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Obviously Autobahn through to Computer World(with the exception of radioactivity) are undeniable classics(anyone care to disagree?)
BUT what about the little known and unavailable Kraftwerk 1, Kraftwerk 2 (the ones with the cones on the cover) and Ralf & Florian?
Are they worth downloading(since they can never be found in shops unless bootlegs are available)?
And are the guys from Neu! on them? Someone told me they even feature guitar, violins and drums.
Anyone know if these albums are worth checking out?

Jimmy Smith, Tuesday, 24 December 2002 16:44 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

i'd say they're worth downloading, but don't expect anything like the accesible popness of the post autobahn continuum. they're closer in spirit to krautrock stuff like sand, dom, cluster/kluster, etc. ralf und florian is definitely getting closer to the 'autobahn' sound.

i'm not sure about neu! playing on the early stuff - i'm thinking that they might've done some stuff on the first album, but i'm fairly sure the second is just ralf and florian. there is definitely guitar on kraftwerk 2, though, so maybe i've got that backwards. there are a couple of bootlegs floating around and one of them features the kraftwerk/neu lineup in rough fidelity (including a track from the pre-kraftwerk organisation lineup, which you can actually see on the "krautrock" video tape that's floating around).

your null fame (yournullfame), Tuesday, 24 December 2002 16:59 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

i wasnt expecting it to have the pop majesty of later albums, but is it comparable to very early Can and the 1st tangerine dream album(which is magnificent has guitars,violins & drums also)
Or is it just avant garde subpar nonsense?
I just wondered what people thought of a non-synth kraftwerk.
I guess most people havent heard them. It sounds though it may be worth checking out. Will i find them on soulseek?

Jimmy Smith, Tuesday, 24 December 2002 17:10 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

Some of the stuff on those first albums sounds proto-industrial to me. My favorites are the more accessible "Klingklang" (mostly for its mellow passages) and "Ruckzuck" (but I don't like how they come abruptly crashing out of their groove(s) on that track, as though they don't know what else to do, and need to uglify it all to make it more "experimental" sounding). Nice flute work on both these tracks, plus electronics (or electric keyboard anyway). These tracks are both good none academic minimalist works, somewhat Enoesque. The other stuff I am rarely in the mood for, but if you like, say, Throbbing Gristle, you might like.

(I have good sounding copies of these albums on CD that I bought in a store, not even knowing they were officially unavailable.)

Rockist Scientist, Tuesday, 24 December 2002 17:29 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

yes, they are worth picking up. but only if you like freer more experimental kraut stuff. way more jammy. hardly any electronics on the first two.

the line up on the first one is ralf hutter, florian schnider, andreas hohmann, and klaus dinger (neu!)

obviously "Ralf and Florian" is just ralf and florian.

JasonD (JasonD), Tuesday, 24 December 2002 17:35 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

"Strom" is kind of nice, too (now playing). Jangular distorted guitar sounds and then some bare melody.

Rockist Scientist, Tuesday, 24 December 2002 17:39 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

I've downloaded most of them online, so yes, they are on SoulSeek. "Ananas Symphonie" is a beautiful, beautiful track. A lot of the others are good, too.

Adam A. (Keiko), Tuesday, 24 December 2002 18:20 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

ralf and florian is nice, summery, kind of hawaiian

radioactivity is great, i didnt know people didnt like that one

gareth (gareth), Tuesday, 24 December 2002 19:59 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

who don't like Radioactivity?

Paul (scifisoul), Tuesday, 24 December 2002 20:49 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

they're playing live in australia in january. which will be interesting if nothing else.

as for the early things, there's an awfull lot of flute on them which may sway you one way or another. all of these hippy bands just LOVED a flute. it's rampant on the first Kluster album too.

phil turnbull (philT), Tuesday, 24 December 2002 21:05 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

i wasnt expecting it to have the pop majesty of later albums, but is it comparable to very early Can and the 1st tangerine dream album

not can, but tangerine dream's "electronic meditation" would probably be a fairish comparison, in the freer parts. "ruckzuck" is definitely great - it was actually used as the theme for a pop-science for kids program here in the US ("newton's apple") and has a bouncy little groove. if you like neu! and "electronic meditation," yes, you need to hear the first two kraftwerks.

your null fame (yournullfame), Tuesday, 24 December 2002 22:15 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

flute rocks

Pashmina (Pashmina), Tuesday, 24 December 2002 22:40 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

Ananas Symphonie is probably my favourite song ever. As far as Neu! involvement, I think there might be some Klaus Dinger drumwork on the first LP - Michael Rother joined after the LP was made.

