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Create your own profile (which seems to be based on the Audioscrobbler system).. then listen to personal streaming radio based on your preferences.

You can say whether you like or hate a particular track it's playing and it'll record your preferences and send you music that other people who have similar tastes to yours like...

Wish we had a decent broadband service in NZ. You pay through the nose for international traffic.

damian_nz (damian_nz), Thursday, 27 May 2004 21:20 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

i used this for a while but got ditracted by download sites - it is good though - i must check it out again. very diverse and often surprising selections.

jed_ (jed), Thursday, 27 May 2004 23:01 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

I've only been on for about 30 minutes now, but I'm definitely enjoying it. I'm curious to hear how the selection will be once I've added more songs to my profile.

JC-L (JC-L), Friday, 28 May 2004 13:55 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

two years pass...
not convinced that there's much to it beyond the initial novelty, but initial novelty will do for now -

lex pretend, Thursday, 22 February 2007 16:33 (ten years ago) Permalink

You're not beholden to listening to your own profile radio. You can pick other users or customize by clicking 'find a station' and entering a list of artists.

Mike Dixn, Thursday, 22 February 2007 16:53 (ten years ago) Permalink

There's another thread somewhere. And an ILx group: ilx0r

emil.y, Thursday, 22 February 2007 17:07 (ten years ago) Permalink

lex you can also listen to "neighbours" and "friendslist" radios. you've only been on a few days so it may not have had time to correlate yr neighbours (ppl with matching interests), but with that and general clicking around and preview listening i've found a few artists here and there with, not to mention ppl who you can then P2P with :-)

Alan, Thursday, 22 February 2007 17:31 (ten years ago) Permalink

To listen to personal radio you have to donate. Unless they still do the free personal radio for the 1st month you sign up.

Brigadier Lethbridge-Pfunkboy, Thursday, 22 February 2007 17:51 (ten years ago) Permalink

So far it seems much better at dealing w/more obscure stuff, as compared w/pandora...not sure if that's just my experience as I haven't been using either for *that* long.

dlp9001, Thursday, 22 February 2007 17:51 (ten years ago) Permalink

i haven't got any neighbours yet but i will keep trying!

it's not really a great reflection of what i actually listen to, maybe when i hook comp up to proper speakers i'll actually listen to most of my music on it. also look at my weekly artsts for last week and guess what i had to review innit

lex pretend, Thursday, 22 February 2007 17:52 (ten years ago) Permalink

Someone critique my musical tastes:

Tell me what I should be listening to.

MaGoGo, Thursday, 22 February 2007 18:00 (ten years ago) Permalink

How many tracks do you need to play now before it calculates neighbours? It used to be 200.

Brigadier Lethbridge-Pfunkboy, Thursday, 22 February 2007 18:02 (ten years ago) Permalink

Judging from that list I'd say you might find Neu! and Cluster interesting.

Noodle Vague, Thursday, 22 February 2007 18:04 (ten years ago) Permalink

old thread is; might be best to use it instead of this one 'cos it's a handy single resource for ppl's links.

i'm still pretty new to the whole thing but i think it fucking rocks.

grimly fiendish, Thursday, 22 February 2007 18:12 (ten years ago) Permalink


the old thread is here

grimly fiendish, Thursday, 22 February 2007 18:13 (ten years ago) Permalink


Brigadier Lethbridge-Pfunkboy, Thursday, 22 February 2007 19:14 (ten years ago) Permalink

I do have another account actually that records all my soul,funk,jazz etc . It's linked on my main profile page.

Brigadier Lethbridge-Pfunkboy, Thursday, 22 February 2007 19:27 (ten years ago) Permalink

i can't get this radio thing to work :(

lex pretend, Thursday, 22 February 2007 20:10 (ten years ago) Permalink

Did you download the LAST FM player? I'm pretty sure you need to be a subscriber to listen to personal radio. And obviously you don't have any neighbours yet to use that radio.
Just go to a random page and try listening to that persons radio (I don't recommend mine as I'm sure you would hate it). All you should need to do is click on where it says PLAY "insert name"'s Radio Station. See if that works.

I think you're on a mac though but I don't think that should make a difference.
I'm not sure if you can use TAG radio without subscribing. You can always just do a search for some act you like and select their radio

Try this Similar Artists To Ciara
Hopefully that will work.

