Walt Mink. Do you remeber them? Ever see them?

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Hi. First post from me. Found this board when someone pinged my movie blog, where people have been viewing a now somewhat infamous image of Pitchfork's Ryan Schreiber.

I'm producing an independent documentary on the now-defunct 90's Twin Cities band WALT MINK, and I thought this might be a good place to spread the word about my film and ask if ANYONE out there has visual evidence of the band. I'm looking for footage or photographs of ANY quality on any format, Hi8, VHS, super 8...anything that might have been used in the very early 90's to record a rock show.

This film is a grassroots effort, so it would really help me out if anyone reading this would be willing to spread the word. If you're from the TC or saw Walt Mink in your home town--or if you've got a friend someplace...I'd really appreciate the help. Somewhere out there, some rock fan has a videotape sitting in a box.

Further, if you have opinions about the band, the TC scene, 90's rock trends, anything at all, I'd love to hear from you.

Now I'm going to dig into this massive bb.



Butler, Sunday, 16 January 2005 19:36 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Dan Perry to thread! Seriously, he's a regular poster here and I know praises one album of theirs in particular.

Ned Raggett (Ned), Sunday, 16 January 2005 20:01 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Thanks. Nice of me to put a typo in the title of my first post...

Butler, Sunday, 16 January 2005 20:32 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

I never saw them (I was off at college the years they were big in the Twin Cities) but I have several friends who have, including one who might have some info for you. Drop me an email.

The Ghost of Dan Perry (Dan Perry), Sunday, 16 January 2005 21:05 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

I suppose this is as good a time as any to mention that this film isn't about proving that Walt Mink were the greatest god damned band of all time. Though, I suppose I will catch some measure of shit for my choice of subject. Can't wait!

Butler (Butler), Sunday, 16 January 2005 21:15 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

I remember in like '92, '93 when I was in high-school in Minneapolis, they seemed like the coolest thing going.

I saw them at least a couple of times -- once at first ave., once at the speedboat gallery (i think -- it's amazing how conflated all those various shows become just ten years later). um, I certainly enjoyed miss happiness at the time, although I also have distinct memories of not liking bareback ride at all. I think their cover of "pink moon" must've been the first time I ever heard the song, before either the original or the sebadoh cover. I loved it. I must've played it every morning before I went to school in the fall of '93. "Showers Down," "Twinkle & Shine" -- it was really kind of a nice little record now that i think about it. It seems so odd to me now how many high-school-hipster-cool-guys of my acquaintance were simply rabid for the relatively MOR strains of Walt Mink, The Magnolias, The Hang-Ups, God's Favorite Band, etc. (not that there's anything wrong with that) even in the context of all the local AmRep-ery. fwiw Walt Mink were clearly, even at the time I think, a cut above the mean. Also, I've got to thank you for making me think of Gneissmaker, a band I can honestly say I have not considered in at least a decade.

I bought El Producto as kind of a what-the-hell whenever it came out. I liked that song about Rosemary's Baby but that's literally the only thing I can remember about it now.

pm, Sunday, 16 January 2005 22:03 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

El Producto was a big letdown for me. I think I've played it only once.

The Ghost of Dan Perry (Dan Perry), Sunday, 16 January 2005 23:41 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

They were named after a mathematics professor from Macalester College in St. Paul, I believe. And didn't Joey Waronker drum for them?

Chuckling at the Tomkat's Marquee (Ben Boyer), Monday, 17 January 2005 17:51 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Yup, Macalester. I remember visiting the school as a prospective student and seeing Mink's name in the course catalog.

jaymc (jaymc), Monday, 17 January 2005 17:56 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Walt Mink, the man, was a professor of Psychology at Mac, yeah. And Joey was the original drummer. Eventually left for Beck, REM, etc. If you know anyone who shot so much as a polaroid of that band, let me know....

Butler (Butler), Monday, 17 January 2005 17:56 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

four months pass...
So, who here is attending the show on Friday? I will be at the late show, and I plan to be happily drunk. Yahoo!

BTW, if anyone going knows anyone with one extra ticket they are willing to part with, they will make my ticketless girlfriend not hate me for having hers fall through. Save me from the hate...email address is below, and it's real. Thanks.

John Justen (johnjusten), Tuesday, 14 June 2005 22:32 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

ATTENTION: It would be really really funny if John's girlfriend beat him up because she is 3 feet shorter than he is. Please make him sweat before offering the extra ticket ok thx.

The Ghost of Dan Perry (Dan Perry), Tuesday, 14 June 2005 23:20 (fourteen years ago) Permalink


hi dan.

John Justen (johnjusten), Tuesday, 14 June 2005 23:34 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

I sense a sweet, sweet war.

Ned Raggett (Ned), Tuesday, 14 June 2005 23:40 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Hi John! Here's hoping you don't have to suffer The Littlest Beating!

The Ghost of Dan Perry (Dan Perry), Wednesday, 15 June 2005 00:14 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

considering the similarity to my ilx username, I should probably know something about this band, but I don't.

wetmink (wetmink), Wednesday, 15 June 2005 00:37 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

One of the guys from Walt Mink is coming out with an album with one of the members of Cleveland's now-defunt but ever-sweet Uptown Sinclair. I think the new band is called Lodge or something to that effect.

