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Or lets not be coy, gay disco. Apart from my tape of the best of Divine and Sylvester's Menergy what should I look for.

Billy Dods, Saturday, 15 September 2001 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

Well, I think that "gay disco" is too narrow a term for "Hi NRG," and that "Hi NRG" is too narrow a term for "gay disco." Also, I don't know what I'm talking about. But here goes, and really what I'm giving you is a mishmosh that extends from Europop (Baltimora's "Tarzan Boy") to synth pop (Alphaville's "Big In Japan"), Stock Aiken Waterman (Kylie Minogue's "I Should Be So Lucky"), Italodisco (Silver Pozzoli "Around My Dream"), girl twirl (Stacey Q's "Two of Hearts"), Madonna-like (Shana "I Want You"), not- quite-freestyle (The Flirts' "Helpless"), and flimsy disco (Tapps' "Run Away With My Love"). Here are some more: Trans-X "Living on Video," the Flirts "Danger," Tapps "My Forbidden Lover," Click "Duri Duri," Kinky Co "Gimme the Love," Baby's Gang "Happy Song," Eddy Huntington "Meet My Friend," Eddy Huntington "U.S.S.R.," Ken Heaven "The Calling," Off "Electrica Salsa," Off "J.R. Is Dancing Pogo," La Nueva Fattoria "Disco Pollo," Ken Heaven "The Falling," Marce "I Want You," Lou Sern "Swiss Boy," Ken Scott "The Voice I Feel Inside," Interface "Plastic Age," Lime "Baby We're Gonna Love Tonight," Bardeux featuring Acacia "Be My Man," Chip Chip "So Close to Heaven," Vivien Vee "Heartbeat," Samantha Fox "I Surrender," Hazell Dean "Love Pain," Ken Laszlo "12345678," Shy Rose "I Cry For You." My favorite Sylvester album is Stars, one of my favorite albums by anyone is Stacey Q's Hard Machine. I don't know if all these meet people's definitions of either gay or Hi NRG. Many of my friends think that this stuff is utter utter shit and that I'm insane for liking it. It's almost all from the '80s.

Frank Kogan, Saturday, 15 September 2001 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

Isn't Hi-NRG the same as latin freestyle? The hispanic kids used to call that stuff Hi-NRG when I was in junior high. In which case it certainly ain't just gay disco. I have no idea what to recommend...KSJS and wild 94.9 in the bay area play a lot of it and it's mostly good.

Kris, Saturday, 15 September 2001 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

Paul Lekakis, "Boom Boom". Is this record available anywhere? I seem to be the only person I know who has ever heard of it! All I know is the writers were Italian. Absolute classic!

dave q, Sunday, 16 September 2001 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

Differences between Hi NRG and Latin freestyle: Hi NRG sticks more to the one-two-three-four disco beats; freestyle is more syncopated, more beats going on at once and going around each other faster and more electrically and fiercely ("Planet Rock" and "Looking for a Perfect Beat" were big influences on freestyle), more countermelodies, more florid singing in a Latin way, and when the songs are mournful, the singing is very mournful. That said, there was a lot of cross-influence and intermingling between freestyle, Eurodisco, Europop, Hi NRG, electro-funk, and synth pop. New York Miami Milan Munich. Having a tuneful synth riff running counter to a main melody was common to all the freestyle tracks and was frequent in all the other semi-genres I mentioned, often with melodies learned from freestyle. But freestyle was always more excessive in all aspects. The Shana song I categorized as "Madonna-like" would probably qualify as freestyle, but in general my list of freestyle faves would be a whole different list.

Frank Kogan, Monday, 17 September 2001 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

'Boom boom boom let's go back to my room/So we can do it all night/And you can make me feel right'... classic. Got it on 12"

Ben Butler, Monday, 17 September 2001 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

You want gay? How about:

So Many Men, So Little Time-Miguel Brown Boystown Gang-Cruisin' the Streets

And all the show tune covers: "If My Friends Could See Me Now" from Sweet Charity, "I Am What I Am" from La Cage Aux Folles, "High Flying Adored" from Evita, etc. They count, right?

In Eighties NYC, Hi NRG was associated with the proto-circuit queen crowd at the Saint, while scoffed at by the house snobs at the Garage, if I recall correctly. Which is understandable, I guess, as it's the most inane music the world has ever known. But that doesn't mean I don't love it.

