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The Moldy Peaches - Origin Story: 1994-1999 [i[is a collection of songs, unreleased demos, live tracks, and poems from the early years of The Moldy Peaches, and outline the tale of how the band came to be. Liner notes written by Adam and Kimya detail the stories behind each track and rare photos included in the packaging help to illustrate the life and times of the duo when they were young. This is a very special release from Org Music coming out on February 25, 2022 and we'd love to help their origin story be told before they made their weird, adorable mark in the 00s.

Adam Green and Kimya Dawson originally crossed paths at an open mic night in Mount Kisco, New York in the early 90s. From there they went on to record a surplus of home recordings with various friends under the moniker The Moldy Peaches, and eventually became staples in the NYC anti-folk scene of the late 90’s/ early 2000’s. After releasing several albums that gained traction in the U.S. and UK, the group broke into the mainstream when their song “Anyone Else But You” appeared in the hit indie film “Juno” (2007). They've lived in haunted cult band fandom ever since.
RIYL: Modern Lovers, Aesop Rock, Lisa Germano, The B-52s, Fatlip, Mountain Goats, Regina Spektor, Nina Hagen, Jeffrey Lewis, They Might Be Giants, Jandek

“While the naive wisdom of childhood is eroded in most of us by responsibility and respectability, Adam Green and Kimya Dawson have not only clung to the surreal images and outspoken brashness of youth but distilled it into an artform. … sweetly crazy and completely memorable.” -The Guardian [/i]

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five months pass...

Studio One Dub
18th anniversary 3 New Special Editions

2xLP (Limited Edition Coloured Vinyl) + Download Code£28.00
Expected 04 Mar
CD (Limited Edition Coloured CD)£12.00
Expected 04 MarPREORDER
Cassette Tape + Download Code£12.00
Expected 04 MarPREORDER
MP3 Release£9.99
Expected 04 MarPREORDER

Soul Jazz Records’ long out of print classic ‘Studio One Dub’ collection is being re-released in three new one-off limited-edition coloured pressing 18th anniversary format editions!

Firstly a heavyweight special limited edition one-pressing only orange 2xLP vinyl + download.

Secondly, there is also a new special limited-edition one-off pressing edition yellow-pressed CD enclosed in jewel case and slipcase.

And thirdly there is a very limited unique new one-off pressing orange-cased cassette format (200 copies only)!

18 years on from its original release Studio One Dub remains super-hard hitting featuring classic + rare Dub tracks from Studio One, many available on vinyl for the first time in over thirty years.

Studio One Dub includes the dubs of many classic tracks such as Horace Andy’s “Skylarkin”, Johnny Osbourne’s “Truth and Rights”, John Holt’s “Hooligan”, Freddie McGregor’s “Bobby Bobylon” plus many more rare tracks.

The album also comes with two rare interviews - one with Clement 'Sir Coxsone' Dodd about dub and dubplates and one with the sound engineer Sylvan Morris, talking about his groundbreaking period at Studio One and his many innovations that he evolved there.

In short, this is a 100% essential album!


"Almighty slab of dub featuring loads of rare and classic dub versions of Studio One's foundation tracks." Rough Trade

“Quite a treat awaiting here for the unsuspecting reggae faithful - as always with Soul jazz chock full of a bunch of big tunes - but here in version form lies some of the freshest rhythms and most radical revisions of some of the greatest Studio One music. The darkest and the absolute deepest in the series - naturally essential”. Boomkat

"Continuing the Studio 1 Series this album features classic and rare Dub tracks from Studio One, many available for the first time in over thirty years. Studio One Dub includes the dubs of many classic tracks such as Horace Andy’s “Skylarkin”, Johnny Osbourne’s “Truth and Rights”, John Holt’s “Hooligan”, Freddie McGregor’s “Bobby Bobylon” plus many more rare tracks. In short, this is an essential album!" Wax Museum


“Soul Jazz’s Studio One Dub collection, cannot help but to serve as loving tribute to Sir Coxsone Dodd. This giant of a man not only defined popular music for the isle of Jamaica, but for the world over, his innovations laying the foundations for hip-hop, dance and post-rock.”

“Dodd's dubs drew on such a fertile ground of classic Jamaican rhythms that he rarely missed. As such, it's difficult to find fault with the versions presented here and many of these cuts are ridiculously rare.”

“This burning set celebrates Dodd's extraordinary life by mashing time and space until it's joyfully suspended. What better tribute could there be?” Pitchfork
more info, audio:

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Oops. catching up on email:

For the next four weeks this album is available NOW EXCLUSIVELY at the Life Between Islands: Caribbean-British Art 1950s-Now exhibition currently showing at Tate Britain.
You can also pre-order the album direct from us here to ship for release date 28 Jan 2022

NEW RELEASE Life Between Islands: Soundsystem Culture - Black Musical Expression In The UK 1973 - 2006 (Soul Jazz Records)3×LP£28.00
In stockADD TO BAG
In stockADD TO BAG
MP3 Release£10.00
In stock

Soul Jazz Records new ‘Life Between Islands’ collection is released in conjuction with Tate Britain’s exhibition of the same name. This landmark exhibition explores the links between Caribbean and British art and culture from the 1950s to now.

Soul Jazz Records album, sub-titled “Soundsystem Culture – Black Musical Expression 1973-2006,” focuses on the most important Black British musical styles to emerge out of the distinctly Caribbean world of sound systems. The album features an all-star line-up including Dennis Bovell, Shut Up and Dance, Cymande, Digital Mystikz, Brown Sugar, Funk Masters, Janet Kay, Ragga Twins and more.

The album is a lightning-rod journey across Roots Reggae, Jungle/Drum & Bass, Jazz-Funk, Lovers Rock, Jazz, Dubstep and more. Much of Soul Jazz Records’ catalogue comes out of these genres and this album is partly an overview of some of Soul Jazz’s earlier releases (including Digital Mystikz’ long-deleted groundbreaking and now highly-collectible single, ‘Misty Winter’) alongside some choice rare and classic tunes that span over 30 years of sound system culture.

Many of the tracks represent how Black British artists defined their own identity with songs such as Brown Sugar’s righteous ‘Black Pride’, ‘I’m In Love with A Dreadlocks’ and Tabby Cat Kelly’s powerful ‘Don’t Call Us Immigrants’. Aside from being musically rooted in the distinctly Jamaican-born phenomenon of the sound system, much of this identity is also shaped by the triangular relationship of being British-born, of Caribbean heritage, and with an equal love of African-American Jazz, Funk and Soul, as evidenced with many Lovers Rock tunes reggae covers of American soul tunes (such as those of Jean Carn, William de Vaughan and Rose Royce featured here). This stateside influence can also be heard in groups such as the Funk Masters, a group formed by reggae radio DJ Tony Williams, whose jazz-funk music successfully crossed over into New York’s clubland, as well as the great Cymande, whose unique street-funk became staple material for numerous US hip-hop artists in the years that followed.

In the early 1990s, jungle and drum and bass artists took the essence of reggae’s soundsystem culture – MCs, dubplates, crews – and applied them to their own music, applying heavy reggae bass lines to intense double-speed drum breakbeats. At the forefront of this new movement were the duo Shut Up and Dance, working closely with The Ragga Twins, aka Deman Rocker and Flinty Badman, both MCs for North London’s infamous Unity reggae soundsytem. In the early 2000s, dubstep, spearheaded by Digital Mystikz, became the latest instalment in this ever-evolving soundsystem culture.

Soul Jazz Records’ ‘Life Between Islands’ shows how these many styles are interconnected. The album comes as a heavyweight triple vinyl (+ download), deluxe double CD with slipcase and digital release. Lloyd Bradley (author of the classic book on reggae ‘Bass Culture’, and ‘Sounds Like London’), provides the excellent sleevenotes, which are also accompanied with exclusive and striking photography.


"There is probably no better or more appropriate way to celebrate the Tate Britain’s exhibition, Between the Islands: Caribbean-British Art 1950s – Now, than with an accompanying compilation album. As with the art itself, music has all the possibilities to reflect its surroundings through an array of lenses limited only by the creator’s imagination. Hence this astutely conceived and compiled soundtrack is as beautiful and as varied as the art itself, offering stories of immigration and settlement that can exist without filters or outside interference, providing a vivid snapshot of one of the cornerstones of black British culture.” Lloyd Bradley

Life Between Islands: Caribbean-British Art 1950s-Now is at Tate Britain 1 Dec 2021 until 3 April 2022.


"It’s yet another example of Soul Jazz Records winning combination of historical insight and high quality, often exceptional music, the label spreading knowledge with nary a trace of academic dryness." Vinyl District
more info, audio:

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Don't have to pay for this---okay?
Warning: now approaching Drag City copy

Maybe you've heard by now: Jim O'Rourke's got bad timing. For many of you, though, this news will be good timing - for BAD TIMING!

Why is it that American composers always end up at least once in their careers writing a quintessentially American composition? God only knows, but Bad Timing has gone down in the O’Rourke discography as that composition. And a god-damned one-of-a-kind classic of that genre, and other ones too! Known as an exceptional improvisational and experimental wunderkind for most of the 90s, a new phase of O'Rourke emerged in 1997 with Bad Timing. Reflecting on a Fahey-esque 6-string acoustic guitar fantasias, each of the three pieces here gradually expands with harmonic information and musical elements - piano, organ, electric guitar, brass, strings (everything, it seems except vocals--those would come later!) - all interwoven to chart the agony and ecstasy of a simple passage of star-crossed fate.

Bad Timing, Jim O'Rourke's masterwork from 1997(?!), is now available to digitally stream -- losslessly! -- for the very first time, on Apple Music. Never heard an LP in your life? Well, they're just great, we highly recommend them. Never heard a CD in your life?! Now you will hear what all the fuss was (and is) about, unreasonably replicated in a hi-fi, lossless experience your ears'll thank you for. But your brain may hate you, cause now it's gotta WORK. Such polarization in the world today! A good time for the bad timing of Bad Timing, in deed. Listen to 'Bad Timing' in lossless audio here

product page for LP, CD, FLAC:

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Onda De Amor: Synthesized Brazilian Hits That Never Were 1984-94
Various Artists

The mighty Soundway Records present a new compilation, this time turning their attention to South America, specifically Brazil. This is a treasure trove of synth jams, pop, samba boogie, balearic and electro from 1980 & ‘90s Brazil - the tracks are picked by Millos Kaiser, one half of the Brazilian duo Selvagem. Another winner from the Soundway stable!

More info, audio:

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The Scorpions & Saif Abu Bakr
Jazz, Jazz, Jazz

Habibi Funk reissue the highly sought after, Sudanese jazz LP from The Scorpions & Saif Abu Bakr, 'Jazz, Jazz, Jazz'. An OG goes for big money online, so don't miss the chance to grab yourself an official reissue, including come a booklet with photos, interviews, and liner notes.
More info, audio:

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Fame: Jon Savage's Secret History Of Post-Punk 1978-81 (2021 Re-Edition)
Various Artists

New edition of this WICKED post-punk collection from the great Jon Savage complete with revised track-listing & artwork with extensive liner-notes, colour inner-sleeves.

Post-punk luminaries including Wire, Joy Division and the Prefects - not so 'secret' you may think, but consider the nascent lo-fi Subway Sect, the uncompromising other-worldly sounds of impLOG's 'Holland Tunnel Dive' and the hyper obscure experimentalism of File Under Pop and you're getting the idea. From Pere Ubu's dystopian madness to the motorik of Chrome, it's a snapshot of a brief era, excellently put together by Jon Savage writer (and co-editor of Soul Jazz's Punk 45 book, records etc).
More info, audio:

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Tony Allen & Afrobeat 2000

A absolute classic by the legendary Tony Allen, originally issued in 1984. Includes a track previously unreleased called 'Olokun'.
More info, audio:

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Sussan Deyhim & Richard Horowitz
Desert Equations: Azax Attra

When it frst appeared in 1986, the 'Desert Equations: Azax Attra' album was greeted with enthusiasm, awe and disbelief: nobody had done anything quite like that before, and this dizzying, inspired blend of Persian tradition, New York avantgarde and electronic music remains incomparable, powerful and mesmerising to this day.

More info, audio:

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From Numero:
V4 Visions: Of Love & Androids
In the midst of the UK house rave-olution of the early-’90s, London’s V4 Visions imprint documented the confluence of street soul, deep house, swingbeat, and jungle sounds emanating from the clubs and pirate radio signals. Over the course of half a decade, V4’s unparalleled 12” output referenced every significant Black British music scene; from lovers rock to jazz-funk, sound system reggae to hip hop, new jack swing to garage, from artists Ashaye, Julie Stapleton, Maureen Mason, Rohan Delano, The Wades, and Endangered Species. This 18-track double LP is the first critical overview of the label, with extensive notes by Simon Reynolds, era-defining photographs, and fresh remasters, all housed in a glorious foil-stamped gatefold tip-on sleeve. Is this a dream?

They call him country: A Sanford Clark Repress
Propelled by his 1956 Lee Hazlewood-produced hit “The Fool,” Sanford Clark was already a rockabilly legend in his own mind by the time he swapped his hair gel and switchblade for a pair of cowboy boots on They Call Me Country. Recorded between 1965-'67 and originally released as a series of singles for Phoenix’s Ramco label, the 12 tracks on this LP borrow Bakersfield’s outlaw sound and ignore Nashville’s countrypolitan flair, standing as a true lost masterpiece of country music’s third generation. Clark’s booming baritone tells tales of bar fights, heartaches, and drinking ‘til you can’t stand, while Waylon Jennings provides a backdrop of fuzzed-out guitar twang. Limited to 1,000 copies and pressed onto opaque blue vinyl, our repress is mastered from the original session tapes and back on vinyl for the first time since the Nixon administration.

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Also from Numero:

A slice of Chicago's Puerto Rican history

La Solución’s final album found them moving into more politically charged territory. Mi Barrio se Quemó (My Neighborhood is Burning) attempted to address growing pains in Chicago’s Humboldt Park, where white flight was driving down property values and landowners turned to arson in their attempts to squeeze what value they could out of buildings left fallow. The cover for the 1976 album—drawn by lead singer Hector del Valle and his brother Tony— portrayed a match being struck to burn down a tenement building. Inset images included boarded-up businesses, neglected tenements, a smoking joint, and a needle in a junkie’s arm. The musical guest on these recordings was fittingly aggressive; Ebirac label owner Caribe tapped acclaimed Cuban percussionist Mongo Santamaria to bulwark the extraordinary “Mozambique.” Caribe bit his tongue as studio time—and corresponding dollars—ticked away during the hour it took Santamaria to bandage his hands before cutting what may have been the Ebirac label’s finest recorded moment.

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Yet more from Numero:
Atena--Samba On Ice
...It was their hollowed-out and spidery reading of “The Boy from Ipanema” that brought them as close to San Francisco’s version of No Wave as the group would ever get, setting the chilly precedent for a style Isabelle Powaga now claims as her own take on Cold Wave. The Jobim/Getz/Gilberto classic’s heart of samba is boldly announced, but the beat is straight 808 electro, with frosty vocals subverting the blissed-out lyric with synthetic double-tracking. The cover--issued as a 7” under the name Antena and as Crepuscule’s TWI 073 in 1982--was backed by “Spiral Staircase,” though that track’s bracing, concussive synth drum stabs, ringing keys, and paranoid lyrics recall nothing of the flipside’s Tropicalia pedigree.

Released almost simultaneously was TWI 074, a 12” “single” that lead again with “Ipanema” on its “studio side.” Self-produced in Belgium, the songs on its “home side”—“Unable” and, in particular, “To Climb the Cliff”—establish the group’s signature sound and make sardonic use of Kraftwerk’s robot-pop innovations. Germany’s seminal electronic pop combo had, in 1975, released their Radio-Activity LP, featuring the track “Antenna” and offering Isabelle her future band’s perfect moniker, though she’d drop the third “n” and use the shortened title as the replacement for her own surname that survives to this day. “To Climb the Cliff” and “Unable” encapsulate Antena’s deceptively inviting sound. Both begin as delicately noisy patio evening parties and end on polite applause. But Isabelle Antena’s French-accented English lyrics subvert the music’s inclusive ambience. One song recounts a solitary cliffhanger’s difficult progress up a rock face; the other describes a teacher’s ineptitude. Set to the icy electro-samba Antena was in the process of perfecting for themselves, these tracks drained the Brazilian song styles of their time-worn tropical bliss. This instead was worldly, strange, seductive, and dusky machine music, a hybrid strain of sound still new under the sun.

