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enthuse herein

massaman gai (front tea for two), Friday, 1 January 2021 21:28 (seven months ago) link

also how tf in my 49 years have i never heard stevie wonder's "race babbling" until today? ye gads!

massaman gai (front tea for two), Friday, 1 January 2021 21:31 (seven months ago) link

Now watching the Teddy Riley-->Neptunes-->Tim & Missy
Virginia Beach segment of S04 E03 of Hip-Hop Evolution, "The Super-Producers"

call mr zbow that's my name that name again is mr zbow (Craig D.), Friday, 1 January 2021 22:02 (seven months ago) link

(Also, enjoyed initially misreading New Year's Post as "Boo Stage! Enthuse Herein")

call mr zbow that's my name that name again is mr zbow (Craig D.), Friday, 1 January 2021 22:05 (seven months ago) link

still working my way through this monster comp


howls of non-specificity (sleeve), Friday, 1 January 2021 22:58 (seven months ago) link

lots of NDW, minimal synth, post-Cluster electronics, and dinky keyboard new wave, some genuinely experimental stuff as well

howls of non-specificity (sleeve), Friday, 1 January 2021 22:59 (seven months ago) link

soundtracking the last two days of unrelenting rain with some '70s uk jazz/improv: various keith tippett projects, sme + smo & mic...

no lime tangier, Friday, 1 January 2021 23:00 (seven months ago) link

That MIC recording is brilliant. If you can find it, dig the Incus CD Music Improvisation Company 1968-1971.

Montgomery Burns' Jazz (Tarfumes The Escape Goat), Friday, 1 January 2021 23:12 (seven months ago) link

xp have it, love it (HILI)

howls of non-specificity (sleeve), Friday, 1 January 2021 23:28 (seven months ago) link

Helta Skelta EPs charting their progress from noisy hardcore to uhh acerbic post-punk/hardcore riffing

Shaidar Logoff (GOTT PUNCH II HAWKWINDZ), Friday, 1 January 2021 23:48 (seven months ago) link

great chiming guitars in Kenyan band from early 80s' sound. LOving this on repeat listen

locally based Swedish singer songwriter with sparse electric arrangements.
Released o local label Rusted Rail

Almost complete recordings of Edinburgh band, misses the a side of their first single.
Nice angular stuff I saw being called psychedelic in press o fthe time. Have been meaning to pick up a copy of teh lp for decades and this is the new release on Cherry Red as a 3cd.
Like it.

Stevolende, Saturday, 2 January 2021 10:50 (six months ago) link

love those Bluebird comps

howls of non-specificity (sleeve), Saturday, 2 January 2021 21:50 (six months ago) link

Oppressor - Solstice of Oppression

Looking for Cape Penis house (Neanderthal), Sunday, 3 January 2021 03:34 (six months ago) link

https://i.imgur.com/2uFRXyx.jpg?1 https://i.imgur.com/d5Zt2XC.jpg?1

couple of post-punk/new wave/mope rock EPs from Ian Rilen and then-wife's band Sardine v

Shaidar Logoff (GOTT PUNCH II HAWKWINDZ), Sunday, 3 January 2021 07:34 (six months ago) link

xposts: have been on the look-out for the incus mic collection for years now & i see it's had a reissue recently!


no lime tangier, Sunday, 3 January 2021 20:47 (six months ago) link


no moon - i left my dial in pirovac 2/2

“everything has a return” on side b is def my OPO lofi electro track of the 10s

brimstead, Tuesday, 5 January 2021 02:57 (six months ago) link

Bill Doss had one of the warmest, kindest sounding voices, like Alex Chilton’s non-evil twin.

brimstead, Tuesday, 5 January 2021 04:19 (six months ago) link

taking a trip down to skull town


Shaidar Logoff (GOTT PUNCH II HAWKWINDZ), Tuesday, 5 January 2021 08:35 (six months ago) link

Bill Doss had one of the warmest, kindest sounding voices, like Alex Chilton’s non-evil twin.

