olivia rodrigo sets a record

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“drivers license” by @Olivia_Rodrigo breaks the record for the biggest single-day streams in US Spotify history, with over 6.145 MILLION. pic.twitter.com/P4ntbJJbJz

— Pop Crave (@PopCrave) January 13, 2021

this song is also #1 globally

does this mark a shift in the industry or is it a random hit? it's not an OBVIOUS on-trend 'biggest ever' song, anyway. she's 17 yo and a likeable star on high school musical the musical the series and this is her debut single although she wrote a song for the show before.

silly analysis: verses: phoebe bridgers, chorus: taylor swift, bridge: lorde

it's pretty good

will spotify start getting dominated by young female angst-pop songwriters? who do they replace?


abcfsk, Wednesday, 13 January 2021 17:13 (six months ago) link

Pretty food song, I like its twists & turns. (I don’t really go for that style of singing, but I know many do.)

one of the only artist who is genuine (morrisp), Wednesday, 13 January 2021 17:31 (six months ago) link

*good, not food

one of the only artist who is genuine (morrisp), Wednesday, 13 January 2021 17:31 (six months ago) link

Half the interest in this track from the media seems to be the 'who is she singing about' schtick since it's probably her co-star Joshua Bassett, who's set to release HIS single today, which doesn't seem like it'll be very good - I'm expecting a girls aloud vs one true voice type battle for billboard #1 that launches one career but not the other

abcfsk, Thursday, 14 January 2021 07:43 (six months ago) link

Was she big in the US as a tv/movie star prior to this single? I might be too old now, but I’m not hearing why this song would be so wildly popular without some star power behind it. It sounds so bland to me. The only thing that made my ears perk up is the bridge and it sounds lifted from a Lorde song.

✖✖✖ (Moka), Thursday, 14 January 2021 09:44 (six months ago) link

Oh I see abcfsk also compared the bridge to Lorde, I’m not hearing Phoebe Bridgers or Taylor Swift in there, but I’m not a fan of the latter so maybe that could explain why this is a blindspot for me.

✖✖✖ (Moka), Thursday, 14 January 2021 09:54 (six months ago) link

she's the star of high school musical the musical the series so she's a disney teen star certainly, but this does seem to be a bigger debut than usual for one of them. unlike the previous few generations of disney teen stars though she's not on disney's label for her music, which is very likely to her benefit.

ufo, Thursday, 14 January 2021 09:58 (six months ago) link

I see it shares writing credits with the producer, Dan Nigro, who also co-wrote and produced “so hot you’re hurting my feelings” and “the door” with Caroline Polachek and “When I’m with him” by Empress Of. I thought those were great singles, so I might need to give this another chance, because I didn’t hear anything special in my first couple of listens.

✖✖✖ (Moka), Thursday, 14 January 2021 10:00 (six months ago) link

Xpost: I see. Maybe it made a bigger impact based on viewings of High School Musical via streams on Disney+ during quarantine? Idk it’s not that I hate popular things is that I’m struggling to hear the “thunder” in here. When songs like say Lorde “Royals” or Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” made it to #1 I could clearly hear why they were so popular despite not being a huge fan of the latter.

✖✖✖ (Moka), Thursday, 14 January 2021 10:11 (six months ago) link

Idk I’ll give it another try tomorrow with fresh ears... see if something finally clicks and I get the “why?”

✖✖✖ (Moka), Thursday, 14 January 2021 10:13 (six months ago) link

it hasn't charted at #1 yet on billboard it's just at #1 on all the streaming charts i think. seems like it has a good chance though. i don't really have any idea exactly how popular hsm: the musical the musical the series is, but surely it's big with teens if it can propel her to stardom like this. my guess is the 'who is she singing about' schtick abcfsk mentioned is a big driver of its success too

definitely feels like a version of phoebe bridgers polished for maximum pop appeal, or last year's taylor albums except blander. not really surprising that something like this could be such a hit, between lana/billie/taylor etc. in the last few years. hardly an exciting debut single though yeah, it's a pleasant ballad but i don't see myself coming back to it ever.

ufo, Thursday, 14 January 2021 10:17 (six months ago) link

I’m seeing compilations of tiktoks and I can say empirically that the actual hook of the song is the bridge since it’s the one people used the most.