Damian (Damian), Wednesday, 25 December 2002 00:56 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

What's yr second favorite?

Adam A. (Keiko), Wednesday, 25 December 2002 01:15 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

"Ruckzuck" is one of my favourite songs (well there're about 200 but still) - I really like the groovy flute playing. It's kind of "hard" flute, not floaty. I think Kwerk 1 & 2 are both really strong albums and I like Ralf und Florian less, pretty fond of "Tanzmusik" from that though.

spectra, Wednesday, 25 December 2002 05:49 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

My second favourite might be Joy Division's Atmosphere (just ensuring no confusion with the Russ Abbott one). Ananas Symphonie makes me want to buy a steel guitar.

Damian (Damian), Wednesday, 25 December 2002 09:58 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

It's kind of "hard" flute, not floaty.

Exactly. I'm glad someone else figured out how to say this (although I do like some floaty flute).

Rockist Scientist, Wednesday, 25 December 2002 14:29 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

two years pass...
I swear there was a thread about the supposed reissues for Kraftwerk (hell if I could find it). Anyway....So about the reissue(s)...Rough Trade is now selling Computer World (REMASTERED) vinyl. Out today in fact. Hope this is the beginning of the reissues (and on cds as well).

van nostrum (Buck Van Smack), Tuesday, 26 July 2005 23:56 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

(how do you make long links short, with just a word or two?)

van nostrum (Buck Van Smack), Tuesday, 26 July 2005 23:59 (thirteen years ago) Permalink


Replace "[" and "]" with ""

This is my most "advanced" html trick.

Rockist_Scientist (RSLaRue), Wednesday, 27 July 2005 00:20 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

It's not showing up here- should be replacing the square brackets with angle brackets.

Telephonething (Telephonething), Wednesday, 27 July 2005 01:17 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Hope this is the beginning of the reissues
On that page you linked, they list 1 & 2 as a double package and Autobahn too, all on coloured vinyl.

willem (willem), Wednesday, 27 July 2005 05:33 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

They are all bootlegs.

harvey.w (harvey.w), Wednesday, 27 July 2005 12:51 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Kraftwerk have been notorious for announcing stuff that *never* happens - earlier this year, they announced that the first three albums would finally get released on CD - no bonus tracks, but "re-mastered" - how can you re-master something that was mever (CD) mastered to begin with? Anyway, the first 3 are great - my favorite is "Kristallo" from "Ralf & Florian", sounds great when played LOUD.

SoHoLa (SoHoLa), Wednesday, 27 July 2005 12:55 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

you need "tone float" by kraftwerk / organisation - which is kinda like a pre kraftwerk hippy drum circle with wiggy violin, flute & hammond organ - at least as good as kwerk 1 & 2 which are their all time best apart from the original tour de france. get it get it get it - it's the best

bob snoom, Wednesday, 27 July 2005 15:12 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

three years pass...


Matt DC, Tuesday, 6 January 2009 10:56 (ten years ago) Permalink

The boy Schnieder done good but he has to hang up his boots sometime

Vicious Cop Kills Gentle Fool (Tom D.), Tuesday, 6 January 2009 11:04 (ten years ago) Permalink

I've been disappointed by how accessible they've been over the past few years. Maybe this will restore a little mystery.

Tracer Hand, Tuesday, 6 January 2009 11:05 (ten years ago) Permalink

But Florian was the weirdo mystery element in the group

Vicious Cop Kills Gentle Fool (Tom D.), Tuesday, 6 January 2009 11:07 (ten years ago) Permalink

And now he's not even in it! It's like SUPER MYSTERIOUS!