Abigail's Hi NRG cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is great, surprisingly poignant for this genre. My favorite Nirvana cover, actually.

Destroy: Whoever did the Hi NRG version of that 4 Non Blondes song I can't bring myself to name.

Arthur, Monday, 17 September 2001 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

Oh yeah, there's a song called "High Energy" by Evelyn Thomas. It's OK.

Arthur, Monday, 17 September 2001 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

Amber's "Sexual" is a great recent Hi NRG (or whatever) track. And I'd count Aqua too (Aquarium = classic; Aquarius = dud). I think that Arthur and I were twins separated at birth (though we were born in different decades, so that would be a difficult delivery for our mom. Where in CT did you grow up? I'm from Storrs), though I'd say that Miguel Brown and Evelyn Brown don't even rate "OK." And being straight I never even dared going to the gay discos. I went to TR3 and Max's and CBGB and Hurrah's.

Frank Kogan, Tuesday, 18 September 2001 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

Hi Frank--I grew up in the Submarine Capitol of the World, Groton. I moved to New York in late '79 and hung out at all the clubs you mentioned, as well as the Mudd Club and many other short-lived places I've forgotten the names of. Spooky!

I was definitely more of an East Village rock homo, I actually only went to the Saint once (to see Divine perform) and the Garage a couple of times. Not really my scene, but I worked at a gay bar/disco in the East Village, so I had a lot of friends and co-workers who would hang out at my bar and head over to the open-all-night Garage after we closed.

Yeah, "So Many Men" is a colossal dud, isn't it? It just reminds me of early AIDS and it's such a lame song. And is Miguel a guy or a girl? I don't really remember "High Energy" except the chorus. Pretty forgettable.

So yeah, our tastes, history do seem very similar. Still, I wish knew a fraction of what you do--I've heard so few of the songs in your original post. "J.R. Is Dancing Pogo"--is it as good as it sounds?

Arthur, Friday, 21 September 2001 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

The Off were (1) a couple guys who went on to be part of Snap, and (2) Sven Väth, who went on to be Sven Väth. Sven’s vocals were a guttural croak here, almost comically croaky, though I don’t think the comedy was intentional; the music was this chintzy herky-jerky synth-disco that managed nonetheless to have a little bit of dread attached to it. The song does have a sense that it’s hopping up and down on one foot. I’m sure that serious disco fans - I mean, the ones that build shrines to Lolleata Holloway and feel that they therefore need to hate Disco Tex & The Sex-O-Lettes - and serious techno fans (not to mention rock fans, and maybe anyone who isn’t me or Chuck Eddy) would absolutely hate this song, as does the serious Sven Väth fan who maintains the most complete Sven Väth fanpage. Väth went on to put out awful trancey, spacey artwork masterpieces – or so I’ve read; never heard them, but that’s what I gather from Simon Reynolds’ description; no one else in Generation Ecstasy is treated with more contempt than Väth. I’ve got two of his more recent LPs that don’t seem at all pretentious but do fundamentally baffle me; most of the music is eerily dry electronica, and I haven’t yet decided if that’s good or bad. But he’s got a couple songs that recall his Europop days with the Off. One of these, an apparently heartfelt ode to freedom and creativity, is called "Pathfinder," and the lyrics seem entirely serious, yet he seems to be saying not "Pathfinder" but "Assfinder." I mean, maybe I’m just hearing wrong, given his thick accent.

My knowledge of this stuff (whatever it is) is haphazard. I got most of these tracks on cassettes out of Singapore and Hong Kong that I bought three-for-a-dollar in SF’s Chinatown; they have names like "East Beat" or "Summer Dance Hits." A whole mess seemed to have fallen off a truck in the late ’80s, since I was buying them all through the ’90s, and none of the gifty stores seemed to ever run out of them.

Frank Kogan, Saturday, 22 September 2001 00:00 (twenty-one years ago) link

eight months pass...
Hi-Nrg (discovering classic dance music)

My first brush with Hi-Nrg music started in South Africa in 1983/1984, with a cassette called "HIGH-ENERGY DOUBLE DANCE - Volume 2".

I was 10 or 11 years old, and a friend of the same age had asked for this cassette as his birthday party gift. Before wraping it, i popped it into my cassette player and heard my first Hi-Nrg track ever, MARSHA RAVEN's - 'False Alarm'.

