Arab, Persian, Sufi music

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Could someone please recommend some? I like stuff with arab instruments and the like.

D Aziz (esquire1983), Wednesday, 3 December 2003 23:01 (sixteen years ago) link

Rockist Scientist, you are needed!

Ned Raggett (Ned), Wednesday, 3 December 2003 23:04 (sixteen years ago) link

i'm gonna go out on a limb here and suggest something that's far from traditional but very, very good. Aisha Kandisha's Jarring Experience. they're a morrocan band that mixes traditional instruments and songwriting with fucked up psychedelic production. I'd only suggest their first self titled album (also sometimes called "El Buya" i think). it's got crazy electric guitars, dubbed out echos, weird tape manipulations and even samples Funkadelic (all this in 1980). amazing album.

totally avoid the album they did with Bill Laswell (Shabeesation). sick, slick middle eastern techno crap.

JaXoN (JasonD), Wednesday, 3 December 2003 23:09 (sixteen years ago) link

...Wow, that's enough for me to go check them out, JaXoN! thanks.

Furthermore, I second Ned's call for the Scientist, his knowledge of the subject is pretty immense. The only name that comes to my mind is Oum Khaltsoum (spelling varies, search the thread, actually that thread is pretty informative in general so: here it is)

willem (willem), Wednesday, 3 December 2003 23:19 (sixteen years ago) link

Laure D'Accoche!

And when you find her CD, copy it for me!!

amateur!st (amateurist), Wednesday, 3 December 2003 23:23 (sixteen years ago) link

Isn't that Aisha Kandisha's Jarring Effects?

udu wudu (udu wudu), Wednesday, 3 December 2003 23:32 (sixteen years ago) link

D Aziz! get Rockist Scientist to recommend you some Fairuz. She is this total classic Lebanese singer.

If pop music is more your thing, try and get hold of some Amr Diab. he is the Egyptian Justin Timberlake, except that he is old.

Also, just see if you can get any of those "Now That's What I Call Arabian Pop" compilations.

If you get one that has Free Baby's 'Papa Fein' on it will you burn me a copy? It was the song of my holiday in Lebanon.

DV (dirtyvicar), Wednesday, 3 December 2003 23:59 (sixteen years ago) link

i can recommend some fairuz but it won't be the same fairuz as r.s. would recommend

amateur!st (amateurist), Thursday, 4 December 2003 00:10 (sixteen years ago) link

Isn't that Aisha Kandisha's Jarring Effects?

you are correctamundo, sir

JaXoN (JasonD), Thursday, 4 December 2003 00:12 (sixteen years ago) link

I will be back. I have to go mail an urgent letter to my landlord so that I can begin the process of hopefully putting them out of business. (Ha, I wish.) But some of those earleir threads could certainly help. I have been working on a big list of CDs I want, as well, and can post the Arab section to this thread later.

D Aziz, are you looking for things without vocals? Most of what I listen to has vocals.

Rockist Scientist (rockistscientist), Thursday, 4 December 2003 00:13 (sixteen years ago) link

most sufi-related cds i've heard have been super snoozes, unfortunately; i would love to hear recommendations for good ones. generally speaking i lean towards records made in north africa, turkey and the more eastern parts of the arabic world, to stuff from the levant and fertile crescent - seems like they're always too nicely produced for me.

islam - musiques et chants - on the french label auvidis tempo, 1997 - this is the best mix of old school arabic styles on any single disc i've heard, all in a nicely fuzzy/authentic, non-slick, non-digital archival format. ranges from minaret announcements to a few african things to a saudi orchestra using western instruments in a very middle of the century "light music" style... but it coheres very well for me.

masters of turkish music - pre 1950s. if you like rembetika, get this.

ustad omar - virtuoso from afghanistan [recently reissued, 1974] if you like ravi shankar, get this.