Tracer Hand, Tuesday, 6 January 2009 11:16 (ten years ago) Permalink

This at the bottom of the BBC page...
Cones hotline
The lasting legacy of John Major's much ridiculed plan

snoball, Tuesday, 6 January 2009 11:36 (ten years ago) Permalink

what would Florian do?

Hopefully jam with Michael Rother and Jaki L., but probably not. :(

909090909 Rivethed Brikkchin Reverk now DANZ (Mackro Mackro), Tuesday, 6 January 2009 20:02 (ten years ago) Permalink

three months pass...

Every time I play the opening minute or two of "Europe Endless" I'm kinda convinced there's no better start to a song -- an album, ANYTHING -- out there. It's such a perfectly realized and precise arrangement, and *then* the beats arrive.

Ned Raggett, Thursday, 30 April 2009 18:32 (nine years ago) Permalink


Europa Endlos should be the anthem of the EU.

Suggesteban Cambiasso (jim), Thursday, 30 April 2009 18:35 (nine years ago) Permalink

Every time I play the opening minute or two of "Europe Endless" I'm kinda convinced there's no better start to a song -- an album, ANYTHING -- out there. It's such a perfectly realized and precise arrangement, and *then* the beats arrive.

For me, that moment is the keyboard interlude the third time or so it's repeated. For one, I just love the sound of the saw wave and the little modulation accents Ralf plays. But on that iteration, Ralf knocks it up a register — and it just takes off. Easily my favorite Kraftwerk moment, period.

Naive Teen Idol, Thursday, 30 April 2009 19:10 (nine years ago) Permalink

three months pass...

Folks have probably already seen this, but just in case:

Remasters of Autobahn, Radio-Activity, Trans Europe Express), The Man Machine, Computer World, Techno Pop, The Mix, and Tour De France. Available individually or as a box set, in which case they come in those horrible little "mini LP sleeve" packages people seem to like for some reason.

More Butty In Your Pants (Telephone thing), Tuesday, 11 August 2009 05:03 (nine years ago) Permalink

On October 5 Kraftwerk will release 12345678: The Catalogue, a CD box set collecting eight of their classic studio albums. Newly remastered versions of the albums will also be available individually on CD, vinyl and download.

The release is via Mute; it marks the 35th anniversary of the band's 1974 hit 'Autobahn' and will come mere weeks after they headline the 2009 edition of Bestival. Kraftwerk are arguably more important than The Beatles in terms of profound influence on the evolution of modern music,
.. etcetc...

Mark G, Tuesday, 11 August 2009 09:20 (nine years ago) Permalink

- 8 x individual CDs presented in special slipcases featuring newly expanded artwork, including many previously unseen images all of which have been reproduced to the highest technical standards.

- CD Box Set containing 8 x CDs in ‘mini-vinyl’ card wallet packaging, plus individual large format booklets.

- 8 x individual heavyweight vinyl LPs with large format booklets.

- Digital downloads.

Mark G, Tuesday, 11 August 2009 09:21 (nine years ago) Permalink

Any reason to buy these for those of us who own all the albums on CD already? Sounds like extra packaging but nothing in the way of new/unreleased music... not really into those types of reissues.

I just wish he hadn't adopted the "ilxor" moniker (ilxor), Tuesday, 11 August 2009 13:53 (nine years ago) Permalink

Remastered sound?

StanM, Tuesday, 11 August 2009 13:57 (nine years ago) Permalink

Oh my god, I'm listening to the original '83 version of "Tour de France" right now and am FLIPPING OUT

claws of jungle red (Stevie D), Tuesday, 11 August 2009 18:54 (nine years ago) Permalink

for the first time

claws of jungle red (Stevie D), Tuesday, 11 August 2009 18:54 (nine years ago) Permalink

Remastered sound?

The remastering will be the selling point for me. The CDs that we've been listening to for the last twenty years leave a lot to be desired.

Vast Halo, Tuesday, 11 August 2009 19:06 (nine years ago) Permalink

will "Techno Pop" be mythical lost album or just "Electric Cafe" with original title?

