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There's been a fair few releases lately so thought we could use the one thread as a round-up on all.

Infinite Livez - Bush Meat is a bit hit-and-miss, but I think his charisma / personality manages to save even the weaker tracks.

Klashnekoff - The Sagas Of... seemed a little flat at first, but after a few listens it's starting to really click for me. No gimmicks, just a really solid record.

Any opinions on the new Mystro or Taskforce?

Mil, Saturday, 5 June 2004 01:05 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

hmm... i havent been able to get a hold of that klash. been looking forward to it for some time. i dont like mystro. taskforce, ive seen the new one but once again i havent picked it up.

im still listening to the most recent jehst. kills it...

fdhdf, Saturday, 5 June 2004 02:25 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

the klashnekoff is ace, i had a couple of those 12"s but it's really tight, especially "it's murda", "all i got" and "our time". it's great to have a rapper who acts hard but still intelligent.

i picked up the new frontline and psychic phenomena 12"s today too, pretty good at first listen.

new taskforce - wish to reserve judgment as they normally grow on me rather (apart from the remus tracks, which i fall for fairly instantly)

fletcher dexter, Saturday, 5 June 2004 12:20 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

um, also, if they count as new, the salvo 12" is very promising - the production (by 184) is killer - and the homemade 12" from death by dishonour is quite cute / funny ("in da klubb" at least raises some smiles even if it's hardly a classic). the hoodz underground 12" ("how do you feel") is superb not least when klashnekoff's verse takes it to the next level. i like the new universal soldiers 12" too (life's like a movie) even though it's a little bit american-style and some of the lyrics seem slightly dunderheaded in that "thug" kinda way... and if you like deep bass and MASSIVE beats then the imam THUG / cappo vocals on the P Brothers 12" will probably do for you!

fletcher dexter, Saturday, 5 June 2004 12:25 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

I really don't see what all the fuss about Klashnekoff is at all, "Murda" just seemed like a standard LowLife release with slightly shoutier lyrics. Admittedly, that track with him and Asha D ("The Message", I think it's called) is pretty swift.

The Mystro album is good, he's kind of like a less good version of Twang, but there's enough humour and wideboy antics to carry him through the album.

The Vinyl Dialect album is shit. "Ouch" is brilliant, but it sounds like that's the only decent tune they have (except they also have "Pre-Style", but that's not on the album for some reason).

Anyway, Blak Twang's coming to save us with a new album by the end of the year. Apparently its called "Rotton Club" and the single is "Ghetto Child Sex Education (GCSE)". Anyone heard it yet? Apparently he did some set for XFM or 1Xtra or some radio station I can't get.

The Format "A Right Earful" mixtape is nice, even if its barely English at all.

Dom Passantino (Dom Passantino), Saturday, 5 June 2004 12:27 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

"it's murda" is particularly good for annoying neighbours / visitors - tested it this morning.

i kind of don't listen to anything on lowlife as a rule, though if i'm missing out by doing so, i hope ilm will let me know!!

looking forward to the blak twang, tho every release is getting shoutier and more kind of wide-boy - if you compare "real estate" with "kik off" or his black grass collab (admittedly both ace) he does seem to have a lost a bit of the original thoughtfulness ?

fletcher dexter, Saturday, 5 June 2004 12:31 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Are they rereleasing "Dettwork South East" or not? I think they said they were at the rear end of last year, I've not seen it in the shops or any follow-up.

I think he's definitely "developed" his personality. I actually think "Publik Order" is the best thing he's ever done, so I'm probably not the best person to criticise his new hoolie stylings. It was inevitable that that was going to be the mode of living that British rappers would adopt when they were going "thug", though, so... hey, at least it's not Acarine.

Are Aspects going to stop touring minor towns and actually release something? Aren't they signed to Antidote now as well, or does the Antidote webpage just have lots of stuff on them for no reason?

Dom Passantino (Dom Passantino), Saturday, 5 June 2004 12:35 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

supplemental re blak twang: i like "publik order" too - but then i have a similar weak spot for sham 69, who it reminds me of... i too heard that "dettwork" was definitely coming out, but still haven't seen it, or the alleged BT dvd. i'm sure someone here will know.

fletcher dexter, Saturday, 5 June 2004 12:38 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Sham 69 was the first thing I thought of when I heard "Publik Order" as well.

