Slapp Happy/ Anthony Moore (RFI, S&D, etc.)

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Anyone around here heard records by Slapp Happy or Anthony Moore?
Are they worth searching out?

earlnash, Saturday, 13 March 2004 22:45 (sixteen years ago) link

Slapp Happy is the best band ever, at least from what I've heard.

First there are Anthony Moore's two "minimalist" "classical" CDs Pieces From the Cloudland Ballroom and Secrets of the Blue Bag. I like these both a lot, they remind me of Terry Riley and John Cale's record, kind of goofy fun repetitious "art" music.

Then there's Reed Whistle and Sticks which I don't like at all. It is the sound of small pieces of wood being dropped on the floor. I've only heard it once, but it didn't seem to get, as AMG says, "stunningly musical". Though I suppose I should give it another shot.

Slapp Happy's first album Sort Of is a bit inconsistent, but really beautiful. The songs that Dagmar doesn't sing on are a bit weeker, and there's a bit of what I can only call wonky rock 'n' rolling for what that's worth it, the 6 plus minute Mono Plane being my least fave on the record. But there are many unbelievably fantastic songs, like seemingly often covered Blue Flower, I'm All Alone, Who's Gonna Help Me Now etc etc. And some upbeat fun songs as well.

There are 2 versions of the second album, but I've only heard one. The version on ReR is called Acnalbasac Noom and is the original recording, and it is among my top 5 records of all time. Dagmar handles all of the vocals and the songs are more consistent then on the first album, it feels so good, makes so much sense. Beautiful art-cabaret songs with a wonderful sense of humor, melancholy and baroquely arranged at times, often with a childlike naivete, just totally brilliant and beautiful. The CD as a few extras that are mixed but fun.

Note the rhythm section(and some sax?) on these 2 records is Faust and they were produced by Uwe Nettlebeck, and you can tell.

Apparently the record wasn't released that way but was re-recorded and released by Virgin and that CD is called Casablanca Moon, but I haven't heard it. I've read some say it's inferior, and others say it's quite good. Supposedly it's more whimsically arranged?

At that point they hooked up with Henry Cow for better and for worse. I only have the first of their collaborations, Desperate Straights, which at it's heights is wonderful Blegved/Moore songwriting with wonderful Cutler/Frith/Greaves etc arranging, and at it's worse picks up some of the ponderous seriousness of Henry Cow. I kinda like Henry Cow, but not really in the context of my Slapp Happy. I don't have In Praise of Learning.

At some point Henry Cow breaks up and Frith and Cutler steal Dagmar for the Art Bears to mixed results.

One wonderful thing though is the Henry Cow Concerts CD which features a track that is back to back a performance of Slapp Happy/Cow's Gloria Gloom seagued into a cover of Robert Wyatt's Little Red Riding Hit Hit's the Road featuring Wyatt on vocals which just sends chills down my spine every time.

Then Moore did Out which I haven't heard(is it any good?) and his two "new wave" records Flying Doesn't Help and World Service, which are spotty but when good kick very much ass, very smart progressive punky/new wavey art rock.

I don't know the Slapp Happy reunion stuff or much of Peter Blegved's solo career, though I've heard some of his records and not been as into it. However, I can say DEFINATELY search Peter Blegved's comic strip Leviathan which was collected in a beautiful edition a few years back and is something like a high-point for serial newspaper comic strips of the last 20 years. It is inventive, innovative, beautiful, smart, witty, and just amazing.

SO at the very least, get Acnalbasac Noom. It's a really really special record. I first heard it while in NYC one summer during college and was really into Faust and that whole Rock In Opposition thing and went to Adult Crash(awesome pre-Other Music record store wear Etheria is now) and picked it up and they played "The Drum" for me and I took it and listened to it religously all summer, and pretty much all the time since.

The description used on Sort Of is cute..."Naive Rock"

Check out:

And what the hell, I know this is questionable, but I still have these online from when I shared it with some other people...

from Sort Of, this sums up the sound pretty well.

Dan Selzer (Dan Selzer), Saturday, 13 March 2004 23:44 (sixteen years ago) link

Also pretty amazing was a recent online find...Robert Wyatt and Slapp Happy performing Slapp Happy's A Little Something. Anyone know where this is from? It's really silly and fun.

