RFI: Border Community - Nathan Fake, James Holden, The MFA, Petter etc.

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Just came across the label's rather nice website after finally getting hold of a copy of Nathan Fake's 'The Sky Was Pink'.

Didn't realise it was also the home of the MFA. I've heard of Petter too in some context, but I can't think what. I like the look of this label. Can anyone recommend any of their other releases?

I see they are having some night at The Honeycomb, Edinburgh this Friday - is anyone going?

Alba (Alba), Wednesday, 24 November 2004 18:20 (eighteen years ago) link

i was just about to start this thread!! well minus the edinburg question.

:| (....), Wednesday, 24 November 2004 18:26 (eighteen years ago) link

Nathan Fake - "The Sky Was Pink (James Holden Remix)" is one of my favorite dance singles of the year

Michael F Gill (Michael F Gill), Wednesday, 24 November 2004 18:39 (eighteen years ago) link

yeah its one of two tracks this year that arent really tracks but more like instant conditions on the dancefloor. if that makes any sense.

:| (....), Wednesday, 24 November 2004 18:50 (eighteen years ago) link

the other one being decompression by mathew jonson.

:| (....), Wednesday, 24 November 2004 18:51 (eighteen years ago) link

the nathan fake james holden remix is sublime, really.

cºzen (Cozen), Thursday, 25 November 2004 12:38 (eighteen years ago) link

James Holden's "A Break In The Clouds" (first release on Border Comm.) is beautiful...all the mixes have something of value. Highly recommended!

biznotic, Thursday, 25 November 2004 19:29 (eighteen years ago) link

one month passes...
I like "Do You Need Help?" by Dextro.

.ada.m. (nordicskilla), Wednesday, 19 January 2005 00:37 (eighteen years ago) link

Unless my memory deceives me (and it might) both mixes of 'The Sky Was Pink' were played at the Black Rabbit Whorehouse last weekend. And it was sublime, really.

Alba (Alba), Wednesday, 19 January 2005 01:01 (eighteen years ago) link

"Do you need help" remixed by The MFA is equally astounding that "The difference it makes". Very promising label indeed.

Etienne Menu (Etienne), Thursday, 20 January 2005 16:34 (eighteen years ago) link

one month passes...
I love what the website says about the stuff on this label as a kind of mission statement: "border music is about dance music that doesn't fit in a category, and about providing DJs with the tools to innovate."

And they mean this so literally! I mean, one of the most intriguing things about the Border Community 12"s is the inclusion of all these odd ambient or noise snippets (which usually remind me of My Bloody Valentine's "Touched" or something) as, literally, DJ tools!

It strikes me as something very unique and cool that there's this nominally prog house label who sound more like a weird interzone between M83, Superpitcher and Boards of Canada, and yet who are totally devoted to dance music as a fundamentally anti-artist, pro-DJ genre. It's sort of like some ultimate end point away from the middle-brow of "album dance" - not "nightclubbing at home" so much as "blissed out at the club".

That whole conceptual side wouldn't work so well if the music wasn't so consistently ace, but I think I've at least heard all the releases now and I've loved them all.

Tim Finney (Tim Finney), Wednesday, 23 February 2005 21:28 (eighteen years ago) link

Do you like the Petter thing, Tim? I can't get into it, not the same way as the Nathan Fake or Dextro anyway. I downloaded a James Holden mix out of curiosity.

adam.r.l. (nordicskilla), Wednesday, 23 February 2005 21:43 (eighteen years ago) link

god bless them. i wish more labels would provide dj tools rather than instrumental versions or acapellas. i've practicall worn out the 'holden tool' on the nathan fake 12".

stirmonster, Wednesday, 23 February 2005 22:58 (eighteen years ago) link

Isn't there already a Swedish musician named Petter?

i am nervous (cochere), Wednesday, 23 February 2005 23:48 (eighteen years ago) link

Well I only listened to the Petter thing instore (can't possibly afford to buy all of these as per, I picked up Dextro instead) and I think i really liked two tracks at least - the ones that were most conventionally wide-eyed Border Community Fare. I suppose 2 out of 6 ain't an amazing hit rate but aren't two of them practically dj tools anyway?

