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He is good drinking music.

, Monday, 5 March 2001 01:00 (twenty-two years ago) link

are you serious? this is easy: CLASSIC. The guy has one of the best voices ever.

brent d., Tuesday, 6 March 2001 01:00 (twenty-two years ago) link

Nah, I was being stupid and reducing his music to "good drinking music". I was wondering if anyone would say he sucked. That woulda been funny.

, Tuesday, 6 March 2001 01:00 (twenty-two years ago) link

Al Green sucks, dude.

Um, no, he doesn't. Classic, probably the best of all the great soul singers. But it's not just about the voice - the amazing no-frills metronomic Hi backbeat has a lot to do with why his records are so good. "Al Green Is Love" is probably my favourite soul non- compilation album ever.

Tom, Tuesday, 6 March 2001 01:00 (twenty-two years ago) link

"Good drinking music", that makes him sound like Slade or something. What does Tanya think of Al Green ? I don't think anyone else here would say anything nasty about him. There aren't too many performers you could say that about.

Patrick, Tuesday, 6 March 2001 01:00 (twenty-two years ago) link


the pinefox, Wednesday, 7 March 2001 01:00 (twenty-two years ago) link

two years pass...


Some of you are WRITERS. All, or most of you, claim to "love music". And yet this is the best you can do, a few shrugs and spindly sentences. This is the MAN. He has made the world an infinitely better place by just being around. BOW DOWN AND WORSHIP.


Nordicskillz (Nordicskillz), Sunday, 6 April 2003 20:16 (nineteen years ago) link

What else is there to say?

gabbneb (gabbneb), Sunday, 6 April 2003 20:29 (nineteen years ago) link

That's more like it! Thanks.

Nordicskillz (Nordicskillz), Sunday, 6 April 2003 20:30 (nineteen years ago) link

My favourite singer ever, and the music he made in the early '70s with Willie Mitchell producing and the Hodges Brothers and the peerless Al Jackson among the musicians is my favourite music ever. No one has ever sounded more as if they have explored and thought about and deeply felt every nuance of what he is singing about. Music gets no more beautiful and moving than Tired Of Being Alone, How Can You Mend A Broken Heart or Let's Stay Together.

Martin Skidmore (Martin Skidmore), Sunday, 6 April 2003 20:54 (nineteen years ago) link

He's the only guy who could make me go to church AND I'd probably let him fuck me.

Anthony Miccio (Anthony Miccio), Sunday, 6 April 2003 21:34 (nineteen years ago) link

i'd usually have nothing to say, simply because he's untouchable. i have never even questioned my love for his music.

gaz (gaz), Sunday, 6 April 2003 21:53 (nineteen years ago) link

I made it through most of my life not knowing what the big deal was until a pal lent me Call Me which, yeah, is incredible drinking music, and seems to get better with age...

Pete Scholtes, Sunday, 6 April 2003 22:50 (nineteen years ago) link

i still quite like xgau's bit:

esp the first two paragraphs

i can't think of another artist/band for whom my love (and yeah it goes beyond a deep and abiding affection or respect or whutever) is so unexamined, so basic and (dare i say it) pure.

jess (dubplatestyle), Sunday, 6 April 2003 22:56 (nineteen years ago) link

Yeah, I think I second that.

N. (nickdastoor), Monday, 7 April 2003 01:57 (nineteen years ago) link

Green is obv a cut above, but as I think we've reached a "consensus of the willing" here (hopefully--it would be difficult for me to countenance dissent), who are your other favorite Hi Records singers/albums/singles?

I really like Otis Clay's Hi singles, like "Let Me Be the One."

More later.

Amateurist (amateurist), Monday, 7 April 2003 02:09 (nineteen years ago) link

OV Wright. A nickel and a nail. and Anne Peebles 99 Pounds or Tear your playhouse down.

gaz (gaz), Monday, 7 April 2003 02:10 (nineteen years ago) link

Not a surprise for anyone who knows me but I pick Ann Peebles' "I Can't Stand the Rain" as not only the best pop single of all time but also really the only single that actually out-Memphises and out-souls "Let's Stay Together" and/or "Still in Love With You"

Kind of a surprise: I'm reviewing the reissues of those first Al Green albums on Hi, and Green Is Blue actually stacks up pretty well. Bonus track of him singing "I Want to Hold Your Hand" is OMG killa fire-honoring cover of all time

Neudonym, Monday, 7 April 2003 04:11 (nineteen years ago) link

Al Green's unlikely covers are amazing

James Blount (James Blount), Monday, 7 April 2003 04:30 (nineteen years ago) link

Beyond classic. Quintessential is more like it. Don't forget "Gets Next to You" either. An essential album that precedes the Trinity.

