Can someone tell me why I like Jann Arden?

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Okay, so most people here know that I'm a huge reggae fan--dancehall in particular. I like all sorts of other music as well, and one artist I seem to have a bizarre love for is Jann Arden. Everything about her music should repulse me. I should refer to it as over produced adult contemporary garbage. I can't even think of anything really good to say about her music, but, for some strange reason, I have a great deal of her stuff downloaded and I secretly listen to it when I'm by myself (and I sing it too...). I'm not normally really worried about what people think about my music taste, but this is an odd case....please tell me...Why oh why do I like Jann Arden???

cybele (cybele), Sunday, 13 July 2003 20:09 (eighteen years ago) link

Because along with Celine Dion she's going to bring dancehall to the upper peninsula of Michigan. Give it time.

Ned Raggett (Ned), Sunday, 13 July 2003 20:13 (eighteen years ago) link

hahaha I'm never going to let you hear the end of this

s1utsky (slutsky), Sunday, 13 July 2003 20:14 (eighteen years ago) link

Damn. I always forget the lack of actual anonymity here...

Something else you might want to know--the Canada tourism commercial with Jann Arden's song "Waiting in Canada" used to make me cry...I once was watching television with some folks and had to leave the room lest I lose it...I'm a giant nerd. I know.

cybele (cybele), Sunday, 13 July 2003 20:18 (eighteen years ago) link

I guess I'll have to chalk it up to a weird tick.

cybele (cybele), Monday, 14 July 2003 20:29 (eighteen years ago) link

methinks you may need some serious therapy.

dyson (dyson), Monday, 14 July 2003 21:55 (eighteen years ago) link

i'm sorry if that last post was...
insensitive - ah ha haaaaa.
but really, i'm sorry.

dyson (dyson), Monday, 14 July 2003 22:00 (eighteen years ago) link

I once watched a high school Rememberance Day assembly play about a Dad who never had enough time for his little girl and then went away to the war and died. It was set to JA's "I Would Die For You" (?). It almost had me in tears too so she seems to be good at tearjerker background music. I really disliked "Insensitive" though. "Baby you might have some advice to give/On how to be insensitive" just wasn't a good chorus.

sundar subramanian (sundar), Tuesday, 15 July 2003 01:13 (eighteen years ago) link

Perhaps you're right...It's "Waiting in Canada" that really gets me...and for the same types of reasons. Same with "Good Mother." The line "I have a good father and his strength is what makes me cry," is, at the same time, the most cheesy and great thing ever. Especially considering all of the mommy lyrics that come before.

cybele (cybele), Tuesday, 15 July 2003 01:46 (eighteen years ago) link

Jann Arden's cover of 'To Sir With Love' came on the radio and my mom told me that they played it at her grade eight graduation, the original version. When we heard it together the next time, it was quite a while after, I said, They played this at your grade eight graduation. But I did it again and then I stopped because I didn't want it to be a jokey or something.

She's great on Vicki Gabereau's show. I want them to talk for the full hour, with no commercials. They're so funny and genuine and natural together.

I like 'Insensitive,' I think. The 'How do you' parts and all that. The rest seems okay. Like honest, authentic newer Amanda Marshall stuff or whatever Canadian radio women, the one who started Lilith Fair.

d k (d k), Tuesday, 15 July 2003 03:26 (eighteen years ago) link

sarah mclachlan

dyson (dyson), Tuesday, 15 July 2003 04:26 (eighteen years ago) link

I adore Jann Arden.

Bryan (Bryan), Tuesday, 15 July 2003 05:31 (eighteen years ago) link

seventeen years pass...

How do you cool your lips after a summer's kiss?
How do you rid the sweat after the body bliss?

not up to Aerosmith standards (Neanderthal), Tuesday, 13 July 2021 19:33 (three weeks ago) link

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