...We’ve grouped the extant Antena recordings from that exceptional period by session, reviving artwork from the band’s debut 12". Side C brings together all four songs from the “Ipanema” singles, while side D couples “Seaside Week End” with the four Island demos. Both sides end on Antena’s additions to Crepuscule special products. Our replica pressing of Camino Del Sol's A and B sides preserves the original mini-album in close detail, including the intriguing cover art by brilliant in-house Crepuscule designer Benoit Hennebert. Its still-life of sunlit domestic emptiness fully captures the Antena aesthetic, hinting at a mysterious trio who sat together only long enough to sip at fruited cocktails before hearing Europe’s mechanized pop signals on the air, following them for a spell, and disappearing.

Camino Del Sol

Camino Del Sol
Camino Del Sol
CD Digital LP
Camino Del Sol (Mini LP)

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More Latin rock etc. from Numero, deep backstories etc:

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from Nonesuch:

Tango: Zero Hour is incredible. How about these others?

Nonesuch Records will release a three-LP/three-CD box set of albums from the great Argentine composer, bandleader, and bandoneón player Astor Piazzolla—originally released by American Clavé Records in the 1980s and reissued by Nonesuch more than two decades ago—on May 6, 2022. Astor Piazzolla: The American Clavé Recordings, available to pre-order here, marks the first time this landmark trio of albums—Tango: Zero Hour, La Camorra: The Solitude of Passionate Provocation, and The Rough Dancer and the Cyclical Night (Tango Apasionado)—is being issued as a set, now remastered, and is the first time the albums have been available on vinyl since their initial release on American Clavé. The set’s liner notes include original and new notes by the albums’ producer and American Clavé founder Kip Hanrahan as well as an in-depth essay from journalist Fernando González, who translated and annotated Piazzolla’s memoirs and wrote liner notes for four of his albums. Originally scheduled for release in Piazzolla’s centenary year 2021, the set now inaugurates the beginning of the second century of Piazzolla’s lasting influence.

González says in his 2021 note: “In May 1986, Astor Piazzolla, the creator of New Tango, entered the studio in Manhattan with his Quintet to record Zero Hour. It would turn out to be the first of three consequential recordings that would finally establish him in the United States and strengthen his standing around the world.”

Though Piazzolla was known as the progenitor of “nuevo tango,” Hanrahan says in his new liner note, “I’m not sure whether Astor really liked or loved or hated the tango. I think he loved the music his father surrounded the family with as the sound of what they’d left behind in Argentina … It was the audible identity that made them different from the Italian and Jewish families that lived around them on the Lower East Side of New York, where Astor grew up.

“When I listen to Astor, I’m not really listening to the tango re-imagined and saved by a brilliant composer, I’m listening to the music of a turbulent, complex, restless, brilliant man rearranging the vocabulary of his father’s dreams.”

Tango: Zero Hour was recorded in New York with Piazzolla and his classic New Tango Quintet, which worked with Piazzolla from 1978 to 1988 and included Fernando Suárez Paz (violin), Pablo Ziegler (piano), Horacio Malvicino, Sr. (guitar), and Héctor Console (bass). González says of Tango: Zero Hour: “These are demanding pieces, yet the individual playing remains consistently precise and intense throughout. As an ensemble, Piazzolla and his New Tango Quintet sound focused, loose and forceful. They are in total control of the music and prove it by casually changing direction, moods, and dynamics on a dime. Piazzolla immediately recognized that the quintet had accomplished something special, believing it to be ‘the greatest record I’ve made in my entire life. We gave our souls to [it].’” Tango Zero Hour was originally released by American Clavé in 1986.

First released in 1989, La Camorra was recorded in New York in May 1988, also with the New Tango Quintet. González writes: “La Camorra not only delivers a late masterpiece, the three-part title piece, but it also serves as a marker completing two significant chapters in Piazzolla’s life and musical career. Set up as three separate but related pieces, La Camorra is more than a summation. It suggests Piazzolla reflecting on tango, now lovingly, conjuring old players and styles, now angrily fighting with tango history, demanding his place in it.

“In Zero Hour style, Piazzolla completes the program with versions of pieces he had already recorded, polished to a gleam. The Quintet is again in excellent form. Featuring a substantial new work and impeccable performances of four repertoire pieces, La Camorra is a high water mark in Piazzolla’s discography. It was also Piazzolla’s last recording with the New Tango Quintet.”

The Rough Dancer and the Cyclical Night, also originally released in 1989, was recorded in New York in September 1987, with an ensemble that included Fernando Suárez Paz (violin), Pablo Zinger (piano), Paquito D’Rivera (alto sax, clarinet), Andy González (bass), and Rodolfo Alchourrón (electric guitar).

González says, “The Rough Dancer and the Cyclical Night (Tango Apasionado), recorded by Piazzolla without the Quintet, occupies a unique place in his discography. It is based on the music Piazzolla composed for Tango Apasionado, a dance and theater piece created by Graciela Daniele based on stories by Argentine short-story writer, poet, and essayist Jorge Luis Borges. But what truly sets The Rough Dancer apart in Piazzolla’s discography is how it was created. Up to this point, the studio for Piazzolla had been, for the most part, a means to document the music he was producing. But [at this point], Piazzolla was intrigued by the idea of using the studio as a creative tool, perhaps even for composing and arranging.”

Astor Piazzolla’s nuevo tango, which incorporates classical forms and jazz elements into the traditional tango, was so controversial at its advent that Piazzolla had his life threatened on numerous occasions and was even exiled from his country. The traditional tango, born out of the bordellos of Buenos Aires in the way that jazz began in New Orleans, had been haunted by its origins for decades. Piazzolla, with his innovative style and desire to legitimize the tango and bring it to a serious musical audience, changed the face of the music forever.

When Tango: Zero Hour was first released, Piazzolla was at the peak of his powers. The Village Voice called Piazzolla “a modern master” while the New York Times said, “To hear Mr. Piazzolla’s tangos as musical marvels is beside the point. As edgy lines and long-breathed tunes defy and embrace one another, the tangos suggest that even in the modern world, romance survives.”

Nonesuch’s Piazzolla catalog features a number of other significant recordings, including Piazzolla’s Concierto para bandoneón and Tres tangos, released in 1988, and his last recording, Five Tango Sensations, which was commissioned by the Kronos Quartet and released in 1991. In addition, Piazzolla’s first composition for Kronos, Four, For Tango, appears on their 1988 release Winter Was Hard. The music of Piazzolla is also featured on three Nonesuch recordings by the violinist Gidon Kremer: Hommage à Piazzolla, El Tango, Eight Seasons, and Tracing Astor; these also were released as a box set, entitled Hommage à Piazzolla: The Complete Astor Piazzolla Recordings.

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from Vinyl Factory newsletter:

Encapsulating the best of Yasuaki Shimizu’s electronic experimentalism and originally recorded during one of his creative zeniths during the ’80s, the existence of his Kiren album was previously the stuff of lore. (The album was said to exist, yet had never received a release.) Serendipity in the form of Shimizu unearthing the album from his archives allowed the record to lovingly receive its first release courtesy of Palto Flats. Its vinyl offering also includes detailed liner notes by Chee Shimizu about its context and history. Kiren is a sonic gem of freewheeling creativity infused with his signature sax – a unique and vital insight into the musical mind of maestro Shimizu. – GH

dow, Wednesday, 16 March 2022 02:04 (eight months ago) link

There’s been a sharp increase in demand for Japanese city pop the last few years, pushing up prices even for questionable records that fall under this genre. Luckily we’re seeing more affordable reissues such as Eri Ohno’s classic Good Question remastered from the original tapes and released on limited run by Mondo Groove. It opens with the title track, a short blast of blistering boogie-funk – and proceeds to wind through pop ballads, sultry jazz, and even some fusion reminiscent of her fellow Columbia label-mate Herbie Hancock. – AW

dow, Wednesday, 16 March 2022 02:06 (eight months ago) link

Life Is a Heavy Burden: Ghazals & Poetry From Afghanistan
As a writer, harmonium player and vocalist, Dr Mohammad Sadiq Fitrat’s poetically inspired work as Nashenas was a weekly feature of Radio Kabul’s transmissions in the 1950s and ’60s. With these recordings only ever being released as singles in Iran, this collection gathers these rarities as a whole, showing Nashenas’ unique approach to Ghazal poetic tradition, cinematic storytelling and overarching themes of love and loss. Having had his music suppressed or destroyed by Taliban law, these early works have endured and form a valuable insight into the oeuvre of one of Afghan music’s oldest living voices. — JH

dow, Wednesday, 16 March 2022 02:40 (eight months ago) link

Roberta Vandervort & Sally Townes
Roberta Vandervort & Sally Townes
(Forager Records)

Forager Records brings together the works of two exceptional private press singers from the late ’70s in one stunning compilation. Roberta Vandervort and Sally Townes sit in parallel sonic planes, from their respective surroundings in downtown LA to the vast landscapes of Dallas, bringing touches of breezy funk, mystic folk rock, and seductive jazz. The two artists never crossed paths in real life, but this inventive pairing paints a shared picture of worlds – bridging the passion in their voices and their shared convictions on love, life, and living on their own terms. – EH

dow, Wednesday, 16 March 2022 02:43 (eight months ago) link

Paprika Soul / Soft Sugar
Come With Me / Métro / Swampin
(Heels & Souls Recordings)

This week Heels & Souls Recordings release their third ever reissue, collecting tunes from Paprika Soul / Soft Sugar. Paprika Soul was formed of Andrew Spiller and Alan Barnes, while the closely linked Soft Sugar consisted of Andrew Hughes and Barnes. Moving from the Balearic goodness of opening tune ‘Come With Me’, the EP ventures into dreamy breaks on ‘Métro’, before closing off with a previously unreleased version of transcendental house tune ‘Swampin’. Expect these tracks to be played far and wide during the coming warmer months. – LR

dow, Wednesday, 16 March 2022 02:45 (eight months ago) link

All of those reissues, and some first-timers, have links to streams here:

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Didn't realize I'd started this thread twice---now I'm putting on posts from other RR (will request delete of it when through, to avoid further confusion, sorry)

dow, Saturday, 26 March 2022 17:06 (eight months ago) link

Starting at the beginning of other RR:
With something new dropping every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, it can be a challenge keeping up with all the projects we're unearthing.

Keep up with the best to emerge from Numero HQ with our Numero '22 playlist, highlighting new tracks almost daily (on Spotify, Apple, Deezer)
...Check the below for a round up of 2021 releases.

What's left in stock can enjoy a '22% discount to kick off the first week of 2022 in good vibes added to the cart automatically.

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Some picks of my interest from sale stock:
The third installment of Numero’s ode to lowrider souldies, Rust Side Story compiles highly sought after sweet soul singles from the Buck Eye State. Prepare for a low and slow ride from Youngstown to Dayton, Cleveland to Columbus, Toledo to Cincinnati, all soundtracked with silky falsettos and dreamy harmonies.

Numero Group and Rush Hour present: the V4 Visions label sampler, 1990-1994. A five-song overview of the pioneering UK street soul label that lived at the confluence of lovers rock, deep house, swingbeat, and jungle. In anticipation of the forthcoming 2xLP label-spanning compilation, the sampler is perfect for the spinners at home or in the club.

Limited edition on Transparent Teal vinyl, exclusively available domestically through Numero. Limited Edition through Rush Hour in Europe with Clear and Black vinyl variants.

A truly underground document of the national obsession with heavy, mind-bent psychedelia. Originating in the unassuming suburb of Prairie Village, Kansas, Bulbous Creation seem to have warped directly from the wrong side of the looking glass with a jabberwocky full of surreal lyrics and gratuitous guitar solos. Recorded and abandoned in the catacombs of Independence, Missouri's Cavern Sound studio in 1969, Bulbous Creation's eight-song screed invokes images of sinners, wage slaves, drugs, out of touch parents, jail, and the devil, naturally.

“He was kind of a loner,” Jan Parkinson said of his younger brother Paul, singer and guitarist of Kansas City’s Bulbous Creation. Born and raised on the west side of the Missouri River in Prairie Village, Kansas, Paul used his semi-isolated surroundings as fuel for his fantastical lyrics. A series of informal bands were formed in high school with his childhood friend Jim “Bugs” Wine and revolving cast of drummers. The band was put on ice in 1966 for Wine’s enlistment, and he spent the next three years stationed in Korea, Germany, and Fort Riley, Kansas, where he spent his downtime honing his bass chops to a fine point. Discharged honorably into the heady climate of the ’60s final year, Wine waded into the potent stream of freedom and higher consciousness that was flowing in every city. He got an apartment in KC with another childhood friend whose hair was gathering around the collar and a job in avionics. It was here he reconnected with Paul Parkinson.

Wine had already been looking into putting a band together. A personal ad in the K.C. Star put him in contact with guitarist Alan Lewis, who had a monstrous talent and a familiarity with Black Sabbath and Uriah Heep. Lewis and Wine gelled immediately, but lacked the introspective nature of true songwriters. Wine invited the wordsmith Parkinson to apply his lyrics and melodic ideas to their heavy foundation. On the drum stool was Chuck Horstmann. For no identifiable reason, Lewis thought the term “Bulbous” applied to their sound, and wanted to name the band thus. His mates balked, but applying the slightly cosmic “Creation” to it at least let it roll off the tongue. Their all-originals set list made them a difficult booking, and profits did not materialize.

In 1971, the quartet poured what little personal surplus they had into a full day of recording at Cavern Studios, tracking enough material for a full length album. Bulbous Creation wouldn’t stay together long enough to save up for a custom pressing. The deeply individualistic Parkinson left to perform his songs as he thought appropriate, as a solo act. He preferred coffee shops to concert halls, and would stick to his craft another 20 years before hanging it up. Horstmann followed suit. Wine and Lewis soldiered on, adding a few components and then shortening their name to the more sensible Creation on the path to a more progressive sound. The Bulbous Creation LP might’ve been doomed to oblivion but for the efforts of Rich Haupt, who issued the seven-song LP in 1995 on his Rockadelic imprint. When Paul Parkinson died of leukemia in 2001, a lone copy turned up amongst his possessions, proof enough that someone, somewhere, was listening.

A seamless mix of the organic and inorganic, the recent past and distant future, and the possible and impossible, Japanese multi-media artist Masumi Hara’s sophomore album arrived like a fish on the moon in 1984. An album filled with contradiction and purpose, 4 X A Dream is both balearic acid folk and damaged steel drum dub, hi-tech new wave balladry and ambient synth pop. Classical and neoimpressionist vibes haunt and entrance. Quite possibly the most unique LP you’ll ever add to your collection.

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More from Numero 2021 Wrap-Up in-stock sale picks (this first one is on same page, though not out yet):

The bastard love child of Elvis and Lux Interior, Israeli guitarist Charlie Megira brewed a heady amalgam of ’50s trash rock, surf-y tremolo, and reverb-drenched goth during his all-too-brief 44 trips around the sun. He recorded seven albums worth of material in 15 years, primarily issued on CD-R, most of which is now unreadable or in a landfill. Armed with only an Eko guitar, a black tuxedo, and his signature wrap-around shades, Charlie Megira was a mold-breaking artist who disintegrated while we were all staring at our phones.

On his 2000 debut, Da Abtomatic Meisterzinger Mambo Chic, Megira channels the optimism of post-war America, narcoleptic surf, and the Twin Peaks soundtrack into a lo-fi masterpiece all his own. Sung in both Hebrew and English, Mambo Chic moves at a deliberate pace, unconcerned by the traffic of the modern world and wrapped in a blanket of Tascam 4-track hiss. On “Tomorrow’s Gone” Megira achieves the feat of being so far back in time that he’s somehow living in the future and waiting for the rest of us to arrive.