Ann Peebles'"Trouble, Heartaches, and Sadness" is another Hi-Records gem that Al Green lovahs should search from her great album, "Straight From the Heart."

Cub, Monday, 7 April 2003 04:46 (nineteen years ago) link

Instead of putting out needless best-of after needless best-of (the original Greatest Hits from '75 is perfect, and the albums are basically all worth owning, HINT TOM) The Right Stuff really ought to just do a covers comp. What a thing of wonder that would be....

M Matos (M Matos), Monday, 7 April 2003 12:03 (nineteen years ago) link

are the new reissues that much of an improvement soundwise (a la the Stones reissues which are) I should rebuy them?

James Blount (James Blount), Monday, 7 April 2003 13:37 (nineteen years ago) link

...possibly the stupidest question ever posed in the history of mankind

Dadaismus, Monday, 7 April 2003 13:58 (nineteen years ago) link

JB: The reissues are okay, soundwise, but I wouldn't say the transfer is Oh My God Amazing You Can Hear The Spittle! or anything. But they've all got bonus tracks, and maybe if more of us buy these Hi/Right Stuff will reissue everything. Right now it's just the first four...I don't know when/if they're getting to the rest of it.

But them bonus tracks is special. Green Is Blues includes not only "I Want to Hold Your Hand" but also two originals and a cover of Chuck Berry's "Memphis, Tennessee"; Gets Next to You has a nice long version of "Ride Sally Ride" and a couple more.

Neudonym, Monday, 7 April 2003 14:02 (nineteen years ago) link

"Listen," a collection of rarities (earlier released on LP as "Love Ritual") is great. The remixed "bwana" version of "Love Ritual" is crazed Memphis/Afrobeat at its best. Willie Mitchell did a lot of great stuff--the Hi Records box contains much to enjoy. Bowlegs Miller doing "What Do You Mean" is probably my favorite non-Green Hi record, a truly insane song that my girlfriend notes I put on every single mix tape I made for a while, like Green I am an evangelist.

Mitchell's Royal Recording studio is still there in S. Memphis. Last time I visited the Big "S" Grill made a very good barbecue sandwich, good jukebox, and there's always Josie's Tamales near there if you need tamales, not to mention Blue Suede Shoe Shine...

Jess Hill (jesshill), Monday, 7 April 2003 14:06 (nineteen years ago) link

I saw Al Green a couple of years ago in a big soft seat theatre and when he started "L-O-V-E", I somehow managed to leap to my feet in overexcitement and then instinctively tried to sit right back down in embarassment but my seat had automatically folded back up under me so I fell on my ass and as I got to my feet redfaced and I looked around me redfaced, everyone was just smiling happily at me like "I KNOW! I KNOW!" It was one of the nicest moments I've ever had seeing live music.

also, as others have mentioned here, there's a wealth of great stuff by other Hi artists like Ann Peebles, O.V. Wright, Otis Clay & Syl Johnson if you want more of that sound - what a band! Al Jackson and the Grimes bros, Willie Mitchell production... oh, oh, and Jess Hill is otm about the "Love Ritual" collection - "Up Above My Head is my favourite Al track maybe... sorry, it's just so fucking good... I'm about to fall off my chair again.

Fritz Wollner (Fritz), Monday, 7 April 2003 14:16 (nineteen years ago) link

Otis Clay's "If I Could Reach Out (And Help Somebody)" is my favorite record in that late 60s/early 70s help-your-neighbor soul subgenre. Actually that's selling it short because that subgenre contained a lot of dross. It's a beautiful song and has the power to redeem the cliche referenced in the title. Another great Hi singer was George Jackson who sang one sang whose melody sounds suspiciously like the Clay tune just mentioned: "Aretha, Sing One for Me."

Like Stax/Volt etc., Hi's output was so prolific that a lot of horn and string charts, melodies, lyrical ideas, etc. got recycled. I have absolutely no problem with that whatever. It's actually a good way to determine what a given singer brings to the table.

