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What are your opinions/thoughts on the band that will probably still be in some incarnation or other 100 years from now?

Davlo (Davlo), Wednesday, 12 March 2003 02:13 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Space Ritual is cool, as are a few things here and there. I find them on the whole pretty overrated, though (there's lots of previous Hawkwind threads out there, BTW).

Joe (Joe), Wednesday, 12 March 2003 02:35 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Everything before 1976 is excellent (except the first album which is um not excellent).

Space Ritual and Hall of the Mountain Grill are probably the best though.

Alex in SF (Alex in SF), Wednesday, 12 March 2003 02:56 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

All I have actually is "Space Ritual" and "Roadwawks", which seems to be a live compilation of sorts, but hey it has "Silver Machine" on it, so me happy.

I've heard great things about "In Search of Space" and the aforementioned "Hall of the Mtn. Grill" and would love to hear descriptions of them, in comparison to "Space Ritual" or any other 'Wind.

donut bitch (donut), Wednesday, 12 March 2003 03:00 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Hall is definitely cleaner sounding and slightly poppier, but also has some really trippy instrumentals. The Stasis Years is a really neat comp and has "Urban Guerilla" and "Silver Machine" which sound much more rock-y and compressed than most of the other stuff on there (which is like half live anyway). Warrior on the Edge of Time has some krautrock bites (which incidently sound GREAT) and some um Michael Moorcock poetry (which aren't as good as the Moorcock and the other guy's poetry on Space Ritual) and the version I have has two singles ("Kings of Speed" and the Lemmy showcase and violin driven "Motorhead"--yup that one) in the vein of "Silver Machine". In Search of Space and Do Re Mi. . . sound a lot like Space Ritual except most of the live versions of the songs on there are a) louder and b) spacier (if that makes any sense) and there are some sorta slow-ish almost Pink Floyd-y ballads which are kind of uninvolving.

Alex in SF (Alex in SF), Wednesday, 12 March 2003 03:13 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Sorry the Space Ritual versions are louder and spacier, ahem.

Alex in SF (Alex in SF), Wednesday, 12 March 2003 03:14 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Buy anything from the seventies if you see it somewhere at a reasonable price.Buyer beware for anything 80's on up.

Scott Seward, Wednesday, 12 March 2003 03:23 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

i haven't heard any hawkwind stuff that i would consider truly awful, but from _in search of space_ to _space ritual_ are definitely tops. _in search of space_ has "you shouldn't do that" which has some entertainingly mumbly vocals that sound like a 70s michael morley.

_space ritual_ is worth it just for the ridiculous between song sci-fi readings.

your null fame (yournullfame), Wednesday, 12 March 2003 03:34 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Everything they did up to and including Quark, Strangeness & Charm does it for me. BTW, don't sleep on the latter lp. It's got Calvert all over it and it's great! I wrote about it on some other thread, but "Spirit of the Age" is one of their best moments though not sounding too much like the early 70's group. "Damnation Alley" is another "Urban Gorilla"-style rocker. I saw Mudhoney last year and they encored with "Urban Gorilla". It was fantabulous.

Mr. Diamond (diamond), Wednesday, 12 March 2003 03:47 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Er, or "Guerilla", take your pick.

Mr. Diamond (diamond), Wednesday, 12 March 2003 03:48 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

i just picked up the double lp 'space ritual' last week. pretty impressive. especially for the way the record's put together. there's no glue involved. it's one big piece of paper, folded in half, and then folded in thirds, and the records slip inside. so you can open it up into a large poster sized thing with trippy illustrations on both sides of the paper.

i'd much rather listen to this than any Acid Mothers Temple. in fact i just don't get their huge popularity at all.

JasonD (JasonD), Wednesday, 12 March 2003 05:34 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Um they release like a really good (sometimes insanely great) record every three hours? That's a pretty endearing quality to most people, right?

Alex in SF (Alex in SF), Wednesday, 12 March 2003 05:47 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

didn't they just start releasing the same basic album over and over about a year ago?

your null fame (yournullfame), Wednesday, 12 March 2003 06:18 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Hawkwind or AMT?

Alex in SF (Alex in SF), Wednesday, 12 March 2003 06:28 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

AMT - hawkwind supposedly started doing that 20 years ago.

your null fame (yournullfame), Wednesday, 12 March 2003 06:55 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Some fo the Post Quark stuff is worth getting but I wouldn't really recomend starting there unless you love METUL.