Da Abtomatic Meisterzinger Mambo Chic LP out 1/28/22.

Lodged between a heartbreak and a smoke break, Kathy Heideman’s Move With Love wandered off I-5 somewhere just south of Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area and broke down. At its dusty roadside, cheap truck-stop java flows over plaintive coffeehouse tunes concerning “Bob” and “Need.” Her session hand’s lanky, echo-laden guitar might’ve twanged a bit strong for the typical sandal-shoed hitchhiker, who’d have fell harder for Dylanesque grandeur on “The Earth Won’t Hold Me.” More Bakersfield than Laurel Canyon, and set to walking in 1976 by the one-off Dia imprint in a plain-Jane, black-on-white sleeve, Heideman’s lone LP suffered the geographical misfortune of having ripened in the pre-silicon orchards of San Jose, California, far from more marketable realms—Emmylou’s backyard, say, or Joni Mitchell’s summery lawn. Heideman herself faded out thereafter, packing her shaken, singular voice into a rustic suitcase, moseying on, and leaping into the moving sun.

The Unwound album that ended all Unwound albums. Recorded in a moldering farmhouse basement at the crest of the new century, Leaves Turn Inside You is the no-wave response to Spector’s wall of noise call. Infinite layers of choppy guitar stabs and bridge scrapes, guttural bass thronk, thrift store synths, and monotone chanting wash over suffocating rhythms to deliver the world’s only choral grunge LP. Remastered from the original analog tapes and pressed on heavyweight vinyl for the discerning noise-nik.
The 2xLP is back in print on limited edition "Scarlette" color vinyl, packaged in a tip-on gatefold jacket pressed at Record Technology Inc., and we are hoping to get these shipped early January.

2021 Repress features Gold Vinyl.

In 1975, Brooklyn transplant Pepe Willie booked time at Cookhouse Recording Studios in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to demo five original compositions. Without roots in the Twin Cities’ insular scene, Willie had no fixed backing group to help realize the arrangements he and vocalists Marcy Ingvoldstad and Kristie Lazenberry had been rehearsing. Willie organized a young cast of backing musicians for the session, among them his wife's cousin: a 16-year-old guitar prodigy named Prince Rogers Nelson.

Known colloquially as “The Cookhouse 5” these recordings showcase Prince’s instantly recognizable guitar playing, seasoning to perfection 94 East’s short-but-sweet songbook. A crucial document concerning the origins of the Minneapolis Sound, the B-side boasts instrumental versions of each infectious tune, providing an even greater vantage point from which to admire the Purple One’s expressive playing style, already evident in his teenage years.

Home to Cuca Records and hundreds of Nashville-fantasizing pluckers and singers, Wisconsin’s Driftless region was a hotbed of country music in the 1960s. Influenced by old-timey ethnic songs, Bakersfield outlaws, countrypolitan rainbows, and the lonesome twang of every rural route roadhouse, these 17 Driftless Dreamers washed up at Jim Kirchstein’s Sauk City record plant with little more than $100 and a longing. Collected here are the fruits of Cuca’s documentary approach to record making, capturing the voices and stories of a culture and glacier in abatement.

A post-modern mixtape of 12 micro-genres created by The Numero Group. Bending the rules of the compilation with a selection of songs bound by their soaring spirit and adventurous approach, REACH is inspirational living for algorithmic times. Available as a limited edition LP (500 copies) with broadsheet liner notes poster or much cheaper compact cassette (200 copies). The only LP guaranteed to save your life during humanity’s apocalyptic demise.

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Just a couple more from Numero sale stock (maybe I shouldn't have put so many in the same posts, sorry)

Art-house kosmische from the battered basements of pre-9/11 New York. Polyrhythmic screamo for underemployed Gen-Xers and trust fund weed dealers alike. La Mia Vita Violenta, Blonde Redhead’s 1995 sophomore effort, in print as a definitive single LP for the first time since… ever.

“These songs combine a raw need, a ready access to neediness, with seemingly incongruous cinematic changes reminiscent of ‘60s Italian pop music and movie scores. They switch between emotional grandeur and eye scratching immediacy.” —Arto Lindsay

This recorded autobiography of Catherine Howe, age 20, briefly appeared in 1971. Too young for memoirs, most artists have barely established any sort of musical competence by the age of legal adulthood, let alone compositions matching the maturity and complexity of Howe’s. What A Beautiful Place, however, is a prodigious effort wrought from the melancholy ruminations of post-adolescence. The album’s twelve songs unfold like a classic bildungsroman, beginning in the smoke-stained industrial county of Yorkshire, transformed by the electrified creative landscape of mid-century London, and retiring to the warm pastoral bliss of the county of Dorset on England’s southern coast. Produced by noted jazz pianist Bobby Scott, the LP—oft-mistaken for a concept album—was available for only a month in the summer of 1971, disappearing after Reflection Records’ shuttering in 1971.

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Ethiopian Soul And Groove - Ethiopian Urban Modern Music Vol. 1
Various Artists

Brilliant compilation of rare Ethiopian music from the 1970s! Has Mulatu Astake left you hungry for more? Then this is the record for you!

Nine brilliant dancefloor tracks from obscure 1970s musicians and singers!
More info, audio:

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Kosuke Mine Quintet

Essential Japanese jazz rarity!

Sublime debut album from The Kosuke Mine Quintet, released in 1970 on the legendary Three blind mice label. The record comprises of 4 long pieces of dense, spiritual jazz. A welcome reissue from Le Tres Jazz Club. Recommended!
More info, audio:

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Sun Ra
Disco 3000

Legendary session recorded in Milan in 1978, this quartet recording gives John Gilmore, Michael Ray and Luqman Ali the space to improvise and solo more extensively than with the full Arkestra. The result is an astounding synergy of individual virtuosity and group interplay, but it's the man himself who arguably steals the show with the rhythmic atmospherics of "Dance Of The Cosmo Aliens".
More info, audio:

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Latin Underground Revolution, Vol. 3: Ansonia Records Rare Groove: Mambo, Boogaloo, Descarga & Salsa from NYC, 1960-1976
Various Artists

More info, audio:

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Endless Summer (Expanded Edition)

Expanded reissue of Fennesz's groundbreaking, electronic/experimental guitar classic from 2001. Features 'Ohne Sonne' and '47 Blues' previously only available on the Japenese CD versions, as well as an new extended version of 'Happy Audio' exclusive to this release.
More info, audio:

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The D-Vine Spirituals Records Story Vol. 1
Various Artists

In 1970, while the United States was recovering from the tumultuous unrest of the sixties and Southern segregationist George Wallace was between bids for the presidency, a young black preacher and an aging hillbilly bandleader struck up a friendship in a coffee shop in downtown Memphis. For the next decade and a half, record producer Juan D. Shipp and studio engineer Clyde Leoppard embarked on a musical journey that produced some of the most stirring sacred soul music ever laid to tape. Behold the story of Shipp's D-Vine Spirituals record label, told here for the very first time since its 45 RPM glory days.
More info:
Second volume:

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Ornette Coleman
Round Trip: Ornette Coleman on Blue Note (Tone Poet Edition)
6×LP Box set £230.00
Expected 28 Jan

Iconoclastic saxophonist and composer Ornette Coleman shook the jazz world when he arrived at the Five Spot Café in New York City in 1959 and began his run of seminal albums on Atlantic that laid the foundation for the free jazz movement to come. After a period of disillusionment during which he withdrew from public music making, Coleman re-emerged on Blue Note in 1966 and began writing an intriguing new chapter of his legendary career.

The boxset Round Trip: Ornette Coleman On Blue Note presents all-analog 180g Tone Poet Vinyl Editions of all six albums featuring Coleman that were recorded for Blue Note Records, including his five albums as a leader—the two-volume At The ‘Golden Circle’ Stockholm (1965), The Empty Foxhole (1966), New York Is Now! (1968), and Love Call (1968)—as well as his lone sideman appearance on New And Old Gospel (1967) by fellow saxophonist Jackie McLean. The boxset includes a booklet featuring rare photos and an enlightening essay by critic Thomas Conrad.

The Tone Poet Audiophile Vinyl Reissue Series is produced by Joe Harley and features all-analog, mastered-from-the-original-master-tape 180g audiophile vinyl reissues packaged in deluxe Stoughton Printing “Old Style” Gatefold Tip-On Jackets.
(unperson says no bonus tracks)
More info:

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In here to mention the project Norske albumklassikere på CD (Norwegian Album Classics on CD), in case it is of interest to anyone here: At the start of 2021, a couple of guys with a record label began a series of crowdfunding projects with the aim of releasing CDs of Norwegian albums never before released in that format (or at best with very limited CD releases). This unsurprisingly mostly means stuff from the 1980s and earlier.

At any time, there are about 20 projects up, each running for 30 days with a target of NOK 30000, (about USD 3400 / GBP 2500 / EUR 3000), corresponding to ~150 people buying a CD at NOK ~200. If the target is reached, a remastering is done and a run of copies is made (I think in the 300-500 range), and the issue is added to the catalogue. If it is not reached, the money is refunded.

The interest turned out to be considerable; during 2021, something north of 200 projects were successful (and only a low-double-digit number unsuccessful, if I understand things right). I expect a lot of the releases are of interest primarily to Norwegians (and many probably for nostalgic reasons as much as anything), but certainly not exclusively. I think I've heard that contributing to the crowdfunding is problematic from abroad(?), but buying from the catalogue should work, I believe(?). There are naturally a few months' lag between addition to the catalogue and actual production and distribution, btw.

Links (mostly in Norwegian):
Home page with catalogue
Currently crowdfunded projects
Facebook group
Discogs page (updated up to #178 of 216 as of now)

(For the record: I have nothing to do with this myself.)

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Didn't Sunbeam do an Oriental Sunshine several years ago? Just seen that lp on the Home page link.

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dow, Saturday, 26 March 2022 17:25 (eight months ago) link

In addition to the Blue Note Ornette box, Craft Recordings is reissuing his first two albums, Something Else!!!! and Tomorrow is the Question!, as a 2LP or 2CD set in March.

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Didn't Sunbeam do an Oriental Sunshine several years ago? Just seen that lp on the Home page link.

So it seems. And not that hard to find, it would seem. Maybe an oversight.

― anatol_merklich, Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Norma Tanega’s I’m the Sky: Studio and Demo Recordings, 1964–1971 is a comprehensive survey of the pioneering folk artist’s two commercially released studio albums, an unreleased album, and a trove of unheard demos.

Before playing a pivotal part in folk music’s cultural crossover in the ‘60s, Tanega was a curious little girl born at the very end of the ‘30s to a multicultural Navy family in Long Beach, California. Her parents often brought her to Los Angeles for piano lessons, and eventually Tanega earned an MFA at Claremont College, where she studied classical composers like Aaron Copeland and George Gershwin. Amidst her academic pursuits, Tanega learned to play acoustic guitar and autoharp by following Joan Baez records and hanging out at the Folk Music Center, a music store and performance space in Claremont that exists to this day.

After college, Tanega landed in Greenwich Village in 1963, and became active in the coffee house scene and early protests against the Vietnam War. Working summers as a camp counselor in the Catskill Mountains, the up-and-coming producer and arranger Herb Bernstein caught Tanega perform at the camp, and introduced her to songwriter Bob Crewe. The trio found their first collaborative success in 1966 when Tanega’s “Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog” rocketed to #22 on the American and British charts (#3 in Canada). Her debut full-length of the same name followed that year, which saw her perform on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand and Where The Action Is, and tour North America with artists including Gene Pitney and Bobby Goldsboro.

That same year, Tanega traveled to England to tour in support of Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog. During rehearsals for the British music television show Ready Steady Go!, Tanega met Dusty Springfield. The pair became fast friends, then partners in a committed long-distance relationship. Tanega moved to London to be with Springfield, for whom she also went on to write and co-write a number of songs.

While in London, in 1969 Tanega recorded Snow Cycles, a second album that would never see the light of day, and I Don’t Think it Will Hurt if You Smile, eventually released with little fanfare in 1971. As heard on the first half of I’m the Sky, the same whimsical and joy-filled spirit guides all three of Tanega’s studio albums, and provides a colorful stage for her idiosyncratic meter and songwriting. Tanega’s lyrics touch on love and adoration to introspection and melancholy, while her music offers an eclectic take on popular folk-rock and psychedelic sound of the late ‘60s.

The second half of I’m the Sky opens a rare and intimate window into Tanega’s songwriting process with a collection of demos discovered in Tanega’s Claremont home. Unfettered by instrumentation save for a single guitar on most songs, Tanega’s voice soars across the mid-range and above the six string reverberations, openly musing on life and love. More than merely sketches, the demos capture an essence of Tanega’s songcraft, and a tangible translation of the emotional range which sets her work apart from the banality in certain folk music of the era.

In 1972, Tanega returned to Claremont and shifted focus to her visual arts, teaching ESL, and participating in her surrounding community of LGBTQ experimental artists. She kept recording and performing music with a number of local groups as well. While Tanega, who passed away in 2019 at the age of 80, is essential to California’s legacy of folk and experimental music, she’s also essential to the canon of folk-rock writ large. Tanega left behind an exceptional catalog of music encapsulated in part on I’m the Sky, but, more than anything, she left an enduring expression of what it is to be free.

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Karen Dalton's In My Own Time (50th Anniversary Edition)is out now, remastered with bonus tracks: all streaming here, with the KD backstory and overview:

dow, Saturday, 26 March 2022 17:32 (eight months ago) link

Today, David Byrne’s Luaka Bop label announces a reissue of the Staples Jr. Singers’ sole album, When Do We Get Paid, originally released in 1975, out May 6th. In conjunction, they share the album’s title track and a short film.

An incredibly rare recording, only a handful of copies of the original record have survived the last 40 years. At the time of its release, the Staples Jr. Singers were just teenagers, and they sold the copies they pressed themselves at shows and on their front lawn to neighbors. All of their soul-inflected gospel songs carried timely, subtle social messages that responded to what they saw in the South...
Like many gospel groups at the time, the Staples Jr. Singers were a family band: Annie Brown Caldwell was 11, A.R.C. Brown was 12, and Edward Brown was only 13 in 1971 when they started playing school talent shows, local churches, and front yards near their hometown of Aberdeen, Mississippi, on the banks of the Tombigbee River. As was common practice among gospel acts, they named themselves after their idols: the Staple Singers. As their reputation grew, they started traveling across the Delta and the Bible Belt, piling into their family van on weekends to perform as many as three shows in a single day. Back then, the South was desegregated on paper but not always in practice, and the Staples Jr. Singers weren’t always sure what kind of welcome they would receive—whether a new audience would embrace them, whether local restaurants would serve them.
...The Staples Jr. Singers got their big break in 1975, when a traveling gospel singer Joe Orr introduced them to a man who ran a now long gone recording studio in Tupelo—like a figure from a parable, he only went by the name of Big John. By then, 10-year-old Ronnel Brown (1964-2011) had joined the band—he was finally big enough to hold the bass on his own.

The family drew inspiration straight from their lives. “It was kind of like some of the things that my parents were going through,” said the vocalist and youngest living member, 61-year-old Annie Brown Caldwell. “They didn’t have much, but the little they had, they tried to take care of the family. My daddy used to work, come home and make sure that we had food, clothes on our back, and a place over our head. So, those songs had the meaning of some of the things that we were going through.”

While the Staples Jr. Singers have all gone on to write an entire catalog of gospel music since the era of When Do We Get Paid, for the original members of the band, the incantatory funk of this music still holds the power to help make a way out of dark and troubled times.

This project from Luaka Bop originates from their critically acclaimed compilation World Spirituality Classics 2: The Time for Peace Is Now - Gospel Music About Us (2019), which includes the Staples Jr. Singers’ single “We’ve Got a Race to Run” (Best New Music by Pitchfork (8.5), and listed among the best reissues of the year by NPR and Uncut). The compilation also resulted in the 2020 Vinyl Factory documentary, “The Time For Peace Is Now,” featuring Annie Brown Caldwell.

