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The Dean Wareham thread the other day got me thinking - I love Galaxie 500 but don't have anything he's done since. My brother's got a couple of Luna albums which I've heard once or twice and liked (not sure which), but where should I start if I want to get one?

James Ball (James Ball), Friday, 7 February 2003 12:05 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

penthouse and bewitched are both great. there is also a good wareham appearance on a mercury rev single--car wash hair i think...

marcg (marcg), Friday, 7 February 2003 15:25 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

"I Love Everything" and "California All The Way"

Chris V. (Chris V), Friday, 7 February 2003 15:53 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Penthouse is my most-played album of the '90s; make of that what you will.

I like all their albums a lot, though Bewitched is probably my least favorite except maybe Live. (A very relative judgment, that.)

M Matos (M Matos), Friday, 7 February 2003 15:55 (fifteen years ago) Permalink


beetrum, Friday, 7 February 2003 21:56 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

mathwiz and the first song on strike match here

A Nairn (moretap), Friday, 7 February 2003 22:06 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Either Bewitched was so bad that it turned me off to all subsequent Luna albums or it was so great that no subsequent Luna album could measure up to it. On most days it's the latter.

Nick Mirov (nick), Saturday, 8 February 2003 08:39 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

I have all the Luna albums, but I only ever play one (Penthouse). The others are quite nice too; but for whatever reason I'm hardly ever inclined to listen to them, and I know Penthouse backwards and forwards.

Jody Beth Rosen (Jody Beth Rosen), Saturday, 8 February 2003 08:52 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

penthouse is my most listened to as well and I think a fine place to start. Bewitched has some swell songs, but doesn't have the same dark, drunk feel to me. I would also elevate Pup Tent, though many others seem dismissive of it. "Fuzzy Wuzzy" is one of my favorite Luna songs. After Pup Tent, they're ok, but don't have the magic they had before. Still fine stuff, but it seems much more pedestrian.

nick ring (nick ring), Sunday, 9 February 2003 19:18 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

I'm rather surprised no one's mentioned Romantica. It's the sequel to Bewitched in many ways, but perfectly capable of holding its own.

Pup Tent's great, and unfairly maligned.

But I have to agree with the majority here and cast a vote for Penthouse.

paul cox (paul cox), Sunday, 9 February 2003 22:36 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Romanica (their latest) is quite beautiful. Songs like the Renee is Crying, Mermaid Eyes and above all, Rememories, I listen to over and over again. People take Dean Wareham for granted.

It's my favourite since the first, Lunapark (which no one has mentioned and is quite wonderful and v.immediate) , though I haven't heard all of the ones in between. Is Penthouse the one with Chinatown on it?

Destroy - the one with the 'Sweet Child Of Mine' cover on it. That's the only good track on it as far as I recall.

"I Love Everything"

Do you mean 'I Want Everything'..?

N. (nickdastoor), Monday, 10 February 2003 00:29 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

shameless plug for my own writing time:

M Matos (M Matos), Monday, 10 February 2003 01:55 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

their Kraftwerk cover is really pleasant.

donut bitch (donut), Monday, 10 February 2003 01:56 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Luna's cover choices have always been great (and that includes that one song on Romantica that's basically just Van Halen's "Jump"). Maybe they should release an all-covers album sometime, either all new covers or just a collection of the ones they've done already.

Nick Mirov (nick), Monday, 10 February 2003 06:37 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

I'll vote for Lunapark myself. Bewitched is too much of an ok thing, Penthouse always struck me as too reserved - reminds me of the Dream Syndicate in that way (though I find some great bits and pieces in there). Never heard Pup Tent, hated what I heard of Days Of Our Nights (especially the G'N'R cover. Only made me wanna hear the original) and Romantica just sounded okay for me. Only the first album consistently entertains me.

and I prefer Galaxie 500 totally.

Anthony Miccio (Anthony Miccio), Monday, 10 February 2003 23:39 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Bewitched is the one with "California" on it, right? That's my favorite still. It hits a mood, captures it and maintains it. None of the rest have seemed anywhere so distinct.

Ned Raggett (Ned), Tuesday, 11 February 2003 00:14 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Thanks for the advice everyone. I think I'll check out 'Penthouse' first but keep an eye out for the others.

James Ball (James Ball), Tuesday, 11 February 2003 10:32 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Bought 'Penthouse' yesterday. Sounded good on first listen, but nothing like Galaxie 500. Don't know why that should've surprised me.

