Gold Chains: Young Miss America

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Yes, I know that Mr. Lafata or Latafa or whatever has been discussed here om ILM before, but whaddaya think of the album that came out this Monday?

I really like it. Though some of his points are admittedly PC, his vocal delivery is very weird, and the whiteboy highbrow funk kicks ass!

Agree? No? What!???

Jay K (Jay K), Wednesday, 30 April 2003 09:31 (twenty years ago) link

Is it worth getting? I have heard "No. 1 Face In Hip Hop" and me like. Am considering going to see when he plays in Nottingham in a couple of weeks.

Nick H, Wednesday, 30 April 2003 09:39 (twenty years ago) link

It's rap, but it's not hip-hop, it's dance, but it's not house. I like its shifting sounds, pop appeal and associative lyrics celebrating sound-systems and girls. There's a manifesto somewhere that sounds really appealing. Not every track works, but it's a cool & fun record.

JoB (JoB), Wednesday, 30 April 2003 12:05 (twenty years ago) link

samples are up at the website. they fade in and out, going through different parts of the songs -- they kind of have to, the songs have so many different intricate little parts. production wise, toph and kit really knocked themselves out, sounds like...

almost too much. the original simple version of 'revolution' from live shows was powerful because it was monolithic... but perhaps this version is better suited to home listening

helpsuit, Wednesday, 30 April 2003 19:25 (twenty years ago) link

I like Gold Chains but can't you see when you call it "whiteboy highbrow funk" that is why people do not like it!

Adam A. (Keiko), Wednesday, 30 April 2003 19:33 (twenty years ago) link

Based on Gold Chains' show last year -- bleah.

Ned Raggett (Ned), Wednesday, 30 April 2003 19:37 (twenty years ago) link


Adam A. (Keiko), Wednesday, 30 April 2003 19:43 (twenty years ago) link

really, really garbage. anyone who has anything nice to say about gold chains is stupid. i mean that, too. (and whenever anyone says anything nice about him it always starts with that 'Though some of his points are admittedly PC. . .')

i've never heard kraftwerk but he sounds stupid and german. he just says stupid, stupid stuff over retarded sounds and sells it to stupid fucking people who wear stupid clothes and go to college. and they're all like 'Though some of his points are admittedly PC. . . it's like that coon music but better because it's intentionally stupid and sexist and we go to college and we know who Palais Schaumburg is.'

Q. 'Don't you think it's a bit stupid and nonsense and really rubbish and it's just making a really stupid thing for people who like indie rock to buy and they will feel superior about it and not volunteer to feed homeless people and stuff because they're listening to fake rap music?'

A. 'No, because this is real rap music. Gold Chains listens to Big L.'

Q. 'Don't you think we need to stop music like this from taking place?'

A. 'Have you ever heard Palais Schaumburg?'

it just makes me sick to my stomach. it gives me a headache and makes me feel sleepy and irritated. like i've had an argument late at night and then it's over and i need to go to sleep. but my going to sleep is interrupted by thinking about the argument and i just never sleep.

gold chains, if you're reading this, you are part of the problem. for real. i know i can't expect you to just abandon your whole thing but. there would just be a bunch of other people to replace you, i guess. which is too bad. i just don't understand what is happening now. maybe you can explain it to me. why do you have to do this? there are people starving-- i'll look up the statistics.

33.6 million people—including almost 13 million children—live in households that experience hunger or the risk of hunger. This represents approximately one in ten households in the United States (10.7 percent).

3.3 percent of U.S. households experience hunger. Some people in these households frequently skip meals or eat too little, sometimes going without food for a whole day. 9 million people, including 3 million children, live in these homes.

7.4 percent of U.S. households are at risk of hunger. Members of these households have lower quality diets or must resort to seeking emergency food because they cannot always afford the food they need. 24.6 million people, including 9.7 million children, live in these homes.

do you understand what that means, gold chains? i really hope you do. or you understand soon. when i said you were part of the problem that's what i meant. you're part of that. you're taking food out of the mouths of children. sorry. it's a fact.

if you want to talk to me just click my e-mail thing. i'll spell it all out for you, if you want.

d k (d k), Wednesday, 30 April 2003 20:27 (twenty years ago) link


Nick Mirov (nick), Wednesday, 30 April 2003 20:42 (twenty years ago) link

i like cex, though.

d k (d k), Wednesday, 30 April 2003 20:46 (twenty years ago) link

d k, where have you been?

Spencer Chow (spencermfi), Wednesday, 30 April 2003 21:13 (twenty years ago) link

I can never get a good line on this stuff, as everybody immediately starts either poking at or defending the "schtick," and it becomes impossible to get a sense of how effective the music is. I mean, as always, I'm making the assumption that people's calls on the schtick are directly correlated to their calls about the quality of the music -- that's almost always the case, at least with the people who have actually heard the records, as opposed to the ones who are really arguing more about whether it's worth bothering to hear them at all -- but still.