― brimstead, Monday, January 4, 2021 8:19 PM (yesterday) bookmarkflaglink

Jesus, I had no idea he'd passed until just now!

When I was in my late teens, I had a number of excellent acid trips that featured OTC very prominently. I was obsessed with them.

Pere Legume (the table is the table), Tuesday, 5 January 2021 23:00 (six months ago) link

kinda want to check out these Stories album now.. diggin “brother louie”

brimstead, Wednesday, 6 January 2021 05:05 (six months ago) link

been checking out late period Minutemen

it's...not too good :/

Blues Guitar Solo Heatmap (Free Download) (upper mississippi sh@kedown), Wednesday, 6 January 2021 05:24 (six months ago) link

which ones? I like about half of 3-Way Tie a lot, Project Mersh is pretty meh though.

howls of non-specificity (sleeve), Wednesday, 6 January 2021 16:27 (six months ago) link


brimstead, Saturday, 9 January 2021 02:25 (six months ago) link


no lime tangier, Sunday, 10 January 2021 06:45 (six months ago) link

I have this as a 2016 remaster by Vangelis himself. I'm assuming its pretty authentic to the original but it has some textures I would associate with later eras. THis veers from stomping almost industrial sounding glammy stuff to atmospheric near ambient stuff.
Enjoying what I'm hearing haven't really dedicated much time to it yet since its one of 3 discs on a 3 changer.
There's a cameo vocal from a voice I recognise from earlier Aphrodites Child in a couple of places that I would have assumed was Demis Roussos earlier but is it the guitarist who is on this
Anyway quite enjoying this need to get more familiar with it and some of my opinions may alter with familiarity.
It's quite cheap on Dodax at the moment, not sure if that's standard price for it.

Avant garagey post punk band from Georgia featuring Don Fleming and Bruce joyner.
THis was recorded in 1978 so is ahead of the curve I think. This cd version is augmented by a contemporary live set and some demoes.
Shows the influence of theh Velvets in the same way that the early Modern lovers did and I think some of their other influences.
Vocals may be naively poppy too.
reminds me heavily of Michael Yonkers Microminiature Love and the chunkiness of the first 13FE lp
Been meaning to pick this up for a while so glad i finally did.

early solo set by Herbie that I got in an original album series or equivalent.
Has some names from Latin jazz scene on and is pretty sparse. Cool stuff from 64

Stevolende, Sunday, 10 January 2021 13:05 (six months ago) link


John Carroll Kirby - My Garden

chill, stately, piano led instrumentals, really fantastic lp

brimstead, Tuesday, 12 January 2021 04:20 (six months ago) link

earth is so so great

brimstead, Tuesday, 12 January 2021 04:21 (six months ago) link


no lime tangier, Tuesday, 12 January 2021 04:37 (six months ago) link

the kirby record is so good (as is grayfolded)! that eddie chacon record he produced last year is just incredible as well.


adam, Tuesday, 12 January 2021 12:55 (six months ago) link

Eddie chacon took the Kirby cover photo, btw. I gotta hear that record!

brimstead, Tuesday, 12 January 2021 19:04 (six months ago) link

xp nice!

Überschadenfreude (sleeve), Tuesday, 12 January 2021 19:17 (six months ago) link


no lime tangier, Wednesday, 13 January 2021 03:10 (six months ago) link

and lots of 80s/90s rnb.

RobbiePires, Sunday, 4 July 2021 00:56 (four weeks ago) link

love those new world records comps^^^

i am listening to HOT ROCK

no lime tangier, Sunday, 11 July 2021 08:33 (three weeks ago) link

<a href="https://rateyourmusic.com/release/album/hugh-masekela/i-am-not-afraid/";><img src="//e.snmc.io/i/300/w/5a721abdcca2bb3a729b89feb379e9d5/6443496" alt="Hugh Masekela - I Am Not Afraid"></a>

