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sexyDancer, Tuesday, 15 June 2004 15:23 (sixteen years ago) link

that boredoms ep rules, also.

peter smith (plsmith), Tuesday, 15 June 2004 15:27 (sixteen years ago) link

Caroliner to thread

Stephen Boyle (SBoyle), Wednesday, 16 June 2004 15:07 (sixteen years ago) link

That Yoshida Tatsuya cover is truly awesome.

J0hn Darn1elle (J0hn Darn1elle), Wednesday, 16 June 2004 15:11 (sixteen years ago) link

I love all of Ruins album covers featuring ruins!

(the interior art for this one is better)

0r4l R0b3rt5 (ex machina), Wednesday, 16 June 2004 15:17 (sixteen years ago) link


Punks and Skeletons Taking Over the City.....YEAH!

Alex in NYC (vassifer), Wednesday, 16 June 2004 16:32 (sixteen years ago) link


One of my all time favorites!

Davlo (Davlo), Wednesday, 16 June 2004 19:25 (sixteen years ago) link


Here, let's try that again...

Davlo (Davlo), Wednesday, 16 June 2004 19:26 (sixteen years ago) link


ddb (ddb), Wednesday, 16 June 2004 19:27 (sixteen years ago) link


I must be on drugs or something - last attempt!

Davlo (Davlo), Wednesday, 16 June 2004 19:27 (sixteen years ago) link

This one always struck me.

Sean Witzman (trip maker), Wednesday, 16 June 2004 19:33 (sixteen years ago) link


Sean Witzman (trip maker), Wednesday, 16 June 2004 19:37 (sixteen years ago) link


udu wudu (udu wudu), Wednesday, 16 June 2004 19:41 (sixteen years ago) link

no contest:


latebloomer (latebloomer), Wednesday, 16 June 2004 19:42 (sixteen years ago) link


ddb (ddb), Wednesday, 16 June 2004 19:44 (sixteen years ago) link


Alex in NYC (vassifer), Wednesday, 16 June 2004 19:54 (sixteen years ago) link


If only the music contained within was as good.

Alex in NYC (vassifer), Wednesday, 16 June 2004 19:55 (sixteen years ago) link

Aw, man! That Porter Wagoner cover makes me wanna cry.

Johnny Fever (johnny fever), Wednesday, 16 June 2004 22:27 (sixteen years ago) link

My alltime favourite, and the only cover that ever enticed me to buy the record all by itself. That I enjoyed the music as well was a happy coincidence!

Myonga Von Bontee (Myonga Von Bontee), Wednesday, 16 June 2004 23:26 (sixteen years ago) link

I can't find a pic of that Mantronix "Needle to the Groove" cover :(

oops (Oops), Wednesday, 16 June 2004 23:45 (sixteen years ago) link

Be happy I don't i this link (IT'S HUGE):


PS - This is also a record I bought because of the cover (& the Dischord association, yeah).

David R. (popshots75`), Thursday, 17 June 2004 00:22 (sixteen years ago) link

The Feederz - "Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss?"

It had sandpaper on the cover so that it would scratch the covers of any albums stored next to it! Yay!

woly boly (woly boly), Thursday, 17 June 2004 09:17 (sixteen years ago) link

Regulator Watts!@!@!@ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

0r4l R0b3rt5 (ex machina), Thursday, 17 June 2004 11:22 (sixteen years ago) link


My all time fucking favourite.

Huey (Huey), Thursday, 17 June 2004 12:07 (sixteen years ago) link


Huey (Huey), Thursday, 17 June 2004 12:08 (sixteen years ago) link

four years pass...

I found this cassette tape in my bosses office today. Somewhere this guy is a star and rightfully so:


ENBB, Thursday, 21 August 2008 21:40 (twelve years ago) link

bosses? whoops.

ENBB, Thursday, 21 August 2008 21:41 (twelve years ago) link

what about mind-numbingly awesome album titles:


scott seward, Thursday, 21 August 2008 21:43 (twelve years ago) link



Millsner, Thursday, 21 August 2008 22:38 (twelve years ago) link

I like how passively bummed dude is about the eyeball spooning. Like, "Fuck, he's gonna spoon my eye. Again. Sigh."

contenderizer, Thursday, 21 August 2008 23:01 (twelve years ago) link


omar little, Thursday, 21 August 2008 23:18 (twelve years ago) link

I like how passively bummed dude is about the eyeball spooning. Like, "Fuck, he's gonna spoon my eye. Again. Sigh."