Brigadier Lethbridge-Pfunkboy, Thursday, 22 February 2007 20:55 (ten years ago) Permalink

haaa i just realised why it didn't work, i automatically cancelled the box which pops up and which is the box that launches it. (i am v distrustful of boxes-which-pop-up, they alarm me)

lex pretend, Thursday, 22 February 2007 21:10 (ten years ago) Permalink

it plays usher :D

lex pretend, Thursday, 22 February 2007 21:13 (ten years ago) Permalink

Oh, I'll put a link to mine on, too. missekawasaki. Don't listen to that much music on my computer, though.

emil.y, Thursday, 22 February 2007 23:40 (ten years ago) Permalink

I quite like my personal radio player. It blows Pandora out of the water IMO. I'm quite the junkie actually.
[link Chantilly Bass][link]

Chantilly Bass, Thursday, 22 February 2007 23:45 (ten years ago) Permalink

can't find you!

lol @ trusting ilx instructions

tremendoid, Thursday, 22 February 2007 23:50 (ten years ago) Permalink

I tried to use this, but for some reason, my connection won't smoothly stream songs from However, I can play songs from Pandora, no problem, no skips.

Z S, Friday, 23 February 2007 01:04 (ten years ago) Permalink

I have never tried this Pandora.

Brigadier Lethbridge-Pfunkboy, Friday, 23 February 2007 17:37 (ten years ago) Permalink

three years pass...

VERY late to the party, but if anyone's interested in adding me, I just joined the revolution!

Bernard V. O'Hare (dog latin), Wednesday, 12 January 2011 23:14 (seven years ago) Permalink

Hey DL, Mount_Analogue is me fwiw.

seminal fuiud (NickB), Thursday, 13 January 2011 07:44 (seven years ago) Permalink

one month passes...

surely this must have been addressed in one of the threads, but currently listening to a ton of ella fitzgerald, and have to cop to worrying how it will skew my stats. that's insane, right? i'm part of the problem, right?

Dominique, Thursday, 24 February 2011 17:27 (six years ago) Permalink

Um, yes.

Ned Raggett, Thursday, 24 February 2011 17:27 (six years ago) Permalink

Just listen to what you like!

Ned Raggett, Thursday, 24 February 2011 17:27 (six years ago) Permalink

I mean surely you're not worried there's a mob out there thinking "Oh great, not only does this bastard lie about him being a woman but he listens to ELLA all day!"

Ned Raggett, Thursday, 24 February 2011 17:28 (six years ago) Permalink

when i cared more about this same thing used to cause me angst when i'd listen to mixtapes i had tagged as "lil wayne & dj drama" or w/e

pop the s1ock (J0rdan S.), Thursday, 24 February 2011 17:29 (six years ago) Permalink

no, more like, if I listen to 250 tracks by her in the next week, that's totally going to SKEW MY STATS! probably put her in my top 10-- is she really one of my top ten artists? probably not. god, I need some serious help

Dominique, Thursday, 24 February 2011 17:30 (six years ago) Permalink


Dominique, Thursday, 24 February 2011 17:30 (six years ago) Permalink

if she's not in ur top 10 how do u explain listening to her a ton

Dr Frogbs (am0n), Thursday, 24 February 2011 17:40 (six years ago) Permalink

dig it; my top ten:

1. Denki Groove
2. P-Model
3. Ween
4. They Might Be Giants
5. Underworld
6. Scooter
7. Yellow Magic Orchestra
8. Happy Mondays
9. Ryuichi Sakamoto
10. The Bran Flakes

kinda surprised by this list, I guess TMBG and the Bran Flakes do put like 20-30 songs on their albums, just surprised Sakamoto ranked so high too

I'm guessing The Fall will be #1 all time at some point. It's unavoidable

frogbs, Thursday, 24 February 2011 17:48 (six years ago) Permalink

if she's not in ur top 10 how do u explain listening to her a ton

it's insanity. but I guess I just don't consider her one of my top 10 favorite artists. when i go through big phases like this, it charts certain artists really high on my

first and foremost, it's manic obsessiveness

Dominique, Thursday, 24 February 2011 17:53 (six years ago) Permalink

my top tracks is compiled almost entirely of things i've listened to consistently over a period of years, but in the past few weeks there's one song that's beginning to creep up there even though i've only known it for that period of time. is that right? does it really deserve to be there??? (i've so far managed to resist the temptation to not listen to it and so keep the figures stable. just about.)