I've heard one Gold Chains track -- on the Tigerbeat comp -- and found it pretty much dead-center between interesting/amusing and just sort of a pointless joke. Quick, people who actually listen to these records: tell me honestly, are they any good? Not the thing, but the tracks themselves?

nabisco (nabisco), Wednesday, 30 April 2003 21:41 (twenty years ago) link

haha nitsuh the schtick IS the music

jess (dubplatestyle), Wednesday, 30 April 2003 22:28 (twenty years ago) link

That's not true. I don't give a fuck about the schtick but I love the music. I guess I see how the schtick could amuse me, but my irony-detectors are too sensitive to get off on just that. But honestly! He raps about drum machines and I believe that he truly loves rap and drum machines! Yes, he poses as a sex fiend, and no, we don't really believe that. But is that much different from say Miss Kittin or Peaches or any electro? I didn't realize until someone pointed it out to me that he aligns him self with the electroclash scene. It's some of the most genuinely eclectic music I've heard. Yes, it's electro, and he raps, but there are very convincing dancehall beats and even a hot guitar solo or two. I understand some can hear the sound of posing in his voice, and might be turned off by that, but the rhythms I think are irresistible. He's really got interesting flow, in a way. Yes, he hits the one pretty hard sometimes like a lotta white rappers, but he also does this amusing triplet thing that really gets me.

The beats are great, nabisco. Yes, I love them. I wouldn't say I love Gold Chains, but I feel the need to stand up for him. A lot of us listen to music that acts a little sexier than it really is, and lord knows music wouldn't be where it is now without certain artists "acting blacker" than they really are.

Adam A. (Keiko), Wednesday, 30 April 2003 23:13 (twenty years ago) link

Also: he covers Danzig and it's quite good.

Adam A. (Keiko), Wednesday, 30 April 2003 23:14 (twenty years ago) link

"it's like that coon music but better because it's intentionally stupid and sexist and we go to college and we know who Palais Schaumburg is."

Mike Taylor (mjt), Thursday, 1 May 2003 00:41 (twenty years ago) link

His track "Rock the Parti" from the first E.P. is absolutely incredible by any standards. It's definitely rap, and it's definitely unlike any rap song I've ever heard at the same time. It's built around a Stereolab sample but it's so much more than that.

Ben Boyer, Thursday, 1 May 2003 01:17 (twenty years ago) link

three weeks pass...
I'm listening to this album now... Is it just me, or is his voice exactly as one of DJ Pied Piper and the Masters of Ceremony?

Dom Passantino (Dom Passantino), Thursday, 22 May 2003 22:38 (twenty years ago) link

If it is, I must own. Which one would that be though? I like the one that goes "little bit of this, little bit of that". I enjoy inventive wordplay.

Nordicskillz (Nordicskillz), Thursday, 22 May 2003 22:43 (twenty years ago) link

what i think is interesting (as a gold chains fan) is how the referendum on his sex fiend pose turns into a referendum on negritude.

i spent all weekend listening to the second ep. i can only think of one overt reference to hip hop: "musique concrete / mcs at my feet / bodies all over the street". he's not a white hip-hop artist, he's a sex entertainer a la peaches or mike patton or prince or serge g. the shtick may be the music, but the shtick ain't fake rap, whatever it is.

vahid (vahid), Thursday, 22 May 2003 23:05 (twenty years ago) link

but he isnt sexy like prince, serge g or mike patton which makes the whole sex pose kind of repulsive.

chaki (chaki), Thursday, 22 May 2003 23:24 (twenty years ago) link

Nordic- no, it's the one that goes "Hardcore, you know the score... bass is kicking, drums is drumming". Well, they would be. They're drums.

Dom Passantino (Dom Passantino), Thursday, 22 May 2003 23:27 (twenty years ago) link

that's fine chaki. my point isn't that the comparison makes him worthwhile, but that prince is the salient reference point, not [insert rapper].

vahid (vahid), Thursday, 22 May 2003 23:36 (twenty years ago) link

ten years pass...

Cool post from Dom

New record "sluts" up on spotify etc

badg, Friday, 10 January 2014 05:09 (nine years ago) link

one year passes...

So there was a fire last night in SF and...

In case you haven't already heard, Toph was one of the victims of the massive fire that caught blaze at 22nd & Mission last night Thankfully, he was not at home when the fire started, and therefore was not injured in the tragedy that killed 1 of his neighbors and sent a handful of others to the hospital.

However, the apartment is completely destroyed and Toph has lost EVERYTHING. He is left with nothing more than the clothes he wore to work yesterday, as the apartment was already up in flames by the time he was returning home. Sadly, Toph's cat, Oum, was also in the apartment at the time of the fire.

Toph had lived for in that apartment for 18 years. To make matters worse, the apartment was also where he kept the Gold Chains recording studio, and as a result all his recording equipment is gone too. All the synths, the hard drives, instruments, not to mention all the memories and good times had there for many... all gone.

According to a Twitter post from Eric Grandy: "RIP 20 DATs, 50 Moogs, a couple of ARPs, five 808s :("

Ned Raggett, Friday, 30 January 2015 01:53 (eight years ago) link

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