OTM! When I found that cover, I thought that "The Sad" would have been a much better fit than "The Mad"

bmus, Thursday, 21 August 2008 23:34 (twelve years ago) link

I found this cassette tape in my bosses office today. Somewhere this guy is a star and rightfully so

Why were you snooping around your bosses office? Does he know you were in there?

Just wondering.

kwhitehead, Friday, 22 August 2008 01:24 (twelve years ago) link


Just because it's obvious doesn't mean it's not true.

Mr. Snrub, Friday, 22 August 2008 01:36 (twelve years ago) link


First saw this one on an ILM thread and it still startles me - I've never seen such a mix of colours on any other album, ever. It reminds me of something a gifted 11-year old might create with water paints in 6th grade art class. (That's a compliment.)

Myonga Vön Bontee, Friday, 22 August 2008 05:06 (twelve years ago) link

I've been thinking a "best Fall cover art" poll is in order. Or "worst Fall cover art." Its so hard to decide which is which.

bendy, Friday, 22 August 2008 05:33 (twelve years ago) link

that said, i bought ride's nowhere purely b/c of the album art (ok, and it was $4) when i was about 13... in total realization joy division's unknown pleasures is the clear inspiration, and a little more iconic, but there's something about this that rly suggests that buying this album will transport you somewhere

and furthering shoegaze scene, mbv's were always particularly good:

uno mas:
again, i can easily see why anybody would go "so what" about this one, but there's always been something striking about this cover... maybe the particular nostalgia factor, or how utterly simple it is. i dunno. it's just yet another band i've checked out for the artwork alone.

The previous message has been brought to you by (kelpolaris), Sunday, 20 February 2011 21:22 (ten years ago) link

Mmm... here's a few of the favorite ones in my collection. Not sure if they could be considered mind numbingly awesome but I love staring at them.


Moka, Sunday, 20 February 2011 21:36 (ten years ago) link


Siegbran, Monday, 21 February 2011 02:03 (ten years ago) link

lol at horace silver

mookieproof, Monday, 21 February 2011 02:18 (ten years ago) link

what is that sieg?

Samuel (a hoy hoy), Monday, 21 February 2011 02:26 (ten years ago) link

That Horace Silver was my entrypoint into jazz. I went to my local recordstore looking for jazz, not knowing anything about the genre, and singled it out based solely on the cover.

, Monday, 21 February 2011 04:05 (ten years ago) link

omg u racist perv

mookieproof, Monday, 21 February 2011 04:06 (ten years ago) link

It was a simpler time... :wistful gaze:

No, but how can one not love that cover.

, Monday, 21 February 2011 04:22 (ten years ago) link

angry face one is ildjarn, strength and anger.


original bgm, Monday, 21 February 2011 04:32 (ten years ago) link


What's mind-numbingly awesome about this one? Looks like a standard 80s band photo to me...

Tuomas, Monday, 21 February 2011 07:31 (ten years ago) link

all of the following: http://tisue.net/jandek/discog.html

jumpskins, Monday, 21 February 2011 07:39 (ten years ago) link

^^ otm

Damn this thread seems so....different without ilxor (ilxor), Monday, 21 February 2011 07:40 (ten years ago) link

Eh? Most of those are just badly framed, blurry photos, not mind-numbing at all:


I guess I just have a very different definition of "awesome album cover" than some others...

Tuomas, Monday, 21 February 2011 07:45 (ten years ago) link

Not sure how a thread like this gets to 121 posts without


egregious fannydangling (Autumn Almanac), Monday, 21 February 2011 07:45 (ten years ago) link

I mean, it's not that I'm against that sort of aesthetic, but in order for it to impress me, the photo has to be evocative in some way, not just a random pic of some guy or an apartment. The album covers of 310, for example, do this pretty well:

http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51cAK47Uf-L.jpg http://www.vinylsearcher.com/largeImages/1130688.jpg


Tuomas, Monday, 21 February 2011 07:50 (ten years ago) link


This album came out the same year as Tron, so I assume they borrowed the aesthetic from there. It's still awesome though.

Tuomas, Monday, 21 February 2011 07:57 (ten years ago) link

i love the jandek covers but they are pretty much a case of "sum greater than its parts"

Damn this thread seems so....different without ilxor (ilxor), Monday, 21 February 2011 08:59 (ten years ago) link

What's mind-numbingly awesome about this one? Looks like a standard 80s band photo to me...

