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Terminal Mind, formed in 1978, was one of the early first-wave punk acts in Austin, TX. Based far from the urban roots of a genre in its earliest stages, the band absorbed influences as disparate as Pere Ubu, Roxy Music, John Cale, and Wire. The life span was short, but their influence touched many of the next generation of Texas noise and hardcore acts as they shared bills with fellow proto-punks The Huns and Standing Waves at Raul's, The Big Boys on the UT campus, and even opened for Iggy Pop at the Armadillo World Headquarters.

Founding members Steve Marsh and the Murray Brothers, Doug and Greg, started as a trio before adding synthesizer player Jack Crow. Steve Marsh moved to New York with his experimental noise band Miracle Room (before eventually returning to Austin and forming space/psychedelic rock band Evil Triplet and beginning an experimental solo project dubbed Radarcave), while Doug Murary joined the Skunks and Greg Murray played in a later version of The Big Boys. Jack Crow passed away in 1994.

This collection of songs is a journey back to the 'anything goes' first steps of American punk as it left the dirty streets of New York and Los Angeles and made its way into the heartland. Like the Austin of 1978, Recordings is a small outpost of musical individualism that planted seeds for the alternative music explosion familiar to later generations.

Recordings will be available on LP, CD and download on January 12th, 2018 via Sonic Surgery Records.

Artist: Terminal Mind
Album: Recordings
Label: Sonic Surgery Records
Release Date: January 12, 2018

01. I Want to Die Young
02. Refugee
03. Sense of Rhythm
04. Zombieland
05. Obsessed With Crime
06. Fear In the Future
07. Radioactive
08. Bridges Are For Burning
09. (I Give Up On) Human Rights
10. Black
11. Missing Pieces
12. Bureaucracy

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Some albums I didn't mention on RR 17: here's a couple of follow-ups to Omnivore's (legit, expanded) 2016 reissue of Henske & Yester's Farewell Aldebaran:

SRLP: $16.98 / BOX LOT: 30
• 15 previously unissued tracks recorded throughout the 1970s.
• Songwriting collaboration with Larry Beckett (Tim Buckley).
• Liners feature new interviews with Yester and Beckett.
Yester’s name on classic albums. Whether producing acts like The
Association, The Turtles, Tim Buckley, or Tom Waits, or hearing him in
bands like The Modern Folk Quartet, Rosebud, The Lovin’ Spoonful, or
with Judy Henske on the (now) classic Farewell Aldebaran—aside from
a pair of 1967 singles, there wasn’t a Jerry Yester “solo album” from
that period, as he was so busy creating music with and for other artists.
Pass Your Light Around collects the songs recorded in various studios
throughout the 1970s (and even one dating back as far as 1964 from
his Bleeker Street apartment). The songs were written with poet/
lyricist and Tim Buckley collaborator Larry Beckett (who he got to
know while producing Buckley’s Goodbye And Hello and Happy
Sad), and feature performances by Yester, *Rosebud bandmates David
Vaught and John Seiter, future Lone Justice member Don Heffington,
and even Laurel Masse from The Manhattan Transfer, among others.
In true Yester fashion, the instrumentation moves from classic guitar
based instrumentation to strings, celeste, harmonium and synthesizer.
Produced by Jerry Yester with Grammy ® Award-Winner Cheryl Pawelski,
the sources for all the tracks were pulled from Jerry’s personal archives,
and mastered by Grammy ® -winning engineer Michael Graves. These
15 previously unissued tracks act as what could, and should have
been another Yester-tagged classic, but this time under his own name.
Packaging contains photos, lyrics, and a new essay from Barry
Alfonso detailing the genesis of the songs and recordings, augmented
by new interviews with both Yester and Beckett.
While it may have taken over 40 years to hear it, as Alfonso says in his
liner notes, “What matters is that this remarkable music is available after
four decades of obscurity. The light never dimmed. Now it’s finally
ready to be shared.”
1. Pass Your Light Around
2. My Dusty Darling
3. Brooklyn Girl
4. The Whiskey Moon
5. Showboat
6. The Sun Is Like A Big Brass Band
7. Corn Cracker
8. Dance For Me, Anna Lee
9. With A Hickory Pole
10. Seesaw
11. The Minutes
12. The Rose
13. Across The Persian Gulf
14. All I Can Do Is Dance
15. Hip Toad
All tracks previously unissued
Pass Your Light Around
Photo: Henry Diltz
*Speaking of Rosebud:

