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I'm surprised this hasn't happened yet, so I'll make it happen. The Wrens Thread.

The Meadowlands is just sad and brilliant, a detail rich comforting shove of a pop record. Songs like "Per Second Second" and "Happy" seem to leave little impression, then wedge their way in and get stuck, for keeps.

scott m (mcd), Wednesday, 5 November 2003 17:12 (eighteen years ago) link

Along with Neutral Milk Hotel, The Wrens are among the worst bands I've seen put forth as deserving (both here and by Pitchfork).

Chris Ott (Chris Ott), Wednesday, 5 November 2003 17:25 (eighteen years ago) link

deserving what?

Al (sitcom), Wednesday, 5 November 2003 17:36 (eighteen years ago) link

Of attention.

Chris Ott (Chris Ott), Wednesday, 5 November 2003 17:46 (eighteen years ago) link

Along with Neutral Milk Hotel, The Wrens are among the worst bands I've seen put forth as deserving (both here

Where on ilm?

and by Pitchfork).

Do we really have to bring this up?

scott m (mcd), Wednesday, 5 November 2003 18:17 (eighteen years ago) link

I sense great things for this thread.

Nick Mirov (nick), Wednesday, 5 November 2003 18:38 (eighteen years ago) link

But then again Nick sensed great things for the Yugo.

J0hn Darn1elle (J0hn Darn1elle), Wednesday, 5 November 2003 19:14 (eighteen years ago) link

i don't really "get" the wrens either. i guess they're OK and all that for an indie pop band -- but the accolades one reads about them are mind boggling -- you'd think in some circles Jesus had risen again. what is supposed to make them so "fantabulous"?

jack cole (jackcole), Wednesday, 5 November 2003 19:18 (eighteen years ago) link

I wouldn't call them Jesus, I merely like the record a lot; I didn't intend to add gas to the hype machine.

They do appear to be just another indie pop band at first. It took awhile to sink in. What generally sets them apart: the Wrens are harder working, the lyrics are better, the songs assembled and arranged carefully/thoughtfully, the eighties bent in production and songwriting, the willful rejection of any trends whatsoever, and finally, the hooks that don't immediately come across as hooks. You'll be humming them for days.

scott m (mcd), Wednesday, 5 November 2003 19:32 (eighteen years ago) link

oh boy willful rejection of trends!

mitch lastnamewithheld (mitchlnw), Wednesday, 5 November 2003 19:38 (eighteen years ago) link

Come on, John! A car that costs— and runs onAND IS MADE OF— pocket change? Don't tell me that wasn't a stroke of genius.

Nick Mirov (nick), Wednesday, 5 November 2003 19:43 (eighteen years ago) link

oh boy willful rejection of trends!

Ah! but this is something!

scott m (mcd), Wednesday, 5 November 2003 20:05 (eighteen years ago) link

something that isn't (necessarily) good.

mitch lastnamewithheld (mitchlnw), Wednesday, 5 November 2003 20:10 (eighteen years ago) link

Yeah, it's much better to follow trends.

But seriously, are you saying the record sounds dated because it ain't got disco hi-hat beats or something?

scott m (mcd), Wednesday, 5 November 2003 20:23 (eighteen years ago) link

The Wrens are a Grass Records band.

Chris Ott (Chris Ott), Wednesday, 5 November 2003 20:26 (eighteen years ago) link

I'm not sure what you're getting at?

scott m (mcd), Wednesday, 5 November 2003 20:37 (eighteen years ago) link

Ott means that the Wrens suck because they were on Grass. Y'know, just like Brainiac.

Nick Mirov (nick), Wednesday, 5 November 2003 20:44 (eighteen years ago) link

Yeah, that's what I guessed. That's kind of like saying "Chris Ott is a Pitchfork writer."

scott m (mcd), Wednesday, 5 November 2003 20:47 (eighteen years ago) link

Of the songs I've heard "Miss Me" (i think that's what it's called) is really great, and none of the others have any personality (that I can discern)

Sonny A. (Keiko), Wednesday, 5 November 2003 21:00 (eighteen years ago) link

i didn't say anything about the record scott! 'what i'm saying' is that trend-rejection isn't a virtue in itself. i like 'room on fire', but not because it doesn't have a uk garage influence

for the record, i've heard a few songs by the wrens (you know, i still have a kinda sucky but oddly comforting release of theirs called 'silver' that i bought used for dirt cheap and haven't listened to in a long time!), i was listening to different records then, but i thought they had a few nice, if relatively unremarkable, indie rock songs. i actually downloaded something from this new cd and found it lousy, maybe i've just gotten too lazy a listener to dig for hooks. and disco hi-hats couldn't hurt.

mitch lastnamewithheld (mitchlnw), Wednesday, 5 November 2003 21:03 (eighteen years ago) link

trend-rejection isn't a virtue in itself

I hear ya, I know what you mean. This is very true.