Having just turned 11 years old, and growing up in the old South Africa, i'd never been to a disco or clubbing before, but when i heard this sound, and the story line lyrics in these 'High Energy' songs - i was hooked (and still am today!).

In retrospect, listening to that "HIGH-ENERGY DOUBLE DANCE Volume 2" cassette was to be a life changing influence. I ended up working in the Music Industry, releasing compilation CD's, travelling the world and currently live in London, England.

That cassette started my interest in music and i started collecting records at a furious pace. With the limited 'pocket money' resources that i had, i ended up buying all the back catalogue early 80's sale compilations that i could find. The entire HIGH ENERGY DOUBLE DANCE series (Volumes 1 - 15) released by Principle Records (SOUTH AFRICA) in the 80's - and EUROBEAT 2LP Compilations released by TEAL TRUTONE (SOUTH AFRICA) were particually influencial.

Classic HI-NRG lyrics read like short stories. They tell tales of searching for love, happy times, breaking up, the lonely times, hope, fantasy and ecstacy, lust....but most of all - PASSION!!!

Some of the early classics do this best. Check out: 'Earthquake' by FLIRTATIONS; 'Catch Me (i'm falling in love)' by MARSHA RAVEN; 'So Many Men, So Little Time' by MIQUEL BROWN; 'High Energy' by EVELYN THOMAS; 'False Alarm' by MARSHA RAVEN; 'I Am What i Am' by GLORIA GAYNOR; 'Searchin' (got to find a man)' by HAZELL DEAN; 'Coming Out Of Hiding' by PAMELA STANLEY; 'Whatever You Do (wherever you go)' by HAZELL DEAN; 'Somebody To Love' by CAFE SOCIETY; 'Where Is My Man?' by EARTHA KITT; 'Fighting For Our Lives' by PEOPLE LIKE US......+ plus many more...

the soundtracks of our lives...

Lyle Gove, Friday, 21 June 2002 00:00 (twenty years ago) link

one year passes...
I've been searching for good hi NRG compilation CD's; they aren't too common. Does anyone have suggestions? I've heard there might be some Japanese web sites but haven't come across them.


sabine owens, Sunday, 11 April 2004 00:47 (nineteen years ago) link

one year passes...
You can grab a 72 minute Hi-Nrg mix from Polymarchs over here:

Apparently these guys are huge in Mexico.

Michael F Gill (Michael F Gill), Monday, 18 April 2005 04:17 (eighteen years ago) link

And if anyone can ID any of the tracks, that would be very helpful - there is some amazing stuff in there.

Michael F Gill (Michael F Gill), Monday, 18 April 2005 04:44 (eighteen years ago) link

Here are the tracks which I recognise from Part 1 (plenty of omissions though):

Trouble In Paradise - Sylvester
Desire - Paul Parker
Love Reaction - Divine
I Love Men - Cinema
Do You Wanna Funk - Sylvester/Patrick Cowley (excerpt only)
Lucky Tonight - Sarah Dash (yes, her out of Labelle)
Beeline - Miquel Brown
High Energy - Evelyn Thomas

I'll do the rest later...

mike t-diva (mike t-diva), Monday, 18 April 2005 08:38 (eighteen years ago) link

The couple I know:

Fancy - Chinese Eyes
Albert One - Turbo Diesel
Blue Monday (excerpt)
Thelma Houston - Don't Leave Me This Way

If someone could name the last 2 songs on track 4, I'd be grateful.

Michael F Gill (Michael F Gill), Monday, 18 April 2005 08:45 (eighteen years ago) link

From Part 2:
Relight My Fire - Cafe Society
I'm So Beautiful - Divine
Walk Like A Man - Divine
Invitation - Life Force
Timebomb - Jeanie Tracy

mike t-diva (mike t-diva), Monday, 18 April 2005 08:53 (eighteen years ago) link

From Part 3 (which I didn't rate much at all):
Thunder and Lightning - Heat-X-Change
D.A.N.C.E. - Nightforce
Chinese Eyes - Fancy

mike t-diva (mike t-diva), Monday, 18 April 2005 09:07 (eighteen years ago) link

From Part 4:
Unexpected Lovers - Lime
Nobody's Stopping You - Peter Batah
Eat You Up - Angie Gold
Fighting For Our Lives - Shiraz

mike t-diva (mike t-diva), Monday, 18 April 2005 09:17 (eighteen years ago) link

From Part 5:
Sex - Sylvester
Don't Leave Me This Way - Jeanie Tracy (*)
Runaway - Tapps

(*) - not Thelma Houston, Michael - and the excerpt from "Blue Monday" is actually Divine's "Love Reaction".