I’m also kind of hearing the Phoebe and Taylor thing now, the chorus is annoying me after hearing it 20+ times in a row in a compilation.

I think I’m getting the popularity of it now. Gen Z hit songs for the past couple of years have been very rhythmically catchy - I assume because you can make tiktoks dancing to them- and this is more of a ballad for Gen Z to make tiktoks uglycrying to the song. I guess in that context the song does feel refreshing and it’s likely we wont see a musical trend here. I don’t know how to express this in an interesting form but it did feel like most of the dancing in 2020 was done via tiktok and it’s getting stale and this song is a cathartic breakup from that.

✖✖✖ (Moka), Thursday, 14 January 2021 10:52 (six months ago) link

i think pop has been trending this way for a while actually so it's probably a sign of more to come

ufo, Thursday, 14 January 2021 11:19 (six months ago) link

With no clubs or concerts, it would have made sense for all pop in 2020 to be more introspective. I guess the trend will continue for another while but hope the 20’s get back to dancing soon, because I have no patience for this sort of ballads.

✖✖✖ (Moka), Thursday, 14 January 2021 15:12 (six months ago) link

The bridge is really good (I guess it is Lorde-y).

one of the only artist who is genuine (morrisp), Thursday, 14 January 2021 17:49 (six months ago) link

Many opinions from tsj https://www.thesinglesjukebox.com/?p=29752

abcfsk, Friday, 15 January 2021 17:35 (six months ago) link

[5]s OTM

✖✖✖ (Moka), Friday, 15 January 2021 22:40 (six months ago) link

it's fairly plain imo

dyl, Saturday, 16 January 2021 04:42 (six months ago) link

as for the significance of its somewhat eye-popping charting achievements, this is basically on par w/ ariana grande debuting in the top 10 w/ "the way" the greater part of a decade ago. the hot 100 is pretty weak currently and streaming/sales are so consistently misaligned w/ airplay these days that debuting at/near the top is quite a bit easier now than it used to be

dyl, Saturday, 16 January 2021 04:46 (six months ago) link

dan nigro did quite a few songs w/ sky ferreira also

dyl, Saturday, 16 January 2021 04:48 (six months ago) link

xp I don’t follow how this comment relates to the song’s massive streaming performance(?)

one of the only artist who is genuine (morrisp), Saturday, 16 January 2021 04:56 (six months ago) link

(fwiw, the track impacts the Hot 100 next week)

one of the only artist who is genuine (morrisp), Saturday, 16 January 2021 04:58 (six months ago) link

yeah it won't be on the hot 100 until next week but it will obviously be #1

idk i guess i am unfairly downplaying the song's performance somewhat. it just seems weird to me that a bunch of millennials' and gen-xers' ears are apparently perking up at a not-very-remarkable song by someone they'd never heard of just b/c it's getting streamed en masse by tiktok zoomers partly due to some e-drama. this isn't to say the song won't have lasting/broader appeal or that the machinations setting her up for success are inherently illegitimate, but, like... the number of ppl who felt the need to weigh in w/ a blurb on that tsj link is dumbfounding

dyl, Saturday, 16 January 2021 05:53 (six months ago) link

completely unrelated to the actual topic at hand but the way that popcrave account always writes MILLION and BILLION (along w/ PLATINUM and even GOLD) in all caps is always so funny to me. like, some of the numbers they post are legitimately not remarkable at all but the emphasis always makes it seem so dramatic and earth-shattering. i want them to start writing THOUSAND like that

dyl, Saturday, 16 January 2021 05:57 (six months ago) link

i guess part of why i felt compelled to compare it to "the way" was just b/c of grande's stature at the time (i had never heard of her before i saw that song high up on the itunes charts)

dyl, Saturday, 16 January 2021 06:03 (six months ago) link

its the most interesting thing happening in pop at the moment i guess since its a quiet time of year and people are bored

ufo, Saturday, 16 January 2021 06:06 (six months ago) link

Who knows if it's a harbinger of anything, but I think it's still worth noting its success as a story, because streaming has been so dominated by specific male-heavy genres, even as a few female mega stars have been the exception.


