Rush: Classic or Dud?

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Rob, I'll prolly go to one of them, if I can get in for free, especially now that U2 has been scuttled til '11.

Josh in Chicago, Friday, 28 May 2010 21:52 (eight years ago) Permalink

Charter One Pavilion will be a great place to see Rush. I saw Dio with Heaven & Hell last year -- it was small enough that none of the seats were bad. There were fold-out metal chairs and hs-style bleachers, the stage facing the lake. There had just been a storm with 90+mph gusts of wind earlier, and the sky was still swirling with quick moving clouds, and Dio's hair blew dramatically like an 80s video.

I hope they do it like The Cult's Love tour -- after they played the complete album, they did "hits" from Electric and later. With Rush the question is do they stick to one era (Permanent Waves to Power Windows would seem cohesive to me) or not.

Fastnbulbous, Saturday, 29 May 2010 15:00 (eight years ago) Permalink

Well, considering the album runs less than an hour and a typical Rush set closer to three (including intermission), I hope they just pack the rest with goodness. I mean, Rush has a lot more to draw from than the Cult. I love "Love" but hated that show.

Josh in Chicago, Saturday, 29 May 2010 15:21 (eight years ago) Permalink

I don't think I can handle 3 hours! I thought the Cult show was great up through Electric. I left not long after they got into their sucky albums.

Fastnbulbous, Saturday, 29 May 2010 15:26 (eight years ago) Permalink

"did you read that "roadshow" book where peart did a tour by motorcycle (he would follow the tour vans and make his own route)....i thought it was pretty entertaining."

That's a great book. His other ones are pretty good too.

Bill Magill, Saturday, 29 May 2010 16:12 (eight years ago) Permalink

True story:

Daniel Richler's parked
Illegally at Shopper's
Then Geddy Lee hops in!

Sean Carruthers, Saturday, 29 May 2010 16:15 (eight years ago) Permalink

Whoops, drop the "Lee" from that last line to make it fit haiku form.

Sean Carruthers, Saturday, 29 May 2010 16:17 (eight years ago) Permalink

New Rush single is out today - Caravan b/w BU2B - and it rocks!

Some crazy instrumentals going on in Caravan, and BU2B is super heavy.

Moodles, Tuesday, 1 June 2010 20:47 (eight years ago) Permalink

hmmm not really feeling this....

it's like they are just jamming random riffs together, no memorable melodies or songwriting...

these songs remind me of what ppl often say about rush like they are some kinda math rock band, when in reality they always used to write really great songs, great hooks...

why are they trying to be so "heavy", this is arguable "heavier" than they ever were, at the expense of the stuff i actually loved about rush.

m@tt (upper mississippi sh@kedown), Tuesday, 1 June 2010 20:59 (eight years ago) Permalink

Yeah, not feeling the new one. Reminds me a bit of the "Counterparts" comeback, when the band was all, hey, we can be heavy, too! But this seems almost Primus at times in its herky-jerkiness.

Josh in Chicago, Tuesday, 1 June 2010 21:07 (eight years ago) Permalink

Yeah, the vocal melodies seem a bit generic TBH (although maybe not that much worse than many other hard rock/metal bands) but I think the music, especially on "Caravan", is very good. Surprisingly metal for them. Have they been listening to Mastodon or something?


Sundar, Tuesday, 1 June 2010 21:10 (eight years ago) Permalink

I did think of Primus too, actually, but not in a bad way.

Sundar, Tuesday, 1 June 2010 21:10 (eight years ago) Permalink

The new songs are pretty good if you ask me. Very heavy at times, but still willing to toss in some synths every now and then. I think it's very similar to what they did on S&A.

A. Begrand, Tuesday, 1 June 2010 21:17 (eight years ago) Permalink

You guys are scaring me shitless with the Primus comparos.

it takes a lot to laugh, it takes a crane shot to 'NOOOOOO' (Jon Lewis), Tuesday, 1 June 2010 21:52 (eight years ago) Permalink

doesn't sound like primus to me. no rubbery bass riffery at least. something else that might be worrisome though is what BU2B might have to do with bono

kamerad, Tuesday, 1 June 2010 21:57 (eight years ago) Permalink

There's no Primus going on. Nice psych groove on "Caravan", though. Not unlike the new Cathedral.