Today, the family is still performing regularly at local churches and events—all four generations (and counting!) are overflowing with musical talent—but always under other band names. However, for the first time in 40 years, and for the first time ever outside the Mississippi Delta, they will be performing again as the Staples Jr. Singers. It may be one of the best performances that you’ll see all year.

sam at

dow, Monday, 28 March 2022 03:42 (seven months ago) link

In 1976 the Entourage Music and Theatre Ensemble reached a creative zenith. The nomadic troupe had just released The Neptune Collection, its iconic second album for Moses Asch’s Folkways Records, and decided to present the music to audiences across the rust belt in its most miasmic, elemental form. Extended stretches of full-group improvisation mingled with folk-tune like melodies during these performances, which featured multiple dancers spontaneously interpreting the music, at times in elaborate costume. Like contemporaries Popol Vuh, Sandy Bull, and Don Cherry, Entourage fused jazz and strains of traditional music from around the world to form a singular, kaleidoscopic vision of musical liberation. The Mermaid’s Purse: Live at Chatham College 1976 is the most complete, best-preserved audio recording of these performances, featuring music from across the Entourage catalog. It is being released for the first time 45 years after its recording, and features liner notes by lone surviving member Wall Matthews.

dow, Saturday, 2 April 2022 19:37 (seven months ago) link

For more Entourage, and related Walls Matthews music, see
S/D: Tompkins Square Records

dow, Saturday, 2 April 2022 19:39 (seven months ago) link


Genre ~ Spiritual Jazz, Near Eastern, Classical
RIYL ~ Sun Ra, A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Secret Museum of Mankind, Alice Coltrane, Yusef Lateef, Ahmed Abdul-Malik, Heliocentrics, Moondog

Hello -

We are really excited to share with you this collection of recordings from the incredibly prolific and equally enigmatic artist Lloyd Miller whose life and studies in Near and Middle Eastern music spans generations. Unearthered from Miller's own library and painstakingly transfered from tape by FOUNTAINavm founder Adam Michael Terry, this collection of unreleased songs span from 1960 - 2021 and track Miller's journeys through the Middle and Near East where Miller lived as an educator and Iranian Prime Time televesion host.

Following two incredbly well received albums - one with the Heliocentrics and one as a trio that was released by FOUNTAINavm in 2020 - we are thrilled to give you a sneak peak into Lloyd Miller's work and life. I'l be following up regarding coverage of the first single "Pacific Breeze". So do get back with me if you are interested in premiering or covering that single. Otherwise, any coverage of this album or larger features on Miller's work would be happily received. Feel free to follow up with me at ryan at or just respond to this email.

While modern life is increasingly characterized by constant global communication and exchange, some things still feel very far away––and very improbable.

Take, for example, the story of Lloyd Miller, an American musician and intellectual who after living in Europe throughout his twenties, found his way to Tehran in the late 1960s on a Fulbright scholarship and became the host of a primetime Iranian television variety show. If this seems improbable, Miller’s mastery of over 100 instruments and half a dozen languages may appear downright outrageous. But Lloyd Miller’s ouervre amounts to more than an unlikely story, and his artistic brilliance is on full display on Orientations, a career-spanning double LP of unreleased recordings from this master of global music traditions and Heliocentrics collaborator.

The exploratory, orientalist modes of Orientations will find easy devotion among fans of Ahmed Abdul-Malik, Sun Ra, and the pantheon of similarly oriented spiritual jazz stalwarts. Miller’s fascination with such modes runs deep. As a polyglot and expatriate artist who traveled the world and embedded himself in the cultures of the Middle East and Asia, Lloyd Miller manifests in such frankly unbelievable ways throughout history, and with such magical effervescence, that his musical presence is uncanny; his effect is extraordinary and literally haunting.

Orientations provides a dazzling survey of this uncanny presence, over 22 recordings that span from 1960 to 2021. This material––all of which was sourced from Miller’s master tapes and sole existing personal recordings and appears here on vinyl for the first time––documents everything from performances on Iranian TV to recent collaborations with students at Brigham Young University. Listeners may think of The Secret Museum of Mankind Ethnic Music Classics, Alice Coltrane and Yusef Lateef, as Miller interweaves oud, santur, and hand drums with saxophones and occasional analogue synthesizer. In some cases, these threads interweave across time, as on “Orientation #1 (Kheneccordion),” a reinterpreted Laotian melody arranged for accordion and recorded originally in 1963, retouched in 2021 with floating flourishes from a Roland JUNO synthesizer. “Bending space and time,” the liner notes read, “Lloyd engages in a meta conversation with his younger self.”

This meta conversation stretches out over the entire collection. The very order of the songs seems to tell a story, not unlike the way Jorge Luis Borges’ A Personal Anthology unfolds as a cohesive narrative. A few key moments of amusing dialogue haunt the conversation as well, as on a 1963 rehearsal recording of a rhapsodic modal jazz take on an Indian traditional. Upon abruptly releasing his fellow American jazz musicians from a trance, Miller says, with enthusiasm, “It sounds pretty hip!” And indeed it does.

- Mark Trecka, 2022

dow, Monday, 4 April 2022 18:07 (seven months ago) link

Other Music doc to be released as deluxe edition Blu-ray on April 26, pre-order available now, via Vinegar Syndrome / Factory 25

"One of the world's greatest record stores gets a fitting eulogy.”
-John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter


Other Music, a documentary about the legendary NYC record store that closed in 2016 will be released as a deluxe edition Blu-ray on April 26, released by Factory 25 through a distribution partnership with Vinegar Syndrome, you can pre-order it now.

Other Music was an influential and uncompromising New York City record store that was vital to the city’s early 2000s indie music scene. But when the store is forced to close its doors due to rent increases, the homogenization of urban culture, and the shift from CDs to downloadable and streaming music, a cultural landmark is lost. Through vibrant storytelling, the documentary captures the record store’s vital role in the musical and cultural life of the city, and highlights the artists whose careers it helped launch including Vampire Weekend, Animal Collective, Interpol, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, William Basinski, Neutral Milk Hotel, Sharon Van Etten, Yo La Tengo and TV On The Radio.

Bonus features on the Blu-ray include:

• Extras reel with deleted scenes featuring Jason Schwartzman, Daniel Kessler from Interpol, William Basinski and performances by Gary Wilson, Revl9n, Bill Callahan and Handsome Boy Modeling School
• Commentary by Puloma Basu, Rob Hatch-Miller, Duane Harriott, Josh Madell and Chris Vanderloo
• Trailer
• 38 page booklet featuring an Oral History of Other Music feat. interviews with Sharon Van Etten, Robert Pollard, Alan Licht, Jon Wurster, Mark Robinson, Beans, Sadie Dupuis, David Grubbs, etc., an essay by Tom Scharpling and the 100 albums to check out after you watch the documentary
• English SDH subtitles

"It's a story about record stores, sure, but moreover it's about the power of community, and the changing face of our cities and towns and culture. The film is a joyous celebration of creativity and the people and places that matter in this life. And it feels all the more relevant today." - Josh Madell, Former Owner of Other Music


Other Music
Directed and produced by Puloma Basu and Rob Hatch-Miller

Featuring: Tunde Adebimpe (TV On the Radio), William Basinski (composer), Panda Bear, Avey Tare & Geologist (Animal Collective), Matt Berninger (The National), Stuart Braithwaite (Mogwai), James Chance (The Contortions), Brian Chase (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Benicio Del Toro (actor), Janeane Garofalo (comedian), Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), Daniel Kessler (Interpol), Ezra Koenig (Vampire Weekend), Mac McCaughan (Superchunk), Stephin Merritt (Magnetic Fields), Keigo Oyamada (Cornelius), JD Samson (Le Tigre), Jason Schwartzman (actor), Regina Spektor (singer/sonwriter), Dean Wareham (Galaxie 500/Luna) and more...

About FACTORY 25:
FACTORY 25 is a Brooklyn-based independent film + music label founded in 2009 by Matt
Grady. FACTORY 25 releases films theatrically, digitally, physically, and curates provocative
limited edition DVD/vinyl combination packages. Specializing in indie niche projects, FACTORY 25 is committed to delivering films and music in perfect analog or digital quality. In addition to Other Music, indie film label Factory 25 released the critically-acclaimed Ham on Rye, Werewolf; Sylvio; The Great Pretender; Kid Thing; For the Plasma; MA Almost There; Little Feet; Ape; Bloomin Mud Shuffle; Jobriath A.D.; Sex and Broadcasting: A Film About WFMU; All the Light in the Sky; Sun Don't Shine; Marvin, Seth and Stanley; The Sheik and I; The Color Wheel; Green; Francine; The Oregonian; Richard's Wedding; Fake It So Real; Bad Fever; Convento; Frownland; Shit Year; You Won't Miss Me; Brock Enright: Good Times Will Never Be the Same; New York Export: Opus Jazz; Rio Breaks; New Jerusalem; Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo; Until The Light Takes Us; Wah Do Dem; Kids of Today; Two Gates of Sleep; Family Jams; and Make-Out With Violence; Better Than Something: Jay Reatard; Homemakers; The Other Side of Sleep; Buttons; and Pavilion.

For pre-order: For more info re coverage etc., contact Forcefield PR

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Drag City News---comes out June 10:


40-plus years since its original release, the pop-punk-new wave inventions of Anthony Moore’s Flying Doesn’t Help are freshly remastered, blasting the sparkling, angular sounds into today with perfect vitality.

After spending the early years of the 1970s making experimental music first as a solo artist, then with Slapp Happy and Henry Cow, Anthony Moore's 1976’s OUT sessions had reinvigorated his youthful love of pop radio's naïve melodies, the undeniable rush of a song. England was roiled as violently as it had been in counter-cultural days a decade earlier; the UK pop charts breathlessly reflected this changing spectrum with a radically democratic view. This was an ideal environment for Anthony to explore, as he puts it, the “deep connection between minimalism, repetition, working with tape and celluloid and forming the modules of a three minute pop song.”

Building on the pop/experimental axis that distinguished OUT, and further informed by raw sensibilities exploding everywhere, Flying Doesn’t Help blasts out of the speakers with its own blend of sophistication and aggression. The first single, “Judy Get Down”, received Single of the Week honors from the NME (with review penned by a certain Brian Eno). It deserved it - three minutes and one second of pure pop perfection, 1979-style! This song has everything: hand claps, bass bombs, stereo-spread clouds of twinkling guitars and keyboards, special FX on the mixing desk, and sugar-sweet chorus backing vocals - the stuff hits are made of!

Rather than recreate the original release of Flying Doesn’t Help, this reissue instead embraces the changed environment of the current time and place: instead of no credits, now they are complete, with Anthony’s full name restored and the artwork subtly “relocated” to reflect new relationships. All of which brings the forward-looking sounds of Flying Doesn’t Help into the indie-informed 21st century syntax where it belongs.

Advance track: "Judy Get Down"

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Zappa/Erie Limited Edition 6CD Box Set
Ships on June 3, 2022
Three complete shows from the Vault based on appearances made in and around the Vaultmeister’s hometown of Erie, PA: Edinboro College and Gannon University ’74 with Erie County Fieldhouse ’76. Also includes bonus tracks from the same tours. Three separate band line-ups, newly mixed from the original 4-Track tapes by Craig Parker Adams and mastered by John Polito at Audio Mechanics. Historical essays by Dan Schell & Joe Travers. Available on 6CD Box Set with exclusive poster.


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Those were the days, my friend!

On April 8, the four-time Grammy-winning and diamond-certified rock legends AEROSMITH will release "Aerosmith - 1971: The Road Starts Hear" (UMe), a rare and previously unheard rehearsal from 1971, on CD and digital.

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More KD:

Karen Dalton’s live recordings released for the first time
A new collection of American folk singer and guitarist Karen Dalton’s archival live performances — called Shuckin’ Sugar — is being released via Delmore Recording Society, this April on Record Store Day 2022.

The 12-track album features a collection of her previously unreleased live performances with her then-husband and guitarist Richard Tucker, as well as her solo compositions.

Shuckin’ Sugar was recorded between 1963 to 1964.

The album is accompanied by archival photos, newspaper clippings, artwork by Dalton, and an essay by journalist and author Kris Needs.

Shuckin’ Sugar follows the 50th anniversary reissue of her In My Own Time album, in March.

Head here for more info in advance of Shuckin’ Sugar’s 23rd April release; check out the artwork and tracklist below.

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I've never heard any version of it, but I remember reading that the previous re-release of Flying Doesn't Help was remixed or fiddled with in some way from the original. I wonder what version is coming out on Drag City.

Halfway there but for you, Sunday, 10 April 2022 04:00 (seven months ago) link

Darlene Love
The Many Sides of Love—The Complete Reprise Recordings Plus!

12" (Coloured Vinyl)
In stock
50 years of criminally overlooked recordings by one of the greatest R&B and rock vocalists ever! Darlene Love's work for Phil Spector gets most of the ink, and understandably so, but this 15-track collection captures her rare singles for the Reprise label with the vocal groups The Blossoms and The Wildcats, plus her own solo work. And the bonus tracks are priceless: you get her 1985 Elektra recording of "River Deep, Mountain High," her 2014 duet with Bette Midler on "He's Sure the Boy I Love," and two 1990 recordings for the Sire label! None of this material has ever been on LP, and this release comes with an insert featuring photos and extensive liner notes. An essential addition to the Darlene Love discography, pressed in teal vinyl limited to 3500 copies!

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Natural Feelings

New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£16.00
Limited pink, green and yellow marbled vinyl edition.
In stock

First vinyl reissue in over 45 years for a long-lost, pivotal jazz fusion record! This album, originally released in 1970 on the thinly-distributed Skye label, marks Airto' s debut as a bandleader and captures the percussionist right at the time he recorded Bitches Brew with Miles Davis, and right before he joined Weather Report for their first album. Indeed, the line-up on this album reflects the fact that Airto had one foot in the NYC jazz scene and one foot in his native Brazil, as bassist Ron Carter joins Airto' s countrymen Sivuca and Hermeto Pascoal, along with Airto' s wife Flora Purim. The music' s a fascinating blend of jazz-funk and Brazilian tropes, housed inside the original wild, Hieronymus Bosch album art!

More info, audio excerpts of all tracks:

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Free (1972)

Out of stock
Reissue LP£16.00
In stock

return to forever
2. flora's song
3. free
4. lucky southern
5. creek (arroio)
6. CD Bonus Track – so tender
7. CD Bonus Track – jequie
8. CD Bonus Track – creek (arroio)
Tough Brazilian meets Jazz fusion from Airto Moreira, produced by Creed Taylor in 1972 for CTI! Line-up includes Flora Purim, Ron Carter, Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett, Nelson Ayres, George Benson plus orchestra.

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from elsewhere:

Shimmy-Disc Announces First-Time-Ever-On-Vinyl LP of Hunter S. Thompson's The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent and Depraved, Shares "On Our Way Back To The Motel" Single + Video
via Rolling Stone

ft. All Star Cast Including Tim Robbins, Dr. John, Bill Frisell, Ralph Steadman, Annie Ross, and Others

The Kentucky Derby is Decadent & Depraved LP due 7/15 via Shimmy-Disc/Paris Records
Produced by the Late, Great Hal Willner.


“Produced by Hal Wilner, the Robert Altman of all-star concept LPs, this dramatized reading of Hunter S. Thompson's 1970 essay casts Tim Robbins in the lead, with cameos by Dr. John and Ralph Steadman, Thompson's sidekick and frames illustrator. Basically Fear and Loathing at the Track, this album is a rifle-scope piss-take with a heart of darkness and a soundtrack composed by jazz guitarist Bill Frisell, who colors the tale with skewed Dixieland brass, shivering strings and groaning woodwinds. The joke, per usual, is that monsters are everywhere. "Shit," Thompson writes after examining Steadman's horrifying crowd portraits. "We both look worse than anything you've drawn here."
- WILL HERMES, Rolling Stone

Today, Shimmy-Disc (through exclusive license with Paris Records) announces an exclusive first-time vinyl release of iconic Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson's The Kentucky Derby is Decadent & Depraved (originally published in 1970 via Scanlon's Monthly and released as a CD performance via Paris Records in 2012), featuring an all-star cast of musicians and actors including Tim Robbins (as Thompson), Dr. John, Bill Frisell, Ralph Steadman, Annie Ross, John Joyce III, and Will Forte. The release translates the classic piece of reporting through spoken word and music, introduced now with the first segment, "On Our Way Back To The Motel."

