recommend me some lost shoegaze classics

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are there any shoegaze albums worth listening to besides....

nowhere, smile
spooky, gala
sonny + sam
in ribbons

it seems that from most of what i've read, there's a huge quality gap between these generally acknowledged classics and the less known stuff. tell me what i've been missing out on.

Justin M (Justin M), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 06:46 (sixteen years ago) link

Medicine's 'Shot Forth Self Living'
Slowdive's 'Blue Day' comp. if you can find it

Baaderist (Fabfunk), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 06:50 (sixteen years ago) link

Some older Bailter Space albums have a shoegazer feel, e.g Thermos. The first two Catherine Wheel albums have their moments. Perhaps some Swervedriver?

Jeremy (Jeremy), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 07:02 (sixteen years ago) link

Depends what yer looking for. For the drifty swhirly Slowdivey sort of thing, try Bowery Electric's _Beat_. I also second the Medicine reccomendations.

Though I'm sure Ned will be here soon to "sort us out". ;-)

kate (kate), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 07:05 (sixteen years ago) link

Oh, and the Boo Radley's _Everything's Alright Forever_ is rather sadly missing from yer ShoeCanon list.

kate (kate), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 07:06 (sixteen years ago) link

From this side of the pond:

Drop Nineteens - Delaware
Lilys - In The Presence of Nothing
The first Henry's Dress album
For Against, perhaps?

Nick Mirov (nick), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 07:10 (sixteen years ago) link

As for shoegazer also-rans, let's see, there was Chapterhouse, Levitation, Revolver... erm... I'm sure there were more...

Nick Mirov (nick), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 07:17 (sixteen years ago) link

I like Split a helluva lot more than Spooky, which, um, kinda sucks. Granted my affinity for it could be mainly because of sentimental reasons.

oops (Oops), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 07:21 (sixteen years ago) link

There were a couple of songs by Chapterhouse I used to dig, but I misplaced the album about a decade ago. There was a year in my life (coincidentally, my first year of university) when I was buying anything with either a shoegaze or "madchester" tag — Charlatans UK and Inspiral Carpets come to mind. I was even spending my parents' hard-earned money on Northside, a truly crap band.

Bruce Urquhart (Bruce Urquhart), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 07:23 (sixteen years ago) link

I'd be tempted to work backwards from the 'gazer thing. Try AR Kane's 69 and the Lolita EP or the first House of Love album.

Other than that, go and get Piano Magic's 'Low Birth Weight'.

NickB (NickB), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 07:34 (sixteen years ago) link

Drop Nineteens!
I used to love that song, you know, pure noise all the way, until it drops in the middle and some girl says something ordinary as in the middle of a conversation, but her voice. Man, I used to be in love with her!


Maybe not 100% shoegaze, but close enough...
The Cranes

daarkbee, Wednesday, 8 October 2003 07:56 (sixteen years ago) link

if we can get our head out of the early 90s for a sec i recommend Inner Sleeve's "Looking Up" and anything on Clairecords, especially the Malory album.

the surface noise (electricsound), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 07:58 (sixteen years ago) link

Lilys, yes, though they went all 60s garage. Though wasn't there also a Shoegazer supergroups called the Lillies?

Bleah, feh. Ditto Catherine Wheel. Though Curve had their moments. Cranes were interesting, but not exactly Shoegazer.

Gah, there were a lot of dire Shoegazer bands, weren't there?

kate (kate), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 08:34 (sixteen years ago) link

Curve had great moments, but I'd def. not include them in this category. You can't really shoegaze with such a groove

Baaderist (Fabfunk), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 08:49 (sixteen years ago) link


gaz (gaz), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 09:43 (sixteen years ago) link

Of course, someone is supposed to point out about now that Isn't Anything is a good deal better than Loveless.

Anyone for early Moose or the Telescopes or even the Swirlies?