Dom Passantino (Dom Passantino), Saturday, 5 June 2004 12:40 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

I know it's from last year but I'd like to reiterate my love for the Titan Sounds comp.

Tim Finney (Tim Finney), Saturday, 5 June 2004 12:48 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Dynamite MC's album is out next week. It's divided in hip hop, (breakbeat) garage and drum & bass "rooms"...

JoB (JoB), Saturday, 5 June 2004 13:33 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Has it leaked to slsk yet?

Dom Passantino (Dom Passantino), Saturday, 5 June 2004 13:42 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

is infinite livez an invisible spies affilate? and why the hell weren't the kid acne records licensed for big dada, or any kind of us distro? fucking ace they are!

pher (pher), Sunday, 6 June 2004 09:08 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

speaking of uk hip hop, the one essential record is the brotherhood record (prod. by trevor jackson). in a number of places, i've seen the bragadocious quote that the entire album was sampled from uk based music sources. but wasn't there a gravediggaz 'constant elevation' sample from one of the singles? regardless, that shit bounces like bucephelus.

pher (pher), Sunday, 6 June 2004 09:10 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

aspects album is indeed coming out on Antidote soon.
tis called 'mystery theatre'.
not heard it yet. will report back tomorrow on what i think.

i liked the mystro in parts. the humour was fun, loved the love and the reference to beers/booze as opposed to drive bys and e's all the time. was refreshing change.

infinte lives i still aint too sure about, its growing on me though. the most off the wall lyrics ever though.

then there is akira the don - stuff available from, i like his stuff.

back tomorrow re Aspects.
mark e/ireallylovemusic

mark e (mark e), Sunday, 6 June 2004 20:05 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

I'm pretty taken with Scorsayzee's "Great Britain" I like it even more since I read this interview:

What made you convert to Islam?

It's called revert, as we believe everyone is a Muslim naturally.

OCP (OCP), Monday, 7 June 2004 06:11 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

speaking of uk hip hop, the one essential record is the brotherhood record (prod. by trevor jackson). in a number of places, i've seen the bragadocious quote that the entire album was sampled from uk based music sources. but wasn't there a gravediggaz 'constant elevation' sample from one of the singles? regardless, that shit bounces like bucephelus.

I'm glad someone mentioned that record, there seems to be no info whatsoever about it on the InterWeb. It does sample the Gravediggaz, and it's a nice record, though in no way special. Just straight-ahead, non-stop rapping and athmospheric beats, kinda like the British equivalent of Heltah Skeltah/Boot Camp Click. Whatever happened to The Brotherhood?

Tuomas (Tuomas), Monday, 7 June 2004 08:55 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

The last I heard of them was in the late '90s, they put out a decent single called "Dungeon Town". Then, no more. Calling their LP the one essential UKHH LP is a bit much, I think.

Tim (Tim), Monday, 7 June 2004 09:59 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

re Aspects : tis a good album. not as england-centric, or is that eccentric, as infinite lives/kid acne etc though there are local references in the sample-laden grooves.the collab with The Bees 'off the lip', is of particular fun .. surf-esque harmonies and wordplay make fine bed fellows. if you want more details i have posted the PR gubbins @ the usual place. but i am liking this stuff, doesn't break boundaries, but if you like old school loops, a chunk of human beatbox sets (not a fave style of mine), mixed with a splash of soul and reggae samples etc then this will bring a smile to most peoples faces.

mark e (mark e), Monday, 7 June 2004 13:12 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

When's it out on the shelves? I can't help but think if "My Genre" were released today in the current climate it'd probably go top 40.

Dom Passantino (Dom Passantino), Monday, 7 June 2004 13:46 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

fromthe info i have its looking like 19th july .. but as ever these things can move.
there is a video for new track 'impact' online at the record label website ..

mark e (mark e), Monday, 7 June 2004 13:52 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

I don't like the new Aspects anywhere near as much as the last one, I have to say.

'Pup 2' by Lews Tewns (guy out of the Headcase Ladz, if that helps) from Swansea is out now on Rasp/Wonky Wax. It's pretty ace

DJ Mencap (DJ Mencap), Monday, 7 June 2004 14:12 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

interesting mr mencap. not heard the earlier stuff. will track down.

mark e (mark e), Monday, 7 June 2004 14:26 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

I quite like Lews Tunes.

