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Underrated. 2nd Album is a grower.

nostormo, Thursday, 15 June 2017 19:16 (one week ago) Permalink

I love the guitar tone Powerplant

Evan, Thursday, 15 June 2017 19:39 (one week ago) Permalink

Haven't property digested it yet but on first listen it's interesting that they no longer sound particularly idiosyncratic - as a band and also their voices.

everything, Thursday, 15 June 2017 20:39 (one week ago) Permalink

fuck i wish i went to their show here last summer. i just heard "Blah Blah Blah" for the first time, what an amazing song.

flappy bird, Tuesday, 20 June 2017 06:36 (five days ago) Permalink

New album is great. First album mostly great. Their harmonies do something to me.

Shanty Brunch (stevie), Tuesday, 20 June 2017 14:33 (five days ago) Permalink

The second album seems like a big step up from the debut. I've been playing it a lot.

kitchen person, Tuesday, 20 June 2017 15:02 (five days ago) Permalink

My favorite new band of the last five years. Thought about starting a thread a couple years ago, not sure why I didn't.

geoffreyess, Tuesday, 20 June 2017 15:45 (five days ago) Permalink

this feels like a flashback to 2012 when I ignored Grimes for nine months because for some reason I thought she was a prefab pop star like Lana Del Rey. last time they were in town, Girlpool played with Snail Mail (great but not my thing) and Frankie Cosmos (zzzzzzzz) and somehow I've never heard them before. Actually I think I saw the video of their NPR Tiny Desk Concert after someone on FB posted it mockingly. w/e I bought the record last night can't wait to hear the whole thing...

flappy bird, Tuesday, 20 June 2017 17:02 (five days ago) Permalink

got the Powerplant LP, fully on board now. it came with a shirt. hope they tour the east coast soon.

flappy bird, Saturday, 24 June 2017 21:43 (yesterday) Permalink

co-sign dat

calstars, Sunday, 25 June 2017 01:41 (twenty hours ago) Permalink

sweet Fader feature from 6 months ago:

flappy bird, Sunday, 25 June 2017 02:27 (twenty hours ago) Permalink

'sleepless' and 'static somewhere' are my faves on the new one

calstars, Sunday, 25 June 2017 21:19 (one hour ago) Permalink

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