Stevolende, Sunday, 11 July 2021 09:41 (three weeks ago) link

i didn't expect the introspection comp to be on spotify but it is & it's good. most of these guys could still do with more love

Left, Sunday, 11 July 2021 10:45 (three weeks ago) link

actually this
HUgh Masekela compilation with both that Hedzoleh Sounds backed lp and the previous collaboration on in full. Plus the next band that Masekela formed with African players in several tracks. The whole 3cd set seems to be pretty good though I've only heard 2 discs so far.
Nice comprehensive set of grooves with African sources and in collaboration with some American players.
I should have been more familiar with Masekela's work I think I was mainly aware of him as a South African exile and a Byrds collaborator as well as being married to Miriam Makeba at one point. That and his appearance on Monterey Pop which seems really iconic. Now also seen him on Summer of Soul which isn't quite up to the standard of Monterey. Oh yeah was aware of one version of Stimela the song about the South African mining workers train which i think I knew in an English language version from some point in the 80s though it just occurred to me that it was something a local dj was playing in his ethno funk sets in the local Gaelic club. (I think the thought behind that club was initially about keeping other languages than English being talked/sung)
Anyway superlative compilation which seems to be going pretty cheap at some online outlets. & an artist that I should be much more familiar with and this set does help with that a lot. Certainly for the decade from the mid 60s to the mid 70s as it says in the title.

2nd solo lp by Annette Peacock here accompanied by various sidemen who I think changed over the time the record was recorded but include people like Chris Spedding on guitar who also pops up on a lot of other interesting somewhat proggy stuff over the 70s, and Bill Bruford on drums.
IT was recently reissued so I finally got it after wanting it for the last few years and having missed the compilation from about a decade ago which combined this with the next late 70s lp and I think some bonus material. Do need the next lp still I think. Think it might not be as immediate as this but still pretty necessary. This is jazzy, funky and a bit quirky, not quite as out there as her earlier 70s lp I'm The One which is also pretty necessary.

New Zealand band's great anthology. Garagey amateurish playing with great melody etc .
Had meant to pick this up for ages, finally sorted that out a couple of years ago but should pay more attention to it. Have loved 'Getting older' since it was current I think, I may have had i on a Flying Nun sampler from somewhere in the mid 90s too.
I assume the Velvets are a massive influence as well as some other 60s material but I think channelled through punk era lens.
Pretty essential to these ears as I listen to it. So I shouldn't leave so long intervals.

Singles anthology by garage punk/psych essentials. Covers all the well known singles as well as material by later lineups from the 60s which I'd known from an Eva compilation in the mid 80s.
Band chnged quite heavily in the late 60s. Also very early stuff i sfar closer to late 50s r'n'r than one might assume from the garage psych archetype stuff from 66 and 67. Great set which i also ought to be far more familiar with, like have been listening to some of this since my mid teens and other bits I'm only just discovering.

Stevolende, Sunday, 11 July 2021 11:13 (three weeks ago) link


Shaidar Logoff (GOTT PUNCH II HAWKWINDZ), Wednesday, 14 July 2021 06:41 (two weeks ago) link

https://img.discogs.com/qLkBVnJtNupyBSev4FjU7W33BZ0=/fit-in/600x600/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(90)/discogs-images/R-7433822-1441442594-7582.jpeg.jpg surprisingly folksy slo-mo guaraldi / grubbs & drone after so many years of churchy ecm & itchy fusion

massaman gai (front tea for two), Friday, 23 July 2021 19:01 (one week ago) link

oh man I gotta revisit Wabi Sabi, I have that one.

sleeve, Tuesday, 27 July 2021 19:01 (five days ago) link

Now onto the first cd of this 3cd Masekela compilation. IT starts so slinky that I keep thinking its the Tim Buckley set here when it starts.
Again contains almost all of a couple of lps and a couple of tracks from others. Masekela was doing some great stuff at the time going from jazz not consciously influenced by his upbringing to him becoming more conscious about his input of traditional forms which I think would remain a feature from then on. He has his first Mbaqanga based tune on I think the 3rd lp selected from here.
Really heavily recommended set. I think I will be looking for more by him. As well as some of the sidemen he's working with here. Need to get the township meets spiritual jazz stuff by Abdullah Ibrahim and some stuff by Dudu Pukwana, Mongezi Feza, Louis Moholo-Moholo and others. Think I might check out that Brotherhood oF Breath lp too.