farid al atrache - addi errabi - early 70s egyptian classic, a powerful singer in the oum khaltoum style

hassan ramzy - if you're looking for something more on the fun side, ie the highest quality record in the "cassette from behind the counter at the asian market" style with synths and clapping, i recommend this guy. he does experiments like recording a cd with an accordion player, but is basically the frankie yankovic of belly dance.

iran: persian classical music, faramarz payvar ensemble - also from the mid 70s, nonesuch reissue, this is very typical-sounding but real good, solos on various instruments with the zither standing out, and a few with a female singer

rough guide to sufi music/ r.g.t. pakistan - this series is way hit and miss, but these are very solid comps, should be easy to find, have excellent sound and variety. by the way, i have also heard the rough guide to arabesque, which includes a track by the a.k.'s jarring effects, as ref'd above, and i liked it ok but it wasn't quite as cool as a couple other tracks on that [very hit or miss] record... the track, "a muey muey" was a bit dated sounding, influenced by early 90s house, and i myself would balk at a whole lp of that stuff.

anouar brahem - astrakhan cafe - just oud & clarinet & perc, very spare and thoughtful. on ecm records, so aimed at the modern classical buyer, and therefore somewhat "mediated" i would say in the performance: how can i put this... it's university stuff, not authentic, but i like it.

and i must say, if you've never heard the peter gabriel soundtrack lp "passion", ignore the fact that it's a peter gabriel album and consider buying it; it is extremely good and quite impressive, mixing samples, synths and the odd boy's choir on top of a bunch of very diverse jams and compositions with all kinds of famous people who were thereby introduced to the west.

mig, Thursday, 4 December 2003 00:25 (sixteen years ago) link

stuff from the levant and fertile crescent - seems like they're always too nicely produced for me.

I wonder what you have been listening to from there that sounds too nicely produced! At any rate, that tend to be my favorite area of Arabic music.

I was at Borders earlier today and I saw a couple new Farid el Atrache compilations apparently being marketed in the west more than his stuff normally is. It's part of a series, but I forget the name of it now. I think it's an EMI thing.

Rockist Scientist (rockistscientist), Thursday, 4 December 2003 01:35 (sixteen years ago) link

amateurist, what Fairouz would you recommend? Is it something you think I wouldn't like? I still don't have a very good Fairouz collection, and since she sings lots of shorter songs, rather than the sort of sprawling pieces that Oum Kalthoum sings, there are more titles to keep track of, and I just don't know most of the titles of the good stuff I've heard.

Rockist Scientist (rockistscientist), Thursday, 4 December 2003 01:38 (sixteen years ago) link

My Arabic CD wish list. (If no artist is given to the left of the title, then assume it is the same as the artist for the title above.)