I actually really like the later Hi stuff, from the late '70s, which both is slightly hampered by and benefits from a certain slackness, or quietude. Examples would be Ann Peebles's If This Is Heaven, Syl Johnson's Total Explosion, Al Green's Have a Good Time, etc.

O.V. Wright is sort of a force of nature; his Hi stuff sounds more like his pre-Hi stuff than you'd expect. He doesn't go "uptown" as much as other Hi artists of the period. "That's the Way I Feel About 'Cha" is a great balance though.

Crosspost w/Fritz!

Amateurist (amateurist), Monday, 7 April 2003 14:21 (nineteen years ago) link

otis clay's "turning over the ground" deserves special mention too... and I meant "hodges bros." not "grimes bros.", I think. I need a valium thinking about this stuff.

Fritz Wollner (Fritz), Monday, 7 April 2003 14:39 (nineteen years ago) link

also the cover art of the fantastic "Al Green Is Love" is hilarious, because the front cover is all nice and you look at it and think, "oh, Al Green Is Love" and then flip over to the back cover, where he's all sweaty and screwed up looking and you think , "Ugh, Al Green Is Stoned!"

Fritz Wollner (Fritz), Monday, 7 April 2003 14:42 (nineteen years ago) link


James Blount (James Blount), Monday, 7 April 2003 14:43 (nineteen years ago) link

but anyway if anyone wants to argue about Al Green, the question is surely "Is any of the post-secular/post-Hi stuff any good?"

I don't really know, not having ventured into it... though the oft-maligned "The Belle Album" - the transitional one - is quite good.

Fritz Wollner (Fritz), Monday, 7 April 2003 14:45 (nineteen years ago) link

also, anyone ever been here?

Fritz Wollner (Fritz), Monday, 7 April 2003 14:52 (nineteen years ago) link

YES I HAVE BEEN! The fulfillment of all my Brit white-boy fantasies!

Nordicskillz (Nordicskillz), Monday, 7 April 2003 14:54 (nineteen years ago) link

RFI, S&D: Al Green's gospel recordings (though hardly anyone responded)

Amateurist (amateurist), Monday, 7 April 2003 14:55 (nineteen years ago) link

Absolute classic. By the way, for those, like me, who are collecting the albums as they reissue them with bonus tracks, I emailed the label and they said that Call Me should be reissued by the end of the year, so I'm assuming that there's going to be another set of reissues coming soon.

Jonathan, Monday, 7 April 2003 15:24 (nineteen years ago) link

"Belle Album" as far as I can tell has never been maligned. I have the orig. old Hi LP of it--I feel safe in asserting that it's Green's greatest album. "Call Me" is great too.

I was re-reading some Xgau reviews the other day and came across something he said about Green and the rhythm-section thing happening on those classic Hi records. Xgau says something about the "thick 3rd-beat" emphasis of the drumming and as far as I can tell that's a classic howler--Xgau can't count. He's hearing the second beat as the third beat for some reason--he's counting the eighth notes as quarter notes.

Jess Hill (jesshill), Monday, 7 April 2003 15:39 (nineteen years ago) link

Yeah, I was gonna say, is Belle Album really "oft-maligned?" In any case, it's great. Really great, often overlooked Al Green tracks: "That's the Way It Is," "Let It Shine," "Home Again," "Country Boy," "Feels Like Summer," "To Sir With Love."

Burr (Burr), Monday, 7 April 2003 17:41 (nineteen years ago) link

as far as I can tell that's not a howler at all--since the songs are in 4/4 time why wouldn't he count them that way? I always have.

search Hi Rhythm's On the Loose, reissued a couple years ago w/some photo instead of whatever the original cover art was. they're not kidding--it's really loose, like about-to-fall-apart loose, and extremely charming for it

M Matos (M Matos), Monday, 7 April 2003 17:42 (nineteen years ago) link

It's a howler because he's counting the second beat as the third. If you count the eighth notes as quarter notes then "one-and-two" gets misheard as "one-two-three." So Xgau thinks the drummer is accenting on the third beat when it's really the second. That's a howler.

Jess Hill (jesshill), Monday, 7 April 2003 19:24 (nineteen years ago) link

In fairness to Xgau, I think the term "howler" should be reserved for really egregious and obvious errors. As far as I'm concerned this is just a simple mistake; one that I would never have picked up on.