Dan Selzer (Dan Selzer), Saturday, 13 March 2004 23:47 (sixteen years ago) link

i'll meekly chip in to second 'acnalbasac noom,' and attest that i find the re-recorded 'casablanca moon' to, indeed, be inferior.

morris pavilion (samjeff), Saturday, 13 March 2004 23:56 (sixteen years ago) link

slapp happy's acnalbasac noom is one of my favorite albums of all time, so as dan says at the very least you should pick that up.

lauren (laurenp), Sunday, 14 March 2004 00:16 (sixteen years ago) link

Everything said here has been pretty on. I haven't heard abnalbasac noom in a long time but I didn't remember liking it, but it sounds like I'd like it better now. But I've been listening to about 3/4 of "Sort of" without tiring for about 12 years now--wonderful hippie rock (discounting the duds). Imagine the poppier parts of "The Faust Tapes" becoming a band.

"In Praise of Learning" has very little to do with Slapp Happy--it's strange they get equal billing. I suppose Dagmar=SH for those purposes. Political art-songs, more than a bit heavy-handed, but has its own charm and well worth listening if you like Henry Cow. The CD version sounds much different than the original vinyl (same thing happened with the first Henry Cow record--they remixed it, adding tons of reverb. Not really worse overall, but not exactly better either).

no opinion, Sunday, 14 March 2004 00:55 (sixteen years ago) link

I second pretty much everything Dan said, what I've heard of it at least. The reunion album from a few years ago, "Ca Va", is kind of patchy but has at least two cast-iron classics in "Scarred For Life" and "The Unborn Byron". It seemed a bit smooth and adult rocky production-wise but I think I should play it more, it may well be a grower. What I heard of that opera some of them were involved in (Camera?) didn't sound too good really. Dagmar's Eisler and Weill albums from the 1980's are pretty good though.

udu wudu (udu wudu), Sunday, 14 March 2004 01:03 (sixteen years ago) link

i like 'Ça Va' a lot. get past the slickness, and there are some fantastic songs here.

A. Moore's 'Out' is a lovely sophisto-pop record. while the songs sound like something you'd hear on a lesser Paul McCartney or George Harrison solo album, they're underpinned by the sort of ingenious minimalism that drove 'Cloudland' and 'Blue Bag.' much more here than first meets the ear. it's a very quirky album that disguises its artsiness with an MOR veneer. but how much contemporary adult pop features a chorus credited as 'The Children of Lol Coxhill?'

echoinggrove (echoinggrove), Sunday, 14 March 2004 01:14 (sixteen years ago) link

oof. Camera is so awful, i've convinced myself it never really happened. please don't spoil the delusion.

echoinggrove (echoinggrove), Sunday, 14 March 2004 01:16 (sixteen years ago) link

Camera was commissioned by Channel 4 wasn't it? I remember being quite intrigued by the idea of various art-proggers hopefully getting a wider audience UNTIL I started watching it. Five minutes later I was watching the darts on BBC2.

udu wudu (udu wudu), Sunday, 14 March 2004 01:20 (sixteen years ago) link

I agree with most of what Dan says but I must point out that "Casablanca Moon" is a totally exquisite record, i find it to be generally superior to "Acnalbasac Noom". Well, to qualify that last statement, the truly great songs on it (Me and Parvati/ Mr. Rainbow/ The Secret/ The Drum/ Slow Moon's Rose) are miles better on "Casablanca Moon" but the weaker songs (Halfway There/ Michaelangelo/ Dawn) are much better on "Acnalbasac Noom" - so you really need both albums!

Dadaismus (Dada), Sunday, 14 March 2004 02:04 (sixteen years ago) link

... also "Flying Doesn't Help" by Anthony More is a great record - is it available on CD? I think "In Praise of Learning" is the best thing Henry Cow ever did, largely due to Dagmar's vocals but let's not forget Blegvad's guitar and songwriting and Anthony Moore's piano and (especially) "tapework".

Dadaismus (Dada), Sunday, 14 March 2004 02:18 (sixteen years ago) link

... and then of course there is 'Kew.Rhone", which last time I looked was credited to Peter Blegvad/ John Greaves/ Lisa Herman and which is a record everyone should own...