Is it unfashionable to say that I'm still really, really looking forward to Skinnyman's LP (the sampler Lowlife put out last year was amazing, I thught) and also Rodney P's record?

Pleased to see that people really like Blak Twang here, even though I don't rate him that highly (I think Mystro's a better MC, though I haven't bought the new record yet).

I recently caught up with the Foregn Beggars LP, which is pretty darned good but about 5 or 6 songs too long.

Tim (Tim), Monday, 7 June 2004 14:43 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Is that Rodney P album finally coming out then, a mere year after it was originally meant to? There's a single on upcoming release lists, so...

Dom Passantino (Dom Passantino), Monday, 7 June 2004 15:01 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

I think they were initially talking about it coming out in 2002!

Tim (Tim), Monday, 7 June 2004 15:03 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

In other news, it seems that Lewis Parker has moved to Queens! It'll be interesting to see what he comes up with over there.

Tim (Tim), Tuesday, 8 June 2004 08:53 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

I'll tell you what I am looking forward to, though: Yoda's going to be doing an artist album by the end of the year. That will either be the best thing ever, or total shite. I'm hoping for the former.

Dom Passantino (Dom Passantino), Tuesday, 8 June 2004 10:49 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Is that Rodney P album finally coming out then, a mere year after it was originally meant to? There's a single on upcoming release lists, so...
-- Dom Passantino (lifetimepilingu...), June 7th, 2004.

Is the single from the delayed Rodney P album or something new? He's playing here on the weekend so I might get a chance to ask him bout it.

Listening to the last Kid Acne album, he seemed like a bit of novelty act to me. He's actually taken seriously over there then?

Am keen to hear new Skinnyman. Roots Manuva too (although less enthusiastic about him nowadays), I noticed there was no new tracks on that Big Dada sampler...

Mil, Tuesday, 8 June 2004 11:51 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

I have a feeling that Mr. Manuva may not be on Big Dada for his next LP, but I can't remember why I have that feeling. Maybe Etienne / Tron will arrive and let us know.

Tim (Tim), Tuesday, 8 June 2004 11:53 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

I think I remember hearing something about Manuva leaving Big Dada around... last October?

I keep meaning to get the Kid Acne album, but never bother in the end. He seems like a pretty funny guy from interviews, but is the fullplayer not worth it?

I actually having the feeling the new Manuva is going to be hideously "worthy", which would be a big change. Riddla needs to be on at least three tracks or I'll be upset.

Dom Passantino (Dom Passantino), Tuesday, 8 June 2004 12:00 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

I wouldn't bother with the Kid Acne, not much replay value I wouldn't think.

Anyone know much about Est'elle? That '1980' track is quite nice.

Mil, Tuesday, 8 June 2004 12:19 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Est'elle's great, I think, and probably with the most actual real star potential in UKHH at present. She's kind of part of the Sterling Collat bunch as far as I can tell, and she can really sing and really rap, also she looks nice which never seems to do much harm. They put out mix CDs now and again and the one I have is full of great stuff. Her take on "Uptown Top Ranking" was of course brilliant but that rhythm is apparently unruinable.

Also Est'elle matches Tempa on "Domestic Science" which is something not many manage.

Dom I bought the Kid Acne LP for £5, which was too much.

Tim (Tim), Tuesday, 8 June 2004 12:32 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

damn. not much love for the Kid. i liked Council Pop. oh well each to their own. give me Kids style over the Streets anyday, and i have to say that Infinite Lives is seriously growing on me... weirdly enough.

mark e (mark e), Tuesday, 8 June 2004 12:56 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Does Infinite Livez have problems with Pitman? It seemed like it from that HHC article.

Dom Passantino (Dom Passantino), Tuesday, 8 June 2004 13:19 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

What did it say?

Tim (Tim), Tuesday, 8 June 2004 13:20 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

ooo .. not seen that article .. zat the issue with free prince po mix ?

mark e (mark e), Tuesday, 8 June 2004 13:21 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

I think it was the issue before that (that would have been the Illmatic tenth anniversary one). I can't remember the exact wording, but it was a joke to the extent of "Your album is an assault on deceny, full of toilet humour and subject matter that borders on the inane" "But that's a Pitman CD".