Tim Buckley live set from 1969 which was released a couple of years ago. This actually contains undoctored versions of some of the tracks from Lorca which i think had some of the drum tracks removed.
I was listening to disc 1 which I think is all new though. THis is Buckley in jazzy mode like he's ingested the current Miles davis material etc and come up with this parallel which is electric and liquid and sublime.
Great set.

There appear to be 2 different sets by the Commodores in the Gold series. This one with the image from their first lp as the photo has a lot of the early 70s street funk stuff which is what I was looking for. I think the other one is more common and concentrates more on the later hit stuff. They were a great funk band so I'm loving this , though Young Girls Are My Weakness is just a bit wrong. THis does include the hit songs that later bands covered including Easy and Three Times A Lady. Easy is ok and the other one can be ignored.
But I got this to get the Funk stuff so am very glad to have that now. The band was more than a MOR Quiet Storm band featuring Lionel Ritchie. I wonder to what extent that idea obscures how good this early stuff is.
& I haven't listened to the 2nd cd yet. So wonder if it is going to get repeat listens, the 1st one certainly will.

Stevolende, Wednesday, 28 July 2021 10:35 (four days ago) link

YESSSSSSSSSSSSS great band/album

making splashes at Dan Flashes (Neanderthal), Thursday, 29 July 2021 17:56 (three days ago) link

I’ve embarked on a classic thrash kick today. Also enjoying Devastation’s Idolatry. I’ll spare the thread from more cover art, though.

beard papa, Thursday, 29 July 2021 18:45 (three days ago) link

The first Demolition Hammer is so good, best gang shouts in the biz

Shaidar Logoff (GOTT PUNCH II HAWKWINDZ), Friday, 30 July 2021 01:18 (two days ago) link

Oh, I'm glad people liked the Introspection comp. It's so good.

Now I'm listening to Ophidian I - Desolate.

Sequel to Sadness (Sund4r), Friday, 30 July 2021 03:03 (two days ago) link

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah

making splashes at Dan Flashes (Neanderthal), Friday, 30 July 2021 03:39 (two days ago) link

Need to get the township meets spiritual jazz stuff by Abdullah Ibrahim and some stuff by Dudu Pukwana, Mongezi Feza, Louis Moholo-Moholo and others. Think I might check out that Brotherhood oF Breath lp too.

will forever rep for this sublime lp: https://www.discogs.com/Dudu-Pukwana-Spear-In-The-Townships/release/1628739

no lime tangier, Friday, 30 July 2021 10:32 (two days ago) link

wish somebody would do a similar set to that 66-76 3cd for some of the other artists from the SA jazz scene. I think I was looking at that one a couple of weeks back and saw that it hadn't been redone for cd since 1988. & that's my main medium.

Stevolende, Friday, 30 July 2021 12:37 (two days ago) link

That's quite the trio of albums, no lime tangier. Yikes.


Vanishing Point (Chinaski), Friday, 30 July 2021 17:05 (two days ago) link

Cover connections:


Vanishing Point (Chinaski), Friday, 30 July 2021 17:06 (two days ago) link

Getting a lot of play this year.

Sequel to Sadness (Sund4r), Sunday, 1 August 2021 13:16 (nine hours ago) link

Cover connections:

Deliberate maybe? I know Curtis wrote the songs GK&TPs did for the film Claudine.

eatandoph (Neue Jesse Schule), Sunday, 1 August 2021 15:06 (seven hours ago) link

perfect sunday vibes.
and yeah, dad helped quite a bit in the making of it.


mark e, Sunday, 1 August 2021 16:59 (five hours ago) link

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