Hunter S. Thompson’s inimitable non-fiction hysterics are perfectly portrayed here by none other than TIM ROBBINS, with music composed by BILL FRISELL, illustrating the full-on decadence of The Kentucky Derby, as Thompson himself saw it, and felt it… ”Neither of us had brought any strange or illegal drugs, so we’d have to get by on booze.”

The LP, re-mastered by Kramer in 2021, is due July 15 via Shimmy-Disc.

"I remember the day i met Hal Willner in 1979. It was love at first sight. We remained friends, like brothers, til the day he died, when a big part of me died with him.

I wasn't far away when he was making this amazing project come to life in 2011. He played the final mixes for me in his little listening room in NYC, surrounded by his puppets, his records (well, some of them, anyway), and the swirling surgical wit and spirit of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.

'So whaddaya think?', Hal asked. 'Is HST spinning in his grave right now? Did I do something good here, or is he gonna go gonzo on me in my dreams, forever?'

You done good, Hal. You done real good. Rest in Peace."

- Kramer, June 2022

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp | Instagram | YouTube
Release Bio:
Shimmy-Disc (through an exclusive license with Paris Records), is set to release for the first time on vinyl THE KENTUCKY DERBY IS DECADENT AND DEPRAVED - by the father of Gonzo Journalism, HUNTER S. THOMPSON - an all-star cast of musicians and actors lead by Tim Robbins, Dr. John, Bill Frisell, Ralph Steadman, Annie Ross, John Joyce III, and Will Forte, who bring Thompson’s classic Gonzo reportage on the 1970 Kentucky Derby to life through spoken word and musical composition. Conceived by executive producer Michael Minzer, the project was produced by Hal Willner who invited Bill Frisell to compose the music. Bill enlisted the help of an ensemble including Curtis Fowlkes (trombone), Ron Miles (trumpet), Eyvind Kang (viola), Doug Weiselman (woodwinds), Jenny Scheinman (violin), Hank Roberts (cello) and Kenny Wolleson (drums, percussion).

Ralph Steadman does double duty portraying himself in the narration and contributing original artwork for the project.

HUNTER S. THOMPSON's “THE KENTUCKY DERBY IS DECADENT AND DEPRAVED” limited-edition vinyl and streaming/download will be available on July 15, 2022.

In 2005, Paris Records founder Michael Minzer called up his friend Hal Willner with the idea of recording a definitive performance of an all time classic piece of journalism, The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent and Depraved. Originally published in Scanlon’s Monthly in June of 1970, it’s the quintessential example of Hunter S. Thompson’s uniquely humorous and piercing insight—the article that inspired the term Gonzo Journalism (coined by the late Bill Cardoso). Minzer and Willner had collaborated before on several “wide open” tributes to such literary luminaries as Allen Ginsberg’s "The Lion For Real," William S. Burrough’s “Dead City Radio,” and Terry Southern’s “Give Me your Hump!.” Hal was friends with Ralph Steadman who’s involvement was a major boost in getting the project off the ground. Hal also was able to enlist Tim Robbins as lead narrator and Bill Frisell to oversee the music and the project was off to the races so to speak.

Says Michael Minzer: “The big challenge was to match Bill’s sharply drawn moody vignettes with the perfect segments of a very long reading. When we realized that it all worked out beautifully, Hal just said ‘I told you I had worked on this!’’

Says Tim Robbins: “I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of this project—who could say no to such an opportunity to toast the king of Gonzo journalism? It’s been a great pleasure diving into the chaotic, genius prose of Hunter and I feel flattered to be working with such a stellar group of creative folks like Hal Willner, Ralph Steadman, Bill Frisell and Michael Minzer who made it come alive so brilliantly.”

Re-Mastered by Kramer in 2021, this limited-edition LP (on 'Horse-Shit Brown' vinyl) is destined to become the indispensable classic it always deserved to be.

Dedicated to Hal Willner, producer extraordinaire, in Loving Memory.

links in this:

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EP before any of their LPs, and one of their most satisfying releases, in part because it's shorter, succinct, but never sparse---


In celebration of the 40th anniversary of R.E.M.'s debut EP, Chronic Town will be available for the first time ever as a standalone CD with extensive liner notes by original producer, Mitch Easter, as well as on Vinyl Picture Disc and Cassette.

xgau's consumer guide:

Chronic Town [I.R.S. EP, 1982]
This headlong tumble proves them the wittiest and most joyful of the postgarage sound-over-sense bands, probably because they make so little sense that their sound has to be articulate indeed. Physically incomprehensible lyrics make them harder to parse than somebody else's mystical experience, but every so often a chaotic undertow suggests there's more to their romanticism than Spanish moss. A-

dow, Saturday, 2 July 2022 17:16 (four months ago) link

Oh shit!

Bunheads Pilot Enthusiast (morrisp), Saturday, 2 July 2022 17:30 (four months ago) link

John Adams is not an ilx favorite, far as I've ever noticed, and this is a lot even for hardcore fanz, but Amazon has a 48 % discount on the CD version:

John Adams
Collected Works
The forty-disc box set John Adams Collected Works features recordings spanning more than four decades of composer John Adams's career with the label, plus two extensive booklets with new essays and notes by Timo Andres, Julia Bullock, Nico Muhly, Jake Wilder-Smith, and Nonesuch Chairman Emeritus Robert Hurwitz. Since 1985, when Adams signed exclusively to Nonesuch, the label has released forty-two first recordings and thirty-one all-Adams albums. Collected Works includes thirty-five discs of Nonesuch recordings and five from other labels.

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Two Great New Punk Rock Films On One Night

t’s a double bill; a feature film: “Nightclubbing: The Birth of Punk Rock in NYC" about the formation of the NYC Punk Rock scene at legendary New York City nightclub Max's Kansas City.

Link to NIGHTCLUBBING trailer:

And a special bonus short film; “Sid: The Final Curtain" about the last live performance of the Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious featuring rare live footage of that September 1978 show and exclusive interviews from those who witnessed it.

Link to SID trailer:

“Nightclubbing: The Birth of Punk Rock in NYC" world-premiered at ‘Dock of the Bay’ Film Festival in San Sebastian on May 5th 2022 where it won the Judges Special Mention award.

“Nightclubbing: The Birth of Punk Rock in NYC" is the first-ever documentary about the renowned New York City nightclub Max's Kansas City (1965-1981) which had an indelible impact on the worlds of music, fashion, art, culture and the creation of the city’s Punk Rock scene.

...And it’s all covered in "Nightclubbing: The Birth of Punk Rock in NYC," with unique archival footage and exclusive interviews with Alice Cooper, Jayne County, Billy Idol, Steve Stevens, longtime music journalist / Patti Smith Band guitarist Lenny Kaye, photographer Bob Gruen, Max's Kansas City band booker Peter Crowley, Elliott Murphy, late New York Dolls guitarist Sylvain Sylvain, Warhol superstars Penny Arcade and Ruby Lynn Reyner, Suicide’s Alan Vega, Bad Brains H.R. and Dr. Know, Stimulators’ Denise Mercedes and Nick Marden (and their then-12-year-old drummer, future Cro-Mag Harley Flanagan), Twisted Sister’s Jay Jay French, D Generation’s Jesse Malin, Blondie’s Frank Infante, the Dead Boys’ Jimmy Zero, The 'B' Girls / New York Junk / Stiv Bators’ girlfriend Cynthia Ross, Joey Ramone’s brother / The Rattlers Mickey Leigh, Shrapnel / Monster Magnet’s Phil Caivano, Punk Magazine founder and Ramones album cover illustrator John Holmstrom, Mink Deville’s Louis X. Erlanger, American Hardcore author / filmmaker Steven Blush and a who’s who of New York’s rock scene of the time, including Neon Leon, Leee Black Childers, Marty Thau, Peter Jordan, Donna Destri, Sonny Vincent, Phillys Stein and the fabulous Jimi LaLumia.

The film features rare footage of Iggy & The Stooges, New York Dolls, Sid Vicious and Wayne / Jayne County as well as classic footage from Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers.

Also showing at PUNK ROCK MOVIE NIGHT:

"Sid: The Final Curtain", a new exclusive short film documenting the final live performance of Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious at Max's Kansas City in September 1978 featuring rare live footage and exclusive interviews from those who witnessed it.

“Nightclubbing: The Birth of Punk Rock in NYC” & “Sid: The Final Curtain"

theatrical film screening schedule for 2022:

Saturday, July 9th - Mockingbird Cinema –Birmingham, UK

Sunday, July 17th - Regent Theater – Arlington, MA

Tuesday, July 19th - Joe’s Pub - New York City – JUST ADDED

Wednesday, July 20th - Joe’s Pub - New York City - SOLD OUT

Thursday, July 21st - Colony Theater - Woodstock, N.Y.

Sunday, July 24th - The Black Cat - Washington, D.C.

Wednesday, July 27th - Texas Theater - Dallas, TX

Wednesday, July 27th - Metropol - Dusseldorf, DE

Thursday, July 28th - The Grog Shop - Cleveland, OH

Saturday, July 30th - Lichtblick - Berlin, DE

Sunday, July 31st - The Balboa Theater - San Francisco, CA

Wednesday, August 10th - Trylon - Minneapolis, MN

Monday, August 15th - Paradise Theater - Toronto, CN

Thursday, August 18th - Philly Moca - Philadelphia, PA

Monday, August 22nd - Hollywood Theater - Portland, OR

Tuesday, August 23rd - Theater @ The Crocodile - Seattle, WA

Thursday, August 25th - Roverstad - Oslo, NO

Thursday, August 25th - Violet Crown Cinema - Austin, TX

Thursday, August 25th - Violet Crown Cinema - Santa Fe, NM

Thursday, August 25th - Violet Crown Cinema - Charlottesville, VA

Friday, September 23rd - Gman Tavern @ The Metro - Chicago, IL

More screenings to be announced.

"Nightclubbing: The Birth of Punk Rock in NYC" will be the 6th acclaimed music documentary for Spanish filmmaker Danny Garcia and will add to the list of respected music documentaries he has produced and directed.

Garcia’s other releases include "The Rise and Fall of The Clash", about the later era Clash; "Looking for Johnny", about New York Dolls guitarist Johnny Thunders; "Sad Vacation", a film chronicling the final months in New York City of the Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious & his girlfriend Nancy Spungen; "Stiv: No Compromise, No Regrets", about Stiv Bators, legendary front-man of the iconic Ohio band the Dead Boys & The Lords of the New Church and Danny's most recently released film "Rolling Stone Life and Death of Brian Jones" about founding member of The Rolling Stones, Brian Jones.

These are trailers for our documentary films:

The Rise and Fall of The Clash:

Looking for Johnny:

Sad Vacation:

Stiv: No Compromise, No Regrets:

Rolling Stone: Life And Death of Brian Jones:

Nightclubbing: The Birth of Punk Rock in NYC:

Sid: The Final Curtain:

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Luaka Bop Announces The Muslim Highlife of Alhaji Waziri Oshomah,
Third Volume Of World Spirituality Classics Series, Out September 23rd

Watch Video For Lead Single, “Jealousy”

Luaka Bop announces The Muslim Highlife of Alhaji Waziri Oshomah, the third volume of their World Spirituality Classics series, out September 23rd, and present its blazing lead single/video, “Jealousy.” The Muslim Highlife of Alhaji Waziri Oshomah showcases seven songs of dance and devotion, sung in English, Etsako, and other local languages. A devout Muslim and a pillar in his local community, Alhaji Waziri Oshomah makes a unique form of dance music that’s fused with local folk styles, pan-Nigeran highlife and Western pop, creating a singular sound that epitomises Afenmailand’s ethos of togetherness. His lyrics are reflective and philosophical—they draw on Judeo-Christian and traditional imagery to speak of piety and reverence, conveying Islamic values such as humility and modesty in a way that everybody, no matter their belief or religion, can understand.

Originally initiated to offer some form of positivity, The Muslim Highlife of Alhaji Waziri Oshomah follows the acclaimed World Spiritualty Classics releases of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitanada’s ecstatic music and private press gospel soul compilation The Time For Peace Is Now, both of which were awarded Best New Reissue by Pitchfork. The atmosphere of The Muslim Highlife of Alhaji Waziri Oshomah is one of enjoyment, excitement and pleasure, because to see Waziri perform, is to be addressed, body and soul.

First recorded between the mid-’70s and mid-’80s, The Muslim Highlife of Alhaji Waziri Oshomah spans the years when Waziri first completed the Hajj. Despite drawing comparisons with the electronic sounds of William Onyeabor, the visceral afrobeat of Fela Kuti, and Ebo Taylor’s Ghanian guitar-led highlife, Waziri’s is a world unto itself. It is a world where musical expression and Islamic culture moves hand-in-hand. Soul music in the truest sense of the word.

Born into a Muslim Afenmai/Etsako family in southern Nigeria, Waziri was entranced not only by the highlife sound emanating from Lagos, but by Etsako groups, who favored driving guitar lines over the flamboyant horn sections of the capital. When his parents disowned him for fear he had strayed too far from his faith, Waziri responded by infusing his music with the teachings of Islam.

In 1970, against a backdrop of the Nigerian Civil War, Waziri cut loose and started his own band, pouring Western-influenced instrumentation, electronic flourishes, and soul phrasing into the deep well of the region’s indigenous folk styles. Without transport, the band would regularly walk miles to gigs carrying what equipment they had on their heads. But Waziri was undeterred. “When we played, we didn’t have professional amplifiers,” Waziri recounts. “We used a locally built amp that was powered by ordinary torchlight batteries.” Buoyed by a powerful sense of purpose, he never looked back.

In Waziri’s hometown, Auchi, his message continues to resonate. As Uchenna Ikonne writes in the album’s liner notes, “The people of Auchi may worship in different houses, but they all come together on the dance floor. For in Auchi, as in most societies in sub-Saharan Africa, dancing is a form of communication, energy transmission and prayer. Beyond the churches, beyond the mosques, the dance floor is the holiest place.”

This is what unifies Waziri’s vibrant music and Luaka Bop’s Spirituality Classics series, which illuminates the relationship between music and belief across distinct spiritual communities throughout the world. The scope of Waziri’s music goes beyond fixed notions of religion, instead sharing messages of healing and togetherness, reflecting our shared humanity.

Still performing regularly, and a hugely respected member of the community who has invested in mosques and schools in the area, Waziri’s social and spiritual highlife has the local culture at its core. The Great Daddy of Etsaki, the Oyoyo King, the Godfather of Afemai music, he is the musical preacher who always puts his people first. The time has come for the world to join them in the dance.

The Muslim Highlife of Alhaji Waziri Oshomah Tracklist:
1. Forgive Them Oh God Amin – Amin
2. Jealousy
3. Alhaji Yesufu Sado Managing Director
4. Omhona - Omhona
5. Ovini Omoekeke Alhaji Inu Umoru
6. Okhume Ukhaduame
7. My Luck feat. Madam Hassanah Waziri and Her Velvet Voice

dow, Thursday, 14 July 2022 00:37 (four months ago) link

from February, but this rules, as does their more recent Merzbow & Masonna reissues

thinkmanship (sleeve), Thursday, 14 July 2022 00:41 (four months ago) link

Oho, thanks!
With this year's American Clave Piazzolla set, mentioned upthread, out now on various streaming services:,
Nonesuch now reminds us of this, from last year:

Tom Service commemorates the centenary of the birth of Astor Piazzolla with a portrait of the great Argentine bandoneon player and tango composer, and explores his revolutionary style which changed the genre for ever. He also questions his legacy in today's Argentina.