Have to say that Part 1 is streets ahead of the rest, quality-wise.

mike t-diva (mike t-diva), Monday, 18 April 2005 09:29 (eighteen years ago) link

You are a goldmine Mike!

I have this other great Polymarchs mix I got from a friendly soul in the ILM room, perhaps you could help me with a couple more IDs?

Michael F Gill (Michael F Gill), Monday, 18 April 2005 09:43 (eighteen years ago) link

I knew all that hanging around in shit discos in the 1980s would come in useful one day...

If the other Polymarchs mix is more like Part One, then sure. If it's more like Parts Two to Five, then please send strong anti-depressants.

mike t-diva (mike t-diva), Monday, 18 April 2005 10:24 (eighteen years ago) link

haha "I'm so beautiful" is classic - I love the 2nd mix!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the track ids though

goglyfine5, Monday, 18 April 2005 13:47 (eighteen years ago) link

eleven months pass...
Tony barrera fue el dj de polymarchs y el mejor de hi energy en mexico ..ya murio. LOs demas mixes 14 lps todos en vinyl 12" son mejores que el primero ya que estos 5 mp3 estan alterados y no son originales del los 12". otro dj del 80 en mexico es www.patrickmiller.com.mx

rodjpv, Wednesday, 12 April 2006 03:03 (seventeen years ago) link

Pamala Stanley - "Coming Out of Hiding"

Mike O. (Mike Ouderkirk), Wednesday, 12 April 2006 03:58 (seventeen years ago) link

9 minutes into part 5 is Suzi Lane's Harmony, or a cover version of.

Dan Selzer (Dan Selzer), Wednesday, 12 April 2006 04:38 (seventeen years ago) link

not on the mix prob (dunno not heard it) but 3 degrees 'runner' is a good hi-nrg track.

michael wells (michael w.), Wednesday, 12 April 2006 15:57 (seventeen years ago) link

one year passes...


I was going to start a Crackers International thread but I think most of my love has to do with this song being UNFUCKWITHABLE.

Curt1s Stephens, Sunday, 6 May 2007 21:17 (sixteen years ago) link

two years pass...

amazing song, even more amazing video


dan138zig (Durrr Durrr Durrrrrr), Tuesday, 10 November 2009 10:35 (thirteen years ago) link

twelve years pass...

as posted to an italo thread:

a "hi-nrg" mix I made a few weeks ago for a radio show, with much italo and italo-adjacent sounds. Arguably more "italo" than "hi-nrg" but who's counting?


Complete tracklist:

1. Data - Living Inside Me
2. Vicious Pink - Cccan’t You See
3. Ashaye - Electricity
4. Peppermint - Light a Light (US Mix)
5. Klein and M.B.O. - Keep In touch (Dub)
6. Tapps - My Forbidden Lover
7. Shy Rose - I Cry For You
8. Gotcha - You’re Wrong
9. Hotline - Guilty
10. New York Models - Love on Video
11. Jock Hattle - Yes No Family
12. Los Angeles TF - Everlasting Fever
13. Amanda Lear - Love Your Body
14. Ramming Speed - When You Walk in the Room (Instrumental American mix)
15. Azul Y Negro - La Noche
16. Rofo - Flashlight on a Disconight
17. Lauren Grey - Putting the Night on Hold
18. Vera - Baby Won’t You Dance With Me
19. Charlene Davis - Aggression
20. Lime - Babe, We’re Gonna Love Tonite
21. Phyllis Nelson - Don’t Stop the Train

dan selzer, Thursday, 27 January 2022 13:41 (one year ago) link

i'm counting. it's inarguably more "italo" than "hi-nrg" ;-)

i have pondered putting together a hi-nrg comp for years but figure it has just too limited appeal. it's hard to get across just how massive hi-nrg was in scotland in the 80s and even into the early 90s before the rave scene annihilated it. but even then scotland's home produced rave output had a lot of hi-nrg in its dna.