Dadaismus (Dada), Sunday, 14 March 2004 02:25 (sixteen years ago) link

I'll second (or third) Desparate Straights, it's one of my all-time favorite LPs. I play it it more than any of the Henry Cow albums or the one Slapp Happy album I own.

nickn (nickn), Sunday, 14 March 2004 03:32 (sixteen years ago) link

- 'sort of' is well titled.

- The three Anthony Moore avant solo albums: get the first, 'Pieces From The Cloudland Ballroom'. Side one is Moore's take on Stockhausen's 'Stimmung', overdubbed chorus (including unmistakable Dagmar) overtone-chanting the piece's title 'Jam Jem Jim Jom Jum', over and over and it is mindmelting. Side two has more Faust, mantric cycling repetitions (selzer's 'Church of Anthrax' comparison OTM). The other two are so minimal to a point that defies listening, but worth having if you've got money & shelf space.

- 'Acnalbasac Noom' are the demo versions of the songs, rocking, and preferable in almost all ways to the re-recorded album for Virgin, stiff arrangements with studio musicians. Though nothing can completely kill these songs, and there are some great surprises (the string section in 'A Little Something'). I need them both.

- My favorite is 'Desperate Straights', denser, more angular, more intense & mysterious. But I love the Art Bears above all. Art Bears live also contained Blegvad, and they'd sometimes encore with acoustic versions of Slapp Happy songs ('A Little Something', 'Strayed', 'Me and Paravati'.)

- 'Kew Rhone' is fantastic. Mantler-esque jazz arrangements, but it's close to 'Desperate Straights'.

- 'Ca Va' is wonderful and worth buying once you have 'Acnalbasac Noom' and 'Desperate Straights'. Some of the songs, as good as anything. When the drum loops bother you, you just listen to Dagmar singing.

- Don't like 'Camera'.

- Moore solo: 'Flying Doesn't Help' is raw garage pop. sloppy but often works!

- Blegvad solo: early records on Virgin were produced by Andy Partridge. I've heard but barely remember them. The solo records on ReR have great moments, especially 'Downtime', which has the song 'Not Weak Enough'. The album "Smell of a Friend" by his group the Lodge (with Greaves) has two Kew Rhone-worthy songs, and some scary stuff.

- Dagmar solo: deserves own thread

(Jon L), Sunday, 14 March 2004 08:10 (sixteen years ago) link

First Blegvad solo album ("The Naked Shakespeare") is quite good but the follow up, "Knights Like This" is bland bland bland - latter has never been released on CD as far as I can make out, but that's no great loss. "Downtime" is the best of his solo albums, as far as I can work out - plus it includes "Frenzy" (see cover of "Kew.Rhone") which I had on a clear vinyl 7" single on Recommended Records (it had an etching on the B-side) but which I managed to break and thus render unplayable. Generally, anyone expecting anything especially avant garde from a Peter Blegvad record (beyond his artwork/ sleevenotes) is going to be disappointed as his thang is more a Loudon Wainwright III/ Dylanesque singer-songwriter type thang.

Dagmar's Brecht and Eisler albums are beautiful, essential stuff, particularly "Tank Battles". I wish she put out more music than she does!

Dadaismus (Dada), Sunday, 14 March 2004 10:01 (sixteen years ago) link

yet another vote for Acnalbasac Noom as one of the alltime great albums - my faves are "Michaelangelo" (wonder if Matos has heard it?), "The Secret" and "Slow Moon's Rose".

Casablanca Moon is in EVERY WAY inferior, basically a MESS

Desperate Straights and In Praise Of Learning are both well worth checking - 2 of the best Henry Cows mostly cos of Slapp Happy (who I first heard on "War")

Sort Of is good too, you'll want it if you like Noom and "Blue Flower" is a classic.

I love Dagmar's voice so anything with her is great: Art Bears, Kurt Weill stuff etc. Anthony Moore/More is a good songwriter - "Flying Doesn't Help" and "World Service" are both good in a postpunk postCale sorta way. didn't like the Blegvad album I bought, but "Strayed" off Desperate Straights is a classic tune.

"there he goes, my hero in wonderful clothes / passin' me by, givin' me the eye" (The Secret)

Paul (scifisoul), Sunday, 14 March 2004 10:22 (sixteen years ago) link

Ça Va may be slick production-wise, but i think that suits the music fine. the album has this warm and drowsy feel to it, which makes it a great listen when you're sleepy and under the covers.

tod (tod), Sunday, 14 March 2004 10:48 (sixteen years ago) link

I can understand why fans of Slapp Happy would prefer Acnalbasic Noom/Casablanca Moon, but if you're a fan of Faust in their songwriting mode, you might prefer Sort Of. I've always liked it best.