Dom Passantino (Dom Passantino), Tuesday, 8 June 2004 13:37 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

est'elle is truly grebt. "excuse me" produced by fusion is gorge. shame the lmhr festival got canned as i was lkg fwd to seeing her (and klash).

ocp: agree that scorzayzee's tune is much more than just daily tel-bait. someone shld release it as a single.

btw props to mark e as that website is the best. loved the more fire review from back then.

fletcher dexter, Tuesday, 8 June 2004 20:51 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

one month passes...
I've just bought "The Sagas of K-lash-nek-off". He really does only have one song.

Dom Passantino (Dom Passantino), Thursday, 5 August 2004 21:12 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Also: "1980" is the best British hip-hop single since "Witness (One Hope)". Discuss.

Dom Passantino (Dom Passantino), Thursday, 5 August 2004 21:32 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

possibly agree on "1980" though "i'll be surprised" which came out the same day is the best thing i've ever heard on lowlife and i think could have withstood some airplay.

you are wrong re klashnekoff, at least to the extent i'm interpreting yr post as a criticism. i'm even looking forward to the forthcoming universal soldiers lp.

fletcher dexter, Thursday, 5 August 2004 21:56 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

At the moment, I only *get* "It's Murda", the rest just sounds like your standard UK hip-hop fare. Those of you that reckon the album grows... is that what I'm doing wrong? Does the album blossom around "It's Murda"? And what's his problem with Tina Turner?

Dom Passantino (Dom Passantino), Thursday, 5 August 2004 22:02 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

...not sure but it's nothing like as bad as his problem with paul condon.

"it's murda" i think is one of 3 or 4 standout tracks. i suppose the thing about "sagas" is that it's a comp, really, of a few 12"s, not a properly sequenced album, and it may just be that the songs sounded better on one side of vinyl - if you're new to all of them they probably do blur a little.

fwiw, he also seems to flip between "conscious" lyrics and really unreconstructed stuff. the last universal soldiers 12" he did with ultra is odd - a lot less ragga-ish, it's dark and quite grimy though i like it it's unrealistically thug-like.

fletcher dexter, Thursday, 5 August 2004 22:20 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

I will say that "the Black Russian" is easily my favourite nickname for an MC ever.

Dom Passantino (Dom Passantino), Thursday, 5 August 2004 22:26 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

I think the Klashnekoff is extremely consistent, I wouldn't say any track sounds well-above the quality of others. The similiar tone / pacing throughout the album only makes me scrutinise each track more. fletcher otm about the 'acts hard but still intelligent' thing.

Still like '1980', but I find it a little too clean (verging on sterile) sounding to really develop a huge attachment too. Though it is the only UKHH track I've heard in ages with any solid commercial potential (already getting airplay here in Australia).

Mil (Mil), Thursday, 5 August 2004 23:30 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

kalashnekoff is obviously the best thing to happen in uk hiphop for ages. it's getting itself together now. uk hiphop gets lots of pirate play now, it never used to, outside of itch. new people coming through like esquire. i want to hear that song with wiley and skinnyman.

......, Friday, 6 August 2004 11:48 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

OK then, "Council Estate of Mind" has been out for nearly a fortnight, my review shall be finding it's way onto Stylus in the near future, discuss it here.

"Fuck The Hook" really does need that end 30 seconds removing from it.

Dom Passantino (Dom Passantino), Thursday, 19 August 2004 13:35 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

new issue of hip hop connection is all UK hip hop based with a pretty cool covermount cd with all uk beats on it. not bad. and the kid acne artwork makes it all worth while n my opinion .. (kid acne comp @ ireallylovemusic .. shameless i know .. but hey ..)
and the best track on the cd for me is 'black rose' by klashnekoff. very very good.

mark e (mark e), Thursday, 19 August 2004 13:46 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

What did you think to the top 100 UK hip-hop tracks then? Seemed to be all the right tracks in slightly the wrong order. "Domestic Science" was far far too low.