We hear from Piazzolla himself in rare BBC archive material, as well as his widow Laura Escalada Piazzolla; his grandsons Daniel Villaflor Piazzolla, who runs the 'Fundación Piazzolla' and Daniel 'Pipi' Piazzolla, drummer in jazz band 'Escalandrum'. There are contributions, too, from the critic Fernando González, who translated Piazzolla's Memoirs into English and interviewed him for international publications; the pianist Pablo Ziegler, who performed with Piazzolla for 11 years in one of his Quintets; and amongst others, the singers Amelita Baltar, who premiered many of Piazzolla’s songs, and Elena Roger, who offers a new take of Piazzolla's music...

dow, Thursday, 14 July 2022 19:38 (four months ago) link

The first three albums by saxophonist Idris Ackamoor's band the Pyramids, plus a live disc, are being released as a 4CD or 4LP box tomorrow. I just found out about this today and immediately ordered the 4CD version.

AOMAWA: The 1970s Recordings

A brand new 4LP box set bringing together the incredible 1970s recordings of Afrofuturism pioneers The Pyramids, led by saxophonist Idris Ackamoor. The set features the remastered LPs Lalibela, King Of Kings and Birth / Speed / Merging alongside the first ever vinyl issue of their live session for KQED TV in 1975. The accompanying 12-page 12”-sized booklet features extended interviews with The Pyramids by Francis Gooding and a host of unseen photos.

Lalibela (1973):
IDRISSA ACKAMOOR: Alto saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Bailophone,
Masenqo, Talking drum, Moroccan clay drum
MARGO ACKAMOOR: Flute, Piccolo, Percussion
KWAME KIMATHI ASANTE: Hagstrom bass, Ugandan harp, Ethiopian drum, Bamboo flute
MASAI: Soprano saxophone, Bamboo Flute, Percussion
MARCEL LYTLE: Drums, Percussion
HEKAPTAH: Conga drums, Osi drum, Percussion

King Of Kings (1974):
IDRIS ACKAMOOR: Alto saxophone, talking drum, bailophone,
one-stringed goge, Ethiopian drum, calypso box, vocals
MARGO ACKAMOOR: Flute, percussion, vocals
KWAME MIMATHI ASANTE: Hagstrom bass, Ugandan harp, percussion, vocals
HEKAPTAH: Conga drums, percussion, vocals
DONALD ROBINSON: Drums, bongos, percussion, vocals

Guest artists:
JEROME SAUNDERS: piano, percussion

Recorded in March, 1974 at Appalachia Sound Recording Studio, Chillicothe, Ohio
Engineer: Wayne Mitchell

Birth / Speed / Merging (1976):
IDRIS ACKAMOOR AKA BRUCE BAKER: Alto saxophone, Bongos, Ku Cheng, Bamboo flutes, Talking drum, Percussion, vocals
MARGO ACKAMOOR: Flute, Piccolo, Percussion, Vocals
KIMATHI ASANTE: Hagstrom bass guitar, Talking drum, Ugandan harp, Bamboo flutes,
Percussion, Vocals
HESHIMA: Acoustic bass, Vocals
AUGUSTA LEE COLLINS: Drums, talking drum, Percussion
KENNETH NASH: Congas, Bongos, Rosenbow, Percussion, Guatemalan stick drum, Vocals

Guest Artist:
MCHEZA NGOMA: vocals on ‘Aomawa’, steel drum on ‘Reaffirmation’,
Percussion on ‘Black Man And Woman Of The Nile’

Produced by Idris Ackamoor, Kimathi Asante and Heshima
Recorded in November, 1975 at His Master’s Wheels Studio
Recording Engineer: Jim Furman
Mixed at Different Fur Music
Mixing Engineer: John Vieria


IDRIS ACKAMOOR: Alto saxophone, Bongos, Talking drum, 3-hole flute, Bamboo flute, Vocals, Percussion, Gongs, Cymbal tree, Bailophone, Vocals
MARGO ACKAMOOR: Flute, Vocals, Percussion
KIMATHI ASANTE: Hagstrom bass guitar, Talking drum, Percussions, Bamboo flute, Vocals
HESHIMA: Acoustic bass, Percussion
AUGUSTA LEE COLLINS: Drums, Talking drum, Percussion
MCHEZA NGOMA: Congas, Percussion

but also fuck you (unperson), Thursday, 14 July 2022 21:36 (four months ago) link

Wow--I've heard of them, have you heard them?

dow, Saturday, 16 July 2022 01:19 (four months ago) link


Four Classic Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers Albums Set For CD & Vinyl Re-Release via @OmnivoreRecords via @glidemag @MissingPieceGrp

— Cary Baker (@Conqueroo1) July 9, 2022

dow, Saturday, 16 July 2022 01:19 (four months ago) link

presumably the Modern Lovers records will also hit streaming? good news

corrs unplugged, Monday, 18 July 2022 09:17 (four months ago) link

Wow--I've heard of them, have you heard them?

I bought the box but haven't listened yet. Busy, busy, busy.

but also fuck you (unperson), Monday, 18 July 2022 13:18 (four months ago) link

Pyramids albums are on Apple Music and probably other places too. Pretty good African jazz that sometimes gets downright free and fiery - playing under the sign of Coltrane.

Ward Fowler, Monday, 18 July 2022 13:40 (four months ago) link

Thanks---this is not a Reissue, but Rolling with thee vintage sounds at heart (prob been on other threads, but worth more exposure)

Cosey Fanni Tutti
Original Soundtrack Recordings from the film 'Delia Derbyshire: The Myths and the Legendary Tapes'

New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£26.00
Expected 16 Sep PREORDER
Expected 16 Sep PREORDER

1. Cornet Lament
2. Four Bebe
3. Sirens
4. Delia Tones
5. Animals
6. Psychedelic Projections
7. Reverse Adrenalin
8. Snuff Chorus
9. Cosmic Static Noise Wasps
10. An Individualist
11. Ceiling of Sickening Sound
12. Dream Diner Party
13. Guitar (Twickenham Studio 3)
14. Labyrinthine
15. Tatum Ergo

**Former Throbbing Gristle member Cosey Fanni Tutti has researched the life and music of groundbreaking electronic composer Delia Derbyshire to make 'Original Soundtrack Recordings from the film ‘Delia Derbyshire: The Myths and the Legendary Tapes’.**

In Cosey's own words:

"The music on this album includes the audio explorations and experiments that led to the creation of the finished soundtrack - the used and unused elements as I worked to find the ‘Delia’ sounds I felt best connected not only directly to her life experiences that influenced her music, but were expressive of, and representative of her. The compositions are inspired by my research of the Delia Derbyshire audio archive, Delia's original compositional notes and techniques which in combination with my admiration and love of Delia’s work provided a way to integrate her style and approach to music with my own. An alliance of our sensibilities."

more info, audio:

dow, Thursday, 21 July 2022 22:05 (four months ago) link

For @aquadrunkard I reviewed "Sharayet El Disco: Egyptian Disco & Boogie Cassette Tracks 1982-1992" @wewantsounds

— Observations of Deviance AntiFascist (@AtBestIsKorny) July 30, 2022

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Photograph by Morris Engel, Boys with Boom Box, 14th Street, New York, 1983.

— Des (@desdelboy) July 30, 2022

dow, Sunday, 31 July 2022 00:03 (three months ago) link

Xp There was a box set of the Pyramids 70s lps a few years ago. I don't remember the KQED live set being included but could be wrong. I have it somewhere and should listen to it. I think it coincided with the band reuniting cos there were new lps/cds appearing at the time.
My brother had asked for a copy and I wound up getting one for myself too.

Stevolende, Sunday, 31 July 2022 07:42 (three months ago) link

yeah just the 3 lps in a box, THey Play To Music Fire 1973-1976 and released in 2012

Stevolende, Sunday, 31 July 2022 09:31 (three months ago) link

I see this was put up on youtube around the time the They Play To Make Music Fire! box came out
hope its not just about to disappear

Stevolende, Sunday, 31 July 2022 09:41 (three months ago) link







Marking the very first time an all-career-spanning Roxy Music collection has been made available on vinyl, The Best Of Roxy Music will be released this September 2, 2022 via Virgin / UMe.

This iconic collection of songs will be available on 2LP 180-gram black vinyl and limited yellow vinyl D2C exclusive editions. Both include restored and enhanced artwork, lyrics, and have been remastered at half-speed by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios. Pre-order The Best Of Roxy Music HERE.

Since their inception in 1972, multi-platinum Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Roxy Music have left an indelible mark on the worlds of music, fashion, and art, merging the three with a singular and astonishing vision that brought them immediate, global success. Today they are regarded as one of the most influential bands of all time, whose music and iconic imagery continues to inspire new generations of artists.

Arranged in reverse-chronological order, The Best Of Roxy Music track listing bookends their peerless recording career. The set opens with "Avalon" and "More Than This", two iconic compositions that propelled the band’s final album on to multi-platinum success. "More Than This" alone has garnered more than 123 million streams. Elsewhere, songs like "Love Is The Drug" and "Angel Eyes" pioneered a new fusion of rock and disco; "Do The Strand" and "Street Life" blurred the lines between genres, and "Re-Make/Re-Model"and "Virginia Plain" at once birthed and defined the art-rock movement and influenced more than one generation of aspiring young musicians - from St Vincent, Sex Pistols and Grace Jones, to Duran Duran, CHIC, Franz Ferdinand and countless others. Of course, also included are the all-time great ballads "Oh Yeah", "Dance Away" and "Over You" and their sensitive interpretation of John Lennon’s "Jealous Guy" – a UK No. 1 for the band in 1981. Intense and emotive, these 18 songs capture the wide-screen vision of Roxy Music’s restless creativity across eight classic studio albums, recorded between 1972-1982.

2022 is a landmark year. Celebrating both the 50th anniversary of Roxy Music’s ground-breaking self-titled debut album, and 40 years since their eighth and final studio record, Avalon, shot to No. 1 in the UK album charts on its release in 1982.

In celebration, Roxy Music will embark upon their first tour in over a decade. Bryan Ferry, Andy Mackay, Phil Manzanera and Paul Thompson will perform together on stage for the first time since their sold-out and critically acclaimed 2011 For Your Pleasure tour. 10 arena shows across North America will take place in September, before arriving in the UK on October 10, 2022 for three special dates in Glasgow, Manchester and London.

May 2022 saw the publication of Lyrics, the works of Bryan Ferry's evocative lyrics of aspiration and romantic longing, published in one collection for the first time. A celebration of one of the most innovative and influential recording artists in the history of recorded music.

In addition to the newly pressed The Best Of Roxy Music, each of Roxy Music’s eight studio albums are also reissued this year as special anniversary editions with a new half-speed cut, revised artwork and a deluxe gloss laminated finish. All albums are available HERE.

The Best Of Roxy Music Track Listing

1. Avalon
2. More Than This
3. Jealous Guy
4. Over You
5. Same Old Scene
6. Oh Yeah!
7. Angel Eyes
8. Dance Away
9. Both Ends Burning
10. Love Is the Drug
11. Out of the Blue
12. All I Want Is You
13. Mother of Pearl
14. Street Life
15. Do the Strand
16. Pyjamarama
17. Virginia Plain
18. Re-Make/Re-Model

09/07 - Scotiabank Arena - Toronto, ON
09/09 - Capital One Arena - Washington, DC
09/12 - Madison Square Garden - New York City, NY
09/15 - Wells Fargo Center - Philadelphia, PA
09/17 - TD Garden - Boston, MA*
09/19 - United Center - Chicago, IL
09/21 - Moody Center - Austin, TX
09/23 - American Airlines Center - Dallas, TX
09/26 - Chase Center - San Francisco, CA
09/28 - The Forum - Los Angeles, CA

Oct 10 - OVO Hydro - Glasgow, UK
Oct 12 - AO Arena - Manchester, UK
Oct 14 - The O2 - London, UK

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Not a reissue, an archival recording, but still, extremely good news:

A previously unreleased French radio session from 1971 by the Ahmad Jamal Trio with Jamil Nasser on bass and Frank Gant on drums. This was an absolutely killer group that made several of Jamal's best albums, including Outertimeinnerspace, Freeflight, and The Awakening, in this era. He was also switching back and forth between acoustic piano and Fender Rhodes, at times getting into some incredible trance zones. Really excited about this one.

but also fuck you (unperson), Tuesday, 2 August 2022 01:29 (three months ago) link

I almost feel like this deserves a poll:

Life Moves Pretty Fast: The John Hughes Mixtapes

A 4CD box (deluxe version comes with a cassette and a 7") of music from John Hughes movies.

CD 1
Kajagoogoo – Kajagoogoo (Instrumental)
Simple Minds – Don’t You (Forget About Me)
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – If You Leave
Oingo Boingo – Weird Science
Furniture – Brilliant Mind
Dave Wakeling – She’s Having A Baby
The Flowerpot Men – Beat City
The Psychedelic Furs – Pretty In Pink
Flesh For Lulu – I Go Crazy
Dr. Calculus – Full Of Love
Lick The Tins – Can’t Help Falling In Love
Steve Earle & The Dukes – Six Days On The Road (Album Version)
Kirsty MacColl – You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet Baby (Soundtrack Version)
Suzanne Vega & Joe Jackson – Left Of Center
Pete Shelley – Do Anything (Soundtrack Version)
Carmel – It’s All In The Game
The Dream Academy – Power To Believe (Instrumental)
Kate Bush – This Woman’s Work
New Order – Elegia (2015 Remaster)

CD 2
The Beat – March Of The Swivelheads (Rotating Heads – Dub Version)
Nick Heyward – When It Started To Begin
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Tesla Girls
Big Audio Dynamite – BAD
Killing Joke – Eighties
The Specials – Little Bitch
Gene Loves Jezebel – Desire (Come and Get It) (US Club Mix)
Flesh For Lulu – Slide
Love And Rockets – Haunted When The Minutes Drag
Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Love Missile F1-11 (Ultraviolence Mix)
Lords Of The New Church – Method To My Madness
The Jesus And Mary Chain – The Hardest Walk (Single Version)
Echo & The Bunnymen – Bring On The Dancing Horses
General Public – Tenderness
The Blue Room – I’m Afraid
Belouis Some – Round, Round
Thompson Twins – If You Were Here
The Dream Academy – Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want (Instrumental) 3.07

CD 3
Yello – Oh Yeah
Book Of Love – Modigliani (Lost In Your Eyes)
Otis Redding – Try A Little Tenderness
Patti Smith – Gloria: In Excelsis Deo
Westworld – Ba-Na-Na-Bam-Boo
Divinyls – Ring Me Up
Topper Headon – Drummin’ Man
Billy Idol – Catch My Fall
The Association – Cherish
Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Music For A Found Harmonium
Zapp – Radio People
The Blue Room – Cry Like This
Ray Charles – Mess Around
Joe Turner – Lipstick, Powder and Paint
Darlene Love – (Today I Met) The Boy I’m Gonna Marry
Marvin Gaye – How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
Perry Como With Mitchell Ayres And His Orchestra And The Ray Charles Singers – Juke Box Baby
The Chordettes – Mr. Sandman
Ray Anthony And His Orchestra – The Peter Gunn Theme

CD 4
Lindsey Buckingham – Holiday Road
Emmylou Harris – Back in Baby’s Arms
Hugh Harris – Rhythm Of Life
Spandau Ballet – True
Propaganda – Abuse – Here
The Dream Academy – The Edge of Forever
Yello – Lost Again (Album Version)
Bryan Ferry – Crazy Love
The Rave-Ups – Positively Lost Me
Los Lobos – Don’t Worry Baby
Steve Earle – Continental Trailways Blues (Album Version)
The Revillos – Rev Up!
Boston – More Than A Feeling
Balaam And The Angel – I’ll Show You Something Special
The Rave-Ups – Rave Up/Shut Up
Pop Will Eat Itself – Beaver Patrol
The Vapors – Turning Japanese
Silicon Teens – Red River Rock

but also fuck you (unperson), Wednesday, 3 August 2022 14:46 (three months ago) link

Very cool concept

marcel the shell with swag on (Whiney G. Weingarten), Wednesday, 3 August 2022 15:38 (three months ago) link

It does deserve a poll!

dow, Wednesday, 3 August 2022 17:44 (three months ago) link

Don't recall these guys, but do like some of the music of some of the bands they're compared to in the following, so here tis:

IF THESE TREES COULD TALK Self-Titled EP to be re-issued by Metal Blade Records on August 12

Available as a Digipak and on Vinyl

Metal Blade Records is pleased to announce the official reissue of the debut EP from Akron, OH’s IF THESE TREES COULD TALK. The first release from this instrumental post rock band was recorded in 2006 at NE Meadow Studios in Bath, OH and originally released independently by the band on September 27, 2006.

