Grime and UK rap 2020

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Wiley sends for Dot Rotten on one of Dot's own beats, which just so happens to be a personal favourite of mine from back in the day

Jaykae sends for Wiley and Dot

Dot sends for Stormzy. Not sure if he's high profile enough to get a reply

paolo, Tuesday, 7 January 2020 19:54 (three weeks ago) link

Loving this tbh tbf ngl

paolo, Tuesday, 7 January 2020 19:55 (three weeks ago) link

Double Lz and Bandokay from OFB could well do like Headie One this year and get some mainstream success. Same applies to DigDat

paolo, Tuesday, 7 January 2020 19:59 (three weeks ago) link

round 2 goes to stormzy too

||||||||, Wednesday, 8 January 2020 19:32 (two weeks ago) link

I'm worried about Wiley

lukas, Wednesday, 8 January 2020 19:37 (two weeks ago) link

jesus christ, stormzy

bold caucasian eroticism (Simon H.), Wednesday, 8 January 2020 19:39 (two weeks ago) link

Another decent effort from Wiley but you've got to say Stormzy has absolutely bodied him there. 2-0

paolo, Wednesday, 8 January 2020 21:18 (two weeks ago) link

Those bars about Wiley's mum, fucking hell. I also like that he's holding a cup of tea in both of his videos and ends them by blowing a raspberry

paolo, Wednesday, 8 January 2020 21:19 (two weeks ago) link

That video at the top was Disrespect by Wiley on the Bazooka riddim. Dunno why it's gone now

paolo, Wednesday, 8 January 2020 21:20 (two weeks ago) link

Please Stormzy! Dont hurt him!

Lillian Gish Funko Pop (cajunsunday), Wednesday, 8 January 2020 21:33 (two weeks ago) link


Diss tracks aside, it feels like every year I have more respect for Wiley, especially as a producer. I keep finding old Devil Mix beats that are just insane.

change display name (Jordan), Wednesday, 8 January 2020 21:43 (two weeks ago) link

Loving this tbh tbf ngl

― paolo, Tuesday, January 7, 2020 2:55 PM


idgaf (roxymuzak), Thursday, 9 January 2020 19:43 (two weeks ago) link

Both sides appear to be enjoying this whole beef a bit too much but it's excellent theatre nonetheless.

Matt DC, Thursday, 9 January 2020 22:07 (two weeks ago) link

no idea how Wiley comes back from that but I'll be sad if this is over

lukas, Friday, 10 January 2020 16:31 (two weeks ago) link

He's not going down without a fight

paolo, Friday, 10 January 2020 19:34 (two weeks ago) link

i think that's tbh the best of his 3 but stormzy seems done with this

idgaf (roxymuzak), Friday, 10 January 2020 19:43 (two weeks ago) link

It just occurred to me that in every other clash/war that Wiley's been involved in he's been the guy at the top who the youngsters are coming for. Obviously he's older than Stormzy and he'll always be the King Of Grime but this is probably the first time he's been the underdog in this sort of situation

paolo, Friday, 10 January 2020 19:49 (two weeks ago) link

would love a third and final stormzy

||||||||, Friday, 10 January 2020 20:13 (two weeks ago) link

I could listen to them go back and forth like this all year tbh

bold caucasian eroticism (Simon H.), Friday, 10 January 2020 20:22 (two weeks ago) link

new wiley and d double joint

Bstep, Wednesday, 15 January 2020 12:10 (one week ago) link

So it doesn't look like Stormzy's going to reply. I'm calling this a draw

paolo, Thursday, 16 January 2020 08:44 (one week ago) link

he was on ebro yesterday giving himself the W

||||||||, Thursday, 16 January 2020 08:47 (one week ago) link

can someone recommend some uk drill rappers? the only one i know is pop smoke lol

Bstep, Thursday, 16 January 2020 15:02 (one week ago) link

Headie One, RV Bandokay and Double Lz from OFB. Headie is currently in prison for six months so don't expect anything new soon
Nito NB
Digga D (who I believe is also locked up), Sav'O and Horrid1 from CGM (formerly 1011)
Skengdo and AM from 410
Zone 2, especially Kwengface and Karma
Harlem Spartans especially Loski (also in prison I think)
Russ (doesn't really make drill any more tbh)

paolo, Thursday, 16 January 2020 15:14 (one week ago) link

Check out the other grime/UK rap threads which have been crammed full of drill vids by me

paolo, Thursday, 16 January 2020 15:15 (one week ago) link

DigDat shows Aitch how it's done. Slightly disappointed to hear him say that he was on the wing like Ozil when Ozil's always been a centre mid

This lad is basically Coventry's J Hus, and there's nothing wrong with that

K Trap pretty much does the same thing on every track but it never really gets old

Octavian does drill

Some actual drillers do drill. This lad is Stefflon Don's brother. He's also an absolute unit

paolo, Friday, 24 January 2020 12:08 (four days ago) link

wow, i like this pa salieu guy way more than j hus. thx 4 all the great reccs fam

Bstep, Friday, 24 January 2020 15:23 (four days ago) link

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