Dom Passantino (Dom Passantino), Thursday, 19 August 2004 13:50 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

arse. re-read that. the Kid Acne artwork is in the mag .. not cover of the cd. soz for the misleading rubbish.

mark e (mark e), Thursday, 19 August 2004 13:51 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

couldn't say. am far too ignorant of the uk scene in recent times. though i was glad to see Ruthless Rap Assassins in the chart .. the list made me realise i should definitely investigate a lot more stuff though .. even so .. Cookie Crew !? that one shocked me. guess folks forgot about Stereo MC's fist lp ..

mark e (mark e), Thursday, 19 August 2004 13:55 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Hah, my thoughts were "Where's "West End Girls"?"

Dom Passantino (Dom Passantino), Thursday, 19 August 2004 14:00 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

i thought it was a good list - great to see props for gunshot, caveman, hijack, even mc duke. would have liked to see 3 wize men for old time's sake though...

looking forward to checking out the cd. of the stuff on it i only have klash, capkon and scorzayzee (which i rate all of)...

fletcher dexter, Monday, 23 August 2004 19:36 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

glad i aint the only 1 who remembers 3 Wize men .. only heard a few tracks on a comp that RK put out but was ace. the list also completley missed on uk hip hop act that probably brought a lot more listeners into hip hop than they are ever given credit for .. Stereo MC's .. i realise they are probably regarded as a bad pile these days .. but damn On 33 was a fine loop as were several other tracks off lp 1 and 2 .. amazing. cookie crew - yes, stereo mcs- no.

mark e (mark e), Monday, 23 August 2004 20:08 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

two weeks pass...
um, i would be really grateful if ANYONE felt able to join me in the love i have for the lee ramsay track on the cappo resilience 12"... it's called "verbal latitude" - i think it is just aaaaace. please ?

mark - i hearted the cookie crew at the time - i think they were peel faves too, but they also made it into "indie top 20 vol3" which at the time was like CROSS OVER...

fletcher dexter, Monday, 6 September 2004 21:33 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

two weeks pass...

adam. (nordicskilla), Thursday, 23 September 2004 00:17 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

um, has anyone got the universal soldiers lp yet ?

or - the offer is still open - does anyone wish to join me in declaring any affection at all for the works of cappo / lee ramsay ? please ?

fletcher dexter, Sunday, 26 September 2004 13:50 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

it's time for the weekly bump of this thread, which at least proves that ukgrime has rather more adherents here than ukhh...

"slanguage" by universal soldiers is a good purchase on initial listen, although it isn't remotely groundbreaking - makes most sense on the headphones whilst wandering around london now it's colder and darker again. will take a few listens to see if it has the same kind of lyrical invention which only became apparent slowly on the various taster singles.

re the cappo / ramsay record, the track by mr 45 is also really well put together - it's called "freedom".

any new 12"s on the horizon by any ilxor's personal uk favourites ?

fletcher dexter, Tuesday, 5 October 2004 18:36 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

What's the story with this Micall Parkinshun, or howeverthefuck it's spelt, dude? It may be the worst name for a rapper ever, but I'm hearing good reports. Recommended releases?

Dom Passantino (Dom Passantino), Tuesday, 5 October 2004 20:09 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

three weeks pass...
Good day and welcome to the monthly bump of the UK hip hop thread. This month my question is... any views on Rodney P's new record, entitled "The Future" with (I hope) self-knowing irony ? I am sure I'm not dreaming that a few people here were looking forward to it since last year...

In the meantime I would like to give much love to Paragon's "The Long Road" from earlier this yr - anyone else heard it ?

fletcher dexter, Tuesday, 26 October 2004 20:39 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

been waiting for that bloody rodney p record since 2002. its out, and any changes to the version that leaked last year?

i noticed a new 'trouble' 12" in a store the other day.

Mil (Mil), Wednesday, 27 October 2004 08:12 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Good day. New Roots Manuva slated for early 2005... and an advance single "double draft" to download at starting nov 15 (for 99p, wtf? Who decided that was a good idea?)

superultramega (superultramarinated), Wednesday, 27 October 2004 19:50 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

The "Check It" tune Roots did for Skitz' homegrown mix earlier this year was pretty special. Apparently Twang has now finally finished "Rotton Club", so we could be in for a pretty bumper few months at the start of the 05.

Dom Passantino (Dom Passantino), Wednesday, 27 October 2004 20:00 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Akira the Don.... I've now heard him. "Drinking Song" is g8, but doesn't that style get somewhat weary over an entire album? I'm prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt for now, though.