Oum Kalthoum: Zikrayat
Zaloumni al Nass
Yalli Kan Yeshjik
Soundtrack: Widad
Soundtrack: Fatima
Raqq el Habib
Qussat al-Ams
Nahj el-Burda [live]
Ila Arafat Allah
Hayyart Qalbi
Hallit Layali el-Qamar
Gulubt Asalih Fi Rouhi
Gaddedte Hubbak Leh
Agharu Min Nasmat el-Ganoub
Aghani Wataniyyah (National Songs), Vol. 2 and 3
Fairouz: Ana Ou Sehrani
Chante Philemon Wehbe
Chante Zaki Nassif
Christmas Carols
Christmas Hymns
Damascus Festival 1960
In concert at the Olympia-Paris
Houmoum El Hob
Immortal Songs
Jerusalem in My Heart
Safarbarlek/Bint El-Harass
Chat Iskandaria
Ya Tara Nessina
Yes’ed Sabahak
Farid El Atrache: Hallet Layali Helwa
Sountracks: Risala Min Imra’aa Majhoula & Yown Bila Ghad
Fook Ghousanaka Ya Lainoma
Adnayani Bil Hajar
Ya Weili Min Hobon
Taksim/Kelmet Itab
Mohammed Abdel Wahab: Cleopatra
Koulina Lahib al Kamar
Fil Bahr Lam Aftakim
Archives of Arabic Music vols. 8-10
Abdel Halim Hafez: Fatet Ganbena
Hawal Teftakerny
Abed Azrie: Epic of Gilgamesh
Mahmoud Fadl: Um Kulthum 4000
Love Letter From King Tut
The Drummers of the Nile Go South
The Drummers of the Nile
Marcel Khalife: Stripped Bare
Nazem al-Ghazali: Best of v.1 and v.2
Omar Bashir and Sahar Taha: Baghdadiyat
Saddon Jabir: Nazem al-Ghazali Songs v.1
Sayed Darwiche: The Classic Egyptian Songs from the 20th Century
Samir Siblini: Zaman al-Samt-Taqsim Ney
The 4 Seasons
Various Artists: From the Libyan Folklore Music
Various Artists: al Waha
Ibraham Hassan: Damascus Passage
Wadi el-Safi: Natrak Sahran
Mohamed Matar: Mohamed Matar Plays Bouzouk
Various Artists: The Finest Mawawel from Iraq, Vol.1
Basem al Ali: The Finest Mawawel from Iraq, Vol.2
Mohammed el-Bakar: Port Said
Adib al-Dayikh: Courtly Love
Sheikh Ahmad al-Tuni: The Sultan of All Munshidan
Nassima: Andalusian Music from Algeria
Various: Maqams of Syria
Various: Music of the Nile: Original African Sanctus Journey--[Field Recordings by David
Farid Ghosen: The Storm “Al Asfia”
George Michel: Melodies of the Oud
Sami Shawa: Masters of the Arabic Violin
Karim Mahmoud: Egyptian Oud and Vocal
Filfel Gourgy: The World is Happy
Sheikha Ahmad Barrayn: Sufi Songs (I heard some clips from this at the website and thought it sounded really good)

Plus some Qur'anic recitation:

Shaykh Saad al-Ghamdy: Arabic Quran Recitation Set
Mustafa Ozcan: Kuran-i-Kerim Assorted Short Surahs & Azam
Mohammed al-Barak: Barak - Part 29 (Juz Tabarakh)
Various: Calls of the Holy Mosques
Khalil al-Hussary: Complete Qur’an (Slow Tarteel)
Abdur-Rahman al-Sudais: Surah Baqarah

And related music:

Issa Hassan: The Art of the Buzuq (Kurdish Lebanese musician, if I recall correctly)
Ooleya Mint Amartichitt: Praise Songs (Mauritanian)
Parvin Javden and Zohreh Bayat with the Avaye Doost Ensemble (Iranian)
Kudsi & Suleyman Erguner: Sufi Music of Turkey

I mostly rely on or for this stuff. (I am in the U.S. These are both U.S. distributors.)

Rockist Scientist (rockistscientist), Thursday, 4 December 2003 01:47 (sixteen years ago) link

thanks all, this should keep me busy. I love the song Allah, Muhammad Char Yar if that helps with suggestions.

D Aziz (esquire1983), Thursday, 4 December 2003 04:16 (sixteen years ago) link

Not really. We aren't that well-informed! What sort of song is that, and where is it from?

I hope you took a look at the Oum Kalthoum thread, because it has lots of other stuff. Also, for Arabic music, just put those words into the search enging at the bottom of the page. You won't find much on Persian music, even if you try under that phrase, though you will find other mentions of Sufi music, especially qawalli. In Persina Classical music I can recommend Mohammed Reza Shahjarian, but his name is so well-known that I feel a little stupid bringing it up (especially since otherwise I hardly know anything about that music).

Rockist Scientist (rockistscientist), Thursday, 4 December 2003 04:22 (sixteen years ago) link

Here's the Turkish music thread I started, which might have some useful suggestions. (If you can find the CD I mention in the first post, I highly recommend it.) Turkish music

Rockist Scientist (rockistscientist), Thursday, 4 December 2003 04:43 (sixteen years ago) link

two years pass... -- very nice! Been competing with WFMU for my ears the last few days.

truck-patch pixel farmer (my crop froze in the field) (Rock Hardy), Wednesday, 25 January 2006 14:00 (fourteen years ago) link

Buy a shortwave radio and record your own!