I think in this case it is a virtue because the sound, method, whatever, suits the band even if the record does sound dated. They haven't changed too much with the times, but I think it works, and their stubbornness (as I imagine it) is a plus. It has a lot of personality.

scott m (mcd), Wednesday, 5 November 2003 21:14 (eighteen years ago) link

Grass was a pretty awful label, for sure, but mostly for their tightwad label boss' practices. Fun fact: A Ten O'Clock scholar, Grass' last release (well, before becoming the label of Creed and Evanescense), according to soundscan, sold, literally, about 4 copies. But anyway, back to the Wrens. If one had seen them live and still decided that they "suck", one cares little about passionate rock music. Charles is simply one of the most entertaining guitarist I've ever seen, windmilling his forearm violently (to the point of spraying blood against his Telecaster) while wearing cheap baby blue tuxes. I love lefty bassists who can't afford a lefty bass, and just learn to play upside down.

Though it should technically matter little, the Wrens are possibly the nicest group of people you'll ever met.

But, yeah, Grass. When booking a Wrens show back in 96, that Fuckwad Boss, forced the addition of Commander Venus (his newest signing) to the bill. The little band of 14-15 year olds was fronted by a pathetic, pubescent Bright Eyes. Now THEY were terrible.

brent_D, Wednesday, 5 November 2003 22:18 (eighteen years ago) link

yeah, overall grass was a pretty terrible label (with a few exceptions, the wrens not being one of them (but pretty good for a Grass band) but there usually are always a few).

i guess i don't care about "passionate rock music." ha ha ha, etc.

jack cole (jackcole), Wednesday, 5 November 2003 22:28 (eighteen years ago) link

i don't really "get" the wrens either. i guess they're OK and all that for an indie pop band -- but the accolades one reads about them are mind boggling -- you'd think in some circles Jesus had risen again. what is supposed to make them so "fantabulous"?

That's how I feel about the Shins. But I love the Wrens' record. And I can't explain why...

peanut (peanut), Wednesday, 5 November 2003 23:36 (eighteen years ago) link

two months pass...
I like "The Meadowlands" album, but have a much greater appreciation for the band after seeing them in person last night. I don't recall seeing a band that features such diverse sonic personalities, all doing their own little things in pursuit of 'the whole', as those guys. A really great live band who has 'converted' me.

Baked Bean Teeth (Baked Bean Teeth), Monday, 19 January 2004 05:36 (seventeen years ago) link

It took awhile to sink in.

Yeah, me too and I didn't want to like them because pitchfork was all up on them, but after further listenings I came to love Meadowlands. Secaucus doesn't do much for me though.

By the way, as long as this is The Wrens thread, has anyone else read Meadowlands reviews with the words 'emo' included? I thought this was a little ridiculous. I mean then what isn't emo?

Also I have little knowledge of Grass as a mid 90s label, but I would think It'd be much easier to rip them for being on Drive-Thru for a minute.

christhamrin (christhamrin), Monday, 19 January 2004 08:08 (seventeen years ago) link

When I put them on a big playlist and was reading, the song from Meadowlands stuck out enough for me to actively find out what I was listening to. So the Wrens passed my test.

David Allen (David Allen), Monday, 19 January 2004 20:39 (seventeen years ago) link

i love the meadowlands. they played two shows in chicago on friday night; the first one at least was a little rushed because their van's alternator blew on the way in & start got pushed back like 30 mins? in any case they seemed very excited to be in chicago and playing to a capacity crowd. the stuff they played off the new record sounded great & got people excited, but they got all that out of the way early, which didn't seem like a great move to me. fairly short set.

andrew s, Monday, 19 January 2004 21:18 (seventeen years ago) link

has anyone else read Meadowlands reviews with the words 'emo' included? I thought this was a little ridiculous. I mean then what isn't emo?

ha ha. this was exactly my thought when I listened to the record. It's pretty good - and it's also definitely emo. Nothing wrong with that per se, but I was extremely perplexed that I hadn't seen any review refer to it as such - like you say. i guess most of the indie review places have worked so hard at slagging and distancing themselves from emo (trashing bands solely on the basis of their genre), that they can't conceive of an emo record that they like. what a sad place to be.