A. Begrand, Tuesday, 1 June 2010 22:18 (eight years ago) Permalink

Ha NOW you're talkin'!

it takes a lot to laugh, it takes a crane shot to 'NOOOOOO' (Jon Lewis), Tuesday, 1 June 2010 22:18 (eight years ago) Permalink

Off to download now. This is my first official purchase of music from ITunes, lol!

Nate Carson, Tuesday, 1 June 2010 22:52 (eight years ago) Permalink

I suppose I've always liked this neither fish nor fowl quality of the band. Is it metal? Well, no. Prog? Not really. Hard rock? In the most generic sense, yes, but ...

Josh in Chicago, Tuesday, 1 June 2010 22:52 (eight years ago) Permalink

I just became a Yes convert, and I can feel Rush on the horizon..what is happening to me??!!

iago g., Tuesday, 1 June 2010 22:57 (eight years ago) Permalink

Cathedral is probably a better comparison, actually.

Sundar, Tuesday, 1 June 2010 23:50 (eight years ago) Permalink

Can't stress enough how much a new Rush fan will get out of Sam Dunn's new documentary. Watch it asap Iago G :)

Nate Carson, Wednesday, 2 June 2010 00:09 (eight years ago) Permalink

I want to watch it BADLY but it's not in wide release yet is it???

it takes a lot to laugh, it takes a crane shot to 'NOOOOOO' (Jon Lewis), Wednesday, 2 June 2010 00:10 (eight years ago) Permalink

Will do, Nate--maybe it's on Netflix I'll check--thks for the tip

iago g., Wednesday, 2 June 2010 00:17 (eight years ago) Permalink

It's in theaters now. On DVD in a month or so.

As for the new single - LOVE IT. I'm a big Snakes & Arrows guy, and this follows it in the best way (heavy rock, creative songwriting), and leaves out the filler (acoustic instruments, blues jams).

More stoked than ever for Clockwork Angels LP + Time Machine tour.

Nate Carson, Wednesday, 2 June 2010 00:25 (eight years ago) Permalink

wow Rush excitement! Really want to see the doc, as I was a major Rush head for a while in HS and early college. Liked what I heard of the new single too

Dominique, Wednesday, 2 June 2010 01:51 (eight years ago) Permalink

I'll be seeing the doc at the Alamo Drafthouse in 1 1/2 weeks. Pretty much the ideal setting for a Rush doc, if you ask me.

Moodles, Wednesday, 2 June 2010 13:26 (eight years ago) Permalink

A friend went to the Charter One Pavilion box office (only open on show nights) and got us tix for 7/7 show for $49.50, NO SERVICE FEES! I didn't think that was even possible for shows in that venue! Now I can spend what I saved on one 32 ounce can of Bud Light Ultra 64 Lite...

Fastnbulbous, Friday, 4 June 2010 04:48 (eight years ago) Permalink

Correction, he got these through the LiveNation website, which is having a special on no service fees for certain concerts.

Fastnbulbous, Friday, 4 June 2010 04:59 (eight years ago) Permalink

Those are lawn seats, right?

Nate Carson, Friday, 4 June 2010 07:20 (eight years ago) Permalink

I hate to even post what I spent on 2 tickets for the San Antonio concert, it is a truly shocking amount. I love Rush and want an opportunity to go see them and have pretty good seats, but prices are getting way out of control.

Moodles, Friday, 4 June 2010 13:51 (eight years ago) Permalink

I mean we are talking about $50 dollar tickets as if that is cheap. That's double what tickets cost about 15 years ago, and that represents the absolute least you can spend now, so really ticket prices have tripled or quadrupled in a fairly short amount of time.

Moodles, Friday, 4 June 2010 13:54 (eight years ago) Permalink

Trying to get press passes. If that fails, I'm looking at $200 seats...

Nate Carson, Friday, 4 June 2010 18:31 (eight years ago) Permalink

Not even playing in New England. C'mon guys, we're practically Canada up here!

EZ Snappin, Friday, 4 June 2010 18:38 (eight years ago) Permalink

Unforgettable 2002 São Paulo concert (maybe better than 'Rush in Rio'). Hope they come to Brazil this time.

