Between the Wars AKA The Jazz Age AKA Centuries of Sound Volume 2

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(old thread title was now wrong, hope nobody minds my shifting to a new one for a couple of years)

Centuries of Sound is a monthly downloadable mix of music from a particular year (possibly this makes it a podcast, I dunno). I started with the 1850s and have now worked my way forward to 1917, the year Jazz finally bubbled up into the record, and the records.

Centuries of Sound - 1917

This one is a longer mix at over two hours and features 60 tracks, because it's an important year. There is a longish blog post on the birth of jazz recordings and various other supplementary materials under the link. I used to do packs of source files but found copyright lawyers sniffing around the site, so have had to stop them. I also have a monthly show on Cambridge 105 Radio and mixes for 2016 and 2017 which might be better places to get started.

There will be another mix put up every month until I get to the present, in just under a decade, hopefully.

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cheers calz!

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