up like sun, down like sun - a thread for obongjayar

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finally, a thread for nigerian-born, london-based singer/rapper obongjayar, owner of one of the most otherworldly and powerful voices in music today. hard to describe his style, somehow soothing and aggressive, informed by hip-hop, yes, but also african influences that don't usually inform the popular wave of nigerian afropop. but the main attraction is his voice, a cragged, ancient-sounding thing that seems like he conjures from a lovecraftian ether.

anyway, enough words. he has a new ep out called 'which way is forward?' and everyone should listen to it.

'frens' was one of my favorite songs of last year

another single from last year, 'still sun,' is also fantastic

and definitely check out his live performances. that voices coming out of that young face is a frisson-raising bit of cognitive dissonance

ooga booga-ing for the bourgeoisie (voodoo chili), Friday, 7 February 2020 16:44 (two years ago) link

This is fantastic. So much ground covered in such a short time span.

His voice and phrasing occasionally reminds me of Sizzla.

Tim F, Saturday, 8 February 2020 03:12 (two years ago) link

five months pass...

I like his current ep. He uses some old-school Nigerian afrobeat rhythms on it without sounding retro or forced.

curmudgeon, Wednesday, 5 August 2020 18:11 (one year ago) link

eleven months pass...

new ep with nigerian producer sarz is a bit of a smoothing out of his signature style, but you can't fully tame that voice. it's more of an attempt to fit within more of an uptempo, danceable, mainstream afrobeats framework and i think it succeeds, especially on the first two tracks "sweetness" and "gone girl."


bezos did the dub (voodoo chili), Tuesday, 3 August 2021 22:10 (nine months ago) link

six months pass...

new song! not sure how i feel about this one, but always interesting


roflrofl fight (voodoo chili), Thursday, 3 February 2022 15:43 (three months ago) link

one month passes...

new song is a bit more romantic than usual


in places all over the world, real stuff be happening (voodoo chili), Monday, 28 March 2022 16:34 (one month ago) link

one month passes...

really digging it. “i wish it was me” is gorgeous.


in places all over the world, real stuff be happening (voodoo chili), Tuesday, 17 May 2022 13:01 (five days ago) link

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