Sean M (Sean M), Monday, 19 January 2004 21:35 (seventeen years ago) link

Doesn't emo sound like fugazi? I mean there's not even any screaming.

Maybe I'm one of the billion trillion people who aren't quite sure on what emo is.

David Allen (David Allen), Monday, 19 January 2004 22:05 (seventeen years ago) link

Uh I didn't intend to get into yet another emo thing. But maybe I wasn't clear...I meant to say I didn't think it was emo (and I did read reviews calling it emo). You could say it had its Jimmy Eat World-ish moments (weird new-wave-y moments and other things, thankfully no goofy eletronic parts), but no, I am voting for not emo. Yes they do display emotion, but ahh fuck it...FUCKING EMO, WHY CAN"T WE JUST PRETEND IT DOESN"T EXIST?

Seriously. When is everyone going to start using the term 'post-emo' - its about time. Certainly theres a lot of stuff that has been influenced by it, but it just doesn't fit to really call anything emo anymore unless it is used as an insult.

Power pop I say. Sounds like indie rock update on Big Star/Flamin' Groovies.

And if it didn't have the 6 minute long turd that seems like it lasts 13 months it'd be near-perfect.

christhamrin (christhamrin), Tuesday, 20 January 2004 13:15 (seventeen years ago) link

I'm glad to see the Wrens getting some ilm love. I understand why people don't like it. It's a throwback to the early-mid-nineties (before Jimmy Eat World was emo, ahhh ferget it). I like the fact that it sounds surgically composed from another time. I also think it sounds like a classic rock album recorded on pro tools in 2002.

scott m (mcd), Tuesday, 20 January 2004 15:31 (seventeen years ago) link

They've been around the block a bunch of times and are explicitly not burnouts who want a medal for it. That's rare enough.

Dock Miles (Dock Miles), Tuesday, 20 January 2004 16:09 (seventeen years ago) link

three weeks pass...
Well I have had The Meadowlands long enough to say that it definitely turned out to be a grower for me. Secacus was an immediate hit with me but I have to admit that I now think The Meadowlands is better.

Jim Reckling (Jim Reckling), Monday, 16 February 2004 04:41 (seventeen years ago) link

I was sort of bored with Meadowlands when I first heard it, but I kept listening and it just sort of clicked. Now I listen to it all the time. And it has a lyric I can't get out of my head: "Rural poor at 35 / I am the best 17-year-old ever." Story of my life.

I just wish I could find the old CDs.

subgenius (subgenius), Tuesday, 17 February 2004 06:15 (seventeen years ago) link

one year passes...
the meadowlands is about to be released in the uk by lomax records. what to expect? i just got it but haven't listened to it yet.

CharlieNo4 (Charlie), Sunday, 31 July 2005 16:15 (sixteen years ago) link

You're in for a treat, one of the best albums of the 2000s.

kornrulez6969 (TCBeing), Sunday, 31 July 2005 22:35 (sixteen years ago) link

three months pass...
remember when people used to pretend to like these wrens

arif mardin, Friday, 25 November 2005 22:33 (sixteen years ago) link

Meadowlands is one of my favorite records from the past few years, and they are definitely my favorite live band. They are also genuinely nice people. It's good to see them having some measure of success and appreciation after all they've been through.

subgenius (subgenius), Friday, 25 November 2005 22:39 (sixteen years ago) link

pretend nothing! I eagerly await their new album, it should hit in 2013.

erv (Abe Froman), Friday, 25 November 2005 22:59 (sixteen years ago) link

the only song that stuck with me from both Meadowlands and Secaucus is "I've made enough friends." fantastic track, the rest was blah to me...

Jimmy_tango, Friday, 25 November 2005 23:05 (sixteen years ago) link

i think the meadowlands holds up well, even if it may not have kept pace with the indie backlash

andrew s (andrew s), Saturday, 26 November 2005 01:26 (sixteen years ago) link

People who hate on the Wrens without qualifying it just come across as obnoxious to me.