"Kew. Rhone" is amazing, and the CD reissue from some years back has all sorts of extras/multimedia stuff.

Blegvad's best solo album is probably "King Strut," which also finally got reissued, I believe. Anthony Moore/More's solo album "Flying Doesn't Help" (it is available on CD) has some great songs, one of which is kind of a re-write of Slapp Happy's Blue Flower.

There's a live in Japan CD of the reformed Slapp Happy that some people may like. It features stripped down renditions of songs from all of their albums -- it's interesting to hear Ca Va songs performed with less production. Sound quality is good, but there's something a little precious about some of the performances.

I think my favorite 3 items related to the group are Sort Of, Kew. Rhone, and Blegvad's Leviathan book.

Finally, Bongwater do a really wonderful cover of Slapp Happy's "The Drum" on their "Too Much Sleep" album.

dlp9001, Sunday, 14 March 2004 16:13 (sixteen years ago) link

try my little page on the subject : Slapp Happy are Terrific

phil turnbull (philT), Sunday, 14 March 2004 20:50 (sixteen years ago) link

>'Pieces From The Cloudland Ballroom' (including unmistakable Dagmar)

hey whoops. just consulted the liners and her name's not listed in the chorus. publically self-reprimanding now, even if it's hard to believe while listening.

(Jon L), Monday, 15 March 2004 00:55 (sixteen years ago) link

You guys convinced me to take out Acnalbasac Noom tomorrow.

sundar subramanian (sundar), Monday, 15 March 2004 05:15 (sixteen years ago) link

btw, "Desperate Straights" is in the process of being remastered (by the same guy who has done the wonderfull remastering of all the Henry Cow and Art Bears material) for a release, i suppose, later this year on ReR.

phil turnbull (philT), Tuesday, 16 March 2004 20:43 (sixteen years ago) link

two weeks pass...
Slapp Happies are my favourite people too, Daggi's voice is always
a thrill, Blegvad's lyrics fun and Moore's musicality stupendous.
I do recommemd to you all Moore's "Only Choice" which is poppiest
of his album (even Paul Young covered one track), Daggi's other
projects including "Scientific Dream.." & "The Commuters" are among
the best ever.
I've been trying to get a copy of Slapp Happy's
Live In Japan cd, the japanese fellow who's behind this is trying
to get a distributor in Europe - hopefully soon. I think "Ca Va"
should've been a hit but more or less "The Pop Scene" couldn't care
less - more publicity work perhaps?
It's fun to compare"Acnalbasac Noom"/"Casablanca Moon" 'cause
I think it's odd that at the time Virgin didn't want to "the Noom"
version so they hired a bunch of musicians (they're credited on the
LP cover but NOT on the cd - if you have that 2 albums on 1 cd.)
"the Moon" version has one song, "Haiku", not on the "Noom" BUT
why oh why one of the best song ever, "Charlie'n Charlie" isn't on
"the moon" version??? "the Noom" cd has these bonustracks which are
just great BUT "Sort Of" cd reissue hasn't got "Alcohol" which came
as a bonussingle with the first ReR LP reissue. Odd song.
It's fun to know that there are people who still like Slappies, at the moment I'm listening "Kew.Rhone", one of my favourites, the cd
version is pretty much the same as LP - one of ReR's Quarterly magazine (remember? The one which came with a LP every month) had a extended column by Blegvad about the meaning of "Kew:Rhone", very
witty and - may I say - blegvadian.
Art Bears's Box must be a gem, I've got the LPs but those livebits
interest me a lot...

take care

Jaakko Toijanniemi, Friday, 2 April 2004 14:06 (sixteen years ago) link

<EM>by the same guy who has done the wonderfull remastering of all the Henry Cow and Art Bears material</EM>

I guess that's Bob Drake, then - right man for the job. And Desperate Straights is my fave Slapp Happy by a mile.

dleone (dleone), Friday, 2 April 2004 14:59 (sixteen years ago) link


I guess everyone knows that Mazzy Star covered Slappies' "Blue
Flower" in their own peculiar style - well, I'm listening to it
now and it's pretty ok, I love Hope Sandoval's voice but I've never
heard this track before - it amazes me 'cause I do have some
of their work... well, live & learn.