Tim Finney (Tim Finney), Thursday, 24 February 2005 00:34 (eighteen years ago) link

one month passes...
so has anybody seen holden dj recently? he's coming here on the 16th and i really wanna check him out, moreso because i heard a february 05 set of his and it was all superpitcher/ellen allien/blackstrobe/bleepy-acidy goodness...is he consistently playing this sort of stuff?

manuel (manuel), Friday, 1 April 2005 03:07 (eighteen years ago) link

skilla is that the "balance" mix or "fear of a silver planet"?? the "balance" mix looks good but i haven't had time to find it.

vahid (vahid), Friday, 1 April 2005 03:19 (eighteen years ago) link


The MFA's remixing the Junior Boys' 'Bellona'...how swoonsome

their remix of Telepopmusik's 'Into Everything' is gorgeous

manuel (manuel), Friday, 8 April 2005 05:18 (eighteen years ago) link

Kompakt reissued the MFA single "the difference it makes" recently... great single. Never liked Superpitcher that much, but the Superpitcher remix of same track is also amazing.

donut debonair (donut), Friday, 8 April 2005 05:43 (eighteen years ago) link

im tototally obsessed with that superpitcher remix.

phil-two (phil-two), Friday, 8 April 2005 06:15 (eighteen years ago) link

Great, great, remix. Shoegazer techno!

Chewshabadoo (Chewshabadoo), Friday, 8 April 2005 13:46 (eighteen years ago) link

i used to post on the DCN message board with Petter back in the day before he blew up. he featured heavily on Sasha's last mix for GU and is really getting the royal treatment from many DJs. which is awesome because not only is his music fantastic, but he's a really nice guy too

and yeah this label is about the ONLY thing i'm liking in prog house these days. so nice and refreshing on so many levels

rentboy (rentboy), Friday, 8 April 2005 13:54 (eighteen years ago) link

I'm listening to
james holden @ global dj broadcast

01. Mathew Jonson - Ultraviolet Dream
02. Covenant - Bullet (Ellen Allien Flow Mix)
03. Superpitcher - Happiness (Michael Mayer Remix)
04. Roel H. - Curly Hair
05. André Kraml - Safari (James Holden Remix)
06. Petter - Untitled Acid
07. Steve Lawler - Out At Night (Nathan Fake's Night In Mix)
08. ADJD - Believe
09. Stryke & Santos - Amazon
10. ID
11. ID
12. The Rapture - I Need Your Love (Playgroup Dub)

It's good and I want more

W i l l (common_person), Friday, 8 April 2005 15:40 (eighteen years ago) link

track down the balance mix that vahid mentioned upthread. the discogs rating may seem hyperbole, but it isnt. at all. holdens street parade 07-08-2004 set is worth looking for as well

fe zaffe (fezaffe), Friday, 8 April 2005 15:52 (eighteen years ago) link


W i l l (common_person), Friday, 8 April 2005 16:01 (eighteen years ago) link

are you sharing either of those, or other Holden, on slsk?

W i l l (common_person), Friday, 8 April 2005 16:02 (eighteen years ago) link

James Holden live at Full Shade (Brescia) 11-20-2004 is ace as well

manuel (manuel), Friday, 8 April 2005 17:51 (eighteen years ago) link

The Petter track on the new Crosstown Rebels mix is awesome - it's like a clicky update of "No Fate" or one of those other dark-but-emotional early Harthouse/Eye Q tracks.

Tim Finney (Tim Finney), Saturday, 9 April 2005 02:31 (eighteen years ago) link

three weeks pass...
the next bc release is extrawelt - soopatroopa. and extrawelt = midi miliz / spirallianz = psytrance veterans. discuss

fe zaffe (fezaffe), Monday, 2 May 2005 21:40 (eighteen years ago) link

mine arrived broken, so my initial views, to say the least, are neutral-to-negative.

philip sherburne (philip sherburne), Monday, 2 May 2005 22:09 (eighteen years ago) link

very interesting, btw, that midi miliz (sp?) is involved - i heard some of their stuff once and was shocked that it got classed as psytrance, seeing how closely it fell to the stuff i like. one of those "i'm a closed-minded git!" moments.

philip sherburne (philip sherburne), Monday, 2 May 2005 22:10 (eighteen years ago) link

Didn't catch this earlier, but this is great news! It was only a matter of time before the dark, minimalist techno end of psytrance connected to the "mainstream". I've been a huge fan of Raabe and Schaffhausen (Spirallianz, Midi Miliz and especially The Delta) for years.