SRLP: 16.98 / BOX LOT: 30
• Remastered and expanded reissue of the
1971 classic.
• Contains 10 bonus tracks—7 previously
unissued .
• Packaging contains rare ephemera and
new interviews with band members Judy
Henske, Jerry Yester, and Craig Doerge.
The iconic 1971 release – expanded with 10 bonus tracks!
When Judy Henske and Jerry Yester’s (now revered) Farewell Aldebaran sadly disappeared into legend,
they decided to take a different approach for their next release—becoming a “band.” Adding songwriter
and multi-instrumentalist Craig Doerge (pronounced “Durgee”) and John Seiter (known for his work
with Spanky & Our Gang and The Turtles), Rosebud was born. After recording was done and the album
“fi nished”—the band added Bassist David Vaught. Additional songs were laid down, and others re-
moved in lieu of the new material. Finally, in 1971—Rosebud the album appeared.
In his liner notes, Barry Alfonso (acclaimed author and songwriter) says “French choral numbers, gospel
rockers, nostalgic ballads, angelic lullabies—it sounds like the contents of a greatest hits collection.
In fact, the above tracks are all found on the sole album by Rosebud, an L.A.-based quintet that barely
lasted a year.”
Rosebud, is indeed, all of that and much more. While inching Henske & Yester closer to the main-
stream, Rosebud is just as daring as Aldebaran, as its songs have the same studio sophistication,
hook-laden material, and wit.
To make this reissue even more special, 10 bonus tracks have been added, 7 of which are previously
unissued. The packaging contains photos and ephemera, tracing the changing history in the making
of the album, as well as new interviews with Henske, Yester and Doerge in Alfonso’s essay. Produced
for release by Grammy ® -winning Producer Cheryl Pawelski, and new mastering and restoration by
Michael Graves (who also has won a few Grammys ® himself), Rosebud is ready to take the uninitiated
on a journey, and adds nearly another album’s worth of rare singles and unheard tracks for those who
loved the original.
Named after the sled in Orson Welles’ iconic Citizen Kane, Rosebud is a secret no more.
Le Soleil
Western Wisconsin
Lullabye II
(Summer Carol)
The Yum Yum Man
Roll Home Cheyenne
Flying To Morning
Mercury Of Fools *
Hey Old Friend (JUDY VOCAL) *
Le Soleil (DEMO) *
What’s The Matter
With Sam *
Easy On Me, Easy *
Father Of Souls
Mercury Of Fools (DEMO) *
Hey Old Friend
The iconic 1971 release – expanded with 10 bonus tracks!
Photo: Henry Diltz

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Human Sexual Response - In A Roman Mood. Finally has a CD reissue, being sold on eBay along with a new printing of their debut.

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More catching up:

The Choir
Artifact: The
Unreleased Album
SRLP: $16.98 / BOX LOT: 30
• Unreleased material from Cleveland legends, whose
members would eventually form Raspberries.
• Packaging contains liners and rare photos
from band members.
• Restored and mastered by the team behind
Raspberries’ acclaimed Pop Art Live .
Cleveland Ohio is not only the home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but
the birthplace of many classic musical acts. The Choir’s first release was
an acclaimed single on Canadian-American Records (eventually picked up
by Roulette). It gained them opening spots for The Who and The Yardbirds
among others, but the group eventually dissipated and morphed into other
bands including the James Gang, and eventually, Raspberries.
Some of their original recordings have been complied on import EPs, vari-
ous compilations, and on the expanded boxed set of Lenny Kaye’s Nuggets
series, but not much is known about the band’s second wind. Until now.
Artifact: The Unreleased Album showcases 10 tracks, recorded in 1969,
making their first appearance anywhere. They resonate with the original
Choir vibe, adding in post-British Invasion influences like Procol Harum.
Recently unearthed by Suma Recordings operator Ken Hammon’s son
Paul Hammon, they have been lovingly restored by Tommy Allen and
Ducky Carlisle, whose work has been universally lauded after their work
on Raspberries’ Pop Art Live.
The packaging contains liners from Eric Carmen, Al Kaston, and Choir
members Denny Carleton and Phil Giallombardo, plus a family tree, and
rare photos from the bands’ collections. Artifact: The Unreleased Album
is a trip to the late ’60s church of rock ’n’ roll.
C hoir
I went to see The Choir when I was 16, and
immediately wanted to join their band. They
were a great group that had many lives and
many members. This album was made by one
of the last and final versions of the band. This
recently discovered recording is sure to rekindle
fond memories for the many fans of The Choir,
including myself. Give it a spin, and enjoy a
special piece of Cleveland rock history.
—Eric Carmen
December 2017