And yeah, it's a quieter period on spotify, but the song has also peaked higher than any other song on spotify before.

It's also fun to see where someone who loves phoebe bridgers ends up as a pop idol.

abcfsk, Saturday, 16 January 2021 12:26 (six months ago) link

There are a lot of familiar things in this that call to mind everything from the aforementioned influences to Florence + the Machine to Mumford & Sons. I'll have to ask my kids what they think, because I am sure they have opinions.

Josh in Chicago, Saturday, 16 January 2021 12:57 (six months ago) link

“driver’s license” is fine, but the important thing is that it’s five million times better than gen z’s other favorite ballad “without you” by the kid laroi

boz conspiracy by toby hus (voodoo chili), Saturday, 16 January 2021 13:16 (six months ago) link

Xxpost: that’s the chart for most streamed artists, not most streamed singles. I don’t think Olivia Rodrigo will be or even is right now in the top 10 streamed artists of 2021 despite being a #1 streamed song.

I don’t know if there’s a chart of most streamed songs of 2020 but I’d bet Dua Lipa, Doja Cat, Tones & I, Megan & Cardi and maybe the Lady Gaga & Ariana collab are in there

✖✖✖ (Moka), Saturday, 16 January 2021 14:32 (six months ago) link

I mean for comparison: the Olivia Rodrigo song is near 100M streams right now which is very impressive considering the amount of time but “Dance Monkey” has 2B streams and even with that massive amount of streams you don’t see Tones & I on the top 10 most streamed artists.

✖✖✖ (Moka), Saturday, 16 January 2021 14:39 (six months ago) link

I’m not saying “Driver’s License” doesn’t have a chance to get to 2B streams, I’m saying is not enough to be a top 10 most streamed artist of the year.

✖✖✖ (Moka), Saturday, 16 January 2021 14:54 (six months ago) link


top 5 songs on spotify last year:
“Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd
“Dance Monkey” by Tones And I
“The Box” by Roddy Ricch
“Roses – Imanbek Remix” by Imanbek and SAINt JHN
“Don’t Start Now” by Dua Lipa

top 5 artists on spotify last year:
Bad Bunny
J Balvin
Juice WRLD
The Weeknd

ufo, Saturday, 16 January 2021 15:16 (six months ago) link

across all platforms including video, the top 10 streaming songs last year were (via nielsen):

1. Roddy Ricch, “The Box” (1.32 billion)
2. Future featuring Drake, “Life Is Good” (1.035 billion)
3. DaBaby featuring Roddy Ricch, “Rockstar” (863.95 million)
4. The Weeknd, “Blinding Lights” (821.12 million)
5. Jack Harlow, “Whats Poppin” (788.74 million)
6. Cardi B featuring Megan Thee Stallion, “WAP” (732.7 million)
7. Megan Thee Stallion, “Savage” (612.03 million)
8. Lil Mosey, “Blueberry Faygo” (593.01 million)
9. Tones and I, “Dance Monkey” (570.48 million)
10. Doja Cat, “Say So” (562.38 million)

for comparison to more traditional metrics, here's the top 10 radio and digital download titles via the same source

1. The Weeknd, “Blinding Lights” (3.81 billion)
2. Post Malone, “Circles” (3.51 billion)
3. Dua Lipa, “Don’t Start Now” (3.14 billion)
4. Harry Styles, “Adore You” (3.07 billion)
5. Maren Morris, “The Bones” (2.46 Billion)
6. Maroon 5, “Memories” (2.45 billion)
7. Gabby Barrett, “I Hope” (2.40 billion)
8. Lewis Capaldi, “Someone You Loved” (2.28 billion)
9. Lewis Capaldi, “Before You Go” (2.07 billion)
10. Doja Cat, “Say So” (2.02 billion)