Siegbran (eofor), Monday, 9 May 2005 14:15 (eighteen years ago) link

there's a nathan fake live set posted here http://ump3.de/sites/nathanfake_live_dirtydancing.html

Jena (JenaP), Monday, 9 May 2005 14:22 (eighteen years ago) link

Dextro-Do You Need Help (MFA Help Help Mix) is one of the absolute best records of the last 12 months.

Ronan (Ronan), Monday, 9 May 2005 19:11 (eighteen years ago) link

so good.

s1ocki (slutsky), Monday, 9 May 2005 19:21 (eighteen years ago) link

Anyone got the MFA-Live At Exposure 2004.

I'm not sure if it's an actual live set or them DJing, it sounds very pristine for a live set though all the tracks do sound like MFA productions and pristine is sort of their style I guess.

Needless to say it is great, like completely electronic deep house or something, with a good quick tempo, which gives it that really clubby deep house feel, a bit like "Mushrooms" by Marshall Jefferson but alot more of an electronics only feel to it.

Ronan (Ronan), Friday, 13 May 2005 08:16 (eighteen years ago) link

Seriously everyone has to hear that Petter track. Just buy Crosstown Rebels Vol 2, it's an excellent mix.

Tim Finney (Tim Finney), Sunday, 15 May 2005 23:50 (eighteen years ago) link

The Petter track is epic and gorgeous - i think i need to find that mix to see how they work it - there's so many great builds.

natedey (ndeyoung), Monday, 16 May 2005 22:21 (eighteen years ago) link

plus the melody is so entrancing but spooky, very horrorshow.

natedey (ndeyoung), Monday, 16 May 2005 22:22 (eighteen years ago) link

The Crosstown Rebels Mix is ace - a neat summation of almost all the great ideas floating around, and there's a special Pier Bucci mix of Andre Kraml's "Safari" (not the same as his remix on the proper Safari remix 12") which is fabulosly spacey.

Tim Finney (Tim Finney), Monday, 16 May 2005 22:26 (eighteen years ago) link

two weeks pass...
this spirallianz connection is fascinating...i echo philip's this-is-tagged-psytrance?! sentiment completely

manuel (manuel), Tuesday, 31 May 2005 05:35 (eighteen years ago) link

two weeks pass...
New MFA EP on BPitchControl doesn't seem to have been mentioned yet - the bassline at the start of the first track, "Disco 2 Break" sounds startlingly like one of Vitalic's "Poney"s. Then the track's all over the place.

locus solus, Wednesday, 15 June 2005 14:34 (seventeen years ago) link

and then "Rinse Time" sounds like, hmmm, Acen?

locus solus, Wednesday, 15 June 2005 14:40 (seventeen years ago) link

is that out?

the remix of Ellen Allien is amazing.

Ronan (Ronan), Wednesday, 15 June 2005 14:51 (seventeen years ago) link

Yeah just came out Ronan - it's a little bit more electro/detroit than their border community stuff.

Michael F Gill (Michael F Gill), Wednesday, 15 June 2005 21:26 (seventeen years ago) link


fe zaffe (fezaffe), Thursday, 16 June 2005 11:42 (seventeen years ago) link

he extrawelt release is good btw, standard bc swirliness with a speicher beat. doesnt sound much like psytrance either except for the trademark 303 "wretched creature" sounds (cf plastikmans plastique), which didnt keep the de:bug reviewer from pooh-poohing the records perceived goa hippieness

fe zaffe (fezaffe), Thursday, 16 June 2005 11:42 (seventeen years ago) link

he = the

fe zaffe (fezaffe), Thursday, 16 June 2005 11:45 (seventeen years ago) link

three weeks pass...
reliable maps of the human heart

c/n (Cozen), Thursday, 7 July 2005 13:35 (seventeen years ago) link

Heard the Extrawelt release today, and although it's excellent, it's not at all what I expected - this is not the pitch-black minimal/psytrance crossover I imagined, which is a shame - psytrance has so many interesting sounds that I think would work very well within the current minimalist electro/techno structures. Somebody will do it sooner or later...