Jaakko Toijanniemi, Friday, 2 April 2004 18:31 (sixteen years ago) link

five months pass...

was going to wait until it was archived but the mp3 links are evidently temporary

(Jon L), Thursday, 2 September 2004 18:15 (fifteen years ago) link

I still have no time for the Reeds, Sticks, Whistles whatever CD!

Dan Selzer (Dan Selzer), Thursday, 2 September 2004 18:25 (fifteen years ago) link

I'm going to leave the mp3s up until next Wednesday...then they have to make way for more Tegan & Sara.

dlp9001, Thursday, 2 September 2004 19:00 (fifteen years ago) link

Desperate Straights was just reissued. Also, the Kew Rhone album they talk about at the end is pretty cool, and nothing like any of the Slapp Happy records.

dleone (dleone), Thursday, 2 September 2004 19:16 (fifteen years ago) link

I like Kew a lot too...I'm going to have some of it posted tomorrow.

dlp9001, Thursday, 2 September 2004 19:20 (fifteen years ago) link

I've been having trouble finding the reissue of Desperate Straights. Where can I geet it? Also Kew Rhone?

Dan Selzer (Dan Selzer), Thursday, 2 September 2004 19:41 (fifteen years ago) link

You can get both of them at

dleone (dleone), Thursday, 2 September 2004 19:45 (fifteen years ago) link

three weeks pass...
any place with lyrics for their album "Ça Va"

zk, Monday, 27 September 2004 11:07 (fifteen years ago) link

Blegvad's Leviathan comic strip is also super fantastic (moving even )

just came out in book form as well.

Brad Laner (Brad Laner), Monday, 27 September 2004 15:19 (fifteen years ago) link

Leviathan is one of the createst comic strips I've ever read...and I'm a lifelong comic book/strip fanatic. Highly, highly recommended. Incredibly smart, funny, beautifully drawn, filled with some of the silliest and most awesome wordplay...

Dan Selzer (Dan Selzer), Monday, 27 September 2004 16:10 (fifteen years ago) link

I'm on a small list run by a local jewelery store where Blegved once performed in NYC. Here's a recent email:

Peter has started a new season on BBC Radio.  Follow the links to listen to this weeks program.  There will be new ones logged each week.  Some have eartoons some do not.  The program is very interesting on it's own.


1. Go to this link;

2. Click "Listen Live"

3. Click "The Verb" on the white list

4. Give it a minute to load

5. Enjoy


The following is Peters Letter in full:


Greetings, friends
Pleez forgive bulk mailing.
Shld you be intrested, a new season of the Verb on radio 3 has begun. You
can hear programmes for a week after broadcast by going to website
I have an eartoon on this week's (and will be doing the nxt 3 weeks too)
All bests,

Dan Selzer (Dan Selzer), Monday, 4 October 2004 21:14 (fifteen years ago) link

three years pass...

also, thread should not have been asleep for three years etc.

Milton Parker, Wednesday, 12 December 2007 19:50 (twelve years ago) link

yeah there was a lot of talk about SH on the Art Bears thread, I have never seen this one.

god damn "Scarred For Life" is such a great song. Hope they make another one-off reunion record someday.

sleeve, Friday, 14 December 2007 01:23 (twelve years ago) link

one year passes...

Anthony More on AMG:

Similar Artists
* Uri Geller
* Richard Youngs

brains, hand-rolled (gnarly sceptre), Wednesday, 18 February 2009 18:36 (eleven years ago) link

I have "Karen" stuck in my head now thx to thread title and that is a damn good thing.

i'm shy (Abbott), Wednesday, 18 February 2009 18:48 (eleven years ago) link

No mentions of "Everybody's Slimmin' (Even Men And Women)"?? Wish I still had my 7-inch of that.

xhuxk, Thursday, 19 February 2009 05:04 (eleven years ago) link

it's on the ReR CD of Acnalbasac Noom.

dan selzer, Thursday, 19 February 2009 05:30 (eleven years ago) link

eleven months pass...

What are the best Peter Blegvad vocal tracks with Slapp Happy?

Gerald McBoing-Boing, Wednesday, 3 February 2010 23:24 (ten years ago) link

one year passes...