1. BTS, “Dynamite” (1.26 million)
2. The Weeknd, “Blinding Lights” (580,000)
3. Gabby Barrett, “I Hope” (351,000)
4. Tones and I, “Dance Monkey” (339,000)
5. Megan Thee Stallion, “Savage” (336,000)
6. Cardi B featuring Megan Thee Stallion, “WAP” (300,000)
7. Jawsh 685 x Jason Derulo, “Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat)” (299,000)
8. Blake Shelton Duet With Gwen Stefani, “Nobody But You” (288,000)
9. Post Malone, “Circles” (281,000)
10. Maroon 5, “Memories” (264,000)

so yeah the top songs are overall still quite male-dominated but not to quite the extent that the top artists lists tend to be

dyl, Saturday, 16 January 2021 18:24 (six months ago) link

(those are us-only stats, not worldwide)

dyl, Saturday, 16 January 2021 18:28 (six months ago) link

Many opinions from tsj https://www.thesinglesjukebox.com/?p=29752

― abcfsk, Friday, January 15, 2021 10:35 AM (four days ago) bookmarkflaglink

i don't recognize any of the writers except Katherine which shows how long it's been since i read TSJ lol sorry contributors who are reading this post

self-clowning oven (Murgatroid), Tuesday, 19 January 2021 20:16 (six months ago) link

I think Alfred was another, no?

one of the only artist who is genuine (morrisp), Tuesday, 19 January 2021 21:46 (six months ago) link


We had a successful recruitment drive in December.

finally listened to this song, streaming numbers v impressive and beguiling for such a boring song

self-clowning oven (Murgatroid), Wednesday, 20 January 2021 15:29 (six months ago) link

So now there’s like, an answer song? (I don’t know who any of these ppl are): https://variety.com/2021/music/news/sabrina-carpenter-drivers-license-olivia-rodrigo-skin-1234889998/

one of the only artist who is genuine (morrisp), Saturday, 23 January 2021 04:04 (six months ago) link

three weeks pass...

Big feelings and nowhere to go: how Gen Z reinvented the power ballad

Olivia Rodrigo’s global hit Drivers License is the epitome of new-school pop songwriting, where sexuality is complex, emotions are specific and bombast is traded for intimacy


abcfsk, Friday, 19 February 2021 18:06 (five months ago) link

one month passes...


abcfsk, Thursday, 1 April 2021 18:01 (four months ago) link

I like it, but the vocal similarity to Lorde is more distracting on this one... also not feeling the distorted beat so much.

beer drops on my keytar (morrisp), Thursday, 1 April 2021 18:22 (four months ago) link

i actually like it better than "drivers license," which i never really warmed to

'i hate to think that i was just your type' is a good line

dyl, Friday, 2 April 2021 04:51 (four months ago) link

it's like a polished, major label version of like, 00s indie pop, which at least feels a little distinctive but fitting in with broader trends. i like it more than "driver's license" for sure

she's clearly going to continue to be huge

ufo, Friday, 2 April 2021 05:24 (four months ago) link

I still don’t get it and I find her very un-charismatic. I’ve seen her a dozen times already and I can’t remember her face once the music video is over.

✖✖✖ (Moka), Friday, 2 April 2021 05:32 (four months ago) link

The beat gives me 2000s Dave Fridmann feels.

beer drops on my keytar (morrisp), Friday, 2 April 2021 05:35 (four months ago) link

I just can't get my head around being so invested in the continued success of global superstar millionaires that you'd spend hundreds of dollars for every single release to push it to the top of the charts. I guess I can understand the appeal of championing an underdog artist or new act and wanting to push them to more visibility with an organized campaign or whatever, but stuff like the BTS army just baffles me in terms of how much money people throw into these campaigns. I'm sure the millionaires who are such ubiquitous global pop stars that they have a McDonald's meal named after them will be just fine, even if Jack Doe in Nebraska doesn't buy fifteen copies of the physical EP and eighteen copies of the same digital single.

Anecdotal (and I may have mentioned this on another thread once), but I was in a Barnes & Noble once and this girl, around sixteen or so, came in with (presumably) her mother. Apparently BTS had just released a physical single or EP or something (it was in one of those oversized cases that they all seem to be released in) and she bought every copy the store had, which I think was 14 or 15. She ran three separate transactions, split between her and her mom and different credit cards (again, presumably something to do with making sure they count). I love music and physical media more than I should myself, but I can't wrap my head around loving any artist enough to buy that many copies of the exact same release.

a superficial sheeb of intelligence (jon /via/ chi 2.0), Thursday, 3 June 2021 15:26 (two months ago) link

yeah it's insane.

like a d4mn sociopath! (morrisp), Thursday, 3 June 2021 15:28 (two months ago) link

stan culture is bad regardless of artist AFAICT

intern at pelican brief consulting (Simon H.), Thursday, 3 June 2021 15:31 (two months ago) link

Not disagreeing with you Simon, just using BTS as the example given the recent discourse.