SRLP: $22.98 / BOX LOT: 30
• Dynamic recording of the Raspberries
fi rst live show in 30 years.
• Liner notes from Academy Award ® -winner
and music scribe Cameron Crowe.
• Memorabilia & ephemera from Raspberries
aficionado Bernir Hogya.
• Perfect renditions of all the hits plus covers of classic
songs by the The Beatles, The Who & The Choir.
Photo by Gene Taylor
“Having waited this long to witness the impossible—Raspberries live—we
showed up two hours early, parking our car in the empty parking lot . . .
[and] moments before the house lights went down, we looked at each other
and said the words that we never thought we would ever say: ‘We’re at a
Raspberries concert.’ Then it began . . . ”
—Ken Sharp and Bernie Hogya from the liner notes to Pop Art Live.
November 26, 2004, the stage was set for a reunion most thought could never hap-
pen—the Raspberries Live In Concert! Over 30 years since the original four members
of Raspberries last played together, Pop Art Live captures opening night, at Cleveland’s
House of Blues, as never before! You will experience the power and magic that led the
group to a successful reunion tour in 2005.
Founding members Eric Carmen, Wally Bryson, David Smalley, and Jim Bonfanti power-
fully muscle through 28 slices of pure rock ’n’ roll heaven, bringing to life the legacy
of power pop’s founding fathers. Brilliantly mixed by longtime Raspberries’ associate
Tommy Allen, the Midwestern quartet has never sounded this good!
Pop Art Live contains live versions of songs from all four of the Raspberries’ classic
original studio albums including the hits “Go All The Way,” “I Wanna Be With You,”
“Let’s Pretend,” and “Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)” as well as perfect renditions of
timeless favorites by The Beatles and The Who.
Also included in this 2-CD package are refl ections and testimonials from Academy
Award ® -winning fi lmmaker and rock scribe Cameron Crowe and longtime Raspberries
afi cionados Bernie Hogya and Ken Sharp. Hogya also contributes a wealth of ephemera
from opening night in Cleveland.
The Raspberries are one of rock’s most treasured bands infl uencing everyone from John
Lennon to Bruce Springsteen to Paul Westerberg!. Pop Art Live is an essential document
of that band, providing another chapter to their lasting impact! The Raspberries Live . . .
they said it would never happen . . . they were wrong.
1. I Wanna Be
With You
2. Play On
3. I Can’t Explain
4. Nobody Knows
5. Let’s Pretend
6. Don’t Wanna
Say Goodbye
7. Party’s Over
8. Overnight Sensation
(Hit Record)
9. Might As Well
10. It Seemed So Easy
11. Baby’s In Black
12. If You Change
Your Mind
13. Tonight
14. I Can Remember
1. Starting Over
2. Last Dance
3. I Saw The Light
4. No Reply
5. When You Were
With Me
6. It’s Cold Outside
7. Should I Wait
8. Come Around
And See Me
9. Makin’ It Easy
10. Ticket To Ride
11. Hard To Get Over
A Heartbreak
12. Ecstasy
13. I’m A Rocker
14. Go All The Way

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that Human Sexual Response record is good fun, I picked it up on vinyl for five bucks, not a lost classic or anything

Joan Digimon (upper mississippi sh@kedown), Thursday, 4 January 2018 02:15 (two weeks ago) Permalink

This reads like a parody, but…

Solid Space - [/i]Space Museum[/i]
Dark Entries Records
January 2018

"Dark Entries is honored to finally present the first ever official vinyl reissue of Space Museum by Solid Space. Solid Space was the British duo of Dan Goldstein (keyboards, vocals) and Matthew 'Maf' Vosburgh (guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals) formed in 1980. Dan and Matthew met at the age of 11 while attending school in north London. In late 1978 at at the age of 14, they formed Exhibit 'A' with Paul “Platypus” and Andrew “Lunchbox” Bynghall. They recorded two EPs in 1979 and 1980, self-released on Irrelevant Wombat Records and appeared on 'The Thing From The Crypt' compilation. After the dissolution of the group, Mathew started taking his guitar over to Dan’s house where he’d play his Casio MT-30 and they would record songs. Eventually a second hand drum machine and Wasp synthesizer were acquired from classified ads in Melody Maker and the Solid Space sound was born. By this time they were just turning 18 and finally found the freedom to make the music they’d had in their heads.