Dom Passantino (Dom Passantino), Thursday, 4 November 2004 18:53 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Oh, and I'm calling "Pit Closure" as UKHH album of the year. His grime tune really needs to be heard to be believed...

Dom Passantino (Dom Passantino), Thursday, 4 November 2004 18:55 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

five months pass...
is anyone else feeling the latest Akira the Don mixtape - ATD7 ?

its up @ - as well as the tracklisting .

the opening mash of the verve with sage francis is sweet and things get better as you get deeper in ..

app. this is to get us ready for new sounds .. which are on the way ..

mark e (mark e), Tuesday, 5 April 2005 20:03 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

three years pass...

Jim Screech! He combines hip-hop and reggae, just imagine!

Saw him supporting Roots Manuva about a month back and he was pretty good.

chap, Friday, 7 November 2008 16:53 (nine years ago) Permalink

eight years pass...

who else here is in awe of darq e freaker, aka the best discovery of poll season

imago, Friday, 24 February 2017 21:48 (one year ago) Permalink

the only DEF stuff i have via ninja, i.e. the ADHD ep, is not hip hop at all !!?

mark e, Friday, 24 February 2017 22:04 (one year ago) Permalink

yeah he calls his stuff 'urban electronic' whether it's more straight techno or hip-hop

fuck though, the 'don't freak out' mixtape is nextlev, u gotta hear it, some of the best production in the universe and generally exemplary collabs

imago, Friday, 24 February 2017 22:07 (one year ago) Permalink

his track on the first Danny Brown record was pretty hot

change display name (Jordan), Friday, 24 February 2017 22:12 (one year ago) Permalink

if I could narrow it down to one track, 'brown + clear' ft chynna is...incendiary

imago, Friday, 24 February 2017 22:19 (one year ago) Permalink

oh and he was responsible for this

imago, Wednesday, 1 March 2017 01:14 (one year ago) Permalink

six months pass...

I think this is Abra Cadabra's first solo track and it's an absolute banger

paolo, Tuesday, 19 September 2017 19:18 (eleven months ago) Permalink

Most of the drill I've heard hasn't really done anything for me, all the beats sound the same (yeah I'm old). This one's good though. Carns Hill seems to be the best producer around AFAIK

Coming soon to a Fifa soundtrack near you

paolo, Monday, 25 September 2017 10:02 (eleven months ago) Permalink

two weeks pass...

I think this is the first Brummie rap track I've ever heard

paolo, Tuesday, 10 October 2017 17:00 (eleven months ago) Permalink

you've not heard lady leshurr?

imago, Tuesday, 10 October 2017 17:04 (eleven months ago) Permalink

Oh yeah I forgot about her. And Mist :(

paolo, Tuesday, 10 October 2017 17:19 (eleven months ago) Permalink

Surely you've heard 'She Wants A Man From Brum'?

Matt DC, Tuesday, 10 October 2017 17:33 (eleven months ago) Permalink

That's grime not rap. Jaykae and Dapz On The Map are the only Brummie grime MCs who I rate

paolo, Wednesday, 11 October 2017 10:09 (eleven months ago) Permalink

this is good tho -

illegal economic migration (Tracer Hand), Wednesday, 11 October 2017 10:22 (eleven months ago) Permalink

four weeks pass...

So this is pretty big right?

paolo, Thursday, 9 November 2017 18:59 (ten months ago) Permalink

it's a joke tho?

niels, Thursday, 9 November 2017 19:06 (ten months ago) Permalink

Yxng Bane takes a break from afro bashment for the winter time

Dave has the best rapper name. Also excellent taste in jumpers

67 go a bit more pop on this one (relatively speaking)


paolo, Thursday, 9 November 2017 19:17 (ten months ago) Permalink

Xp yes :)

paolo, Thursday, 9 November 2017 19:19 (ten months ago) Permalink

paolo, Thursday, 9 November 2017 19:19 (ten months ago) Permalink

one month passes...

Brummie drill

paolo, Sunday, 7 January 2018 13:28 (eight months ago) Permalink

In pretty much every drill video there's guys rapping with their mouths covered. Do they just dance about in front of the mic for the video and then add the vocals on later or what

paolo, Sunday, 7 January 2018 13:32 (eight months ago) Permalink

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