Richard Devine classic or dud

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Symptom of electronic music with no soul or manic manipulator of a 1001 samples? FIGHT

tom, Thursday, 2 August 2001 00:00 (seventeen years ago) Permalink

i have lipswitch and find it a bit one dimensional (not necessarily a bad thing but...). i was hoping it would be really dense and impenetrable and obtuse. and i guess it was. but i don't really like it that much. its alright, don't get me wrong, but theres plenty better.

as to whether his other releases area better than this, i have no idea

gareth, Thursday, 2 August 2001 00:00 (seventeen years ago) Permalink

i got lipswitch too and listened to it for about 30 secs. i thought it was pretty boring...maybe i should give it another go. dont know about 'music with no soul', seemed more like 'going through the motions'

ambrose, Thursday, 2 August 2001 00:00 (seventeen years ago) Permalink

Richard Devine is a bludgeon for rock people use to discredit electronic music as being valid and interesting music.

I dont care how much musical training he has or how big his studio is; he cannnot write a tune, and he is not the least bit funky. I saw him live in Detroit last year...yawn.

Michael Taylor, Thursday, 2 August 2001 00:00 (seventeen years ago) Permalink

one year passes...
I'd agree the album-length works are a bit drawn out, and easy targets, especially if you're pre-alienated by this kind of stuff. His best two works still astound me though, and they're both remixes: his remix for Phoenecia on the 'Odd Jobs' ep, and his remix of Aphex Twin on the Warp 10.3 compilation. Say whatever you like about the albums.

Jon Leidecker, Tuesday, 10 December 2002 19:29 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

I saw him in LA last year or so. He alone amongst all the laptoppers I have ever seen honestly knew how to work the crowd into a frenzy.

However, saying that he is the rockingest of the laptoppers does not necessarily make him a classic. But I can name hundreds of duds below him; so neither.

Tom Millar (Millar), Wednesday, 11 December 2002 04:26 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

I saw him at Pyramid in NY. one thing is certain: he knows how to work the body English while fiddling with his gear. we all thought, however, that the hip-checking and shoulder attitude were sort of a smokescreen because sometimes he'd make this really dramatic move with a fader or something but the song would sound exactly the same

Tracer Hand (tracerhand), Wednesday, 11 December 2002 05:54 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

"he cannnot write a tune, and he is not the least bit funky"

I don't disagree with this at all, but to me it seems that Devine is going for a different kind of aesthetic. He seems to be obsessive about the technical angle of his music and trying to push towards some type of sound that hasn't been heard before and unlike other artists making somewhat similar sounding music is is presented as being something abstract with little or no real world reference and with no humor at all.

I've only heard a bit of some of those hardcore dsp computer music peoples sounds and a bit more of the older analog electronic composers, but it seems to me that Devine is trying to create sounds much more in this vein. Devine also really likes Coil, which for some reason makes perfect sense to me, even though his music is much more geeked out tech wise.

Like Yngwie or perhaps Al DeMeiola is to some guitar geeks, Devine is to some dsp/granular synthesis/max people.

Is this kind of electronic music what free jazz was to bop?

What do I think about Devine's music? I think some of it sounds pretty interesting and unique. Some bits would sound good in a horror movie, it sounds like it is from another realm and parts are very unsettling. It definitely isn't something I would seek out unless I am in the mood.

earlnash, Wednesday, 11 December 2002 06:08 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

hi wobbly! like yr album!

i'm such a whore

bob zemko (bob), Thursday, 12 December 2002 15:33 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

fifteen years pass...

new album is supposedly 'all live' recordings of specialised modular synthesizer systems. it sounds like Autechre, a little bit:

braunld (Lowell N. Behold'n), Wednesday, 5 December 2018 20:58 (five months ago) Permalink

Yowsa. I would say more than a little bit - not to its detriment, it's exploring similar ideas/sound spaces without being overly derivative. It's also more immediate, aside from the 12 minute opener.

Toss another shrimpl air on the bbqbbq (ledge), Friday, 7 December 2018 09:42 (five months ago) Permalink

He's always sounded like Autechre to a certain extent, just more digital and monotonous. Loved his early EPs back in the Schematic days, but since his debut LP onward I've been bored by him.

I will admit though, Sort\Lave is his best album yet, and has a really amazing tone and texture to it. The reintroduction of pads to his sound palette is very welcome, and the analog tone of the production (which makes sense given his move from digital to modular), is a huge improvement.

octobeard, Friday, 7 December 2018 20:33 (five months ago) Permalink

Autechre still manage to wring a lot more weird emotion and drama out of their algorithms.

However the podcast he did for RA recently was interesting, especially the parts about doing sound design for electric cars.

change display name (Jordan), Friday, 7 December 2018 20:40 (five months ago) Permalink


macropuente (map), Friday, 7 December 2018 20:41 (five months ago) Permalink

that was my initial reaction as well. the tracks sounded even more digital (than Ae) somehow, polished (like, airbrushed), but that's just the mix / mastering (or my perception of it), i guess. some of the more straightforward tracks have grown on me a bit. it's a bit cluttered, but much of the clutter is mixed towards the background. it still sounds like a weird, polished take on Ae music.. sounds are treated w/more bias, and everything is so even-tempered.

braunld (Lowell N. Behold'n), Friday, 7 December 2018 20:55 (five months ago) Permalink

tracks 3 through 11 are worth a gander

braunld (Lowell N. Behold'n), Friday, 7 December 2018 20:58 (five months ago) Permalink

Loved his early EPs back in the Schematic days, but since his debut LP onward I've been bored by him.


remember being totally stunned by the density of the beat programming when these came out (and this was in the heyday of drill n bass)

the late great, Friday, 7 December 2018 21:21 (five months ago) Permalink

the tracks sounded even more digital (than Ae) somehow

Definitely avoid all of his albums prior to this one then. Especially Lip Switch. One of the most trash debuts I've ever seen from an artist given the amazing work prior. He ended up doubling and tripling down on that style for a decade. On RISP he finally changed his sounds up but still largely sounds chaotic and uninteresting. This one he finally pulls back from constant, unrelenting ALL CAPS CHAOS to actually adding dynamics back into his beats and evolving more repetitive progressions again with a more diverse sonic palette. The results are closer to Autechre, but Ae do it way better. That said, I'm fairly enjoying this one, and hope he continues to exhibit restraint on his future releases.

octobeard, Friday, 7 December 2018 22:25 (five months ago) Permalink

does wobbly still post here?

the late great, Friday, 7 December 2018 22:38 (five months ago) Permalink

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