Matt McEver (mattmc387), Saturday, 26 November 2005 02:08 (sixteen years ago) link

man, the Meadowlands was so overrated. Secaucus, on the other hand ...

lemin (lemin), Saturday, 26 November 2005 04:01 (sixteen years ago) link

that'll do

Matt McEver (mattmc387), Saturday, 26 November 2005 04:22 (sixteen years ago) link

Along with Neutral Milk Hotel, The Wrens are among the worst bands I've seen put forth as deserving (both here and by Pitchfork).

File under: Perfect Sound? Whatever.

nancyboy (nancyboy), Saturday, 26 November 2005 11:44 (sixteen years ago) link

I like The Meadowlands having listened to it on and off for about a year. Probably a dozen times in total. What this thread says to me is that this like will grow stronger if I persevere, so I will.

thousands of tiny luminous spheres (plebian), Saturday, 26 November 2005 23:58 (sixteen years ago) link

Though I started this thread, I have not listened to the Wrens since 2003.

mcd (mcd), Sunday, 27 November 2005 04:22 (sixteen years ago) link

two years pass...

Upon relistening, The Meadowlands really is a pretty devastating record. I'm really hoping these guys can keep it together long enough to make another record.

Simon H., Sunday, 27 July 2008 03:00 (thirteen years ago) link

How the fuck has this thread gone all this time with no mention of "Everyone Choose Sides"? Agreed that devastating is as good a word as any for this.

rogermexico., Sunday, 27 July 2008 05:21 (thirteen years ago) link

me my whole life

mellon collie and the infinite bradness (BradNelson), Thursday, 21 January 2021 22:19 (ten months ago) link

I forgot about "At Irish Exit" which I assume will also be on this and is great even in its current form

stylish but illegal (Simon H.), Friday, 22 January 2021 00:22 (ten months ago) link

There's also a few new-to-me songs on this '09 set

It's sad that there's so little good Wrens live footage, they seem to have actually been pretty great at the "being a band" thing, hope they get a chance to do it again

stylish but illegal (Simon H.), Friday, 22 January 2021 10:16 (ten months ago) link

Simon you weren't alone in not knowing those two longs new(er) songs. Had no idea! The first one especially is very good. Thanks for linking to the interview. I'm at the point where I'd probably forgive him for murder, my patience is being tested and it seems it's endless :)

A Scampo Darkly (Le Bateau Ivre), Friday, 22 January 2021 10:19 (ten months ago) link

yeah I'm glad I hadn't heard "reading ambiguity" in full until now because it has pretty much everything you'd want to hear out of a new wrens song (and will help tide me over until....if/when this album happens)

stylish but illegal (Simon H.), Friday, 22 January 2021 10:29 (ten months ago) link

ah sorry for the bad formatting i thought links didn't embed for some reason

ufo, Friday, 22 January 2021 11:01 (ten months ago) link

also everyone should hear their really great cover of R.E.M.'s "Nightswimming"

ufo, Friday, 22 January 2021 11:02 (ten months ago) link

ok let's try that again without embeds

apparently the versions of "Crescent" and "As I've Known" they released a decade ago were just demos, but they sound very good for demos.

years ago i compiled all the unreleased/unfinished material they've played live or released demos of that i could find, so here's everything that hasn't been mentioned yet. some of it is very rough sketches but other stuff is more fleshed out.

"Whammy Song" (transitions into "This Boy Is Exhausted" in this clip)
"Leaves Ground"/"Leaves"
Sleep" (a demo released on a compilation in 2008):
"Pulled Fences" (live-in-studio improvisation based on a demo titled "In Turkish Waters" that I can no longer track down at all)
"Marked Up"
"The Thousand Do's"
"Well It's Right Then It's Wrong" (a version of this in Simon's video, along with "You Won't Need Me Again" and "Get Out Of This Heartless Town", but this is a longer performance)
untitled songs: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 (two songs in this one), 6

there's a few more bits of songs on their soundcloud that Charles has posted over the years:

ufo, Friday, 22 January 2021 11:10 (ten months ago) link

sick roundup, I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves these scraps

stylish but illegal (Simon H.), Friday, 22 January 2021 15:31 (ten months ago) link

six months pass...

We have a dog, a fish, three children, four chickens and two gerbils that I say goodnight to.

— the wrens (@thewrens) July 26, 2021

don't get me wrong, they'll have written the most gut-wrenchingly self-aware song about "how they're aware they'd said the album was coming out at a timeframe but now that's not the case and you'll find out a teensy weensy bit more after i've fed my chickens update in 2021."