Over the course of the next two years the band assembled eleven bedroom recordings that would become one of the most cherished DIY obscurities of its kind. Their debut album ‘Space Museum’ was released in 1982 on cassette by In Phaze Records. All of the songs were mixed by label boss Pat Bermingham on 8-track tape at The Shed, in Ilford, which was literally a garden shed. The band's music and lyrics were heavily indebted to science fiction, in particular the 1960s television series Doctor Who. ‘Space Museum’ is an unveiling of atmospheric, minimalist post punk supported by bright melodies. The music combines drum machines and synths with acoustic guitar and toy drums whilst also experimenting with samples between tracks. Lyrics deal with space travel and a general sense of dejection. Representing a bubbling spirit within the underground, they foreshadowed an entire world of independent music which would emerge across the 80’s and well into the 90’s. For this reissue we’ve included two bonus tracks from the band’s archive, “Platform 6” originally released on the B-side of the second single by Exhibit ‘A’, this song features only Dan and Matthew and is the first Solid Space track ever recorded. “Tutti Lo Sanno” is a cover of In Phaze label mates Marine Girls, though the lyrics have been changed to suit the gender of the new singer.

Each song has been carefully remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The record is sleeved in a replica of the cassette artwork featuring the Cybermen and Jamie (surely Zoe? - pedantic Jeff) from the Doctor Who episode "The Wheel in Space". Every copy includes a double sided 11x11 insert with lyrics, notes and never before seen photographs of the band taken by Maf as well as a postcard featuring an original advert for the cassette."

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Superstar & Star
“Mastermind E.P”
12 inch, PB019

Superstar & Star are back on Porridge bullet with there first vinyl E.P Proper!: Mastermind E.P!

A collection of seven classic songs from Superstar’s vaults available for the first time on an Estonian Vinyl Record!

Neville Lawrence Immigrated from his home country of Trinidad to New York in the mid 80’s where, a few years later, following his fleeting east coast success, he re-settled with Wife Anne (Star) in Omaha, Nebraska where they continued to perform, produce and record music until the present day.

After releasing a cassette, 7” and 12” single with us in the last year we are happy to present yet another wonderful release from superstar and star! Big Big Hugs!

A1 • Rolling So
A2 • Any Where in the US is a Party
A3 • I Want You
A4 • Kicking at Home
B1 • No More Sorrow
B2 • I Ain't Missing You
B3 • I am Dreaming

AdamVania (Adam Bruneau), Thursday, 11 January 2018 01:36 (one week ago) Permalink

when i pre-ordered this it had a 10/01/2018 release date. the sound clips were very distorted so i fear this will be very lofi pressing but that is admittedly par for the course for Superstar & Star anyways

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From Vinyl Factory---interesting site!

Allen Ginsberg’s seminal beat opus Howl And Other Poems gets deluxe box set release
By Gabriela Helfet
Published on
January 9, 2018

“A poetic rage against society’s conformism and capitalism.”

Allen Ginsberg’s Howl And Other Poems is being rereleased in a new vinyl box set, this February by Craft Recordings.

Read next: The story of the beat generation in 10 records

A 1959 recording of Ginsberg reading Howl and Other Poems in Chicago was originally released on translucent red vinyl.

The Howl deluxe box set includes a reissue of this red LP, a replica of the original poetry book published by City Lights in 1956, a photograph of Ginsberg and a booklet with liner notes by Ann Charters and poet Anne Waldman.

Though an unofficial repress was released in March 2017, this is Howl’s first official reissue in over 30 years.

Listen to the 1959 Chicago reading, and check out the track list below ahead of its 22nd February release.


Side A

A1. A Supermarket In California
A2. Transcription Of Organ Music
A3. America
A4. In Back Of The Real
A5. Strange Cottage In Berkeley
A6. Europe, Europe
A7. Kaddish

Side B

B1. Howl
B2. The Sunflower Sutra
B3. Footnote To Howl
Gabriela Helfet
More by Gabriela Helfet
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Aother one from Vinyl Factory
Electronic music pioneer and Can co-founder Holger Czukay 5xLP retrospective box set announced
Written by
Gabriela Helfet
Published on
January 11, 2018

With a ‘vinyl video’ 7″ that has film footage stored on the record.

