Lillix--has anyone heard this?

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Can't tell if this is one of those Maverick "releases" that will never come out, but "Dirty Sunshine" is solid chrome love.

Sasha Frere-Jones (Sasha Frere-Jones), Thursday, 3 April 2003 18:24 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

I couldn't make it all the way through the single. I expect so much more from The Matrix.

Sam J. (samjeff), Thursday, 3 April 2003 19:10 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Is that the very young all-girl band? If so, yes, I have it.

Jeanne Fury (Jeanne Fury), Thursday, 3 April 2003 19:26 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

"very young" = "younger than the Donnas" young

Jeanne Fury (Jeanne Fury), Thursday, 3 April 2003 19:27 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Is it Matrix? And are that they *that* young? I threw away all the paper that came with it. I dobut they have a chance against t.™.t.o.o.

Sasha Frere-Jones (Sasha Frere-Jones), Friday, 4 April 2003 13:00 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

It is the Matrix indeed. And it casts Avril Lavigne's contention that she had something to do with making her own record into serious doubt since it sounds like the exact same record.

Matty Karas, Friday, 4 April 2003 13:53 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Unless they start grinding and hooking up on stage, Tatu has poor little Lillix beat. As for their age, I have the press release back home -- stay tuned.

Jeanne Fury (Jeanne Fury), Friday, 4 April 2003 17:25 (fifteen years ago) Permalink


Sam J. (samjeff), Friday, 4 April 2003 17:27 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Hanson plays Avril. Docked a notch for not being Hanson plays Britney.

Frank Kogan (Frank Kogan), Friday, 4 April 2003 18:42 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

seven years pass...

did anyone listen to their new-ish album?

i like dance alone, through the night & back up girl

johnny crunch, Friday, 28 January 2011 18:34 (seven years ago) Permalink

four years pass...

The Reverend, Friday, 12 June 2015 22:08 (three years ago) Permalink

one year passes...

The new Louise Burns album is really great. Reminds me a lot of Belinda Carlisle in places.

Wag1 Shree Rajneesh (ShariVari), Monday, 13 March 2017 19:46 (one year ago) Permalink

nine months pass...

I picked up Young Mopes early last year and pretty much forgot about it until I somehow accidentally synced it to my phone last night. Liking this a lot -- and amusingly enough given the Pitchfork thread at the moment there's a Blue Nile cover.

early rejecter, Monday, 8 January 2018 17:57 (one year ago) Permalink

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