I love Al Green btw.

Sean (Sean), Monday, 7 April 2003 19:50 (nineteen years ago) link

Wow, this turned from a no-brainer to an all-hearter, or something...

Pete Scholtes, Tuesday, 8 April 2003 06:37 (nineteen years ago) link

anyone asks me what the definition of sensual soul is i say Al Green is, love.

gaz (gaz), Tuesday, 8 April 2003 09:11 (nineteen years ago) link

It's all a bit schmaltzy though, isn't it?
Not to mention the fact that they all just blend together.
Exceptions: "Here I Am Baby," and "Now That I've Found You."

Squirrel_Police (Squirrel_Police), Tuesday, 8 April 2003 10:12 (nineteen years ago) link

Yeah--but not being able to comprehend the basic rhythm of an artist for whom you later write liner notes seems pretty fucking egregious to me.

Ace Al Green track, the one I love above all: "Love is Real." The way he says "Say something..."

Jess Hill (jesshill), Tuesday, 8 April 2003 13:03 (nineteen years ago) link

only Jess Hill knows anything about music shockah

M Matos (M Matos), Tuesday, 8 April 2003 13:20 (nineteen years ago) link

He noticed a beatical oddity, that'll do won't it? This isn't an exam! Huge classic. Finding the two Lp 'Greatest Hits' for $2 may be my greatest ever record bargain, a lot of it is just too simply (in emotional terms) perfect to say much about. I like it, I think you should hear it if you haven't.

Andrew Thames (Andrew Thames), Tuesday, 8 April 2003 13:26 (nineteen years ago) link

what? you have to ask if al greens classic? dumb thread

bobo t, Tuesday, 8 April 2003 13:33 (nineteen years ago) link

only Jess Hill knows anything about music shockah

-- M Matos

Man, all I said was that I can count. Maybe that's a shockah where you come from.

Jess Hill (jesshill), Tuesday, 8 April 2003 15:15 (nineteen years ago) link

Arithmetic is sorta taboo in Minneapolis (motherfucker's loves thems some algebra though)

James Blount (James Blount), Tuesday, 8 April 2003 15:17 (nineteen years ago) link

It used to make me cry whenever he came on Ally McBeal.

I will leave that sentance as it stands for Dan's pleasure, but you know what I mean.

PJ Miller (PJ Miller), Tuesday, 8 April 2003 19:10 (nineteen years ago) link

yes -- when i saw this earlier today i was going to link to the doc but i got sidetracked. it's an independent lens production iirc?

weird woman in a bar (La Lechera), Thursday, 4 March 2021 00:07 (two years ago) link

sidebar: if anyone has not yet watched the bill withers still bill documentary from a few years ago, you're not really living your best life just yet. just saying.

Totally different head. Totally. (Austin), Thursday, 4 March 2021 00:57 (two years ago) link

y'all should play the second side of Livin' For You.

That's all.

So who you gonna call? The martini police (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Thursday, 4 March 2021 01:01 (two years ago) link

also the first side.

Totally different head. Totally. (Austin), Thursday, 4 March 2021 01:06 (two years ago) link

and both the second and first sides of every other album al green released between the years of 1967 and 1977.

Totally different head. Totally. (Austin), Thursday, 4 March 2021 01:15 (two years ago) link

then join us on the couch

So who you gonna call? The martini police (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Thursday, 4 March 2021 01:15 (two years ago) link

Is it odd to prefer the non-singles on Let's Stay Together to the non-singles on I'm Still in Love With You? I think Call Me is stronger than both.

Halfway there but for you, Thursday, 4 March 2021 01:43 (two years ago) link

Play The Love Sermon from Al Green Is Love, repeat as needed

weird woman in a bar (La Lechera), Thursday, 4 March 2021 02:27 (two years ago) link

is that ... ornette coleman in the front row at 43:44 ??

budo jeru, Thursday, 4 March 2021 03:00 (two years ago) link

It looks like him, but about 20 years too young.

Halfway there but for you, Thursday, 4 March 2021 03:13 (two years ago) link

They released this performance on DVD a while ago. Stevie wonders soul TV performance was also meant to be released but I think it got pulled for some reason which is a big shame (I stupidly sold a promo DVD of it as I thought it would he released officialy).