As the years go by, (some of) Moore's stuff seems more and more underrated. "Out" in particular.

But at the moment I'm writing because I just learned that his kind of Berlin-era Bowie-esque "World Service" CD isn't the same as the lp version. I guess I never looked into it very much, as I didn't like it much on first listen (have since changed my mind). You know, Mutant Sounds planned to post the lp, but I don't see that they ever did. I guess I have to actually like pay for an album for the first time in god knows how long...

The live version of "Lucia" on the CD -- at least I think it's live -- is just killer.

dlp9001, Thursday, 19 May 2011 02:00 (nine years ago) link

Oh, how nice! Someone has one of the best World Service tracks up on youtube:

Fuzzed out remake of Lucia from Flying Doesn't Help. This may be one of may favorite things that any of the Slapp Happys ever did...

dlp9001, Wednesday, 25 May 2011 01:47 (nine years ago) link

three weeks pass...

Posting for myself and the like 1 other person who'll care, but just got ahold of the lp version of Anthony More's World Service, and it is indeed very different from the CD. Includes one very good song that isn't on the CD, and a couple that are *very* different versions, usually better than the CD. At the moment, this would be my pick for his best solo album.

LP Tracklist is: Side 1: Run Right Back/Pieces of the Puzzle/World Service/Fat Fly [not on the CD. It's pretty good...kinda Robyn Hitchcock doing vocals on a Bowie Lodger track.].

Side 2: Broke'n Idle [very different, probably better than CD version. Kinda post-punk meets Talking Heads]/Outta Angels [very different, spikier than CD version, probably better]/The Argument [more skeletal than the CD version, but generally similar]/Nowhere to Run.

dlp9001, Wednesday, 15 June 2011 16:05 (nine years ago) link

Heresy, I know, but Ça Va is by far my favourite Slapp Happy album. DK's voice has lost that screechy quality and sounds wonderfully rich and strange. The songwriting seems less self-consciously witty/wacky and is all the better for it. "Scarred for Life" is on every mix CD I've ever made.

ban this sick stunt (anagram), Wednesday, 15 June 2011 16:10 (nine years ago) link

It shouldn't be heresy -- Ça Va is an incredible album

you heard the live in tokyo version of 'Scarred for Life'?

Milton Parker, Wednesday, 15 June 2011 17:33 (nine years ago) link

no! where can I find it?

ban this sick stunt (anagram), Wednesday, 15 June 2011 18:00 (nine years ago) link

That has to be the highest ticket price I've ever seen at Cafe Oto.

The Doug Walters of Crime (Tom D.), Wednesday, 30 November 2016 13:58 (three years ago) link

It's probably the Peron/Diermaier version, they seem more active than the Irmler version and have played with various RIO types in recent years.

heaven parker (anagram), Wednesday, 30 November 2016 14:03 (three years ago) link

one year passes...

At 22:12 in this mix is a sick Japanese pop version of "The Drum":

I almost fell out of my chair when I realized what it was!

I've run a cursory search to find the artist, etc., but no dice... Any help??

absorbed carol channing's powers & psyche (morrisp), Tuesday, 27 February 2018 01:21 (two years ago) link

Whoops, guess I should clicked the link beneath the mix. Apparently it is "Love and Hates ft. The Pegasuss". Here's the album!:

absorbed carol channing's powers & psyche (morrisp), Tuesday, 27 February 2018 01:23 (two years ago) link

I'm sort of convinced that "The Drum" is secretly the best song ever written, as all three versions of it (that I've heard) are amazingly great.

absorbed carol channing's powers & psyche (morrisp), Tuesday, 27 February 2018 01:33 (two years ago) link

(Make that 4 versions -- forgot about "Casablanca Moon")

absorbed carol channing's powers & psyche (morrisp), Tuesday, 27 February 2018 01:46 (two years ago) link

The Drum was my introduction. Adult Crash in NYC, I asked about it because of the Faust connection. They put on The Drum and I bought it. Never looked back.