James Ball (James Ball), Wednesday, 12 February 2003 09:43 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

one year passes...
Luna's breaking up!

Johnny Fever (johnny fever), Friday, 24 September 2004 16:40 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

'Tigerlily' is a nice song...

57 7th (calstars), Friday, 24 September 2004 16:47 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

They even shut down the website!

I do love Luna .. But I suppose they had run the course..

dave225 (Dave225), Friday, 24 September 2004 16:48 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Oh that’s sad. I really loved their last ep and the last couple of shows I saw were some of their best.

Maybe this means more Dean and Britta now, which wouldn't be such a bad thing.

danh (danh), Friday, 24 September 2004 17:20 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Rendezvous is mediocre at best. Touring Penthouse and Puptent, they were great. L'avventura has some good songs on it. Hopefully, Dean and Britta will continue to make music but I'll miss Sean's guitar.

Michael White (Hereward), Friday, 24 September 2004 17:27 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

I'll have to try to see them, then. I think Rendezvous is pretty good actually -- much better than L'Avventura and right up there with Penthouse.

JC-L (JC-L), Friday, 24 September 2004 18:08 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Funny, 'cause I find L'Avventura better than both Romantica and Rendezvous.

Michael White (Hereward), Friday, 24 September 2004 18:10 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

"bonnie and clyde"

reo, Friday, 24 September 2004 18:34 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

If Galaxie 500 is CCR, Luna is John Fogerty going solo. Maybe it's because I'm not crazy about Galaxie either.

strom (strom), Friday, 24 September 2004 19:11 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Oh no no no. Luna pretty much wipes the floor with Galaxy 500. I like them fine, but really their biggest tallent was making covers sound like the mush the rest of their songs tended to be. I guess Luna tend to do that as well. But without the mush!

danh (danh), Friday, 24 September 2004 19:21 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Yes, you have a point. My favorite Galaxie song is probably "Listen the snow is falling".

strom (strom), Friday, 24 September 2004 19:23 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Yeah, and mine might be "Here She Comes". OTM about the covers, but I like the rest of the mush, too.

JC-L (JC-L), Friday, 24 September 2004 19:34 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

three months pass...
i wonder why their european farewell tour visits only spain and london. weren't they appreciated in the rest of europe?

joan vich (joan vich), Tuesday, 11 January 2005 12:02 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

"Tiger Lily" and much of Bewitched.

"Ihop" but little else from Pup Tent.

The Mad Puffin (The Mad Puffin), Tuesday, 11 January 2005 13:49 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Yeah, Penthouse. What Matos said in his article.

I got the live album but I didn't listen to it that much because I was put off by the liner notes of all things.

And search: their cover of "Season of the Witch." (Is that on Bewitched?)

Ken L (Ken L), Tuesday, 11 January 2005 14:01 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

three weeks pass...
We're going to see them this Saturday on their last SF appearance ever. I'm quite verklempt actually 'cause my my gf seduced me to their music, we've been to almost every show they've done here, and they kind of re-introduced me to pop music at a time when all I would listen to was jazz and classical. I haven't really liked the albums all that much since 'Pup Tent' though there are lovely bits on Rendezvous and Romantica but I feel like an era in my life is passing. I like what Dean and Britta are doing but I think I'm going to miss Sean's guitar. Anybody else similarly sentimental or going to see the last tour?

Michael White (Hereward), Thursday, 3 February 2005 03:29 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Classic for the underwear picture.

adam.r.l. (nordicskilla), Thursday, 3 February 2005 04:16 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

loved them about 14 years ago, saw them open for the screaming trees in tijuana, mexico (they were known as luna2)... didn't know they were still around, i think galaxie 500 was better.

gygax! (gygax!), Thursday, 3 February 2005 04:22 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

didn't know they were still around, i think galaxie 500 was better.

This doesn't make sense. I love Galaxie 500 and Luna, but I couldn't compare them if I hadn't listened to one for 14 years.