And to be clear, I'm not disparaging young fans and people genuinely into pop music. That's fine. It's just the amount of money they must drop on this that stuns me whenever I read about these campaigns. Maybe I'm building a straw man here that doesn't exist, but I do worry about younger, more impressionable fans getting pressured into spending more money than they should/actually have to keep up their true stan status.

a superficial sheeb of intelligence (jon /via/ chi 2.0), Thursday, 3 June 2021 15:34 (two months ago) link

I love the grain in her voice... Olivia may be more "limited" of a singer than, say, Billie (in terms of technique), but her voice is so perfect for the big rock ballads and rave-ups that she writes/sings.

(sorry to keep reviving; I'm still bumping this CD on the reg.)

like a d4mn sociopath! (morrisp), Tuesday, 8 June 2021 20:50 (one month ago) link

you can tell she's ex-Disney and there's something of the musical theatre in her delivery but it's not a bad thing for her like it often is - little moments like the sarcastic laugh on "good 4 u" or the exaggerated exasperation of "God... it's brutal out here" really elevate this from good songwriting to great pop performance

boxedjoy, Tuesday, 8 June 2021 21:18 (one month ago) link

Exactly - the drama fits (and she no doubt borrowed some of that theatrical expressiveness from Taylor, as well).

like a d4mn sociopath! (morrisp), Tuesday, 8 June 2021 21:31 (one month ago) link

I imagine these songs will be really fun to do at karaoke

boxedjoy, Tuesday, 8 June 2021 21:47 (one month ago) link

gonna try that soon, I hope (at a friend's house)

So who you gonna call? The martini police (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Tuesday, 8 June 2021 21:56 (one month ago) link

xxxp "like a damn sociopath" and "Ican'tstanditohgodIsoundcrazy"

these are the moments that really make the album for me. songs are good, lyrics are tiresome (admittedly, i am a middle-aged man, they are not for me) but those little moments have drawn me in.

alpine static, Tuesday, 8 June 2021 22:08 (one month ago) link

there are plenty of other ex-disney pop stars who don't have anywhere near her charisma

ufo, Wednesday, 9 June 2021 03:48 (one month ago) link

Feeling inspired by @Olivia_Rodrigo ☀️ 

Original photo by Brett Lloyd for Purple Magazine pic.twitter.com/gRIfWlgfxI

— Kyle MacLachlan (@Kyle_MacLachlan) June 8, 2021

swing out sister: live in new donk city (geoffreyess), Wednesday, 9 June 2021 04:17 (one month ago) link

there are plenty of other ex-disney pop stars who don't have anywhere near her charisma

― ufo

Multiplying by 0 is still 0.


✖✖✖ (Moka), Wednesday, 9 June 2021 05:44 (one month ago) link

Opened this thread to confirm that song is a cover of Misery Business

butyrate humbucker bobbins (Sufjan Grafton), Wednesday, 9 June 2021 05:52 (one month ago) link

The song is structurally similar and with similar rock leanings but melodically they're not really and good 4 u doesn't have that hooky riff. Even as a Paramore fan though, I've come to realize I've probably underrated misery business, what a song - "I REFUSE I REFUSE I REFUSE"

abcfsk, Wednesday, 9 June 2021 08:00 (one month ago) link

I hear only a faint similarity in the chorus (“Good 4 U” is a far far better song, IMO).

like a d4mn sociopath! (morrisp), Wednesday, 9 June 2021 13:58 (one month ago) link

I guess I should be more diplomatic and say that the Paramore song is not in a style that I can connect with / enjoy.

like a d4mn sociopath! (morrisp), Wednesday, 9 June 2021 14:03 (one month ago) link

It's remarkable how much more pleasant I find the SNL live video of "Good 4 U" than the studio version (at least on YouTube). Sounds like human beings singing and playing instruments in a room. Good power pop tune.