Antoine Bugleboy (Merdeyeux), Thursday, 24 February 2011 17:57 (six years ago) Permalink

Dom, don't you know you can just turn the scrobbler off? It's usually in your task-bar... right click, exit. Turn it back on when you'd like to scrobble something "less embarassing".

I've only done this in regards of Oasis, when I had this really bizarre urge to to listen to Be Here Now and didn't want them fucking up my e-representation of myself.

mamma mia pizzeroni (kelpolaris), Thursday, 24 February 2011 20:36 (six years ago) Permalink

It is craziness! I suffer from this crazy, too. P sure no one even looks at my (except Algerian Goalie).

wizards of wonder are the keepers of knowledge (Abbbottt), Friday, 25 February 2011 14:49 (six years ago) Permalink

I have a playlist of motivational German-language songs to put on when I ought to be doing my German homework. I've often considered turning scrobbling off for them, because they are not really my favourite songs in the world ever and I don't want my entire top 20 to be made up of them. Haven't bothered yet though.

(On the other hand, I put the playlist on every couple of weeks and I'm not completely sick of them yet, so I guess that says something for them.)

dimension hatris (a passing spacecadet), Friday, 25 February 2011 16:40 (six years ago) Permalink

i made a "bert jansch" station and it's awesome

he do the waka lyfe (upper mississippi sh@kedown), Friday, 25 February 2011 17:18 (six years ago) Permalink

eleven months pass...

If, when I did my initial setup, I only selected iTunes as an import source for plays, is there a way to also add my Winamp history? 'Cause the resulting profile is all kinds of skewed.

Simon H., Saturday, 28 January 2012 18:05 (five years ago) Permalink

two years pass... should add badges + achievements and totally gamify

Mordy , Monday, 17 February 2014 01:06 (three years ago) Permalink

or shut down

markers, Monday, 17 February 2014 03:32 (three years ago) Permalink

ten months pass...

deadpool 2015

the most painstaking, humorless people in the world (lukas), Tuesday, 6 January 2015 21:03 (three years ago) Permalink

that would be a shame as i still use it all the time but i am wondering what is keeping it open tbh

don't ask me why i posted this (electricsound), Tuesday, 6 January 2015 21:12 (three years ago) Permalink

I've heard about pulling the plug for a while but last time I checked they were gaining users at a high rate so I don't know about that happening soon

Dinsdale, Tuesday, 6 January 2015 21:18 (three years ago) Permalink

...and now album cover art for the "recent tracks" list is back.

i too hope they restore the social stuff... seems like a really strange thing to scale back on in 2015

brimstead, Friday, 20 November 2015 04:51 (two years ago) Permalink

Heads up, you can now change your top artists/albums back to the old "list" format by clicking on your profile page's settings gears.

Adam J Duncan, Monday, 23 November 2015 10:37 (two years ago) Permalink

Cool. Fair play to them - the lists are actually better than the old ones now.

Eyeball Kicks, Tuesday, 24 November 2015 12:22 (two years ago) Permalink

List of the most-scrobbled artists on LastFM, courtesy of Reddit user NubsFtw:

Black artists in the Top 50:
Kanye West (#20)
Rihanna (#30)

Beyonce is just below the cut, tied with the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish.

I knew the userbase was rock-centric (top 2 artists tagged as funk: RHCP & Jamiroquai) but remind me again why we bother patting ourselves on the back over the crossover breakouts of late Armstrong/Berry/Charles et al? Is taste less segregated now than the days of Louis Jordan and Jimmie Lunceford?

Adam J Duncan, Friday, 4 December 2015 03:21 (two years ago) Permalink

sounds like rym is fairly keen on adding style functionality, ways away from their funding goal though

dutch_justice, Sunday, 6 December 2015 18:20 (two years ago) Permalink

three months pass...

I guess I'm just a simple guy but Knut here really tickled me when I logged on earlier

ogmor, Sunday, 3 April 2016 15:16 (one year ago) Permalink

six months pass...

"You've got an ad blocker installed!"
Yes, I sure do.
"You've got an ad blocker installed!"
"You've got an ad blocker installed!"
"You've got an ad blocker installed!"
"You've got an ad blocker installed!"
"You've got an ad blocker installed!"
Uggghhh fuck off I'm just trying to statscock

Lawsonomy Domine (GOTT PUNCH II HAWKWINDZ), Thursday, 27 October 2016 20:28 (one year ago) Permalink

oh so they made it even more unusable? glad I left

punksishippies, Thursday, 27 October 2016 21:57 (one year ago) Permalink

It's a perfect combination of passive-aggressive popup and repeatedly fooling you into thinking that maybe you can use the site, then nope!4

Really not sure why I bother using it anymore, maybe I'll stop

Camaraderie at Arms Length, Thursday, 27 October 2016 22:02 (one year ago) Permalink

deleted my account when they made the big update. havent regretted it for one second

Spottie, Thursday, 27 October 2016 23:28 (one year ago) Permalink

Met cool people on that I'm still friendly with 10-12 years later on other platforms. afaik, not a single one of us are still on lfm.