stirmonster, Thursday, 27 January 2022 14:36 (one year ago) link

I think one can argue enough of these tracks sit on the fence between the two! But yeah the goal wasn't to make some kind of definitive or representative/defining hi-nrg mix, otherwise there would've been a lot more San Francisco there. Really some of it are hi-nrg records I've had forever that I've always wanted to make a mix of, while some are things I've bought more recently while buying italo stuff that I find just a bit faster and more hi-nrg than my usual italo selections.

dan selzer, Thursday, 27 January 2022 14:42 (one year ago) link

FWIW, I would totally buy a stirmonster Hi-NRG comp! It’s under-anthologised, and what with the likes of Krystal Klear keeping the flame burning, it might find its market.

mike t-diva, Friday, 28 January 2022 21:39 (one year ago) link

They do indeed Dan. i just couldn't resist rising to your bait!

Cheers Mike! So much Hi-NRG still sounds soooo great and audiences will still freak out to it.

stirmonster, Saturday, 29 January 2022 00:47 (one year ago) link

Yeah I think this stirmonster hi-NRG mix needs to happen. If I may say.

Ned Raggett, Saturday, 29 January 2022 01:03 (one year ago) link

Dan's mix, in turn, looks choice.

Ned Raggett, Saturday, 29 January 2022 01:03 (one year ago) link

Can't believe I made that mix a few weeks before this new Roman Flügel track came out, would've been fun to throw it in.


dan selzer, Friday, 11 February 2022 14:42 (one year ago) link

two weeks pass...



o shit the sheriff (NickB), Thursday, 3 March 2022 18:59 (one year ago) link

woah! that's going straight on the wants list.

stirmonster, Thursday, 3 March 2022 21:32 (one year ago) link

It's actually a remake of a 1979 disco tune by Front Page, which is pretty good in itself tbh. Not sure where Krukutz are from, maybe Italy? It actually sounds really amazing when if pitch it down by about 8bpm ....but i think i probably feel the same way about every hiNRG song if i'm honest

o shit the sheriff (NickB), Thursday, 3 March 2022 21:39 (one year ago) link


donna rouge, Thursday, 3 March 2022 21:42 (one year ago) link

i have the front page 12" but i think i like this better. i was guessing they were maybe italian too.

stirmonster, Thursday, 3 March 2022 21:49 (one year ago) link

i'm fond of this hazell dean track hasn't yet been mentioned in this thread:


donna rouge, Thursday, 3 March 2022 21:51 (one year ago) link

i saw her do a live PA around the time that came out and don't think i've heard it since. good!!

stirmonster, Thursday, 3 March 2022 22:01 (one year ago) link

anyone know much about 'dance crazy' by chai-am? i have the original which i'm not really that keen on but this remix is great but it has sort of turned it into more of a juiced-up electro thing:


and then there's this (way too short) version by frank hatchett and is it a cover or is it his original or what?? was really weirded out when i heard it last week


o shit the sheriff (NickB), Thursday, 3 March 2022 22:06 (one year ago) link

john edmed from chai-am has one weird list of credits btw - goes from playing guitar & dobro on some seriously iffy-looking uk country records to wacking out hiNRG knock-offs and remixing the danse society and shriekback in the space of three years

o shit the sheriff (NickB), Thursday, 3 March 2022 22:56 (one year ago) link

oh wait he produced 400 blows version of 'movin' as well, good record that

o shit the sheriff (NickB), Thursday, 3 March 2022 22:58 (one year ago) link

i had always thought chai-am was 400 blows related but i guess edmed / illuminated is the common factor. intrigued now if the frank hatchett came first or later and if there is a longer version?

stirmonster, Thursday, 3 March 2022 23:14 (one year ago) link

yeah me too. that frank hatchett also has a sick colonel abrams cover on it btw:


o shit the sheriff (NickB), Thursday, 3 March 2022 23:21 (one year ago) link

anyhow, back to hiNRG soundz:


o shit the sheriff (NickB), Thursday, 3 March 2022 23:23 (one year ago) link

another fave, from an LA duo


donna rouge, Friday, 4 March 2022 00:08 (one year ago) link

one month passes...

i dug this one out while sorting out some records. i think i like it more now than i did then. i remember being sold this with the claim it was a secret Nitzer Ebb side project. T

stirmonster, Wednesday, 20 April 2022 15:05 (one year ago) link

i dug this one out while sorting out some records and I think i like it more now than I did then. I remember being sold this with the claim it was a secret Nitzer Ebb side project. That probably isn't true but it is produced by the mighty Phil Harding so shares some of the same mix DNA.


stirmonster, Wednesday, 20 April 2022 15:07 (one year ago) link

And speaking of Phil Harding remixes of industrial types, this is the remix (Essential Mega-Mix) that he did (with Pete Waterman) of U-BahnX "Young Hearts Of Europe", which came out in spring 1985. The band were managed by Dick O'Dell, and included a former member of The Pop Group. My partner hung out with them a few times, shortly before we met, which is how I came to hear it (few others did).


mike t-diva, Friday, 22 April 2022 11:08 (one year ago) link

one year passes...