Nag! Nag! Nag! (Nag! Nag! Nag!), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 09:54 (sixteen years ago) link

drop nineteens - kick the tragedy, is the song you are thinking of

secret shine, smashing orange, medicine (and later on, alisons halo)

charltonlido (gareth), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 09:56 (sixteen years ago) link

Well... Curve. They went to Syndrome, ergo, they were Shoegazers. :-P

kate (kate), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 09:58 (sixteen years ago) link

Can't believe no one has mentioned Moose yet. Also there was a Sarah band called Eternal (featuring members of Slowdive) who released a 7 inch that encapsulated the genre in a mere three songs!

flowersdie (flowersdie), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 10:43 (sixteen years ago) link

And looking back someone did mention Moose anyway, doh! The worst shoegazing band evah were Feral. Truly dull.

flowersdie (flowersdie), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 10:46 (sixteen years ago) link

Glad to see everyone mentioning all the bands I love. I think the only one I've not seen mentioned so far is the Charlottes, whose last album "Things come apart" was at the rockier end of the shoegazing spectrum. Everything else I'll agree with - get some Medicine, the Telescopes' Creation EPs and LP... nice to see someone else mentioned Submarine before I did.

Rob M (Rob M), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 10:48 (sixteen years ago) link

Christ... I was going to add a note mentioning Eternal and Feral and I was beaten to the punch. Feral's one single was cool anyway, but not as good as Eternal's.

Rob M (Rob M), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 10:50 (sixteen years ago) link

Can't believe no one has mentioned Moose yet

Justin referred to them in his original message (Sonny + Sam)

Me, I can't believe that no-one has mentioned Kitchens of Distinction yet. No, scratch that, actually I can.

NickB (NickB), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 11:05 (sixteen years ago) link

Though wasn't there also a Shoegazer supergroups called the Lillies?

That's The Lollies, Kate - don't you remember anything? ;-)

Everyone's mentioned everything I remember from then, and some more, but this thread is most useful for my hopefully forthcoming shoegazeish night in Bethnal Green.

Ooh, what about Dr Phibes & The House Of Wax Equations? I'm sure I liked that album at one point. Anyone gonna burn me a copy of Gala then? Pretty please...

CharlieNo4 (Charlie), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 11:30 (sixteen years ago) link

We seem to have pretty much the same records held as shoegaze classics, so I'd add my other one: Ferment, the first LP by Catherine Wheel.

John 2, Wednesday, 8 October 2003 11:54 (sixteen years ago) link

Going Blank Again

Alex in NYC (vassifer), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 12:00 (sixteen years ago) link

Though I'm sure Ned will be here soon to "sort us out". ;-)

Dammit, you people have already covered things pretty well, what's left! Even Clairecords got a mention!

Though there's actually room to address some stuff that is gaze influenced that doesn't exactly follow the formula. Flowchart's Cumulus Mood Twang is one of the best things to follow in the wake of Loveless that captures, indeed, mood without simply trying to recreate. Meanwhile, the good Spencer Chow and Job de Wit pointed out to me a slew of recent techno efforts from Europe which also reflect that interest -- M83 was enjoyable enough, but I liked the Ulrich Strauss (I think that's his last name?) effort more. Good to see Rob mentioning the Charlottes -- when it comes to earlier bands, Closedown out here in California created a lovely album, Nearfield, that while very gaze/Cure influenced was remixed in studio to try and emphasize a more zoned out New Age approach at the behest of their label, Silent. So while flawed, it's still worth a listen.

Ned Raggett (Ned), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 12:10 (sixteen years ago) link

There were so a Lillies. (Not sure about the spelling.) Miki Berenyi was in them, as was - I think - someone from MBV? They did a football song, that's all I remember. Something about David Seaman?