Myke Weiskopf (Myke Weiskopf), Wednesday, 25 January 2006 23:05 (fourteen years ago) link

one year passes...


luriqua, Thursday, 6 September 2007 00:14 (twelve years ago) link

Plz consolidate the information in this thread below or I google for a refined sandblogger

luriqua, Thursday, 6 September 2007 00:16 (twelve years ago) link

Rockist Scientist: Which of those titles are not 'World Music' knamean?? What do terrorists bump / which sufi's are not fundamentalist wannabes?

luriqua, Thursday, 6 September 2007 00:18 (twelve years ago) link

If I understand your question, I would say most of the titles I listed aren't "world music." Anyway, it's mostly music that was made for an Arab (or other non-western) audience. It's frightening how many of those CDs on my list I went on to buy.

Rockist Scientist, Thursday, 6 September 2007 00:24 (twelve years ago) link

if i'm looking for more music similar to this spectacular track (warning: it's 30mb, 20 mins), what would you recommend? everything i've found on my own has been too timid (although some of it is still very good), i want the crazy intense chanting

lucas pine, Thursday, 6 September 2007 00:38 (twelve years ago) link

Arabic is so cool looking, like snake trails in the desert.

This one woman told me her reading of arabic has thousands of meanings of many words. Is there a definitive sufi artist in translation

luriqua, Thursday, 6 September 2007 00:42 (twelve years ago) link

one of my favorite cds bar none:

am0n, Thursday, 6 September 2007 01:00 (twelve years ago) link

I haven't heard that many Sufi ritual recordings, sorry. I would just like for other examples of zikhr (or sometimes dikhr, I think).

Rockist Scientist, Thursday, 6 September 2007 01:01 (twelve years ago) link

Listening now. You might like some crazy Libyan stuff I bought a while back. It's not Sufi though. Wow, this sounds pretty crazy. I will come back to it another time. It's not what I'm in the mood for at the moment. The distortion kind of makes it.

Rockist Scientist, Thursday, 6 September 2007 01:04 (twelve years ago) link


Heave Ho, Thursday, 6 September 2007 01:17 (twelve years ago) link

from another recording of the gnaoua brotherhood, not as good as ^ cuz its produced by bill laswell :( but still good music - mimoun mamrba

am0n, Thursday, 6 September 2007 01:17 (twelve years ago) link

HH, wat u have

am0n, Thursday, 6 September 2007 01:28 (twelve years ago) link

05 - La Châdhiliyya - Al-Hadra.mp3

Cofradía Sufí-Andalusí Al-Shushtari (Omar Metioui) - Iii- Al-Imara, Danza Sufí O Hadra (Extasis O Trance).mp3

Heave Ho, Thursday, 6 September 2007 01:33 (twelve years ago) link I.D.???

luriqua, Thursday, 6 September 2007 01:42 (twelve years ago) link

Hubbu Hubbu ya Ashab - Hayya `alal Jihad 8

Heave Ho, Thursday, 6 September 2007 02:07 (twelve years ago) link

Can anyone direct me to stuff in this vein but with a focus on guitar/vocals, or I guess it might be oud in this context ?

oscar, Thursday, 6 September 2007 02:50 (twelve years ago) link

05 - la chadhiliyya - al-hadra.mp3 - 21.60MB

Heave Ho, Thursday, 6 September 2007 03:32 (twelve years ago) link

this jihad shit is dope as hell.
alex baltimore if you sample jack me i'll ddos you if u ever go on irc

luriqua, Thursday, 6 September 2007 04:47 (twelve years ago) link most of this is recordings of real group dhikr sessions of syrian shadhili sufis
especially recommended the ones titled The "Hu" Track and "Drunk on the Wine of Divine Unity - La ilaha illa Allah"

video of the same people:

'Iqd Jawhar one of my favourites

Heave Ho, Thursday, 6 September 2007 09:46 (twelve years ago) link

Cofradía Sufí-Andalusí Al-Shushtari (Omar Metioui) - Iii- Al-Imara, Danza Sufí O Hadra (Extasis O Trance).mp3

Heave Ho, Thursday, 6 September 2007 11:56 (twelve years ago) link

Does anyone have any Druze funeral music? It's supposed to be very distinctive, but I've never heard any.

