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This is one jazz musician I know absolutely nothing about and have no clue where to start. Where to begin? What to avoid?

Gear! (can Jung shill it, Mu?) (Gear!), Saturday, 5 March 2005 02:09 (twelve years ago) Permalink

I mainly know him from the Modern Jazz Quartet. I don't know if you're familiar with their whole thing but ... it's very mannered stuff. Personally, I love it, but not everybody is into it. But with a lineup of vibes/piano/bass/drums, there really isn't a strong lead voice to push the music or make it "take off". That's not to say it's merely cocktail jazz either; they were all about the compositions. They really had a kind of laser focus on writing and playing more complex sorts of compositions in a real straightforward exacting manner. It's a nice sound.

I think Pyramid on Atlantic is generally considered the best. It had the debut of pianist John Lewis's "Django", which went on to become a bit of a jazz standard. I like that record anyway. I have a bunch of their Atlantic stuff, but I've never really heard the earlier era of the band.

I also have Jackson's record with Coltrane as co-leader, Bags and Trane. I don't remember much about that one, to be honest; it's been a while since I've listened. I'm sure it's probably a decent starting point as well, though -- Coltrane with vibes! how can you go wrong.

Stormy Davis (diamond), Saturday, 5 March 2005 03:10 (twelve years ago) Permalink

i'll 2nd "bags + trane" (my 1st jazz album and maybe my favorite ever)

search: "in a new setting" (really enjoying this, its mid-60s modal bop stuff with the best cover ever, mccoy tyner's on it too)

i wish i could recommend some modern jazz quartet albums but i don't really listen to them.

vahid (vahid), Saturday, 5 March 2005 03:11 (twelve years ago) Permalink

here's a link to the cover art for "in a new setting"

vahid (vahid), Saturday, 5 March 2005 03:13 (twelve years ago) Permalink

wow, that record looks pretty good vahid. was not familiar with that one. With his MJQ bandmate Connie Kay. And lots of 2 and 3 minute pieces! That's part of what I like about MJQ, the kind of jazz miniaturism they would do at times. I mean I love sidelong jams too but sometimes a little gnomic statement can be real satisfying.

Stormy Davis (diamond), Saturday, 5 March 2005 03:18 (twelve years ago) Permalink

he explains in the liner notes: "we're trying to do something that most jazz musicians won't do when they record. that is to write a piece, so far as time limit is concerned, so that it can become a single ... i'd rather prepare in front and give them two minutes and fifty seconds ... [than] have it cut in half and the intro taken out and put here and the whole thing spliced up"

you know i misleadingly tossed off the term "modal" without even thinking about it. it's mid-60s bop but it's rooted in blues, with the odd latin or eastern touch here and there. a bit like roland kirk or yusef lateef at their most traditional.

vahid (vahid), Saturday, 5 March 2005 03:34 (twelve years ago) Permalink

yeah you know what -- I totally misspoke about Pyramid being the debut of "Django"; apparently they'd been performing it for years! I don't know why I was under that impression ... thought I had read that somewhere. Well, like I say, I'm not familiar with their earlier material on Prestige. But this thread inspired me to put on Pyramid and do some reading up on the boys..

Stormy Davis (diamond), Saturday, 5 March 2005 04:43 (twelve years ago) Permalink

oh and it still sounds great, btw..

Stormy Davis (diamond), Saturday, 5 March 2005 04:43 (twelve years ago) Permalink

yeah Pyramid is really fucking nice. I don't usually have too much tolerance for jazz vibes - although Bobby Huthcherson on Dolphy or Moncur dates is beautiful beyond compare.

I also have the Jazz Skyline from 56 with Lucky Thompson, Hank Jones, Kennt Clarke - its ok but rather too nice.

mullygrubbr (bulbs), Saturday, 5 March 2005 05:22 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Django is an absolutely beautiful song. almost every version of it i've heard has been great. i usually hate "old", "straight" jazz too

JaXoN Hole (JasonD), Saturday, 5 March 2005 06:08 (twelve years ago) Permalink

fer example?

mullygrubbr (bulbs), Saturday, 5 March 2005 07:02 (twelve years ago) Permalink

"in a new setting" is def a good one.
there's also "bag's groove" (bags was milt's nickname), with miles davis (and thelonious plus a bunch of other legends). jackson is only on the title track (2 dif versions), but the other songs are great, too.

()ops (()()ps), Saturday, 5 March 2005 07:04 (twelve years ago) Permalink

oops we need to do for jazz what we done for reggae!!!

mullygrubbr (bulbs), Saturday, 5 March 2005 07:08 (twelve years ago) Permalink

i need to finish the one we did for reggae first! should get a chance this weekend.
unfortunately, a lot of my jazz is on lp (thanks to my uncle. RIP), but i could show you what i have on disc and see if it'll be worthwhile.

()ops (()()ps), Saturday, 5 March 2005 07:24 (twelve years ago) Permalink

I'm attempting to convince these guys I know to have a party where I can spin jazz LPs. So far, unsuccessful.

Picked up Big Band Bags tonight, which is quite good.