Someone else has GOT to remember this.

kate (kate), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 12:13 (sixteen years ago) link

there's a nice single "phonefreak honey" by Sweet Jesus, I don't know anything about them but it's good shoegazey (lite) pop.

cuspidorian (cuspidorian), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 12:14 (sixteen years ago) link

The Ecstacy Of Saint Theresa - S/D

gygax! (gygax!), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 12:28 (sixteen years ago) link

Kate is - of course - correct.

I can't do links so...

Rob M (Rob M), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 12:54 (sixteen years ago) link

anything Swervedriver, check 'em out here:

David Gates of Delirium, Wednesday, 8 October 2003 12:54 (sixteen years ago) link

Does early Seefeel count? I really liked the Ulrich Schnauss record from earlier this year, "A Strangely Isolated Place".

d.w., Wednesday, 8 October 2003 13:11 (sixteen years ago) link

Ulrich Schnauss thirded, the above-mentioned album is quite lovely. And I've just remembered a funny little Japanese band called Sugar Plant who released a brilliant gazey album on, I think, World Domination Records a few years post-gaze apex but still...grand.

CharlieNo4 (Charlie), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 13:15 (sixteen years ago) link

Vindication! Yes!

(God, I am pathetic that I remember these sorts of things)

kate (kate), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 13:32 (sixteen years ago) link

That makes me as pathetic as you then Kate 'cos I remembered it, and I've yet to find a copy of the record either.

Rob M (Rob M), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 13:54 (sixteen years ago) link

I also remember a band called The Rosemarys who were kinda 90s-era shoegaze... Same goes for JPS Experience (a lot of the Flying Nun stuff would qualify). And my patriotic Canadian side is obliged to mention sianSPHERIC and southpacific...

Rob Bolton (Rob Bolton), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 13:54 (sixteen years ago) link

Were Smashing Orange shoegazers? I have their "The Glass Bead Game" which is ok. But, a long time ago I saw an auction on eBay for an earlier album of theirs (not listed on AMG) that went for pretty big bucks. It was advertised as a shoegazer classic. Can't remember it's name.

dlp9001, Wednesday, 8 October 2003 13:56 (sixteen years ago) link

Toulouse's The Way The City Stretches is a bona-fide classic, even if it missed the shoegaze movement by a good 5 years. "Know Better" is stunning and always gets included on my shoegaze comps.

Another great band often overlooked is Half-String from Arizona. They put out several discs on IPR. A Fascination With Heights is the strongest in my book, with "Momentum" being my favorite amongst a strong set of songs.

Boston act the Curtain Society were on Bedazzled, their second disc Life Is Long Still is a bargain bin staple and worth the small change for the opener "Mouthwithout" ... perhaps one of my favorite opening riffs of a shoegaze song ever.

Another not mentioned is Alison's Dress (their comp was on Burnt Toast, "Torn is my fave).

I have a shoegaze CD-R I made for myself, if anyone wants a copy just drop me a note. Contains all the above and Ropers, All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors, An April March, Revolver, Belltower and others mentioned above.

zaxxon25 (zaxxon25), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 14:40 (sixteen years ago) link

Medicine again, and yes, that "Phonefreak Honey" single is great.

How 'bout the first two Straitjacket Fits records, if we're looking to Flying Nun type stuff? The first one especially is great...

M Specktor (M Specktor), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 16:12 (sixteen years ago) link

Another not mentioned is Alison's Dress

You mean Alison's Halo. Since we're out here, Love Spirals Downwards' second album is a 'gazing classic in my book, it's called Ardor.

The Secret Shine compilation CD should be out soon, you won't go wrong with that.

Sugar Plant's most shoegazing album is probably Trance/Mellow, somewhere close to Slowdive's Souvlaki. Their first two albums are more in the Galaxie 500 vein... After After Hours is classic.

fortunate hazel (f. hazel), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 16:40 (sixteen years ago) link

rosemarys! the first album is great. the second album is okay. the lyrics are dire. This was probably the case with most shoegaze bands though most of them had the presence of mind not to print the lyrics in the booklet. the keyboardist, matt, is in Charles Atlas with a member of piano magic.

double recommendation for Swervedriver's first album.

anthony kyle monday (akmonday), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 16:45 (sixteen years ago) link

The Drop Nineteens! Just for "Winona".

adaml (adaml), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 16:47 (sixteen years ago) link

I would like to big up Levitation some more if that's alright. Even When Your Eyes Are Open is just amazing.