Rockist Scientist, Thursday, 6 September 2007 14:55 (twelve years ago) link

05 - la chadhiliyya - al-hadra.mp3 - 21.60MB

-- Heave Ho, Thursday, September 6, 2007 3:32 AM (14 hours ago)

u rool

lucas pine, Thursday, 6 September 2007 18:03 (twelve years ago) link

nine months pass...

listening to the Persian Electronic Music compilation on Sub Rosa right now. really excellent.

matinee, Sunday, 29 June 2008 18:48 (eleven years ago) link

Rachid Taha's Diwan 2 fits into this category, right? Great disc, especially the second song, Rani.

Daniel, Esq., Sunday, 29 June 2008 19:36 (eleven years ago) link

slecked, Sunday, 29 June 2008 21:07 (eleven years ago) link

one year passes...

Has anybody seen this or heard the soundtrack?


- a film about Tehran’s underground indie music scene

centers around rock band Take It Easy Hospital.

PERSIAN CATS follows young singer Negar and her musician boyfriend Ashkan (Take It Easy Hospital), who attempt to form a rock band after being released from prison. Forbidden by the authorities to play in Iran, and dreaming of performing in Europe, they plan their escape. The necessary paperwork proves impossible to come by legitimately, so they team up with Nader, a fast-talking music promoter, who may be able to provide the connections they need.

With passports and visas being made to order, the trio trawl the Tehran underworld, listening to local rockers, metal-heads, rappers, singer-songwriters, musicians of every sort—all of whom will go to any length to perform their music. But with deadlines looming and authorities on their heels, Negar and Ashkan’s hopes of completing their mission may soon be shattered

curmudgeon, Tuesday, 20 April 2010 14:29 (ten years ago) link

Saw the movie a couple nights ago, can't comment on the actual soundtrack, but I'll give a quick overview of the bands.

The main band, Take It Easy Hospital, plays pleasant, decently catchy indie-pop with dual male/female vocals.
There is another indieish band, The Yellow Dogs Band, who have a more Chicago math-rock sound. Decent, not great.
Hichkas, the rapper in the movie, is pretty mediocre
There is a metal band, I don't think they're on the soundtrack; their music is paint by the numbers metal, totally forgettable.
The Free Keys, IIRC, is like this jazz-prog thing, not that good.
Rana Farhan is a single woman doing traditional Persian songs.

To be serious, none of the music is good, but I think that's partially a symptom of not having the networks of criticism and development that are found in American and European countries. You can tell that some of the bands have some song-writing chops but there doesn't seem to be a large 'scene' where they can fully develop their skills.

I enjoyed the movie, it was a decent enough commentary on the pressures faced by underground musicians, but I always have problems with documentaries (or in the case of ...Persian Cats, a semi-documentary) celebrating these bands playing Western music just because they're playing music that's not allowed by the government or encouraged by the larger population. Yeah, good for these mostly middle and upper-middle class kids, but there's never enough critical distance, imo.

Ivor, Tuesday, 20 April 2010 17:57 (ten years ago) link

Oh, the metal band I was talking about isn't even a paint by the numbers metal band, that would be much better; they're actually a Linkin Park inspired metal band, complete with singer AND rapper.

Ivor, Tuesday, 20 April 2010 19:08 (ten years ago) link

one month passes...