Sequel to Sadness (Sund4r), Monday, 21 June 2021 13:54 (one month ago) link

Courtney thinks she owns the concept of a prom queen with smudged eye makeup, f'ing excuse me?: https://pitchfork.com/news/courtney-love-accuses-olivia-rodrigo-of-stealing-hole-album-cover-concept/

we don't have to be around all these coffee shops (morrisp), Monday, 28 June 2021 05:42 (one month ago) link

they should have credited costello though for "brutal"

― ufo, Thursday, May 20, 2021 9:52 PM (one month ago)

This is fine by me, Billy.
It’s how rock and roll works. You take the broken pieces of another thrill and make a brand new toy. That’s what I did. #subterreaneanhomesickblues #toomuchmonkeybusiness

— Elvis Costello (@ElvisCostello) June 28, 2021

we don't have to be around all these coffee shops (morrisp), Wednesday, 30 June 2021 02:14 (one month ago) link

pretty cool response, can't think of too many in his generation who would've handled it the same way

frogbs, Wednesday, 30 June 2021 03:19 (one month ago) link

Just listened to "Brutal"--anyone who thinks that's plagiarism of "Pump It Up" is completely out to lunch. I could easily believe it's nothing more than a coincidence.

JRN, Wednesday, 30 June 2021 03:29 (one month ago) link

I mean my first thought when I heard it was "that's Pump It Up" but it's also a pretty simple riff

frogbs, Wednesday, 30 June 2021 03:40 (one month ago) link

I mean, I'm sure at least Dan Nigro has heard the song before and the riff does seem like a quote or homage but that's not a very strong case for plagiarism on its own imo.xp

Sequel to Sadness (Sund4r), Wednesday, 30 June 2021 03:42 (one month ago) link

The song reminded me of "Cannonball" and "Connection" before "Pump It Up," tbh.

jaymc, Wednesday, 30 June 2021 03:56 (one month ago) link

it's absolutely close enough to "pump it up" that costello could have sued if he'd wanted to & so it was pretty surprising that they didn't credit him as a precaution, especially in the current legal environment around writing credits

ufo, Wednesday, 30 June 2021 04:01 (one month ago) link

anyone else watch the sour prom thing? it was pretty cool, better than I expected

we don't have to be around all these coffee shops (morrisp), Wednesday, 30 June 2021 04:02 (one month ago) link

Finally hit me the other day that the driver license bridge is the melody of the "na-na nanana" playground taunt which is why I've been connecting with it so hard, something about the way she sings of the relationship like it's a taunt in and of itself, combined with this massive emotion makes for the perfect elixir of unreasonable love and the real thing

surm, Wednesday, 30 June 2021 04:36 (one month ago) link

I thought "Pump It Up" within 5 seconds of hearing it and agree with ufo.

Solid response by EC, tho.

alpine static, Wednesday, 30 June 2021 05:16 (one month ago) link

about being surprised they didn't preemptively credit him, I mean.

alpine static, Wednesday, 30 June 2021 05:17 (one month ago) link

it's absolutely close enough to "pump it up" that costello could have sued if he'd wanted to & so it was pretty surprising that they didn't credit him as a precaution, especially in the current legal environment around writing credits

Oh, I agree that court cases have been won over less and an acknowledgment would have been decent.

Sequel to Sadness (Sund4r), Wednesday, 30 June 2021 12:16 (one month ago) link

If Elvis Costello was going to sue over Pump it Up, he would have already sued Escape Club for "Wild Wild West" and U2 for that terrible "Get On Your Boots" song. Granted both of those borrow more from the main melody as opposed to the lead riff like the Olivia Rodrigo song.

MarkoP, Wednesday, 30 June 2021 12:57 (one month ago) link

Haha, I thought about mentioning "Wild Wild West".

Sequel to Sadness (Sund4r), Wednesday, 30 June 2021 13:03 (one month ago) link

The song reminded me of "Cannonball" and "Connection" before "Pump It Up," tbh.

The two riffs consist of the exact same chords (B5-Bb5-A5) changing at the same times. "Brutal" just starts with four eighth notes on B5 rather than two quarter notes. There's no question that it's the same idea but there is a valid question imo as to whether people should sue over one repeated bar with three power chords falling by semitones.