I would also put in a small shout for Verve's early singles, Gravity Grave, She's a Superstar and All In the Mind. In fact, the whole of the Storm in Heaven album was the tail end of shoegazing-type music for me, and reminds me what a beautiful band they were before they went shit. Although they weren't really shoegazers per se, it fitted in with what I was listening to at the time.

ailsa (ailsa), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 16:51 (sixteen years ago) link

I don't think I'd call Levitation shoegazers.

Alex in NYC (vassifer), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 16:55 (sixteen years ago) link

Codeine's "Barely Real" is king of shoegazery, and pretty good. Or is it slowcore? Or sadcore? Or spacerock? Oh, whatever....

adaml (adaml), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 16:56 (sixteen years ago) link

"king of shoegazery"=kind of shoegazery

adaml (adaml), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 16:57 (sixteen years ago) link

I gotta represent SouthEastern Michigan here - there was somewhat of a shoegazer revival/resurgence here in the late 90's - it has died down for the most part but definitely had its moments.

Two of the bigger local labels were Mind Expansion Records & Burnt Hair Records- some of the local acts included Fuxa, Windy & Carl (who run a nice indie record shop in Dearborn - Stormy Records), Miss Bliss, Tomorrowland (more ambient/idm, but in the same local scene), His Name is Alive, Auburn Lull, & Transient Waves (outta Philly but w/ ties to the Michigan scene).

Other related stuff was coming out around the US as well from the likes of Darla Records & Kranky Records, and groups like Hopewell (members of Mercury Rev), Jessamine, Bowery Electric, etc, etc..

pete from the street, Wednesday, 8 October 2003 17:26 (sixteen years ago) link

>Toulouse's The Way The City Stretches is a bona-fide classic, even if >it missed the shoegaze movement by a good 5 years. "Know Better" is >stunning and always gets included on my shoegaze comps.

bona-fide classic, absolutely! i never tire of this wonderful record, which recreates dreamlike strolls in rainy cities like few others have done. their later garage-mod output is...interesting, but i never listen to it much. are half-string or curtain society anything like toulouse?

chomicat, Wednesday, 8 October 2003 17:55 (sixteen years ago) link

I don't think I'd call Levitation shoegazers.

I wouldn't have automatically thought of Levitation as shoegazers either, but someone else did upthread (I wouldn't describe them as also-rans either).

ailsa (ailsa), Wednesday, 8 October 2003 17:59 (sixteen years ago) link

the best lost shoegaze band from detroit was Spectacle, their mini-cd 'developing in a world without sound' was sorta like a cross between slowdive and pale saints. then their manager took their name and moved to LA and made a terrible record, or something like that.

keith (keithmcl), Thursday, 9 October 2003 02:54 (sixteen years ago) link

Gaslight Radio! Man, I thought only Chris Barrus and I knew about them, at least on here.

Ned Raggett (Ned), Thursday, 9 October 2003 03:51 (sixteen years ago) link

i always felt they were horrifically overrated but i was pleasantly surprised when i heard their album

the surface noise (electricsound), Thursday, 9 October 2003 03:52 (sixteen years ago) link

These bands always struck me as "post-shoegaze" or dream pop:

(some) Mercury Rev
Sigur Ros

turkey (turkey), Thursday, 9 October 2003 06:54 (sixteen years ago) link

And STILL nobody has mentioned Whipping Boy, who made two early shoegazing classic EPs - because shoegazing was an EP kind of genre - and a ropey LP and then disappeared for a few years to come back even better but not shoegazey. So, search out the two EPs on Cheree which are great stuff.