A new 5xLP Holger Czukay box set is being released this March via Gröndland, to coincide with what would have been his 80th birthday.

Listen next: VF Mix 102: Holger Czukay by DJ soFa

A musician who “bridged the gap between pop and the avant garde”, Czukay was a co-founder of German krautrock band Can, as well as pursuing a number of experimental solo projects and collaborations.

These are featured on the new retrospective Cinema box set, with five LPs which include his work with Brian Eno, Conny Plank and Jah Wobble, a 36-page booklet with liner notes plus photographs by Anton Corbijn, and the ’80s made for television film starring Czukay with his original soundtrack.

Cinema also includes Czukay’s ‘vinyl video’ 7″: “a system that makes it possible to store video footage on vinyl”, with an unreleased video of Czukay explaining the recording, and 1979 music video for ‘Cool In The Pool’.

Pre-order a copy here ahead of its 23rd March release, watch ‘Cool In The Pool’ and check out the track list below.


Disc 1

1. Holger Schüring Quintett – Konfigurationen (1960, previously unreleased)
2. Technical Space Composer’s Crew – Canaxis (1969, Canaxis 5)
3. Technical Space Composer’s Crew – Boat Woman Song (1969, Canaxis 5)
4. Cluster & Eno – Ho Renomo (1977, Cluster & Eno)

Disc 2

1. Holger Czukay – Oh Lord Give Us More Money (1979, Movies)
2. Holger Czukay – Persian Love (1979, Movies)
3. Holger Czukay – Cool In The Pool (1979, Movies)
4. Holger Czukay – Hollywood Symphony (1979, Movies)
5. Les Vampyrettes (Czukay/Plank) – Biomutanten (1980, Les Vampyrettes)

Disc 3

1. Les Vampyrettes (Czukay/Plank) – Menetekel (1980, Les Vampyrettes)
2. Phew (Phew/Czukay/Liebezeit/Plank) – Signal (1981, Phew)
3. Holger Czukay – Witches Multiplication Table (1981, On The Way To To Peak Of Normal)
4. Holger Czukay – On The Way To The Peak Of Normal (1981, On The Way To To Peak Of Normal)
5. Holger Czukay – Ode To Perfume (1981, On The Way To To Peak Of Normal)
6. Holger Czukay – Two Bass Shuffle (1981, On The Way To To Peak Of Normal)
7. Holger Czukay/Jaki Liebezeit/Jah Wobble – How Much Are They? (1982, Full Circle)

Disc 4

1. Holger Czukay/Jaki Liebezeit/Jah Wobble – Trench Warfare (1982, Full Circle)
2. Holger Czukay/Jaki Liebezeit/Jah Wobble – Full Circle R.P.S. (No. 7) (1982, Full Circle)
3. Holger Czukay/Jaki Liebezeit/Jah Wobble – Twilight World (1982, Full Circle)
4. Holger Czukay – The Photo Song (1984, Der Osten Ist Rot)
5. Holger Czukay – Der Osten Ist Rot (1984, Der Osten Ist Rot)
6. Holger Czukay – Das Massenmedium (1984, Der Osten Ist Rot)
7. Holger Czukay – Träum Mal Wieder (1984, Der Osten Ist Rot)
8. Holger Czukay – Hey Baba Reebop (1987, Rome Remains Rome)
9. Holger Czukay – Hit Hit Flop Flop (1987, Rome Remains Rome)

Disc 5

1. Holger Czukay – Perfect World (1987, Rome Remains Rome)
2. Holger Czukay – Music In The Air (1987, Rome Remains Rome)
3. Holger Czukay – Ride A Radiowave (1991, Radio Wave Surfer)
4. Holger Czukay – We Can Fight All Night (1991, Radio Wave Surfer)
5. Holger Czukay – Through The Freezing Snow (1991, Radio Wave Surfer)
6. Holger Czukay w/ Karlheinz Stockhausen – Breath Taking (2008, Second Life, previously unreleased)
7. Holger Czukay & U-She – La Premiere (2008, Second Life)
8. Holger Czukay / Ursa Major – 21st Century (2007, 21st Century)
9. Bison (Czukay/Murphy/Smith) – Mandy (2004, Travellers)
more info, audio, video posted here:

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Any idea how you actually extract the video from that 7"? Do you need one of those old RCA videodisc players? VHD? I guess a laserdisc wouldn't have been esoteric enough.

eatandoph (Neue Jesse Schule), Saturday, 13 January 2018 20:15 (one week ago) Permalink


OMIT – Enclosures 2011–2016 [5xCD]
Pica Disk 2018 • PICA044
Co-released with End of the Alphabet Records
Distribution by Metamkine.