Fox Force Five Punchline (sexyDancer), Tuesday, 11 August 2009 21:20 (nine years ago) Permalink

wikipedia says it's just electric cafe with the original title

elan, Tuesday, 11 August 2009 21:23 (nine years ago) Permalink

ralf and florian is nice, summery, kind of hawaiian

-- this explains why i like that lp so much!

amateurist, Tuesday, 11 August 2009 21:36 (nine years ago) Permalink

Techno Pop was basically a failed album that had the best parts remixed into Electric Cafe. I doubt it will ever seen the light of day and I am not too upset about it. It would be neat to hear out of curiosity, but I doubt they have eight Tour de France style joints sitting in the can waiting to be heard.

That being said, I can only imagine what they have in their archives. I would love to hear the demos for songs that didn't make the cut for their studio albums. They will never be heard while Hutter is alive, but it will be interesting to see how his estate handles the music.

It will also be interesting to see who is credited on the box set. I wonder if Schneider will have his name removed like Bartos and Flur.

your original display name is still visible (Display Name), Tuesday, 11 August 2009 21:47 (nine years ago) Permalink

.. and Conny Plank...

Mark G, Tuesday, 11 August 2009 22:00 (nine years ago) Permalink

1983 demo version of 'Techno Pop' is utterly different than album version, almost a 70's retrench with the Orchestron vocal choir playing the chord sequence, I like it better than the album version

& there were three new tunes on the 98 tour than remain unreleased, I can see why but I'd still love a studio version of the one that sounds like their take on Basic Channel

Milton Parker, Tuesday, 11 August 2009 22:07 (nine years ago) Permalink

word! is that demo vers floating around somewhere reachable?
the live versions I've heard of the "Techno Pop" stuff is pretty great ... hard-hitting, muscular stuff

Fox Force Five Punchline (sexyDancer), Tuesday, 11 August 2009 22:21 (nine years ago) Permalink

The former makes perfect sense, but the latter isn't bizarre at all. It really isn't that hard to draw a line from Kraftwerk to early Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark or early The Human League. Japan, Gary Numan and Ultravox were more part of the Roxy Music/Bowie circa Station To Station/Low lineage.

Turrican, Wednesday, 23 September 2015 17:05 (three years ago) Permalink

it's the blind men describing the elephant

Josefa, Wednesday, 23 September 2015 17:15 (three years ago) Permalink

early Human League def, yeah that makes sense Turrican

Οὖτις, Wednesday, 23 September 2015 17:20 (three years ago) Permalink

Well, the clue is in the fact that I said "Tumblr fandom". It's mostly young people, crate-digging (or whatever the MP3 and GIF equivalent is) an "80s aesthetic" and see that Kraftwerk fit what they think of as an "80s aesthetic" in suits and skinny ties, early computer graphics, neon, etc. Not realising that Kraftwerk fit that aesthetic because they *invented* it, while the other bands are their aesthetic children or at least nieces/nephews through the Eno/Low Bowie branch.

While - y'know, I'm in my 40s and that's the general age group of ILM - so I can *remember* New Order, OMD, Depeche Mode as bands and events I lived through. But Kraftwerk... I cannot remember a time before Kraftwerk. All of their albums were in place by the time I discovered music. So someone in their 40s, remembering the 80s is going to remember that Kraftwerk were a hallowed influence, but they were not "of the 80s". While a kid today would assign Kraftwerk to "80s aesthetic" because "70s aesthetic" means flares and stuff that looks and sounds nothing like Kraftwerk.

This thread kept making me thinking about the idea of living through a band / music in a personal context versus only experiencing a band in a historical context. (This doesn't have to be a function of just age, it could be cultural, dependent on the country you live in, your demographic, etc.) How does the difference between discovering a band through archeology, or experiencing it through personal memories affect how one approaches that music. Like, the difference between hearing albums as they came out, and living the "progression" in realtime versus getting a giant data dump of "this band's entire discography" all at once. But then I just started reading Retromania this morning and I'd rather stab myself in the eye with a spork than ever start that thread. So.