Do Lorelei count too? Their early singles were pretty shoegazey. And the Moon Seven Times?

Rob M (Rob M), Thursday, 9 October 2003 07:06 (sixteen years ago) link

are half-string or curtain society anything like toulouse?

Half-String have the right tone but not as many hooks and the singer is slightly more mopey. Curtain Society have the hooks but are more crisp than Toulouse. I definitely recommend Half-String's A Fascination With Heights.

And everyone who praised the Ropers as one of the best groups of all time is unequivocably correct. Don't forget the early singles, handily compiled on the s/t ep. Does anyone here have the Boyracer/Ropers tour split 7" ... I've been dying to hear that song for years.

zaxxon25 (zaxxon25), Thursday, 9 October 2003 20:49 (sixteen years ago) link

And STILL nobody has mentioned Whipping Boy

I have the Whipping Boy album (Heartworm) and consider When We Were Young as one of the great lost singles of all time, but in no way on this earth would I ever have thought of them as shoegazers.

ailsa (ailsa), Thursday, 9 October 2003 21:26 (sixteen years ago) link

Does anyone here have the Boyracer/Ropers tour split 7" ... I've been dying to hear that song for years.

i have that, somewhere in the deep recesses of my vinyl stacks. i'll have a look for it. it's a nice track..

the surface noise (electricsound), Thursday, 9 October 2003 22:59 (sixteen years ago) link

Always thought Whipping Boy were more aligned to the Catherine Wheel/Puressence 'we're secretly influenced by the Chameleons and the Sound and all that but I suppose we should have snorted more cocaine like Interpol and then we'd be famous or something' school.

Ned Raggett (Ned), Thursday, 9 October 2003 23:37 (sixteen years ago) link

they did get that way with the second album, yes

the surface noise (electricsound), Thursday, 9 October 2003 23:55 (sixteen years ago) link

first puressence album > second whipping boy album > second puressence album > first whipping boy album >>>>>>> catherine wheel

the surface noise (electricsound), Thursday, 9 October 2003 23:55 (sixteen years ago) link

the nightblooms

bob snoom, Thursday, 16 October 2003 11:22 (sixteen years ago) link

aurevoir borealis is a beautiful newish, shoegazer-y band from detroit who released a lovely six song ep on windy and carl's label, friends of the czars even. of course the czars aren't shoegazers so nevermind that.

keith (keithmcl), Thursday, 16 October 2003 23:27 (sixteen years ago) link

some great stuff above. seems like there's some stuff here and there that's not so shoegazerish... or at least it's not what shoegazer meant 10 years ago.

reminds me... guitar "sunkissed" by morr... what if the sneaker pimps did a shoegaze record?

msp, Friday, 17 October 2003 02:05 (sixteen years ago) link

Shoegazer fans may like the, er, "mix-cd" from the Martini Bros (billed as "DJ Cle & Mike Vamp") called Cruising - large amounts of it mine a sort of shoegazer/krautrock/electro intersection, with their own track "Happiness" sounding like one of the longer tracks from Kitchens of Distinction's "Death Of Cool".

Tim Finney (Tim Finney), Friday, 17 October 2003 12:46 (sixteen years ago) link

Some guy in the local alterna-weekly called Low shoegazer recently. That might be a good description, but they don't really fall under that genre's guidelines.

boldbury, Friday, 17 October 2003 14:32 (sixteen years ago) link

And while, Bedhead isn't really labeled as 'shoegazer', I think there is definitely some shoegazer-type stuff on their WhatFunLifeWas, like "Haywire" and "Living Well", in particular.

boldbury, Friday, 17 October 2003 14:38 (sixteen years ago) link

the marine time keepers are another amazing slowdive ripoff band, they probably rank with malory as the two best at copping that sound.

keith (keithmcl), Friday, 17 October 2003 23:32 (sixteen years ago) link

Monaural's Rhodes 12" was far and away the best of the SE Michigan shoe/space continuum for me.