Since his first self-released cassettes in the early 1990s, New Zealand’s Clinton Williams AKA OMIT has been on a singular and personal musical journey. Described as one of the greatest outsider artists currently working in the field, OMIT employs homebuilt instruments constructed from modified electric motors and salvaged sound sources to create a startlingly original soundworld. It is a world he inhabits alone, isolated in the small town of Blenheim in southern New Zealand, but it involves a deep exploration of the human condition. Over the years OMIT’s music has become less noisy and more sparse and minimal, as open signal patterns and oblique textures pass each other in haunted spaces.

“Enclosures 2011-2016” is a 5xCD box-set co-released by Pica Disk (run by Lasse Marhaug out of Norway) and End of the Alphabet (run by Noel Meek in New Zealand) and collects OMIT’s most recent self-released albums, artefacts that originally came in super limited edition CDRs with hand-made covers between 2011 and 2016. Unavailable except directly from the artist, these beautiful works are now available remastered in a deluxe box-set along with OMIT’s famous surrealist drawings and science fiction themed artwork, plus liner notes by close friend and collaborator Bruce Russell (The Dead C/A Handful of Dust).

“Clinton Williams is the hardest-working man in minimal electronic music. He is one of two people I know fairly well who I honestly believe is possessed by genius.”
– Bruce Russell (from the liner notes)

€35 ppd Europe to paypal: mail(at)lassemarhaug(dot)no
€40 ppd World to paypal: mail(at)lassemarhaug(dot)no

Also available from End of the Alphabet (New Zealand)

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2-CD / Highlights LP Remastered In Mono, Including Seven Singles Available In
Their Original Edits For The First Time Since The 1960s, And Liner Notes By
$tateside DJ And Compiler Dean Rudland

Available February 23 On $tateside Records

LOS ANGELES - Nina Simone started her musical career as a classically trained child virtuoso, whose piano recitals were local events. Strongly rooted in the works of Bach, the musician became a singer almost by accident and the rest is history. In 2018, Simone will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, cementing her role as one of the most important musicians of our time.

Throughout Simone's nearly five decade long career, her recordings reached the top of the charts and earned her cult status and critical acclaim. From 1959 to 1964 she was signed to Colpix, who relinquished all creative control to her. On February 23, $tateside Records will present this integral collection, NINA SIMONE - THE COLPIX SINGLES as a 2-CD set for $24.98, 1-LP for $21.98, and digitally on the same day.

With her voice at her finest during this time, she worked her way through jazz and blues standards such as "The Work Song" and "I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)," as well as folk tunes like "Little Liza Jane," "Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair," her very own "Blackbird" and "I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl."

"I played what I wanted and nothing else," said Nina of her Colpix days in her autobiography, I Put A Spell On You. "Hell, they weren't paying me well enough to tell me what to play. There was no proper producer on my records - just an engineer to set everything up, an orchestrator to write out the arrangements, and the rest I did myself."

In recent years, Nina Simone's life and career have been extensively covered in acclaimed biographies and documentaries. However, her early recordings (that do not particularly illustrate her fight for civil rights or her personal life) are often overlooked. Very little is said about her output for Colpix, yet it is with these records that she began to develop her uniqueness. Her time at the label is often distilled down to the successful series of live albums she recorded, but it was in the 7-inch singles that her progress is clearest.

From the pop-tinged opening single "Chilly Winds Don't Blow," to the hauntingly spiritual, self-penned "Blackbird" on the flipside of her final 45 for the label, Nina Simone's creative development can be traced through her Colpix singles. A performer with a breakthrough hit when she joined in 1959, she was an established artist when she left the label in 1964.

Nina Simone's background is well known. Born Eunice Kathleen Waymon in Tryon, North Carolina, in 1933, her prodigious talent as a musician was evident early on. Spotted playing hymns in church at the age of 6, some of the town's prominent residents established the "Eunice Waymon Fund" to pay for her music lessons. A noted musician, Muriel Mazzanovich (who Nina affectionately called Miz Mazzy), trained the budding prodigy to be a classical concert pianist. It was from these humble roots that Eunice developed a lifelong love of Johann Sebastian Bach, Chopin, Brahms, Beethoven and Schubert.