In advance of pitching an 80s Hi-NRG retro night to a venue which I have in mind, I put together a "proof of concept" test mix, using stuff that happened to be lying around on my laptop. It makes for an accurate representation of what I was actually dancing to at the time.


Track listing:
T-Shirts and Tight Blue Jeans - Divine
Big In Japan - Alphaville
I'm Not Scared (Disco Mix) - Eighth Wonder
Self Control - Laura Branigan
Victim Of Love (Extended Mix) - Erasure
Around My Dream - Silver Pozzoli
American Love - Rose Laurens
Where Is My Man - Eartha Kitt
This Time I Know It's For Real - Donna Summer
Love In The First Degree (Eurobeat Style) - Bananarama
What Have I Done To Deserve This? (Shep Pettibone Mix) - Pet Shop Boys ft Dusty Springfield
Fascinated - Company B
I Love My Radio (Midnight Radio) - Taffy
Happy Station [Scratch Mix] - Fun Fun
Rock the Boat (High Dynamic 12 Inch Remix) - Forrest
Body Rock (Peter Slaghuis Remix) - Maria Vidal
Boys (Summetime Love) - Sabrina
If You Love Somebody (The Munich Mix) - Barbara Doust
Passion (Remix) - The Flirts
Dirty Talk - Klein & MBO
Get Up Action - Digital Emotion
Get Ready - X Ray Connection
Dolce Vita - Ryan Paris
In The Evening - Sheryl Lee Ralph
In The Name Of Love - Sharon Redd
Remember Me/Ain't No Mountain High Enough Suite - Boystown Gang
It's A Sin (Ian Levine remix) - Pet Shop Boys
I Feel Love (Patrick Cowley Megamix) - Donna Summer
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) - Eurythmics
You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (12" Performance Version) - Dead Or Alive
Do Ya Wanna Funk - Sylvester with Patrick Cowley
Searchin' - Hazell Dean
Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Boys Town Gang
I Am What I Am - Gloria Gaynor
The Visitors (12" Disconet Mix) - ABBA
Lay All Your Love On Me - ABBA
So Many Men, So Little Time - Miquel Brown
Countdown (Here I Come) - Kofi and the Lovetones
Take A Chance (On Me) - Waterfront Home
Love Reaction - Divine
Shake it Up - Divine
La Cage Aux Folles - Le Jeté
The Night (La Noche) - Azul Y Negro
Lucky Tonight - Sarah Dash
Always On My Mind (Extended Dance Version) - Pet Shop Boys
Losing My Mind - Liza Minnelli
Ride On Time - Black Box
Relax - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Stop! - Erasure
The Only Way Is Up - Yazz
I Beg Your Pardon - Kon Kan
Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order
Situation (12" Remix) - Yazoo
Let The Music Play - Shannon
Give Me Tonight - Shannon
Tell It To My Heart - Taylor Dayne
Helyom Halib - Cappella
Stand Up For Your Love Rights - Yazz
Venus - Bananarama
Gloria - Laura Branigan
Party - Julius Brown
Rocket To Your Heart - Lisa
Who's Your Boyfriend - Eric
Saving Myself - Eria Fachin
I Believe In Dreams - Jackie Rawe
Let Me Feel It - Samantha Gilles
You're My Heart, You're My Soul - Modern Talking
It's My Life - Talk Talk
Maybe This Time - Norma Lewis
Flashdance... What A Feeling - Irene Cara
If You Could Read My Mind - Viola Wills
I'm Not In Love - Scherrie Payne
When Will I See You Again - Magda Layna
Don't Go - Yazoo
Never Can Say Goodbye (Shep Pettibone Extended Remix) - The Communards
Smalltown Boy - Bronski Beat

mike t-diva, Tuesday, 2 May 2023 18:55 (three weeks ago) link

I have been so obsessed with the Kazino version of Around My Dream, esp the video. It's all I listen to.