Gear! (can Jung shill it, Mu?) (Gear!), Saturday, 5 March 2005 07:43 (twelve years ago) Permalink

mullygrubbr, fer example? what?

most of the jazz i listen to is post 65, usually 69-75. i really dislike bop. i like post-coltrane spiritual shit, free stuff, funky stuff, fusion, etc. most of the music in any genre i listen to is from the 70s

JaXoN Hole (JasonD), Saturday, 5 March 2005 07:48 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Jason, forgive me if I'm catching up here, but I'd love it if you could throw out a top 10 or whatever of albums . . . Out of curiosity if nothing else.

Rickey Wright (Rrrickey), Saturday, 5 March 2005 09:15 (twelve years ago) Permalink

oh god, i guess i'll play. these are some of the albums i really like right now. some are all time faves, some are just things i've found out about recently. (in no order, just what i find first in my stacks)

funkadelic - one nation under a groove
marvin gaye - midnight love
eddie gale - black rhythm happening
dennis wilson - pacific ocean blue
jorge ben - a tabua de esmeralda
alice coltrane - journey in satchidananda
miles davis - on the corner
fleetwood mac - tusk
david crosby - i wish i could remember my name
gene clark - no other
robert wyatt - old rottenhat
talking heads - remain in light
bobby hutcherson - now!
eugene mcdaniels - headless heroes of the apocalypse

JaXoN Hole (JasonD), Saturday, 5 March 2005 19:39 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Okay okay, my favorite Milt Jackson album and it's totally underrated: MEMORIES OF THELONIOUS SPHERE MONK, a live disc from the early 70s. The sound is pristine, and the band is MJ, Monty Alexander, Ray Brown, and Mickey Roker. All the cuts are amazing and it has my favorite version of Django.

Jordan (Jordan), Saturday, 5 March 2005 22:17 (twelve years ago) Permalink

sorry to sidetrack from milt again, but:
i've only heard "jagger the dagger" from that eugene mcdaniels album, and never knew if the rest of it was any good? is the rest similar to 'jagger the dagger', or would i be disappointed with it if that's the type of thing i was looking for?

()ops (()()ps), Sunday, 6 March 2005 01:00 (twelve years ago) Permalink

dude, it's one of my favorite albums. you won't be disappointed at all. most of the tracks are on a folky-soul vibe, some are kinda spaced out like jagger the dagger. over all it's amazing. closest comparison is "inspiration information". also he has another album called "outlaw". if you fall in love w/headless heros (which you will), you'll like it. it's not as great, but it's still pretty good.

JaXoN Hole (JasonD), Sunday, 6 March 2005 03:44 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Jaxon i kinda meant what are the old straight things you hate (ok, bop) not what are the things you like. see if i could convince you otherwise! like - you hate ellington? monk? pre 65 miles? bill evans?

mullygrubbr (bulbs), Sunday, 6 March 2005 04:44 (twelve years ago) Permalink

not that i can't see why you would love the stuff on that list! i need to hear that mcdaniels record.

mullygrubbr (bulbs), Sunday, 6 March 2005 04:51 (twelve years ago) Permalink

i've never given ellington a chance. i know from the bits of the "jungle music" i've heard that i'd dig it.

i love the early modal (kind of blue, etc) miles stuff. actually that's the first jazz album i ever heard and it still really speaks to me.

it's been a really long time since i've listened to monk, but i remember really liking him. the thing that really got me was that he sounds like he doesn't know what he fuck he's playing, but you can hear him singing along to the "wrong" notes. i LOVE when dudes sing their solos!!

but bop bores the hell out of me.

JaXoN Hole (JasonD), Sunday, 6 March 2005 08:36 (twelve years ago) Permalink

haha yes.

mullygrubbr (bulbs), Sunday, 6 March 2005 08:42 (twelve years ago) Permalink

totally underrated: MEMORIES OF THELONIOUS SPHERE MONK, a live disc from the early 70s. The sound is pristine, and the band is MJ, Monty Alexander, Ray Brown, and Mickey Roker
Sounds good to me. Monty Alexander is actually playing in these parts this week, but I don't think I'll make it.

Ken L (Ken L), Tuesday, 8 March 2005 18:53 (twelve years ago) Permalink

two years pass...

Diggin' and diggin' and diggin' (and then some) this Sunflower rekkid right now! (The Hubbard-written title piece is the biggest fave so far)
It has, amid other stuff, a 8:28 reworking of Bell/Creed's "People Make the World Go Round" - just a coupla days ago I listened to young Michael Jackson's version of that song. Yum, gonna spin them back to back now.

t**t, Monday, 6 August 2007 17:52 (ten years ago) Permalink

two years pass...

O-oh, didn't remember having posted on this one!...

Well, this time I came upon this thread having searched, in vain, for a Modern Jazz Quartet thread (just got this MJQ's 4LPs-on-2CD thingy the other day). - So, there is no Modern Jazz Quartet thred on ILM? Is there??

t**t, Monday, 26 October 2009 16:04 (eight years ago) Permalink

seven years pass...

"totally underrated: MEMORIES OF THELONIOUS SPHERE MONK, a live disc from the early 70s. The sound is pristine, and the band is MJ, Monty Alexander, Ray Brown, and Mickey Roker"

totally agree with poster from 12 years ago, and Bags and Trane album is ace as well.

calzino, Saturday, 13 May 2017 16:04 (eight months ago) Permalink

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