Sequel to Sadness (Sund4r), Wednesday, 30 June 2021 13:46 (one month ago) link

Yeah - and after Blurred Lines, the bar is pretty low for “could have sued if they wanted to.”

we don't have to be around all these coffee shops (morrisp), Wednesday, 30 June 2021 14:39 (one month ago) link

I thought the "Blurred Lines" settlement was ridiculous but come on they clearly nicked the tune

frogbs, Wednesday, 30 June 2021 14:40 (one month ago) link

It was a verdict! And it didn’t even really involve the melody (AFAIR), it involved the “feel” of the song.

we don't have to be around all these coffee shops (morrisp), Wednesday, 30 June 2021 15:08 (one month ago) link

they nicked the groove and wrote a different song on top of it

STOCK FIST-PUMPER BRAD (BradNelson), Wednesday, 30 June 2021 15:17 (one month ago) link

a classic songwriting method

STOCK FIST-PUMPER BRAD (BradNelson), Wednesday, 30 June 2021 15:17 (one month ago) link

Got to Give it Up is on my party playlist and pretty much every time it comes on someone says "wait is this Blurred Lines?" which I think gets to the essence of it

frogbs, Wednesday, 30 June 2021 15:33 (one month ago) link

I just always felt that it was weird that Blurred Lines was the one that got him sued, as opposed to Magic which clearly nicks from Curtis Mayfield's Move On Up without any credit, but I guess that's what happens when the Gaye estate is a lot more litigious than the Mayfield estate.

MarkoP, Wednesday, 30 June 2021 16:08 (one month ago) link

It’s how rock and roll works. You take the broken pieces of another thrill and make a brand new toy. That’s what I did. #subterreaneanhomesickblues #toomuchmonkeybusiness

Perfect response, but also consistent with his own history. EC has pointed this out in his own concerts for many years by quoting his sources in his songs or seguing his songs into covers of his sources. With "Pump It Up," he frequently quotes "Subterranean Homesick Blues," and something like "Brilliant Mistake" usually quotes "Tangled Up in Blue" - in each case, the only thing that's different is the words, emphasizing his song's chordal and melodic roots to the source. He's frequently written or spoken about this too, particularly in the liner notes of his Rhino reissues.

birdistheword, Wednesday, 30 June 2021 16:41 (one month ago) link

that's really a really refreshing from an older artist

Blues Guitar Solo Heatmap (Free Download) (upper mississippi sh@kedown), Wednesday, 30 June 2021 22:13 (one month ago) link

Another thing "Brutal" reminds me of--feel-wise, if not totally musically--is Courtney Barnett stuff like "Pedestrian At Best".

blue whales on ambient (C. Grisso/McCain), Wednesday, 30 June 2021 22:35 (one month ago) link

^That’s really funny; I’ve been trying to “sing” Brutal in my head the past day or so, and keep singing that song instead (I just listened to the CB album last week).

we don't have to be around all these coffee shops (morrisp), Wednesday, 30 June 2021 22:39 (one month ago) link

Oh wait, not that CB song—the one about swimming.

we don't have to be around all these coffee shops (morrisp), Wednesday, 30 June 2021 22:41 (one month ago) link

This supports the points that ufo (and others) have been making about "just-in-case" songwriting credits, but it's really surprising to me: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/olivia-rodrigo-adds-taylor-swift-st-vincent-jack-antonoff-co-writes-to-deja-vu-1193659/

We're talking about a few shouted lines, the melodic similarity seems so minimal. It does not seem good for creativity for songwriters to be running scared (IMO, but other songwriters/artists have made similar comments).

r u rolling pop 2021 (morrisp), Friday, 9 July 2021 16:41 (three weeks ago) link

It only happens/matters when your record is a smash hit though. So it seems like a good policy to write what you want and then chip off the percentages once there's a big pot of money and everyone comes calling.

change display name (Jordan), Friday, 9 July 2021 16:59 (three weeks ago) link

two weeks pass...

I think this is great:


ghost runner on first (morrisp), Sunday, 25 July 2021 20:10 (one week ago) link

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