Choose Your Masques, Chrocicle of the Black Sword and Live Chronicles are probably the best 80's stuff.

tigerclawskank, Wednesday, 12 March 2003 10:14 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

my girlfriend's first ever hawkwind purchase was _xenon codex_, which isn't terrible or anything, although the first track does sound like it's going to break into "simply irresistible" at times.

your null fame (yournullfame), Thursday, 13 March 2003 04:21 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Fantastic in the early days with Lemmy. After that they range from OK to really bad, IMHO

John Bullabaugh (John Bullabaugh), Saturday, 22 March 2003 00:46 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

six years pass...

Quark, Strangeness and Charm 77
Hawklords - 25 Years On 78
P.X.R.5. 79

Atomhenge reissued these as double CD deluxe packages on Apr 28. They're pretty expensive, so I was wondering if the 2007 Rockfever versions were also remastered.

Fastnbulbous, Sunday, 28 June 2009 05:59 (nine years ago) Permalink

I picked up a used copy of Hawklords, and it's awesome! I got the single disc version, and am now tempted by the double-disc versionfrom Atomhenge. Argh, shouldn't spend more $.

Fastnbulbous, Tuesday, 30 June 2009 22:02 (nine years ago) Permalink

i think the hawklords album is one of their most underrated - new wave pop with a space rock edge. it also features some of calvert's best lyrics. in some sort of alternative universe i can imagine "psi power" and "the only ones" being top 40 hit singles.

what is on the double disc?

stirmonster, Tuesday, 30 June 2009 23:08 (nine years ago) Permalink

Most importantly, it includes the "Death Trap" single which my version is lacking, along with other bonus tracks and live versions.


Fastnbulbous, Wednesday, 1 July 2009 12:45 (nine years ago) Permalink

i have almost everything on there but might consider buying it for this - Listen
7. Album Out-Takes: The Only Ones (Acoustic Demo)

the sonic assassins live tracks are great. calvert goes totally ott on the fittingly named 'over the top'.

stirmonster, Wednesday, 1 July 2009 14:17 (nine years ago) Permalink

two months pass...

i think the hawklords album is one of their most underrated

AGREEING WITH THIS, i got the atomhenge version and it is just outstanding. i've gotten a couple of the other calvert-era ones and they're all good (and underrated) but 25 years on is most successful at trying to bring hawkwind into the changing era.

GOVERNMENT TRASH QUEEN ON A THRONE (GOTT PUNCH II HAWKWINDZ), Friday, 25 September 2009 12:13 (nine years ago) Permalink

..of music or something

GOVERNMENT TRASH QUEEN ON A THRONE (GOTT PUNCH II HAWKWINDZ), Friday, 25 September 2009 12:14 (nine years ago) Permalink

three years pass...

sad to hear of the passing of Huw Lloyd Langton.

stirmonster, Friday, 7 December 2012 14:20 (six years ago) Permalink

RIP. i've never gotten to those 80s albums he's on, but the first one is obviously killer.

tylerw, Friday, 7 December 2012 18:20 (six years ago) Permalink

one could probably live without them but "Levitation" is pretty good. He wrote the best track( imo) on it and the intro to "the 5th second of forever" that he wrote is lovely. it rather oddly got sampled on some hip hop record whose title now escaped me.


stirmonster, Friday, 7 December 2012 18:39 (six years ago) Permalink

always loved his playing.
rip, indeed

making plans for nyquil (outdoor_miner), Saturday, 8 December 2012 15:14 (six years ago) Permalink

five months pass...


This 2 CD live collection called Hawkwind 77 FXXXXNG rawks. It is put together from various sources, but the sound quality is pretty good and it flows together.

earlnash, Wednesday, 5 June 2013 03:20 (five years ago) Permalink

four years pass...

The Hawklords are playing at the local biker pub on Sunday.

They're basically a Hawkwind tribute act that writes their own material - they have 3 ex-Hawkwind members, but nobody v notable - the bassist from 1978-1991, and the guitarist and bassist from 1995-2001. They have released 6 albums since they formed in 2008 apparently. Looking at setlists they play about half a set of 70s Hawkwind classics, a couple of Robert Calvert songs and the rest from their own stuff.

I'm not expecting this to be like going to the Roundhouse in 1972, but is it worth a tenner?

Colonel Poo, Thursday, 2 November 2017 16:11 (one year ago) Permalink

they played in glasgow recently and i was crazily excited when i saw the poster. not so excited when i did a bit more research. as it turned out i couldn't go but i think i would risk a tenner to check them out, albeit with low expectations.

stirmonster, Thursday, 2 November 2017 17:30 (one year ago) Permalink

two weeks pass...

RIP Dik Mik


めんどくさかった (Matt #2), Thursday, 16 November 2017 21:03 (one year ago) Permalink


stirmonster, Thursday, 16 November 2017 22:32 (one year ago) Permalink

three months pass...

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