― Western® with Bacon Flavor, Thursday, January 30, 2020 2:00 AM (one year ago) bookmarkflaglink

Western® with Bacon Flavor, Monday, 26 July 2021 04:19 (four months ago) link

one month passes...

oh well!!

STOCK FIST-PUMPER BRAD (BradNelson), Monday, 20 September 2021 16:15 (two months ago) link

idk what this bump is about but i checked their twitter and charles is saying they're announcing new music this week? like i'll believe it when i hear it but...!

ufo, Monday, 20 September 2021 16:20 (two months ago) link

kevin is putting out his wrens songs without charles

STOCK FIST-PUMPER BRAD (BradNelson), Monday, 20 September 2021 16:21 (two months ago) link

oh damn

at this point i'm just happy that something's on the way but it's a real shame it's come to this

lol that they really did have the album done back in 2013

ufo, Monday, 20 September 2021 16:25 (two months ago) link

i just hope the charles solo album is actually coming out too and he's not going to lose faith in it suddenly and spend another decade tinkering with it lol

ufo, Monday, 20 September 2021 16:34 (two months ago) link

i like how the Whelan brothers work at competing pharmaceutical companies

Murgatroid, Monday, 20 September 2021 17:37 (two months ago) link

whelan should have done this 15 years ago

mookieproof, Monday, 20 September 2021 18:12 (two months ago) link

definite bummer but tbh whenever Charles was posting on the Wrens twitter and it had nothing to do with the next album it became frustrating. Which was pretty much all the time.

Western® with Bacon Flavor, Monday, 20 September 2021 18:38 (two months ago) link

Feel like with Charles there is this weird mix of complacency ("it's ok to not be done yet, I still have ideas, people are used to the delay") and madness. I mean you could do this with any collection of songs you want. Work on them to perfection, drive them into the ground and burn out, then change the way you play them to whatever degree necessary until they sound fresh again, repeat.

Evan, Monday, 20 September 2021 20:10 (two months ago) link

it sounds like more pressure from the label & the rest of the band might have really helped rather than just leaving charles to his own devices to go mad over it

ufo, Tuesday, 21 September 2021 01:01 (two months ago) link

no shade but if charles did in fact take the position that he should be compensated for being the public face of the wrens, while simultaneously keeping them in release limbo, that's really hard to defend

call all destroyer, Tuesday, 21 September 2021 01:07 (two months ago) link


mookieproof, Tuesday, 21 September 2021 01:44 (two months ago) link

xps lolling at the idea of a smalltime label like Absolutely Kosher exerting "pressure."

Ⓓⓡ. (Johnny Fever), Tuesday, 21 September 2021 02:19 (two months ago) link

they've been signed to sub pop since 2013! they announced they'd signed to a big indie then but it was never revealed who until now. someone from sub pop was even quoted in the article saying that maybe they should have put more pressure on them when charles backed out of releasing the album in 2013

from the article it sounded like he only wanted to renegotiate things after he was ready to release the album again in 2019, but those negotiations dragged out forever & delayed the album until kevin got sick of it & decided to put out his stuff on his own

ufo, Tuesday, 21 September 2021 02:22 (two months ago) link

haha serves me right for not even reading the article

Ⓓⓡ. (Johnny Fever), Tuesday, 21 September 2021 02:24 (two months ago) link

That article is kind of sad, but really the Wrens have been a hobby band for ages. They all have big jobs and enough family stuff to deal with that the best possible outcome (besides one more album) was probably going to be some thoughtful indie documentary about middle aged family men making a final run at it.

Josh in Chicago, Tuesday, 21 September 2021 03:07 (two months ago) link

well i personally could have gone for another tour because they were the real deal as a live band

call all destroyer, Tuesday, 21 September 2021 03:22 (two months ago) link

Pretty ok…pretty ok:

KPH, Tuesday, 21 September 2021 20:39 (two months ago) link

but then greg plugs in

mookieproof, Wednesday, 22 September 2021 00:36 (two months ago) link

this is alright but the mix is pretty bad. feels like the pieces of a very good wrens song is there but it hasn't quite come together

ufo, Wednesday, 22 September 2021 09:22 (two months ago) link

Perhaps if someone could just tinker with it a few more years maybe

Evan, Wednesday, 22 September 2021 11:10 (two months ago) link

two weeks pass...

bissell twitter thred

Believe it or not, I only just finally read the NYT piece yesterday, ditto listened to Kevin's single (which admittedly, I have heard 100's of times, & worked on, over the last 10 years), annnnnd...I guess there is a lot to say. Or not.