Ⓓⓡ. (Johnny Fever), Thursday, 27 October 2016 23:35 (one year ago) Permalink

Ad blockers are at least a decade old, why is it now all of a sudden that ad blocker blockers are showing up everywhere?

Austin, Friday, 28 October 2016 04:26 (one year ago) Permalink

their use didn't reach critical mass or w/e until recently I assume

I've been using noscript for years which is a total pita, esp with all these gggdndtvbey.cloudfront addresses. I can deal with it though, but I wouldn't recommend it if you visit a lot of news/clickbait sites

brimstead, Friday, 28 October 2016 04:46 (one year ago) Permalink

Did another scrobble-type site/rival ever materialise? It's the only reason I still use

Sunn O))) Brother Where Art Thou? (Chinaski), Friday, 28 October 2016 10:06 (one year ago) Permalink

I still scrobble everything and feel vaguely put out when I realise I've done something stats-invalidating (not turned scrobbler on, left work machine scrobbling to itself through a giant playlist overnight) but I don't really know why since I never look at the site any more: too horrible, too hard to find anything, last time I looked it seemed like there was basically 0 chance of finding interesting music or people there any more

I still want to believe, I guess

a passing spacecadet, Friday, 28 October 2016 10:11 (one year ago) Permalink

Did another scrobble-type site/rival ever materialise? It's the only reason I still use (lol..) though i could never get it to scrobble so i gave up

bitcoin bajas (diamonddave85), Friday, 28 October 2016 15:06 (one year ago) Permalink

When I really think about it, it's been a slippery slope since and audioscrobbler merged. Audioscrobbler was at its most stable in the first couple of years!

pen pineapple apple pen (Turrican), Friday, 28 October 2016 18:55 (one year ago) Permalink

Just to be fair, it should be noted that now seem to have got rid of the anti-adblock script.

Camaraderie at Arms Length, Wednesday, 2 November 2016 16:14 (one year ago) Permalink

Also just to be fair, they have reliably fast intensive stats features running for some time now which allow for worryingly deep and detailed dives in your exact listening behaviour over the years, if this is your thing (it's mine).

the european nikon is here (grauschleier), Wednesday, 2 November 2016 17:47 (one year ago) Permalink

one month passes...

Click "more tracks" from your profile, the first page of results is a duplicate of the tracks you see on your profile. Great work, I should have to click again just to get page 2.

rudy githyanki (GOTT PUNCH II HAWKWINDZ), Sunday, 11 December 2016 00:50 (one year ago) Permalink

this is only true if you modified your profile to display 50 tracks. which is a thing you can do, but whatever.

fffv, Sunday, 11 December 2016 06:45 (one year ago) Permalink

Ah, okay. Still kind of annoying.

rudy githyanki (GOTT PUNCH II HAWKWINDZ), Monday, 12 December 2016 07:33 (one year ago) Permalink

I still use and associated add-ons to get it to work on different sites, but the site is a skeleton of what it used to be. They have these superpowered algorithms that are not being used at all effectively. What is the sense in cataloguing listens when there isn't even a way to search artists or tracks within them? 'I guess I've listened to [X] about 50 times, so I'll skip to roughly the eighth page' is not a successful search facility. And as for cross-referencing anything with a friend...

I hope they get bought out by some wealthy fan who can restore the site to its former glory.

dance band (tangenttangent), Monday, 12 December 2016 11:54 (one year ago) Permalink

At least the app lets you see more than just your top ten all time plays or whatever it used to show. That was totally pointless.

Lennon, Elvis, Hendrix etc (dog latin), Monday, 12 December 2016 12:13 (one year ago) Permalink

four months pass...

Finally ditched my seven year old iPhone 4 for an Android one.