The self-titled release that has been out of print for over 10 years has been mastered for vinyl by Patrick Engel (Temple of Disharmony) and features brand new artwork and packaging.

IF THESE TREES COULD TALK self-titled EP is now available for preorder and will be available as a Digipak and with multiple vinyl variants.

Malabar Front - 8:05

Smoke Stacks - 6:24

The Friscalating Dusklight - 4:32

Signal Tree - 5:24

The Death of Paradigm - 4:06

41°4'23n, -81°31'4w - 3:30


US Vinyl Variants:

Smoky Black

EU Vinyl Variants:

180g Black

Marbled Gold / Black Vinyl (ltd. 500)

Milky White (ltd. 500)

4.5/5 user rating

“If These Trees Could Talk is a band with a slightly heavier sound which is often compared to bands like Joy Wants Eternity, Red Sparowes or even Explosions In The Sky at their heaviest. Highly recommended for fans of the bands mentioned and Post-Rock in general.”

“With a sound reminiscent of Mogwai and Russian Circles, the band’s delay-heavy sound is constantly exploring sonic peaks and valleys as the band’s three-guitar attack surrounds listeners in a swirling sea of sparkling sound.”

Tom Fihe – bass guitar

Jeff Kalal – guitar

Cody Kelly – guitar

Mike Socrates – guitar

Zack Kelly – drums

About the band:

... IF THESE TREES COULD TALK... have captured...the attention of celebrated chef Chris Santos, who in turn played the group for friend and Metal Blade label guru Brian Slagel.

...As part of inking a deal with Metal Blade, debut full-length Above the Earth, Below the Sky (2009) and its lauded successor Red Forest (2012) were re-issued...

Follow the band:

dow, Tuesday, 9 August 2022 18:46 (three months ago) link

Smog Veil has become known mainly or largely for reissues, the Laughner box etc., so I'll put this here:

Friends, fans, and associated rockers:

As you may recall, after years of bringing you the best, sometimes most obscure, and deeply researched music and stories of underground Cleveland, we felt we had reached some sort of plateau and decided to close the business.
While by and large this has been a positive experience for us, we were informed today by the label’s bank that our distributor, Amped Distribution/Alliance Entertainment has failed to pay us since mid-April of this year.
What that means in real terms is that, despite repeated written demands to the company to honor its obligations, we never saw any revenues after April 2022 for what was sold, even the meager digital monies that somehow was enough through the years to keep our lights turned on. You may have noticed that some of your favorite Smog Veil releases are no longer available for download or stream—well, we couldn’t continue a situation where fans are paying for the music and Amped Distribution/Alliance Entertainment isn’t paying the label.
Fortunately, we managed our past revenues in such a way that all the bands and licensors and everyone who worked for us were paid in a timely manner. Luckily in years past we had some amazing distributors who always paid us: Revolver, Forced Exposure, Get Hip to name a few. Entertainment One paid us every penny owed in a timely manner. But, since Amped Distribution/Alliance Entertainment failed to pay us, we weren’t able to pay ourselves.
Never fear, we’ve moved on to new challenges and new businesses, albeit, outside of independent music. We’ll be fine.
But, this has reiterated a very important lesson: support your local musicians and favorite bands, your favorite record shops, the local club owner, and have fun collecting records or streaming if that floats your boat. Independent record labels need your help and understanding of the hustle that labels have to go through just to have normal business practices. A recent tweet from Michaela (I withheld the last name) perfectly encapsulates this issue:
“Every musician I know who's out touring, releasing records & looking like their careers are going great...when we talk 1 on 1, every single one shares how financially, emotionally, logistically stressful & challenging it really is behind the scenes...I personally think the only way to keep on keeping on is through honesty & community.”

That’s a lesson apparently Amped/Alliance Entertainment hasn’t learned.

Thanks everyone again for the support through the years, keep on rocking!

Frank/Smog Veil Records

dow, Friday, 12 August 2022 22:00 (three months ago) link

Joe Meek’s Tea Chest tapes finally reveal some of their secrets. Major stuff, with an amazing real-speed Telstar. The Telstar Story and The Heinz Sessions Vol. 1 are out on @CherryRedGroup. I’ve looked at them today for @theartsdesk:

— Kieron Tyler (@MrKieronTyler) August 14, 2022

dow, Sunday, 14 August 2022 23:42 (three months ago) link

Good morning to everybody, but especially the person who left this in the little free library box up the street

— Matthew Specktor (@matthewspecktor) August 20, 2022

dow, Sunday, 21 August 2022 03:07 (three months ago) link

With any luck this'll be in there tomorrow.

— Jon Butcher (@JonButc80716822) August 20, 2022

dow, Sunday, 21 August 2022 03:09 (three months ago) link

Tinariwen Announce Reissue of Kel Tinariwen,
Cassette-Only Album Originally Released in 1992, Out November 4th via Wedge

Craft Recordings To Also Reissue Aman Iman: Water Is Life (2007) and Imidiwan: Companions (2009) For The First Time On Vinyl on November 4th

North American Tour Kicks Off September 9th

(Photo courtesy of Tinariwen)

Touareg collective Tinariwen are thrilled to announce the reissue of Kel Tinariwen, marking the project's first-ever official release since it appeared in 1992 locally in Mali on cassette, out November 4th via Wedge. In conjunction, they share its lead single and album closer, “Arghane Manine.” The track skips with percussion, grooving bass, and twangs of electric guitar. Across “Arghana Manine,” vocals call back and forth to each other. Kel Tinariwen will see release alongside two additional Tinariwen reissues, Aman Iman: Water Is Life and Imidiwan: Companion, out for the first time on vinyl the same day via Craft Recordings.

Listen to “Arghane Manin” by Tinariwen

A revelatory discovery in the Tinariwen archives, Kel Tinariwen is an early cassette tape recorded in the early 90s that never received a wider release, and sheds new light on the band's already rich history. Not having yet developed the fuller band sound they became internationally established with, Kel Tinariwen features their trademark hypnotic guitar lines and call-and-response vocals weaving in between raw drum machine rhythms and keyboard melodies that almost evoke an Arabic take on 80s synth-pop.

In the summer of 1991, four members of Tinariwen traveled to Abidjan in Ivory Coast to record the band’s first official release, Kel Tinariwen. They were Abdallah Ag Alhousseyni, Hassan Ag Touhami aka ‘Abin Abin,’ Kedou Ag Ossad and Liya Ag Ablil aka ‘Diarra.’ The project was the brainchild of Keltoum Sennhauser, a painter, poet and songwriter of mixed parentage (her father was a Sonhrai, her mother a Touareg), who grew up partly in Bamako, partly in the Kidal region of north-eastern Mali, the homeland of all the members of Tinariwen. Like so many Touareg from that region, Keltoum and her family had been forced to emigrate by the droughts that tore the Touareg world apart in the mid-1970s and 1980s, as well as all the oppression and suffering that had followed independence in 1960. Keltoum became deeply involved in the Touareg struggle for freedom and self-determination and saw music in general and music of Tinariwen in particular as an essential part of that struggle.

Kel Tinariwen was never heard outside of the local community that traded cassettes back in 1992 - an activity that was important to the movement, as Keltoum explains: “I think the cassette played a crucial role as a tool of communication, a tool that was very dear to us. It served to raise awareness and awaken the consciences of those who felt that everything was already lost, or that we didn’t have the wherewithal to win our struggle. It allowed the Touareg world to develop its own conscience and move forward. In our milieu, the only thing that can make us question ourselves is music. Because we listen to a lot of music, we love music, we love poetry. We don’t read. We’re not a people who read. So, the only reading we have, about ourselves and about the outside world, is music.” Thirty years later, the album is finally seeing an official release, on vinyl, CD, and cassette to pay homage to its original format.

There's distinct parallels with the sounds found on this tape and the work uncovered in recent years by crate-digger labels such as Awesome Tapes From Africa, Sahel Sounds and Sublime Frequencies. Aman Iman: Water Is Life and Imidiwan: Companion are Tinariwen’s third and fourth studio albums respectively. It’s a blend of West African traditional music and electrified rock’n’roll – a sound that critics have called “desert blues.”

Alongside Kel Tinariwen, Tinariwen are also reissuing Aman Iman: Water Is Life and Imidiwan: Companions - their third and fourth studio albums respectively. A blend of West African traditional music and electrified rock’n’roll –a sound that critics have called “desert blues.” Aman Iman: Water Is Life was Tinariwen’s third studio album, originally released in 2007, and recorded in Mali’s capital, Bamako. Produced by Justin Adams (Robert Plant’s guitarist and producer of the Tinariwen’s debut album The Radio Tisdas Sessions), and recording engineer Ben Findlay. The whole Tinariwen story breathes through its twelve songs, beginning with the first Touareg rebellion of 1963, which lies at the root of so much pain and trauma in the Malian Touareg mindset and which is vividly recalled by Ibrahim in his brooding song ‘Soixante Trois..’

Imidiwan: Companions was the band's fourth album, and it possesses all the elements that have made them so alluring; raw simplicity, melodic beauty, songs ranging from the epic and universal to the intimate and personal. The 13-track album, produced by Jean-Paul Romann, was recorded in Tessalit, the Malian desert village home of band members Ibrahim Ag Alhabib and Hassan Ag Touhami.

In advance of the three reissues’ release, Tinariwen will return stateside for a North American tour this September and October. After appearances at End of the Road, Manchester Psych Fest, and The Spree Festival in the UK, Tinariwen will kick off their North American tour in Chicago on Fri. Sept. 9th. Tickets are on-sale now and available at

Pre-order Kel Tinariwen, Aman Iman: Water Is Life and Imidiwan: Companions Reissues

Kel Tinariwen Tracklist:
1. À L'Histoire
2. Khedou Khedou
3. Adounia Tarha
4. Matadjem Yinmexan
5. Awa Idjan War Infa Iman
6. Sendad Eghlalan
7. Sendad Eghlalan
8. Arghane Manine

Aman Iman: Water Is Life Tracklist:
1. Cler Achel
2. Mano Dayak
3. Matadjem Yinmixan
4. Ahimana
5. Soixante Trois
6. Toumast
7. Imidiwan WinakaliN
8. Awa Didjen
9. Ikyadarh Dim
10. Tamatant Tilay
11. Assouf
12. Izarharh Tenere

Imidiwan: Companions Tracklist:
1. Imidiwan Afrik Tendam
2. Lulla
3. Tenhert
4. Enseqi Ehad Didagh
5. Tahult In
6. Tamodjerazt Assis
7. Intitlayaghen
8. Imazighen N Adagh
9. Tenalle Chegret
10. Kel Tamashek
11. Assuf Ag Assuf
12. Chabiba
13. Ere Tasfata Adounia

Tinariwen Tour Dates:
Fri. Sept. 2 - Sixpenny Handley, UK @ End of the Road Festival
Sat. Sept. 3 - Manchester, UK @ Manchester Psych Fest
Sun. Sept. 4 - Paisley, UK @ The Spree Festival
Fri. Sept. 9 - Chicago, IL @ Metro
Sat. Sept. 10 - Minneapolis, MN @ The Cedar Cultural Center
Mon. Sept. 12 - Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater
Tue. Sept. 13 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge
Thu. Sept. 15 - Seattle, WA @ Neumos
Fri. Sept. 16 - Vancouver, BC @ Imperial Theatre
Sat. Sept. 17 - Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios
Mon. Sept. 19 - Berkeley, CA @ The UC Theatre
Tue. Sept. 20 - Los Angeles, CA @ Fonda Theatre
Wed. Sept. 21 - Phoenix, AZ @ Musical Instrument Museum Theater
Fri. Sept. 23 - Austin, TX @ Mohawk - Indoor
Sat. Sept. 24 - Fort Worth, TX @ Tulips
Sun. Sept. 25 - Houston, TX @ The Heights Theater
Tue. Sept. 27 - New Orleans, LA @ House of Blues
Thu. Sept. 29 - Saxapahaw, NC @ Haw River Ballroom
Fri. Sept. 30 - Alexandria, VA @ The Birchmere
Sat. Oct. 1 - Philadelphia, PA @ Underground Arts
Mon. Oct. 3 - New York, NY @ Webster Hall
Tue. Oct. 4 - Providence, RI @ Columbus Theatre
Wed. Oct. 5 - Cambridge, MA @ The Sinclair Music Hall
Fri. Oct. 7 - Montreal, QC @ Rialto Theatre
Sat. Oct. 8 - Toronto, ON @ The Danforth Music Hall

(Kel Tinariwen Cover Artwork)

Artist Site | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube

For more information, contact:
Sam McAllister | Pitch Perfect PR -
sam at,

dow, Friday, 2 September 2022 02:05 (two months ago) link

From Numero:

Branko Mataja - Traditional Folk Songs of Yugoslavia

We've now made available for the first time in it's entirety, Branko Mataja's album Traditional Folk Songs of Yugoslavia. Branko Mataja created his glorious one and only LP by himself, at home. An entirely switched on, plugged in affair, every single note comes directly from Mataja’s fully customized guitar. All of which is to say that Traditional and Folk Songs of Yugoslavia sounds less like a dry history lesson in the folk music of Mataja’s homeland and more like an intimate, one to one communication between artist and listener. Earlier in 2022, Numero Group released “Over Fields And Mountains”, a compilation of Branko Mataja’s greatest hits, to great acclaim. (“An album of sublime, spooky beauty,” wrote The Guardian.) Now you can listen to the full album in its original sequence, and join the debate about whether or not we should have included Mataja’s epic rendition of “Tuzna Je Nedelja” (“Gloomy Sunday”) — was it just right, or too much?

And if digital isn't your thing, check out the physical LP compilation that dropped earlier this year. Read more about it over at The Guardian and if you need some recommendations for more, peep the YNFAH Playlist.

Album on many services:

dow, Saturday, 3 September 2022 18:24 (two months ago) link

two weeks pass...

Three Lobed Recordings remasters Sunburned Hand of The Man's seminal album, Headdress, in honor of its 20th anniversary

Recorded 21 years ago this month as America transformed overnight, the album was the group's first proper vinyl release gaining them a nod from Pitchfork naming it Best New Music. Out October 28th, listen to "The Illness" now:
More info:

dow, Tuesday, 20 September 2022 23:52 (two months ago) link

American Dreams Records Announce 40-Year Anniversary Reissue of ONO’s 1982 Debut
Kate Cincinnati out November 18, 2022

RIYL: Duma, Moor Mother, Gastr Del Sol, This Heat, Sun City Girls, Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, The Pop Group, Buthole Surfers, Mort Garson, Clipping, Nurse With Wound
There are few groups as singular as ONO, and fewer still who can loop history into the present in such a visceral, immediate way””
–Bandcamp Daily

“This Chicago avant-garde group are one of the great bands, and their story is endlessly fascinating.” –Chicago Reader

“ONO are perhaps the Chicago underground’s most outré secret. The shapeshifting ensemble rarely surface in media discussion outside the Windy City – perhaps because they can’t easily be pegged… Whatever the case, ONO have toiled in obscurity for 40 years. That stretch of underrecognition should end”
–The Wire Magazine

American Dreams Records Announce 40-Year Anniversary Reissue of ONO’s 1982 Debut
Kate Cincinnati out November 18, 2022

RIYL: Duma, Moor Mother, Gastr Del Sol, This Heat, Sun City Girls, Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, The Pop Group, Buthole Surfers, Mort Garson, Clipping, Nurse With Wound

September 13, 2022
For Immediate Release

ONO (the Chicago, IL based industrial avant-gospel group founded in the ‘80s) today announced that their 1982 debut full-length album, Kate Cincinnati, will be released for the first time digitally and on vinyl as a 40-year anniversary reissue out on November 18, 2022 via American Dreams.

