Cloud One "Atmosphere Strut" : Perhaps The Most Perfect Disco Album Ever?

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Bought the reissue of this yesterday (pressed up/burned by Peter Brown of P&P hisself!) at Other Music and I haven't stopped playing it. Tremendous Harlem disco c. 1976 produced by Patrick Adams & Brown. Synth heaven and arrangements to die for, yet still very minimal in its approach. No strings or brass, some vocals here & there but it doesn't matter. It's possibly the most perfect all-disco album I've heard yet in that it keeps a constant mood from track one and doesn't let go until the end.

Jay Vee (Manon_70), Saturday, 10 April 2004 21:51 (sixteen years ago) link


Nate in ST.P (natedetritus), Saturday, 10 April 2004 22:34 (sixteen years ago) link

damn, the Beethoven bust seems to be glued shut

Nate in ST.P (natedetritus), Saturday, 10 April 2004 22:38 (sixteen years ago) link

Priceless....I did the same thing.

djdee2005, Saturday, 10 April 2004 23:24 (sixteen years ago) link

the Joker got away

Nate in ST.P (natedetritus), Saturday, 10 April 2004 23:55 (sixteen years ago) link

Foolish people, everybody knows the Joker didn't do it and "Atmosphere Strut" isn't the greatest disco album - Logg's "Logg" is the greatest album.

And you buy/SLSK the "very best of cloud one" which has all the "Atmosphere Strut" songs + another 10 or so songs.

Jedmond (Jedmond), Sunday, 11 April 2004 00:44 (sixteen years ago) link

my crazy rhythms partner mike got the DVD and said its hours and hours of poorly recorded mumbling from the peter and patrick..

Dan Selzer (Dan Selzer), Sunday, 11 April 2004 02:14 (sixteen years ago) link

What DVD is this? A documentary on their company/music label?

Jedmond (Jedmond), Sunday, 11 April 2004 02:19 (sixteen years ago) link

Jedmond - it's a homemade DVD. Not a documentary in that there aren't (supposedly. Haven't seen it myself yet) any archival clips or extra features. Just Peter Brown - and I guess Patrick Adams,too, as Dan stated above - looking at the camera and talking about themselves. I was told it looks like a cable public access program!

Yeah, Dan -- i almost got it too but just hours of those two yammering on, no matter how genius they/it may be, just made me reconsider. Who knows, though. I may just pick it up.

Jay Vee (Manon_70), Sunday, 11 April 2004 19:10 (sixteen years ago) link

does everyone have this set?

it is required for anyone even remotely digging on cloud one.

"got to get your love" by clyde alexander and "super jay love theme" by (duh) super jay are my two favorite disco tracks ever.

bring on the p&p reissue madness, please.

vahid (vahid), Sunday, 11 April 2004 21:08 (sixteen years ago) link

Yeah, I have and love Super Disco .

Jay Vee (Manon_70), Sunday, 11 April 2004 23:05 (sixteen years ago) link

Is "don't let this rainbow pass me by" on the best of Cloud One comp?

Jacob (Jacob), Sunday, 11 April 2004 23:32 (sixteen years ago) link

super disco is great and awful and wonderful

stockholm cindy (Jody Beth Rosen), Sunday, 11 April 2004 23:49 (sixteen years ago) link

Soulseek I hate you.

djdee2005, Sunday, 11 April 2004 23:51 (sixteen years ago) link

Just picked up Super Disco - Other Music had about 4 of them in stock, along with the Super Rap compilation. I just wish the packaging was a little more professional and they didn't use CD-Rs, but you can't have everything....

Michael F Gill (Michael F Gill), Tuesday, 13 April 2004 04:36 (sixteen years ago) link

The best of Cloude One doesn't have don't let this rainbow pass me by - a friend has it on a compilation (so it has had a CD release)- but I don't know the name of the comp.

Jedmond (Jedmond), Tuesday, 13 April 2004 07:16 (sixteen years ago) link

that clyde alexander is prob my fave too!

prima fassy (mwah), Tuesday, 13 April 2004 08:27 (sixteen years ago) link

"don't let this rainbow pass me by" - it's on the Disco Spectrum 2 (on Barely Breaking Even) compilation. Tracks selected by Dave "Joey Negro" Lee.

paul c (paul c), Tuesday, 13 April 2004 10:33 (sixteen years ago) link

one month passes...
I just noticed that the mastering on the recent CD-R version of "Atmosphere Strut" has made it sound much louder, and possibly fuller then the sound quality on the "Best of Cloud One" disc. Thought it might be of interest to someone.....

Michael F Gill (Michael F Gill), Wednesday, 2 June 2004 22:37 (sixteen years ago) link

Man, I bought that Best of Cloud One disc a month or so back -- the tracklisting may be superior, but the damn thing sounds like it was mastered off a fifth-generation dupe that got mangled in somebody's tape deck. Unless you're prepared to fiddle with the volume knob throughout, avoid the Best of...

Sean Thomas (sgthomas), Wednesday, 2 June 2004 23:26 (sixteen years ago) link

>>sounds like it was mastered off a fifth-generation dupe that got mangled in somebody's tape deck<<

That's going a bit *too* far, but there is a noticeable difference between the two discs.

Michael F Gill (Michael F Gill), Thursday, 3 June 2004 13:32 (sixteen years ago) link

the vinyl reissue sounds quite plump compared to anemic CD mastering of the Best of...haven't checked the other vinyl best of that accompanied Cloud One though, or the 45 i saw at OM. can't think of the titles though...

andybeta, Thursday, 3 June 2004 14:24 (sixteen years ago) link

Donna McGhee's "Make It Last Forever" album, with production by Patrick Adams/Greg Carmichael and backing by the same musicians as Cloud One, just popped up at OM as a reissue. I need to get over there pronto and pick this up.

Jay Vee (Manon_70), Thursday, 3 June 2004 15:24 (sixteen years ago) link

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