Andy K (Andy K), Friday, 17 October 2003 23:45 (sixteen years ago) link

What about Swervedriver - Raise? its not a "lost" classic, but it is a classic.

Johnny Badlees (crispssssss), Saturday, 18 October 2003 00:39 (sixteen years ago) link

Did somebody mention fuexa?

CharlieNo4 (Charlie), Sunday, 19 October 2003 23:07 (sixteen years ago) link

two weeks pass...
I can't believe everyone has left out the rest of the Pale Saints' album. Much of their work was as 'gazey as 'In Ribbons', if not moreso. Azailia Snail, while lo-fi, has a definite shoegaze lean. Also, Lorenzo's Tractor often heads off into shoegaze/dreampop territory. Somebody once called them a shoegothjamband or something like that.

Finelrond Brightblade, Saturday, 8 November 2003 22:40 (sixteen years ago) link

but the pale saints weren't lost and also the pale saints are hurt by the last ian-less album which almost made me cry as it was so awful. strangely, though, meriel barham is pretty good on her own as kuchen.

keith (keithmcl), Sunday, 9 November 2003 03:18 (sixteen years ago) link

I've never heard of Whipping Boy but I'm going through their stuff now. Apparently all these songs are posted with the band's blessing. Enjoy:

MB, Sunday, 9 November 2003 10:22 (sixteen years ago) link

That's FANTASTIC! I've been looking for their other stuf beyond Heartburn for forever and a day now. Much appreciated.

Ned Raggett (Ned), Sunday, 9 November 2003 15:29 (sixteen years ago) link

i quite like all the ones already listed here: mbv, lush, swirlies, slowdive, ride, swervedriver, the 1st 2 catherine wheel cds, drop 19s, 16 deluxe are good (at times).
i had never heard of whipping boy, so thanks for the link above. sofar i like what i am hearing of them.
has anyone considered duster on this list? kinda slowtempo shoegazey stuff.

brooke, Saturday, 22 November 2003 02:37 (sixteen years ago) link

Unknown to me -- tell me more.

Ned Raggett (Ned), Saturday, 22 November 2003 03:02 (sixteen years ago) link

northern state

Chris B. Sure (Chris V), Saturday, 22 November 2003 03:07 (sixteen years ago) link

Duster's records are good. they are the WORST LIVE BAND I've EVER seen, bar none.

anthony kyle monday (akmonday), Saturday, 22 November 2003 03:28 (sixteen years ago) link

they are the WORST LIVE BAND I've EVER seen, bar none.

Oh, there's far worse bands out there. I saw Duster and Hovercraft play an in-store in the mid 90s and they were pleasant enough.

Elvis Telecom (Chris Barrus), Saturday, 22 November 2003 09:56 (sixteen years ago) link

there's going to be a couple of rather shoegazesque tracks on the upcoming Tugboat album. phear my pedals.

the surface noise (electricsound), Saturday, 22 November 2003 10:00 (sixteen years ago) link

Smashing Orange and Whipping Boy...Yes. Drop nineteens YES!

How 'bout Creation era Telescopes....amazing.

cs appleby (cs appleby), Sunday, 23 November 2003 10:08 (sixteen years ago) link

Can we add Coldplay. The top 40st of head drop style.?? Yellow..please.

cs appleby (cs appleby), Sunday, 23 November 2003 22:54 (sixteen years ago) link

Thanks to whomever for finding the Whipping Boy site. I think I miss You was vinyl I missed very much. THANKS.

cs appleby (cs appleby), Sunday, 23 November 2003 22:57 (sixteen years ago) link

six years pass...