Michael White (Hereward), Thursday, 3 February 2005 04:52 (thirteen years ago) Permalink


Alex in SF (Alex in SF), Thursday, 3 February 2005 04:55 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

HELLO SF!! i was thinking this thread was revived solely for the underwear pic. funny

El Janko (JasonD), Thursday, 3 February 2005 05:19 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

well, dean wrote all the songs for both bands, it's not a big stretch you know? or are you saying dean completely transformed into a different songwriter...

gygax! (gygax!), Thursday, 3 February 2005 08:24 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

one year passes...
bought a copy of Bewitched the other day - knew the album well, friends n housemates always had it around. its strange to me how there really isn't anything that unique or unconventional about their sound or approach, and yet they are perfectly evocative of a very specific mood and aesthetic - definitely urban, a sheen of slickness and artificiality, inhabiting a world of designer shirts, neuroses, and lazy afternoons, with occasional smirky in-joke/New Yorker magazine-style reference. I can clearly remember the unique circumstances under which I heard every album up through "The Days of Our Nights" (at which point I lost interest - altho there was at least one great 7" that followed, the "Sucking Ice Cubes/7-11" single). Everything is catchy and simple, sometimes to the point of banality... but where this should make them generic, I can't really think of too many other bands with a similar style, even though they have clear, fixed, very common reference points (the Velvets, Television, first Modern Lovers album). There are a couple great songs on every record, but I'll rank 'em anyway:

1. Penthouse
2. Luna2
3. Bewitched
4. Pup Tent
5. The Days of Our Nights
6. Luna EP

but hands-down best ever song is the b-side, "Roll in the Sand".

Shakey Mo Collier (Shakey Mo Collier), Friday, 26 May 2006 20:27 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Shakey Mo, you really should go buy Romantica sometime soon.

Johnny Fever (johnny fever), Friday, 26 May 2006 21:40 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Also I can urge folks to seek out the "Slide" EP, which came out after the debut record. It includes a nice covers:

"Indian Summer" (Beat Happening)
"Ride into the Sun (VU)
"That's what they always say" (Dream Syndicate)

Dean Wareham always had great music taste, as well as superior taste in shirts and women.

kwhitehead (stephen schmidt), Saturday, 27 May 2006 02:10 (twelve years ago) Permalink

the documentary about them that's coming out on DVD is pretty nice if you're a big big fan, which obv. I am. if not, don't even bother. this is true of 99% of music docs but especially in this case--we don't get any info on the band's history-by-numbers, mentions of Justin and Stanley w/o much (or any) other info, boo.

there's a new best-of coming on Rhino that Dean programmed. I wish I liked it a lot more than I do.

Matos-Webster Dictionary (M Matos), Saturday, 27 May 2006 07:00 (twelve years ago) Permalink

three years pass...

I am annoyed that a bunch of my favorite Luna songs are not available digitally, anywhere, apparently. I can't carry my record player on the bus, now can I

Whats with all the littering? (Shakey Mo Collier), Friday, 26 March 2010 19:11 (eight years ago) Permalink

what's not available? The early stuff?

tylerw, Friday, 26 March 2010 19:12 (eight years ago) Permalink


Sucking Ice Cubes
Roll in the Sand
Dance With Me (Jonathan Richman cover)

Whats with all the littering? (Shakey Mo Collier), Friday, 26 March 2010 19:13 (eight years ago) Permalink

I mean sure these are all b-sides but I rank them higher than a lot of album cuts

Whats with all the littering? (Shakey Mo Collier), Friday, 26 March 2010 19:14 (eight years ago) Permalink

can't find an MP3 of the original flex-disc single version of Indian Summer either (which is def. better than the full-band version)

Whats with all the littering? (Shakey Mo Collier), Friday, 26 March 2010 19:14 (eight years ago) Permalink

the full of wishes site has a bunch of these unavailable things converted to mp3 ...

tylerw, Friday, 26 March 2010 19:15 (eight years ago) Permalink

Missed this until now:

... (Eazy), Thursday, 10 March 2016 20:46 (two years ago) Permalink

two months pass...

An entire interview in which the words "Damon" and "Naomi" are left unsaid. Amazing quote: "The trio forces everyone to work, there is something cool about it, especially live; all of you have to make noise constantly. But I think most of the great bands (especially in the live scenario) are four or five people."

I'm glad Dean finally acknowledges Woody Allen as a major influence. This is actually a perfect pairing of interviewer and interviewee, to an extent that we rarely see these days, and one of the best interviews that I've read in recent memory.

dlp9001, Saturday, 21 May 2016 20:09 (two years ago) Permalink

Saw them last weekend for what must have been at least the 10th time but the first since 2001. They were really amazing. Covered The Cure's Fire in Cairo during one encore and came back out again to close with Tugboat.

