a pretty cool cd single mix of a track .. all pumped up house ?

mark e (mark e), Monday, 7 March 2005 22:59 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

"Love On Your Side" is fuckin' great.

Alex in NYC (vassifer), Monday, 7 March 2005 23:32 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

I choose to ignore their duds (including the aforementioned "Revolution" and "Nothing in Common") and focus on their fabulosity:

"In the Name of Love," quite possibly one of the greatest dance songs ever. I still get goosebumps thinking of myself as a teenager hearing that song for the first time and the chant of "And it's true, if all that surrounds us is paradise, paradise, paradise, PARADISE" going through me like a chill. (It was probably lifted from Heaven 17, but hey.)

"Lies," the soundtrack to many high school dances, and to many cheesy John Hughes movies.

"Doctor! Doctor!": just a fantastic fun 80s pop song, on so many levels. (Better than "Hold Me Now," IMO.)

ffirehorse (firehorse), Tuesday, 8 March 2005 01:52 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

They were defective.

Ferlin Husky (noodle vague), Tuesday, 8 March 2005 01:54 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

"We Are Detectives" is, I think, the main reason why a lot of people hated them. To me, that song is sort of one of their absolute masterpieces. But then, I love twee in general...

Geir Hongro (GeirHong), Tuesday, 8 March 2005 02:00 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

My love for the Thompson Twins diminished in direct proportion to the number of members of the band - in the early days, when there were about a dozen of 'em all running chaotically 'round the stage bashing various different percussion instruments, they were bloody marvellous.

Stewart Osborne (Stewart Osborne), Tuesday, 8 March 2005 09:02 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

maybe if anything by them was available on CD they wouldn't be utterly forgotten. where's the CD reissues of a product of... and set? hell, you can't even find into the gap on CD in the US.

fortunate hazel (f. hazel), Tuesday, 8 March 2005 09:47 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Did you see that book by one of the 'former' members? He went to one of the 'later' gigs, caught up with the band backstage and all was friendly, but he said he couldn't have stood playing the kidpop to kids and all that.

mark grout (mark grout), Tuesday, 8 March 2005 09:58 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

i don't know if i could have toured with them after they made an album with one song called "don't mess with doctor dream" and another called "you killed the clown."

fortunate hazel (f. hazel), Tuesday, 8 March 2005 10:06 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Wasn't (Soft Boys bass player) Matthew Seligman in The Thompson Twins for a while, or did I dream that?

Stewart Osborne (Stewart Osborne), Tuesday, 8 March 2005 10:16 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

ah ha .. that explains a lot .. cos Matthew Seligman helped out Dolby on his albums .. and didn't Dolbly once be part of the TT gang ? in some capacity anyways ..

mark e (mark e), Tuesday, 8 March 2005 15:23 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

"Hold me Now" is a perfect song of its era and style. I don't know much about the band beyond that, though.

Lyra Jane (Lyra Jane), Tuesday, 8 March 2005 16:59 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

I Know What It Means To Work Hard On Machines.

bailey, Tuesday, 15 March 2005 09:42 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

ah the neglected genius of Joe Leeway...greatest tambourine shaker since Davey Jones.

lovebug starski (lovebug starski), Tuesday, 15 March 2005 11:07 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

I Know What It Means To Work Hard-On Machines.

NickB (NickB), Tuesday, 15 March 2005 11:10 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Leeway's gurks (or was it Alex Sadkin?) was a very crucial part of their sound anyway.

Geir Hongro (GeirHong), Tuesday, 15 March 2005 12:13 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

thirteen years pass...

How did I never hear the first album, A Product Of..., before today? Sounds at times like early herky-jerky XTC, sometimes Martha and the Muffins. Excellent post-punk record!

hair-grabbing ear-grabbing fetishist squaredance caller (Dan Peterson), Friday, 11 May 2018 18:10 (eight months ago) Permalink

Alannah Currie is married to Jimmy Cauty these days.

everything, Friday, 11 May 2018 19:17 (eight months ago) Permalink


... (Eazy), Friday, 11 May 2018 20:39 (eight months ago) Permalink

^^ Live "The Gap" - prime hair

... (Eazy), Friday, 11 May 2018 20:42 (eight months ago) Permalink

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