After graduation she studied at Juilliard in New York before applying to the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. Her application was rejected; something she suspected was due to racism. The blow was devastating. Broken-hearted, she vowed to apply again, but in the meantime needed to make a living and fund her music lessons. In 1954 she took a residency playing in a bar in Atlantic City, where she was also asked to sing. It was at this point Nina Simone was born.

When the owner of the Midtown Bar asked her for her stage name, Eunice told him to call her Nina Simone. "I always liked the name Nina, and I saw the name Simone on a movie poster" (probably the French actress Simone Signoret).

Her unique blend of jazz, classical music and blues soon won her an audience, and in 1958 she signed to Bethlehem Records. Her version of George and Ira Gershwin's "I Loves You Porgy" went Top 20 on the Billboard pop chart. Her debut album Little Girl Blue followed soon afterwards. It was a bold artistic statement, especially notable for "Love Me Or Leave Me," which incorporated a touch of Bach. The contract Simone signed with Bethlehem reverberated years later when "My Baby Just Cares For Me" went to number one all over Europe and yet, having previously signed them away, she received no royalties.

In 1959 she moved to New York City. "New Year 1959 found me in a creepy marriage stuck in a tiny room with a hit record, a rising reputation, and no idea of how to make the money I needed to finish my classical training," said Nina. However, the success of "I Loves You Porgy" meant she was in demand, and Joyce O'Selznick, the talent scout for Columbia Pictures Records, Colpix, offered her a long term deal. It was an unusual label that released soundtracks, records by actors under contract to the studio, and some jazz and rhythm and blues.

The first single, "Chilly Winds Don't Blow," was written and produced by Hecky Krasnow. Hecky was best known for novelty records with Columbia Records, including Gene Autry's "Frosty the Snowman" and "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer." The follow-up was an adaptation of the spiritual "Children Go Where I Send Thee" backed with "Willow Weep For Me."

In September 1959 she was booked at NYC's Town Hall in Midtown Manhattan. The show, recorded live, mixed folk songs, ballads, jazz, and blues, as well as a couple of originals. "All these club dates had been trashy rehearsals for this, the night belonged to me," said Nina, "if you don't believe me you can listen for yourself, I was a sensation. An overnight success, like in the movies." Released as an album, Nina Simone At Town Hall would define her time at the label and lead to two further live albums. The first single from this session was "The Other Woman," coupled with "It Might As Well Be Spring" from her debut studio album for the label, The Amazing Nina Simone. It was followed by two more tracks from Town Hall, "Summertime" and "Fine And Mellow."

The next single "Since My Love Has Gone" was based on a melody by the composer Verdi, and was backed by "Tomorrow (We Shall Meet Once More)." Both of these were enhanced by dramatic, almost operatic string arrangements. This was then followed by "If Only For Tonight," paired with an exclusive edit of Simone's "Under The Lowest" taken from Nina Simone At Town Hall. Colpix had Nina return to the blues for the next release, and she excels on "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out." The B-side is even better, as she takes on "Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair," a signature song she would return to time and time again.

The Nina Simone At Newport album brings us the next single: an upbeat version of "Cotton Eyed Joe" and a wonderful rendition of "Trouble In Mind." The run of compelling singles continues with her take on Oscar Brown Jr's "Work Song" which she makes her own, just as she does with B-side "Memphis In June" by Hoagy Carmichael. She surpasses herself on her next outing with readings of "You Can Have Him" and "Gin House Blues."

Keen to score a hit with Simone, Colpix sent her back to the studio for an answer to Ray Charles's smash "Hit The Road Jack." A sought-after record nowadays, "Come On Back Jack" didn't chart, and as a follow-up, the next single was "In The Evening By The Moonlight"
from the Nina Simone At Newport album.

Only two more singles followed. The first one's A-side, taken from Nina Simone Sings Ellington, was a version of "I Got It Bad," and on the flipside was one of her own and finest self-penned songs, "I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl." Her final single paired the traditional folk standard "Little Liza Jane" with the astounding Simone original "Blackbird." More than any biography or documentary, this song shows how far she had matured artistically, revealing a glimpse of her future as a civil rights activist, and songs to come like "Mississippi Goddam" and "Young, Gifted And Black."

With these 27 songs, the Colpix singles trace Nina Simone's musical journey from jazz and folk singer to critically acclaimed songwriter.