Here's another great cover:

dan selzer, Tuesday, 27 February 2018 04:10 (two years ago) link

There’s something almost mystical to me about “The Drum”; like it’s the last song played around a campfire at the end of the world. I can’t really explain it...

absorbed carol channing's powers & psyche (morrisp), Tuesday, 27 February 2018 18:30 (two years ago) link

"wardrobes flap in tatters/you and i grow old"
― mark s (mark s), Sunday, January 19, 2003 11:26 PM (fifteen years ago) Bookmark Flag Post Permalink

the re-recorded casablanca moon is literally the first LP i ever bought

i owned acnalbasac noom also for a while a lot later but never liked it as much (perhaps just thru over-familiarity)

mark s, Tuesday, 27 February 2018 18:51 (two years ago) link

I didn't like it as much either fwiw.

Buff Jeckley (Tom D.), Wednesday, 28 February 2018 12:40 (two years ago) link

Also, what a bizarre career Anthony Moore has had.

Buff Jeckley (Tom D.), Wednesday, 28 February 2018 12:44 (two years ago) link

Really like that Love and Hates version, thanks morrisp!

emil.y, Wednesday, 28 February 2018 13:07 (two years ago) link

Sure! Yeah, I'm like obsessed with it... that beat!

The Bandcamp page seems to be dormant (for other than streaming), but I found the track/album can be purchased on Amazon:

absorbed carol channing's powers & psyche (morrisp), Wednesday, 28 February 2018 17:59 (two years ago) link

I have a theory that Charlie and Charlie is the plot of me, myself and Irene. Lots of similar references

World as it is today has the best screaming ever

kolakube (Ross), Wednesday, 28 February 2018 18:33 (two years ago) link

Acnalbasac preference may also come down to which one you heard first

kolakube (Ross), Wednesday, 28 February 2018 18:34 (two years ago) link

I think it must, because I cannot imagine anyone preferring the overbaked orchestral version

sleeve, Wednesday, 28 February 2018 18:36 (two years ago) link

lyrics changes are a big dud there as well, not as good

sleeve, Wednesday, 28 February 2018 18:36 (two years ago) link

What lyric changes?

Buff Jeckley (Tom D.), Wednesday, 28 February 2018 18:41 (two years ago) link

major changes to Me & Paravati, at the least, pretty sure there are others but I'm not gonna listen to the vastly inferior version to find out

sleeve, Wednesday, 28 February 2018 18:43 (two years ago) link

There's also some Zappa esque added backing vocals on one song that cheapens the material. With sleeve here

kolakube (Ross), Wednesday, 28 February 2018 18:49 (two years ago) link

But in most other regards it's miles better.

Buff Jeckley (Tom D.), Wednesday, 28 February 2018 19:11 (two years ago) link

Also the lyrics to "Me and Parvati" are better on "Casablanca Moon"!

Buff Jeckley (Tom D.), Wednesday, 28 February 2018 19:15 (two years ago) link

fuck em up buff jeckley

mark s, Wednesday, 28 February 2018 19:16 (two years ago) link

xp OK now I'm convinced that these two albums exemplify the "liked the one you heard first" effect because Tom D is objectively wrong here ;)

sleeve, Wednesday, 28 February 2018 19:22 (two years ago) link

Definitely seems dependent on which version of the album you heard first, for instance, I can't imagine why anyone would prefer the out of tune version of "The Drum" on AM to the one on CM.

Buff Jeckley (Tom D.), Wednesday, 28 February 2018 19:23 (two years ago) link

Though "Dawn" and "Half Way There" are better on AM and "Charlie and Charlie" is better than "Haiku".

Buff Jeckley (Tom D.), Wednesday, 28 February 2018 19:25 (two years ago) link

Definitely with you that drum is better on CM. Generally I prefer AM but some arrangements on CM do work better for me

kolakube (Ross), Wednesday, 28 February 2018 19:41 (two years ago) link

I think I generally prefer Krause's vocal performances on "CM", and the arrangements in most (tho not all) cases.

absorbed carol channing's powers & psyche (morrisp), Wednesday, 28 February 2018 20:47 (two years ago) link

I will also add that the chorus of "A Little Something" has intermittently popped in and out of my head for decades. (I prefer the "AN" take of that one, btw.)

absorbed carol channing's powers & psyche (morrisp), Wednesday, 28 February 2018 21:00 (two years ago) link

(...although the outro of the "CM" version is very, very nice. Just listened to it.)

absorbed carol channing's powers & psyche (morrisp), Wednesday, 28 February 2018 21:02 (two years ago) link


dan selzer, Wednesday, 28 February 2018 21:16 (two years ago) link

I like the idea of ANvsCM preference being used as some sort of baroque but highly consequential litmus test -- like the final, decisive question on a job interview.

absorbed carol channing's powers & psyche (morrisp), Wednesday, 28 February 2018 21:22 (two years ago) link

"which version do you see yourself listening to in five years time?"

mark s, Wednesday, 28 February 2018 21:23 (two years ago) link


kolakube (Ross), Wednesday, 28 February 2018 21:35 (two years ago) link

one month passes...