Dröhn Rock (Branwell with an N), Wednesday, 23 September 2015 17:22 (three years ago) Permalink

I didn't want to come back to EC, but Josefa's post brought it back to mind again. But also thinking about Radio-Activity (sorry, I've been lazy with my hyphen, which is, technically part of the English title). Both of those albums having been singled out time and again in this thread as being "not as good as the others" for some people.

EC is all groove and no concept. Radio-Activity is all concept and very little groove. So, depending on what you're wanting out of Kraftwerk, one of those albums is more likely to be the one that doesn't satisfy you.

The lyrics or slogans (lots of Kraftwerk songs don't have lyrics, but they have a repeated slogan which helps you know what the song is about - be that "Spaaaaaace Laaaaaab" or "It's more fun to compute!") on EC are just ... unsatisfying. The songs aren't really about anything. A missed phone call. Sex Object is... I don't think we ever resolved on that thread what the hell Sex Object was about because we kept getting digressed into robot sex.

Radio-activity is just so rich conceptually in its symbolism and its metaphors and its silly puns. (Radioactivity isn't about atoms, it's about pop, on the radio. But Radio Stars, that's not about pop on the radio, that's about pulsars and quasars. Who wrote a song about pulsars and quasars and actual literal radio stars? Come here. I love you. Marry me. Just marry me because you are the absolute spacerock best.) But despite the jaunty melodies and the lovely bittersweet tunes, there are no bangers on it.

I know I've bitched about this before on another thread, but this is what I really dislike yet again about the new versions of old songs. They took all the ambivalence and ambiguity out of Radioactivity. That it was such a rich and ambivalent song and it could be about pop, it could be about nuclear power, but it was ambivalent about both. And they just ripped all of that beautiful ambiguity out, and NOPE, now it's about NUCLEAR POWER and that's BAD, kids. I hate what they've done to that song so much it hurts.

Dröhn Rock (Branwell with an N), Wednesday, 23 September 2015 17:36 (three years ago) Permalink

Sometimes songs get relevance thrust upon them.

Mark G, Wednesday, 23 September 2015 19:17 (three years ago) Permalink

Again, I agree with Branwell about the way they perform the classic songs now, esp "Radioactivity". The "Stop-Radioactivity" context goes back to The Mix, so it's basically spent longer in that incarnation than in the original, form. I think it worked as a one-off remix but sort of has become the default. By the mid-2000s they added a preamble about "death and skin cancer" which is basically into Chumbawamba-stating-the-bleeding-obvious territory. Not cool.

everything, Wednesday, 23 September 2015 19:58 (three years ago) Permalink

agreed, any sort of political or moral message in Kraftwerk seems off. but I do like the added thump that Radioactivity gets. I find the original a bit dull, honestly

frogbs, Wednesday, 23 September 2015 20:01 (three years ago) Permalink

Business, numbers, money, people
Business, numbers, money, people
Computer world
Computer world

^ best lyric they ever wrote.

everything, Wednesday, 23 September 2015 20:14 (three years ago) Permalink

Creepy intro to 'Radioactivity' is dope live. Heard a recording of one show they did in '98 where they (often) had 'Airwaves' in the setlist at the time and even that started off with a deeper much more menacing tone on the vocoder voice, pretty off with the rest of the track but very powerful and exciting. The live version of 'Numbers' back then was often a lot slower with more pitch-bending and other fx on the voices too. Always interesting to hear how the tracks have changed over time especially since they started doing the entire LP renditions in recent years. I'm still amazed they (hardly unreasonably) loved DJ Rolando's mix of 'Expo 2000' so much they adopted it for the TDF sets and still include it today.

nashwan, Wednesday, 23 September 2015 20:15 (three years ago) Permalink

Business, numbers, money, people
Business, numbers, money, people
Computer world
Computer world

^ best lyric they ever wrote.

― everything, Wednesday, September 23, 2015 8:14 PM (17 minutes ago) Bookmark Flag Post Permalink

The lyrics to that track are superior in German, I think.

Turrican, Wednesday, 23 September 2015 20:32 (three years ago) Permalink

And if there's not a direct line from that to "Genetic Engineering" OMD, I say wo.