Afghan singer Ghazal and Tajik singer Jonibek touring North America.

curmudgeon, Friday, 21 May 2010 15:09 (ten years ago) link

damn it I read this as Arab, Persian, Surf music and got really excited

puff puff post (uh oh I'm having a fantasy), Friday, 21 May 2010 15:46 (ten years ago) link

Omar Souleyman was amazing at ATP the other night.

Neil S, Friday, 21 May 2010 15:49 (ten years ago) link

Wish he would come to Washington DC

curmudgeon, Friday, 21 May 2010 16:33 (ten years ago) link

I recommend the compilation called 'Pomegranates.' Nice selection of Persian pop & psych from the '60s & '70s.

ImprovSpirit, Monday, 24 May 2010 01:52 (ten years ago) link

Update on Superstar Tour 2010- The tour has been postponed until further notice, This was a decision made on behalf of Aftab Media Group, Ghazal, Jonibek and Adeeb and Samim Juyan. We will update you with more information about the tour soon. Thank you to all the supporters who came out in VA and NY. From Facebook

curmudgeon, Tuesday, 25 May 2010 06:11 (ten years ago) link

Iranian protest music in various genres

curmudgeon, Sunday, 6 June 2010 14:12 (nine years ago) link

three months pass...

please identify this piece of persian pop (@ 1:40)

meisenfek, Sunday, 19 September 2010 23:28 (nine years ago) link

"some deliciously undulating background vocals bathed in reverb"

meisenfek, Sunday, 19 September 2010 23:29 (nine years ago) link

eleven months pass...

I've finally heard some classical Sufi music from Kashmir, and as I noticed before, just from brief clips, it's a curious mix of Indian classical instrumentation and vocals that seem to me to be closest to Andalusian classical (maybe even specifically the Algerian variety, though I know that sounds a bit odd). I'm not sure I particularly like it, but it's a curious hybrid, for sure.

_Rudipherous_, Saturday, 10 September 2011 05:30 (eight years ago) link

(I mean Arab-Andalusian classical obviously, not like flamenco or something.)

_Rudipherous_, Saturday, 10 September 2011 05:32 (eight years ago) link

five months pass...

Iranian Music (All Kinds)

Persian singer Homayoun Shajarian is going to be in Washington DC at Lisner February 19 and probably doing other US dates

curmudgeon, Friday, 10 February 2012 16:29 (eight years ago) link

US tour includes NY, Chuicago, LA, Berkeley and Houston

I like his voice from what I have heard on youtube. Quite a range

curmudgeon, Saturday, 11 February 2012 01:31 (eight years ago) link

It really is quite impressive

curmudgeon, Saturday, 11 February 2012 14:10 (eight years ago) link

Shhhh, don't tell the Israelis or the Iranians but Homayoun Shajarian's vocals kind of remind me of some Jewish cantors I have heard (and vice versa)

curmudgeon, Tuesday, 14 February 2012 19:41 (eight years ago) link

Have you ever checked out Ayelet Rose Gottlieb's Mayim Rabim? Yes, it's got a modern chamber music/avantjazz thing going, but I still think you'd like it. It's pretty accessible. It doesn't get into the extreme reaches of those genres. It includes some vocals coming from Persian Jewish vocal traditions.

_Rudipherous_, Tuesday, 14 February 2012 20:02 (eight years ago) link

I have not. Thanks, will check her out.

curmudgeon, Tuesday, 14 February 2012 21:38 (eight years ago) link

Mordy and I are her main, possibly only, boosters on ILM.

_Rudipherous_, Tuesday, 14 February 2012 22:04 (eight years ago) link


I see that Shajarian whom I wrote about above once had a show cancelled in Iran because he has 2 women in his band.

curmudgeon, Thursday, 16 February 2012 20:06 (eight years ago) link

Still need to listen to Gottlieb.

I haven't checked tumblr or twitter but it looks like my little Washington City Paper preview of Shajarian is his only non-Farsi press so far for this US tour.

curmudgeon, Friday, 24 February 2012 14:52 (eight years ago) link

eight months pass...