Siegbran (eofor), Friday, 8 July 2005 23:43 (seventeen years ago) link

oh my god this rules

ToddBonzalez (BradNelson), Wednesday, 8 November 2017 21:19 (five years ago) link

i don't get much out of floating points but their new record that sounds like Meddle/DSOTM is GREAT

brimstead, Wednesday, 8 November 2017 21:22 (five years ago) link

Dominique if you slept on the inheritors please listen ASAP.

dan selzer, Thursday, 9 November 2017 00:04 (five years ago) link

looks like he's touring, but mostly europe

someone check out the tour!

mh, Thursday, 9 November 2017 14:53 (five years ago) link

I saw him at Le Poison Rouge a few years back, was great.

dan selzer, Thursday, 9 November 2017 15:29 (five years ago) link

also saw him a couple of years back touring 'the inheritors'. was just analogue synths and a live drummer - like a cave-rave version of silver apples. would love to see him with the full band

plp will eat itself (NickB), Thursday, 9 November 2017 15:43 (five years ago) link

yup, saw him doing that tour at mutek

mh, Thursday, 9 November 2017 15:56 (five years ago) link

Great words, Nick. This descriptor is both notable and irresistible to those of us forever influenced by late Talk Talk or post-Japan Sylvian: "To go from control-freakish, micro-edited techno experiments to what’s essentially live, improvised kraut-jazz-prog-rock, is quite a move in only three albums." Even better that Holden's record easily meets the resulting expectations. Wonderful stuff.

doug watson, Thursday, 9 November 2017 16:08 (five years ago) link

six months pass...

just to say that any time the new record is playing, everyone in the car (i drive a fair bit) asks me what it is because they are entranced.

blue light or electric light (the table is the table), Friday, 8 June 2018 23:42 (four years ago) link

Saw them live last weekend and it was fantastic, everything you would expect and want them to be.

Matt DC, Saturday, 9 June 2018 09:34 (four years ago) link

four years pass...

new James Holden single (from upcoming album) is sensational - https://jamesholden.bandcamp.com/album/imagine-this-is-a-high-dimensional-space-of-all-possibilities

stirmonster, Wednesday, 11 January 2023 17:23 (four months ago) link

With artwork from our very own professor genius!

dan selzer, Wednesday, 11 January 2023 18:28 (four months ago) link

so there is! extra bonus.

stirmonster, Wednesday, 11 January 2023 18:38 (four months ago) link


SQUIRREL MEAT!! (Capitaine Jay Vee), Wednesday, 11 January 2023 18:41 (four months ago) link

two months pass...

I am OBSESSED w this James Holden Britney remix rn


what are the best James Holden remixes besides The Sky Was Pink????? I WANT MORE

music for A★TEENS’ musicians (Stevie D(eux)), Wednesday, 22 March 2023 15:03 (two months ago) link



brimstead, Wednesday, 22 March 2023 15:16 (two months ago) link

new order - someone like you


brimstead, Wednesday, 22 March 2023 15:18 (two months ago) link

System 7 - Planet 7 (James Holden Remix)
Holden & Thompson - Nothing (93 Returning Remix)

Siegbran, Wednesday, 22 March 2023 15:20 (two months ago) link

huge co-sign on that 93 Returning mix

brimstead, Wednesday, 22 March 2023 15:21 (two months ago) link

I thought this was going to be about the new track from the upcoming album


Holden’s remix of XAM Duo’s “Cold Stones” was one of my top tracks of 2022 - intergalactic jazz techno!