Mark G, Thursday, 24 September 2015 09:40 (three years ago) Permalink

yeah, Computer World is one of the cases where the German being much more explicit provides a different context for the song which makes it way, way better.

I'm sure I've told this story before (if not on ILX then elsewhere) about Computer World was the first Kraftwerk album that anyone ever sat me down and made me listen to in full. In about 1989? And I HAAAAAAAAAAATED IT. I thought it was absolutely terrible, and the person who recommended it to me was mystified as to why I hadn't liked it because it seemed so completely something I'd like.

The truth being, that in 1989, I was working on a giant project to digitise and computerise fingerprint records for the criminal justice system. And realising that I hated that record, because I just felt like "this shit is MY JOB! That I HATE! I don't want to hear songs about it!" But now, I'm like... "wow, that record was so prescient in predicting in 1981, things that would be happening in 1989." and also "Yes! Here are songs about my life as a data analyst, Ralfie and Flori, you know how I feel, ILU ILU ILU!" because I'm a lot more reconciled to my profession than I was then.

Dröhn Rock (Branwell with an N), Thursday, 24 September 2015 09:49 (three years ago) Permalink

Yeah, that's not so far off for me, except that it was more that other people were "lol this is your life isn't it? You computer people are all like THIS right?"

This was not true at the time, but hey! All you people that do internet/twitter/facebook - This is YOUR life now lol isn't it?

(Which isn't true either, but hey.)

Mark G, Thursday, 24 September 2015 10:17 (three years ago) Permalink

3D show was amazing. The most genuine fun I've experienced at a show in a while.

welltris (crüt), Tuesday, 29 September 2015 05:19 (three years ago) Permalink

so what kind of German accent *is* it that pronounces "für dich und mich" as "for dish und mish"?

Is that what they mean by their Düsseldorf accent making them sound as comical as Brummies?

Dröhn Rock (Branwell with an N), Wednesday, 30 September 2015 11:22 (three years ago) Permalink

i thought it was a pretty great show -- one of the highlights was actually the extensive tour de france section, a record that's never really been in my regular rotation. my only complaint would be that i thought the sound was a bit quiet...but then, my ears are kinda scorched from playing too many shows. oh, and a totally ratchet group of ladies behind us who were shushed a couple times, then left halfway through. i don't think they knew why they were there. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i feel pretty fortunate to have seen kraftwerk (2015), michael rother, and roedelius all live! i was thinking about that while walking out of the show, probably looked like this :)))))))))))

dronestreet, Wednesday, 30 September 2015 13:33 (three years ago) Permalink

I saw them in Boston last weekend, they were terrific. Granted, I'm not sure they weren't just surfing Facebook or something, but it all looked and sounded great.

Gerald McBoing-Boing, Tuesday, 6 October 2015 23:26 (three years ago) Permalink

This one has sound (and Ralf being adorable but I didn't say that):

Dröhn Rock (Branwell with an N), Wednesday, 7 October 2015 06:37 (three years ago) Permalink

at work but double hell yeah

bonobo voyage (Noodle Vague), Wednesday, 7 October 2015 09:17 (three years ago) Permalink

two months pass...
three months pass...

F♯ A♯ (∞), Thursday, 24 March 2016 19:03 (two years ago) Permalink


glandular lansbury (sic), Saturday, 26 March 2016 00:59 (two years ago) Permalink

Is that the knitting pattern?

StanM, Saturday, 26 March 2016 04:27 (two years ago) Permalink

URL encoded utf8 by the look of it. It's a Japanese website and the path is in Japanese. If you look there are groups of 3 bytes all starting with e3, each of these groups is a character.

koogs, Saturday, 26 March 2016 06:39 (two years ago) Permalink for instance

koogs, Saturday, 26 March 2016 06:41 (two years ago) Permalink

Great video.