Was listening to the album al made with questlove just a few weeks ago as it happens. It's pretty good. Maybe low on strong songs but I found it hard to resist, and was just pleased to hear al in the present day, even if I didnt totally buy some of the overtly romantic sentiments.

candyman, Thursday, 4 March 2021 07:01 (two years ago) link

In the interview, he explains the sling as the result of "my fans and I haven't a disagreement about whether I should get into a car" (he'd had a limo door slammed on his arm after a gig).

McDonough's book talks about this. Linda Wills later claimed Green injured it going through a revolving door. Members of Green's band claim it happened on tour in Ft. Lauderdale - on that tour, they were playing theaters essentially run by gangsters. Green tried to cancel the gig because he wasn't feeling well. There was an argument with the theater owner, and eventually the band watched as this giant thug in a suit walked into Green's dressing room. After a bit of time, that thug came out and left, and ten minutes later, a doctor came in and went into Green's dressing room. The theater owners then told the band they were PLAYING, and when they went to rehearse, Green showed up later with the cast. After that, the band said Green started carrying a gun.

birdistheword, Saturday, 13 March 2021 22:38 (two years ago) link

two months pass...

Drummer Howard Grimes memoir coming July 1

curmudgeon, Tuesday, 25 May 2021 21:57 (one year ago) link

one month passes...

No stems no seeds just Al Green

calstars, Saturday, 17 July 2021 02:36 (one year ago) link

two months pass...

Per writer Robert Gordon— Hi Records organist / keyboardist Charles Hodges has a book coming out . Release event at his church this Sunday!
The Rev. Charles Hodges discusses "My Story," a book about his life, at 3 p.m. Sunday at New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, 7786 Poplar Pike, Germantown. The event is free and open to the public

curmudgeon, Thursday, 23 September 2021 15:14 (one year ago) link

four months pass...

Sadly seeing on Facebook now that Memphis drummer Howard Grimes has passed away. He played on Stax and Hi records and efforts by Al Green and Ann Peebles. He released a book about his life last year.

curmudgeon, Saturday, 12 February 2022 23:58 (one year ago) link

Howard Grimes and Al Jackson both played on song “Love and Happiness “ I think. Grimes was on congas.

curmudgeon, Monday, 14 February 2022 18:04 (one year ago) link

Great obituary from Bob Mehr, giving credit where it's due:

Bob Mehr is the same guy who just won a Grammy for his liner notes to the Replacements' Dead Man's Pop box set, no surprise as he also wrote one of THE great bios on any band (again, the Replacements).

birdistheword, Monday, 14 February 2022 19:57 (one year ago) link

Opened this thread, saw the words "Great obituary" and just about lost my shit for a moment before reading more closely.

RIP Howard Grimes.

Three Rings for the Elven Bishop (Dan Peterson), Monday, 14 February 2022 20:02 (one year ago) link

Glad Grimes survived that period after Hi Records when he was divorced, homeless, and having addiction issues.
Got a bit of recognition and work in recent years.

curmudgeon, Tuesday, 15 February 2022 18:29 (one year ago) link

RIP to one of the greatest. Pretty sure Howard Grimes was on kit for "Love & Happiness". From Willie Mitchell:

“Usually I’d have Al (Jackson) play those sessions by himself,” Mitchell says. “Sometimes I’d play the conga drum with him, on things like ’Let’s Stay Together.’ But there were times that Al Jackson couldn’t get the feel I wanted, on songs like ’Take Me To The River’ or ’Love & Happiness,’ so I had Howard come in for that. Now, Al could actually play anything … but he couldn’t play it raggedy. And when that’s what I wanted to have, I called Howard.”

change display name (Jordan), Tuesday, 15 February 2022 18:33 (one year ago) link

Pretty sure he talks about it on his Trap Set interview too:

change display name (Jordan), Tuesday, 15 February 2022 18:33 (one year ago) link

Author Preston Lauterbach , who helped Howard Grimes prepare his book, is saying on his Substack that Grimes widow could use financial donations. He says just to contact him. He also notes that the wake of Friday, funeral Saturday, and on Saturday there will be a Beale Street processional beginning at 11:30am on the corner of Second and Beale.

curmudgeon, Thursday, 17 February 2022 01:47 (one year ago) link

five months pass...

i'm still in love with you is the greatest album of all time

flamenco drop (BradNelson), Thursday, 21 July 2022 16:26 (eight months ago) link

checks out

pasty drunks fuck off (Noodle Vague), Thursday, 21 July 2022 16:40 (eight months ago) link

Second only to Livin' For You.