Tim F, Wednesday, 22 March 2023 20:34 (two months ago) link

as if the new Katie Gately being great wasn't enough, the new James Holden is sounding fab too!

imago, Friday, 31 March 2023 14:48 (two months ago) link

Absolutely incredible interview about this album's making. Clearly an astonishing feat


imago, Saturday, 1 April 2023 06:34 (two months ago) link

Really enjoyed that in-depth process interview. I don't know that there's anything about it that makes it an astonishing feat per se (if you really dig into the nitty gritty of a lot of electronic records I think you'd find an impressive degree of creative processes, resampling, etc) but I'm excited to listen to it now.

change display name (Jordan), Monday, 3 April 2023 18:35 (one month ago) link

Enjoying the record...and I like pretty much everything he does these days, but miss a bit of the noise of the Inheritors. Maybe it's a bit too jazzy and hippie for me.

dan selzer, Monday, 3 April 2023 18:45 (one month ago) link

knowing very little about how electronic music is made i am very easily impressed lol. but it does seem like he went to impressive lengths! it's a very long record and it keeps me interested the whole time. love that he describes it as the album his 12 year-old self wanted to make, and a dialogue with that self

imago, Monday, 3 April 2023 18:55 (one month ago) link

I do really like the looseness and liveness of the record, although it's all a bit too "cosmic jammers" for me too. I don't know that the drums benefit from being recorded through speakers with ribbon mics in a room either, for dance music I like that in-your-face feel. It took me a long time to realize that the room that the music is going to be played in, over a soundsystem, is more important than the one it was recorded in.

But I'm jealous of his process because it sounds fun, and there are some really cool moments and tracks here.

change display name (Jordan), Monday, 3 April 2023 19:26 (one month ago) link

yeah none of it is that involved or exciting for most people that use max or equivalent systems/approaches.

to be fair to him though, he never makes out the process to be as if it's a big crazy cutting edge autechre/william fields type thing. more that he's into building systems according to his tastes and trying to make it fun for himself to make music. basically: to be able kosmischely-noodle on one's own.

i read the interview after listening to the album and i kind of assumed it was a curated collection of live jams like the animal spirits record ie. not knowing all the traditional instruments (sax, piano, violin) were just self-overdubs. which probably counts as a big success and proof-of-concept for him.

i am surprised by imago liking thing though! cause what makes me not fully connect with james holden (and luke abbott) - despite generally liking the surface aesthetics and all the interviews etc. - is that i just get bored musically of the majority of their stuff being a single pattern and the track "just" being riding timbral variations, inversions and the arpeggiators-upon-arpeggiators. the same build it-up-and-then-break-it-down structure... obviously that's very much what their whole thing is though!

i do really like "contains multitudes" on here though which does shift a lot more even if it a single progression as well, it just seems a lot more dynamic. i like the almost-rave-stab-pattern stuff (there was some of that on the last nathan fake album too). also the most surprising part of the album for me is on that track - when that portentous piano line comes in.

linee, Monday, 3 April 2023 23:12 (one month ago) link

Agreed I wouldn't have thought there would be enough chord changes for imago (he even says in the interview he hates bridges and loves staying in one harmonic place)

change display name (Jordan), Monday, 3 April 2023 23:27 (one month ago) link

yeah it's totally my issue, just different tastes and wanting music to do different things. i would love to hear a JH or LA track that's *just* bridges!

to be clear: i don't want to cast shade on anyone being super into this! i was just a bit surprised reading this thread after listening and seeing who was singing its praises.

also don't want to sound like a know-it-all in regard to JH's set-up. just more that, if you're totally unfamiliar with that kind of world, the kind of things he is doing are pretty par-for-the-course. not that it really matters or makes them any less valid...

linee, Tuesday, 4 April 2023 00:58 (one month ago) link

Love this album, but I was also a bit surprised that it's a lot more of a traditional techno record than I had anticipated (maybe feeds into linee's point about it not feeling like an imago record, though I wouldn't have thought that without linee's comment and explanation).

It reminds me of a lot of Lindstrom's Smallhans but with a broader and denser sound palette.