Chewshabadoo, Tuesday, 29 March 2016 12:33 (two years ago) Permalink

Would it have killed them to film Florian more. :(

Sehr Kornisch (Branwell with an N), Friday, 1 April 2016 07:24 (two years ago) Permalink

wow, that is the highest quality transfer I have ever seen of the 1981 TV live special. if anyone comes across the rest of that in the same HD quality, please post back here, you can finally even see the shape of the switches & all their gear clearly

Milton Parker, Friday, 1 April 2016 16:57 (two years ago) Permalink

not HD, in fact terrible quality, but someone heard my prayer and filmed Florian chatting about synthesisers for 10 minutes!

Sehr Kornisch (Branwell with an N), Monday, 4 April 2016 08:56 (two years ago) Permalink

three months pass...
ten months pass...

We meet on the eve of the general election, and so, to break the ice, I tell him how, ever since the leaders debates in 2010, pictures of UK politicians stood sombrely at lecterns have come to be labelled by online wits as the “worst Kraftwerk gig ever”. Curious, Hütter looks at a picture on my phone of a besuited Gordon Brown, Nick Clegg and David Cameron, and nods in agreement: “Because there’s only three of them,” he says. “One missing.”

cast your vote for fully automated gay space luxury communism (bizarro gazzara), Friday, 16 June 2017 09:33 (one year ago) Permalink


frogbs, Friday, 16 June 2017 13:12 (one year ago) Permalink

oh my god no that cannot be real

he not like the banana (Stevie D(eux)), Friday, 16 June 2017 13:17 (one year ago) Permalink

kraftwerk's deadpan humour is one of my favourite things about them

cast your vote for fully automated gay space luxury communism (bizarro gazzara), Friday, 16 June 2017 13:19 (one year ago) Permalink

i loled hard when i read that part of the interview this morning... glad to find someone posted it here.

new noise, Friday, 16 June 2017 19:12 (one year ago) Permalink

I liked this part too

Did it surprise Hütter when black audiences in New York and Detroit took it to their hearts and used it as a building block for hip-hop and techno?

“Yes and no,” he says. “Because I have white and black keys on my piano.”

frogbs, Friday, 16 June 2017 19:25 (one year ago) Permalink

to say i am buzzed to the max re tomorrow would be an understatement ...

mark e, Friday, 16 June 2017 19:27 (one year ago) Permalink

Has Ralf been listening to 'Ebony and Ivory'? :D

The Anti-Climax Blues Band (Turrican), Monday, 19 June 2017 15:50 (one year ago) Permalink

By the way, one thing I noticed in the CD box set is: Every track has very specific credits for words, music, every individual. Not seen that before..

Mark G, Monday, 19 June 2017 21:24 (one year ago) Permalink

one month passes...

finally caved and bought the new CD boxset. it's quite good, the versions on discs 1-6 are more different than the originals (and The Mix) than I expected. kinda cool to see them rearranging the tracks and grouping the similar stuff together, i.e. the "Franz Schubert/Europe Endless" medley. I do think some of the magic is lost but they still sound great. new versions of "Airwaves" and "Antenna" are excellent. plus they turn "Telephone Call" into a real jam and just forego the vocals entirely. I'm on Disc 7 (the 3-D headphone version of "The Mix") and it's giving me a headache. Haven't heard the Tour de France disc yet, can't imagine it's much different though. still, worth the 40 bucks.

frogbs, Friday, 11 August 2017 15:01 (one year ago) Permalink

they turn "Telephone Call" into a real jam and just forego the vocals entirely

Anything to do with the fact that Karl Bartos sang it originally? And Ralf didn't like his vocal either - too emotional.

Tonight I Cut My Temple Teeth (Tom D.), Friday, 11 August 2017 15:13 (one year ago) Permalink

yeah that's probably exactly the reason.

funny to hear a 70 year-old Hutter sing "Sex Object". what a strange tune that is.

frogbs, Friday, 11 August 2017 15:25 (one year ago) Permalink

three months pass...

HCMF40 (Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival - Radio 3)

The programme features music from the arch-experimentalist ensemble zeitkratzer and their tribute to the iconic German band Kraftwerk, with live performances of numbers from their critically acclaimed albums "Kraftwerk" and "Kraftwerk 2".

(disclaimer, i haven't listened to this yet)

koogs, Wednesday, 29 November 2017 09:25 (one year ago) Permalink

five months pass...
two months pass...

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