Quicksand - Slip...classic or dud?

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So remember this album? Fazer and what not. I was reminded of it on an ILE thread about Freshman yr at college. I loved it, would love to hear it again to be sure...but I'll say classic.

Velveteen Bingo (Chris V), Wednesday, 29 September 2004 11:21 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

pass the salt pour it in my wounds.

Velveteen Bingo (Chris V), Wednesday, 29 September 2004 11:24 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Would listen to this non-stop when it was brand new. For people who wanted to like Helmet, but wished they sounded a little more like Fugazi.

Possible classic (may require review)

Johnny Fever (johnny fever), Wednesday, 29 September 2004 12:28 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Classic. Could only be bettered with the inclusion of their cover of "How Soon Is Now." Quicksand's ascendency to this pinnacle pretty much destroyed hardcore. Seriously. After this record got big all the hardcore kids started dressing more nicely and getting those earrings that put big holes in your earlobes. I just couldn't understand it. Then emocore happened. Ugh. I will now just sit in my office and make old man moaning noises.

BlastsOfStatic (BlastsofStatic), Wednesday, 29 September 2004 13:37 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

you know, that cover was included on the uk pressing of the cd. i had this. played it 3 times and traded it. so i guess i thought Dud at the time. do i regret getting rid now. yup. surely do.

mark e (mark e), Wednesday, 29 September 2004 13:40 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Yeah, my copy is a dubbed cassette. I'd like to get that shit in a form I can actually listen to nowadays. Sounds like I should look for the UK version.

BlastsOfStatic (BlastsofStatic), Wednesday, 29 September 2004 13:45 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

I'd never heard (nor was I even aware of) this version of "How Soon is Now?" until the Smiths cover song thread a couple weeks ago. Just downloaded it actually. During the first listen, I wasn't sure if I liked it much. Second listen, I'm convinced it's fucking grand!

Johnny Fever (johnny fever), Wednesday, 29 September 2004 13:54 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Crap. I need to get my paws on that track. Into the cassette crates I go.

BlastsOfStatic (BlastsofStatic), Wednesday, 29 September 2004 16:05 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

i've heard the "how soon is now" cover once and i really didn't like it. maybe i will re-listen once i get the chance.

dysøn (dyson), Wednesday, 29 September 2004 17:12 (thirteen years ago) Permalink


cutty (mcutt), Wednesday, 29 September 2004 17:14 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

classic btw.

ditto for manic compression.

dysøn (dyson), Wednesday, 29 September 2004 17:14 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Oh yeah. Fuck yeah. Probably the most influential band at my high school. Not that Quicksand went to my high school, but the guys in bands who wanted to sound like them did.

Huk-L, Wednesday, 29 September 2004 17:30 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

really¿ you went to a cool high school.

dysøn (dyson), Wednesday, 29 September 2004 17:32 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Yes, I did.

Huk-L, Wednesday, 29 September 2004 17:42 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

quicksand = GREAT band
slip = CLASSIC album
sergio = top-notch barback @ niagara

charliefarley, Thursday, 30 September 2004 02:46 (thirteen years ago) Permalink


cutty (mcutt), Thursday, 30 September 2004 02:53 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

one year passes...
Listened to a little bit of Slip on the train on the way into work this morning. It still sounds as good as when I first heard it. Definitely a classic album from a great band.

J-rock (Julien Sandiford), Friday, 25 August 2006 01:43 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Total classic. The reason why I started a posthardcore band.

Manic Compression is also really good.

Marty Innerlogic (marty innerlogic), Sunday, 27 August 2006 11:57 (eleven years ago) Permalink

"Manic Compression is also really good"

Amen. I always thought that it was a pretty underrated album, even by a lot of serious fans of the band.

J-rock (Julien Sandiford), Monday, 28 August 2006 02:29 (eleven years ago) Permalink

Saw 'em live open for the Offspring in 1995 -- and I had a photo pass so I was right up front. Fairly intense.

Ned Raggett (Ned), Monday, 28 August 2006 02:40 (eleven years ago) Permalink

funny ,i have been listening to both albums as of late on my ipod. shame they never put out more.

drone/a/sore (drone/a/sore), Monday, 28 August 2006 04:24 (eleven years ago) Permalink

five years pass...
ten months pass...


They played "Fazer" on Jimmy Fallon last night, and it sounds fucking stellar.

Johnny Fever, Thursday, 23 August 2012 21:12 (five years ago) Permalink

three months pass...

Album sounds like an a-bomb on my ears right now.

Johnny Fever, Saturday, 22 December 2012 00:23 (five years ago) Permalink

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