Tim F, Tuesday, 4 April 2023 01:43 (one month ago) link

while my first love is indeed melodic development, textural development and the Swelling Sonic Array is a close second. this sounds so lush and adventurous, it is absolutely the sort of exuberant fantasy he describes and I'm way into that

imago, Tuesday, 4 April 2023 02:29 (one month ago) link

The other album it reminds me of a bit (though not necessarily in strict stylistic terms) is the Khidja & Balabas album - reproducing the density and depth and atmosphere of Monolake's "Lantau" and "Macau" but in a less minimalist context.

Tim F, Tuesday, 4 April 2023 02:35 (one month ago) link

*writing emoji*

I need to hear more Lindstrom, ty for the heads-up. Regard WYGIGT as a towering masterpiece but strangely haven't explored more!

imago, Tuesday, 4 April 2023 02:41 (one month ago) link

The other album it reminds me of a bit (though not necessarily in strict stylistic terms) is the Khidja & Balabas album - reproducing the density and depth and atmosphere of Monolake's "Lantau" and "Macau" but in a less minimalist context.

when Tim mentions an album offhand and you know, not even having heard it yet, that you'll be playing it all summer

lol yeah the K&B is so good

Would be in my top ten "underrated to the point of being unheard of" albums of the past 5 years or so

Tim F, Thursday, 6 April 2023 01:50 (one month ago) link

not familiar. I see a few EPs on bandcamp and will check them out. What is the album?

dan selzer, Thursday, 6 April 2023 12:44 (one month ago) link

oh yeah I saw that. thought that was an ep and there was some other LP being referred to. Will def listen.

dan selzer, Thursday, 6 April 2023 17:17 (one month ago) link

I am unsure what I think of this new James Holden thus far. I was really excited for it but it hasn't quite connected. I adored the Animal Spirits and have played it loads over several years, probably more than The Inheritors which was a big favourite when it came out. My (very minor) antipathy might be contextual - I've been getting over jetlag since I got it on Friday and every time I try and sit down and listen to it on the big stereo I get interrupted or I'm knackered, so it's mostly been ambient music while I've been wfh Monday and today. I think I was expecting more from it in terms of drums and rhythms; it's very vaporous.

Hey Bob (Scik Mouthy), Wednesday, 19 April 2023 13:52 (one month ago) link

Headphones and sunshine turn this into a completely different record for me.

Hey Bob (Scik Mouthy), Thursday, 20 April 2023 12:07 (one month ago) link

I dig it. Lots of feeling and color and grooves. It's floating and cosmic but a nice kind of busy and the live feel is distinct. Obviously I'm here for any long-form electronic albums with spiritual ethno and jazz touches.

Nabozo, Tuesday, 2 May 2023 10:03 (one month ago) link

second listen, this time on headphones, def more interesting.

dan selzer, Tuesday, 2 May 2023 11:25 (one month ago) link

it's deffo a fantastic headphone listen. great for long walks and late night drives (the latter i can only imagine as i don't drive). i love the cheap drum machines and lo fi beats; refreshing in this era of over produced drum beats.

playing live early eveining this sunday in a park in Glasgow. can't wait!

stirmonster, Tuesday, 2 May 2023 16:31 (one month ago) link

It's a sunshine and sunset record!

SQUIRREL MEAT!! (Capitaine Jay Vee), Tuesday, 2 May 2023 16:49 (one month ago) link

the thing about mic'ing speakers...makes so much sense. No amount of lo-fi plug-ins and/or digital reverb is going to create that kind of space.

dan selzer, Tuesday, 2 May 2023 17:26 (one month ago) link

Had it on outside in the sunshine by a fire this afternoon, so good I played it twice

I am using your worlds, Tuesday, 2 May 2023 17:26 (one month ago) link

three weeks pass...

I have basically had this on repeat for the last month, occasionally flitting back to the last Daniel Avery record. Now the sun is properly out and it's warmer, it makes so much sense. It also makes a great soundtrack to swooping between sky islands in the new Zelda game (while the Daniel Avry works well for exploring subterranian landscapes in same).

Hey Bob (Scik Mouthy), Thursday, 25 May 2023 12:24 (one week ago) link

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