Persian/Iranian music coming to W. DC

Mon. Nov. 12th

Mighty Sam McLain (soul) with Mahsa Vahdat (Iranian/Persian) doing unique, powerful duets melding the two genres at the Atlas Theatre 1333 H St NE, Washington, DC

Tues. Nov. 13

Rita (Israeli singer born in Iran who sings pop-traditional Persian songs in Farsi on her latest album) at Strathmore

Thurs. Nov. 15

Mitra Sumatra (pre-revolutionary Iranian pop and funk) for free from 6 to 7 (and webcast) at the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage and at 10 at Tropicalia nightclub also for free

curmudgeon, Tuesday, 30 October 2012 17:37 (seven years ago) link

Need to post some Youtubes for Rudiph to weigh in. Mitra Sumatra feature a half-Iranian singer who used to be in avant-jazz and rock bands. her vocals are a little rougher than the others

curmudgeon, Wednesday, 31 October 2012 14:07 (seven years ago) link

You've gott an extra t in her name, but this is okay (sorry, not very weighty in my weighing in):

_Rudipherous_, Wednesday, 31 October 2012 15:55 (seven years ago) link


curmudgeon, Wednesday, 31 October 2012 16:29 (seven years ago) link

Iranian singer Mahsa Vahdat was great last night on the Washington DC leg of her 4 city US tour with soul singer Mighty Sam McClain. She still lives in Tehran although she is barred from singing in public there. She teaches and does private shows. She's got a powerful voice and can sing classical Persian music with emphasis, hit high notes, and also softly sing Persian folk music. She plays several instruments but only sang last night. She has also sung with her sister. Various youtubes are available as well as some stuff on spotify.

curmudgeon, Tuesday, 13 November 2012 15:03 (seven years ago) link

Iranian-born singer Rita who moved to Israel at age 8 is getting lots of NPR coverage both online and on the radio for her current all Persian project. She's in Maryland near DC tonight.

I kinda like her current release although she's a bit too overdramatic at times and a bit too slick; but much of it sounds good.

curmudgeon, Tuesday, 13 November 2012 15:06 (seven years ago) link

four years pass...

Longtime Afghan singer Ustad Farida Mahwash, the first female singer there to get the title "Ustad", has been living in California since the 90s after getting asylum after she was threatened with assassination. She is going to be in DC Friday through Sunday doing a bunch of free duet gigs with Khalil Ragheb on vocals and harmonium.

curmudgeon, Friday, 13 January 2017 16:15 (three years ago) link

six months pass...
two years pass...

Dropping this here partly so the link is saved. It's really wonderful. I first came across a version of the main song 'Dam Ishq Fareedi Bharia' on a Badar Miandad CD and then found this on YouTube.

What can you tell me about the scene? It's cool to watch, really goes off by the end (and the final melody kind of reminds me of 'On A Ragga Tip').

Thank You (Fattekin Mice Elf Control Again) (Noel Emits), Wednesday, 9 October 2019 10:37 (seven months ago) link

thanks for sharing...that was great. what exactly is doing on with those dudes making it rain on the band though?

I have no clue about this scene but there are some real fun videos on YouTube if you poke around. I've probably watched this a dozen times

frogbs, Wednesday, 9 October 2019 11:49 (seven months ago) link

I think they are throwing 'money' to show appreciation for the band being on point. In a probably heinous act of cultural appropriation I have GIFd a bit of that for future application.

Thank You (Fattekin Mice Elf Control Again) (Noel Emits), Wednesday, 9 October 2019 12:33 (seven months ago) link

that Nazir Ijaz clip is great. going to disappear into a Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan hole for a few days.

blue light or electric light (the table is the table), Wednesday, 9 October 2019 21:45 (seven months ago) link

I have seen Nigerians shower King Sunny Ade with money that way too

curmudgeon, Thursday, 10 October 2019 03:50 (seven months ago) link

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