What's the best App for scrobbling from my phone? (Reviews of the official make it seem a bit rubbish)

groovypanda, Thursday, 13 April 2017 08:41 (nine months ago) Permalink

Simple Scrobbler

Gerald McBoing-Boing, Thursday, 13 April 2017 12:21 (nine months ago) Permalink

has anyone found a good recommendation service? used to have a fairly robust recommendation feature that recommended artists by genre which I loved.
spotify leaves me cold.

campreverb, Saturday, 15 April 2017 02:26 (nine months ago) Permalink

Really? Spotify's "related artists" feature is easy to go rabbit holing in for long periods of time.

Ⓓⓡ. (Johnny Fever), Saturday, 15 April 2017 02:31 (nine months ago) Permalink

I was kind of looking to short-circuit the rabbit hole process.

campreverb, Saturday, 15 April 2017 04:26 (nine months ago) Permalink

one month passes...

Welp, finally deleted the Scrobbler yesterday.

My final stats:

Austin, Thursday, 8 June 2017 15:18 (seven months ago) Permalink

no more scrobbling for you?

ogmor, Thursday, 8 June 2017 15:29 (seven months ago) Permalink

they have a new LastFM app but you have to manually submit your scrobbles. Everyone hates it.

Dominique, Thursday, 8 June 2017 15:32 (seven months ago) Permalink

My scrobbler's still working automatically? (v 2.1.37)

illegal economic migration (Tracer Hand), Thursday, 8 June 2017 15:56 (seven months ago) Permalink

the old one still works, but supposedly not with future OS updates

I got rid of it to prepare for the suck days

Dominique, Thursday, 8 June 2017 15:59 (seven months ago) Permalink used to have a really deep/useful recommendations feature - it's a shame even that is reportedly a huge pile of suck now.

The Anti-Climax Blues Band (Turrican), Thursday, 8 June 2017 16:06 (seven months ago) Permalink

Aren't there loads of scrobbling apps in any case?

Matt DC, Thursday, 8 June 2017 16:14 (seven months ago) Permalink

I just don't care about the stats like I used to. In the past, I really wanted to be able to see an accurate reflection of my listening. Anymore, it's just not important to me at all. The Scrobbler has been installed and running on my computer since whenever I first started using it (seven, eight years ago?), but I couldn't tell you when the last time I actually visited the site was. Well over a year ago. Probably a lot longer.

Austin, Thursday, 8 June 2017 16:45 (seven months ago) Permalink have a habit of inexplicably getting rid of old features and bringing them back three years after the majority of users have stopped giving a fuck

PaulTMA, Thursday, 8 June 2017 16:46 (seven months ago) Permalink

Same for me Austin. Ten, twelve years ago was one of the coolest musical places on the internet. Loads of interaction, new finds etc. The beginning of their downfall was CBS buying the site in 2007 imo. I had a paid account until that time, but after the takeover, in 2009, they started charging for radio too. That was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Haven't been on the site for ages until clicking your profile today :) (very high compatibility between us iirc) I have the scrobbler and spotify also set to record what I play, but I never look at the site tbh.

Le Bateau Ivre, Thursday, 8 June 2017 17:33 (seven months ago) Permalink

three months pass...

with iTunes 12.7, LastFM scrobbler no longer works, so I've officially joined the alternate scrobbler side (scrubbler).

Dominique, Wednesday, 20 September 2017 13:21 (four months ago) Permalink

Oh, people are still using this!

more Allegro-like (Turrican), Wednesday, 20 September 2017 15:41 (four months ago) Permalink

hell yeah

Dan I., Wednesday, 20 September 2017 15:45 (four months ago) Permalink


The shard-borne beetle with his drowsy hums (Chinaski), Wednesday, 20 September 2017 18:40 (four months ago) Permalink

it's helpful when you don't remember a detail of an album or track you liked, i def don't use for the streams or reccomendations anymore

global tetrahedron, Wednesday, 20 September 2017 18:45 (four months ago) Permalink

I only use to track what I've listened to, and what my friends listen to. tbh I wish all my friends were on it!

Dominique, Wednesday, 20 September 2017 19:32 (four months ago) Permalink

I'll add ya, buddy

frogbs, Wednesday, 20 September 2017 19:33 (four months ago) Permalink


Dominique, Wednesday, 20 September 2017 19:52 (four months ago) Permalink

The recommendations was the best thing about it, IMO.

more Allegro-like (Turrican), Saturday, 23 September 2017 10:29 (three months ago) Permalink


Also the scrobbling

brimstead, Saturday, 23 September 2017 19:29 (three months ago) Permalink

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