PB, Wednesday, 15 June 2005 00:45 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

i wonder when the rhythm corps reunion will happen.

keith m (keithmcl), Wednesday, 15 June 2005 01:07 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

dan, this is alena. It would be the BIGGEST beating. I throw down. HARD. And don't you forget it.

John Justen (johnjusten), Wednesday, 15 June 2005 05:37 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Honestly, that really wasn't me. Now do you people understand?

John Justen (johnjusten), Wednesday, 15 June 2005 05:38 (fourteen years ago) Permalink


Ned Raggett (Ned), Wednesday, 15 June 2005 11:33 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

It's amazing how liberating being halfway across the country from the people you are teasing can be.

(plz don't hurt me)

The Ghost of Dan Perry (Dan Perry), Wednesday, 15 June 2005 12:27 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

...and quietly, tiny Alena sharpens her knives on the way to the airport. Destination: Boston. And a score to settle...

Ned, which of me were you referring to wrt schizo? GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

John Justen (johnjusten), Wednesday, 15 June 2005 15:07 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

one month passes...
I've never heard Walt Mink's music, but to those of your who have and who are interested, John Kimbrough is currently in a band called Valley Lodge. Check out these 3 songs here.....they're fantastic, especially the first and last ones:


(immediate sound)

PB, Thursday, 28 July 2005 20:53 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Some photos from the shows at the Triple Rock, for those of you who'd like to see them:


Butler (Butler), Wednesday, 3 August 2005 17:27 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

My college band played with them in '94 - I don't have any pics or video but I taped it, if that helps.

I thought they were great and super nice.

yr mom (yr mom), Wednesday, 3 August 2005 20:33 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

four years pass...

Finally got a copy of El Producto, an album I've been casually waiting to find me (aka get sold back to the record store I work at), and I really like it! Seems like they could have been much bigger. There is something there for fans of riffs and fans of melodies. Seems to have aged pretty well, but this is coming from someone who has been listening to way too much 90s music lately.

Evan, Wednesday, 17 March 2010 20:51 (nine years ago) Permalink

the drummer from this band now plays with flea and thom yorke! it's a crazy world

Deuce Bigalow: Male Juggalo (M@tt He1ges0n), Wednesday, 17 March 2010 20:53 (nine years ago) Permalink

well uh his family connections didnt hurt tbh

First and Last and Safeways ™ (jjjusten), Wednesday, 17 March 2010 21:03 (nine years ago) Permalink

no slight on him as a drummer, i think hes great, but nepotism plays a part in this (unfortunately didnt do so much for walt mink themselves tho)

First and Last and Safeways ™ (jjjusten), Wednesday, 17 March 2010 21:06 (nine years ago) Permalink

oh yeah i know that both him and his sis i'm sure got a boost from their dad.

still, you can get a leg up, but you don't evolve into a session/hired gun dude like that unless you can cut it.

i still like that "minneapolis" song by that dog a lot.

Deuce Bigalow: Male Juggalo (M@tt He1ges0n), Wednesday, 17 March 2010 21:18 (nine years ago) Permalink

I really like "Totally Crushed Out" by that dog. The song "Anymore" is really gorgeous.

Evan, Wednesday, 17 March 2010 21:23 (nine years ago) Permalink

four years pass...

I am playing "Showers Down" right now and wondering why I'm not still playing this album every day of my life like I was 20 years ago

stacked as fuck & imposing (DJP), Saturday, 30 August 2014 03:24 (four years ago) Permalink

Correct response

you must have me confused with my stacked as fuck and imposing friend (jjjusten), Saturday, 30 August 2014 06:05 (four years ago) Permalink

is thorn still on mpr

mookieproof, Saturday, 30 August 2014 06:16 (four years ago) Permalink

I saw Walt Mink live a couple of times in Bloomington back in the 90s. They opened up for fIREHOSE on the Flying the Flannel tour at Jakes and then a year or so later saw them play a show at Second Story. I remember liking them ok and am pretty sure I had a copy of Miss Happiness at one point. I seem to recall they were pretty good but I really don't remember much about their music at this point.

earlnash, Saturday, 30 August 2014 20:18 (four years ago) Permalink

Oh right, was trying to remember what the song i liked by them was. It was Showers Down. Somebody mentions it above. I think I picked up the cd for £2IR or something. Can't really remember the rest of it but do remember that as being pretty good.
Haven't seen the cd in ages so not sure if I might still have it somewhere.

Stevolende, Saturday, 30 August 2014 21:10 (four years ago) Permalink

four years pass...

Just learned a few things about this band I never knew:

• Singer/guitarist John Kimbrough is the son of actor Charles Kimbrough, aka Jim on “Murphy Brown.”
• Going by the date and venue, I’m fairly sure I attended their final show — without realizing it was their final show — which was later released as a live album. (I had been a fan in high school, but only when I was out of college did I finally have a chance to see them.)

brush ’em like crazy (morrisp), Tuesday, 9 October 2018 05:29 (eight months ago) Permalink

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