Shin Oliva Suzuki, Friday, 4 June 2010 20:18 (eight years ago) Permalink

And Caravan is awesome.

Shin Oliva Suzuki, Friday, 4 June 2010 20:20 (eight years ago) Permalink

A band like Rush would normally play a much larger outdoor stadium where the tickets would be more like $70 to $100 with fees. I've vowed never to go to those shows again, as they're not very fun, and lousy value. However Charter One Pavilion is smaller. It's all metal fold-out chairs and high school-style bleachers, and it seemed like all seats had a good view of the stage and weren't too far away. I saw Dio w/ Heaven & Hell there last year, and it sounded great.

Fastnbulbous, Saturday, 5 June 2010 00:32 (eight years ago) Permalink

Yeah, I've seen Tom Petty there, Destiny's Child, Wu-Tang, Stevie Nicks and a couple of other things there, and it's a great place to see a show.

Josh in Chicago, Saturday, 5 June 2010 01:02 (eight years ago) Permalink

My (modest) feature review of the documentary:

Nate Carson, Thursday, 10 June 2010 01:28 (eight years ago) Permalink

Nice work Nate!

EZ Snappin, Thursday, 10 June 2010 01:40 (eight years ago) Permalink

Even if Geddy Lee’s banshee wail drives you up the wall, one viewing can’t help but bring him a little closer to your heart.
excellent sentence :)

an outlet to express the dark invocations of (La Lechera), Thursday, 10 June 2010 03:52 (eight years ago) Permalink

the Doc is playing in Chicago (one night only!) at the new Icon theater on Roosevelt at Clark...

only problem is that I have an old high school friend in town that I need to hang out with and I'm pretty sure she isn't a huge Rush fan, and even if she was, there is the free Otis Taylor / Hubert Sumlin thing over at Millennium Park, and I love both those dudes to death. Man there is SO much competing shit in Chicago this weekend it is nuts. the aforementioned conflict on Thursday, then Blues Fest all weekend, Lit Fest all weekend, Cubs/Sox series, Hawks parade on Friday, Dave Holland is in residence at the Jazz Showcase now thru Sunday, and somehow I gotta fit in the USA/England match on Saturday... egads

Stormy Davis, Thursday, 10 June 2010 05:22 (eight years ago) Permalink

have to say that I'm going back and listening to some of the 80s Rush I never gave a chance to back when I was a fan, and these are *huge* productions. Grace Under Pressure is killing my poor laptop speakers, sound is everywhere.

Dominique, Thursday, 10 June 2010 17:04 (eight years ago) Permalink

grace under pressure is kinda of a masterpiece IMO

the dj screwtape letters (upper mississippi sh@kedown), Thursday, 10 June 2010 17:07 (eight years ago) Permalink

Love that record. Always makes me wonder how the fates would have treated the band had the booked producer, one Steve Lillywhite, not backed out at the last minute.

Josh in Chicago, Thursday, 10 June 2010 18:14 (eight years ago) Permalink

i'm going to see the doc tonight in chicago -- seems like it would be more fun to see it in a theater full of people vs dvd
it's reserved seating!

an outlet to express the dark invocations of (La Lechera), Thursday, 10 June 2010 18:47 (eight years ago) Permalink

I'm missing the theatrical release to be in Hollywood w/Yob. Can't complain.

Nate Carson, Thursday, 10 June 2010 21:48 (eight years ago) Permalink

i missed the first ten minutes of the movie, but what a joy it was! i especially loved the lady from WMMS when she talked about how they broke "working man" -- that's one of the stations i grew up listening to and it was fun to hear the discussion of midwestern rock fans. it's SO true.

an outlet to express the dark invocations of (La Lechera), Friday, 11 June 2010 12:28 (eight years ago) Permalink

This movie is such a blast, I had a big, stupid grin on my face during the whole thing, as did everyone else in the jam-packed theatre tonight.

I'm really glad the doc was so thorough, I was worried they'd gloss over the 82-87 era, which I'm fondest of.

A. Begrand, Saturday, 12 June 2010 03:32 (eight years ago) Permalink

Caught the docu on Thursday night, and it was brilliant. Can't stop listening to all Rush, now. Sheesh.

J, Saturday, 12 June 2010 15:52 (eight years ago) Permalink

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