Have you noticed that The Impossibles version of The Drum is a cover of Bongwater's cover (they also sing "bong water.') It's amazing fact Tuesday.

If I Could Only Rename My Member (Noel Emits), Tuesday, 10 April 2018 09:34 (two years ago) link

Wow, another version of the song I had never heard (and another great one!). Was this a “hit” in the UK? I don’t know the band...

I feel like the Love And Hates cover may have been most directly inspired by this version (the “One-two-three-four” count at the beginning...).

absorbed carol channing's powers & psyche (morrisp), Tuesday, 10 April 2018 14:02 (two years ago) link

I don't think anything by bongwater could be called a hit, but they certainly have a cult following?

dan selzer, Tuesday, 10 April 2018 14:22 (two years ago) link

The Impossibles not Bongwater!

Buff Jeckley (Tom D.), Tuesday, 10 April 2018 14:24 (two years ago) link

I remember it getting some media coverage but it wasn't a hit.

Buff Jeckley (Tom D.), Tuesday, 10 April 2018 14:28 (two years ago) link

Kisses sweeter than wine was a minor hit

Droni Mitchell (Ross), Tuesday, 10 April 2018 15:57 (two years ago) link

Yeah sorry I was taking about The Impossibles. Were they a UK band? Not finding much on them...

absorbed carol channing's powers & psyche (morrisp), Tuesday, 10 April 2018 16:13 (two years ago) link


Buff Jeckley (Tom D.), Tuesday, 10 April 2018 16:15 (two years ago) link

Kevin Shields was involved in their first single (which featured a Dinosaur Jr.) cover. They probably would have had some indie chart hits execpt they were on a major.

Gonk Steady Crew (Noel Emits), Tuesday, 10 April 2018 16:18 (two years ago) link

Hmm... they're not on Spotify, Wikipedia doesn't know them...

absorbed carol channing's powers & psyche (morrisp), Tuesday, 10 April 2018 16:36 (two years ago) link

I think they only put out a few singles. Sort of a made up band, but aren't they all?

Buff Jeckley (Tom D.), Tuesday, 10 April 2018 16:37 (two years ago) link

A YouTube upload of their song "Therapy?" -- which seems to be a b-side from "The Drum" single -- was apparently posted by someone in Japan; so maybe they had a minor following there, which could explain the Love And Hates connection.

absorbed carol channing's powers & psyche (morrisp), Tuesday, 10 April 2018 16:45 (two years ago) link

I find it so cool that -- in addition to "The Drum" being one of the best songs ever -- it's a song by a UK-German group that was covered by an NYC duo, which cover was in turn covered by a UK duo, and that cover was covered by a Japanese duo...

absorbed carol channing's powers & psyche (morrisp), Tuesday, 10 April 2018 16:52 (two years ago) link

five months pass...

Also, what a bizarre career Anthony Moore has had.

For instance there's a couple of dozen soundtracks for experimental film directors like David Larcher, Werner Nekes and Dore O. to stand alongside his work with, er, Paul Young. None of his soundtrack work has ever been released apart from his the one for Dieter Meier's 1981 film "Jetzt und alles" - anyone ever seen this movie?

Scottish Country Tweerking (Tom D.), Friday, 14 September 2018 09:54 (one year ago) link

one year passes...

The band Medicine's new album is a cover album called "Scarred for Life" - the Slapp Happy song...didn't expect that. (They also cover Zappa, Scritti Politti, Miles Davis...)

ernestp, Wednesday, 6 November 2019 04:51 (nine months ago) link

The band Medicine's new album is a cover album called "Scarred for Life" - the Slapp Happy song...didn't expect that. (They also cover Zappa, Scritti Politti, Miles Davis...)

― ernestp

...the Monkees...

tantric societal collapse (rushomancy), Wednesday, 6 November 2019 04:55 (nine months ago) link

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