dan selzer, Tuesday, 2 May 2023 19:29 (three weeks ago) link

mike, are you still in my city or am I remembering wrong? Would go to a Hi-NRG night.

emil.y, Tuesday, 2 May 2023 19:37 (three weeks ago) link

I'm no longer in your city, but I'm going to be pitching to a venue in that city!

mike t-diva, Tuesday, 2 May 2023 19:49 (three weeks ago) link

Oooh, well, I'll keep an eye out!

emil.y, Tuesday, 2 May 2023 19:53 (three weeks ago) link

WOW at that Kazino video! Turns out that its B-side, "Binary", ended up on the third Disco Not Disco comp, alongside the likes of Delta 5, Quando Quango and Material.

One thing I noticed when putting my mix together is that quite a lot of Hi-NRG tracks add occasional two-bar sections that break the four-bar flow, which can make on-the-fly transitions a bit tricky if you're not expecting them.

I'd also forgotten how much the breakdowns scream SNORT YOUR POPPERS NOW! - they are absolutely precision engineered to maximise nitrate hits. (And in the case of Forrest's otherwise iffy cover of "Rock The Boat", the breakdown was the whole point of the track; at the height of its popularity, the DJ at our club would use two copies to double its length.)

mike t-diva, Wednesday, 3 May 2023 10:20 (three weeks ago) link

hey mike - i think you posted the wrong mix link.

stirmonster, Wednesday, 3 May 2023 10:33 (three weeks ago) link

Hmm, I just checked it on my logged-out-of-Mixcloud iPad and it worked fine. Try mixcloud dot com forward slash miketd - it should be at the top of the list.

mike t-diva, Wednesday, 3 May 2023 12:24 (three weeks ago) link

apologies. it must have been some weird cache issue as it was playing your other mix with the TRB mash up when i tried to listen before. All good now.

stirmonster, Wednesday, 3 May 2023 13:21 (three weeks ago) link

Yeah, Mixcloud tends to remember the last mix you were listening to, and so it must have automatically resumed that one.

mike t-diva, Wednesday, 3 May 2023 13:41 (three weeks ago) link

The pitch has been enthusiastically accepted (and the Mixcloud set helped), so I'll be playing a Hi-NRG set in Nottingham in July (date TBC). Very happy about this.

mike t-diva, Friday, 12 May 2023 13:40 (two weeks ago) link

Woo! Go Mike!

emil.y, Friday, 12 May 2023 13:41 (two weeks ago) link

donna rouge posted the hazell dean version of this one upthread but i hadn't heard the original before and i really love it:

Kerry Delius - They Say It's Gonna Rain

rincton monkspoon (NickB), Wednesday, 17 May 2023 22:03 (one week ago) link

the b-side though is really different, a drum machine & spoken word piece with kind of a feverish postpunk atmosphere... probably not really one for this thread, but hey what the heck

Kerry Delius - Dear Christine

rincton monkspoon (NickB), Wednesday, 17 May 2023 22:10 (one week ago) link

Having heard it first a couple of years earlier, I always preferred the Kerry Delius original over the Hazell Dean cover, but now that I’m revisiting all these tracks, I’m leaning towards Hazell’s for the first time. That might just be for practical “this one would work better on a dance floor”reasons, though.

mike t-diva, Wednesday, 17 May 2023 23:02 (one week ago) link

yeah the original sounds very wonky by comparison (not a diss!). love the slight dolly parton-ish vibrato in her voice too

rincton monkspoon (NickB), Wednesday, 17 May 2023 23:13 (one week ago) link

oh i didn’t know the hazell version was a cover! this version is great too, also love the vibrato

those fire island/pine walk cassettes that were recently rediscovered and digitized are an absolute hi NRG goldmine, have encountered so many incredible tracks from listening around. here’s a few faves:

Baiser - Darling Forever


Shooting Party - Safe in the Arms of Love


Eddy Skyn - It’s a Lie


Advance ft. Maxine - If He Knew


donna rouge, Wednesday, 17 May 2023 23:47 (one week ago) link

liking this one:

Amanda Manchanile ‎– Love Automation

rincton monkspoon (NickB), Thursday, 18 May 2023 22:27 (one week ago) link

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