― Tuomas, Monday, February 21, 2011 8:31 AM (7 hours ago) Bookmark

Yeah I guess it's maybe not objectively too extraordinary. While it is a common approach to coverart - "a standard 80s band photo" - it comes off as iconically so to me. I don't really know. Maybe I just like the record and conflate the cover with the music...

, Monday, 21 February 2011 16:16 (ten years ago) link

the painting on the Surf's Up cover is the kind of awful, unfun kitsch that I would rightfully sneer at if I saw it at a flea market (its natural habitat) or on the living room wall of some crusty, humorless old coot who thinks dogs playing poker are crass and undignified & therefore decorates his home with images of depressed minorities and solemn owls.

uncle twikkelingssteurnissen (unregistered), Monday, 21 February 2011 16:32 (ten years ago) link

wow, you do know that painting is based on a really famous statue, right?

rendezvous then i'm through with HOOS (jon /via/ chi 2.0), Monday, 21 February 2011 16:34 (ten years ago) link

I don't have a problem with the statue. I just don't think it retains a lot of its dignity when it's reproduced ad nauseum as a (almost celebratory?) cultural icon.

uncle twikkelingssteurnissen (unregistered), Monday, 21 February 2011 16:38 (ten years ago) link


Mr. Snrub, Monday, 21 February 2011 22:17 (ten years ago) link

I always mistake that cover for this one (time to dig up the cover connections thread again...)


Hodge Podge Bodge, Peo-PLE! (Dan Peterson), Monday, 21 February 2011 22:33 (ten years ago) link

Deluxe edition of blue had some great presentation and packaging as well:


Moka, Monday, 21 February 2011 22:48 (ten years ago) link

Ossman and flamin groovies remind me of inside sleeve of James Blood 'Tales of Captain Black':


Moka, Monday, 21 February 2011 23:01 (ten years ago) link

Also entire Skull Disco catalogue to thread:


Moka, Monday, 21 February 2011 23:03 (ten years ago) link

one year passes...

One I have been loving lately:


eggleston or instagram? (Hurting 2), Friday, 22 June 2012 16:29 (eight years ago) link


Actually never much liked the strip of photos on the bottom right, but the main cover photo is fucking brilliant.

eggleston or instagram? (Hurting 2), Friday, 22 June 2012 16:30 (eight years ago) link


I wish to incorporate disco into my small business (chap), Friday, 22 June 2012 19:33 (eight years ago) link

Loses something in reduction from LP size, but still


dow, Friday, 22 June 2012 20:42 (eight years ago) link

hard to lose with Louis Wain but it's still striking

chupacabra seeds (Abbbottt), Saturday, 23 June 2012 00:21 (eight years ago) link

i just got this record the other day from my next door neighbor. epic 1973 sci-fi synth musique concrete audio play about the end of the world and mutant children. kinda can't stop staring at the cover.


scott seward, Saturday, 23 June 2012 01:14 (eight years ago) link

Is the music as amazing as the cover?

Ned Raggett, Saturday, 23 June 2012 01:17 (eight years ago) link

it's pretty crazy! lots of proto-vocoder recitations and people screaming and arp synth mayhem.

scott seward, Saturday, 23 June 2012 02:49 (eight years ago) link

Lots of gooduns on the Takoma One-Offs thread, this is still my fave


dow, Saturday, 23 June 2012 05:09 (eight years ago) link

Close to his heart

dow, Saturday, 23 June 2012 05:10 (eight years ago) link

one month passes...

Yeah, that one is fantastic and one of those that is significantly diminshed seeing it CD-sized or smaller.

heated debate over derpy hooves (jon /via/ chi 2.0), Thursday, 2 August 2012 17:08 (eight years ago) link

great cover and sort of a cover connection to another classic cover:


Elrond Hubbard (upper mississippi sh@kedown), Thursday, 2 August 2012 17:10 (eight years ago) link

underground has great liner notes too - it's like a Fahey sleeve

Will Chave (Hurting 2), Friday, 3 August 2012 18:51 (eight years ago) link

Never realized Basement Tapes reminds me of this:


Must be time to play cover connections again.

David Allan Cow (Dan Peterson), Friday, 3 August 2012 19:23 (eight years ago) link

five years pass...

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