Benson and the Jets (ENBB), Wednesday, 1 June 2016 18:09 (two years ago) Permalink

Fire in Cairo! They didn't do that one during their original run, did they?

tylerw, Wednesday, 1 June 2016 18:10 (two years ago) Permalink

"The word nostalgia confuses me," he says. "I've been thinking about that. This book I was reading, the author broke it down into the Greek: 'nostalgia,' meaning the pain of returning home. It's both exciting and it's slightly painful, too, and so it's pleasure and sadness. And that's kind of what we try to do with the music, too."

curmudgeon, Wednesday, 1 June 2016 19:00 (two years ago) Permalink

one year passes...

Be part of their video shoot for $40.

Anyone heard anything from the upcoming covers album, or the instrumental EP?

nickn, Friday, 30 June 2017 06:21 (one year ago) Permalink

two months pass...

No California All The Way?!

rip van wanko, Wednesday, 27 September 2017 02:33 (ten months ago) Permalink

I gotta keep a lid on these things!

the Rain Man of nationalism. (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Wednesday, 27 September 2017 11:27 (ten months ago) Permalink

Bewitched the early peak, Penthouse its echo. The rest, post the departure of the band's All Star Rhythm Section, I don't remember one note of. Maybe I will dive back in one day.

Josh in Chicago, Wednesday, 27 September 2017 13:00 (ten months ago) Permalink

New stuff that came out last week is pretty great — instrumental EP is a wonderful showcase for Sean Eden, and the covers record is very solid. Great version of Dylan's "Most of the Time."

tylerw, Wednesday, 27 September 2017 14:33 (ten months ago) Permalink

Am I the only one who still likes Slash Your Tires? What about their cover of Ride Into The Sun? That's probably the Luna song i've intentionally played the most.

brotherlovesdub, Wednesday, 27 September 2017 15:42 (ten months ago) Permalink

Slash Your Tires is great. Ride Into the Sun less so but still good

surprised at all the love for Romantica, an album I only listened to once and was put off by the harsher textures and grittier sound. tbh I got off the bus when they covered "Sweet Child of Mine", that was a bridge too far.

Οὖτις, Wednesday, 27 September 2017 15:50 (ten months ago) Permalink

Romantica is rather gauzy, actually!

the Rain Man of nationalism. (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Wednesday, 27 September 2017 15:53 (ten months ago) Permalink

there's something a little airless about some of Romantica that I don't like quite as much as the other records, I think. Still love it, though. I don't think they made a bad album — I know a lot of people don't like Days of Our Nights, but that record still sounds fantastic to me. Some of Wareham's most cutting lyrics (along with maybe some of his worst).

tylerw, Wednesday, 27 September 2017 15:55 (ten months ago) Permalink

Post Pup Tent Picks for me: Teenage Lightning, Black Postcards, Hello, Little One

campreverb, Wednesday, 27 September 2017 16:35 (ten months ago) Permalink

I also got off the bus with Sweet Child of Mine. I was already standing to exit, but that song made me hop off.

brotherlovesdub, Wednesday, 27 September 2017 16:39 (ten months ago) Permalink

haha, i think that cover is nice.

tylerw, Wednesday, 27 September 2017 16:44 (ten months ago) Permalink

I hate it for two reasons: 1) it's a shitty song, 2) their take on it is very predictable and obvious ie, "let's take this rocking anthem and turn it into an ironically narcotized plodding indie song"

Οὖτις, Wednesday, 27 September 2017 16:51 (ten months ago) Permalink

i think i just like narcotized plodding indie songs

tylerw, Wednesday, 27 September 2017 16:53 (ten months ago) Permalink

i think the cover is fine though if you don't like GNR i can understand finding it lame. i'm kind of a Guns n Roses agnostic, their usefulness as a band lasted for one album (one that was mostly classic but not as much as the CW suggests), but then again the Luna style goes a long way for me.

nomar, Wednesday, 27 September 2017 16:58 (ten months ago) Permalink

Did their boring cover come before or after Sheryl Crows boring cover?

Josh in Chicago, Wednesday, 27 September 2017 17:03 (ten months ago) Permalink

All the Luna covers on the Slide ep are pretty great. But then, once again, I like pretty much everything from the original lineup.

Josh in Chicago, Wednesday, 27 September 2017 17:04 (ten months ago) Permalink

iirc the summer of 99 was the summer of boring sweet child o mine covers. maybe there was even another one?

tylerw, Wednesday, 27 September 2017 17:11 (ten months ago) Permalink

you haven't seen sweet child o mine covered until you've seen Black Eyed Peas cover it w/Fergie singing and Slash stepping onstage to contribute lead guitar.

nomar, Wednesday, 27 September 2017 17:13 (ten months ago) Permalink

Digging that "Most of the Time."

