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How long has it been available? What does everyone think?

D Aziz (esquire1983), Thursday, 11 December 2003 04:11 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

only available in the last 2 weeks via slsk but actual release date is jan 25th or similar.

first listen - best thing i've heard all year but am tiring of it quickly. 'surfin on a rock(et)' is still rather fab, though.

phil turnbull (philT), Thursday, 11 December 2003 04:16 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Enjoyable, good listen. Wasn't blown away.

Ned Raggett (Ned), Thursday, 11 December 2003 04:20 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

I had a few free hours in the middle of a busy day today, and I put it on, drifting in and out of a sleepy haze and finally dozing off as it ended. It was lovely. I like it more than I did on the last thread. There was already a thread on this, by the way.

Sonny A. (Keiko), Thursday, 11 December 2003 04:40 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

On the basis of the first few tracks, I reckon it's a return to form after the godawful disappointment that was 10,000 Hz Legend. Floaty and synth-heavy, which is what you want from Air, with some great chord changes. Not enough musicians do interesting chord progressions these days; Goldfrapp's Black Cherry was the last album that impressed me in that regard.
But I digress; I'm happy to say that I'll definitely be buying Talkie Walkie when it's released next month.

Palomino (Palomino), Thursday, 11 December 2003 13:41 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

It's better than 10,000 Legend, but the melodies are not up to par with Moon Safari. Not much replay value for that reason...

Matt Boch (Matt Boch), Friday, 12 December 2003 08:54 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

My general feeling is that I'd like it to be better then it actually is. so a slight dissapointment, only because i had greater expectations

mentalist (mentalist), Friday, 12 December 2003 10:43 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

... than i have for most artists

mentalist (mentalist), Friday, 12 December 2003 10:46 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

four months pass...
one of a very few albums that i can listen to from beginning to end. brilliant. and the bonus dvd was a plesant bonus. hope a full concert is released somewhere down the way.

Richard, Thursday, 29 April 2004 03:43 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

eleven years pass...

Has this band evaporated? I do think the first one is a classic of its time, and holds up really well. Had the sudden urge to put on Talkie Walkie, and it is holding up really well for me too. In fact, for a band forgotten or ignored or generally not thought about, they put out a whole lot of really good stuff. At the very least three or four albums worth, I'd argue. They were pretty good live too.

Josh in Chicago, Sunday, 7 February 2016 02:21 (three years ago) Permalink

Dunno but the track they did with Jean Michel Jarre on his last record is excellent.

Naive Teen Idol, Sunday, 7 February 2016 02:56 (three years ago) Permalink

Really enjoyed the latest air records (Le voyage dans la lune & Music for Museum), and Nicolas Godin's solo lp with a Bach theme was great too. Jean-Benoit has many side projects that are hit or miss, but I did like the last Darkel EP The Man Of Sorrow and some of his Starwalker tracks.

Michael F Gill, Sunday, 7 February 2016 03:03 (three years ago) Permalink

This is the only Air album I like.

its subtle brume (DJP), Sunday, 7 February 2016 04:04 (three years ago) Permalink

two years pass...

all time classic air EP

kolakube (Ross), Tuesday, 13 February 2018 00:00 (one year ago) Permalink

can't open that vid - is it Premiers Symptomes?

niels, Tuesday, 13 February 2018 21:06 (one year ago) Permalink


kolakube (Ross), Tuesday, 13 February 2018 22:57 (one year ago) Permalink

great stuff indeed, when I had worn Moon Safari out it gave a fresh perspective on the songs

niels, Wednesday, 14 February 2018 07:06 (one year ago) Permalink

Sometimes I think Talkie Walkie is their best album

Badgers (dog latin), Wednesday, 14 February 2018 09:18 (one year ago) Permalink

Virgin Suicides is the one I return to the most

niels, Wednesday, 14 February 2018 12:50 (one year ago) Permalink

Talkie Walkie is really excellent. Tough call on the best one for me, I return to 10.000 HZ legend the most but don't necessarily think it's their best. Probably virgin suicides

kolakube (Ross), Wednesday, 14 February 2018 14:18 (one year ago) Permalink

Talkie Walkie hands down their best, for me.

sctttnnnt (pgwp), Wednesday, 14 February 2018 20:20 (one year ago) Permalink

Run is my favorite Air cut by some distance. The way the word gets repeated into 10cc oblivion is perfection.

Naive Teen Idol, Thursday, 15 February 2018 02:29 (one year ago) Permalink

^ same

kolakube (Ross), Thursday, 15 February 2018 03:13 (one year ago) Permalink

Virgin Suicides -> 10,000Hz -> Talkie Walkie is a breathtaking run of music (and Moon Safari and Pocket Symphony bookending it ain't too shabby either)

Davey D, Thursday, 15 February 2018 03:24 (one year ago) Permalink

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