— the wrens (@thewrens) October 6, 2021

grove street (party) direction (voodoo chili), Wednesday, 6 October 2021 19:11 (one month ago) link

new song snippet from charles

ufo, Saturday, 16 October 2021 00:34 (one month ago) link

here's the studio "leaves" from kevin, it's good!

ufo, Tuesday, 19 October 2021 23:21 (one month ago) link

…but for the little it’s worth here too, Sub Pop never got an album handed in, not two years ago when it was done, let alone in 2013 or something (magically, before we’d even signed with them somehow - ha). But thanks, bmb!)

— the wrens (@thewrens) October 19, 2021

charles also claims there was never an album submitted to sub pop back in 2013

I’ve already been planning that when I announce my own, I’ll also put up the track listing for the now-deep-sixed wrens record and people could paste their own together.

— the wrens (@thewrens) October 19, 2021

& this will be nice to have

ufo, Wednesday, 20 October 2021 04:52 (one month ago) link

tbh the version of the meadowlands i listen to is pasted together too -- there was an initial mp3 version with a different tracklisting and different versions/titles for like half the songs iirc

mookieproof, Wednesday, 20 October 2021 05:00 (one month ago) link

that would be this, iirc it was an early unmastered version they'd sent out to critics & friends before tweaking it a little more for the actual release. the final tracklist is much better imo & the differences in mixes aren't enough for me to really care either way

ufo, Wednesday, 20 October 2021 05:49 (one month ago) link

like i might take the less blown-out early mixes of "per second second" and "everyone chooses sides" over the final versions but it's not a huge difference. iirc the only other difference is some minor things in "ex-girl collection"

i don't miss either of the cut tracks

ufo, Wednesday, 20 October 2021 05:55 (one month ago) link

ah, ty

mookieproof, Wednesday, 20 October 2021 05:57 (one month ago) link

three weeks pass...


ufo, Tuesday, 16 November 2021 21:04 (two weeks ago) link

I really like this one, and it reminds me in a weird way of Clint Conley's non-Mission of Burma band Consonant.

Ⓓⓡ. (Johnny Fever), Wednesday, 17 November 2021 04:28 (two weeks ago) link

Whelan showing some patient company exec vibes on something that I imagine would be driving him nuts were that band stuff taking place in his actual day job.

Western® with Bacon Flavor, Wednesday, 24 November 2021 16:29 (one week ago) link


blue6ave, Wednesday, 24 November 2021 22:21 (one week ago) link

this doesn't really explain the conflict any further, the previous piece said the big issue was the album had been pretty much done since 2019 but charles wanted to renegotiate contracts or something which dragged everything out and caused conflicts and was the last straw etc.

while this one just makes it seem like kevin was frustrated with charles for taking too long without getting into whatever the contracts dispute was actually about

ufo, Thursday, 25 November 2021 00:33 (one week ago) link

a bit more insightful

kevin gave charles an ultimatum (that he'd quit, but no mention of a solo album, piecing their stories together?) if the album wasn't ready for release by march & then followed through

charles says it was pretty much done by 2019 but then in preparing for release the band fell apart (due to his attempts to renegotiate contracts as mentioned elsewhere) & thus the album was still not ready to be released & now feels very betrayed that kevin recorded a solo album without telling him after quitting

but without the details of what the actual contractual shit that they fell out over it's hard to have much idea of who's in the right or anything

just a very depressing end, hope charles gets his act together & his album is out before long too (lol)

ufo, Monday, 29 November 2021 08:52 (three days ago) link

Charles seems quite clearly to be the problem, from the available info.

in twelve parts (lamonti), Tuesday, 30 November 2021 14:40 (two days ago) link

idk it's hard for me to take the side of a big pharma exec, a career of evil

adam, Tuesday, 30 November 2021 14:59 (two days ago) link

Ⓓⓡ. (Johnny Fever) at 10:28 16 Nov 21

I really like this one, and it reminds me in a weird way of Clint Conley's non-Mission of Burma band Consonant.

I love that band!

Blues Guitar Solo Heatmap (Free Download) (upper mississippi sh@kedown), Tuesday, 30 November 2021 15:01 (two days ago) link

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