Eazy, Wednesday, 27 September 2017 17:13 (ten months ago) Permalink

Sheryl Crow 1998! That's how far Luna had fallen off. Not only were they covering GNR, they were covering them after Sheryl Crow did it.

Josh in Chicago, Wednesday, 27 September 2017 17:14 (ten months ago) Permalink

It was the memoir that annoyed me the most.

campreverb, Wednesday, 27 September 2017 17:35 (ten months ago) Permalink

No "Superfreaky Memories"! That's probably my fave Luna track.

Well bissogled trotters (Michael B), Wednesday, 27 September 2017 18:03 (ten months ago) Permalink

"Superfreaky Memories" a victim of not remembering TDOON very well.

the Rain Man of nationalism. (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Wednesday, 27 September 2017 18:09 (ten months ago) Permalink

that is def the standout track on that album

Οὖτις, Wednesday, 27 September 2017 18:14 (ten months ago) Permalink

Math Wiz is pretty nice.

campreverb, Wednesday, 27 September 2017 19:00 (ten months ago) Permalink

haha yeah I was gonna say the other one that sticks in my memory is the one about he mathematician naked at his window or something like that

Οὖτις, Wednesday, 27 September 2017 19:02 (ten months ago) Permalink

"Math Wiz" and "Superfreaky Memories" kinda strike me as miniature Noah Baumbach movies (apologies if y'all hate him)

tylerw, Wednesday, 27 September 2017 19:15 (ten months ago) Permalink

(and obviously wareham and baumbach have worked together at various points)

tylerw, Wednesday, 27 September 2017 19:15 (ten months ago) Permalink

I love Slash Your Tires. I also love Freakin' And Peakin and think it's very underrated.

Benson and the Jets (ENBB), Wednesday, 27 September 2017 19:47 (ten months ago) Permalink

Baumbach and Wareham are a perfect fit imo

Οὖτις, Wednesday, 27 September 2017 19:58 (ten months ago) Permalink

ok off the top of my head

California All The Way
Bobby Peru
Friendly Advice
Freakin' And Peakin
Superfreaky memories
Tiger Lily

Benson and the Jets (ENBB), Wednesday, 27 September 2017 20:01 (ten months ago) Permalink

x-post - Yes.

Benson and the Jets (ENBB), Wednesday, 27 September 2017 20:02 (ten months ago) Permalink

"Astronaut" is definitely a late-period classic. That whole Close Cover Before Striking EP is killer.

tylerw, Wednesday, 27 September 2017 20:12 (ten months ago) Permalink

Yes! It's very good.

Benson and the Jets (ENBB), Wednesday, 27 September 2017 20:17 (ten months ago) Permalink

Dean Wareham has been in a few movies!

the Rain Man of nationalism. (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Wednesday, 27 September 2017 21:26 (ten months ago) Permalink

And "Neon Lights" from that EP, a classic cover (I'll admit to liking it more than Kraftwerk's).

nickn, Wednesday, 27 September 2017 23:40 (ten months ago) Permalink

eight months pass...

Just out of interest, I
sort of consider Luna to be a New Zealand band given Dean Wareham's ancestry and with past line ups containing members of the Clean and the Chills - am I alone in this?

Grantman, Monday, 11 June 2018 10:25 (two months ago) Permalink


Josh in Chicago, Monday, 11 June 2018 11:30 (two months ago) Permalink

Clean members in Luna?

nerve_pylon, Monday, 11 June 2018 15:41 (two months ago) Permalink

Hamish Kilgour played on some of Wareham's post-G500 demos, but I don't think he was ever really in the band ...

tylerw, Monday, 11 June 2018 15:52 (two months ago) Permalink

Justin is from NZ too, right? That said, NY band in my mind. No question.

Benson and the Jets (ENBB), Monday, 11 June 2018 16:12 (two months ago) Permalink

Taking sides: Luna as a NZ band vs. The Lemonheads as an Australian band.

dorsalstop, Monday, 11 June 2018 16:27 (two months ago) Permalink

vs ac/dc as a scottish band

CARL MARKS PRINCIPAL INVESTING AND ADVISORY SERVICES (bizarro gazzara), Monday, 11 June 2018 18:00 (two months ago) Permalink

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