Malevolent Arugula (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Thursday, 21 July 2022 16:55 (eight months ago) link

I get caught up in the descending chord progressions of "What a Wonderful Thing Love Is" and "Look What You Done For Me".

Halfway there but for you, Thursday, 21 July 2022 17:28 (eight months ago) link

I read that as "condescending" lol

Malevolent Arugula (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Thursday, 21 July 2022 17:32 (eight months ago) link

No, they're deeply compassionate!

Halfway there but for you, Thursday, 21 July 2022 17:34 (eight months ago) link

the best version of "for the good times"

Heez, Thursday, 21 July 2022 18:16 (eight months ago) link

If I had to pick only one, it would be Call Me, but why pick one masterpiece over another? There's at least five in a row, plus Belle later on and a bunch of good ones in between and after.

birdistheword, Thursday, 21 July 2022 18:22 (eight months ago) link

a lot of his albums are severely underrated. i scored Al Green Is Love for 5 bucks recently at a pretty expensive record store.

Heez, Thursday, 21 July 2022 18:27 (eight months ago) link

beat guitar sound, best drum sound

brimstead, Thursday, 21 July 2022 18:45 (eight months ago) link


brimstead, Thursday, 21 July 2022 18:45 (eight months ago) link

Love Ritual: Rare and Previously Unreleased 1968-1976 is a great one too. He left plenty of choice rarities in the can.

I just wish there was a definitive concert film, but you can at least piece together a great video compilation of his TV performances. (The live Tokyo album ain't bad, but it's not the great live album he has in him.)

birdistheword, Thursday, 21 July 2022 19:25 (eight months ago) link

seven months pass...

Midnight Special YT channel just uploaded some clips from '73 & '74

ty these are greaat

four square ups... no punches thrown (Spottie), Thursday, 16 March 2023 23:51 (two weeks ago) link

oh dear

budo jeru, Friday, 17 March 2023 03:49 (two weeks ago) link

great revive

budo jeru, Friday, 17 March 2023 03:59 (two weeks ago) link

"Jesus is Waiting" is almost enough to make me want to accept the Lord.

immodesty blaise (jimbeaux), Friday, 17 March 2023 04:02 (two weeks ago) link

He was so great in the '70s, it's a shame there hasn't been a definitive live release put together, either an album or a DVD/Blu-ray. (The Tokyo album didn't quite do him justice.) It's all out there is pieces though, like in those clips.

birdistheword, Friday, 17 March 2023 04:13 (two weeks ago) link

I don't think I have seen the 1984 Robert Mugge directed live "Gospel According to Al Green" film doc

curmudgeon, Friday, 17 March 2023 15:40 (two weeks ago) link

Awesome revive

✖✖✖ (Moka), Friday, 17 March 2023 16:56 (two weeks ago) link

Can't help but notice the front row of the audience is all women.

Maggot Bairn (Tom D.), Friday, 17 March 2023 21:44 (two weeks ago) link

it's a shame there hasn't been a definitive live release put together

in my opinion, the videos make the experience; his moves are everything. when it comes to audio, i'm extremely fine listening to the studio recordings, which are some of the best sounding records ever.

budo jeru, Friday, 17 March 2023 21:54 (two weeks ago) link

Can't help but notice the front row of the audience is all women.

― Maggot Bairn (Tom D.), Friday, March 17, 2023 9:44 PM (eighteen minutes ago) bookmarkflaglink

uh yeah did you see the man singing on stage? god at his peak he was just unbelievably hot.

xp to jimbeaux you made my heart skip a beat thinking that one of these midnight specials was a "jesus is waiting" performance but alas

ꙮ (map), Friday, 17 March 2023 22:07 (two weeks ago) link

sorry to be crass but al green setting the tempo by clapping before the band kicks in on "love and happiness" is on some "fuck me right goddamn now" shit

ꙮ (map), Friday, 17 March 2023 22:09 (two weeks ago) link

all about the foreplay

corrs unplugged, Saturday, 18 March 2023 17:16 (one week ago) link

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