CD 1
1. Chilly Winds Don't Blow
2. Solitaire
3. Children Go Where I Send You
4. Willow Weep For Me
5. The Other Woman
6. It Might As Well Be Spring
7. Summertime
8. Fine And Mellow
9. Since My Love Has Gone
10. Tomorrow (We Will Meet Once More)
11. Under The Lowest (Short Version)
12. If Only For Tonight
13. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
14. Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair

CD 2
1. Trouble In Mind
2. Cotton-Eyed Joe
3. Work Song
4. Memphis In June
5. You Can Have Him
6. Gin House Blues
7. Come On Back Jack
8. You've Been Gone Too Long
9. In The Evening By The Moonlight
10. I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl
11. I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)
12. Little Liza Jane
13. Blackbird


Side 1
1. Chilly Winds Don't Blow
2. Children Go Where I Send You
3. The Other Woman
4. Summertime
6. Since My Love Has Gone
6. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
7. If Only For Tonight

Side 2
1. Trouble In Mind
2. Work Song
3. Gin House Blues
4. Come On Back Jack
5. In The Evening By The Moonlight
6. I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)
7. Little Liza Jane

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Drawing Room Records reissues New Zealand-based Sandra Bell's second album!

Out March 30th, Net not only will be available on vinyl for the first time but the reissue also compiles two stellar singles, “Angel” and the Chord double 7 inch.

Stream "Trains" now over on Bandcamp!

Sandra Bell is the type of artist perhaps too easily described by pat phrases. It’s understandable, the human animal needs simplicities, but if I was in a rush, I’d say: “She’s a New Zealand musician and poet.” One might ask if she does ‘spoken word.’ Someone else might be curious as to whether she’s a ‘free spirit.’ A third might wonder what she has to say about ‘women in rock.’ By that time I would ponder another visit to Dunedin to go out to Taiaroa Head to fling myself into the ocean, exclaiming as I went, “Look that’s all too limiting and simple!”

Dunedin isn’t where the South Island-born Bell is originally from, though if you’d like a fuller story of her life and work across the world, it’s best told by Syd Newman’s overview for the Audio Culture site ( Dunedin is where she’s spent many years off and on recording and working and living and much more, though, and sessions from 1993 to 1995 led to the release not only of Net, her second full length solo release, but two stellar singles, “Angel” and the Chord double 7 inch. All three are collected here for the first time together as Net (Plus).

It’s often been said that New Zealand’s independent music scene, and Dunedin’s in particular, is one of a shared community, and many names familiar to listeners near and far can be found in the credits on this collection. It’s testimony to both Bell’s artistic skills and friendship that they were here supporting her vision, wherever it took her — and it ranged widely.

Recorded over some months in late 1994 and released on the shortlived Dunedin IMD label on CD only the following year, Net starts with a big brawling rocker, “Long Time,” but by the time it reaches “The Trees Can’t Dance,” everything from electric piano to Irish pipes have taken a bow. Beyond the instrumental variety, though, was the demonstration of Bell’s own ear for wry, cool vocals, unusual hooks and remarkable imagery, ranging from the personal to the natural world.

At the time of its own 1995 release on the Colorado- based Zabriskie Point label, “Angel” was the most recently recorded effort, two songs with a rough, growling edge (don’t call it grunge). Meantime, the Belgian Turbulence label, which had previously introduced Bell to Europe via a rerelease of her earlier Dreams of Falling cassette on Xpressway, put out Chord as its own final release, four engaging songs, electric and acoustic, from 1993.

As Bell’s followed her artistic drive over the years, with more releases, collaborations and journeys to her credit through to the present day, this clutch of efforts slipped into second-hand sales and file-trading. First through Bandcamp and now this physical release, it’s a pleasure to see Bell’s mid-1990s work return to the conversation properly — as well as to demonstrate a key point: a true artist can never be summed up in any one phrase, or phase.

— Ned Raggett, San Francisco, September 2017

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Holy shit...

ANTI- is re-releasing Tom Waits' entire 1970's Elektra Asylum catalog
Closing Time Available Now For Pre-Order On Vinyl & CD

Tom Waits’ first seven albums, originally released through Elektra Asylum Records in the 1970’s, have been re-mastered and will be released via ANTI-Records.

All titles – many of which have been long out of print – will be re-issued on hi quality 180 gram vinyl throughout 2018. Closing Time vinyl is out March 9 and available for pre-order. CD versions of all Elektra Asylum titles are available for pre-order and will be released on March 23 with all digital releases slated for March 9.

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Oh wow. Was wondering what the holdup was on those.

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