Is there a decent book or article out there that gets into how shoegaze came about, where it came from, etc.? Or do I just have to prepare a list of questions for Ned to answer?

scott pgwp (pgwp), Thursday, 14 October 2010 04:30 (nine years ago) link


Ned Raggett, Thursday, 14 October 2010 04:37 (nine years ago) link

Something like Blissed Out gives a sense of some of the rhetorical claims at the time, but only from one person, after all. Even so, Simon Reynolds did help codify a lot of the language used to discuss it so you can't quite escape him on that front.

A larger perspective would have to go into a lot more -- that MBV in 1988 were synthesizing everything from Sonic Youth to Public Enemy to the Beach Boys to etc. etc. gives a sense of it, but at the same time it's not like they were the only band interested in those performers, and they certainly did not set out to go 'oh yeah let's create a genre called shoegaze,' any more than Bauhaus formed by thinking, "So, let's create goth." You'd have to also include other contemporary bands seen as allies or fellow travellers or what have you.

Ned Raggett, Thursday, 14 October 2010 04:42 (nine years ago) link

David Cavanagh's My Magpie Eyes Are Hungry for the Prize talks about Creation more than shoegaze-as-such but there's a huge overlap by default. Mike McGonigal's 33 1/3 entry on Loveless goes into MBV's history. Again, too limited by half in terms of a truly encompassing study but still...

Ned Raggett, Thursday, 14 October 2010 04:44 (nine years ago) link

I know you asked about books but I want to recommend a lost shoegaze classic:

doo doo frown :( (Stevie D), Thursday, 14 October 2010 04:50 (nine years ago) link

Ah, good starting points. Thanks Ned. I didn't know there was a Creation book.

scott pgwp (pgwp), Thursday, 14 October 2010 05:04 (nine years ago) link

Oh yeah, read that one immediately -- Alan McGee hated it, calling it the 'accountant's story' or something similar, but he is so ridiculously wrong (and also is completely trying to hide any take on his former label that can't be summed up as 'yeah I was this wild and crazy RAWK guy trashing the man every chance I get!' -- I mean god bless the guy for doing what he did at all, obv., but he's long been caught up in his own mythmaking).

Ned Raggett, Thursday, 14 October 2010 05:06 (nine years ago) link

I will!

The reason I'm even thinking about it is I started thinking about the aesthetic of obscured or effaced vocals. It didn't exactly start with shoegaze (and definitely didn't end with it) but that seems to be the genre that really embraced it. I've been going through my collection thinking about the antecedents to the style.

scott pgwp (pgwp), Thursday, 14 October 2010 05:11 (nine years ago) link

the aesthetic of obscured or effaced vocals

FYI this is a totally different subject than shoegaze!

Kinda like saying, "Is there an article about how shoegaze came about? I started thinking about the aesthetic of distorted, woozy guitar sounds..."

more than ever convinced ilxor is a sock (ilxor), Thursday, 14 October 2010 05:35 (nine years ago) link

Which would be another perfectly apropos line of inquiry. But pgwp's topic seems like the more interesting one.

Waldstein Sinatra (Paul in Santa Cruz), Thursday, 14 October 2010 05:43 (nine years ago) link

Yeah I recognize it's a bigger subject than shoegaze and thought I said as much. There are lots of avenues to go down and shoegaze is definitely one of them.

scott pgwp (pgwp), Thursday, 14 October 2010 05:54 (nine years ago) link

two years pass...

the just-reissued ashrae fax 'static crash' ep has some pretty special moments

electricsound, Monday, 1 July 2013 06:57 (seven years ago) link

three years pass...

AdamVania (Adam Bruneau), Friday, 23 June 2017 23:29 (three years ago) link

three years pass...

Really looking forward to this, as are the other 5 or 6 of you that bought the Still In A Dream box set!

henry s, Saturday, 12 September 2020 22:31 (two weeks ago) link

This looks really cool, thanks!

Maresn3st, Sunday, 13 September 2020 14:56 (two weeks ago) link

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