For forty-two years and counting, the long-running experimental Chicago group ONO has been committed to—as their mission statement says—exploring gospel's darkest conflicts, tragedies and premises as an experimental, noise, and industrial poetry performance band, charting a defiant course through a sea of seemingly disparate influences. One of few Black bands taking part in the ‘80s industrial and experimental underground, ONO’s first album Kate Cincinnati is a crucial document, showcasing them as a trio composed of bandleader P. Michael Grego, multi-instrumentalist Ric Graham, and enigmatic frontperson travis. Kate Cincinnati was originally self-released in 1982 in an edition of 300 tapes alongside an accompanying libretto/zine. The trio traverse a variety of sonic environments - travis' singing, bass, and lap steel move effortlessly between gospel, blues, opera and noise suggestions; Graham plays a maelstrom of music on horn and guitar; Grego quietly orchestrates arrangements while adding keyboards, electronics, and percussion. This important archival release follows their acclaimed 2020 album Red Summer, which earned praise from Pitchfork, Treble, Post-Trash, The Chicago Reader, The Quietus and landed on numerous year-end lists including Bandcamp Daily, Artforum, Slug Magazine, Rough Trade, and The Wire Magazine.

With the reissue announcement, ONO shared a single edit of “I Wonder Why” available digitally for the first time ever. Of the track, P. Michael Grego provided the following statement: "We deconstructed 'Good Times' and 'I Want Your Love' by Chic for this song - travis changed the words. 'I Wonder Why' lightens the mood in between 'Kate Cincinnati' and 'Oppenheimer' - it was also a respite during our intense sets. I put together the music, and the others added layers on top."

Those who have seen ONO's recent concerts know their performances emphasize travis' striking stage presence and Grego's penchant for deconstructing soul and funk. travis may undergo costume changes, beat a trash can lid, shake chains, dance with audience members, and set off electronic rhythms, sounds, and noises; Grego conjures rich, throbbing basslines, plays keys, and layers samples on top of each other. Together they foreshadow full-frontal, all-ONO exploratory overlays. The title track on Kate Cincinnati is an early example of ONO's evocative performance style, with choral chanting, drum beats, speak-singing, and ambient saxophones—almost like blues meets New Music America. "I Wonder Why" and "Oppenheimer" merge gospel, punk and blues elements, and a characteristic, anthemic seething, combining socio-political incision, history, and religion: "10.5 million non-whites!" "Give me Jezebel!"


dow, Wednesday, 21 September 2022 00:04 (two months ago) link

Out Now






If you think you miss Joe Strummer now, by the time you get to the end of this boxset, you are really going to miss the guy. What an impact, what an amazing musician, what an amazing human being, a great artist, and this boxset perfectly captures the man, the music and the moment, I’m so glad this came out.


Today Dark Horse Records releases Joe Strummer 002: The Mescaleros Years, the first-ever comprehensive collection highlighting Strummer’s work with his post-Clash band, The Mescaleros. The collection includes remastered editions of all three of the band’s studio albums, plus 15 rare and unreleased tracks spanning the first demos Joe wrote for the Mescaleros, as well as the previously unheard cover of ‘Secret Agent Man’ from 2002 that was discovered in the Joe Strummer archives and was identified as one of the last songs he recorded, along with other unreleased tracks including ‘Fantastic’ and ‘Ocean Of Dreams’, featuring Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols on guitar, as well outtakes from Joe’s final sessions with the Mescaleros. This richly curated boxset was executive produced by Joe’s widow Lucinda Tait and produced by David Zonshine and features exclusive new interviews with Joe’s friends, collaborators and Mescaleros band mates, plus never-before-seen handwritten notes, lyrics, and drawings by Strummer taken from the Joe Strummer Archive. The release arrives everywhere today on 4 CD w/72-page book and 7 LP w/32-page book, special edition packaging and exclusive 12”x12” art print.

While best known as the front man for The Clash, Strummer produced some of the most exciting work of his career with The Mescaleros. “All that’s happening for me now is just a chancer’s bluff,” Strummer said during this period. “I learned that fame is an illusion and everything about it is just a joke. I’m far more dangerous now, because I don’t care at all.”

Joe Strummer 002: The Mescaleros Years highlights this intense period of creativity from 1999-2002, collecting for the first time such extraordinary albums as Rock Art and the X-Ray Style (1999), Global A Go-Go (2001), and the posthumous Streetcore (2003), along with Vibes Compass, a brand-new compilation of 15 B-sides and rarities, spanning early demos of some of the first tracks Strummer wrote for The Mescaleros (such as “The Road To Rock ‘N’ Roll,” “X-Ray Style,” and “Techno D-Day,” as well as the previously unreleased “Secret Agent Man”) to the original recordings from Joe’s last ever sessions, including outtakes of “Get Down Moses,” “Coma Girl,” and the never-before-heard new song, “Fantastic.” All albums are remastered by three-time GRAMMY® Award-winning engineer Paul Hicks (The Beatles, John Lennon, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie) especially for the release and are packaged with extensive new liner notes, unreleased images, and four reproduction lyric sheets and chord charts from the Strummer archive.

“There’s so much great music that Joe left us in his archive,” says Strummer’s widow and Joe Strummer 002: The Mescaleros Years Executive Producer, Lucinda Tait. “We started this work last year with ‘001’, so to focus on Joe’s work with The Mescaleros was the natural second step on ‘002’ because those songs he made with them just seemed to resonate so strongly and reinvigorated his connection with his audience at a level he hadn’t experienced since his days with The Clash.

“He was so excited to work with the Mescaleros and the reception he got from the press and fans was incredible, it gave him a whirlwind of energy and confidence and he was creatively fulfilled and happy.

“His words are so beautiful and honest and together with the Mescaleros some fantastic tunes were created and to listen to some of the tunes recorded as outtakes for me was really special.”

2022 marks twenty years since the passing of the legendary Joe Strummer. Punk poet, musician, composer, actor, and style icon, Strummer spent his life smashing musical and cultural boundaries both as the singer of The Clash and as a solo artist. His songs sound as urgent and vital today as when they were written. Calling out social injustices and giving a voice to the struggles of the working class, Strummer’s politically charged lyrics struck a chord with legions of fans and the press alike, with Rolling Stone calling The Clash “the greatest rock & roll band in the world.” He famously once said, “Without people, you’re nothing.” Through his art, Joe Strummer played his part in shaping the musical landscape of the world and with it left an unrivaled and timeless legacy.

# # #



(Dark Horse/BMG)

Release Date: Friday, September 16


Rock Art and the X-Ray Style

1. Tony Adams

2. Sandpaper Blues

3. X-Ray Style

4. Techno D-Day

5. The Road to Rock 'N' Roll

6. Diggin' The New

7. Nitcomb

8. Forbidden City

9. Yalla Yalla

10. Willesden To Cricklewood

Global A Go-Go

1. Johnny Appleseed

2. Cool ’N’ Out

3. Global A Go-Go

4. Bhindi Bhagee

5. Gamma Ray

6. Mega Bottle Ride

7. Shaktar Donetsk

8. Mondo Bongo

9. Bummed Out City

10. At The Border, Guy

11. Minstrel Boy (full-length version)


1. Coma Girl

2. Get Down Moses

3. Long Shadow

4. Arms Aloft

5. Ramshackle Day Parade

6. Redemption Song

7. All In A Day

8. Burnin' Streets

9. Midnight Jam

10. Silver and Gold

Vibes Compass

1. Time And The Tide

2. Techno D-Day (Demo)

3. Ocean Of Dreams (feat. Steve Jones)

4. Forbidden City (Demo)

5. X-Ray Style (Demo)

6. The Road To Rock ‘N’ Roll (Demo)

7. Tony Adams (Demo)

8. Cool ‘N’ Out (Demo)

9. Global A Go-Go (Demo)

10. Secret Agent Man

11. All In A Day (Demo)

12. London Is Burning

13. Get Down Moses (Outtake)

14. Fantastic

15. Coma Girl (Outtake)


George Harrison’s passion for introducing the world to new music expressed itself in May of 1974 when he created his own new label – Dark Horse Records. The label contained a variety of talented artists on its roster, including George himself. Alongside Joe Strummer, the newly relaunched Dark Horse Records roster also includes Billy Idol, Leon Russell, Benmont Tench and others. For more information, please visit

# # #





Jim Merlis

jim at

dow, Wednesday, 21 September 2022 23:40 (two months ago) link

three weeks pass...

Universal is putting out an 8CD Humble Pie box, 1970-1975: The A&M Box Set, in December. Seven remastered albums and a disc of rarities. Track listing:

1. Live With Me
2. Only A Roach
3. One Eyed Trouser-Snake Rumba
4. Earth And Water Song
5. I’m Ready
6. Theme From Skint
7. Red Light Mamma, Red Hot!
8. Sucking On The Sweet Vine

Disc Two ROCK ON
1. Shine On
2. Sour Grain
3. 79th And Sunset
4. Stone Cold Fever
5. Rolling Stone
6. A Song For Jenny
7. The Light
8. Big George
9. Strange Days
10. Red Neck Jump

1. Four Day Creep
2. I’m Ready
3. Stone Cold Fever
4. I Walk On Gilded Splinters
5. Rolling Stone
6. Hallelujah (I Love Her So)
7. I Don’t Need No Doctor

Disc Four SMOKIN’
1. Hot ‘N’ Nasty
2. The Fixer
3. You’re So Good To Me
4. C’mon Everybody
5. Old Time Feelin’
6. 30 Days In The Hole
7. Road Runners ‘G’ Jam
8. I Wonder
9. Sweet Peace And Time

Disc Five EAT IT
1. Get Down To It
2. Good Booze And Bad Women
3. Is It For Love?
4. Drugstore Cowboy
5. Black Coffee
6. I Believe To My Soul
7. Shut Up And Don’t Interrupt Me
8. That’s How Strong My Love Is
9. Say No More
10. Oh, Bella (All That’s Hers)
11. Summer Song
12. Beckton Dumps
13. Up Our Sleeve
14. Honky Tonk Women
15. Road Runner

1. Thunderbox
2. Groovin’ With Jesus
3. I Can’t Stand The Rain
4. Anna (Go To Him)
5. No Way
6. Rally With Ali
7. Don’t Worry, Be Happy
8. Ninety-Nine Pounds
9. Every Single Day
10. No Money Down
11. Drift Away
12. Oh La-De-Da

1. Street Rat
2. Rock ‘N’ Roll Music
3. We Can Work It Out
4. Scored Out
5. Road Hog
6. Rain
7. There ‘Tis
8. Let Me Be Your Lovemaker
9. Countryman Stomp
10. Drive My Car
11. Queens And Nuns

Disc Eight BONUS TRACKS (B-Sides & Rarities)
1. Big Black Dog (first A&M single)
2. Mister Ring (German B-side)
3. I Don’t Need No Doctor (edit)
4. Chopper (with The Blackberries)
5. You’ve Been In Love Too Soon (with The Blackberries)
6. Twist And Shout (with The Blackberries)
7. Don’t Change On Me (with The Blackberries)
8. The Outcrowd (B-side)
9. Funky To The Bone (from UK version of Street Rats)
10. Tell Me The Truth (previously unreleased)
11. Gimme Some Lovin’ (previously unreleased)
12. Illegal Smile (previously unreleased)
13. Hurts So Good (previously unreleased)
14. She Belongs To Me (instr/vocal/final vocal)

but also fuck you (unperson), Monday, 17 October 2022 15:27 (one month ago) link

Also on Real Gone: new release of Little Beaver's excellent Party Down, back on vinyl--

— Don Allred (@0wlred) October 18, 2022

dow, Tuesday, 18 October 2022 19:32 (one month ago) link

(but it's not on sale)

dow, Tuesday, 18 October 2022 19:33 (one month ago) link

I can definitely recommend that Roland Haynes LP and both Awakening albums. And Doug Carn, obviously

Paul Ponzi, Tuesday, 18 October 2022 19:42 (one month ago) link

OUT JANUARY 13, 2023

Queens Of The Circulating Library stands alongside Time Machines and Nurse With Wound’s Soliloquy For Lilith as a post-industrial pinnacle of sensory-warping long-form drone. Crafted by the distilled duo of Thighpaulsandra and John Balance, the 49-minute piece unfurls in swirling, cyclical waves, tidal as much as textural, channeling the spirit of levitational minimalism pioneered by La Monte Young. Touted as the first part in "a continually mutating series of circulating musickal compositions” upon its initial release in 2000, the album remains a compelling case study in Coil’s exceptional capacity for mutation and extremes.

The theatrical introductory monologue delivered by Thighpaulsandra’s mother – a career opera singer, in her 80’s at the time of recording – sets the stage for a grandiose ascension. Written by Balance, the text is declamatory but dreamlike, refracted through megaphone echo: “Return the book of knowledge / Return the marble index / File under "Paradox" / The forest is a college, each tree a university.” As her voice fades, the lulling synthetic infinity deepens, congealing into transient crests of volume and haze, like slow-motion surf misting in moonlight.

Thighpaulsandra describes their aesthetic intention as a “bliss out,” static but shape-shifting, an amniotic drift towards an eternal vanishing point. A supreme sonic embodiment of the slogan on the sleeve of Time Machines, two years prior: "Persistence is all."

links etc.:

dow, Tuesday, 25 October 2022 16:22 (one month ago) link

imho long pieces like this (a personal favorite) are really not suited to the vinyl medium

sleeve, Tuesday, 25 October 2022 16:44 (one month ago) link

Maybe not, but then again, I'd never heard of it! Newsworthy anyway, and I'll look for it on CD etc.

dow, Tuesday, 25 October 2022 18:03 (one month ago) link

the description above does it justice, it's very immersive (which is why chopping it up into 20-minute chunks does not appeal to me)

sleeve, Tuesday, 25 October 2022 18:10 (one month ago) link

Yeah, I'll look for it online; thanks for the tip.

dow, Tuesday, 25 October 2022 18:19 (one month ago) link

three weeks pass...

Anthony Braxton's News From the '70s is now on Bandcamp:

It features six tracks from between 1971 and 1976: a mixture of solo, duo, and quartet pieces. Most important from my POV is a duo between Braxton and Dave Holland (playing cello) that was part of the 1972 Town Hall concert but didn't fit on the double LP made from that show. But if you're a fan and (like me) think that era was kind of the peak of his work, the whole thing is a must-have.

but also fuck you (unperson), Friday, 18 November 2022 21:35 (one week ago) link

Great news, thanks! Never heard this:

The Clouds

DFA reissues beloved cult classic from the early 2000s

First-ever vinyl release remastered and cut at 45 RPM by Bob Weston (LCD Soundsystem, Nirvana)
Super limited edition LP housed in a craft stock gatefold with a tipped in fold-out featuring lyrics, liner notes, and photos.

n 2003, The Coleman Center, an Alabama non-profit arts organization, welcomed Stuart Hyatt as an artist-musician in residence. The center, which encourages and supports projects that engage and reflect the unique surrounding community, invited Hyatt to explore local music.

Four weeks later, he emerged with The Clouds.

Hyatt, reckoning with the notion of mortality, had written and recorded songs with a variety of local citizens, social groups, and schoolchildren.

The result is a record that is plainly, if not stylistically, Americana – a patchwork of voices sown together by some simple songs about the one thing we all experience.

The original release was super DIY – Hyatt’s grandparents helped him assemble the packaging, which also somehow managed to score a Grammy nomination in the category. A copy of the CD somehow wound up in the DFA offices, where it was shared and beloved but still sat until 2020, when we decided it may finally be worth trying to re-release on vinyl.

That process took two years and an insane attention to detail, but the final product is part and parcel with the original project – a unique document of a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration.

links etc.:
Adcance track:

dow, Saturday, 19 November 2022 19:04 (one week ago) link

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